ScottKphillw: We may, but yet please.  The more the merrier in any case.01:16
phillwScottK: okies. I will, I'm also going to announce on ubuntu forum apple area :)01:17
maclinhi,guys, Is there any problem with the qatracker building? I requested a rebuild this morning and the status has keeping re-building for nearly 6 hours.05:49
smartboyhw^ That's for UbuntuKylin05:51
maclinyes, thanks smartboyhw05:51
maclinAnyone could help to check it? I even can't cancel the rebuild request.05:53
phillwmaclin: AFAIK, we are still on cron-job rebuilds. Only when the cron is suspended can we ask the system for re-spins (e.g after Monday when beta 1 trips in for us). I'm sure one of the release team will correct my rough and basic knowledge of how it all works; but that is it to my knowledge.06:08
smartboyhwphillw, huh? I asked for an Ubuntu Studio rebuild yesterday and it worked06:11
smartboyhwMaybe the day before yesterday, forgotten06:11
phillwmaclin: 14 22 * * *for-project ubuntukylin cron.daily-live --live06:13
phillw22:14 UTC is the build time for kylin06:13
phillwsmartboyhw: 20:34 UTC is for ubuntu studio06:13
smartboyhwphillw, actually, where can I find that-.-06:14
phillwIf you're ever unsure, look it up on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/ubuntu-cdimage/mainline/view/head:/etc/crontab06:14
phillwI have the times in the lubuntu area so people know not to start a test suite one hour before a respin :D06:14
phillwThose times do come with a bit of small print "Please note from the release team: Sure, as long as it's clear that it's subject to change - We're not intending to make any promises here. We won't change them around frivolously or anything but it's possible."06:18
phillwthe times on the link are the times, the entries onto your wiki page, should you let people know; are subject to change.06:19
LaneyI'm about to generate the beta block07:42
jodhLaney: have you heard any update on the mysql-blocking-upstart issue? upstart is still in -proposed.07:47
phillwLaney: will the late FFe squeeze in?07:47
Laneyjodh: checking07:47
Laneyjodh: Guess I'll skip that then :-/07:49
Laneyjamespage: ^^^ have you seen this?07:49
Laneyphillw: what FFe?07:49
Laney(We can do unblocks)07:49
jamespageLaney, I was just looking now07:49
jamespagestderr is causing the DEP-8 test to fail07:49
Laneyjamespage: might be because of the stderr output07:49
jamespageI'm testing a fix now07:49
jamespagebut it takes ~3 hours to build07:49
phillwLaney: the one from micah for gnumeric etc.? it is on the ubuntu-release emails?07:50
Laneyphillw: yes07:50
jamespageif mysql is the last thing holding it please force it throught07:50
LaneyI don't know where the uploads stand though, didn't check yet07:50
jodhLaney/jamespage: this is rather unfortunate - having a new version of upstart appear in the archive on a Friday is not optimal imho :(07:50
Laneyjamespage: ok, but really really ideally not any more07:50
phillwLaney: it was ~ 13:00 today.07:50
jamespageLaney, trying my best07:50
LaneyI know, thanks for fixing it ;-)07:51
jamespagenot sure why I'm apologizing actually - I did not write the DEP-8 tests and they have never actually passed...07:51
jamespagebut hey - its a server package07:51
* jamespage takes it like a man07:51
Laneycollective responsibility07:52
Laneyvery cabinet of you07:52
phillwLaney: the community flavours affected would really like this in for the beta 1 if at all possible.07:53
Laneyphillw: Someone has to upload it then07:54
jodhjamespage, Laney: am I reading these mysql test results correctly? they all passed, but the overall test failed due to stderr output right?07:54
jamespagejodh, thats right07:54
Laneyjodh: seems like it07:54
Laney(hint updated)07:54
jamespagejodh, the fix is 2>&107:54
smartboyhwLaney, if you can ACK Bug 1218736 it would be great07:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218736 in oxygen-gtk3 (Ubuntu) "[FFe]Please update oxygen-gtk3 to 1.2.0" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121873607:54
jodhLaney: so, what are the options wrt getting upstart into main? I'd rather not go through the whole FFE process as I actually uploaded 2 days ago, but ideally, I'd like upstart to hit the archive monday now due to the mysql delays.07:55
Laneyjodh: No FFe07:55
Laneyjodh: Now you get the entire Europe and US days - is that not enough?07:55
phillwLaney: his eta was ~ 13:00 UTC today (micah) Adam Conrad was pretty relaxed and appreciated that they do need to land. May I ask why the sudden "we're closing"?07:56
jodhLaney: lets hope so.07:56
infinityjodh: Getting upstart into "main"?  You mean into the release pocket?07:56
jodhinfinity: right07:56
smartboyhwphillw, you did report a FFe bug right?07:56
Laneyphillw: What? There's no closing. No need to panic.07:57
infinityjodh: I'll let it slip in right now.07:57
LaneyWe can unblock. micahg knows how to ask.07:57
Laneyinfinity: I just pushed the force-badtest update.07:57
infinityOh, or Laney will. ;)07:57
phillwsmartboyhw: nope, it was done using the release team email list to get permission from all the flavours it would affect. The result of that was that we would much rather prefer it in for the Beta 1, than after.07:58
smartboyhwphillw, can't you read the mail ScottK wrote?07:58
LaneyThe version on excuses is ubuntu3 but I forced for ubuntu507:58
Laneyhope that works07:58
smartboyhw<ScottK> Yes.  Please go ahead (like today so we can minimize architectural changes07:58
smartboyhwafter Beta), but also please file an FFe bug for the record (I'll be happy to07:58
smartboyhwbless if after I sleep).07:58
infinityLaney: It won't work, no.  I'll just add a skiptest for that upstart version while I'm in there. :P07:58
* Laney glares at adt-britney07:59
phillwsmartboyhw: it was not for me to raise a Ffe bug report. It *was* being handled via the mailing list :)07:59
smartboyhwphillw, ?07:59
LaneyIt's fine. Calm down. Far more important that someone actually does the work and uploads now.08:00
smartboyhwLaney, both me and phillw are not uploaders08:00
phillwLaney: indeed, please give micah time. Us mere mortals are used to ~17:00 UTC as cut off time :)08:00
Laney(a) That doesn't stop you from doing the work, (b) micahg indicated he would in his initial mail08:00
phillwLaney: how do I file an FFe that affects several flavours?08:01
smartboyhwphillw, just file it?08:01
infinityphillw: Huh?08:01
phillwI'm lubuntu release manager only.08:01
smartboyhwNo need to care about flavours08:01
smartboyhwJust report a bug through Launchpad08:01
infinityphillw: An FFe is for allowing a package upload to the archive, it has nothing to do with flavours.08:01
LaneyHe has time. Don't know what you're talking about with 1700UTC. The freezes were yesterday.08:02
infinityGranted, if micahg uploads those before filing a bug, no one's going to complain, Scott's just going to make sure he does the paperwork at some point.08:02
infinityAt any rate, discussing an upload that hasn't happened yet is silly.  Wait for micahg to get around to it.08:02
phillwI've only ever done an SRU, can someone pop into -quality and talk me through it so as not to antagonise people here?08:02
smartboyhwinfinity, sigh, I will do the FFe bug08:02
infinitysmartboyhw: If you do, follow up to the list thread, so micahg knows he doesn't have to file another. :P08:03
smartboyhwinfinity, sure08:03
infinitysmartboyhw: You can just copy and paste his original email, FWIW.  Don't need to be fancy here, two release engineers already ACKed it.08:03
infinity(One of them's just anal about paperwork)08:03
smartboyhwinfinity, :P08:04
jibeljamespage, you could use the restriction allow-stderr in dep8 control file instead of redirecting stderr08:04
jamespagejibel, I could08:05
jamespagejibel, but I'm half way throught testing it with redirection in the script itself08:05
Laneyjibel: Do you know why upstart/excuses shows an older version of mysql-5.5?08:05
LaneyI guess it's something to do with the depends being dropped08:05
phillwLaney: when I started, it was still yesterday :) But, I just had a sneaky feeling that all that was agreed on the mailing list would count for nothing when faced with "the rules" :)08:06
LaneyWell don't.08:07
Laneybah, did python-apt break API?08:08
infinityphillw: What are you on about?  What was agreed on the mailing list counts for everything, the FFe is fine, the sky is not falling.  However, arguing to include something that hasn't been uploaded is.  Uhm.  Meaningless.08:08
smartboyhwLaney, bug 121876308:12
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218763 in goffice (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please update gnumeric to upstream version 1.12.6 and goffice to 0.10.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121876308:12
jibelLaney, because that was the version in the archive when upstart 1.10-0ubuntu1 was uploaded08:12
Laneyjibel: Ah, and it's a bug that this wasn't updated for subsequent versions, OK then08:15
Laneybeta 1 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious block pushed08:16
smartboyhwLaney, Bug 1218763 and Bug 1218766 to the Ubuntu Release Team's ACK.08:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218763 in goffice (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please update gnumeric to upstream version 1.12.6 and goffice to 0.10.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121876308:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218766 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please update Xfce4-settings to upstream version 4.11" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121876608:18
Laneysmartboyhw: ok, thanks for filing08:18
smartboyhwphillw, ^ happy?08:18
smartboyhwLaney, if you can, do Bug 1218736 or me too:)08:19
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218736 in oxygen-gtk3 (Ubuntu) "[FFe]Please update oxygen-gtk3 to 1.2.0" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121873608:19
smartboyhwHuh, 36, 63 and 6608:19
smartboyhwLucky number!08:19
xnoxLaney: please unblock & migrate upstart =) since well mysql-5.5 5.5.32-0ubuntu3 will for sure never pass now, as the version moved on now & it's not a direct r-dep anymore.08:50
Laneyxnox: yes, unblocking it08:53
LaneyI saw your sidestepping of the issue :P08:53
xnoxLaney: I have no idea what you are on about, it is valid for mysql to drop that depends =))) _and_ it's been failing to build on i386 a couple of times, so it needed a rebuild anyway on i386 =)08:55
phillwsmartboyhw: thanks.08:55
phillwinfinity: can you kick off a manual respin of ISos'?08:55
phillwif there is a respin authorised person about, could you please kick ubuntu-kylin off. their release manager marked it for a respin some 10 hours ago now. He did not know that the iso's are still under cron control and it is sat as status rebuilding.09:06
Laneythey are09:08
cjwatsonrequested rebuilds should happen regardless of cron09:14
phillwcjwatson: in that case, there is something stopping the kylin one. He came on several hours ago to say he had requested a respin several hours before and it had not happened.09:15
cjwatsonI think rebuild-requests is stuck - there's a process there that's been running since Aug 12, but it shouldn't be long-running09:15
cjwatsonI'll try killing it and letting it respawn09:15
cjwatsonNot that I see any locking either, so maybe that isn't it09:16
cjwatsonOh, cdimage tried to rebuild, the build failed, it marked the rebuild as Built in the iso.qa database when the build ended, but it never published a new version (since it failed) so it effectively looks stuck09:26
phillwcjwatson: I'm just going to copy and paste that explanation.. I've read it three times now.... "build failed and system the didn't know what to do as it does not have such error trapping, yet."09:30
phillwAm I close?09:30
cjwatsonPlease don't copy and paste my explanation as it's not an explanation, I'm thinking out loud09:31
cjwatsonIf you start copying every word I say then I'll just investigate silently instead09:31
cjwatsonI think you'd probably prefer it if I were a little more verbose though09:31
cjwatsonI've forcibly reset those rebuilds to the Requested state - let's see what happens09:33
cjwatsonAn actual investigation of the bug here requires stgraber, but perhaps I can poke it into action for now09:33
phillwcjwatson: that is why I asked if my interpretation was close. It means I have a basic idea and can then pass that on. Please do not be offended over the standing joke of the language devs speak in; it was meant jokingly and not as to cause offence :'(09:33
cjwatsonI don't think it's valuable to pass on my random intermediate musings.09:34
cjwatsonThey're mostly for the benefit of stgraber reviewing this log later.09:35
cjwatsonThere we go, it's rebuilding now, though apparently building i386 twice (whoops, that's my fault)09:35
phillwtwice is better than zero :) Thanks.09:36
cjwatson(There were two i386 requests in the Built state, and I idiotically reset both to Requested)09:36
phillwcjwatson: you were perfectly entilted to say "wait for stgrabber", that you did not and got the builds for that team going is a testament to the sort of guy you are. I'm sure that their TL would agree fully with that sentiment, but to save any more issues with c & P I will not ask him.09:39
Laneywhy didn't infinity's force-skiptest for upstart stick?09:40
cjwatsonWhat I mean is that rather than wasting the UbuntuKylin people's time with intermediate comments, I'd rather they just saw their build land.09:40
LaneyW: [Fri Aug 30 09:20:51 2013] - Overriding force-skiptest[upstart] = ('1.9.1-0ubuntu3', 'adconrad', 'None') with ('1.10-0ubuntu1', 'adconrad', 'None')09:41
LaneyW: [Fri Aug 30 09:20:51 2013] - Overriding force-skiptest[upstart] = ('1.10-0ubuntu1', 'adconrad', 'None') with ('1.9.1-0ubuntu5', 'stgraber', 'None')09:41
cjwatsonWhich should hopefully happen in a bit now.09:41
cjwatsonLaney: mm, yeah, delete the old-versioned hint09:41
Laneyalready done09:42
cjwatsonstupid code, my fault :)09:42
Laneywell, modulo merging09:42
phillwso would they :) and ...09:42
phillw(10:36:42) phillw: maclin: they are now rebuilding09:42
phillw(10:40:02) maclin: phillw, thanks09:42
* Laney renames self to zzzzzlaney09:43
smartboyhwLaney, do it then09:43
mlankhorstboy the archive admins are fast, llvm-toolchain-3.2 no longer in main for saucy :)09:58
xnox=)))) lolz10:01
Laneyupstart went in10:02
xnoxjodh: ^ \o/10:04
jodhLaney: yah - thanks10:05
jodhyay even :)10:05
jamespageLaney, jodh: my fix for mysql tested OK locally - uploaded so should not block in future...10:06
Laneyjamespage: \o/10:06
Laneydid you use the VM based stuff to test it?10:07
Laneythanks for caring about tests :-)10:07
jamespageLaney, yes10:12
jamespagestill takes about 1.5 hrs to run on my laptop with SSD and multi-core10:12
jamespageand its running in /dev/shm as well10:13
jamespagethats a full regression test suite and a half10:13
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micahgLaney: phillw: had an early night, finishing up now12:17
Riddellwhat's the name of the core package set?12:20
Riddellthis doesn't work   ./edit-acl query -P ubuntu-core-dev -S saucy12:20
micahgI think it's just core12:23
Riddellah hah, thanks12:24
micahgScottK: you mentioned you'd ACK Bug #1218763 ?12:28
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1218763 in goffice (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please update gnumeric to upstream version 1.12.6 and goffice to 0.10.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121876312:28
micahghaha, onlyjob just uploaded to Debian, I think I'll just grab from there12:31
ScottKmicahg: Ack'ed.12:59
stgrabercjwatson: so sounds like I messed up the case where a product fails to build? weird that we never had that happen before. I'll take a look at what's happening in that case (I think the state should be set as done even on failure as the rebuild was processed)13:04
micahgphillw: Laney: done with goffice/gnumeric, will try to keep an eye on it13:06
smartboyhwScottK, according to the procedure on wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess, that should have been an Triaged;P13:06
ScottKOK.  Feel free to change it.13:07
smartboyhwScottK, I can't anyway13:07
micahgtoo late, already sync'd :)13:07
smartboyhwmicahg, well, it isn't a problem anyway13:07
cyphermoxhi, I uploaded network-manager yesterday, and autopkgtests seem to be failing -- I'm just been debugging this with pitti and it looks as though it may still be an issue related to dbus 1.6.12-0ubuntu5 -- downgrading it, tests begin passing again13:10
cyphermoxwould it be possible to ignore the tests results?  ^^13:11
cjwatsonstgraber: That's what it looked like; there was a limit to how much I could investigate from my end, but the status was definitely 313:19
stgraberinfinity: hey, was it you who re-enabled proposed for the precise builds? if so, you missed all the desktop images ;)14:16
stgraberinfinity: just noticed as ara was wondering why the current dailies didn't include the proposed initramfs-tools14:16
* stgraber fixes14:16
xnoxstgraber: thank you!14:18
maclincjwatson, the amd64 image of ubuntukylin is ready, but the i386 image is not.  Is there any error during building?14:41
cjwatsonmaclin: The logs are all public14:43
cjwatsonhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/saucy/ubuntukylin/  and  http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntukylin/saucy/14:43
cjwatson(sorry that the bits of those URLs are in opposite orders - historical mistake)14:43
cjwatsonIt's possible I confused it by accidentally re-requesting two i386 builds at once14:44
maclincjwatson, you mean it is still building?14:45
cjwatsonNo, I think I broke it by mistake14:45
cjwatsonI was manually poking the database ...14:45
cjwatsonIt's certainly not still building14:46
JackYucjwatson, wow, so you will rebuild one?14:46
cjwatsonI'm just going to do another one by hand14:46
cjwatsonActually, I should be able to do it in the tracker, one moment14:46
JackYucjwatson, thanks:)14:47
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dokobinutils ( to
dokoMaintainer: Ubuntu Core developers15:28
dokoNot touching package due to block request by laney (contact #ubuntu-release if update is needed)15:28
dokoNot considered15:28
dokoLaney, ?15:28
Laneybeta 1 freeze15:28
dokowhich is unfortunate, hmm, will have to copy this to a ppa for the test rebuild15:29
ScottKdoko: It's only Friday, I don't think it's a big deal to unblock it if it's important.15:35
chilukcan I get some love from an sru-team member for curl and apt that are currently sitting on the upload queue for p,q,r ?15:41
chilukbdmurray already sponsored the upload. *thanks btw15:41
bdmurraychiluk: they should wait 7 days after being verified unless there is some real hurry15:43
chiluktoday is day 715:44
bdmurraychiluk: oh you meant reviewing them not releasing, sorry15:44
chilukbdmurray it's still sitting in the upload queue... hasn't been released to proposed yet.15:44
chilukbdmurray it's still sitting in unapproved.. iirc, you need someone else to approve it since you sponsored it right?15:49
bdmurraychiluk: yes, we generally prefer that.15:50
bdmurrayinfinity: could you have a look at those uploads?15:51
chilukbdmurray, also doesn't curl need to be approved and built before apt can be built right?15:53
chilukbecause of the new builddeb on the latest curl for apt..15:54
chilukor is launchpad smart enough to hold off on the apt build until curl has completed.15:54
cjwatsonmaclin,JackYu: looks better now (belatedly)15:55
JackYucjwatson :)16:00
jamespagehey - could the ceph upload for raring be reject please - I have another bug I'd like to squash alongside the point release16:37
stgraberjamespage: done16:44
jamespagestgraber, thanks16:44
chilukstgraber can I get the uploads for p,q,r curl and apt approved?  currently sponsored, but stuck in queue.  fyi apt has a new builddeb on the new version of curl.17:27
infinitystgraber: Did I really?  Go me.17:31
infinitystgraber: Oh, bah.  I didn't even notice those were still two-parter lines.17:31
slangasekstgraber: ^^ don't worry about curl/apt, I'm working on it (#-devel)18:39
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adam_gany SRU members able to accept the openstack updates into raring-proposed? (cinder, glance, keystone, horizon, nova, quantum)  i'd love to get them verified and released before upcoming CVEs start getting released against whats in -updates19:32
micahg-workcan someone please unblock goffice/gnumeric19:33
cyphermoxLaney: hey20:28
sergiusenscan anyone get https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/click/0.4.0 published?21:49
sergiusensstgraber: ? ^^21:49
stgrabersergiusens: it's currently blocked by the Beta1 block that Laney put in place21:52
stgrabersergiusens: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html21:52
stgraberLaney: I'll release a bunch of touch related packages since they're not affected by beta1 and not seeded outside of ubuntu-touch. Would be great if you could update your block accordingly.21:53
sergiusensstgraber: thanks21:55
stgraberletting through system-image, click and click-apparmor21:56
infinitystgraber: eglibc totally qualifies as touch-only, right?22:01
stgraberinfinity: sure ;) to be honnest I'm not really sure why the block is already in place, I'd have expected it to be put in place on Monday but whatever22:04
stgraberI guess we've usually been late at putting the block in place, so maybe we're trying to balance it out by being early for once :)22:05
jdstrandstgraber: fyi, apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu is also touch only22:07
jdstrandI will be uploading a new one of those in a minute22:07
infinitystgraber: Well, I still hope to get this eglibc verified to my satisfaction and convince someone that 2 days after FF is "close enough" over the weekend, but we'll see. :)22:08
infinityJust one last patch to rebase, and one last testsuite failure to effin' figure out and commit an upstream fix for.22:09
infinityIf my laptop would stop locking up (thanks, i915 developers, you guys are AWESOME), this would go better.22:10
stgraberjdstrand: unblock lines are per-version, so until it's on proposed-migration I can't see the version number and so can't let it through22:10
cjwatsonor just have jdstrand tell you the version in advance ...22:10
stgraberthat works too :)22:10
infinityMaybe it's time for me to spend a few hundred dollars on a decently-beefy build server I can slap under my desk headless and stop abusing my laptop.22:12
stgraberor just rent one, I hear there's a company in Germany with cheap Haswell servers22:13
infinitystgraber: Hah.  Yeah.  I'd use my current co-lo machine, but it's way slower than my laptop.22:13
infinitystgraber: I'm still considering the move.  The latency (and worse, bandwidth) between them and I wasn't stellar, but maybe I can cope.22:13
infinitymosh does generally cover up the ineractive latency issues, at least.22:14
jdstrandstgraber: fyi, apparmor-easyprof 1.0.25 uploaded. it isn't critical or anything. I just saw you let the others go through and thought I'd mention this one22:15
stgraberthe latency doesn't bother me that much actually, I only notice it when I fly to Europe and wonder why my shell feels weird all of a sudden22:15
micahg-workcan someone please unblock goffice/gnumeric22:15
stgraberbandwidth based on what you measured last time is pretty bad, not sure what kind of crappy routes it's going through for you... though for a build machine, good bandwidth to Canonical DC is probably more important than good bandwidth to your place22:16
stgraberjdstrand: ok, I'll add an unblock for it22:16
infinitystgraber: Yeah, it's more about bandwidth to normal people, because it also hosts websites.22:16
infinitystgraber: (Which is why the "just put it on an ipv6 tunnel and get better routes" solution isn't a solution)22:17
micahg-workplease unblock goffice 0.10.6-1 and gnumeric 1.12.6-1 (didn't realize I need to give versions :))22:19
stgrabermicahg-work: done22:21
* micahg-work disappears22:21
phillwthanks stgraber :)22:24
phillwstgraber: btw, did you get to the bottom of the problem with -kylin not building?22:33
stgraberphillw: I know what the problem is, but I haven't got around to fixing it, probably next week22:36
phillwstgraber: okies, once the cron is suspended on monday, would it impact any of the teams asking for / agreeing to a respin?22:37
stgraberso long as their product builds, no22:39
stgraberand since we've only had that problem happen once in the past 2 months, it's doubtful it'll happen again this week (especially with the soft freeze in place)22:40

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