chiltsolly_: ibeardslee: this is what I got back : http://paste.dollyfish.net.nz/6b18ec.txt03:22
* olly_ just got essentially the same03:24
olly_in fact, seems identical, except for s/Andy/Olly/ and without the first two paragraphs03:25
chiltswhich is fair enough03:25
chiltsI'd hate to reply to people like us :)03:25
snailibeardslee: had a conversion with rangi this morning about him preparing a guestimate for some work for us03:38
ibeardsleewent well?03:40
snaili was just supplying obvious technical details, it's the start of a long and drawn out conversation i suspect03:43
ibeardsleewell it wasn't a "it's been fun" type conversation yet ;)03:55

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