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codepython777http://ppa.launchpad.net/yannubuntu/boot-repair/ubuntu/ - whats this ppa?01:41
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MACscranyone having issues with the ubuntu repos tonight?04:05
MACscrgetting resolving issues04:05
bradmMACscr: what are you seeing?04:10
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MACscrnvm, guess the system got some networking issue after upgrading from 12.04 to 12.1004:10
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MACscrstill havent solved why the networking is no longer working though =(05:38
MACscrdoesnt appear to get an ip from dhcp anymore05:38
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RalliasSo... every time in the last month that I've done init 6 on my newly installed ubuntu servers, it's just shut down the machines... is this intentionally diversionary behaviour or is it something I should be concerned with?06:07
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rbasakRallias: "init 6" is an unusual way to do it. I think it should work, but it's an unusual path, given that we don't use Sys V init. Does "reboot" work?06:36
Ralliasrbasak, The only reboot thing that works reliably is sysrq...06:42
rbasakRallias: sounds like you have an issue there then.06:42
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laiteHi, I have spent past hour trying to figure how to install Ubuntu server 12.04.3 from usb - no matter what I seem to do, I'm always stuck on "problem reading data from CD-ROM"08:06
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:06
laiteI have tried creating install usb with dd, unetbooting and startup disc creator, and everytime the result is same08:06
rbasakSo you can't boot the installer at all?08:07
rbasakAt what stage do you get the error?08:07
laiteinstaller boots, I can set locale and such, but it stops on error where it "can't find cdrom"08:07
rbasakI see.08:07
rbasakHave you checked the image you're writing?08:08
rbasakmd5 or sha256 or whatever.08:08
laiteah, no, obviously I should've08:09
laiteI'll see to it now08:09
laiteyes, at least the downloaded file seems correct08:11
laitehow do I check if it's correct on my usb?08:11
rbasakYou can dd the other way08:11
laiteah, thanks08:11
rbasakdd if=/dev/... bs=128k|cmp - original.iso08:12
rbasakOr something like that08:12
rbasak(otherwise you'll go past the end and it'll come up wrong anyway)08:12
rbasakOr check the size and calculate and use dd count=08:12
laiterbasak:  I ran `dd if=/dev/sdd bs=128k|cmp - ubuntu-12.04.3-server-amd64.iso` and it gave just a line: "cmp: EOF on ubuntu-12.04.3-server-amd64.iso"08:19
laitedoes this mean it's all right?08:19
laiteso the disk isn't faulty08:20
rbasakNext, I'd try another machine and see if you can get past that stage. It's before anything actually gets done to the disk, right?08:20
laiteright, I'll try with my laptop08:20
rbasakThere might be some BIOS settings around USB boot emulation to tweak08:20
laitestill the same "can't find cd-rom" error on another machine08:23
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kalle_I have a problem with the package "ftp-proxy". I have set up a reverse proxy for my FTP on a firewall/NAT machine, but I get random "Connection reset by peer" when doing file listings in empty directories...08:41
rbasakyolanda: regarding https://launchpadlibrarian.net/147274320/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-i386.rubyluabridge_0.7.0-2ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz, the buildds resolve build dependencies slightly differently. I reproduced your sbuild result OK, and compared the build dep resolution against the archive build failure. I get these differences: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043311/. It looks to me that on the buildds things like "require rdoc/task" and "require mkmf" a09:05
rbasakI never figured out if there's a way to get sbuild to do exactly what the buildds will do for build dependency resolution. It's annoying.09:05
yolandarbasak, what i saw is that my local sbuild uses ruby1.9 and builder there ruby1.809:05
yolandathat should be the key09:05
yolandai need to force ruby1.909:05
rbasakI get both ruby1.8 installed in both environments.09:06
rbasakAnd ruby1.9.1-dev in both environments.09:06
rbasakSome source package intentionally build for both ruby1.8 and ruby1.9.1, so dropping one and forcing another may cause a regression in that functionality. I'm not sure if that applies to this package, though.09:08
rbasakI think that adding a build-dep on ruby and/or ruby1.9.1 may fix it.09:08
yolandarbasak, i was comparing my build log with that, mine is setting up update-alternatives: using /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1, and builder is setting up ruby1.809:10
yolandaso yes, trying to add ruby 1.9 as dep09:10
yolandai thought sbuilds for same platforms should work the same in all builders, then there is no way to be sure 100% that a package builds until it's uploaded?09:12
Davieyyolanda: You can download the chroot used by launchpad, to better match the remote environment09:15
yolandaDaviey, how can i do it, i'm interested on it09:16
Davieyyolanda: wget http://launchpadlibrarian.net/147277667/chroot-ubuntu-saucy-i386.tar.bz209:24
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RoyKhuh - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043505/ - any idea? whoever came up with the idea of three kernel tracks for an LTS release?09:58
RoyKdamn - /boot is full -09:59
* RoyK sticks his head down back in the sand09:59
rbasakRoyK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack if you're not aware of it.10:08
rbasakIt's to give users of newer hardware who need new kernels the LTS with the LTS userspace and just the new kernel10:08
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* xnox ponders if in "Investigate alternatives to mysql" session anyone mentioned PostgreSQL =)11:38
jamespagexnox, no because its not an alternative to mysql as it does not implement 'mysql'11:39
xnox=)))))) i know, but would be funny if somebody writes compat for postgresql =)11:39
* xnox says "what could possibly go wrong...."11:40
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geserxnox: like http://andreas.scherbaum.la/blog/archives/657-PostgreSQL-9.0-Includes-the-new-MySQL-Emulation-Layer.html (but look at the date)12:09
xnoxi love it!12:12
oz0nehi, tryed to do a merge proposal from my branch. got an error "this branch is not mergeable into lp:serverguide." I did fill in Target branch (other) : ~ubuntu-core-doc/serverguide/saucy12:52
oz0neis it affected of the naming when i pushed it? "bzr push lp:~ablacksheep/ubuntu-docs/saucy-serverguide"? or am i just doing something other wrong? ty.12:53
oz0nei managed. : )13:10
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roaksoaxjamespage: yeah exactly the same issue14:42
jamespageyolanda, I think we need to disable the cinder-volume and cinder-backup DEP-8 tests - they appear to be racey14:43
jamespageif LVM is not configured then they exit out at some point in time after starting...14:44
eSoulHey guys, I am running an Ubuntu 13.04 server box and I have a 2nd network card for my VirtualBox VMs.  Right now, I have to issue a "sudo ifconfig eth1 up" on boot to start the interface but I was wondering if there is something in /etc/network/interfaces I could put in to bring the interface up at boot.   It has no network configuration on it at all, just looking to "turn-on" the14:47
yolandajamespage, ok, i will do it14:52
roaksoaxjamespage: /win 1514:52
roaksoaxjamespage: so destroying the environment would require to sync tools again?15:03
jamespageroaksoax, yep - raised a bug about that as well15:03
jamespagethere is no 'public tools' in maas15:03
roaksoaxi see15:04
smoserjust fyi, jamespage utlemming anyone else interested15:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1218963 in ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring "SRU ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring into archive" [Medium,In progress]15:08
roaksoax/q/win 1516:06
banzounetWhat port should I open for a mail server?16:25
banzounet25, ... ?16:25
banzounet(Hi guys)16:25
e_t_Yes, port 25. Perhaps other ports if you want to do more than receive mail.16:29
plokami666Can somebody tell me if it's possible to make users able to write to a directory that is owned by a different user but have the owner user able to read/write to and from the files uploaded by the others?16:41
plokami666Ubuntu server 12.04, going to use sftp16:42
plokami666I need to do the above because the main user has a valid shell and I don't want the people I'll be giving sftp access to being able to ssh to the server.16:44
ikoniaplokami666: please don't cross post questions, you're already asking/getting help in #ubuntu16:54
plokami666I'm not really getting any help and when I posted here nobody had replied to me.16:54
ikoniaok, so please don't cross-post then16:56
ikoniafind the right channel for your question and post it16:56
plokami666I wasn't aware of this channel before. I looked for it after getting silence at first in the #ubuntu one. :)16:57
vedicHello Friends. I am trying to setup a small team of 5 to 10 people to work on a project. I am looking to buy VPS from a hosting provider and run bug tracker and repository on it. How can I ensure that the team members can only access to the bug tracker site and pull/push to server only from particular systems.17:34
vedicI use 12.04 LTS 64bit.17:35
sarnoldvedic: iptables; the ufw frontend is friendly and uncomplicated.17:35
vedicI want to restrict that if they are not in office they should not be able to access the site17:35
rdw200169vedic: why not use github organizations for private repos?17:35
vedicrdw200169: We use bzr17:36
vedicsarnold: ok, I take a public IP for office internet and only enable that ip on port 443 right?17:37
rdw200169vedic: yup then ufw/iptables is the way to go; you can also make your vpc connect to your office (if you have  linux box there) thru openvpn to lock down access17:37
vedicrdw200169: Yea, we use only Ubuntu 12.0417:38
rdw200169sarnold: if your services run on port 443; i don't know what the bzr port is, but you'll need that one too17:38
vedicrdw200169: oh yea17:38
rdw200169vedic: really depends on your source ip on outbound traffic from the office; i assume the office will have a nat, and the external IP (or IPs) of that nat is what you'll you want to use on the vpc firewall17:39
rdw200169vedic: if your office users are hidden behind a nat, the only way to classify traffic firewall rules per user at the vpc would be with a vpn (since nat will hide the IP of your users)17:41
rdw200169vedic: or you could use a captive portal or something at the vpc to keep people out that don't have creds (the ways of doing this are outside the scope of this convo tho)17:42
vedicrdw200169: Currently I don't have static ip. But that is what really required I will get another net connection and the PCs in office will be behind that running on DHCP. Then on the remote server I can enable ufw (or via iptables) only the static ip on specific ports. Hope that will work out access denied from anywhere else17:44
tonyyarussovedic: Why do you want to block access to working from home btw?17:46
vedictonyyarusso: Because as of now I don't want to allow work from home. The access to server involves access to user data which I don't want anybody to use outside the office space17:47
tonyyarussoThat didn't really answer why...17:48
tonyyarussoDo you prohibit any electronic devices from entering or leaving the office space and do bag checks to enforce that?17:49
vedictonyyarusso: More restrictions doesn't make the argument to allow to access from anywhere.17:55
vedictonyyarusso: There are levels of security which you can add. And crossing each level has different motives and efforts17:55
sarnoldit might be easier to just hire people you can trust and give them the access they want to do their job best.17:55
vedicsarnold: Will do. But not at this stage17:56
sarnoldrestricting access to a limited number of IPs makes a ton of sense, no reason why the application source has to be the only line of defense..17:56
sarnold.. but letting employees work from home tends to improve moral and performance in my experience17:56
vedicsarnold: sure. I agree.17:57
sarnold(who wants to sit in the office at ten pm? no one.. but from the couch at home? sure..)17:57
sarnoldbut it's your staff and your data :) hehe17:57
vedicsarnold: yup :)17:57
hallyn_sarnold: no sometimes i do like being in an office at 10pm :)17:57
sarnoldhallyn_: haha :D17:57
banzounetHey, is it possible to use apache to cover URL like domain.com:8000 and have thing like aaa.domain.com ?18:04
banzounetand still have the port 8000 block from outside18:04
banzounetikonia: thanks i'll google that18:06
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tonyyarussoIt doesn't make any sense to have "security" that doesn't actually accomplish anything except annoy people.18:26
tonyyarussoThat's like locking your front door while leaving the garage door open.18:26
thurstylarkI'm having trouble establishing a pptp tunnel. I'm completely new to vpn, and I want to learn, so any guides or help you can give me would be great19:09
Guest36475 hey world19:11
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garbagegodQuestion regarding a high-volume web server setup19:40
garbagegodCan anyone recommend a host / strategy for a web server which will need to serve several hundred thousand clients a minute19:43
garbagegodI'm thinking an amazon ec2 with nginx serving flat html19:43
garbagegodDo you guys think that'll cut it?19:43
garbagegodWould you recommend using memcached?19:43
tonyyarussogarbagegod: Key question:  several hundred thousand clients a minute EVERY minute, or sometimes, with several orders of magnitude less much of the time?19:47
garbagegodmost likely the latter19:48
tonyyarussoThen Amazon's stuff may be worthwhile.19:48
garbagegodI'm expecting no less than several thousand hits a minute every minute, and I'd like to be able to accomodate up to around 1 million hits/minute19:48
tonyyarussoSome coworkers are trying to set things up on Amazon, and are frustrated by the added complexity.19:48
garbagegodDo tell19:49
tonyyarussoThe alternative is just spin up normal VPS systems.19:49
garbagegodI think it would be adventageous to implement a cloud based solution in this instance... a single VPS ain't gonna work19:49
tonyyarussoNever said a single VPS.19:49
tonyyarussoYou can have a zillion of them if you want.19:49
garbagegodyeah, so now it's not really that much added complexity in comparison, is it ;)19:50
tonyyarussoIt's whether it needs to be dynamically elastic that's complicated.19:50
tonyyarussoIf it really is just flat HTML and nothing else, your solution can be equivalent to a hostname with a thousand A records and a thousand Raspberry Pis.19:51
garbagegodEC2 it is19:53
tonyyarussoMeanwhile, you should balance the relative value of predictable costs for your business.  If for some reason there was a day when you got a TRILLION hits/minute, would you prefer to pay a million times more or have the site go down?19:53
tonyyarussoI think Amazon might let you limit how big things can grow now though.19:54
garbagegodRight... Obviously 1 million would be crazy high, but I would like the security because that's the high end I was given to support19:54
garbagegodWhat kind of specs do you think I should get19:54
garbagegodI assume I just need to get a small instance, do some benchmarking, and scale up as needed19:54
tonyyarussoNot a damn clue :)19:55
garbagegodYeah. Just multiplying the avg RTTs and whatnot19:55
tonyyarussoYeah, if you have the ability to benchmark with some real-world data, that's obviously your best shot.19:55
garbagegodOkay, thanks a lot19:55
tonyyarussoGood luck - sounds like a fun project19:55
garbagegodIndeed :)19:55
DammitJimthis is the weirdest thing20:57
DammitJimI installed server 12.04 lts20:57
DammitJimbut when selecting the packages, I picked openssh and manual20:58
DammitJimafter that screen I got a black screen where I could install stuff or upgrade stuff. I quit out of that20:58
DammitJimand finished the installation20:58
Lequtixwhen i install it i only choose openssh20:58
Lequtixthen i install the rest once i reboot and setup IP address and hostname20:58
DammitJimnow I'm trying to install a window manager because my boss can't do terminal20:58
DammitJimand I ended up adding a ubuntu-desktop ppa20:58
DammitJimbut during the install, it's giving me size mismatch20:59
Lequtixemail servers don't do well until u give the box a static ip and setup the hostname and FQDN20:59
DammitJimI got an email address20:59
DammitJimhaven't gotten tot he email thing :D20:59
LequtixDamnitJim ..  install ubuntu server .. only choose ssh server during setup20:59
Lequtixonce you reboot20:59
Lequtixset static IP.. and set FQDN21:00
Lequtixyou know how?21:00
DammitJimwhy do I need an FQDN?21:00
DammitJimI have a static IP address21:00
Lequtixemail servers work off the domain names21:00
DammitJimoh, I'll get to that21:00
DammitJimthe first part I need to do is the window manager piece21:00
Lequtixwell.. i recommend using webmin21:00
Lequtixinstead of gui21:00
Lequtixgui adds complexity in terms of device automounting etc.21:01
Lequtixif my boss wanted a gui for his mail server i'd tell him to pony up for exchange server and server 201221:02
Lequtixthat changes his mind21:02
Lequtixwhats the point of a gui when you have to still manage exim from terminal anyhow21:02
Lequtixa terminal in a window is the same as an SSH window21:02
Lequtixwith a webmin interface he can manage the server through a browser from anywhere21:03
Lequtixjust my opinion21:03
TJ-Always dangerous; allowing a non-technical manager to do such a thing. Make sure and deploy git to /etc/ and a cron job to commit changes every 5 minutes or so21:04
Lequtixinstalling a gui on a server is just retarded in my opinion21:04
moshYou can also use Redmail, for a /type/ of GUI21:05
Lequtixexim4u.org also has a webmin thingie for exim only21:05
moshbut I don't know if it supports ubuntu server, I know it works on debian.21:05
moshWhich really it should support Ubuntu Server.21:06
moshIf it works on Debian.21:06
DammitJimok, guys, I just started working here21:06
DammitJimand I've got the ultimate decision21:06
Lequtixi feel your pain man..21:07
DammitJimLOL... I actually would have installed debian21:07
Lequtixi have had bosses like that21:07
DammitJimbut he pushed for Ubuntu21:07
Lequtixso what is the mandate for the project then?21:07
Lequtixubuntu linux, Gnome desktop, and exim4 mail server?21:07
TJ-If you go with Ubuntu you have a faster upgrade cycle. For example, if you want to host HTTPS, then 13.10 has apache 2.4 which support's perfect forward secrecy via SSLCipherSuite, which is provided by OpenSSL, and can be implemented also in Postfix, Dovecot, Stunnel, and others that require TLS21:08
Lequtixfast upgrade cycle sucks in business cus there's always better things to be doing with your tine21:09
Lequtixif it works don't fix it21:09
Lequtixmy opinion21:09
Lequtixim sure i'll get yelled at21:09
TJ-Not when it comes to security21:09
DammitJimactually, he listened to some other dude that has been here for over a decade and he said lxde21:09
Lequtixi keep everything behind a firewal.. only necessisary ports are exposed21:10
DammitJimno need to be on the fast lane for this project21:10
DammitJimdammit... I have this size mismatch crap going on21:10
Lequtixlxde is nice21:10
DammitJimdoing apt-get upgrade21:10
Lequtixtry apt-get -uy dist-upgrade21:10
DammitJimwhy dist-upgrade?21:10
Lequtixmaybe  clean it first21:10
Lequtixapt-get --purge clean-all21:10
Lequtixapt-get --purge clean all21:11
Lequtixi forget exactly what it is21:11
Lequtixi find the dist-upgrade works better for me21:11
TJ-"apt-get clean" will remove the packages in /var/cache/apt/archive/.21:11
Lequtixyea.. he's having issues with the packages and the database i think21:12
Lequtixclean it all out.. re-update21:12
Lequtixthen re-upgrade21:12
Lequtixsee if that solves the upgrade issues21:12
Lequtixdoesn't it clean out the repository database too?21:13
DammitJimthe clean didn't work21:15
DammitJimugh, I'm out of time21:15
DammitJimI'll have to drill this on Monday21:15
DammitJimno, Tuesday21:15
Lequtixi would do a fresh install then21:15
Lequtixsave urself some time21:16
DammitJimI'm changing the settings in vmware to boot from iso21:16
TJ-You should pastebin the error messages21:16
Lequtixso did ur boss mandate how you are to partition it too?21:16
Lequtixso this is a VM?????21:16
Lequtixwhy the hell put a gui on a fricking VM21:16
Lequtixthats even more stupid21:16
Lequtixno offence21:16
TJ-it's offensive to put a GUI in a VM! :D21:17
Lequtixits completely pointless21:17
Lequtixfirst you need a windows workstation to run the vsphere client21:17
Lequtixsecondly the performance sucks21:17
Lequtixthirdly the vmware tools are a pain in the ass21:17
LequtixQuit that job Jim .. find another one21:18
Lequtixjust kidding..21:19
Lequtixi'm sure there's a vmware appliance for a standard ubuntu 12.04 LTS install21:20
Lequtixalready packaged21:20
DammitJimweird... what is that manual package selection option where one picks openssh ?21:23
Lequtixjust don't pick anything21:23
DammitJimshould I select that or install ubuntu-desktop later?21:23
DammitJimwhen do I do the ubuntu-desktop piece?21:23
Lequtixyou want the desktop for sure?21:23
Lequtixin a vm?21:23
DammitJimit sucks21:23
Lequtixok..  install it then21:23
DammitJimbut I gotta do it21:23
DammitJimbut how is the question21:23
Lequtixlet the installer do it for u21:23
Lequtixit's not in tasksel?21:24
DammitJimwhere is that?21:24
Lequtixmaybe that's debian21:24
DammitJimwhere you pick the packages like openssh mail samba, etc?21:24
DammitJimon debian you at least see a window manager option LOL21:24
Lequtixok.. don't pick anything21:24
DammitJimhere it just says manual selection or something21:24
Lequtixjust install base ubuntu21:24
Lequtixthen when u get into the os..  configure all the networking and FQDN21:25
Lequtixthen update/upgrade21:25
Lequtixthen apt-get install tasksel21:25
Lequtixthen sudo tasksel21:25
Lequtixit will give u the software selection menu that you are used to21:25
Lequtixyou should probably install the vmware tools first tho21:26
Lequtixbefore installing everything21:26
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