RAOFarsson: Did you restart lightdm?00:02
RAOFIf not, you'll still be running unity-system-compositor+XMir, and you'll have hit the bug where usc stops rendering for no obvious reason.00:03
arsson_Sorry i use huawei stick and it constantly disconnect00:06
bschaeferRAOF, hey, what were the functions I should be looking at in radeon.ko? (if you know off the top of your head)00:33
bschaeferas im just getting to digging through them, and ill have the weekend to poke around as well :)00:33
RAOFbschaefer: You'd be looking at create_dumb and map_dump00:33
RAOFbschaefer: You'd be looking at create_dumb and map_dumb00:33
bschaeferRAOF, awesome, thanks!00:33
* bschaefer didn00:33
RAOFThey might not be called that, but they'll be something like that.00:33
* bschaefer didn't have the logs being saved...00:33
bschaeferRAOF, and they are getting called through mmap, from mesa?00:34
RAOFYou can also chase them through drm_drv.c; work out what radeon hooks up to those ioctls.00:34
bschaeferto see where its getting the offset from?00:34
* RAOF forgets where it's getting the offset from.00:34
* bschaefer should also dig through how each of these things are connected00:34
bschaeferwell  more about digging through the ioctls to figure out where a possible incorrect argument could be generated00:35
bschaeferso the 2 functions i should dig through from the top would be drmIoctl, and mmap00:35
RAOFAh, yeah.00:35
bschaefercool, thanks! (i have logging set on now so I can revisit this conversation :)00:35
RAOFcreate_dumb and map_dumb are what you're fater.00:35
bschaefercool, yup those are in mesa, but ill have to dig to where my card is setting things up as well...cause it has to be with the evergreen family, or possibly just the redwood ones00:36
bschaefer(where my card == where the driver)00:36
bschaeferRAOF, also, any luck reproducing the monitor issue on your ATI machine?00:37
RAOFbschaefer: The resolution change thing? Yeah, it's fixed.00:37
bschaeferRAOF, sweeet! what was the issue?00:38
bschaeferif its not tooo complicated haha00:38
RAOFbschaefer: More than just the root window uses the screen pixmap as its backing; so there was a valid new screen pixmap and root window that XMir was copying out of, but we hadn't fixed up other pixmaps, such as the one that Compiz renders into.00:39
bschaeferso one was trying to render to the wrong size? but cool!00:41
* bschaefer goes to read the branch more or less00:42
RAOFThey were totally disconnected.00:46
RAOFCompiz was rendering into one pixmap, XMir was copying out of another.00:46
bschaeferoo, so it was just copying garbage pixels/data, while compiz was rendering into a pixmap that wasn't being drawn00:47
bschaeferwell know I know what that looks like haha00:49
RAOFHm. Do we have any guarantee about ordering of messages at all?02:03
RAOFSpecifically - if I'm a client with more than one surface (like, say XMir), and focus switches from one of my surfaces to another, what are the states that I can see?02:03
RAOFCan I see ‘both of my surfaces are focused’? Can I see ‘neither of my surfaces are focused’?02:04
RAOFOn the server side we guarantee that the two states are ‘surface A is focused, surface B is unfocused’ and ‘surface B is focused, surface A is unfocused’; are there any similar guarantees on the client side?02:05
dufluRAOF: That's why I rejected the focus notification design (which landed)02:34
RAOFduflu: Ah. That wasn't obvious to me from your comments.02:35
dufluRAOF: Yeah, but it's a natural side effect from the concerns I was raising02:35
dufluIt landed, but I think still needs rewriting02:35
RAOFTrue. Just not a side effect I actually thought of.02:35
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dufluRAOF: You can heuristically make a good guess of which surface has focus. But I suggest logging it as a bug. We need a definitive "one focus message" relative to the connection/session. Or a get_focused_surface02:41
dufluYou could just ignore all the unfocus messages and take the focus messages in order...02:42
RAOFUnless you want to know when *none* of your surfaces are focused.02:43
dufluRAOF: if (focused_surface_id in (any of mine)) ?02:54
RAOFI'll get two events.02:55
RAOFOne is "surface A lost focus"02:55
RAOFAnother is "surface B gained focus"02:55
dufluRAOF: Just ignore the lost focus messages I guess. Take the gained focus messages in order and assume it's impossible to have nothing focused02:56
RAOFBut it's explicitly possible to have nothing focused.02:56
dufluYes, I just realized :(02:56
RAOFThis is not something that should actually cause a problem for me, just interesting.02:57
RAOFIs there a standard C atomic ops library in main?02:57
dufluRAOF: sigatomic_t for an int. Otherwise pthread.h :)03:00
RAOFOr libatomic-ops03:01
dufluYeah. Sorry, I'm in the habit of finding portable solutions... which work on all platforms. Not just Linux03:15
dufluRAOF: Any more thoughts on intel cache issues?03:26
tvoss_good morning04:14
tvoss_duflu, RAOF o/04:19
duflutvoss_, Morning-ish04:21
tvoss_RAOF, duflu how is it going?04:21
duflutvoss_: OK. Back to just figuring out bugs now  :)04:22
tvoss_duflu, :)04:22
RAOFDoing the XMir work to fix input-after-VT-switch.04:26
* duflu goes to find lunch and /professional/ coffee :)04:39
tvoss_duflu, professional coffee ... a very nice term04:54
dufluRAOF: Still around?05:01
RAOFduflu: Yeah05:09
RAOFduflu: What's up?05:09
dufluRAOF: I just noticed... with the damaged/stripey cursor...05:10
dufluRAOF: The artefacts last _many_ frames. Much longer than 3. So that suggests it's indeed not related to buffer ordering.05:10
RAOFWhich damaged/stripy cursor is this?05:11
dufluRAOF: intel "caching" artefacts ickle mentions05:11
RAOFOh, yeah.05:12
dufluI'm sanity checking to try and find related bugs in the Mir server still05:12
RAOFYou probably won't see them with two full-screen egltriangles, either; you want to be doing *lots* of drawing.05:12
RAOFLike X window → compiz → root window → Mir. ☺05:12
dufluRAOF: How different to filling the screen? Stressing the GPU?05:13
RAOFLots of memory access, I think.05:13
dufluRAOF: Oh, texturing?05:13
RAOFThat'd be an easy way to generate lots of memory access, yes.05:13
RAOFIt's *possible* that EGL Mir clients won't trigger this; there's apparently some effort taken in mesa to make this work.05:14
RAOFAlthough totally untested, because X does it.05:14
dufluI'm also trying to find a way to separate those artefacts from frame ordering issues05:17
dufluIt would be nice to see only one bug at a time05:18
dufluWoo, easily separated05:21
tvosswoot :)05:26
tvosssdl1.2 with Mir support & nexuiz -> win05:26
tvossRAOF, :)05:35
Mirvis there a way to get the same mirror mode that was before the multimonitor support? xrandr --output XMIR-2 --same-as XMIR-0 gives me something that is clipped on the lower resolution screen, but still has the same artifacts/slowness as with dual screen. before multimonitor support I had artifact free mirror mode where the lower resolution screen was displayed with grey borders on the higher resolution screen05:40
dufluMirv: Not sure. I agree the mirroring was perfect before XMir became MM-aware :/05:41
Mirvduflu: heh, true05:43
Mirvthe new mirroring is actually near unusable, while the dual screen is about usable still, with some slowness and artifacts. I think I'll use that for now.05:43
Mirvit's nice to have the fullhd back, to counter the minus sides05:43
dufluMirv: If you want to vote... please do so on bug 1216472 and bug 121873505:46
ubot5bug 1216472 in mir (Ubuntu) "[xmir] [multimonitor] Frames eventually get slightly out of order, look like glitches or typing will feel slow" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121647205:46
ubot5bug 1218735 in XMir "[intel] Bypass mode makes the cursor break up into horizontal line artefacts" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121873505:46
Mirvyeah :)05:47
Mirvyay for workarounds05:48
dufluMirv: Also vote: bug 121791705:51
ubot5bug 1217917 in XMir "XMir Multimonitor Not possible to select "Mirror Displays" in setting." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121791705:51
Mirvmm. I'm an experimental person so I tried killall unity-system-compositor. no it did not gracefully restart, but now I've missing input methods in VT7 (lightdm) even after multiple reboots. any idea what could be wrong?05:56
Mirvit types in lightdm though everything that I type here05:56
Mirvbut I can't type or move mouse if I move to VT705:56
dufluAlso no idea.05:58
dufluRAOF: Did you observe Mir giving XMir 2 or 3 unique buffers?05:58
dholbachgood morning07:00
tvoss_duflu, RAOF you guys still around?07:20
duflutvoss_: Yes. And finally got XMir running in my own development Mir server so I can examine it :)07:21
tvoss_duflu, \o/07:21
dufluXMir in mir_demo_server_shell is kind of funky07:21
tvoss_duflu, I can imagine :) I had nexuiz running mir_demo_server_shell an hour ago, quite funky, too07:24
dufluI can drag my X outputs on top of each other... it's not natural07:24
tvoss_duflu,  :)07:26
tvoss_mind taking a crappy video with your mobile?07:26
duflutvoss_: That would appear to require 4 hangs right now :(07:28
duflu*4 hands07:28
tvoss_duflu, indeed :)07:29
tvoss_duflu, cancel that then07:29
tvoss_duflu, what is the status for the artifacts with bypass? can that be attributed to the cursor?07:34
duflutvoss_, RAOF said that ickle said it was a quirk of the intel driver. Requires some workarounds07:34
tvoss_duflu, ack. Do we have a bug open?07:34
* duflu shrugs07:34
duflutvoss_: bug 121873507:35
ubot5bug 1218735 in XMir "[intel] Bypass mode makes the cursor break up into horizontal line artefacts" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121873507:35
tvoss_duflu, thx07:35
tvoss_duflu, do we have a bug open for fullscreen games running at non-native resolution not benefitting from composite bypass?07:39
duflutvoss_: No. I also haven't thought about it for a while. It's really all XMir I think07:40
tvoss_duflu, ack07:40
dholbachhey hey08:24
dholbachdoes anyone else have a bit of flickering with the cursor?08:24
tvoss_dholbach, yeah, known issue: bug 121873508:26
ubot5bug 1218735 in XMir "[intel] Bypass mode makes the cursor break up into horizontal line artefacts" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121873508:26
tvoss_dholbach, please upvote it, will take some dancing with the Intel driver. RAOF has checked in intel-x08:26
dufluRAOF: OK, I'm logging all the XMir buffer actions. The compositor is acquiring/releasing in exactly the same order as the client. Even though I *see* incorrect ordering :(08:34
alan_gduflu: you're assuming a consistent sequential ordering. Einstein disproved that a century ago.08:37
tvoss_duflu, if that is the case, then XMir is jumbling up the frame order somewhere, isn't it?08:39
duflutvoss_: That would be the conclusion. Assuming I'm right. Still trying to prove myself wrong08:39
tvoss_duflu, ack08:39
tvoss_duflu, mind summarizing how you report acquisition/release and how you assert that it is in the correct order?08:40
duflutvoss: fprintf() says for each Switching bundle, the order of client/compositor acquire/releases is always 0,1,2,0,1,208:40
dufluMaybe it's rarer than I think. I need to search for glitches programatically08:41
tvoss_duflu, yeah, just assert if the order is violated and run phoronix or glmark in xmir08:41
tvoss_duflu, putting load on x is usually a good way to trigger the issue08:41
duflutvoss_: I can trigger it. I can see it.08:42
duflutvoss_: I'm talking about the frame ordering bug, not the cursor bug08:42
tvoss_duflu, likewise, I thought you couldn't see it08:42
duflutvoss_: I can't see it without XMir. Now I have XMir running in my dev server08:43
tvoss_duflu, yeah08:43
dufluI can see the compositor spinning through frames much faster than XMir provides them. But still the same order. The compositor just reuses the last one08:48
tvoss_duflu, shouldn't we only composite if there is a new frame?08:51
duflutvoss_: Yes, but there's something funny with XMir multimonitor triggering redraws on all outputs even when only one screen is changing. I think that used to be a unityshell bug.08:52
tvoss_duflu, okay08:53
* duflu tries without Unity08:53
tvoss_duflu, I was just about to propose that08:53
tvoss_xfce without comp ftw :)08:53
tvoss_then with comp08:53
duflutvoss_, ?09:14
tvoss_duflu, completed the first set of nexuiz/openarena benchmarks against native mir with bschaefer's sdl1.2 adjustments09:15
dufluOh cool09:16
dufluShould be blazing fast09:16
duflutvoss_: And yes, no ordering problems with Xfce in XMir09:16
tvoss_duflu, it is09:17
tvoss_duflu, verifying the numbers now09:17
tvoss_duflu, in the multi-monitor case, right?09:17
tvoss_duflu, did you enable composition in xfce?09:17
duflutvoss_: Although I'm seeing very strange X damage artefacts. Yes, all multimonitor09:17
duflutvoss_, composition?09:18
dufluI need to run in a minute09:18
tvoss_duflu, xfce has got a compositor, too09:19
tvoss_duflu, by default, it is switched off iirc09:19
dufluAnd out of time. I have real life to catch up on...09:22
RAOFHey, what? Why does mir_surface_set_event_handler not take a void *ctx?09:48
RAOFWhat does the event handler get called with?09:48
mlankhorsttvoss_: could you send a new build for glmark? :P09:48
tvoss_mlankhorst, yeah, on it :)09:49
RAOFAnd with that, it's EOW09:53
tvoss_RAOF, enjoy your weekend :)09:53
mlankhorstsort of same for me, but I left early yesterday so I want to make up by engaging some phoronix mode :P09:56
mlankhorstwrite an email about glmark2 nouveau xmir vs mir, bahah09:56
tvoss_mlankhorst, compiling10:00
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tvoss_discopig, hey11:02
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hikikohi, I performed a dist-upgrade a while ago (i386) and since then the vt switch doesn't work in any mir branch (even when I use a fresh clone of trunk) does anyone have the same problem?12:21
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alan_ghikiko: are you running the server without root?13:15
hikikoI reboot and fixed13:16
tvoss_mlankhorst, ping13:44
smspillazRAOF: it takes a void * I'm pretty sure13:57
smspillazRAOF: ah wait, it doesn't, but MirEventDelegate is defined as struct { event_handler_func func; void *ctx }13:58
tvoss_smspillaz, ping14:04
tvoss_smspillaz, you around for a bit?14:04
smspillaztvoss_: a little bit14:08
smspillaztvoss_: .. still here14:19
tvoss_smspillaz, yup, otp right now :) would like to talk about cursors and touches and motion events14:19
smspillazah okay. I can only talk over IRC at the moment - I've got a bad cold14:19
tvoss_smspillaz, sure, irc is fine with me14:20
smspillaztvoss_: ... although I'll be going to bed soon. It might be better to send me an email or send an email to the list?14:20
tvoss_smspillaz, list is fine, too14:20
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mlankhorsttvoss_: pong15:14
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