jbichadarkxst: there isn't that much indicator stuff left, especially not by file size00:29
micahgubuntu-gnome doesn't have goffice/gnumeric seeded, right?01:29
micahgno reason why I can't update it?01:29
u-k-i-tI have issues with the 13.10 daily iso images. Currently they are failing out and dropping to prompt. Is this being addressed?10:34
darkxstu-k-i-t, what do you mean?10:43
u-k-i-tCurrent boots to a red screen with black portion at the top and the drops to init prompt. That is the end of the boot.10:44
darkxstso it never even gets to X?10:45
u-k-i-tdarkxst: No.10:45
darkxstlogs would be super helpful!10:45
u-k-i-tdarkxst: OK. I will drop out and reboot to my usb and see what I can report on.10:46
DriedOrangelUsing Evolution, when I have a long summary for a calendar appointment, the calendar in the panel gets a width spanning my entire screen so that I can no longer see the actual calendar window. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed?11:10
darkxstDriedOrangel, that was fixed already, what version you running?11:22
DriedOrangeldarkxst, ubuntu gnome 13.04 and then I added the gnome-team ppa to get gnome 3.8 something11:25
darkxstit should be fixed in 3.811:26
darkxstDriedOrangel, you are talking about the gnome-shell calender widget in the top bar right?11:27
DriedOrangeldarkxst, exaclty11:27
DriedOrangeldarkxst, I have edited my gnome-shell.css file but all  I changed was some colors. didn't touch the javascript file11:28
darkxstDriedOrangel, does this help https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-shell/commit/?id=cb45a38838eb441d4d3184560263ace5cc79057b11:29
DriedOrangeldarkxst, hold on11:30
DriedOrangeldarkxst, Yeah that fixed it. Thanks. I already had one for #calendarEventsArea but that apparently didn't work11:34
darkxstDriedOrangel, can you file a bug, and will see it gets fixed for saucy11:34
DriedOrangeldarkxst, Honestly don't know how to do that. Do I use launchpad or something?11:36
darkxstjust run 'ubuntu-bug gnome-shell' from a terminal11:36
DriedOrangelApport sent me to Launchpad.net. Do I have to sign up?11:40
ZoiaguyverHmm Gnome 3.9.90 is rather weird, from massive title bars in 3.0, to pretty much none at all in 3.10 lol11:53
darkxstZoiaguyver, most app have moved to the new client side header bars11:54
Zoiaguyveryeah, looks really nice11:54
darkxstsystem monitor looks a bit odd currently though nothing to do with the header bars11:54
ZoiaguyverYeah, but thats up for some big changes from what was said at Guadec?11:55
darkxstZoiaguyver, I wasnt at Guadec11:56
ZoiaguyverI watched the videos, they are up on the gnome site11:56
darkxstha right, if only I had time ;)11:56
ZoiaguyverYeah, know that feeling sometimes :)11:57
ZoiaguyverBasically it looks like are trying to move some apps together like System Monitor and Disk Analyzer will become "Usage" or something11:58
darkxstwell kind of makes since I guess12:01
darkxstalthough much of the stuff in disks requires privileged access12:01
ZoiaguyverYeah I think if they do it right and don't try to stick to much together12:01
ZoiaguyverI think its just the analyzer part thats being moved, not the actual partitioning and stuff. Atleast that's the way I understood it.12:02
darkxstDriedOrangel, gotta run  now, cc me on the bug report when you are done.12:03
darkxstZoiaguyver, disks doesnt have an analyzer part!12:03
darkxstZoiaguyver, but likewise, I'm out now...12:04
ZoiaguyverSee ya and take care12:05
bjsniderthe title bars were massive i think because of the huge whitespace in the cantarell font13:42
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theenduserdo you guys have any clue why the weather extension won't install/work in saucy?18:08
bjsniderit should18:34
bjsnidertheenduser, you've got to install the dependencies18:34
bjsnidergnome-weather will pull them in if it's there18:35
bjsniderif not, it's libgweather and the typelib file, gir1.2-gweather-3.018:36
theenduseroh thnx bjsnider :)19:02
theenduserI'll try19:02
theenduserso it's 'typelib' and 'file'?19:02
theendusersorry, what's a typelib file?19:03
bjsniderno, the gir1.2 package is the typelib file19:03
theenduseroh I see, thnx19:03
bjsnideryou're talking about the neroth extension right?19:03
theenduserit was the gir1.2 package that was missing19:05
theenduserlemme see19:05
theenduseryeah that one19:05
theendusershould I report it?19:05
bjsniderno, this came up not long ago and it was fixed in debian19:18
bjsniderit will be pulled into saucy at some point i guess19:19
bjsnidergnome-weather pulls it in but it's not there because they used icons that aren't free19:19
bjsniderthe weather icons have a stupid license19:20
theenduserbjsnider, cool, thnx19:40
jbichatheenduser: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extension-weather is probably easier21:08
darkxstnew syslinux theme is on today's daily ;)21:27
c_smithhey, I'm trying to get empathy to connect to FB Chat, and each time I get an error saying "Facebook needs to be authenticated" even though I've already done that in GOA and UOA22:11
c_smithis this a known bug? or am I don't something wrong?22:11

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