ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 640 bans)07:39
ikoniathat doesn't seem right07:44
IdleOneI don't think it is07:50
ikonia@mark #kubuntu eur33r problem in #ubuntu - kicked, being purposfully impossible to help in #kubuntu after being banned from #ubuntu11:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:58
Myrttihe's acting ok in -fi, which is a bit surprising13:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu, baphomet111 said: ubottu, that is my question.15:47
ikoniajohnjohn101 possible syko also17:29
ikoniaident = richards (he's been using richardstallman) and on a vpn account/provider he's used before17:30
ikoniaand just joined after his other account was kicked from #freenode17:30
ikoniaanother account for syko = turblance,17:43
ikoniaall registered on freenode17:43
ikoniaturbulence sorry17:46
kloerithat's not syko17:57
ikoniait is17:57
ikoniahe confirmed it to me17:57
kloeriit's cholby17:57
ikoniathen in that case they are the same person/thing17:58
kloeriand yeah, he'll probably confirm any shit you ask him to17:58
ikoniaas he quoted past incidents that I hadn't mentioned before17:58
kloerinope but believe that if you like17:58
ikoniawell, I can only go by the info he's given me, if that's wrong, then he's got very lucky quoting things17:58
ikoniakloeri: is there no corolation between them at all ?17:59
kloeriI'm quite certain they're different people17:59
kloeriboth idiots but different idiots18:00
FlannelHooray for paranoia and witch hunts!18:00
ikoniathey must have got very lucky with the quotes they gave me then, which just seemed very unlikley18:00
kloeriturbulence == cholby has been known ever since he created that account (along with another ~70 accounts of his or whatever the current count is)18:01
ikonia70 !!!!18:01
* kloeri shrugs18:02
Picicholby is problems18:03
ikoniahe must have just got very lucky with his wording then18:03
kloerihe's just a very persistent guy with lots of psychological problems18:03
kloeriwho's not helping himself by also being a drug addict, an alcoholoc and so on18:04
ikoniaoh, so you seem to know a pretty big picture on him then18:04
kloeriyes, I've been talking to him and hearing about him for years18:05
ikoniafair enough18:05
ikoniasadly, all grown out of now18:32
ikoniaI have placed 15 gags on the ubottu host - you have 2 hours to find them18:45
bazhang<Ali_> I need in neuroprogrammer on my ubuntu19:54
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 635 bans)20:17
geniiBah, again?20:21
IdleOnethe bots are not synced20:34
IdleOnemaybe restarting them?20:35
hotmedalI'm somehow banned in #ubuntu. Haven't been there in a month20:56
IdleOnesyko again20:58
IdleOneyou should know by now the ban will not be removed. Have a good day.20:58
hotmedalwhy not20:59
hotmedalwho is syko20:59
IdleOnesimply because you are a constant problem in #ubuntu21:03
hotmedalbut I haven't been there in a month and I don't remember departing on less than friendly terms21:04
hotmedalcome on! am I going to get anything other than false accusation here?21:14
hotmedalor is there some other channel that deals with these issues?21:14
AlanBellhotmedal: what nick were you using at that time?21:28
hotmedalthis same nick21:28
IdleOnehotmedal: I'm going to remove the ban, we may have ,mistaken you for someone else.21:35
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:35
IdleOneall the same I would like you to read the guidelines so we can avoid any problems in the future21:35
hotmedalthanks, I'll do it once I get my gnome back21:36
IdleOneyou should be able to join now21:36
AlanBellhotmedal: I would recommend you get a cloak, you can ask for one in #freenode21:37
hotmedalI'm pretty much an IRC noob, no idea what a cloak is, but I'l look into it21:37
hotmedaland yes, I can join now21:37
ubottuTo get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.21:38
IdleOneyou want the unaffiliated one21:38
AlanBellok, a cloak means you log on to freenode with a password, then bans on IP address ranges won't pick you up by accident21:38
hotmedaloh, ok21:38
IdleOnehotmedal: if there is nothing else please part this channel.21:42
hotmedalI just need to keep these links here until I get the gui back21:43
hotmedalthanks and bye21:44
holsteinFlannel: no need... im going to thin it out a bit anyways.. but nothing i said was against the COC22:30
holsteinand, i welcome you to disagree, and "set the record straight" so to speak, if you disagree with me, at anytime22:30
Flannelholstein: IRC Guidelines, "When helping, be helpful."  Telling someone summarily to disable their hardware after software makes it not work is not helpful.22:31
holsteinFlannel: and, you are welcome to share that with the user.. i think a fingerprint reader, as another user who was *not* reprimanded had imlied, is *not* a key piece of hardware.. and may never be supported properly22:33
holsteinagain, i welcome you to point out to any user at any time if you disagee.. but, my intentions were meant to be constructive22:33
Flannelholstein: I don't understand how if it was supported, say, a month ago, but then stops working properly, you can claim it "may never be supported" in good faith22:33
holsteinFlannel: maybe i hadnt read that far back in the scroll?22:34
holsteinFlannel: there are many reasons i might have suggested that. but, i have a record of being generally helpful and constructive, even with the most challenging of support cases22:34
Flannelholstein: That's fair, but yet, I pointed that fact out to you a few times already.22:35
holsteinthe logs are public and logged.. but, if you feel that.. thats fine.. and again, i welcome you to disagree22:35
holsteinFlannel: sure. and i didnt disagre with you in channel22:35
holsteinFlannel: we were in OT where you instigated the exchange22:35
Flannelholstein: I know, and then halfway through that, you went back to #ubuntu to tell him to contact his manufacturer for support22:36
holsteinFlannel: i did.. and ideally, they would22:36
FlannelExcept, it worked [yesterday], so it's a software issue, not a hardware one.22:37
Flanneland now I've told you this a few + 1 times.22:37
holsteinFlannel: otherwise, i hadnt read back far enough to say that it could have been a kernel regression.. i thought it was that the hardware was never going to work22:37
holsteinFlannel: and, i felt attacked by what you had said to me.. because, what you had said to me was arguably constructive.. and i likely took that personal.. and i am allowed to.. and i dont feel that i took that out in the #ubuntu channel on that user22:38
Flannelyet you're still claiming they should contact their hardware vendor?22:38
holsteinFlannel: but, as i said, i need to think it out. and im out of that channel22:38
Flannelholstein: You just did it six lines ago22:38
holsteinFlannel: so, agree to disagree? and you are, as i said, always welcome to state to a user that i am wrong22:38
holsteinFlannel: OK.. thanks for your time22:39
Flannelwell, that went poorly.22:43
IdleOneOnly because you are welcome to disagree, but that doesn't mean I will consider your opinion.23:03
FlannelNah, some of it was my fault.  I shouldn't have asked him in here until I wasn't distracted.23:07

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