moodoomorning all07:42
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:38
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:51
MartijnVdShi brobostigon08:51
brobostigonhi MartijnVdS08:51
jussisickness hrrrrrr08:52
MartijnVdSjussi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Down_with_the_Sickness ?08:52
jussiMartijnVdS: no. :P08:53
MartijnVdSjussi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XNrs5dYDBs ?08:53
* MartijnVdS has too much music08:54
jussiMartijnVdS: way too much :P08:54
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MartijnVdSjussi: I'm about to fill up my first BILLY® with CDs 8-)08:56
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mungbeanlots of free apps in amazon android app store today09:37
mungbeanmost of you might have them already09:38
mungbeanbut good for cheapskates09:38
bashrcI tend to stick to f-droid09:39
bashrcFree as in freeware apps tend to contain a lot of unwanted stuff09:39
mungbeanthese are paid apps on offer09:42
mungbeani.e. swiftkey, and various games, shazam pro, etc09:42
funkyHatSo the amazon app store actually works in the UK now?09:43
dwatkinsit has for a while, I thought, funkyHat09:46
funkyHatdwatkins: I haven't tried it for ages09:47
dwatkinsit exists on Android, certainly09:48
jussifunkyHat: disappointed in  you...09:54
jussinot seen any funkyHats for ages!!!!09:54
* popey wonders what was in the 4.3 update I just applied09:55
popeychangelogs ftw09:55
jussipopey: the prism incusion patch?09:56
popeyGuess so10:00
funkyHatjussi: ⢁(10:01
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bigcalmListening to Orbital and I'm reminded of Abe's Oddworld. But I can't figure out if the music sounds like that in the game, or I just listened to a lot of Orbital the 1st time around10:26
* penguin42 waits impatiently for his Virgin10:55
mungbeanhad to wait 30yrs for that10:56
penguin42due by 6pm....10:56
popeyholy cow. that first run video I made has been viewed ~5000 times10:57
mungbeanfirst run of?10:58
popeyshould have monetised it.. estimated earnings $1.55!10:59
mungbeanyou only get the cash when you earn $100 innit?10:59
mungbeanprobably the entire earnings from unity-lens-shopping11:00
mungbeanhis other ubuntu 12 on android vid got 300k views11:02
popeyquite like https://www.youtube.com/user/marquesbrownlee his videos11:08
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dvrrgood morning everyone12:08
penguin42good afternoon :-)12:08
shaunolvm inside virtual machines makes me a sad puppy :(  trying to convert a vmdk, and it's hurdle after hurdle  (especially since it needs to end up scriptable)12:54
penguin42shauno: Why? It's easier to deal with an lvm of an image than a partitioned image12:57
shaunoI already have to deal with the partitioned image either way12:58
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diddledan_shauno, that sounds evil13:07
diddledan_shauno, in other news the pub grub was good just now13:07
shaunoit's not difficult.  it's just proving difficult to automate13:15
shaunoI really don't want to resort to having a list of files that I expect to be in given places, to try to match which partition was mounted where13:16
penguin42shauno: Which bit is turning out difficult to automate?13:18
shaunobreaking the partitions out is tedious.  trying to match them to mtab is what's getting me atm13:20
penguin42oh so you're trying to mount them in the same place as they're mounted in the system?13:21
shaunoright.  trying to re-assemble them as a single disk image13:22
penguin42shauno: I thought ext filesystems typically had a record of where they were last mounted13:24
penguin42shauno: Yeh, try   dumpe2fs /path  it has entries like:    Last mounted on:          /media/dg/spinnyroot13:24
MartijnVdSspinnyroot? as in "spinning rust"?13:26
shaunopenguin42: hah, that's what I was looking for.  I was trying to get it out of debugfs, which is even more cryptic13:29
penguin42shauno: Haha yes I tried debugfs first as well but fortunately the see also on the man page reminded me of it13:30
shaunoturns out tune2fs -l is where I'd seen it.  sadly both are giving me ast mounted on:          <not available>13:31
shaunobut at least you found the tree I was barking up, so I can quit chasing my tail on that one13:31
* penguin42 wonders why it has a not-available13:32
Laneyoh dookie14:34
Laneywhat a great album you are14:34
* mgdm fires up Nimrod14:37
mgdmas I know it's a different album, but Nice Guys Finish Last just appeared in my head14:38
Laneyalso a decent one14:38
Laneyi'm listening to Funeral For A Friend now14:38
mgdmNever got into them14:38
Laneymeeting up with my school friends this evening14:38
Laneyso revising some tunes from those days14:38
daftykinsa band that played at a local event are worth a listen, apparently they often supported FFaF14:39
daftykins'Mallory Knox'14:39
Laneyoh yeah that rings a bell14:39
daftykinsthey're recent14:39
LaneyI saw FFAF like 10 times14:40
* Laney goes misty eyed14:40
daftykinsthis weekend is a big event over on the neighbouring island of Jersey14:40
daftykinsi recognise nobody beyond Fatboy Slim playing X|14:41
daftykins£100 tickets anyway, no chance :D14:41
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Laneygo find a pub near the fence14:43
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* penguin42 isn't sure he understands what the 'Resume' flag is on G+ as of today15:17
daftykinsnice little panorama i just put together from my roadtrip to the US last year15:33
daftykinsNew Orleans there15:33
penguin42daftykins: Is it still recovering from the mess a few years back?15:35
penguin42that's a very fairytail building in the middle15:35
daftykinsit had just had a bit of a trashing before we got there15:35
MartijnVdSpenguin42: resume flag?15:36
penguin42MartijnVdS: Do you get the '2 new' type of thing appearing next to your stream? As of today I keep getting one marked 'resume'15:37
MartijnVdSpenguin42: sometimes, maybe "resume" is about conversations you've participated in before?15:37
penguin42MartijnVdS: I don't think so but difficult to tell15:43
mungbeanif i'm doing ssl certs for www.flib.flob.com and the hostname is fred.baz.flob.com , but there are A/PTR records for www.flib.flob.com pointing to that machine, will it be OK, ok will there be issues?15:54
MartijnVdSmungbean: no, unless the certificate has Subject Alternative Names (SAN)15:54
MartijnVdSmungbean: with both names in it15:54
SuperMattFYI the transcend wifi SD card is nicely hackable :D15:55
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: yeah it's an ARM with Linux and wifi,isn't it?15:55
mungbeanok MartijnVdS cheers15:55
SuperMattwe've been following that guide and now we have a web server listening on any hostname and serving up video15:55
SuperMattMartijnVdS: that's the one15:55
SuperMattnext up, we're going to get a 3.3V battery, connect it to pins 4 and 6, and TADA, we have a portable wireless 16G of video15:56
MartijnVdSalso, TINY15:56
MartijnVdSso.. has anyone tried Prison Architect?16:22
mungbeanthere's a new channel called "true entertainment".16:24
mungbeani rescan my tv box and have a look at whats showing16:24
mungbeanthe waltons16:24
mungbeani want my time and money back16:24
mungbeannot to worry, little house on the prairie is on tomorrow :(16:25
mgdmit's like Sunday afternoons on C4 from 20 years ago16:26
ali1234could someone on 13.04 run dpkg-query -L indicator-sound | pastebinit and send me the link please?16:26
DJonesali1234: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6044747/16:27
ali1234as i thought, you have a libsoundmenu.so16:27
ali1234that's mysteriously disappeared on saucy. the way indicators work has been totally changed16:28
mungbeanargh cannot change g+ cover photo back to a small one:?16:59
daftykins*world ends*17:00
mungbeanthey tricked me17:02
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mungbeanwhy do you need a massive screen sized photo?17:05
penguin42right, that's better apt-get claiming over 4MB/s - which shouldn't happen since it's supposedly 30Mbps - but can't argue17:27
bigcalmpenguin42: I regularly got 3.7MB/s on my 30Mb/s VM cable connection. I now get a solid 7.5MB/s on the upgraded 60Mb/s connection17:35
penguin42bigcalm: What did it say on the contract - L30 or XL30 ?17:35
bigcalmpenguin42: good question17:35
bigcalmI thought XL was 50/10017:35
bigcalmI'm on mates rates, so whatever that gives :)17:35
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penguin42so I think the 'resume' tag they've put in, is that when you click the '3 more' things that come up, it remembers where you were, and resume takes you back to it19:12
shaunoI've given up on trying to dump those disk images.  decided it'll be much less fighting to just be clevererer about the next step instead20:03
penguin42shauno: What were you actually trying to do?20:04
shaunoI need to inject files into pre-built VMs20:05
shaunoI thought the lazy option would be to move everything into a single partition, and then just unzip my payload over the top.  I thought wrong :)20:06
penguin42how big is your payload?20:06
shaunoembarassingly small (just some config files)20:07
penguin42shauno: do you know where / is ?20:09
shaunoit just needs some tweaks because the application hosted on the VM makes some reasonable assumptions (eg, internet connectivity, licence servers) that aren't true in the lab environment20:09
shaunoyeah, / I can pin down (find -name home)20:10
penguin42so drop it into / and track an entry into /etc/rc.local or /etc/rc.d20:11
ali1234why can't you just mount the images and do whatever?20:12
shaunothat's what I'm doing so far, it's just messy trying to figure out which partition is which, because I have a lot of directories with the same names20:13
ali1234if the VMs are prebuilt, are the partitions all the same?20:14
shaunothey vary a lot across different versions.  seems someone can't make their mind up which distro they're building on top of20:14
ali1234check boot partition for bootloader config to get /, check / to get fstab and the rest of the partitions?20:15
diddledanali1234: that sounds almost sensible20:15
shaunothat's where I got to the first time around.  worked fine on my VM, exploded on production because I made assumptions about vg020:15
ali1234heh, lvm20:16
diddledanhmm, why is os x mavericks not outputting audio to both my headphone-socket-connected speakers?20:16
shaunoyou're getting mono out the headphone jack?20:18
diddledanshauno: yup20:19
shaunodirty?  pushed in all the way?20:19
diddledanok, it must have been dirty20:20
diddledanI've just pulled it out and wiped it with my dirty fat fingers and it's working now20:20
penguin42jack connectors work by more look than anything else20:20
shaunoI'm magic :)20:20
diddledanshauno: you should know by now that you're my lucky mascot20:21
shaunowell, it looks ugly, but find | grep whole/chunk/of/path seems to work20:24
diddledaneww, lol20:25
diddledanhmm, can I stretch to a cinema display? I think now20:25
shaunoI have roughly the same folder layout on 4 different partitions.  it's not sensible.20:25
ali1234there must be some difference, else what is the point?20:26
shaunosome contain legions of .jars, some contain conf files.  one appears to be web assets20:27
ali1234sounds very proprietary20:27
shauno/opt and /data appear to contain exactly the same .jars, and I can't figure out if it's intentional20:29
penguin42shauno: My experience is it's perfectly normal for an arbitrary set of java apps to look in 5 different places for their jars20:30
shaunoI'm really tempted to delete one and see what happens now20:31
penguin42shauno: Nothing will happen until 30 mins before a critical demo/customer20:32
shaunoreminds me, I wrote a demo for Google recently.  that was hilarious.  can you bluff google in 3 hours?  yes, yes you can20:34
diddledanshauno: what were you demoing (high level if secrets are involved)?20:35
shaunointegration between x and y, when we didn't have y to hand20:36
shaunoso I wrote something that spits out soap-shaped chunks of pre-canned replies, and just prayed he stuck to the script20:37
penguin42bluff them into doing what?20:48
shaunothe presentation had a static slide.  they wanted to see the actual thing20:49
penguin42haha ok20:49
shaunoit was just stupid timing because to do it properly would be a request to india and back20:49
shaunoit just tickled my ego that when they thought of quick botches, they thought of me20:50
penguin42shauno: It's not a bad thing to be able to do20:51
shaunoit's handy, but I do wish I was capable of anything else20:52
shaunothat's why I look after the lab.  it'll never be pretty and it's allowed to explode20:52
diddledanI botch together wordpress and/or drupal frankensteins20:53
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diddledanone of my botches is http://www.choosemypcc.org.uk which I'm sure not many people actually saw at the time20:55
penguin42oh I remember that20:55
penguin42diddledan: It's a pretty botch20:56
diddledanit's hideously not seoified20:56
diddledanthanks :-)20:56
diddledansearch engine optimised20:56
diddledanthere's no way for google to be able to work out that the region pages exist at all20:57
diddledanit was done in somewhat of a rush because the design changed last minue20:58
* penguin42 doesn't know how to do web botching beyond simple stuff; now if you need a bit of C or asm botching20:58
diddledanC or asm are complete mysteries to me20:58
shaunoI'm not good at pretty either.  I'm a posterchild for Bootstrap20:59
diddledanbootstrap needn't look like it's been made in bootstrap if you're persistent enough21:00
shaunooh I'm not persistent.  I painted it The Correct Colour, and left it there21:01
shaunoon the plus side, everything looks like one coherent whole.  because I've been dragging the same template around the last 18 months worth of projects21:02
diddledanhttp://www.brolene.co.uk is another of mine - most of our clients insist on cave-man internet explorer compatibility while also wanting the latest and greatest responsive stuff thrown in for good measure21:04
* penguin42 knows where to come if he needs a website hacking together then21:05
diddledanIE6 is the bane of my existence21:06
diddledanthankfully IE5 no longer exists21:06
diddledanbring on the 2014 cut-off for XP ASAP so that the government finally upgrade to something resembling modern21:07
diddledanannoyingly, wordpress refuse to support even IE7 which means that we're stuck telling clients that they're backwards and want to do stuff that is impossible given their IT infrastructure21:08
shaunoI still use IE6 :/21:08
diddledanshauno: you're backwards21:09
shaunotell me about it21:09
shaunoI have it for one single application.  they're in the process of finally replacing it, but the replacement doesn't do everything the old one did21:09
shaunoso we're using both, and 1001 shims between them21:10
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daftykinsshauno: just a matter of time then \o/21:36
AzelphurI'm sure I remember hearing about a WM that could do separate workspaces per-monitor, any ideas what that was?21:58
Azelphuror, if anyone  knows a WM that can do that :)21:58
diddledanAzelphur: xmonad?22:00
Azelphurinteresting, could well be22:01
Azelphuroh sweet, it actually mentions it in the featureset22:07
Azelphuryep, that'll be it22:07
penguin42I could swear I've seen it in something but can't remember what22:10
penguin42Azelphur: So I had this argument with someone the other day; why do you want it?22:10
Azelphurpenguin42: haha, quad monitor with one large workspace is a bit useless22:10
penguin42Azelphur: Ah, quad....22:11
ali1234KDE can do it22:11
ali1234KDE can do everything22:11
Azelphurcan it make my dinner22:12
ali1234figuring out how to configure it is left as an exercise for the reader22:12
ali1234it has an egg timer applet, so yes22:12
daftykinsXBMC ditches Windows XP support \o/23:23
shaunothey already ditched osx 10.4 :(23:26
daftykinseven Apple have though :)23:27
shaunoyeah, but that's what my TV was running on23:27
shaunogrump whine etc23:27
shaunonah, 1st gen appletv23:27
shaunominus apple's front end because .. well because xbmc23:28
daftykinsi've an ASRock ion HTPC23:28
shaunostrange choice I know, but at the time it was a very cost-effective, very SO-friendly machine23:28
daftykinsbeen a user since the xbox1 though23:28
shaunobut that's when they were intel.  the new ones are basically ipods.23:29
shaunoalmost literally.  that's where the dump the CPUs that tested on one core but not both23:30
daftykinsbinning is no biggy23:31
penguin42really? Do they have that poor yield?23:31
penguin42I mean I doubt it they're only small chips ?23:31
daftykinskinda sounds like you're saying intels are in ipods and apple TVs ;)23:31
shaunothat's my understanding; they're ipod processors with one core disabled23:31
shaunoI don't know if that's yield, or just saves them coming up with a new die23:32
penguin42yeh just turn one off to save power or something23:33
shaunothat's the bit I never got my head around.  I can't see power being a huge factor, since they're mains powered, and considerably roomier than the ipod23:35
shaunoit's the same underlying OS stack, so they could use the second core.  and I really can't imagine one canibalizing the other23:35
ali1234this is kind of odd, gedit doesn't have an icon any more23:56
ali1234the .desktop does, so there's an icon in menus and launchers and so on, but the app icon that would appear in the top left corner or in task bars has been replaced with the default one23:57
penguin42sounds like a screwup23:59

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