Kilosmorning all05:33
Kilosyo inetpro , when you have time, no rush, can you just explain in laymans terms what was the reason ian was banned. is it because he was trying to connect to irc through a proxy server and freenode dont accept that?06:35
Kilosi been thinking maybe he had tried to connect at work and their server is a proxy server maybe?06:36
Kilosor maybe a work router that was setup like that06:38
magespawngood morning06:46
Kiloshi magespawn 06:48
Kilosyou gonna mail the list about tonight or you want me to do it?06:49
magespawnare you on the dlug list too?06:49
Kilosyeah well im getting mail from william06:50
Kiloslooking for pc stuff06:50
Kilosand warwick06:50
magespawni think if we let both lists know that will be best06:50
magespawnso i will do the dlug if you can do ubuntu-za06:51
Kilosyeah i just dunno what is their actual addy and dont wanna steal a working thread thing06:51
Kilosoh yay06:51
Kilosya thats good06:51
Kiloswe just gotta decide what tonight is actually about06:52
Kilosyo thundermage 06:52
Kilosi had to go turn mine off06:52
thundermagethat might be a good idea06:53
Kilosevery time i opened thunderbird it was here06:53
thundermageyup there must be a setting somewhere to start on login or something06:53
Kiloslike methinks maybe tonight will be about planning the classes not so?06:53
Kiloson the right a tiny block to stop aotu join06:54
Kilosneeded mag glass to see it06:54
Kilosdid you read what i asked the pro magespawn ?06:55
magespawni saw it thanks, yes tonight is a start and the layout that we can follow. LPIC recommended study time is 40 hours 06:56
magespawni did Kilos06:56
nocwareMorning everyone06:56
magespawni think freenode does not accept proxy servers06:56
Kiloshi nocware 06:56
magespawnho nocware06:56
Kiloswhat is the proxy server06:56
Kiloslike where is it06:56
Kilosis it maybe their work server06:57
Kilosso not his pc at all that caused the ban06:57
nocwareIt's just weird...i booted in live and now the disk has other options...seems fine.06:57
Kilosive had lotsa probs nocware and that sudo fsck -f /dev/sda1 from another drive or cd has fixed it everytime06:59
Kiloseven fixes crashed externals06:59
nocwareKilos, just showed file not found on booting. 06:59
Kilosthen the normal sudo touch /forcefsck should sort that on next boot too07:00
magespawnKilos: a proxy can be anywhere but it essential in between his pc and freenode hiding who he is from freenode07:01
magespawngotta go out brb 07:01
Kilosya maybe it was when he tried to get in with pc connected to work net con07:01
Kilosgo well07:01
Trixar_zaThe problem isn't really that he's using a proxy, it's that he's using an open proxy used by bots07:04
Kilosyeah but he dunno where the thing could be07:05
Kiloshi Trixar_za not_found 07:05
not_foundthanks for the b-day wish uncle Kilos :D07:05
Trixar_zaHi Kilos07:05
Kilossorry we were late not_found 07:05
Trixar_zaIt's not_found's birthday?07:05
Kilosyesterday or day before07:05
Trixar_zaThis Miley Cyrus thing just makes me laugh. She wants to prove she's not a kid anymore, so what does it do? Pretty much pull the same crap that a typical 15/16 year old girl pulls after they discover that dressing provocativly gets boys attention07:07
Trixar_zaIt's so common, that I don't even see it anymore07:08
Trixar_zaNow the girls that dress conservativly stand out to me :P07:08
inetprogood morning07:08
Kiloshello inetpro 07:08
Trixar_zaMorning inetpro07:08
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:09
inetproKilos: the problem is not the proxy per se07:09
Trixar_zaI'm just saying, if my kid tries to pull that crap, I'd so take away her phone or car07:09
inetprothe problem is that he had an open proxy07:09
inetpromeaning that anyone out on the internet was able to use his machine as a proxy server07:09
not_foundMiley is the one that buys her dad cars :p07:09
ThatGraemeGuymorning :)07:09
Trixar_zaHe's still her manager. He blames MTV for making her do that.07:10
inetprobad peeps out there actually exploit open proxies to fake their location07:10
not_foundI blame violent video games07:11
Kilosso its his pc not the work server that could have caused the ban07:11
Trixar_zanot_found: lol. Reminds me of Harvest or Harvester07:11
Trixar_zaIt was a violent video game created just to piss off the "moral guardians" that said video games are murder simulators07:12
inetproKilos: I don't know his setup and how he connects, too much detail that is missing07:12
Kilosi didnt think last night, i coulda joined #freenode and asked the admin guys to unban him07:12
Kiloshe used to connect  at work on their adsl 07:13
Kilosyo drussell 07:13
Kilosat night now he is using 3g like us07:14
Kilosbut he has been banned for months i think07:14
drussellKilos: hey!07:15
Kilosyou yankyfied peeps with your hey07:15
Kilostoo much tv07:15
Kilosanyway nocware im glad that its working07:16
Kilosdont companies hide behind proxy servers to try keep secure07:17
Kilosaw i forgot sheep with all the proxy stuff07:18
Kilosmorning superfly 07:35
inetproKilos: you could probably say that companies hide behind proxies but the fact is that they take responsibility for what happens inside07:37
inetprofact is that if someone inside messes up the company as a whole gets blacklisted07:37
Kilosok. im just looking for where that proxy could be.07:38
Kiloshe would be the only one there that comes on irc07:38
Kilostrying to localise the prob thing07:38
Kiloswhat a business07:39
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:48
Kilosoh inetpro but he was on an open proxy you say, so, we just gotta work out if that was his pc or somewhere else07:50
Kiloshi psyatw 07:55
magespawnhello 07:57
Kiloswb magespawn 07:57
Kilosdunno if i over did the list mail07:58
KilosVince-0, first class tonight07:58
Vince-0yaa? 08:00
superflymorning Kilos08:12
Kilosis it these settings in the router that causes pc to disconnect from the net08:14
Kilosthere where they talk about lease time08:15
Kilosdo i just delete anytime setting to make it stay online or must a enter many mins08:16
Kilosoh seconds08:20
magespawnKilos that is the DHCP lease settings for the computers on your internal network08:21
Kilosya but isnt that what disconnects me while modem still shows connected08:22
magespawnno that is just the amount of time between renewal of the DHCP lease08:23
Kilosmaybe i gotta use the fixed hosy thing but i dont see my mac addy on this pc08:24
Kilosoh my08:24
Kilosmy head gonna explode with all these things08:24
magespawnfixed host just mean that the pc will get the same ip address from the router everytime08:26
Kilosty magespawn 08:26
charlgood morning all08:31
charlhi Kilos, magespawn, superfly, Vince-0 08:31
Kiloshi charl08:31
Kilosclasses tonight08:31
magespawnhi charl08:35
drussellKilos: lol, you started with "yo" that's way more yankified! ;o)08:38
drussellKilos: how's things?08:38
Kiloshahaha well said drussell 08:38
Kilosgood ty and you08:38
drussellKilos: really good thanks08:39
Kilosyou gonna join our study group tonight drussell ?08:39
Kilosmaybe you can teach too08:39
KilosMaaz, spell teach08:40
MaazKilos: Yup, that's a word all right08:40
drussellKilos: hehe, I don't know that I'll be up to much this evening, I'm finally travelling home after being away all week in Germany08:40
drussellKilos: so will probably collapse in a heap :o)08:40
Kilosnp davey08:41
Kilosnext week no excuses08:41
inetproKilos: obviously that open proxy was running on the machine where he ran that netstat command from last night, I guess that is his machine08:46
Kilosoh my08:47
Kiloshe has never run that command before methinks08:47
inetprowhat command?08:48
Kiloshe dunno that 08:48
Kilosoh oh sorry08:48
inetpronetstat is just used to find the open ports08:48
Kilosdo you not think the ban was from before08:49
inetproand to find the application/service 08:49
Kiloshe used to come here with it while still on win now its kde08:49
Kilosi think the ban is months old08:49
inetproKilos: obviously he was running havp on there08:49
Kilosoh yes08:50
inetproon port 808008:50
Kiloshi Squirm 08:50
inetproso freenode won't lie to you08:50
inetprothey can detect it08:50
Kiloswell i got him to remove havp and samba and other stuff08:51
Kilosso will see if he comes online tonight on pidgin if freenode unbanned him08:51
inetprothe sad part is that there seems to be a lack of firewall protection on top of everything else08:51
Kiloshi Cantide 08:51
Cantidehi '-'08:52
inetprobut that is why I say security starts at home08:52
Kilosill get him to install gufw08:52
inetproeven without a firewall you should have a secure setup on each and every local machine08:52
Kiloswrite me a book08:52
Kilossecure setup on ubuntu08:53
inetproubuntu is relatively ok by default08:53
Kilossee his head is full of his work stuff and sorting win machines to work on the biometrics stuff08:53
inetprothe problem is between the chair and the keyboard08:53
inetproif you don't know what you're doing you can be dangerous08:54
Kilosyou think havp opened the port 808008:54
inetproif it was windows that machine would be owned by hackers now08:55
Kiloson win he uses zonealarm and virii stuff08:55
Kilosdunno why he had havp installed08:56
Kiloshe dunno either08:56
not_foundselinux - cause it is good enough for the NSA :p08:56
inetproKilos: it sure didn't install itself08:57
not_foundoh, install app A and it will sometimes install app B and some other goodies for you...08:58
Kilosmaybe he was playing in muon but he is always half asleep with that lung prob08:58
not_foundoh this is in linux, not windows, never mind08:58
Kilos12.04 kde08:58
Kilosfreenode banned him08:58
not_foundIP address ban?08:59
Kilossomething about open port 808008:59
not_foundah sounds familiar...08:59
not_foundheard something about this some time ago... but mind a blank now :;/08:59
Kilosyou coming to class tonight not_found ?09:05
* not_found is working day 8 of a possible 14 in a row so he is going home to eat and sleep09:10
Kiloslpi class on #linux_studies09:10
Kilosevery friday evening09:10
not_foundso the class is back on LPI now...09:10
Kilosthen python after09:10
not_foundor wiki link :p09:11
Kilosdunno if magespawn updated it yet09:11
magespawnnot yet09:12
magespawnhttp://www.coverity.com/company/press-releases/read/coverity-finds-python-sets-new-level-of-quality-for-open-source-software from morgs on twitter09:13
Kilossomeone needs to tweet him and remind him there is such a thing as irc too09:15
KilosMaaz, seen morgs09:15
MaazKilos: morgs was last seen 3 months, 18 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes and 5 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-05-14 10:00:39 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2013-05-15 09:29:24 SAST09:15
Kilosmagespawn, the router is the gateway here hey so whats the ping gateway there for09:17
Kilosmustnt pc ping the gateway?09:17
Kilosall this stuff is driving me nuts09:18
magespawnif you ping your gateway from your pc then it will ping the router09:19
magespawnif you ping the gateway from the router then it should ping the service providers gateway09:19
magespawnsome more info on havp http://www.server-side.de/09:21
Kilosmaybe ian thought it would stop virii at the time09:22
Kilosdangerous playing in muon and synaptic09:23
Kilosthe write ups dont explain everything09:23
Kilosmassive wind come up so methinks cold on its way soon09:24
magespawnstill very warm here09:25
magespawnmight be a good idea for work network, stop the virus before it get into your network09:26
Kilosthen you will be banned from here09:26
Kilosleave it alone just put antiv in win machines09:27
magespawnineptro said that freenode objected to the open part of the proxy not the use of a proxy 09:28
Kilosya and caused by havp09:28
magespawnyou would need to set up havp so that the proxy is closed and not an open relay09:30
magespawnnot really important for ian though09:31
not_foundso what time is the fun and games for LPI tonight... anyone have an idea?10:00
magespawn20:00 not_found10:31
magespawnsuperfly kbmonkey i do still have a sign for the linux studies wiki, but i cannot seem to add an event to the google calender10:50
magespawnsorry sent that twice10:58
not_found:/ 22:00 pm here is just to late for me... oh well, hope you guys have a good turn out :)11:13
=== Cantide is now known as CanCycle
magespawnnot_found: this is just for the live irc stuff you can stil join the wiki and i think there is a mailing list too and the time is variable11:19
Kilospower got blown away with the big wind12:13
not_foundmust have been very big12:14
not_foundthanks magespawn12:14
Kilosblowing heavy here12:14
Kilos-pc decided it enjoyed being off so keeps rebooting12:19
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
theblazehenhi all12:45
Kiloshi theblazehen 12:45
Kilosclass tonight hey12:46
Kilosyou gotta learn hard and pass the lpi exam12:46
theblazehenYeah :)12:46
=== CanCycle is now known as Cantide
Kiloswe need rich peeps here12:46
Kiloshi Cantide 12:46
theblazehenWhen do the exams start?12:46
Cantidehello :)12:47
Cantidea little12:47
Cantidedidn't sweat much in the rain :p12:47
Kilosthat you arange with some place to write them12:47
Kilosi dont think they are fixed time things12:47
theblazehenah ok12:47
theblazehenhopefully done with science expo code today12:48
Kiloswork dont chat12:48
theblazehenYeah, almost done. Just waiting for script to finish, then see if it works12:48
theblazehenThen upload to a VPS12:49
theblazehenI *think* it's working. Giving expected CPU usage at least12:50
charlhi people, you doing the linux studies thing tonight?12:50
theblazehenyeah charl12:50
charlcool, if i can i'll help12:50
Kiloswell duh12:50
Kilosim gonna lurk there till lpi finished12:51
theblazehenWorking :P12:51
charloh you're going to be doing lpi? i thought you're doing python12:51
theblazehenAt least the first part of script12:51
Kilosthe boss okes said we need proper basic knowledge first12:51
theblazehenah o12:52
theblazehenYes! It works!!!1!!1!12:52
charlok cool12:52
charli have used linux for so many years i have no idea what i do or don't know12:53
charlabout 13 years now, started with linux back in 200012:53
Kiloslol then learn with us and teach what you do know12:53
charlstarted with the original suse before novell bought them12:53
theblazehenooh nice charl, did you know suse is sponsoring boerewors rolls at SFD?12:54
charllol interesting12:54
Kiloshi magespawn 12:56
theblazehenhi magespawn 12:56
charlfrom the wikipage page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SUSE12:57
charlNovell was in turn acquired by The Attachmate Group on 27 April 2011.[5] Under its new owner, SUSE remained a separate company.[6] By June 2012, many former SUSE engineers who had been laid off during Novell's ownership had been brought back.[1]12:57
charlseems like they are still primarily based in germany12:57
theblazehenI can't believe ALL my code works! (I think)12:58
magespawnthey say the wheel turns12:58
Kilosno fair magespawn you got one answer to your mail already12:58
Kilosour list is a bunch of email addicts12:58
magespawnpaste it theblazehen and we can test it too if you want12:59
theblazehenmagespawn, lemme clean it up, then I'll put it on my githuib13:00
magespawncool beans13:00
magespawnKilos which list?13:01
Kiloslug answered13:01
Kiloslekker getting lug mail here as well13:01
Kilosoh i wanted to ask, what is a lab like william is starting up13:02
Kilosa lab is a place where you mix chemicals and blow the windows out13:03
not_foundonly if you are doing it wrong13:03
Kilosno man right13:04
Kilosif you do it wrong theres no reaction13:04
theblazehenLol, true Kilos 13:04
* not_found has worked in a lab before... it wasn't very exciting...13:05
magespawna computer lab = computer classroom = computer centre13:05
magespawna community one by the looks of it13:06
theblazehenI broke my css :(13:08
Kilosso what kinda pcs stuff is william looking for13:08
Kilosall modern stuff13:08
Kiloshi space_ 13:12
magespawnKilos:  i think they will use anything they can get13:12
Kiloseven p3 size stuffs13:13
Kilossup nocware 13:13
theblazehenKilos, I have really old hardware. How old is p3?13:14
theblazehenLike 600MHz single core, 256MB ram kinda stuff13:14
Kilosoh my13:14
Kilos450m cpu13:14
theblazehenSingle core?13:14
theblazehenMight donate then13:14
Cantidei have PC scraps in Durban13:15
theblazehenah ok, too much of a drive then :/13:15
Cantidesome stuff works, some doesn't, all mixed up13:15
Kiloswhat scraps charl 13:15
not_foundthere comes a time when the cost of running the hardware (electricity) isn't worth it on older hardware :/13:15
Kilosme first13:15
Cantideold m/bs, CPUs, lots of dead DDR213:16
Kilosai1 Cantide 13:16
theblazehenCantide, How much ddr2?13:16
Cantidei have a few modules that are 1GB, iirc13:16
theblazehenah ok, my pc is ddr213:16
Cantidebut they don't work, or are faulty13:16
theblazehenoh ok13:16
theblazehenbut I have 3GB ram, so enough for now13:17
Kilosddr2 is latish13:17
Cantideone or two *might* work, but i have nothing to test on, and they've been lying in a cupboard for years13:17
Kilosmine still sdr13:17
theblazehenSaving up for like 64GB13:17
Cantideo_O to both Kilos and theblazehen13:17
theblazehenlol Cantide 13:17
theblazehenWanna run a large, fast DB13:17
Cantidei'll need to throw all this old hardware out in the next 4 weeks or so13:17
Cantideit will go to charity or scavengers13:17
KilosCantide, you know where too13:17
Cantideto PTA?13:17
Cantideif i can get it there >.<13:18
Kilosya inna bow with post office13:18
Kilosill pay postage13:18
Kilosespecially scrap drives13:18
Cantidethen i'd strip it all down and throw out the cases and things13:18
Kilosi need spares13:18
theblazehenCantide, how big are drives? 13:19
theblazehenCurrently using a 40 GB13:19
Cantidethere is an 80 GB13:19
Cantideat my feet13:19
Cantidei had windows on it13:19
Cantidebut the last time i tried it, it didn't boot13:19
theblazehenAh ok, not even read?13:20
Kilossend 13:20
Cantideother than that, i'll have to look and see what drives are lying around here13:20
Cantidecan't recall13:20
Cantidei don't play with this stuff much :p I have my working PC, everything else just lies around :D13:20
Kilosi must appeal on the list as well13:20
Kilosgot some drives need lazer goodie others need platters others need control card13:21
Cantidethat's serious effort :D13:21
magespawnKilos puts a lot of effort into fixing hardware that others have given up on13:35
magespawnlooks like hkis electricity is off again13:36
=== Cantide is now known as CantiAFK
magespawntheblazehen: link?14:05
theblazehenTrying to fix "500 internal server error" first :/14:07
theblazehenhttp:// should work magespawn 14:10
theblazehenApparently it wont.... I said SHOULD!14:11
superflytheblazehen: you can't redirect to localhost14:11
theblazehenYeah... I forgot about the redirect, just saw that14:12
superflyand printing out the line you're trying to execute is a little silly.14:13
superflyand while we're on that, why are you being stupid? I mean, why are you using PHP?14:13
theblazehenLol, what should I use then?14:14
CantiAFKPHP <314:14
superflyPython, duh.14:14
superflyPHP is the empitome of bad design14:14
theblazehenhow do I do it in a web server?14:14
theblazehensuperfly, agree14:14
superflytell me, what does this print out? php -r "if ('one' == 0) { echo('true'); }"14:14
CantiAFKi agree, too, but i still like it :p14:14
superflytheblazehen: mod_wsgi on Apache14:14
superflyPhusion Passenger on nginx14:15
theblazehenah ok. Will test that now14:15
theblazehenroot@someguy:~# php -r "if ('one' == 0) { echo('true'); }"14:16
theblazehenPHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626/gd.so' - /usr/lib/php5/20090626/gd.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 014:16
theblazehenPHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626/mcrypt.so' - /usr/lib/php5/20090626/mcrypt.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 014:16
superflytheblazehen: looks like your PHP has some really bad issues14:17
superflytheblazehen: what do you *think* that prints out?14:17
theblazehenwb Kilos 14:18
superflytheblazehen: no, it prints out true14:18
Kilosty power went again14:18
superflytheblazehen: in PHP, "one" is equal to 014:18
theblazehenso, you shouldn't be doing that anyway14:18
superflywhy not? people do it ALL the time in PHP14:18
theblazehenWell I don't14:19
superflytheblazehen: what about this... (8 == 08)14:19
superflyis that true or false?14:19
superfly08 will raise an exception or cause an error14:20
superflybecause of an unpatched bug in PHP - it has been there for years14:20
superflythey refuse to fix it14:20
superflygoodness knows why14:20
superflyI can't remember14:20
superflyat that point I had left PHP and was starting to LOVE Python14:21
theblazehenah ok14:21
superflyand it just gave me more reason never to go back to PHP14:22
charlwhat? php? /me pukes on the channel floor14:26
theblazehenagree charl14:26
charlfilthy disgusting language14:27
* not_found needs to install ssh server on my laptop again so I can check for updates via ssh from work when I am bored14:27
theblazehenlol yeah not_found 14:27
charl??? updates?14:28
not_foundyum update14:28
theblazehenHoly shit, did my code just work? Hang on, I need to check...14:29
charlyou need to run ssh server on your laptop to check for yum updates14:29
charlok no idea14:29
not_foundyes, if I plan to log into my laptop which is at my home from work via ssh to run the command for updating the system14:29
theblazehenIt worked, but I never saw the CPU usage where it worked :/14:30
charloh, you want to update your laptop sitting at home while you are at work14:30
not_foundyes, because I am bored14:30
not_foundand have nothing else to do14:30
charleh ok :)14:30
charli do updates while i'm making coffee14:30
not_foundoh... I could actually just sudo yum update ... keep it all Ubuntu like...14:31
Kilosnot_found, yum14:31
Kilosredhat centos14:31
Kiloseek they got more14:31
theblazehenIt really did work!14:31
not_foundoh yes :)14:31
charlfedora? oracle linux? etc etc14:32
Kilosactually centos 5.2 dont look too bad14:32
Kiloswith gnome ui14:32
not_foundthe one that precedes the mighty red hat... and is a blue hat...14:32
not_foundGnome 3.814:32
not_foundonly thing more bleeding edge is arch... and perhaps ubuntu 13.10 :p14:32
not_foundah I see charl got it... 50%14:33
not_foundwell 100% but only 50% of the answer he gave was correct :)14:33
charlhold on, fedora didn't precede red hat14:34
charlfedora branched off from red hat14:34
not_foundnot what I mean14:34
not_foundit is the testing stage for what will become red hat14:34
charloh i see, yes14:34
charli was playing with manjaro (arch-based) today14:35
charli was quite impressed with how fast it is14:35
charlalso pacman rocks14:35
not_foundyup... should see the fork of pacman that frugalware uses... even faster14:36
theblazehencharl, also look at archbang14:36
theblazehenarch with openbox14:36
not_foundbut with apt-fast even apt goes like a rocket14:36
charlmanjaro also has an openbox-based version14:37
not_foundand RPM based distro have delta rpm so it doesn't need to be so fast to be fast :p14:37
charlarchbang looks nice14:38
charli have an idea that i might move my laptop to arch14:38
charli have been getting somewhat disappointed with ubuntu as of late14:39
charlubuntu seems to be too focused on getting into the mainstream and has neglected the ideas that open source unix is all about14:39
theblazehencharl, highly encourage14:40
theblazehenof course I can only get graphics drivers in arch...14:40
charli use intel hd graphics cards both at work and at home14:40
charlso at least that is not of much concern to me14:40
theblazehenI use powerVR on netbook14:40
charlall i really need is arch running x11 + i3, all of what i need should be in the packages14:42
charla browser, vlc and a good terminal emulator14:42
charlthose are about the only headless software i use14:42
charlnon-headless i mean14:42
theblazehenYeah, you'd like arch14:43
charlat work it's a little more complicated cause we use vmware quite extensively14:44
charlvmware needs to modify the kernel14:44
charlif i go on the bleeding edge it gets dangerous14:45
not_foundhome time14:45
Kiloslater not_found 14:45
Kilosmiond the camels14:45
charlciao not_found 14:45
=== CantiAFK is now known as Cantide
magespawnlater all home for me too14:52
charlsame here bbl14:52
theblazehenCan't pleieve it works :D14:53
Kilosk magespawn 14:53
kbmonkeyah did mage spawn drive home?16:40
Kiloshi kbmonkey 16:40
kbmonkeyi see he asked a question earlier today16:40
kbmonkeywas at work, only got online now16:41
Kiloswhat did he ask?16:41
kbmonkeysomething with the calendar of adding events...16:41
kbmonkeywe'll ask him when he's back16:41
Kilosoh ya the time there is gmt and we gmt+216:42
Kiloshe should be here soon16:42
kbmonkeyya this was 5 hours ago16:42
Kiloshi snowy16:48
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za16:49
Snowythanks :)16:49
theblazehenhi Snowy 16:49
kbmonkeyello Snowy and theblazehen 16:50
KilosSnowy, you a linux user?16:50
Snowyyeah, prefer debian, but recently switched to ubuntu because unit looks nice :)16:59
Snowy**unity btw17:00
Cantidedo you like unity?17:00
Cantidei had to use it for months before i grew to like it :-S17:00
Snowywell, it's better than gnome 3 :)17:00
Cantideagreed :)17:01
Cantidei like it now17:01
Cantideespecially after learning some keyboard shortcuts17:01
Snowyyup, it's not that bad... i never upgraded, just because gnome 2 was what I liked.  and I know there was a fork, but I liked to stick to what I know17:02
Snowyand now, unity seems to be doing ok, with the shortcuts that is17:02
Cantidei was also stubborn at first :p17:02
Cantideand i also liked gnome 217:02
Cantidebut, things must progress and change is inevitable :)17:03
Cantideunity 8 is going to rock :)17:03
Snowyyeah, waiting to see what the major difference is going to be when it's not using X anymore17:03
Cantidegotta wait for 14.10 :<17:04
Cantideso still a year to go17:04
Snowyhaha, yeah17:05
Snowyalso looking forward to see what ubuntu can do on the smartphone side... would love to run some of my fav linux apps on my phone :)17:05
kbmonkeyI compiled the latest WINE last night, it took so long I had to leave the pc running while I slept. ha ha17:06
Cantidelol kbmonkey :)17:07
CantideSnowy, yeah, it'll be nice when they're all optimized to make use of Unity's screen-size changing magic17:07
kbmonkeybut it worked. I can build win32 exes in WINE, who would have thunk it17:08
Cantidei compiled win32 exe files using mingw and code:blocks17:08
Cantideran them on a windows machine and they worked fine :)17:08
kbmonkeythe things we do to make people happy, lol17:09
Cantide(without using wine)17:10
kbmonkeyKilos, I seeyour email now - we having a meet eh? nice!17:16
kbmonkeyyou write great emails Kilos :)17:17
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on17:17
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:17
Kilosoh ty17:17
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:17
MaazKilos: Okay17:17
charlMaaz: coffee please17:17
Maazcharl: Yessir17:17
kbmonkeydoes QA do coffee too?17:18
Kilosi didnt know a time kbmonkey 17:18
kbmonkeynah time is "tonight" - perfect17:18
theblazehenQA coffee please17:18
Kilosshe aint here17:18
Kilosgonna send her to studies now17:19
theblazehenah ok17:19
* kbmonkey goes to make some real coffee17:19
Kilosqa is a new improved version17:20
theblazehenQA still sucks at making coffee17:20
Kilosits you asking wrong man17:21
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey, Kilos and charl!17:21
KilosMaaz, ty17:21
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:21
theblazehenMaaz you missed me. Coffee please?17:22
Maaztheblazehen: What?17:22
theblazehenmaaz coffee please17:22
Maaztheblazehen: There isn't a pot on17:22
theblazehenmaaz put a cup on17:22
Maaztheblazehen: What?17:22
theblazehenmaaz make coffee17:22
Maaztheblazehen: Excuse me?17:22
theblazehenmaaz put a pot on17:23
Maaztheblazehen: Huh?17:23
theblazehenmaaz put a pot on17:24
Maaztheblazehen: Sorry...17:24
kbmonkeyMaaz, where are the rusks?17:27
Maazkbmonkey: Erk, dunno17:27
psychicisthi kbmonkey 17:30
psychicisthi charl 17:30
psychicistwb Cantide 17:30
kbmonkeyhello psychicist 17:31
=== theblazehen-desk is now known as theblazehen
charlhi psychicist 17:50
magespawnEvening all17:51
charlhi magespawn 17:52
magespawnHi charl17:52
charlhow's it going17:57
magespawnGood and you?17:59
charlgood good18:00
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy what happened18:07
ThatGraemeGuyi need to virtualise the oldest of old dell boxes we have :-/18:08
ThatGraemeGuy1 week into notice period and they're still expecting me to do work :-o18:08
Kilosoh well peeps try get blood outa stones18:09
superflypity they don't do the "leave on resignation day" thing :-/18:09
superflythey reserve that for the "special" people18:10
ThatGraemeGuyyeah i should've been a bit more special in the days leading up to my resignation :-D18:11
ThatGraemeGuyits ok, this is one of the last few windows things i need to do for the next 3 weeks before i don't have to deal with it anymore in a professional capacity18:13
ThatGraemeGuyalso one of the last few vmware things i'll be doing18:14
Kilossomething to look forward to18:14
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:16
theblazehennight Kilos19:40
theblazehentoo late :/19:40
magespawncheers all21:28

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