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dpmmorning all06:02
jussimorning dpm06:56
dpmhi jussi06:57
jussiHrm, does anyone know any open source reporters wo ang out on IRC? I want to annoy one with a few questions...06:58
elfyhello jussi06:59
jussimorning elfy06:59
dholbachgood morning06:59
jussimorning dholbach07:00
dholbachhi jussi07:00
dholbachhola dpm07:00
dholbachdpm, with the fix in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click/+bug/1218674 installation from software store packages just work07:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218674 in click (Ubuntu) "clickpreload doesn't work on armhf" [Undecided,New]07:00
dholbachI just flashed to the newest, copied over packages with the patch and was good to go :-D07:01
dpmdholbach, nice :)07:01
dholbachso I'll work with beuno on the announce today07:01
dpmcool, let me know if I can help in anything07:02
dholbachdpm, I put drafts for the articles on developer.u.c (the temporary pages until the new IA is in place)07:02
dholbachthey're not as pretty as what the final pages will look like, but I think they'll do until then07:03
dholbachdpm, can we provide redirects to the new pages?07:03
dpmdholbach, I've got a meeting with Ant in 2 hours to apply some changes to d.u.c. After that we will talk to IS to deploy them. I think we could use the opportunity to swap the publish pages and integrate them into the theme. Do you have the links to the new pages handy for me to have a look at?07:06
dholbachso you're suggesting to move the old review process to new pages and replace the current (as a temporary measure until the new IA is there)?07:08
dpmdholbach, yeah, I thought that was what you were suggesting with the redirects anyway07:09
dholbachno, not quite :)07:09
dholbachI thought it would be the easiest route to just add 2 new pages for the new process, link to them in the announcement and when we have the new IA replace those two pages with a redirect or something07:10
dholbachbut your suggestion has its appeal07:10
dpmlet me have a look at the pages and let's decide07:11
dpmdholbach, nice work with the pages. So as I understand it, now we have:07:13
dpm1) Publish page (.deb)07:13
dpm2) Publish (.deb) > Packaging07:14
dpm3) Publish (.deb) > Review (application states)07:15
dpmAnd in the new click world:07:15
dpm4) Publish page (click)07:15
dpm2) Publish (click) > Packaging07:16
dpm6) Publish (click) > Review (aplication states) <- is this the same page as the original one for .debs ?07:16
dholbach3) can stay - I asked beuno and he said it's pretty much the same07:16
dpmok, cool07:17
dholbachmaybe we have to make some adjustments, but we can make them over time07:17
dpmdholbach, so I'd suggest:07:17
dpm- Swap 1) with 4). This will require converting 4) to a Wordpress template (I can help with that)07:18
dpm- The rest can stay, as they are all Wordpress pages linked to07:18
dpm- Rename 1) to something else07:19
dpmwhat do you think?07:19
dpmAnd after I've had my meeting with Ant (around 12:00) we can look into deploying the change to d.u.c07:20
dholbachdpm, what about 2 and 5?07:25
dpmdholbach, they're just links. We can rename 2) to publish/packaging-desktop and leave 5) as it is07:30
dholbachall right, I'm walking over to the office - be back in 25-30m07:33
dpmdholbach, now this is the theory. Sometimes the way the theme in d.u.c does not cooperate :). If it doesn't work, then we can always go with 4) and 5) as regular wordpress pages instead of doing the swapping.07:33
jussican anyone tell me what time asac normally arrives online?07:36
dholbachdpm, but the general text looked all right to you?08:20
dpmdholbach, yeah, looked good to me. We should probably just merge the two publish pages at some point, as they're 99% the same, but I'm not sure we've got the time now to do a good job at it08:22
dpmand I've still got UDS brain meltdown08:22
* dpm stares at the two publish pages hard08:23
dpmargh, I think we should merge them, it will actually save us work with having to maintain several different pages08:24
dpmdholbach, let me give the merging a go, I've got 30 mins before my next meeting08:25
dholbachI thought it might be a bit confusing08:25
dholbachbut yeah, if you think we can do it... let's do it08:25
cjohnstonpopey: here's your 'news' about decisions that came out of uds.. it's just a couple days late http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/08/ubuntu-14-04-lts-release-schedule14:18
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smartboyhwjono, thanks for your clear explanation at the Community Roundtable :)15:09
popeycjohnston: hehe15:25
popeythats a very lightweight article!15:25
smartboyhwpopey, lightweight's good:)15:25
cjohnstonstop being so picky!15:25
jonodpm, mhall119 holy crap15:29
jonoKunal's cal theming15:29
* smartboyhw has never seen jono enter the channel with such screaming15:30
jonohey smartboyhw15:30
jonosorry, I didn't see your message earlier15:30
jonono problem, sorry again that we are in this position with UDS15:30
jonoI wish we didn't have this problem15:30
dpmjono, looks awesome, doesn't it? ;)15:30
smartboyhwjono, no worries:)15:30
jonodpm, *stunning*15:30
jonodpm, Kunal is a freaking legend15:31
dpmsmartboyhw, sorry, I saw your pings, but I was on the phone15:31
jonosmartboyhw, :-)15:31
smartboyhwdpm, ouch:) Just approve it if you find it appropriate now15:32
smartboyhwjono, BTW what theming?15:33
jonosmartboyhw, https://plus.google.com/u/1/115054251212417394181/posts/2oWpyD2Nt8815:34
smartboyhwjono, I concur with you and dpm :)15:35
smartboyhwReally nice designers out there:)15:35
jonoyeah :-)15:35
jonoit is all coming together15:35
* jono rubs hands and smiles15:35
* smartboyhw thinks jono's smile is with a bit of evil and sinister:P15:36
dholbachjono, http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/08/software-store-for-click-packages-now-open-for-testing/15:36
jonodholbach, so15:48
jonodo click packages install on devices now?15:48
jonodholbach, :-)15:48
jonosmartboyhw, always! :-)15:48
dholbachjono, cjwatson will upload https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click/+bug/1218674 later on and with that it will work15:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218674 in click (Ubuntu) "clickpreload doesn't work on armhf" [High,Fix committed]15:51
dholbachI test built the packages installed them and it works15:51
jonodholbach, awesome15:51
jonobut people can submit software to the store now?15:51
dholbachif you want the packages to test it yourself (push over with adb push), I can upload them somewhere15:51
dholbachjono, yes15:51
dholbachjono, that's what we announced15:52
* jono looks at mhall119 and his reddit client15:52
jonoI want to get SleepyTime in :-)15:52
jononice work dholbach!15:52
dholbach<popey> http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1lejmx/software_store_for_click_packages_now_open_for/15:52
dholbach upboat!15:52
dholbach I haven't even read it yet, it's that awesome15:52
dholbachyeah, a great team effort15:52
dholbachand a fun project :)15:53
dholbachall right my friends15:53
dholbachwith that15:53
dholbachI call it a day15:53
dholbachhave to buy some stuff for a goodbye party of a friend15:53
dholbachhugs everyone!15:53
dholbachsee you on monday15:53
dholbachjono, have some nice days off of work15:53
jonothanks dholbach!15:54
jonodholbach, man, I am ready for it :-)15:54
dholbachyeah, I've got to think about holidays some time soon too :)15:54
dholbachI'm very much ready for it15:54
dholbachsee you :)15:55
jcastrohey mhall11917:22
jcastrohave you decided where juju's stuff will live on developer.ubuntu.com?17:22
jcastrojono's mail says he wants that live next week and I haven't heard a thing about where you want these docs at yo17:23
jcastrohow do I publish my stuff there?17:26
mhall119jcastro: easiest for you is to give them to me in whatever format and I'll copy them into WP with formatting changes if needed17:27
mhall119jcastro: mainly I need a gettin started/overview page, a tutorial, API docs, a "Cookbook" if you have one (if not we can setup one using my askubuntu script)17:28
mhall119and any other docs you have about writing charms17:28
jcastrook so I thought we were just going to autogenerate them in the right section17:28
jcastrobut basically it's the section under charm authors there ^17:28
mhall119are those being generated?17:29
mhall119via sphinx or something?17:29
jcastroit's not sphinx but it's autogenerated17:29
jcastrowe write them in html17:30
mhall119ok, where can I get the source/generator?17:30
mhall119thanks jcastro17:31
jcastrooh wait17:31
jcastroso nick tells me we don't generate it17:31
jcastrowe just do them in native html17:31
jcastrobut if you pull that branch there's the html docs17:31
mhall119so are they not in lp:juju-core/docs?17:31
jcastroyou want any file starting with "author-"17:32
jcastrothey are17:32
mhall119oh, ok17:32
mhall119thanks then17:32
jcastrobranch that and go into htmldocs/17:32
jcastroand then in tools/17:32
jcastrowe have a build.py that rebuilds the headers and footers17:32
mhall119which we don't probably need17:32
jcastroright, I was just mentioning it17:32
jcastroI was assuming you have a script that strips all that junk out anyway or something17:32
jcastromhall119: can you join our hangout?17:33
aquariusdaker, ping17:36
dakeraquarius: o/17:36
aquariusdaker, so, I have written an HTML5 app, using the Ubuntu HTML5 theme, and now I have a bunch of questions :)17:37
dakeraquarius: sure17:37
aquariusdaker, questions, in no particular order: I can't get Tabs to work; how am I meant to display and hide a Dialog; how am I best to detect in an HTML5 app running *in browser* (not as a "native app") that I'm on Ubuntu.17:40
aquariusdaker, happy to show you the app if you want to see it :)17:40
dakeraquarius: can you show me the code ?17:41
aquariusdaker, I can, but not the code for making Tabs work because I removed it through not being able to get it to work. There isn't a tabs example in the examples, afaict?17:41
aquariusapp is http://kryogenix.org/code/browser/wordbits-html5/wordbits.html17:42
aquariusif you have a working example of Tabs then I'll add an About tab and then I can release :)17:43
dakeraquarius: actually the tabs needs more work but you can try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5909473/17:45
aquariusswitching to a new tab should push the new tab ontot he page stack?17:45
aquariusalso, do I really need all the JS files? there are, like, ten. :) I presumably only need core.js plus the ones which enable widgets that I actually use?17:46
dakeraquarius: no you don't need them all17:46
dakeraquarius: give me a few seconds17:46
aquariusdaker, no rush17:49
aquariusmore generally: how am I meant to set up a page? Like, if I have two tabs, are the tab contents both data-role="page"s which are children of body? Or are they both <div class="content"> which are children of data-role=page?17:50
aquariusthe header bar is *inside* data-role=page, which seems weird because the header isn't part of the page: it's a header :)17:51
aquariusalso, [].prototype.forEach.call is nicer than [].forEach.call :-)17:51
aquariusalso also, your code there won't attach an event listener to the active tab, which means that when I switch away from tab 1 to tab 2, I can't switch *back* to tab 1 because it doesn't have an event handler for clicks. Wouldn't it be better to attach to all data-role=tab > a and then bail if e.target.classList.has("active") ?17:53
dakeraquarius: i am making an example page for you17:54
aquariuswhat a very cool chap you are17:54
aquariusI promise I'll do a blog post about this :)17:54
dakeraquarius: try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6045058/18:00
aquariusah, I create a pagestack inside content, and then pages inside that, got it.18:02
dakeraquarius: the funny thing is that the same code will work for jQuery mobile and Firefox OS with some tweaking...18:04
jcastroomg awesome18:07
jcastromhall119: can you rejoin18:07
jcastroI have an idea18:07
dakeraquarius: here is the bug for the tabs bug 121687318:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1216873 in Ubuntu HTML5 Theme "Tab implementation is incomplete" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121687318:08
aquariusdaker, hrm, UI.pagestack doesn't exist. Debugging now...18:09
dakerprobably you didn't include the pagestack.js18:10
aquariusI did, though :(18:10
dakeraquarius: ok look i am leaving the office now, if you can give me like an hour or two i can work with you to get things done and see what still need to be fixed on the theme, ok ?18:12
aquariusdaker, it's cool -- you'v e already helped. I'll debug from here :)18:12
aquariusthank you18:12
aquariusah, I bet I have to call UI.init :)18:13
dakeryes yes18:13
aquariusaha, fab, that works18:13
* aquarius takes the hardcoded /usr/share stuff out of core.js ;-)18:15
dakeraquarius: that's alex-abreu è_é18:16
* aquarius grins18:16
aquariusnow just to hide the toolbar permanently on the front page, and we're good :)18:18
dakeraquarius: it would be good to report things that you see incorrect http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme18:19
dakeraquarius: the actual tabs code in trunk only do the animation like http://bit.ly/16WWkCb18:22
mhall119jcastro: still need me to rejoin?18:24
dakeraquarius: i am leaving...18:24
aquariusdaker, cool -- go home! I appreciate the help :)18:24
aquariushrm. Having toolbars in a webapp is annoying because it breaks in a browser.18:29
aquariusand with the tabs not yet working...18:29
aquariusmight have to just do it all myself by hand and ignore UbuntuUI. Which you're not supposed to do. :)18:29
aquariusbah. blocked. :(18:39
bkerensajcastro: So I talked to Rackspace19:23
bkerensathey have no plans to support Juju19:23
bkerensathey don't have Go engineering to make a patch for Juju to support Rackspace19:23
bkerensaI have asked what changes need to be made to create a provider to support them19:23
bkerensaso hopefully we can get that info and add support?19:23
jcastrowe don't need to create a rackspace provider19:24
jcastrothey are in progress of making their cloud more "Vanilla" openstack19:24
jcastrowhen they do that juju will work on it19:24
bkerensajcastro: actually they are not19:24
bkerensajcastro: they said they wont be doing that19:24
bkerensajcastro: they would prefer a rackspace provider19:25
bkerensajcastro: this is from their Cloud Evangelist and Lead Cloud Architect on Twitter19:25
aquariusmhall119, wordbits updated to have an about page. So... can I submit a pure web app to the competition, or do I need to package it up and upload it as a click package? :)19:40
mhall119aquarius: package and upload it as a click package19:41
* aquarius looks aggrieved. OK.19:41
mhall119not the answer you wanted, I know, but it's the answer I have :)19:41
aquariusmhall119, next question: did we get any guidance about whether gradient backgrounds are supposed to be reserved for ritual apps?19:45
mhall119aquarius: it's been one day man!19:46
aquariusmhall119, ah, no, I didn't mean "since UDS finished", I meant "during UDS that I might have missed" :)19:46
mhall119ah, no19:46
mhall119nothing concrete anyway19:47
aquariusit'll take me three seconds to add a gradient background to wordbits anyway :019:47
mhall119just a general sense of "gradient is used by ritual apps, all others can do whatever they want"19:47
aquariuswell, it'll take aminute and 3 seconds, the minute of which is looking up the stupid -webkit-gradient format again19:47
aquariusmhall119, is there documentation somewhere about the Ubuntu shape? (Not the QML component: the actual shape?)19:50
aquariusI'd like to see if it's doable with multiple CSS border-radii.19:50
aquariussince I hate the image-based version ;)19:51
mhall119aquarius: I don't know, daker might19:51
aquariusdaker, you might find http://jsbin.com/UYoFoJe/1/edit interesting: I think it should be possible to do UbuntuShape with border-radius.20:02
aquariusdoes all the make-a-click-package stuff work in raring?20:06
aquariusI have not yet upgraded to saucy :)20:06
* aquarius sobs20:28
mhall119aquarius: well the SDK is supported in raring, and it depends on Click for it's Qtc plugins, so I would assume so20:28
aquariusyou can't make a click package of an html5 app :(20:28
aquariusI go to "Packaging" after having created an HTML5 app in QtCreator and it says "Click packaging is only available for QML projects" :(20:28
mhall119I was told it worked on HTML5 too...20:29
aquariusI'm supposed to say "HTML5 project" in qtcreator, right?20:30
aquariusit adds an "html5applicationviewer.cpp" thing.20:30
aquariusand  WordBits_harmattan.desktop20:31
aquariusdoes this mean that I'm using some old still-installed Nokia N9 HTML project?20:31
aquariusrather than an *Ubuntu* HTML project?20:31
mhall119oh no, use the Ubuntu->HTML5 Touch UI template20:32
aquariusaha, that might be the problem.20:32
mhall119probably is, yeah20:32
mhall119since the Ubuntu HTML5 template uses QML, not C++20:33
aquariusOK, I don't have an option for that :(20:33
aquariusmhall119, http://ubuntuone.com/09OJ20XUvtVPuicjSQoYRj20:34
aquariusam I missing something that makes it Ubuntu-ish?20:34
mhall119aquarius: did you launch "Qt Creator" or "Ubuntu SDK" from the dash?20:34
aquariusI started "Ubuntu SDK" from the Dash, and I get an Ubuntu-specific screen saying "Make it Ubuntu" with "Create a new project"20:35
aquariusI click Create a new project and I get that popup20:35
mhall119sounds like maybe you have some garbage leftover from an older qtcreator/ubuntu-sdk install20:35
mhall119that's usually what causes this20:35
mhall119try apt-get purging ubuntu-sdk and reinstalling20:35
aquariusmhall119, http://ubuntuone.com/0f0eqffzfatzGrepoKVFVH20:35
aquariusah, maybe.20:36
aquariusI'll purge everything20:36
aquariusneed a cup of tea first though :)20:36
mhall119ok, so it gets most of the plugins, just not the templates20:36
aquariusha haaa!20:41
aquariusPackage 'ubuntu-sdk' is not installed, so not removed20:41
aquariusthat might have something to do with it ;)20:41
* aquarius laughs and laughs20:41
aquariusI've got a whole mess of early testing ppas and whatnot enabled, probably :)20:42
aquariushasn't helped :(20:43
aquariusinstalled ubuntu-sdk; no change. Purged it and reinstalled; no change :(20:43
dakeraquarius: back20:47
dakerspeaking of Ubuntushape if you are able to do it in CSS that would be awesome!!20:48
aquariushey, daker. I took your Pagestack approach, but hid the toolbar... and because I've only got two tabs, I can get away with that :)20:48
aquariusdaker, see the jsbin20:48
aquariusdaker, although that's following the curve of an Ubuntu u20:48
aquariuswhich may not be exactly the same as an UbuntuShape curve20:48
aquariusbut I think the key point is that you can do almost any curve by filling in two border-radii.20:49
aquariusso I think it'll be doable in pure css.20:49
dakeraquarius: if you add the top border the curve form changes20:51
aquariusyeah. It'll require some thinking20:51
aquariusI'm not suggesting that what I did completely answers it :)20:51
aquariusjust proving to myself that I think it's doable in concept.20:52
aquariuspercentages may be the way forward, too20:52
dakeraquarius: ah i see i had the idea of using the webkit-mask and using an svg mask something like this https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/media/icon.svg20:55
aquariusgod, I hope it's doable with proper css.20:55
aquariuswho knows about the Qt Creator stuff? I suppose that Friday evening is not the best time to ask these sorts of questions ;)20:59
dakeraquarius: let's see what's your question :)21:00
aquariusdaker, see above discussion with mhall119. When I start Ubuntu SDK, I get the Ubuntu startup screen correctly, but when creating a new project I don't get the Ubuntu templates.21:01
aquariusthis suggests that I've got some old QtCreator stuff somewhere which is getting in the way21:02
aquariusbut I have no idea how to fix that :)21:02
dakeraquarius: this is what you should see in raring http://i.imgur.com/KlauUtF.png21:05
aquariusthat's be fabulous if I could see that. I can't :)21:05
dakeraquarius: are you using the ppa ?21:05
aquariusdon't know. How can I tell>?21:05
dakeraquarius: ah that's why http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/21:07
dakersudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk21:07
aquariusdid that; it installed nothing21:07
aquariusso I assume I already had the ppa enabled :)21:07
dakeraquarius: try purging the ubuntu-sdk package then reinstall it21:10
aquariusdaker, yeah, I tried that; that's what mhall119 suggested.21:11
dakeraquarius: what do you have here /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/ ?21:12
aquariusbb-bardescriptor bb-cascades-app bb-guiapp bb-qt5-bardescriptor bb-qt5-guiapp codesnippet helloworld listmodel plaincapp plaincapp-cmake plaincppapp plaincppapp-cmake qtcreatorplugin qtquick1-extension qtquick2-extension README.txt scriptgeneratedproject ubuntu21:13
dakeraquarius: do you have /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/ubuntu/html5 ?21:14
dakeraquarius: maybe it's a bug or something...21:23
aquariuscould be. I do not know, and I don't know how to find out21:23
dakeraquarius: do you want me to create a html5 project for you ?21:24
aquariusdaker, nah, I need to get this worked out so I can do it myself21:24
aquariusI've got enough done to start thinking about a blog post21:25
aquariusbut I'm not sure whether to write it, because I explicitly have not used half of the UbuntuUI stuff, because it's not yet finished as you note.21:25
aquariusalso starting to think that I should sack off the layout and do it again with flexbox21:25
aquariusbut I'm not sure whether the Ubuntu browser supports flexbox :(21:25
aquariusanyway, that's probably enough for a Friday night :)21:27
popeyit doesnt21:27
popeyor it does21:28
dakeraquarius: i can show you how to run the browser21:28
aquariusI can run it -- it's not packaged for raring, but I compiled it21:28
aquariusbut I don't know whether the qtwebkit in raring is the same as the one in saucy :(21:29
dakerthat's the browser score http://i.imgur.com/r1DAmqq.png21:31
aquariusI score 369 in the ubuntu browser21:33
aquariusbut interestingly mine loads the fonts and yours doesn't :)21:33
dakeraquarius: do you know that you can debug remotely ?21:34
aquariusdebug what remotely?21:34
aquariusI know I can export the inspector from the browser, if that's what you mean?21:35
aquariuswhich is useful.21:35
aquariusthe remote inspector isn't as good as *actual* devtools, but it suffices :)21:36
dakerbecause of the qtwebkit :)21:36
aquariuspopey, question if you're still around: does the phone image have ssh on by default?21:37
dakeronce we will get oxide, things will be better21:37
popeyaquarius: it will21:37
aquariusvery true, although I thought I saw that only anointed Canonical apps get oxide, and third-party apps don't?21:37
popeyaquarius: but disabled by default21:37
popeyaquarius: currently, no21:38
aquariuspopey, the reason I ask is that one of my big use cases for push notifications is Ansible -- a bookmarklet in my desktop browser which sends the URL I'm viewing to my phone21:38
aquariuspopey, there's also chrome2phone for android which does the same thing21:38
popeydo you mean ssh client or server aquarius ?21:38
aquariuspopey, anyway, that obviously only is useful when I'm sitting in front of my laptop and my phone is to hand, and when that's the case 99.9% of the time, my phone and desktop will be on the same wifi network.21:39
aquariusso I don't need push notifications for that: I can just have a bookmarklet in my desktop browser which sshes into the phone and opens the URL that way, yes?21:39
dakeraquarius: i don't think so, oxide will replace qtwebkit21:39
aquariusand that'd be a *really* cool app for someone to write. :)21:39
aquariusdaker, not according to the notes from teh UDS oxide session, http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1308-client-1308-oxide21:40
aquarius"We have decided to use the Chromium Content API for Canonical-supported applications and the default webview for Ubuntu SDK applications"21:40
aquariussucks to be you, Mr App Developer. No decent rendering engine for you!21:40
daker"default webview for Ubuntu SDK applications"21:41
aquariuspopey, you can imagine installing the app on the phone and going through its "setup" process, and what that actually *does* is enable ssh :)21:41
popeysounds dangerous21:42
aquariusdaker, unless "the default website" will actually *be* Oxide, but then I don't understand what that whole sentence means :)21:42
popeyI'd rather it used avahi21:42
aquariuspopey, not necessarily -- you can imagine it creating a one-use key which can't do anything other than open URLs.21:42
aquariuscan't do avahi unless the phone app runs a server, which you can't do.21:42
aquariusand you don't want it to anyway; I don't want the phone listening on a port all the time and accepting URLs21:43
dakerthe default webview is the qt "WebView" used on the HTML5 project21:43
aquariuspopey, and if you add security to that so that anyone can't just connect to the port and pass a URL, then... you've just reinvented a crap version of ssh, haven't you? ;-)21:43
dakeraquarius: so instead of using the "WebView" from qtwebkit you'll be using the WebView from oxide21:43
aquariuserm, I don't understand that then, daker. The Chromium Content API provides stuff on top of the webview, like bookmarks etc.21:44
aquariusyou're suggesting that "We have decided to use the Chromium Content API for Canonical-supported applications and the default webview for Ubuntu SDK applications" actually means "We'll use Oxide for Canonical applications, and we'll use Oxide for Ubuntu SDK applications"?21:45
dakerah i see what you mean21:47
dakermaybe you are right21:47
aquariuspopey, incidentally, my html5 app should work on your iphone too, since that's what I'm testing it on ;)21:50
aquariusneed to get Lucas to do me an icon21:50
* popey embeddens21:55
dakeri need to figure out how to compile my app for armhf21:55
aquariuspopey, http://kryogenix.org/code/browser/wordbits/wordbits.html21:55
aquariusoh yeah21:56
aquariuspopey, http://kryogenix.org/code/browser/wordbits-html5/wordbits.html21:56
aquariussorry :)21:56
josejcastro: ping22:03

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