Unit193jrgifford: http://repeater.xiph.org:8000/temporalfugue.opus listen to that for a while. :D00:55
jrgifford@Unit193 wait what01:47
Unit193Too much AskUbuntu? :P   Won't it drive you crazy?  It's part of the opus example page, and the description is a little true. :P01:50
thafreakAnyone going to the OLF after party?15:07
thafreakDoesn't even seem there will be entertainment this year15:07
thafreakNot that I was super enthused by last year15:08
thafreakJust debating on spending the $5 to go, or if I just go to dinner instead15:08
thafreakAnyone sticking around after OLF?15:08
thafreakdzho: you guys planning on staying after olf?15:09
dzhothafreak: I have no hotel reservations yet, but so far I'm travelling alone so can afford to be somewhat flexible.15:24
dzhoI'll probably get a room for Fri and Sat nights.  So, to the extent I have plans at all, I plan to stay Saturday evening.15:25
skellatIf anybody has a projector they can bring...we might actually need it Friday for UbuCon proceedings...OLF is short on those as a supplier feel through last I saw...15:35
skellatYeah, projectors aren't on the equipment list here at home or at Erie Looking Productions15:44
thafreakWell, I decided against the after party15:55
thafreakI figured if anyone was going to be hanging around afterwards, dinner may be more appropriate15:56
dzhosounds good15:56
thafreaksince everyone is hungry usually, and they never have enough to eat there15:56
dzhoI was also wondering about a pre-emptive strike for lunch, like ordering something to be delivered.15:56
dzhosince it's usually a mad dash and then lines15:57
thafreaktrue...I'm open to that idea...where can we order from?15:57
thafreakwell, I'm home with kids today...so I may be AFK a lot...15:58
thafreakI'll chime in when possible though15:59
dzhothafreak: that is the magic question, isn't it?  That, and timing.16:00
* canthus13 yawns.18:06
thafreakcanthus13 is bored by our talk of eating at OLF20:53
thafreakhe's only concerned with the talk on the benefits of switching to inredimail20:53
* canthus13 stabs thafreak with The Game.22:19
skellatOi, such infighting we have in this IRC channel22:21
skellatThen again, it is good to see some activity22:21
thafreakYou son of a microsoft employee....23:12
* thafreak throws an angry wood chuck at canthus13 23:13
canthus13Grr.... My laptop keeps freezing... the screen slowly goes white... then it's fine again. :/23:15

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