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mapreriHi! I'm an ubuntu-it member, and we noted that our meeting logs before 2009 were logged in an ubuntu-eu domain (we only have some link in our wiki, pointing to that). Do you know if these logs are still available elsewhere? (an example link is http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2007/09/19/%23ubuntu-it-meeting.html) I don't know witch bot have logged it, the channel is #ubuntu-it-meeting12:04
AlanBellmapreri: yeah, I think they are gone, -uk logged there too12:10
mapreriAlanBell: do you know if the -eu servers were own by canonical? probably the have some backups.....12:47
AlanBellthey were not, I think they were someone in the germany loco team12:47
Fuchsyep, hang on12:49
Fuchs(well, or hang on some longer, can't reach any of them. Friday  *sigh*)12:51
mapreriAlanBell: bad news... I will try to email someone of the germany loco.... thank you anyway :)12:54
Fuchsmapreri: I am in contact with a bunch of them, but as I can't reach them right now: yeah, E-Mail.12:55
FuchsElse a couple of them do hang around in #ubuntuusers (german, despite the name)12:55
Fuchslast thing I know is that one server is completely lost and on one we don't have access, as the person who initially gave it in was from the ... french I think ... team and is MIA12:56
mapreriFuchs: ok, but do you know something about the irc logger? otherwise I'll email jbloch (germany loco contact in the LTP)12:58
FuchsI think it's gone, I might be wrong. Try to poke juliux. Haven't seen him for a while, though.12:58
Fuchsand by gone I mean: no backups.12:58
mapreriFuchs: "no backups" means the death of every sysadmins (from my point of view).... (without offenses, eh!)13:02
Fuchswhich is quite easy if the people who actually did manage these servers (which were a few) are gone. I could grep logs now, but try to poke juliux. I'll see if I can reach the current german people handling servers  (which isn't really juliux) and grep some logs if you don't hear something within a reasonable amount of time13:03
mapreriFuchs: (btw juliux is jboloch's name :) )13:03
FuchsI know13:04
FuchsI actually met him in person and I had to work with him in the past (I am part of the german LoCo, both the IRC and the ubuntuusers part)13:04
MarkusHHey guys13:11
MarkusHNot sure if I can help regarding European IRC logs, but just ask.13:11
Fuchs(assuming it was on the server I think they were, then it was just confirmed that this one is dead)13:12
FuchsMarkusH: would we have backups from eshu? (Assuming it was eshu)13:12
MarkusHFuchs: sadly no.13:12
MarkusHAfaik there was a hard disc crash and the provider wasn't able to restore any data13:13
Fuchsso if it was eshu, then they are gone.13:13
MarkusHbut yes, if I recall correctly, among the mailing lists for several European communities, the IRC logs were lost13:14
FuchsMarkusH: he ponders contacting Juliux, do you know whether he'd know if it actually was eshu, and if not: who would?13:14
Fuchs(smurfix comes to mind, or the people I already poked in our channel)13:14
MarkusHFuchs: Juliux might now. But I guess encbladexp or apollo13 are the best choices13:15
MarkusH... to ask13:15
mapreriMarkusH: Fuchs so, have I to email Juliux?13:16
Fuchsright, which is why I poked them. mapreri: go ahead then, I shall try to reach the people mentioned.13:16
Fuchsmapreri: can't hurt. I'll try to reach apollo13 first, but he didn't reply yet.13:16
Fuchsmapreri: in case of people confirming it was the above mentioned server: sorry, then they are gone indeed :(13:16
Fuchs(maybe web archive or a similar site has them)13:16
MarkusHmapreri: what's the reason why you're asking about the logs?13:16
mapreriMarkusH: the logs exist to be read, and we (I, especially) have to read about period of a work team of the Italian loco (period that have been logged there). If we can't obtain it back, no worries, I can achieve the same results using ML archives, but it's a longer work13:19
MarkusHmapreri: I see. Sorry for that.13:20
MarkusHFuchs: we might be lucky http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/ubuntuusers/Serverteam#Gu13:21
Fuchsoh, is that machine still up?13:22
Fuchsif so: can you check whether the italian logs are there?13:22
MarkusHFuchs: well, I cannot find it in our monitoring :-/13:22
MarkusHSorry again13:22
FuchsOkay. Poking apollo or juliux is probably still the option then, so we actually know which machine it is/was. Then we can check whether the machine still exist or, if not, whether there are at least some backups13:23
mapreriI emailed juliux. Anyway, you are lucky to own all that servers.... For now we depend on Canonical for web hosting :)13:27
Fuchswell, you see what the downside of that is :)13:28
FuchsI shall poke you if I hear back from our people first. Juliux is sometimes a bit hard to reach. Good luck with restoring your logs, anyway :)13:28
mapreriFuchs: FYI I have a bnc, so I always up. I'll stay on this channel for some days. If you have news fell free to ping me here on in /query, or email me directly :) thanks for your work!13:30
mapreri(and also MarkusH ↑:) )13:30
Fuchsmapreri: you're welcome. I'll either poke you or send a memo if you are offline13:31
MarkusHmapreri: you're welcome13:31
mapreriFuchs: great13:31
Fuchsif you hear back from juliux and he actually does know: please let me know as well13:31
Fuchswe shall then update our documentation13:31
Fuchsand yes, if it is Eshu or Gu: gone. Sorry :(13:31
mapreriFuchs: ok, no problem13:33
Fuchsright, Gu (server) is still there, but there are no logs on it. Apollo13 thinks that  either 1) they were there and have been deleted when the irc services were shut down   or   2) they actually were moved to Eshu and hence got lost when that things harddisk died13:38
Fuchsin either case there are no backups. So if he is right: meh :(13:38
Fuchsoh, wait13:39
Fuchsmapreri: what was the channel name,13:39
Fuchsand which dates would you need?13:39
mapreriFuchs: #ubuntu-it-meeting from 2007 to 2008 (I need this two years in particular), but if there is things before and after and you can extract them, I'll send them (and keep) to other subteam of ubuntu-it13:41
Fuchsanyway, he seems to have found things on the harddisk, so let me know the dates and actual channel name, and I see what he can do.13:41
Fuchsyeah, he seems to have something. I'll ask him if he can tar up stuff. Where could he put / send it?13:42
mapreriFuchs: if you need it, the links were something like http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2007/11/14/%23ubuntu-it-meeting.html13:42
Fuchsmapreri: he got it13:42
Fuchsmapreri: he builds a tar13:42
Fuchswhere shall he send it to?13:42
mapreriFuchs: send it to mapreri@ubuntu-it.org please13:43
Fuchshe'll do.13:43
FuchsI'll discuss with my colleagues whether we should make a backup of all that stuff in general in our next meeting13:44
Fuchsbut your case should be closed by that. No need to contact juliux, then.13:44
mapreriFuchs: great!13:44
mapreriFuchs: eh, well to know, but I sent an email one hour ago... I send an update to him13:45
FuchsOkay :)13:45
FuchsI'll have to leave now, if there is anything new I'll poke you, but you should receive the file(s). Have a nice day :)13:45
Fuchshe is too lazy to mail,13:46
Fuchssent you a /msg with the location.13:46
mapreriFuchs: look simply great! thanks for all the work. And please thank apollo13 for me :)13:48
FuchsYou're welcome :)13:48
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Unit193AlanBell: There was a ticket in rt about trying to get canonical to host the backup of the loco logs, looked real as the file is alive and over 700MB compressed.19:30
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AlanBellso it is Unit19320:45
Unit193Not sure if you want to bump on that (and the irclog2html) ticket?20:45
AlanBelljust going to grab it and stick it on a server :)20:47
AlanBellok, got it :)20:49
Unit193Putting it on ubottu.com?20:50
AlanBellone of my servers, but yeah probably should go on ubottu.com20:51
* AlanBell has more bandwidth than ubottu20:54
Unit193Hah, niice.20:55
* AlanBell uncompresses . . . 20:59
Fuchsgee, you've gotten fat21:00
AlanBellbig bones21:00
Fuchssure *patpats*21:01
Fuchsspeaking of which,21:01
Fuchsthe old logs from the eu-server, shall we backup and place them somewhere?  (I am pretty sure that "making them available to the general public again" will result in a "no")21:02
Unit193AlanBell: How large uncompressed anyway?21:02
AlanBellthere they all are21:03
AlanBellprobably not the ideal place for them, but I had access to put them there21:03
FuchsAlanBell: oh, were where you a couple of hours ago, then? :(21:03
Fuchsin this case I can tell apollo to delete them21:04
AlanBellFuchs: until Unit193 pointed out where the archive was and the request to Canonical to put it somewhere I thought they were gone21:04
Fuchsyeah, they got it from us by then21:04
Fuchsanyway, I shall put that in our documentation and delete them on Gu. Thanks <321:07
hotmedal_I am somehow banned in #ubuntu. But I haven't been there in a month.21:19
Fuchsthat sounds like a good case for #ubuntu-ops in general, so far I can't see the matching one, though21:41
AlanBellFuchs: we have resolved the issue21:42
Fuchssorry, didn't see the timestamp21:42
* Fuchs goes back to videogames21:42

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