Noskcaj_Can someone please make shotwell rebuild? the build broke while waiting on anothe rpackage02:29
smartboyhwNoskcaj_, can you join #ubuntu-quality? We need you there for some Testdrive discussion02:37
Noskcaj_smartboyhw: ok, but i will have to leave when i have school stuff to do02:38
smartboyhwNoskcaj_: Sure, that's actually phillw:)02:38
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micahgNoskcaj: done02:41
smartboyhwmicahg: That's Noskcaj_ :)02:41
Noskcaj_micahg: thanks, hopefully that will fix it.02:45
micahglooks happier02:47
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dholbachgood morning07:00
Noskcajdholbach, thanks for the merge and sync approvals, sorry it's so close to FF08:37
dholbachno worries08:38
dholbachall good08:38
NoskcajCan someone run the builder for python-flash? It seems to have frozen on i38609:58
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