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smartboyhwGood morning Noskcaj02:04
phillwsmartboyhw: did you get my email?02:30
smartboyhwphillw, yep, thanks02:30
smartboyhwSure, use it for "commercial" promotion purposes02:30
smartboyhwI will lawsuit Google if that happens:P02:30
phillwyou-tube has adverts02:31
phillwsmartboyhw: is you or Jackson keeping test-drive in the eye?02:32
smartboyhwphillw, it's Noskcaj, I've been mostly busy on packaging and documentation.02:33
smartboyhwphillw, you want to fix a bug?:P02:33
phillwokies. I'll catch up with him over the w/end. smartboyhw nope.... just want to run something by the test-drive team that may seem a bit scary :D02:34
smartboyhwphillw, oh? What is that:P02:34
phillwI will have a chat with Jackson and allow the thought to go 'up-stream'.02:36
smartboyhwphillw, um, technically, Jackson IS the upstream02:37
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phillwsmartboyhw: which is why I need to have a chat with him about it.02:37
smartboyhwphillw, actually, this Noskcaj is not active, I'm fetching Noskcaj_ from #ubuntu-motu02:38
smartboyhwphillw, ^ fetched him02:38
Noskcaj_hey phillw02:39
smartboyhwphillw, DON'T SLEEP YET (I know you are nocturnal but)02:40
phillwNoskcaj_ can you pop over to ##phillw ?02:44
elfyphillw: on it's way back to you03:23
* smartboyhw thinks both elfy and phillw are nocturnal...03:23
elfyhad 6 hours sleep ... probably not enough ;)03:24
smartboyhwelfy, challenge: Find my name at http://spc.edu.hk/upload_files/editor_image/Classlist_2013-2014.pdf ;P03:26
smartboyhw(To wake elfy up)03:26
elfyI don't need waking up thanks03:28
phillwelfy: I'll remove the 2nd instances of Evice, Gimp, Pidgin and Transmission :P Once I've had some sleep I'll get to work on the initial database :)03:28
elfyyou do that ...03:29
phillwsmartboyhw: I'm nocturnal, comes of the vampire bite I had when I was younger :)03:34
smartboyhwphillw, :O03:34
phillwyet, I LOVE garlic :D03:35
elfymmm food03:35
phillwhumans, slowly marinaded in a tomato and garlic sauce... and it's quite ecologically sound as harvesting them is sustainable :D03:38
phillw1 down, only 6,999,999,999 to go... drat.. they're breeding faster than I can eat them!03:39
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phillwelfy: is there only the active flavours listed on http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/300/builds who are using package manager for to base the Auto Pilot cases upon?03:47
elfyI don't understand what you mean03:47
elfyafaik - those are the only flavours who've done anything03:48
phillwno kubuntu / ubuntu studio etc. etc.03:48
smartboyhwphillw, we don't even have any HR to deal with Autopilot03:50
smartboyhwContinuous development itself is already a big burden for us03:50
elfytry asking your userbase03:51
smartboyhwelfy, we don't even have time to deal with a detailed plan03:52
smartboyhwWe are just volunteers after all03:53
elfyand we're not?03:53
TheDrumselfy: I want at least half what you get.03:53
elfyhere you go03:53
elfygave you all of it:)03:53
TheDrumsHrm, I only feel more cynical...03:54
elfysorry :(03:54
elfyI'll have some back03:54
smartboyhwballoons, you're still awake?04:33
pittibonjour jibel, c,a va?07:24
pittierk, my compose key got broken07:24
jibelBonjour pitti ! Ça va bien et toi ?07:24
pittijibel: oui, sauf mon clef de "compose" :)07:25
pittijibel: ISTR that you set up a jenkins job for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/trunk the other day, right?07:25
jibelthis is not critical :)07:25
jibelpitti, right, I usually add new applications manually07:26
pittijibel: what's the job name for this?07:26
pittijibel: and which kind of environment they run in, otto?07:26
pittii. e. full desktop?07:26
jibelpitti, it could be automated but that's just my paranoia to know what's happening on our systems :)07:27
jibelpitti, they run on a full desktop on hardware07:27
phillwpitti: / jibel either of you permitted to kick off a respin?07:27
pittijibel: ah, do we have an example? (I just want to point to it from a blog entry)07:27
pittiphillw: of an iso? I think technically I could still do it, but I haven't done it in years so I'd rather not07:27
pittithings have changed a lot since then07:28
pittiphillw: better to ask in #ubuntu-release07:28
jibelpitti, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-ubuntu-applications/07:28
smartboyhwphillw, why you need a respin?07:28
pittijibel: they run on a daily live? in otto?07:28
knomemhall119, balloons: please do not add "ubuntu core apps test writers" into the "music app developers team", that creates a *lot* of unwanted email07:28
phillwpitti: I'm awaiting a soul on there the correct a minor goof up by  the ubuntu-kylin team ( smartboyhw)07:28
jibelpitti, correct, and they run only on intel ATM, as we disabled ATI due to problems with the opesource drivers07:29
pittijibel: ah, apparently otto according to the log07:29
knomemhall119, balloons: (ubuntu testcase admins are part of the former group)07:29
pittijibel: splendid, merci!07:29
jibelpitti, but I think I should add nvidia07:29
pittijibel: I want to blog how to run autopilot tests in autopkgtest07:29
jibelthis way we'd have 1 OSS driver and 1 proprietary driver07:30
pittiand point to that as well (both make sense)07:30
jibelpitti, great07:30
jibelpitti, running them in autopkgtest means installing a full desktop environment inside the testbed which takes a while or you use another approach?07:34
jibelor just a base VM with a preinstalled desktop env07:34
pittijibel: no, I just use xvfb and install that single package07:35
pittijibel: so, no desktop interaction etc.07:35
pittijibel: it doesn't replace your jobs07:35
jibelah okay07:35
pittibut it's nice to check for missing dependencies and blocking new dependencies which break stuff07:35
pittijibel: so it doesn't make sense (or even work) for something like unity, but evince or shotwell (no 3D etc.) work quite nicely07:36
smartboyhwphillw, you want me to explain?08:06
phillwnot after 36 hours without sleep... read my last comment on -release... I knew it would be the usual fcuk up!08:07
smartboyhw!language | phillw08:08
ubot5phillw: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:08
phillwsmartboyhw: please note how I used the company name French Connection UK ?08:11
phillwsmartboyhw: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Connection_(clothing)08:12
phillwso, I'm unsure as if you got it wrong?08:13
smartboyhwphillw, which, doesn't make sense in the sentence;P08:13
phillwsmartboyhw: their clothes are over priced and of poor quality... :D08:14
smartboyhwphillw, FFe(s) are filed against seperate packages, not at seperate flavours, to simplify08:18
Noskcajsmartboyhw, and they are famous for having a logo that reads what you though phill said08:20
smartboyhwNoskcaj, WHAT?08:20
smartboyhwNoskcaj, next time, join https://season.kde.org/?q=program_home&prg=26 :P08:21
smartboyhwphillw, include Kubuntu on your PPC call on Mon please?08:28
smartboyhwDanChapman, if you are here, ping08:29
Noskcajsmartboyhw, what's that about?08:36
smartboyhwNoskcaj, Ubuntu SDK Autopilot emulator blocking my bug-fixing code into ubuntu-rssreader-app08:36
smartboyhwor do you mean the SoK?08:37
Noskcajsecond one08:37
phillwsmartboyhw: I've already been asked to include kubuntu in the PPC call.08:37
smartboyhwphillw, well, it's because Riddell further consulted me08:38
phillwsmartboyhw: no, it is because ScottK asked me.08:38
smartboyhwphillw, heh08:38
phillwdo try to keep up with things :D08:39
smartboyhwphillw, not exactly08:39
smartboyhw<Riddell> 23:21 < phillw> Riddell: does kubuntu have ppc tester(s) yet, if not - would you like me include kubuntu in the call for PPC  testers on Monday?08:39
smartboyhw<Riddell> smartboyhw: did your consultation come up with an answer about ppc?08:39
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> Riddell, probably, um, yep: I have faced too much opposition, I can't cancel:P08:39
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> Riddell, I will tell phillw our decision:P08:39
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> Riddell, ACK Bug #1218736 for me?08:39
smartboyhw<Riddell> smartboyhw: same old story08:39
ubot5bug 1218736 in oxygen-gtk3 (Ubuntu) "[FFe]Please update oxygen-gtk3 to 1.2.0" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121873608:39
smartboyhw(That is just 5 minutes ago)08:40
smartboyhwSo, it's Riddell's fault for asking;P08:40
phillwindeed not, nor is it ScottK's fault for saying "go for it".08:41
phillwthat was all I required :)08:41
phillwthere's a new working kernel out there now. Beta 1 is actually it's 1st real try. (for all of us, on all flavours)08:42
smartboyhwphillw, I don't know if it's updated for linux-lowlatency (which is what Ubuntu Studio uses)08:43
phillwit's got the odd little niggle... un needed warnings, crashes when not expected... apart from that, it seems fine :D08:43
phillwubuntu-studio do not have a ppc version, although years ago that would have been the default hardware for studio stuff :)08:44
smartboyhwphillw, the first time we started, we only have i386:P08:44
smartboyhwThen amd64 and i386 ever on08:44
phillwsmartboyhw: very easy to check... uname -a   If it starts 3.11.0 then you have the new kernel build.08:45
smartboyhwphillw, the problem: I am NOT on Studio:P08:45
smartboyhwAnd I checked, it comes with 3.11.008:46
smartboyhwNoskcaj, to answer: it is a project where we get to work on certain aspects of KDE to make it better08:48
phillwthen you have the new kernel 3.11.0-4 is the latest one08:48
smartboyhwMostly it's coding, but my project is about doc08:48
smartboyhwphillw, which we don't;P08:48
smartboyhwWe only have -2 I think08:48
smartboyhwphillw, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-lowlatency/3.11.0-2.108:48
phillwsmartboyhw: then go and play up on the kernel channel demanding that they sort it out! (Actually, don't) :D08:49
Noskcajphillw, What is the issue with VirtualBox? I assume it should be done as a quilt patch so the rest of testdrive isn't crippled08:49
smartboyhwphillw, no of course;P08:49
DanChapmansmartboyhw: hey whats up?08:50
phillwNoskcaj: I've asked you to check it out. On my system, a new kernel has Vb uninstall itself from the out going kernel (5 mins of high CPU usage), then install itself into the new kernel (5 mins of high cpu time).08:51
Noskcajphillw, ok, will do08:51
phillwNoskcaj: it may be a fight between it and virt-manager, as the guy from kernel said.. he only loads it to check it doesn't crash... he'd never dream of actually using it :D08:52
NoskcajSo far everything is working for me08:53
Noskcajmaybe i'm not on the new kernal08:54
phillwI hit it when I went from -2 to -3 and again today when I went from -3 to -408:56
Noskcajphillw, I'm on the latest, maybe i need to restart first?08:56
phillwI only see it when the new kernel is arriving.08:57
Noskcajok, i missed that then08:57
phillwI'll keep the back track next time, but kernel team will not even look at it. It is not F/OSS, they have no control over bug reporting etc.08:58
phillwhence my suggestion of dropping it and just using KVM, which they will suuport :)08:59
phillwmakes for less confusing classroom sessions also ;)09:00
smartboyhwDanChapman, um, I submitted some code to Ubuntu RSSReader app, and now autopilot sdk emulator is failing me09:06
phillwsmartboyhw: and that is the final request to -release for someone to kick off the ubuntukylin isos for respin. If no one does it, it will have to await the cron job kicking in.09:08
smartboyhwphillw, yeah09:08
DanChapmansmartboyhw: I think I had an email about that. will go take a look for you09:08
Noskcajphillw, My plan of action: Remove parallels in a new release, once that is out, make a quilt patch for removing Vbox (we don't want to cripple testdrive on stuff with the working kernal09:09
smartboyhwNoskcaj, why do you need a patch?09:09
Noskcajsmartboyhw, I'd rather testdrive kept Vbox, as it's not just used on ubuntu 13.10, plus it make re-activation of Vbox easier09:10
smartboyhwNoskcaj, so,  we don't need it, right?09:11
NoskcajUbuntu 13.10 doesn't, everything else should keep it09:12
smartboyhwNoskcaj, we have options to let people choose which virtualization software they want09:12
smartboyhwAnd KernelFreeze is quite far away09:12
smartboyhwWho says that by KernelFreeze it might have been better?09:12
phillwNoskcaj: and a new version of test drive has about a less than zero chance of being SRU'd :D09:12
smartboyhwphillw, as long as it is a bugfix:P09:13
phillwdeal with what is going into 14.04 not was in 13.0409:13
phillwsmartboyhw: there is no need for a bug fix looking backwards. and the issue I see may only affect my set of hardware.. but affect it, it does.09:14
smartboyhwphillw, well, what if users want Virtualbox/09:15
phillwsmartboyhw: it is not supported by ubuntu is the simple answer. If you have a problem, don't ask us.09:17
smartboyhwNoskcaj: Then either you are going to kill Virtualbox forever, or just don't kill it09:17
smartboyhwPatches, not a good idea09:17
DanChapmansmartboyhw: hmmm does it run fine locally? Im just installing the sdk and testing it. But I'm not convinced its the emulators at the moment09:19
smartboyhwDanChapman, no, it doesn't run fine here too09:20
smartboyhwBut I can't decipher the code to make any sense out of it09:20
smartboyhw(nor did dpm)09:20
DanChapmansmartboyhw: lol no probs i'll have a good look :-)09:20
phillwsmartboyhw: was it maclin who was asking about u-kylin?09:23
phillwI've done a reboot so have lost my older scroll back to archive09:24
smartboyhwphillw, yep09:25
maclinphillw, yep, the new building of ubuntukylin will be done at 22:14 UTC today?09:27
phillwmaclin: your request for a respin should have been done, colin watson is looking into why it failed.09:27
maclinphillw, i got it, thanks! Is there anything we can do for that?09:30
phillwmaclin: "Oh, cdimage tried to rebuild, the build failed, it marked the rebuild as Built in the iso.qa database when the build ended, but it never published a new version (since it failed) so it effectively looks stuck" I'm just trying to get human version of that error message out of a developer....09:31
smartboyhwphillw, heh, cjwatson said not to copy;P09:31
DanChapmansmartboyhw: i'm having problems installing the emulator, un-met dependencies but will not install them09:32
smartboyhwDanChapman, huh!?09:32
smartboyhwWhat's the problem?09:32
phillwsmartboyhw: read the apology before you go copying and pasting. Thanks.09:34
smartboyhwphillw, ofc09:35
DanChapmancant get ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot to install09:35
smartboyhwDanChapman, huh!?09:35
* smartboyhw just installed that yesterday09:36
DanChapmanlet me reboot into raring. brb09:36
phillwmaclin: they are now rebuilding09:36
maclinphillw, thanks09:40
phillwmaclin: the i386 will build twice, as it had 2 requests against it. Further investigation will be carried out into why it did not work.09:41
DanChapmansmartboyhw: no luck still on raring, will look into it further, seems a dep issue with ubuntu-ui-toolkit-examples09:43
smartboyhwDanChapman, oh09:43
smartboyhwDanChapman, paste me the problem09:44
smartboyhw(Using paste.u.c ofc)09:44
Noskcajsmartboyhw, If you want to check the parallels-less version of testdrive, it's at lp:~noskcaj/testdrive/parallels09:45
smartboyhwNoskcaj, I don't want to check, it's your project:)09:45
Noskcajok, then, read "review"09:45
smartboyhwNoskcaj, paste me the link plz09:46
smartboyhwI mean, URL09:46
smartboyhwNoskcaj, BTW, in debian/changelog it's LP: #(bug no.)09:47
Noskcajok, fixing now09:48
smartboyhwACK from me09:48
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smartboyhwballoons, pinf13:05
balloonssmartboyhw, pong13:07
smartboyhwballoons, first up: Ubuntu SDK autopilot emulator is failing my code changes in rss reader13:07
balloonssmartboyhw, the emulator is failing your code changes? that doesn't make sense13:08
smartboyhwballoons, see above (or if you can make up why is it wrong)13:08
balloonssmartboyhw, ahh, that's the jenkins gate review process13:08
smartboyhwballoons, can you tell me why it is failing then? dpm can't work it out13:09
balloonsyou need to specify a commit message13:10
balloonsas it says13:10
smartboyhwballoons, specified13:10
balloonsyes, so perhaps you fixed that13:11
balloonsthe other piece is the test seems to be failing now13:11
smartboyhwBut can't relaunch it13:11
balloonswhich is funny perhaps13:11
smartboyhwballoons, yes13:11
balloonsanywho, I'll relaunch it13:11
mhall119balloons: did you see knome's comments about the test writers team?13:23
balloonsmhall119, ohh, I didn't realize the email churn would happen13:24
balloonsI'll remove it13:24
smartboyhwballoons, it would:)13:24
balloonswell, no one is going to want to be on the team, hah!13:24
smartboyhwballoons, BTW, are you going to send out the promotion e-mail today?13:24
balloonsone thing at a time13:25
smartboyhwballoons, what's the first thing?13:25
balloonsit's a long weekend for everyone in the states13:25
smartboyhwballoons, BOO13:25
balloonsand weekend for europe and asia, I don't expect to be overwhelmed immeadiately :-p13:25
balloonswe'll try and start the thread and see what happens13:26
balloonsknome, you should be all set. For anyone else who doesn't want to be on the team, just ping13:27
* smartboyhw wants to be on the team13:27
smartboyhwWhere's amjjawad?13:27
DanChapmanballoons: hey o/13:45
DanChapmansmartboyhw: sorry had to dash out before. did you get it sorted?13:45
smartboyhwDanChapman, no. Waiting for balloons to restart the build13:45
DanChapmanballoons: nice update to the gtk emulator appearing today, its building now i think. Selecting items in a treeview by there label value :-D13:47
DanChapmansmartboyhw: ah ok :-)13:48
balloonssmartboyhw, yes and I'm failing miserably13:52
smartboyhwballoons, https://code.launchpad.net/~dinko-metalac/sudoku-app/convergence-rework/+merge/182860 is failing too13:52
balloonswe can force it to restart if we have to, but :-(13:52
smartboyhwSo, you'd better check out happened13:52
smartboyhwSince I have a hunch it is the SDK emulator13:53
balloonslol, I doubt it13:53
smartboyhwballoons, what do you think it is then?13:53
smartboyhwTwo merges, seperate application, same test failing13:53
balloonsseparate issues13:53
smartboyhwballoons, yeah, that's quite a splendid fail:P13:54
balloonsok smartboyhw it's rebuilding13:58
balloonsnow that we can do that, we should be able to tackle whatever issues it is finding13:58
smartboyhwballoons, \o/13:59
balloonsDanChapman, on yesterday if you can help confirm or deny what senan was seeing that would be helpful. I tried a little on my box, but I'll have to run it again14:00
DanChapmanballoons: yep can do :-) I'll just find the bug link you sent to the list14:02
balloonsty :-)14:02
balloonsI wonder if it's only terminal for instance, or if every test is that way14:02
DanChapmanballoons: Its also slow on raring for me14:02
balloonsI have to finish setting up the raring box here, it was giving me troubles with bzr yesterday14:02
DanChapmanballoons all tests seem it today :-S14:02
smartboyhwballoons, this one seems simliar to mine problems
balloonswell if that happens we're going to end up pulling his exact versions or asking him to repeat14:03
balloonsthis build is taking so long14:03
smartboyhwballoons, GRUMBLE
balloonssmartboyhw, I see it. So it was as I suspected14:10
balloonsone of the autopilot tests is failing which has nothing to do with your commit, but14:10
smartboyhwballoons, but?14:10
balloonsbut your stuck because of it14:11
smartboyhwballoons, yes, exactly, dpm said either the tests need to pass or disabled14:11
smartboyhwWhich, we don't want the second option to happen14:11
* smartboyhw can't understand Python tracebacks;P14:14
balloonsyes but someone 7 hours ago merged just fine14:14
balloonsI don't understand why it's magically failing14:14
smartboyhwballoons, -.-14:14
balloonsI'm going to do a trunk build and see if it fails14:18
smartboyhwballoons, let's see14:20
balloonsyep, fails same way as expected14:21
smartboyhwballoons, uh hum14:22
smartboyhwSo, autopilot fail:(14:22
balloonssmartboyhw, your merge isn't approved at any rate14:25
smartboyhwballoons, why?14:25
balloonsno one has said approve it14:26
smartboyhwballoons, well, I and dpm are hold up by that14:26
balloonsdpm let a needs info review14:26
smartboyhwballoons, I fixed that already14:26
smartboyhwBut we are now stuck at that point14:26
balloonsright, but the status is not set to approved14:26
balloonsno one approved it, jenkins won't merge until someone does no matter what14:27
smartboyhwballoons, OK14:27
balloonssmartboyhw, ok so time to test the changes to see if they run14:57
balloonselopio, anything going on with ubuntu-ui-toolkit today you know of?15:03
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balloonsthings are acting a bit funny15:03
elopioballoons: I know nothing.15:04
elopioand for the first time, it's not likely to be my fault :) I haven't touched it for a while.15:04
balloonselopio, ok, just double checking to make sure.. I'm assuming archive churn is the issue15:06
balloonsyea, bother, a new version landed and must not have gone through all the archives yet :-(15:21
smartboyhwballoons, I think you are in a bad mood today, cheer up15:37
balloonssmartboyhw, I do love your forceful coercion .. You are X, stop being X15:40
smartboyhwballoons, LOL15:41
* smartboyhw likes forcing others into some sort of emotional state:p15:41
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Letozaf_balloons, Hey19:02
Letozaf_balloons, thanks for helping for my 2fa problem19:03
balloonsLetozaf_, all working now?19:05
Letozaf_balloons, looks like :)19:06
Letozaf_balloons, I just logged on to launchpad but everything looks fine for now19:06
Letozaf_balloons, I will work this evening and see if I have problems19:06
Letozaf_balloons, I will take a look at the rssreader test, is it complete now ?19:07
Letozaf_balloons, balloons I mean in the parts we were working on19:07
balloonsLetozaf_, it works on my box now, but I think it will still fail in the lab19:19
balloonsthe issue was an application one where the keyboard was blocking things19:19
balloonsso not a test issue19:19
balloonsI would continue writing new tests at this point19:20
Letozaf_balloons, I am running the test on my notebook now..19:22
Letozaf_balloons, ok so I will write some new tests19:22
Letozaf_balloons, I added a new ssh key on launchpad for the other notebook I am using and everything seems to work fine :) (fiew)19:24
balloonsheh.. ya, just try and get 2 devices working so you have a backup19:26
balloonsI use the google auth and yubikey19:26
Letozaf_balloons, yeah I will19:38
Letozaf_balloons, done for one phone, now the other :)19:41
Letozaf_balloons, fine now I have two device in19:49
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