jrwrensmoser: its true. I don't think we will fork. the really frustrating part is that its is a show stopping bug for us, with no way to send patch upstream.01:45
jrwrenand also a bit worrying that such a basic thing was tested wrong abd bug exists.01:46
jrwrenhybrid cloud must be a lie01:46
brouschcmaloney: TheSprint network has been disappointing while on vacation in the boondocks. My wife's Verizon phone had coverage everywhere, but mine had data only in the middle of cities.11:58
cmaloneybrousch: Yeah, Verizon has the coverage12:58
cmaloneyif I did a lot more traveling, I'd probably invest in a Verizon hot spot12:59
cmaloneyor myfi12:59
cmaloneywhatever they call it. :)12:59
rick_hyep, going with any small carrier is going to run into issue12:59
rick_hmifi :P12:59
rick_hthat's the mitechie plan, verizon mifi, small carrier phones13:00
brouschThat's what I was thinking about for next vacation13:07
brouschI picked up a Clever coffee maker. I think I will need to make a timer app for it13:09
cmaloneyI think this is how some Starbucks make their dark roast if they dont have it on tap.13:10
cmaloneyOK, periscope down, because I fucking love reports.13:10
brouschThey use a pour-over. This is an immersion13:13
rick_hmoka pot!13:15
jrwrenbrousch: a pour through.13:24
brouschEasy clean up13:52
brouschI'll need to experiment to get my preferred strength13:52
jrwrensmoser: are there tags somewhere in cloud-init repo so I can view what shipped with 12.04-server-cloudimg13:56
smoseri was going to tell you that you could 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu/release/cloud-init' but that isn't true at the moment.13:58
smoserthat has the table of major versions, but 12.04 is heavily patched.13:58
jrwrennevermind, i found it.13:58
jrwrenerr, well, I thought I did.13:58
jrwren0.6.3 patched?13:59
jrwrenhrm... lauchpad UI fail.13:59
jrwrenhttps://launchpad.net/cloud-init/trunk/0.6.3  I should be able to browse code for that milestone, but I cannot :(13:59
smoserwell you can get that trunk tag. i think from trunk14:00
smoserhold on14:00
smoser$ bzr tags | grep 0.6.314:00
smoser0.6.3                55714:00
jrwrenah, right. TY14:01
smoserjrwren, hey..14:11
smoserbzr branch lp:ubuntu/precise-updates/cloud-init precise-updates.dist14:13
smoserthat should get you waht you want.14:13
smoserand actually is what the answer is *supposed* to be14:13
smoserbut in the past the bzr importer for cloud-init had gotten foobarred.14:13
jrwrenthat gets me what will be in the next ubuntu-12.04-cloudimg snapshot, ah I see, and prior to aug14 the prev commit was january that should cover latest cloudimg. huge thanks14:30
cmaloneyHey, it means I don't have to keep the 1985 book on my shelf of prolog for Programmers15:52
cmaloneybig win for shelf space15:52
dzhohehe "Donald Nute"15:58
cmaloneyjcastro: http://earache.bandcamp.com/album/the-disappearing-humans16:00
cmaloneybtw: Open Metalcast is on http://metalinjection.fm19:37
cmaloneyIt's shit like this that makes me weep19:52
brouschcmaloney: Duck grinding tonight21:33
cmaloneyStupid video driver22:19
cmaloneybrb. reboot22:19
wafjust set up bookie on my laptop in prep for tomorrow's sprint23:43
wafman, this is a nice install process. painless rick_h++23:43
brouschrick_h is master of the Makefile23:48

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