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visualisefartface, hi00:01
Yu-YuHell, guyz, obviously I (or another update) smashed my keyboard laoyouts switching. I re-added what I need (via GNOME Control Center) and can't get it working.00:02
Yu-YuAnyone got hints?00:03
daftykinsmapps: one more thought, you could use the wired link to fully update and dist-upgrade now00:04
wilee-nileeYu-Yu, probably help if you named the release and dektop.00:05
missvaleskahow do I restart my display driver?00:05
mappsdoing that as we speak daftykins  :0 had to go downstairs to hook it to the router00:06
Yu-Yuwilee-nilee: Ubuntu 13.10 i686. What desktop?00:06
missvaleskaI did some openCL GPU intensive things, I.E GPUmining, And it kinda messes up videos until I restart my computer. If I could just restart my drivers, It'd be better00:06
wilee-nilee!13.10 | Yu-Yu00:06
ubottuYu-Yu: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:06
knigitzanyone here syncing dropbox in ubuntu?  i'm having troubles :/00:07
Yu-Yuwilee-nilee: Why did you give me that?00:07
wilee-nileeYu-Yu, That is the chanel you should be on.00:07
wilee-nileethe development channel00:07
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knigitzrunning with sudo, "dropbox start -i" to install service.  it sits at starting dropbox for a while, then downloads, then unpacks, but it never installs service.  "dropbox start" always recommends i run it with -i, suggesting the daemon is not installed.00:08
SchrodingersScatknigitz: did it create a folder?00:10
knigitzyes, i had a folder created before I rebooted my VM.  however, it only populated folders, never any files (which was the reason I tried a reboot), and the dropbox daemon now will not start.00:10
SchrodingersScatknigitz: ok, sorry, probably something different than what I was thinking.00:11
knigitzokay /root/.dropbox-dist/dropbox is giving me a segmentation fault...00:14
Yu-YuRoot? ;D00:14
daftykinsknigitz: why in the hell are you running dropbox as root?00:14
knigitz:o had to sudo to do some stuff prior to install, never left00:15
Klapohello guys!00:17
knigitzi'll start from scratch without it see if that helps..00:18
Yu-YuKlapo: is that goodbye?00:18
Klapowhy you think so?00:18
Yu-Yuknigitz: I purged dropbox; I don't like proprietary weird GFX-bound things much.00:19
Klapocan someone tell me, how can I (if I can..) extract configure command parameters from deb file?00:20
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bvbdropbox comes with privacy concerns00:20
Yu-YuKlapo: I suppose there is dpkg-deb util.00:20
knigitzthis is on a virtualbox vm, lamp installation.  i sync my webdev stuff to dropbox.  just personal projects, nothing production.00:21
Yu-YuKlapo: And you still can view a deb package vith the aid of mc, for instance.00:21
wilee-nileebvb, That's a personal opinion and offtopic.00:21
bvbi might switch to debian the user support actually seems pretty good00:21
vithYu-Yu: with* :P00:21
KlapoYu-Yu: thanks, gotta take a look at dpkg-deb00:21
Yu-YuXD, vith.00:22
wilee-nileebvb, If you want to chat #ubuntu-offtopic is your place. ;)00:22
MJ90Hi Every One, I am new to Linux. I have a problem with my EVDO 3g modem. The modem is used for chinal telecome. I bought it from third party seller. I live in Myanmar. My problem is that the modem is not detected by the Ubuntu at every time of booting up. It show up some time and not. If it is showed, I can't used it with Ununtu's Network Setting. I have to use wvdial00:23
MJ90What should I do, to dected it every time of booting up.00:23
mappsleaving it to upgrade now gonna go to the gym hopefully be done when i get back-00:24
wilee-nileeMJ90, You have the exact model info, I would get a plug and play they are rather cheap.00:25
MJ90Hi, wilee-nilee, I think it used, QUalcomm 600 as chip set.00:26
savidHow do I enable pulseaudio to show network pulse servers?00:26
wilee-nileeMJ90, You think, what does lsusb say with it plugged in?00:27
MJ90and it is the blue color. It shows,00:27
MJ90eSurfing from the front side(not of the side of phone card) socket.00:28
wilee-nileeMJ90, we want exact info.00:28
MJ90Hi , it shows - Bus 006 Device 002: ID 05c6:6000 Qualcomm, Inc. Siemens SG7500:28
MJ90like that if it is work00:28
Yu-Yuwilee-nilee: Don't you state I have to downgrade manually (how do I do so with the whole distro??) just to get some help ever?00:28
MJ90if not, Bus 006 Device 002: ID 05c6:1000 Qualcomm, Inc. USB mass storage00:29
wilee-nileeYu-Yu, I did not state a download, that is a fresh install if you want a released version.00:30
wilee-nileesorry downgrade*00:30
seperoYu-Yu: There is no option to system downgrade. You must reinstall00:30
* Yu-Yu shakes her head and cries.00:31
Yu-Yusepero: I didn't reinstall it here since 2009 or like that.00:32
MJ90Hi, What should I do.00:32
seperoYu-Yu: Why are you using a beta version of the system? It should be expected to have fundamental problems00:32
seperoYu-Yu: If you want a very stable system, you need to go with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS00:33
SiecjeIn the terminal I can't press up to see the previous command ubuntu 13.0400:33
Silver_Arrowanybody familiar with qtsixad?00:33
Silver_ArrowI can't figure out what snippet from my dmesg sixad-raw wants about my controller00:33
wilee-nileeMJ90, I'm not seeing much on that unit none really, personally I would get one that plugs and just works, drivers for linux in many areas are just not kicked out by manufacturers.00:34
Yu-Yusepero: I am weird and my decisions weird are. Nevertheless, all I know at the moment is that if I want a stable system, I have to build my own team and make this stable system appear.00:34
MJ90Thanks wilee-nilee00:35
seperoYu-Yu: Just install Ubuntu 12.0400:35
Yu-Yusepero: Okay. I won't do so. I don't wanna follow that weird MS way.00:38
Yu-Yusepero: Especially if it sounds like «gnome-settings-daemon AccountsService-CRITICAL **: act_user_set_input_sources: assertion 'g_variant_is_of_type (sources, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("aa{ss}"))' failed», you know.00:39
seperoYu-Yu: Ok. When you switch to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, then you'll feel a lot better. And you get the latest of any software by just using ppa's  :)00:40
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Siecjehow would I restore the terminal to default settings00:42
Yu-Yusepero: And also I can't run into things I can test and report. Thank you.00:44
seperoYu-Yu: welcome00:44
Yu-YuSiecje: what terminal app exactly?00:44
seperoSiecje: I assume you mean visually?00:44
SiecjeYu-Yu: the one that comes with ubuntu ctrl + alt + t00:45
SiecjeYu-Yu: sorry I don't know how to find out00:45
SiecjeYu-Yu: killall gnome-terminal closes them though00:45
SiecjeYu-Yu: but I am using unity00:45
seperoSiecje: you are using the program named gnome-terminal  :)00:46
Yu-YuYah, it's gnome-terminal then. I am not using it, although you can rclick on it or use F10 to access the menu.00:46
SiecjeYu-Yu: I've looked and I can't find anything in there00:46
SiecjeYu-Yu: I tried xterm and the same things happen00:47
Siecjeand xfce4-terminal00:47
seperoSiecje: Did you try going to  Edit > Profile Preferences  ?00:47
hedJakSiecje, are you using xubuntu?00:48
Siecjesepero: yeah I don't see anything for up arrow or tab00:48
SiecjehedJak: unity00:48
hedJakah, sorry, you said that earlier.  but you're using xfce4-term?00:48
hedJakif you want the mad-bomber approach, close all terms and remove .config/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc00:49
seperoSiecje: Perhaps try:  sudo apt-get install readline-common00:50
Yu-YuOkay. Anyone can tell what program can I use to bind a command to a combination of keys?00:50
hedJakanyone have experience programming gtk3?  :/00:51
Siecje111 not upgraded00:51
hedJakhave a Q about question dialog boxes in glade00:51
netlarI just had a load average of 1000:52
NeverHereYu-Yu, you can type the first to letters of a command and hit the tab key and the command should complete00:52
hedJaknetlar, nice! :D00:52
Yu-YuNeverHere never read.00:52
netlarAnd it was chromium00:52
anonynimityHow do i fix "the following packages have been kept back..." In ubuntu raring ringtail?00:52
somsipanonynimity: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:52
netlarMy son was logged in and had chromium open.  Why would that cause such a high load?00:53
Yu-YuNeverHere: do you mean it should complete a thing to «dbus-send --dest=ru.gentoo.KbddService /ru/gentoo/KbddService ru.gentoo.kbdd.next_layout» magically?00:53
seperoanonynimity: just try to install them by name00:53
anonynimityOk and how do i fix "...or old sources have been used instead" withv"404- not found"00:53
daftykinsnetlar: flash no doubt00:53
seperoanonynimity: they are held back because installing them requires uninstalling something else00:54
netlarYes, ok, he had it on a sports page with flash00:54
seperoanonynimity: What program?00:55
seperoanonynimity: what's the full error?00:55
anonynimitySudo apt-get update command @ sepero00:55
anonynimityLet me get to computer00:56
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seperoanonynimity: if you get 404 with apt-get update, then those package repositories might not be good any more. Possibly a ppa you added00:56
Yu-YuAnyone, a tool like btnx, but workable?00:57
Siecjewhat would cause autocomplete to not work in the terminal?00:57
seperoSiecje: Possibly a few things00:57
anonynimityWill show full error in pastebin when server is loaded00:57
seperoanonynimity: no need00:57
seperoanonynimity: if you get 404 with apt-get update, then those package repositories might not be good any more. Possibly a ppa you added00:57
seperoSiecje: Did you try?:  sudo apt-get install readline-common00:58
Siecjesepero: yeah it is installed00:58
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Siecjehere is my .bashrc https://dpaste.de/sQaWd/00:58
seperoSiecje: ok00:59
callowayjfirst time using irssi01:00
ccbnHi, I'm on 64-bit 12.04. I used to be able to run 'bluez-test-audio connect ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff' and it would connect to my bluetooth headset. Now I just get an error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6042362/01:01
Anonynimityhere is the full error of sudo apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/HsH7hx4S01:02
Anonynimitycan someone tell me what I need to do to remove those ppa's (that are no longer working?)01:02
somsip!ppa-purge | Anonynimity01:02
ubottuAnonynimity: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html01:02
Siecjesepero: what is one of the things to cause autocomplete to not work?01:02
seperoSiecje: I don't know all the possibilities01:03
hedJakSiecje, most obvious is PATH env being messed up01:03
SiecjehedJak: where can I check for that01:03
hedJakopen term and type echo $PATH01:03
seperohedJak: He says readline isn't working correctly with up/down keys01:04
hedJakSiecje, hm.  thats history not autocompete01:04
seperoAnonynimity: You have a lot of ppa's that no longer appear to be good01:05
SiecjehedJak: what is the package for history?01:05
hedJakSiecje, its part of default shell. usually bash01:05
Anonynimityis there a way to fix those automatically or remove them sepero?01:05
somsip!ppa-purge | Anonynimity01:05
seperoAnonynimity: http://ppa/darktable-release http://ppa.launchpad.net/abhshk-btra http://ppa.launchpad.net/freetuxtv etc01:06
hedJakSiecje, if up/down isn't working might be your term settings? you mentioned those earlier01:06
SiecjeIs there a way to reinstall it?01:06
SiecjehedJak: I don't see any setting to change it01:06
Anonynimitythx sepero01:06
hedJakSiecje, like i said earlier if your term settings are screwy, you could remove the config file for it.01:06
seperoAnonynimity: you can delete the file for them in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/...01:06
hedJakSiecje, did you say you were using xfce4-terminal?01:06
Siecjeecho $SHELL01:07
Anonynimityokay, thx sepero. :)01:07
dr_willis_there ya go01:07
dr_willis_sh is not bssh01:07
hedJakSiecje, did you change your shell from bash -> sh?01:07
seperoAnonynimity: Once you delete the ppa file, it will no longer try to get it on update. If you leave them, it's no harm to your system01:07
somsipsepero: Anonynimity: removing them from sources.list leaves un-upgradeable packages installed. This is why ppa-purge is recommended01:08
Siecjehow do I switch it back01:08
dr_willis_chsh command Siecje01:08
seperoAnonynimity: somsip may be correct. I'm unfamiliar with ppa-purge01:08
dr_willis_! ppa-purge01:08
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html01:08
hedJakSiecje, there's a GUI util to change the shell.  under users or similar01:09
Anonynimityhere's a copy of my /etc/apt/sources.list file01:09
Yu-Yusepero: Just using here in Pidgin `/exec dbus-send --dest=ru.gentoo.KbddService /ru/gentoo/KbddService ru.gentoo.kbdd.next_layout´ can solve this for me.01:09
Anonynimityand here's a copy of the error http://pastebin.com/HsH7hx4S01:09
hedJakSiecje, if youre feeling adventerous you could edit /etc/passwrd, but that's a nice way to mess up system if you don't know what you're doing ;D01:10
Silver_Arrowqtsixad recognizes my ps3 controller, but the system doesn't see it as a joystick01:10
dr_willis_you really shouldn't be altering the sources.list file these days.01:10
hedJak/etc/passwd.  typo.  derp.01:10
Yu-YuWhile gnome-settings-daemon somehow can't do its job anymore.01:10
seperoYu-Yu: nice01:10
Silver_Arrowand I have no idea what I'm doing wrong01:10
somsipAnonynimity: no - it's the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d that contains the PPA URIs. You've been given the solution 3 times now...01:10
Anonynimitythe thing is dr_willis_ it doesn't show up in the sources.list file...01:10
Yu-Yusepero: дтацуатдлт01:11
Yu-Yu(05:10:23) Silver_Arrow: and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong [²]01:11
hedJakSiecje, actually chsh is probably easiest01:11
dr_willis_Anonynimity:  makes sence if its in sources.list.d like its supposed to be01:11
* Yu-Yu is afk. In sorrow.01:11
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I see printer logs? I want to see how many files have been printed.01:12
seperoSiecje: http://superuser.com/questions/46748/how-do-i-make-bash-my-default-shell-on-ubuntu01:12
AnonynimityI remember something about the printer logs in cups...01:12
dr_willis_mojtaba:  /var/logs/cups  perhaps01:12
NeverHeremojtaba, not completely sure, but i bet cups has a log somewhere you could ject01:12
somsipmojtaba: http://localhost:631 and you should have a Completed Jobs info somewhere01:12
hedJakSiecje, yup set to /bin/bash :D01:13
SiecjeI did01:13
Siecjedoesn't work01:13
hedJakopen a new term, then do echo $SHELL01:13
dr_willis_Siecje:  log out.....01:13
Anonynimityso it shows up as http://ppa/....01:13
Anonynimityhow do I use ppa-purge with that?01:13
hedJakSiecje, what the doc said lol01:13
Yu-Yubb, wg01:14
fionnanIs there an easy way to always show the menu bar of applications? I added the PPA as described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/25785/can-auto-hide-for-the-application-menu-be-turned-off-in-unity , but I can't seem to get the 'Menu Always Visible' option to show in ccsm01:14
dr_willis_its not going to change on the fly..01:14
hedJakdr_willis_, depends on how the term is set up, opening new should pick that up01:14
hedJakdr_willis_, but youre right.  no insta-shell haha01:15
hedJakdr_willis_, well...beside exec ;)01:15
dr_willis_makes me wonder why he changed it in the first place01:15
hedJakdr_willis_, no idea?01:15
Anonynimityhere's the error I get when attempting to do a ppa-purge01:16
Silver_Arrowhmm, system definately isn't seeing it as a joystick, no joystick in /dev/input/01:16
AnonynimityPPA to be removed: darktable-release/dists/quantal InRelease01:16
AnonynimityWarning:  Could not find package list for PPA: darktable-release/dists/quantal01:16
Anonynimityso I assume I edit the list.d folder01:17
dr_willis_thats one way Anonynimity01:17
Anonynimitywhat's the safest?01:17
mojtabasomsip: Thanks, but how can I figure out which file have been printed?01:18
hedJakha ha we laugh at safety! >:)01:18
dr_willis_if you want back to original packages ppa-purge01:18
AnonynimityI tried that dr_willis_01:18
dr_willis_you may be doing it wrong.01:19
Anonynimityit says it could not find package list for ppa: darktable-release/dists/quantal InRelease.01:19
budtubaHello everyone....looking for help in getting sound to work01:19
somsipmojtaba: you could try looking in /var/log/cups but I'm not sure if the info is in there01:19
dr_willis_or use synsptic to remive the things from the ppas01:19
AnonynimityI used sudo ppa-purge ppa:darktable-release/dists/quantal/InRelease01:19
seperoAnonynimity: you can just delete the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/...   it will only cause the packages you installed to stay installed01:19
Anonynimitythen can I use autoremove to remove them after an apt-get update sepero?01:20
Anonynimityawesome :) thx01:20
dr_willis_uninstall the stuff with synaptic. then disable the ppas01:20
seperoAnonynimity: I mean no01:20
Anonynimityhelllpppp me?01:20
seperoAnonynimity: You would have to remove them by name  lol01:21
somsipAnonynimity: this is why...01:21
somsip!PPA | Anonynimity01:21
ubottuAnonynimity: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:21
dr_willis_look at what I said above...01:21
budtubaAnyone here a expert on sound?01:21
Anonynimitydr_willis_ do you have teamviewer?01:21
Siecjein /etc/passwd I have it set to bash but it is not starting with bash01:21
Siecjestill s01:21
dr_willis_synaptic can show each ppa and what was installed from it01:21
Anonynimityor sepero do you have team viewer?01:21
Anonynimitywill you please show me how to fix this?01:22
dr_willis_Anonynimity:  nope. thid is not hard... run synaptic and look.01:22
Anonynimityok.... I will give you the id and password to connect.01:22
dr_willis_synaptic   can show each source/repo/ppa01:23
SiecjeI create a .bash_profile file in ~/01:24
Siecje$ cat .bash_profile01:24
Siecje. $HOME/.bashrc01:24
jribSiecje: stop.  Use a pastebin01:24
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Pinkamena_Dhow do I put a command in the terminal that can be used anywhere01:25
jribPinkamena_D: for your user or system-wide?  What kind of command?01:26
dr_willis_Pinkamena_D:  put it in YOur $PATH01:26
jribSiecje: ask your question...01:26
Pinkamena_Dfor example if, in any specific folder I can run ./somecommand because the script is in that folder, and I want ot make it work in any folder and without the ./01:26
Siecjejrib: When I open the terminal it is /bin/sh I would like /bin/bash01:27
jribSiecje: what does "open the terminal" entail exactly?01:27
somsipPinkamena_D: in ~/bin or /usr/local/bin. Make sure the directory is in your path too01:27
jribPinkamena_D: what exactly is "somecommand"?  Something you worte?  For you user or system-wide?01:27
dr_willis_ Siecje  chsh bash   then logout.. login at console and see if its bash01:27
Pinkamena_DI am the only one who uses the computer, so just me (it does not use sudo)01:28
Pinkamena_Dits just something sinple which displays various stats on the terminal01:28
jribPinkamena_D: you can just use ~/bin then.  Make sure you log out and back in after create ~/bin01:28
carifwill python3 be the default python for 13.10?01:28
somsip!13.10 | carif01:28
ubottucarif: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:28
Anonynimitysorry sepero01:34
seperoAnonynimity: ah, your desktop crash?01:34
Anonynimitykeyboard was acting up01:35
seperoAnonynimity: ok01:35
Siecjeok I had to restart. Now how do I remove the USER@PC_NAME$ in the terminal01:42
dr_willisSiecje:  lookup the  'bash prompt howto'01:44
dr_willisits the ps1 variable you change01:44
Silver_Arrowfound the problem, I had to override the system denying the ps3 controller power, it only functions as a joystick in hidraw mode01:45
dr_willisps1='----->'        for example01:45
Silver_Arrowbut I have to do echo 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/2-5.1/bConfigurationValue01:46
Silver_Arrowas root every time I plug it back in01:46
Silver_Arrowis there a way to setup a script to do that every time I hook up the controller?01:46
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Benkinoobyis there a way to limit a process' cpu usage after it started?01:48
Silver_ArrowBenkinooby: is cranking it's nice value up not working?01:49
dr_willisSilver_Arrow:  a udev rule may be able to do that01:49
zykotick9Siecje: that is the PS1 value in your .bashrc01:49
BenkinoobySilver_Arrow: ah, ust saw that i can do that in htop - waht value do you recommend?01:50
dr_willisps1 or PS1  i forget. and this android keybord keeps auto correcting it01:50
Siecjedr_willis: https://dpaste.de/YFiPZ/01:50
wilee-nileeSiecje, I was looking ay bash wiki's yesterday quite abundant.01:51
Silver_Arrowa positive value gives it lesser priority01:51
Silver_ArrowBenkinooby: would this happen to be related to the minecraft high cpu usage in menus bug?01:51
dr_willisyou  have looked at the bash prompt howto Siecje ?  tldp.org01:51
Silver_Arrowok, cause nice value doesn't cut it for that, I've tried01:52
BenkinoobySilver_Arrow: i started picard (music recognition and tagging) on 17'000 files01:52
Benkinoobyon a 1GB, 1.8 Ghz single core laptop01:52
Benkinoobywell, had to kill it :(01:52
Siecjewhere does the user come from/01:53
nerdtronBenkinooby that's too much for a small machine01:53
Benkinoobynerdtron: ORLY? XD01:53
dr_willisSiecje:   the special variables in PS101:53
Benkinoobynerdtron: noted that too :P - i just thought i may stay decently in the background01:53
Benkinoobyso it will rund for some days, but will not distrub my work01:54
nerdtronBenkinooby haha try batch by batch01:54
Benkinoobybut no... USE ALL THE CPU!01:54
dr_willis\u   = username01:54
Benkinoobynerdtron: yeah, that's what i'm going to do now01:54
zykotick9Siecje: \u i'd guess01:54
nerdtronBenkinooby that is hard drive intensive task..and since it is single core, you'll run out of resources for other tasks01:54
Siecjedo I have to log off to see changes?01:55
Benkinoobynerdtron: hard drive was not the probem. even RAM was ok. it was cpu only01:55
Benkinoobymaybe a bug01:55
zykotick9Siecje: try "source ~/.bashrc" and see if that updates things01:55
nerdtronBenkinooby it could be not a bug, maybe the program you are using is really cpu intensive..I only you have a dual core cpu, it would be faster01:56
seperoAnonynimity: ppa-purge isn't going to work for you because it looks like it requires the ppa's not be 40402:00
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Anonynimityso how do I fix that?02:00
SiecjeI modified my .bashrc file https://dpaste.de/PKrfK/ and sourced it but no change02:01
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c2tarunHi friends, I just created a swap partition so that I can hibernate my laptop. Do I have to enable this swap partition somehow or linux will automatically detect it? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-friday30august2013-072757ist.php02:01
zykotick9Siecje: start a new bash session then, run "bash".02:01
mhallI am seeing an absolutely bizarre bug on a Gateway AMD Vision box with EFI firmware. The display comes up as "1920x1080" in X, but blurry, and not filling the entire 1920x1080 LCD panel. Almost like it's a bad VGA connection. But the connection is HDMI. Has anybody else figured out the cause of this? I am not even really sure how to Google a problem this strange.02:02
mhallThis EFI system has been nothing but pure misery to try to install02:03
histoc2tarun: you need it mounted then you can swapon /whatever02:03
zykotick9Siecje: i see at least two other entries with /u in them, perhaps you aren't changing the right one?02:03
c2tarunhisto, how do I do that?02:03
histoc2tarun: jsut swapon /dev/of/partition02:03
mhallIs there a different ATI driver I could try besides the fglrx or anything02:03
histoc2tarun: assuming you have mkswap'd it02:04
Siecjeok that worked02:04
mhallman that IPv6 just needs one more nybble set for a full house02:05
histoc2tarun: then you can add it to your fstab to utilize it on boot02:05
c2tarunhisto, I was reading about fstab only02:06
histoc2tarun: create an entry for your swap partition in your /etc/fstab02:06
histo!swap | c2tarun02:06
ubottuc2tarun: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info02:06
c2tarunhisto, will this do? http://askubuntu.com/questions/33697/adding-swap-partition-after-system-installation02:08
ozetteI added a file "llvm-nightly.list" to my sources.list.d directory, and now i'm trying to install a list of packages from the repo.. the packages can't be found however, do I have to restart apt somehow?02:08
wilee-nileeozette, where did you get it a PPA?02:09
Siecjehow do I change the hotkeys to put windows in the corners from num pad numbers to numbers02:09
NeverHerec2tarun, you can increase your swap space with the built in disk utility last i checked, if thats what you are trying to do02:09
c2tarunNeverHere, I created swap, I am trying to activate it.02:10
ozettewilee-nilee, no, i copy paste it from the llvm site http://llvm.org/apt/02:10
zykotick9ozette: "sudo apt-get update" should pull any new, WORKING repos in.02:10
NeverHerec2tarun, swap is automatically activated when the system runs low or out of usable memory02:10
ozettezykotick9, aha.. let me try that02:10
c2tarunNeverHere, I guess I have to mention that a partition is swap in /etc/fstab02:11
trystanfinally lol people02:11
histoc2tarun: yeah looks good02:11
mapdaftykins,  it works now02:11
mapafter upgrade came back from gym and it listed my network:D02:12
c2tarunhisto, here is my new fstab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6042536/02:13
c2tarunI think I should reboot and then test my hibernate. Thanks histo02:15
ozettezykotick9, the update threw a GPG error on this new repo and complained about a public key not being available, nonetheless it doesn't seem to matter and it has worked the packages are now installing, thanks02:15
histoc2tarun: why not just swapon /dev/sda6    and see now02:15
c2tarunhisto, I did that from gparted menu. Is it same as you are saying?02:16
Siecjehow do I change the hotkey alt+ctrl+Num pad 9 to be just regular 902:16
histoc2tarun: open a terminal and type in sudo swapon /dev/sda602:16
c2tarunhisto, I am getting device or resource busy, is there any way to check which device is in swapon right now?02:17
zykotick9histo: i'm not sure if the swap needs to be in fstab for this to work, but I always use "sudo swapon -a" (for all), or the reverse "sudo swapoff -a".02:17
zykotick9histo: actually, i don't think it does need to be in fstab (thus my suggesting it), as the ubuntu LiveCD does it automatically.02:18
c2tarunhisto, I found this in my /proc/swaps http://paste.ubuntu.com/6042544/ I think I can test is now only.02:19
c2tarunzykotick9, actually I didn't opted for swap partition while installation.02:19
histoc2tarun: free -m     does that show swap being on?02:19
c2tarunhisto, yes02:19
histoc2tarun: then try your silly hibernation. Hopefully swap is bigger than your physical ram size02:20
c2tarunhisto, yup :) approx 500 MB bigger. Just curious, why is hibernation silly?02:20
* zykotick9 doesn't find hibernation "silly"02:20
* c2tarun hibernation is the only thing I like about windows :| sad but true02:21
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* histo has SSD no need for hybernation02:24
histo4 second boot to i3wm02:24
zykotick9histo: it's still a great uptime "cheat" ;)02:24
histo 22:25:30 up 65 days,  5:45,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0502:25
zykotick9histo: 22:26:19 up 90 days,  1:01,  4 users,  load average: 0.05, 0.08, 0.1302:26
tarun_histo, I just figured out that hibernation is silly in ubuntu :| none of my opened apps were saved. My wi-fi was disable by default. I am not able to log-in with my ID in xchat. Volume was muted.02:26
zykotick9tarun_: hibernation is disabled-by-default in ubuntu for a reason ;)02:27
* wilee-nilee chuckles uptime and no reboots have no intrinsic value02:27
tarun_zykotick9, yeah I did a dry run by sudo pm-hibernate.02:27
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zykotick9tarun_: hibernation is VERY hardware/driver dependant02:28
c2tarunzykotick9, yeah, I am not trying hibernation again in ubuntu. Actually my problem is ubuntu's support with broadcom wi-fi card is little buggy. Sometimes it doesn't detect any wifi network :)02:29
* c2tarun well firefox did a nice job in saving tabs :)02:29
mapoh great02:31
mapi rebooted and now no wifi02:31
c2tarunmap are you using broadcom as well?02:32
mapyes sir02:32
mapbroadcom wifi and eth002:32
mapbcm4311 wifi and bcm4401 eth02:33
mapwhats your card02:33
c2tarunmap, hehehe :) same try rebooting 3-4 times and disable and enable it one or two times, it'll work02:33
mapwhat are you on? 13.04 also?02:33
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mapc2tarun, ?02:36
iam|iamhow do i add a library to python?02:39
iam|iamit's permissions don't let me02:39
iam|iami tried changing them, but it doesn't let me do that either02:39
iam|iami need to change the owner from root to me02:40
Siecjehow do I change the hotkeys to move the windows to the corners ctrl + alt + num pad 9 to use regular 9?02:41
c2tarunmap,  ubuntu 12.0402:42
lgcWhat could be wrong, As of yesterday I was able to access my Windows files, but the partition will not mount anymore. I haven't messed with fstab. What gives?02:42
joemHi, I got an error after running this command (sudo apt-get update). Error like this (W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/upubuntu-com/themes/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/i18n/Translation-en  Unable to connect to ppa.launchpad.net:http:02:44
Silver_Arrowin jtest-jtk I can't figure out settings for axis 23, 24, 25 (the 3 accelerometers) on my ps3 contoller to make them always centered and so games ignore them02:44
lgcjoem: That happens when you either have no internet or the server is down.02:46
Anonynimityhey, I need some help with jitsi. I can't exactly figure out what the issue is, but every time I receive a call on jitsi, it automatically hangs up.02:47
zykotick9joem: just ignore the Translation-*, actually doesn't it say to do that?02:47
Silver_Arrowit doesn't like when I set the dead zone to the entire range or larger, but anything less and it detects movement02:47
Anonynimityhere is the error log http://pastebin.com/73z6sjjd02:47
Silver_Arrowsetting the dead zone and range to 0 doesn't work either02:47
Anonynimityif anyone can help with this02:47
ffioduring login i am directly log into unity i don't have a screen which ask me to choose different session that i can login in.02:49
Anonynimity*throws computer out window*02:49
revealI recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 next to my Windows 7, I am not able to boot into Windows when I am at the grub boot loader it just keeps cycling back to the grub menu. I did update-grub no worky02:50
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 9, 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.02:50
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c2tarunreveal, why did you install 11.10?02:50
revealhad to for class :|02:51
holsteinreveal: use 12.04 or 13.04 and a volunteer can help you with the dual boot02:51
joemlgc no I have connection I'm sure with that. Heres the full error http://paste.ubuntu.com/6042603/02:51
reveali can do that with the upgrade option then02:51
holsteinreveal: then, you ask your "class" to support you02:51
revealholstein: no bueno02:51
holsteinreveal: to get support you'll need to run a supported version of ubuntu.. otherwise, there are many other bootloaders you can try that might boot windows and your linux version02:52
^vi have bad with wifii02:52
^vhelp ple02:53
holstein^v: can i help you find a channel in your native language?02:53
AnonynimityI had bad wifi once...02:53
Silver_Arrowis there a way to make the kernel/joystick drive ignore axis 23, 24, and 25?02:53
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Anonynimitythen I removed the dns-masq package and had to reinstall quite a few packages by hand.02:54
lgcjoem: Is this recent? (I just pinged ppa.launchpad.net and it pings back).02:54
Anonynimitybut, it worked...02:54
ffiocan't get ubuntu login screen02:54
ffiopls help02:54
Anonynimitydrop down to a shell02:54
zykotick9joem: i certainly hope you realize, that by using PPAs (which you seem to be doing), that it voids your "ubuntu warranty" for support in #ubuntu.  see "/msg ubottu ppa" for confirmation.  are you sure you even have network?  ;)02:54
Anonynimity(ctl + alt + f2)02:54
Anonynimitythen type the following:02:55
Anonynimitynext, go to ctl + alt + f302:55
Anonynimitylogin there02:55
ffioAnonynimity: it by defaults log into ubuntu ( unity ) i want to boot it into openbox.02:55
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo02:55
Anonynimitytype sudo service lightdm start (or sudo service gdm start)02:55
ffioi don't get login screen such that i always boot into unity .02:55
Anonynimitythen install the openbox theme...02:55
Anonynimitythen sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm02:56
holsteinffio: thats a different issue.. you mean, you automatically login to unity, and you want to not automatically login?02:57
zykotick9ffio: do you have autologin enabled? (i'd guess you do)02:57
ffioholstein: yes correct02:57
ffiozykotick9: may be it's autologin so how can i disable it ?02:58
ffioAnonynimity: trying your command02:58
zykotick9ffio: that, i don't know ;)02:58
Anonynimityffio if it's autologin, then maybe you should set a password?02:58
ffioAnonynimity: i had set a password02:59
funky2hey ho02:59
mapdamnit still nothing02:59
mapi had wireless rebooted and its gone02:59
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:59
holsteinffio: http://askubuntu.com/questions/106428/how-to-disable-automatic-login02:59
holsteinmap: try the older kernel, if you had one02:59
funky2whats the best way to migrate entire server?03:00
funky2download, save on dvd and send to new host?03:00
mapits a fresh 13.04 ninstall ran dist-upgrade and then after that finished it worked..reboot and now it doesnt work03:00
ffioholstein: thank you :)03:00
funky2i wonder which host offer some panel access to bare metal to copy u files to it03:00
mapbut wlan0 listed in iwconfig and ifconfig just no networks?! its not showing any03:00
holsteinfunky2: you can ask the hosts for support with that03:01
funky2well I asked one they said they dont care03:01
funky2or send dvd in post03:01
funky2I wonder if there is some trick03:01
holsteinfunky2: any way to move the data should work..03:02
Anonynimityxchat eating up bandwidth... be back after upgrade and after jitsi nightly downloads.03:02
funky2like I can boot host ubuntu and then somehow tell ubuntu to use my dvd?03:02
funky2holstein: well say I got ec2 ubuntu box and hertzner back uo03:02
funky2what do I do?03:02
holsteinfunky2: "host" ubuntu may not be ubuntu, and may not be officially supported here03:02
holsteinfunky2: what is "hertzner"03:03
funky2its a hosting provider03:03
funky2so how do u migrate ubuntu install usually?03:03
holsteinfunky2: you will ask them for support.. if you have access, you download the data you are talking about and put it up on the new machine03:03
funky2put it how?03:03
funky2simply log in to new ubuntu and then what? once I format hdd I loose putty access03:04
holsteinfunky2: ask the host.. i grab the data friend.. via ssh.. with a filemanager.. whatever way i choose.. grsync03:04
funky2well grab part I get03:04
funky2its to get it to new dudes03:04
holsteinfunky2: when you actually have a 'new" ubuntu, you wont login and wipe anything03:04
holsteinfunky2: you are the same "dude".. they dont care because its your data.. you backup the data, and move it over03:04
funky2they care cause I pay03:05
holsteinfunky2: you can , assuming the host allows, clone the os03:05
funky2clone os ooo03:05
funky2does ubuntu itself have feature when i can select ubuntu server tar and it will install it?03:05
funky2or some soft to do it03:06
holsteinfunky2: ubuntu server *is* ubuntu03:06
holsteinfunky2: its already ubuntu at that point.. or, arguably ubuntu..03:06
funky2ok then soft to migrate all the stuff03:06
funky2email server03:06
holsteinfunky2: this is an issue you need to ask the hosts.. i have *no* idea what access you have to what operating systems on what host03:06
holsteinand what they allow03:06
funky2or hey I can simply copy paste ubuntu dirs!03:07
holsteinfunky2: you can, if they allow you to, clone, as i said, and move it03:07
funky2holstein:  what do u mean by os clone?03:07
funky2some link?03:07
holsteinfunky2: i mean, what youa re asking.. moving the operating system03:07
funky2my idea get same ubuntu on new box and then copy paste server dirs03:07
holsteinfunky2: loading up something like clonezilla, and backing it up03:07
funky2it seems host dont want to allow for easy migration to keep customers03:08
holsteinfunky2: getting 'same ubuntu on new box and copy paste' is what i meant when i said backup your data and move it over03:08
advHi all, Good Morning03:08
funky2yes I get it now03:08
funky2hey adv03:08
holsteinthough, you dont need, and might not get the same version03:08
funky2will it work with diff version?03:09
holsteinfunky2: also, those are *not* necassarily ubuntu03:09
holsteinfunky2: again, friend.. i have *no* idea what willl work with what.. since you may or may not be using ubuntu at a host.. the host is who will support you in this migration.. i would have my data backed up manually before hand03:09
Kiziarunew to IRC, how do I view other "channels"?03:10
funky2 use / list03:10
funky2delete space03:10
nerdtronif you use XChat, Server> Join a channel03:10
nerdtronKiziaru if you use XChat, Server> Join a channel03:11
holsteinKiziaru: http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode03:11
funky2i wonder can I move email servers like pidgin between diff version of linuxes03:11
funky2in theory yes03:11
funky2well not pidgin I forgot the name03:12
Kiziarui dont use xchar, but I clicked your link03:12
holsteinfunky2: pidgin is not an email server03:12
funky2yes its no03:12
funky2I am sleepy hence the mess :D03:12
holsteinfunky2: you can learn to move anything anywhere.. its all open, and nothing is hiding.. but you need to seek support with the host..03:13
holsteinfunky2: i suggest manually backing up the data locally.. then, just migrate and actuallly have another server to discuss. if you cant sort out putting the data back, then you'll have something to actually discuss03:14
krzwhats a good alternative to gnome terminal?03:15
funky2win 7?03:15
funky2kidding :D03:15
holsteinkrz: i have beem using terminator03:15
somsipkrz: urxvt-unicode03:15
funky2well thats gui03:15
holsteinfunky2: please use #ubuntu-offtopic for chat03:15
krzsomsip: whats the package name?03:18
holstein!info urxvt03:18
ubottuPackage urxvt does not exist in raring03:18
somsipinfo urxvt | krz03:18
somsip!info urxvt | krz03:18
ubottukrz: please see above03:18
somsip!info rxvt | krz03:18
ubottukrz: rxvt (source: rxvt): VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.6.4-14 (raring), package size 206 kB, installed size 536 kB03:18
zykotick9somsip: (i'm not actually sure what the question was, but) +1 to rxvt-unicode (aka urxvt)03:19
zykotick9!info rxvt-unicode03:19
ubotturxvt-unicode (source: rxvt-unicode): RXVT-like terminal emulator with Unicode support. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.15-2 (raring), package size 1221 kB, installed size 2853 kB03:19
somsipkrz: looks like rxvt-unicode - my mistake03:19
somsipzykotick9: alternative to gnome-terminal required FWIW03:19
zykotick9somsip: gnome-terminal is weak ;)03:20
holsteinlxterminal is a lot like gnome-terminal03:20
nerdtronhow about xfce4-terminal03:21
bob__ctrl+alt+F1-F6 usually work fine for me03:21
zykotick9bob__: that's kinda funny, linux-console is probably the worst terminal of all ;)03:22
lilredhey guys, I'm trying to dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 8. I installed Ubuntu after installing Windows but Ubuntu is not showing up in the GRUB menu. memory test and Windows 8 are showing up however.03:22
holsteinlilred: i would boot ubuntu and run "sudo update-grub" and see if it picks up windows03:23
bob__gotsta be hardcore fo sho03:23
lilredholstein: windows is already there, it's Ubuntu that doesn't appear.03:23
lilredholstein: I tried booting into live cd, chroot into my Ubuntu install and running update-grub2 but I get a permission denied error03:24
holsteinlilred: you cant try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair03:24
nerdtronlilred is your machine UEFI? did you disable before installing ubuntu?03:24
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nerdtronlilred sudo ??03:24
lilrednerdtron: I don't know if my machine is UEFI, how can I check^03:24
lilrednerdtron: also yes I did use sudo, the permission denied error persists.03:24
lilredthe error message is very interesting03:25
nerdtronlilred in the BIOS...if your computer is new it might be enabled by default...03:25
lilrednerdtron: is Ubuntu incompatible with UEFI?03:25
nerdtronlilred then try the Boot-Repair link by holstein03:25
nerdtronlilred it is, but i don't know in dualboot screnario03:26
nerdtronit is compatible with uefi03:26
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lilredwhich paste service should I use for my logs? I think the error message is worth looking at03:27
lilredI think my Ubuntu install is broken, it has no /dev/null and no /dev/pts03:28
lilredalright guys check this out: http://pastebin.com/DdNREf5b03:29
lilrednerdtron holstein http://pastebin.com/DdNREf5b03:29
lilredwait, I actually have a /dev/null... Why is it saying it can't create it -_-03:30
nerdtronlilred I think boot repair can still save your problem..please give it a try..03:32
lilrednerdtron: I'm currently doing that :D03:32
lilredI'm a real life systems developer, this pisses me off quite a bit03:33
zykotick9!tab > nerdtron save some typing ;)03:35
ubottunerdtron, please see my private message03:35
ffiois gnome3 officially supported by ubuntu ?03:35
wilee-nileeffio, gnome 3 underlies unity is the gnome-shell and part of the fallback desktop.03:37
ffiohi wilee-nilee :)03:37
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ffiowilee-nilee: so gnome3 would work without any issues.03:39
wilee-nileeffio, what I was trying to explain is that gnome 3 is part of multiple desktops, so what version do you want.03:39
wilee-nileethe gnome-shell is basically gnome 3 is that what you mean it looks like the release.03:40
ffiognome 3.803:42
wilee-nileeffio, 3.8 is in 13.10 any desktops before that are  ppa versions of 3.8, ppa's are not supprted here is all03:43
wilee-nileeif you want 3.8 in any before you would use the ppa is what I mean03:44
ffiowilee-nilee: now getting your point.03:44
wilee-nileesorry. ;)03:44
ffiosorry ? why what happened ?03:44
LicideUSB does not boot, it isn't in boot menu but USB boot is enabled. .-.03:45
wilee-nileeJust my explanation is slightly convoluted.03:45
wilee-nileeLicide, What is on the usb, and how is it formatted?03:46
wilee-nileeLicide, Boot menu, in the bios?03:46
LicideI installed from what it says on the Ubuntu site03:46
Licideand yes03:47
wilee-nileeLicide, does the computer boot usb's?03:47
LicideUSB boot is enabled03:47
wilee-nileeLicide, where?03:47
Licidein BIOS03:47
ffioeven cinnamon is buggy :(03:48
wilee-nileeLicide, So what is the app that the site says to use to load the usb with ubuntu?03:48
wilee-nileeLicide, So your saying the you see no usb listed in the bios boot list of HD's, cd's..etc with it plugged in?03:51
wilee-nileeLicide, Could be that the usb is being read as a cd, could be a bad load of the usb, several possibilities, you have it plugged in when you start the computer to go to the bios?03:52
LicideI installed it to usb 3 times03:53
Licideand yes03:53
wilee-nileeLicide, I have found that usb loader to be problematic when I tried a while back, try unetbootin another loader, just to see if the usb shows.03:54
Licidefirst 2 times from Ubuntu and now on Universal-USB-Installer03:54
Licidei might try unet03:54
LicideIt worked every other time on my laptops though03:55
wilee-nileeLicide, What is the list you see in the bios in that boot section?03:55
revelrevolWiliee, Licide, hi--want to mention that I just had success not with Universal USB Installer but with wubi03:55
LicideI don't remember03:56
Licideand I don't want wubi :P03:56
wilee-nileeLicide, Could also be a bad download, you can check the ISO's md5sum. You could also see if the list is the same with and without the usb, to confirm being read as another media.03:57
revelrevolLicide...sorry, did I miss that from earlier? just joined. I checked the ubuntu website for certified hardware and downloaded the version (12.04 LTS) that was certified for my hardware. U-USB Inst wouldn't work for me several times over.03:57
LicideI redownloaded every time03:58
revelrevolwhat do you view as a negative regarding wubi?03:58
LicideI just want a real install :P03:58
revelrevol? mine is a dual boot, but quite real03:59
wilee-nileerevelrevol, You might read what the wubi designer says about it. Wubi is not a dualboot it is a file in windows.03:59
revelrevolsure wilee04:01
lonejackHi, does anyone know how to change (non admin) user privileges(connect wifi, allow sw upgrade) on 12.04?04:01
lonejackon previous vesrion that was possible04:02
wilee-nileelonejack, Can you explain that more clearly using full words?04:02
mapcan anyone lend a hand with this broadcom problem I'm having?04:05
wilee-nileelonejack, So is it you want updates from a standard account?04:05
NeverHeremap, have you tried installing restricted drivers?04:05
zykotick9lonejack: i'd A) suggest adding that user to sudo group (admin) or B) wrestle with sudoers for those tasks.  good luck.04:05
LicideWiiUme that04:05
lonejackwilee-nilee, I've a laptop. I'm the admin. I want to give the laptop to a non expert user. I created a new user but I wuold like to allowe him to connect to genric (new) wifi04:06
mapive tried almost everything i can find NeverHere  =[ removed bcmwl-kernel-source then installed linux-firmware-nonfree hd to do that off a usb stick as i had no wired connection either04:06
mapthen i ran apt-get upograde and wireless worked..rebooted and it's gone=[04:06
LicideWiiUill use this :P04:06
lonejackzykotick9, ok04:06
lonejackzykotick9, create a new group04:06
NeverHeremap could i maybe be a hardware issue?04:07
zykotick9lonejack: no.  sudo is a default group - that allows sudo use.04:07
wilee-nileelonejack, If you have wifi set to auto login and it is the same nick and password they will.04:07
mapyea it is in that broadcoms are a pain:D but thats all afaik04:07
researcher123By what command line can I know my RAM on Ubuntu 13.04?04:08
wilee-nileewifi does not need admin in general anyway04:08
zykotick9researcher123: "free -m" is one way04:08
NeverHeremap i hate to ask the stupid question but is the wifi on, some computers let you disable the wifi with a keypress04:08
mapthere's no button on this laptop mate=[04:08
researcher123zykotick9: ok.trying04:08
mapive checked rfkill list all04:08
mapand it says hardware/software no to locing it04:09
NeverHeremap is beyond my lack of expertise sorry04:09
mapthanks anyway pal04:10
NeverHeremap when you plug in the ethernet you don't get anything either?04:11
mapi do now04:11
mapgot wired04:11
mapbut i wanted to use it upstairs!04:11
NeverHeredoes it detect wifi? and not connect? or not detect it at all?04:11
mapit doesnt list any networks at all..but iwconfig shows wlan0 as does ifconfig04:12
mapand lspci --nnk says its using b43-pci-bridge04:12
advbye 4 now...04:12
NeverHeremap i suggest a usb wifi dongle from walmart ;)04:12
maphah :)04:12
LicideWiiUwith usb: CBM in boot menu04:12
LicideWiiUoh CBM looks like it, i thought i did it alrady x04:15
lonejackzykotick9, wilee-nilee , for your interest with 'gnome-system-tools' you can manage the user privileges on a system04:18
wilee-nileeLicideWiiU, What you may not know is there is a boot from menu that is outside of the bios, I use it, it is a par-session boot, the bios splash will tell you the key prompt generally, mine is f12, That is the easiest way to try various boots.04:18
wilee-nileelonejack, I have never used a gui to manage these areas.04:21
TechTonicsdoes anyone know how to remove a package if it was installed from the tarball?04:25
NeverHereTechTonics, did you install it with Make?04:26
jpdsTechTonics: Yes, run make uninstall from the build directory.04:26
TechTonicsyes i used to make04:26
wilee-nileeTechTonics, Did you read the read me?04:27
mojtabaHi, could you please let me know what are the differences between different distros (except desktop environments like KDE, GNOME, UNITY, ...)? I mean why there is lots of distros?04:29
TechTonicsthere is no uninstall and the README has nothing to do with removing04:29
jpdsTechTonics: Just run "make uninstall".04:29
TechTonicsi'm trying to remove ruby 2.0 if that helps04:29
NeverHereTechTonics, sometimes you can do apt-get remove ruby04:30
jpdsTechTonics: You did run "make install" to install it.04:30
NeverHerethat might remove the package04:30
jpdsNeverHere: Package might not even be installed.04:30
patrick_wow my experience so far with my Lenovo T531 on Ubuntu 13.04 has been piss poor.04:30
mapmojtaba,  some you have to compile specifically for your machine which means its more complicated but also faster then04:30
mappatrick_,  wireless?04:30
TechTonicsjpds : yes i used make install04:30
patrick_nvidia happened to it.04:31
TechTonicsNeverHere : apt-get doesn't see i have installed04:31
patrick_Optimus. :(04:31
TechTonicsjpds : make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.04:31
NeverHereTechTonics, when you ran make install, did it tell you insuffiecent permissions?04:31
Berglemap: are programs you compile yourself really noticably faster than regular packaged ones?04:31
patrick_more like, Optimshit04:31
TechTonicsnope  .. had to use sudo04:31
jpdsmojtaba: Why are there a lot of distros? Because have different thoughts on how to do things.04:32
zykotick9TechTonics: using source tarballs, means there is no way other then what that tarball offers.  Why you might want to use "/msg ubottu checkinstall" for an alternative!04:32
NeverHereTechTonics, do nano MAKEFILE and search for something like uninstall or remove or similar then exit and do make <whatever>04:32
jpdsmojtaba: Because people have different*04:33
userسمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ ?04:33
=== paddymahoney is now known as Guest48159
mojtabajpds: Could you please give an example?04:33
mojtabajpds: map: I can do what I want to do with every distro, cann't I?04:34
mapmodprobe -l l04:34
jpdsmojtaba: Erm, like some people think it's better to compile everything (Gentoo), while others prefer binary packages.04:34
jpds!ot | mojtaba, anyway04:34
ubottumojtaba, anyway: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:34
mojtabaAny other answer? jpds:map04:36
jpds!ot | mojtaba, not here, go to the OT channel.04:36
ubottumojtaba, not here, go to the OT channel.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:36
mapno sorry04:36
mojtabajpds: ok, thank you anyway04:38
uuball_gabrielHi, I wanna to build a deb package of kernel debug info, but when i use "fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic skipdbg=false" , the result is "make: *** No rule to make target `binary-generic'.  Stop."04:40
awc737wtf ubuntu 13.04, how do you not have a working suspend or hibernate04:40
wilee-nilee!ar | user04:40
ubottuuser: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe04:40
awc737i had debian installed for months, never had a problem.04:40
ZiberIf I have a server that is using a LAN IP as it's resolver ( and is using public DNS, shouldn't the first server be able to resolve stuff?04:40
uuball_gabrielwhat should i do ?04:40
awc737just installed ubuntu, closed the lid and put it in my bad04:40
awc737a few hours later to pull it out, damn near melting04:40
awc737i'll be damned if theres no internal damage04:40
uuball_gabriel Hi, I wanna to build a deb package of kernel debug info, but when i use "fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic skipdbg=false" , the result is "make: *** No rule to make target `binary-generic'.  Stop."04:40
uuball_gabrielwhat happend?04:40
dr_willishibernate is disabled by default i belive04:40
awc737i want to throw something at ubuntu so bad04:41
wilee-nilee!il |user04:41
ubottuuser: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:04:41
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il04:41
awc737well that's a dangerous hazard04:41
dr_willisrant elsewhere.  we focus on support04:41
uuball_gabriel Hi, I wanna to build a deb package of kernel debug info, but when i use "fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic skipdbg=false" , the result is "make: *** No rule to make target `binary-generic'.  Stop."04:41
awc737if my keyboard melted would you support that04:41
dr_willisthere are guides out on how to ensble hibernate04:42
=== HisaoNakai_ is now known as HisaoNakai
Ziber10.220.1.50 uses as it's nameserver. uses public IPs for resolving. Shouldn't be able to resolve? It's saying that it timed out...04:42
awc737dr_willis, it's dangerous to assume that everyone should know hibernate is disabled04:42
awc737especially coming from any other OS04:42
awc737if it had been there an  hour or two more, literally melted or caught fire04:42
dr_willisawc737:  rant in another channel. it wont help to do it here04:43
dr_willisor on the forums04:43
NielsMknthis sucks04:44
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:45
ZiberAnyone? resolv.conf issue?04:45
dr_willisZiber:  askununtu.com may have some info on it. ive never had any issues  here.  or rarely see them mentioned here04:47
patrick_"I have a problem with nvidia optimus on Ubuntu 13.04..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do multimonitor support..., I get the following output: *turd emoticon* ..., but I expected it to do *not turd emoticon*"04:49
JeffATLi have jsut installed 12.04 on a gateway netbook with ati radeon and when i boot up i get a very scrambled screen; my mouse pointer is a yellow block about a half inch wide with some lines and dots in it.  if i manage to start e.g. firefox, the google page displays normally among all the mess but the text in the window title bar, tab, and the letters on the page to the right of the three round gray icons is messed up04:49
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:49
dr_willistry the fglrx drivers on that pc  JeffATL ?04:51
zykotick9Ziber: modern ubuntu versions don't use resolv.conf04:51
Ziberzykotick9: ?04:52
zykotick9Ziber: you want /etc/networks/interfaces i believe, but i don't know the details.04:53
JeffATLis there a way i can intercede at boot time to try nomodeset?04:53
dr_willisJeffATL: at the grub menu04:53
dr_willisi think the url above shows how exactly.04:54
dr_willishold shift. get to grub editir with 'e'   change line to be  'noquiet nofb nosplash'   ..  or somthing like that04:55
JeffATLdr_willis: ok, i think i can follow that.  how can i effect a clean reboot, given that i can't figure out how from the screen?  or can i just hold down the power button and make it die?04:55
dr_willisoops.. add a nomodeset in there04:55
dr_willishold power for a few sec   forces it off04:56
dr_willisalt ctrl f1  then alt ctrl del.. may reboot also04:56
dr_willisor ssh in and reboot04:56
dr_willisyou may want to boot into tect mode and install ssh to make things easier.to debug04:57
dr_willistext mode04:57
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:57
zykotick9!resolv.conf > Ziber04:58
ubottuZiber, please see my private message04:58
ZiberAh, hm.05:00
ZiberIt's 1am and I'm gonna head to bed. Thanks for that though.05:00
seperodr_willis: what do i do to start my computer in 2d mode?05:00
dr_willisno such thing.. clarify what you mean.05:02
JeffATLok - nomodeset cured the scrambling but my resolution is wrong - it's like i've got 4:3 stretched horizontally to 16:905:02
dr_willisJeffATL: try the fglrx drivers05:03
seperodr_willis: no such thing? dang dawg. you'z illin' my netbook yo  :)05:03
Ari-YangJeffATL, what kind of AMD card do you have?05:03
wilee-nileeJeffATL, Have you run a update in this process?05:03
UnderSampledI'm trying to open a windows share, so I went to smb://host.domain.com/share and put in my credentials into the auth box05:04
* sepero gives dr_willis hugs05:04
dr_willissepero:  if you want a lighter desktop install lubuntu-desktop05:04
UnderSampledthen it gave the error : Failed to mount Windows share: Name not unique on network05:04
Silver_Arrowmarvin@marvin-laptop:~/Desktop/qjoypad-4.1.0/src$ ./config05:04
Silver_ArrowError: you will need libxtst to compile this program05:04
Silver_ArrowE: Unable to locate package libxtst05:04
JeffATLAri-Yang: it says amd radeon on the label; i'd run lspci if only i knew how to get a terminal window05:04
Ari-YangJeffATL, run this in terminal lspci | grep VGA05:04
Silver_ArrowAnybody know where to find this package?05:05
seperodr_willis: thanks man. i'm rockin' that lxpanel on openbox right now and it's niiice  :)05:05
NeverHereSilver_Arrow, try apt-get install libxtst*05:05
UnderSampledhow am I suppose to resolve this?05:05
JeffATLwilee-nilee: no updates yet05:05
dr_willisSilver_Arrow:  search the repos?05:05
Ari-YangJeffATL, if you're using unity, hit the dash board icon and type in and search for terminal05:05
NeverHereSilver_Arrow, if too many replies don't install05:05
JeffATLAri-Yang: thank you05:05
wilee-nileeJeffATL, run a update first to get caught up then identify the card>05:05
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html05:05
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall05:06
Ari-Yangwilee-nilee, him updating will take longer than 10sec to find out card info, lol05:06
Ari-YangJeffATL, so did you find out the card?...05:06
Silver_Arrowthat did the trick05:06
Silver_ArrowI'm rustier than I though I was at this x_x05:06
wilee-nileeAri-Yang, Ah thabnks for the reminder why I keep you ignored.05:07
JeffATLsays amd (nee ATI) RS690M (radeon X1200 series)05:07
Ari-Yangokay JeffATL, in the dash board search for software updater, open it, if there are updates install...05:08
Ari-YangJeffATL, then after if things are still out of whack, open up the dash board, search for software sources, go to the "additional drivers" tab of it, then select fglrx and hit apply, and after, update.05:08
JeffATLAri-Yang: i assume i also need to find and edit my grub.conf to make the nomodeset persist05:09
Ari-YangJeffATL, if that's a command line, then I guess you'd edit /etc/default/grub file then05:11
UnderSampledI'm trying to open a windows share, so I went to smb://host.domain.com/share and put in my credentials into the auth box05:11
UnderSampledthen it gave the error : Failed to mount Windows share: Name not unique on network05:12
UnderSampledhow am I suppose to resolve this?05:12
Ari-Yangand then add it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash " line05:12
Cheekiowhere does one report bugs?05:12
Ari-YangJeffATL, in terminal type gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub05:12
Cheekiois there a #ubuntu-bugs05:12
Ari-Yangand make the line look like this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset" save it, then run in terminal sudo update-grub05:12
Ari-Yang^ JeffATL05:12
Cheekioalso, thanks everybody here for being helpful for pretty much no reason other than for being helpful. Channels like #ubuntu are why I'm glad I'm an open source guy.05:13
dylanSo I installed Ubuntu alongside windows, and now I just get "grub>" on boot05:13
linociscohi all05:14
linociscowhat is the best Travel and Tour management software?05:14
NeverHeredylan, does your system have UEFI?05:14
dylanNeverHere: I'm on a Lenovo THinkpad T-53005:14
dylanI don't think that has UEFI05:14
NeverHeredylan, you can try reinstall, you have the right bit i assume, 32 64 etc05:15
dylanre-install what?05:15
NeverHereubuntu u.u05:15
dylanIs there no way to fix grub?05:16
NeverHeremaybe, but not that i know of05:16
wilee-nileedylan, you want just windows? If you remove the linux you remove the key grub stuff.05:16
Ben66dylan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair05:17
wilee-nileedylan, Do you have more than one HD?05:17
Silver_Arrowis it normal to have to sudo make install instead of make install?05:17
NeverHereSilver_Arrow, yes05:18
Silver_Arrowalso, when I try to launch qjoypad from a terminal with or without sudo, nothing pops up05:18
Ben66Silver_Arrow: you need sudo if its going to modify any system directories. be careful installing things like that because it could cause dependency problems05:18
NeverHereSilver_Arrow, you can see what is running with ps aux05:19
JeffATLi used sudo instead of gksudo - thought the nomodeset change took but now i'm back to a scrambled screen05:19
Silver_Arrowwell, the terminal moves to the begining of the next line and doesn't accept input, so something is running, but no window05:20
wilee-nileeJeffATL, Did you udate-grub05:20
JeffATLwilee-nilee: nope - thanks; i forgot05:20
JeffATLi've been accustomed to editing a grub.conf directly and rebooting; my bad05:21
linociscowhat is the best Travel and Tour management software?05:26
zykotick9!best > linocisco05:26
ubottulinocisco, please see my private message05:26
dr_willisJeffATL: grub menu edit lasts one time05:26
dr_willisJeffATL:  edit /etc/default/grub for perment changes05:27
linociscozykotick9, so known to be good softwares in ENglish.05:27
JeffATLi'm not finding "software sources" in the dashboard - there's "ubuntu software center..."05:27
dr_willisJeffATL: that has a menu item in it for sources05:28
Ari-YangJeffATL, then maybe to go system settings and search from there?05:28
rasanen7Hello, I have a samba mount point where the filenames include umlauts and whatnot. I can't access those files due to those chars. I've tried to mount.cifs it with using iocharset (utf8, iso8859-1) with no luck. Any hints?05:29
dr_willisfrom terminal its like gnome-source-? or somthing.  :-P05:29
JeffATL"additional drivers" is in "system settings"05:29
dr_willissoftware-properties-gtk   may be it.05:30
Ari-YangJeffATL, so you found it, yes? you see the 'Additional Drivers' tab?05:30
dr_willisits on the last tab of the sources setti g tool in the latest releases05:30
JeffATLAri-Yang: it's not a tab; it's an icon - first one under "hardware"05:31
Ari-YangJeffATL, right.05:31
Ari-Yangforgot you're on 12.0405:31
Ari-YangJeffATL, if you see flgrx and fglrx (updates), choose fglrx (updates)05:31
JeffATLit has the "searching for available drivers" thing just going and going05:31
zykotick9rasanen7: <don't reply to me> "Any hints?" = stop using samba05:32
JeffATLit just ended saying "no proprietary drivers are in use on this system"05:32
dr_willisor check askubuntu.com or #samba or stackexchange05:32
rasanen7zykotick9: point taken, though inevitable at the moment :P05:34
JeffATLnow, if i go to ub software center and search for fglrx, i get "XvBA-based backend for VA API (AMD fglrx implementation)"05:35
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:36
Silver_ArrowHmm, how do I run a command, but not bind it to the terminal it started from?05:38
loopedhi. im trying to use bind9 to configure a local dns so that i can control resolving one subdomain (x.y.com) using private ips. ive setup a zone file for y.com and only entered records for x.y.com which works well, however that causes other subdomains of y.com to not resolve anymore05:39
loopedif i add just zone "x.y.com" in my named.conf.local then none of the subdomains resolve.05:39
dr_willisSilver_Arrow:  bash job controll basics. use &. or nohup. or screen ;-)05:40
dr_williscommand  &05:40
dr_willisor ctrl-z.   then 'bg'  for background05:41
loopedsorry, correction - if i change my named.conf.local to use zone "x.y.com" all other subdomains resolve using the external dns correctly, but the x.y.com subdomain fails to resolve.05:41
VioBytelooped, thats because you don't have the zone populated with what the authoritative dns has.05:43
loopedVioByte: i did create a zone file which has entries for x.y.com05:43
VioBytelooped, but no others.05:43
loopedthats right. so i guess my question is - how do i correctly set this up so that my local configuration is *only* used for the one subdomain05:44
JeffATLre the above ati link - i'm having trouble mapping lspci results to the choices there05:44
VioBytelooped, See the first DNS that says "HEY i manage that domains records" will respond to any and all requests for that domain. thus cached in your dns lookup tables05:44
JeffATLlspci says amd/ati RS690M [radeon Xpress 1200/1250/1270]05:45
VioBytelooped, But as for what your attempting todo "Control one subdomain of a domain managed by another dns" wont work.05:45
VioByteunless there's a trick i've not ran across yet.05:46
histoJeffATL: to the choices where?05:46
JeffATLhisto: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx05:46
loopedVioByte: ouch.05:46
loopedi'm wondering if i could use forwarding?05:46
JeffATLhisto: and fwiw, this is a gateway netbook05:47
histoJeffATL: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
histoJeffATL: http://askubuntu.com/questions/155352/problem-graphics-with-ati-radeon-x1270-rs690m-on-ubuntu-12-0405:47
VioBytelooped.. you could try to make a copy of the authority dns' records. but if they update there records.. your records would be out of date.05:48
loopedVioByte: well these are my own domains05:48
VioBytebut af for forwarding... not that i'm aware of.. If your dns managed that domain then it will not forward any failed lookups for that domain to another dns05:48
histoVioByte: why not use the other dns for secondary05:49
Ben66looped: you should just change the dns for real05:49
loopedbut i was hoping not to have too much duplications (the actual records are in route53). i basically *only* want two of my servers to contact an endpoint using a LAN05:49
histoVioByte: make his local one primary and ISPs secondary05:49
loopedBen66: i dont want to change it for all servers, just specific ones05:49
JeffATLhisto: i have done the nomodeset thing so i don't have a scrambled screen, but i'm stuck with 1024x768 resolution only (wrong aspect ratio for screen besides)05:50
Ben66looped: that makes no sense05:50
VioBytehisto: the first DNS that says "Hey i host the records" will respond and if the zone record does not exists, it will return not found.05:50
histoJeffATL: yes you need fglrx05:50
VioBytehisto: it will not fail over to the ISP05:50
loopedBen66: sorry, i should have said, i dont want all clients of the x.y.com host to see the change.05:50
VioBytehisto: since it already got a response from the first dns05:50
histo!info fglrx-legacy05:50
ubottuPackage fglrx-legacy does not exist in raring05:50
Ben66looped: still makes no sense. thats not how dns works05:51
JeffATLhisto: i know; that's what i'm trying to achieve now05:51
dr_willismost netbooks ive seen use intel video. not ati05:53
histoJeffATL: you need the legacy driver from the other links section on the ubottu page. http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx  this one05:54
JeffATLdr_willis: please.  label on top and lspci say ati05:54
histodr_willis: hopefully it's not a intel/amd combo card he'll really be crying later05:54
dr_willisif you say so. ive got 4+ netbooks. never seen an ati one05:54
dr_willishisto:  that would be weird in a netbook. ;-)05:55
JeffATLdr_willis: FOUR?? that's really exhaustive, there....05:55
histodr_willis: it's out there05:55
dr_willisjust right for the little ones05:56
JeffATLthe instructions for this ati-driver-installer-...64.run say i need some packages installed.  tried apt-get install zlib ("zlib" is listed) but get "unable to locate package"06:02
JeffATLsighm same with freetype06:03
linociscowhat are the known to be good travel and tour management softwares in ENglish?06:03
Senjailinocisco: why dont you google it06:04
VioByteJeffATL: apt-get update?06:04
linociscoSenjai, can't find06:04
Senjailinocisco: what makes you think we'd know then?06:04
Senjailinocisco: this is a channel about ubuntu, not travel.06:04
RalliasIsn't init 6 supposed to kindly reboot a linux machine?06:04
linociscoSenjai, u r the big community06:04
JeffATLVioByte: thanks06:04
linociscoi want linux based06:04
Senjailinocisco: we R the wrong community for you ;)06:05
Senjailinocisco: Well keep searching, or code your own (tm)06:05
linociscoi mean software06:05
JeffATLVioByte: same; no zlib found06:05
linocisconot about travel and tour06:05
Senjailinocisco: you just said travel and tour06:05
VioByteJeffATL: odd.06:05
VioByteJeffATL: try apt-cache search zlib06:05
Senjailinocisco: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/ knock yourself out06:06
JeffATLVioByte: perhaps zlib-bin?06:06
linociscoI just want names of software somebody is using with no errors06:06
VioByteJeffATL: possible.06:07
JeffATLlinocisco: i think part of the problem is that i don't think any of us even knows what "travel and tour software" even means.06:07
VioByteJeffATL if its not it then you can uninstall what you just installed with apt-get remove <packagename>06:07
VioByteJeffATL: so you don't have unneeded stuff installed and taking up space.06:08
VioByteJeffATL: and if you know what file its looking for you can "apt-get install apt-file" then "apt-file update" then "apt-file search <filename>"06:09
VioByteJeffATL: that'll show you what package has that file06:09
JeffATLVioByte: i think these instructions are just being obtuse; it says "libraries for xxxx" so it's a matter of apt-cache search like you suggested just to make an edu guess as to the package name06:10
histo!find zlib-bin06:10
ubottuFound: libghc-zlib-bindings-dev, libghc-zlib-bindings-doc, libghc-zlib-bindings-prof, zlib-bin06:10
VioByteJeffATL: Well it should install its depends automatically.06:11
dr_willisfor compiling you normally need the -dev packages06:11
VioByteJeffATL: if you are getting the package from apt-get.. unless, what you are trying to install was downloading and not available on apt-get06:12
VioByteJeffATL: then its almost a guessing game on what it wants.06:13
dr_willisso.. what are you installing/doing exactly?06:13
JeffATLdr_willis: you mean me?06:13
VioBytedr_willis, depends if its a bin install or compiled.06:14
dr_willisyou are the one trying to install somthing JeffATL ?06:14
VioBytedr_willis, If its a required dev package for a compilation.. then thats easy to find and fix.06:14
VioByteas for bins... they usually have libraries included06:15
JeffATLdr_willis: my top-level goal is to be able to run this ATI at the display's best resolution (will only do 1024x768 now; wrong aspect ratio) and also be able to use an external monitor (not mirror mode)06:15
JeffATLthis has sent me down a rabbit hole where i'm trying to figure out if i have CFree86-Mesa-libGL and seven other things06:16
VioByteJeffATL, Hope you get it resolved.06:17
* VioByte goes back to work.06:17
JeffATLoh lord...06:17
JeffATLtried to run the ati installer; died saying "error: ./default_policy.sh does not support version06:18
dr_willis_this is that legacy fglrx driver that was mentioned earlier?06:19
JeffATLdr_willis_: yes06:19
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
dr_willis_it may be it has code to check kernel versions.  that sort of sounds like what its sawing06:20
JeffATLdr_willis_: ohhhhh goddddd - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122122106:21
histodr_willis_: don't the default fglrx drivers have support for legacy cards06:23
dr_willis_i have 1 ati system left these days.  open sourced drivers work for me with it.06:24
JeffATLhisto: i'm certainly willing to go that route...what do i do, apt-get install fglrx?06:25
columbUsed my ssd with system on other then my hardware. After I got back to my PC system started using "Vesa: -100" as video driver. Why it's switched to it?06:25
dr_willis_but ati cleans out old stuff from their fglrx drivers as fast as they can. sadly06:25
histoJeffATL: yes06:25
JeffATLdr_willis_: my issue is that i can't run with just this nasty 1024x768 resolution06:25
histo!xrandr | JeffATL06:25
ubottuJeffATL: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1206:25
=== jack is now known as Guest48042
dr_willis_my netbooks  dont have that high a res.  ;-)06:26
histodr_willis_: that sux06:26
dr_willis_they are 2± yrs old.  ;-)  some were rummage sale $40 specials06:27
dr_willis_they dont have high enough res to run wesnoth. :-(06:29
ksinkarhow to check if the Alt-Gr key is recognized by my Ubuntu and it works? I keyboard layout from keyboard settings does not help me with this06:29
Ben66ksinkar: xev06:30
JeffATLtrying to apt-get install fglrx died; in the log is says "kernel includes at /lib/modules/3.8.0-29-generic/build/include not found or incomplete" - sounds like i'm maybe just missing a package?06:38
dr_willis_the apt get should pull in all it needs. unless you got a custome kernel06:39
histoJeffATL: you probably need to apt-get update && apt-get upgrade first06:39
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages06:40
JeffATLdr_willis_: no; just as the install laid it in06:40
dr_willis_you mean rhe. run driver? or the apt-get install?06:40
dr_willis_id concure. the  apt-get  update and upgrade. and perhaps a  apt-get dist-upgrade  to be sure all is at the latest version.06:42
JeffATLdr_willis_: says linux-headers... already installed06:42
=== gcx565 is now known as gcx
JeffATLdr_willis_: ok, all that update/ugrade/dist-upgrade is done06:45
xrfanghi, is there a way to show "Start-up application" in the system menu (top right of the panel) in 13.04?06:45
dr_willis_if the kernel got updated you should reboot. then try to install the fglrx thing again06:46
xrfangI can start gnome-session-properties manually, but it would be nice to be accessed via system menu06:46
histoxrfang: then create a launcher06:46
xrfanghisto, I can create a launcher, but I don't know how to create an menu item in system menu.06:47
JeffATLok, fglrx has installed but i'm stull stuck at 1024x768 resolution with no alternatives in the system settings / displays thing06:53
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
see1good morning07:02
see1is here every1 who can help with php-fpm ?07:02
MordFustangI created shell script in /usr/local/bin/watching and add entry in /etc/crontab @reboot     pi    watching | and its not working can anyone help me?07:02
bazhang!details | see107:02
ubottusee1: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:02
bazhangMordFustang, try #bash07:03
MordFustangbazhang script is working if I run it manualy07:03
ElectricPrismcan anyone reccomend me a US hosting company with good support?07:04
bazhangElectricPrism, #ubuntu-offtopic07:04
ubottuIf you really don't wish to see the messages from a particular person on IRC, you can use /ignore nickname07:04
MordFustangjoin #bash07:05
see1bazhang: i have this problem  FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream | i found a lot on the web, but it will not work..i get crazy07:05
bazhangElectricPrism, it's offtopic here, use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel07:05
bazhangsee1, what version of ubuntu, trying to accomplish what ^exactly^, pastebin the command and the errors07:06
bazhang!paste | see107:07
ubottusee1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:07
=== bedroomDJ is now known as see1
=== linuxlite1969 is now known as convoi
dr_willis_JeffATL: the fglrx drvers come with some amd control center tool to tweak settings..  amdccle or somthing like that07:08
=== deadrex is now known as havires
JeffATLdr_willis_: i'll look for that; thanks07:14
JeffATLdr_willis_: installing fglrx still gets me a ways in then "error: bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.8.0-29-generic"07:16
JeffATLlog file cited still says "kernel includes at /lib/modules/3.8.0-29-generic/build/include not found or incomplete"07:17
eltigrehey, I am having trouble with CPU temperatures (I think...). I've read tons of posts, but I can't figure out if my cpu temperature is actually called "CPU" in psensors or "temp1"07:20
JeffATLwow - it looks like that is a brand new bug!! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/121803707:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 859101 in fglrx-installer-updates (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1218037 fglrx 2:8.881-0ubuntu2: fglrx kernel module failed to build (kernel includes at ... not found or incomplete)" [High,Confirmed]07:21
eltigrethe problem being I have read "k10temp-pci-00c3" is the actual core temperature, and when I ramp up the cpu the "cpu" value gets to 85° which is way beyond max temperature07:21
JeffATLactually, it's a dupe that's a day old; the error goes back a ways07:22
mikubuntudon't know what to do with this laptop -- it won't boot -- only goes to this screen msg, can anybody make any sense of it? sorry the image is not very clear :: http://imagebin.org/26919607:23
JeffATLi'm just going to move on with 13.04; if that doesn't work i'll just try another distro; this is madness07:24
JeffATLok, what's really pathetic is that the ubuntu dvd knows what to do with the graphics07:34
JeffATLwell, except for the scrambling.  never mind.07:35
=== Dave is now known as Guest52603
dr_willis_dvd used the opensourced drivers. newer releases will use newer versions of them and may work better07:44
dr_willis_id try 13.10 as a test07:44
=== inferno is now known as Guest17626
JeffATLdr_willis_: trying that now07:48
GoldenVirginiaWhen I symlink a directory A to another directory B, where will my file gets stored ?07:48
JeffATLGoldenVirginia: non sequitur; where will you store the file?07:49
JeffATLfirst, "symlink a directory A" makes no sense07:49
dr_willis_in the final directory.. thats the only real place.07:50
dr_willis_a to b to c to d .....07:50
GoldenVirginiaJeffATL: I don't know how to mention it in words , as you noticed im very new to the subject.07:50
dr_willis_ now a hardlink...07:50
maphey folks07:51
JeffATLotoh, if you mean "i create a symlink A to directory B; where will the file go if i copy it to A", the answer is "in B"07:51
mapcould someone lend me a hand - got a linux machine and wiureless is working (wlan0)  and iwlist scan shows the network -- how do i make it connect to my network from commandline?07:51
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: You understand symlinks a lot ?07:51
mapthis machine has no GUI so i'd like to connect it to my network from cmd line07:51
dr_willis_GoldenVirginia:  not a lot to understand.  ;-)07:52
xmetali dont pay attention to this channel for 2 minutes and the kids come out to play07:52
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: Please may I PM ?07:52
dr_willis_symlinks should be documented all over the internetz.07:52
GoldenVirginiaIt is, I read , I did, its not working.07:53
GoldenVirginiaJeffATL: and yes thats what i meant to ask07:53
mikubuntudon't know what to do with this laptop -- it won't boot -- only goes to this screen msg, can anybody make any sense of it? sorry the image is not very clear :: http://imagebin.org/26919607:53
dr_willis_give the channel details and examples07:53
mapi did07:53
pradeephow to install netbeans-7.3.1-linux-sh?07:54
=== pradeep is now known as Guest75161
histomikubuntu: did you just install?07:54
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: alright, i have /home/xyz . That is on SSD. I have /media/sdb which is on HDD. I want that anything that is added to /home/xyz gets stored in /media/sdb.07:54
dr_willis_map theres cli network commands.  nit used them in ages. theres a netwirk-manager cli tool also07:55
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: so I did cd/home/ , then ln -s /media/sdb/ xyz07:55
histoGoldenVirginia: then mount /dev/sdb to /home/xyz    after you copy the current files07:55
ObrienDaveMikubuntu: did you mess with fstab?07:55
histoGoldenVirginia: sorry /media/sdb or symlink07:55
xmetali still laugh at the thought of the floodbots banning each other for spamming07:55
xmetali am sure there is something programmed in them to avoid that07:56
GoldenVirginiahisto:  Can you please explain more ?07:56
dr_willis_use full paths for links also. ;-)07:56
mikubuntuhisto: no i can't get it to install -- i was able to get into the bios to set the cd as boot, and insert a disk -- but when i power up it goes right to this msg. this box previously had (maybe still has) an ubuntu installed -- but i don't know what version or details it belongs to my friends son07:56
impradeepyhow to install netbeans??07:56
dr_willis_no beany factoid.07:56
impradeepyyea 7.3.1-linux-sh07:56
mikubuntuObrienDave: no, din't mess with anything except the bios really07:56
GoldenVirginiabut /media/sdb is the full path, no ?07:57
hongkerimpradeepy: "sudo apt-get install netbeans"07:57
dr_willis_perhaps askubyntu.com has a guide07:57
mikubuntuObrienDave: (i don't know what fstab is) :P07:57
dr_willis_!info netbeans07:57
ubottunetbeans (source: netbeans): Extensible Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0.1+dfsg1-5ubuntu2 (raring), package size 876 kB, installed size 1919 kB07:57
impradeepywill it install the latest version?07:57
mikubuntuObrienDave: but i don't know what my friends son may have done07:57
ObrienDaveMikubuntu: that's a good thing.  Lol07:57
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.07:58
mikubuntuObrienDave: lol07:58
impradeepyok thanku m trying07:58
GoldenVirginiaAlso, /media/sdb has only 1 partition.  should I mount it anywhere?07:58
dr_willis_GoldenVirginia:  its /dev/sdb1 yiu mean? you can use any mountpoint you want07:59
mikubuntuObrienDave: does the image not tell us anything usefull? http://imagebin.org/26919607:59
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:59
=== linuxlite1969 is now known as convoi
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=267869 <--- i followed this.08:00
GoldenVirginiaexcept I replaced sda1 with sdb08:01
dr_willis_you can mount a hard drive's filesystems to a directory in the useres home. or make a link to the mountpoint.08:01
ObrienDaveMikubuntu: I'm on android phone right now. Can't be much help. Sorry08:02
dr_willis_sdb is NOT normally a filesystem  its a drive08:02
dr_willis_sdb1 and sdb are very different things08:02
mikubuntuObrienDave: ok, thx dave08:02
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: So while making filesystems I should have done sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1 ?08:03
GoldenVirginiaand not sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb08:03
impradeepyhow can i install android sdk on ubuntu??08:03
dr_willis_yes.. you format partitions. not the drive08:03
GoldenVirginiaI see, how will the system know Im talking abt sdb drive ?08:04
dr_willis_except in some soecial cases08:04
GoldenVirginiabecause of sdb1?08:04
dr_willis_id repartion and reformat the dusk08:04
JeffATLubuntu 13.04 liveDVD came up with a scrambled screen08:04
impradeepym not talking about the hard drives08:04
impradeepysdk not sdb,sda etc08:04
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: Ill format the everything again08:04
dr_willis_im not talking to you impradeepy  ;)08:05
JeffATLactually, the initial stuff (like "try ubuntu" vs "install ubuntu") looked fine but when i clicked on try, it wound up with a total screen mess08:05
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: However what did you mean by mounting  to users /home?08:05
GoldenVirginiawhat will that fetch me ?08:05
impradeepycan u tell me how to install .tar.gz??08:05
=== colin_ws is now known as __colin__
dr_willis_JeffATL: try a lubuntu live cd? it dosent use 3d/unity08:05
rachoJeffATL, anything special about your video card?08:05
dr_willis_GoldenVirginia: you mount whever you want.08:06
GoldenVirginiabut not storing on my SSD but my HDD can only be done via symlinks?08:06
dr_willis_  /home/bubba/pics   could be  /dev/sdb108:06
impradeepyexit ty08:07
dr_willis_lunks can work to redirect also08:07
JeffATLracho: i've been fighting this for a few hours.  it's an ati radeon that takes teh catalyst driver08:07
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: You tell me if I have /home/xyz and mount /dev/sdb1 on /home/xyz then anything ill store in /home/xyz will be stored in sdb HDD ?08:07
dr_willis_you MOUNT sdb1 to a folder.. that folder is the contents of sdb1.. uts not complicated08:08
rachoJeffATL, wait you don't usually get proprietary drivers while in a live cd session. unless your radeon is super new or super old the free one should work quite well08:09
MooreJohn90Hi Guys, I want to make a phone call from my CDMA modem. Is it possible? If it is, what kind of software should I use?08:10
rachoJeffATL, what do you mean 'takes the catalyst driver'08:10
GoldenVirginiaah got it.08:10
dr_willis_a soft link would jyst redirect you to the avtual mountpoint transpently08:10
=== james is now known as Guest41844
dr_willis_see the huge amounts of guides on mounting08:10
dr_willis_! mount08:11
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:11
JeffATLracho: http://askubuntu.com/questions/124292/what-is-the-correct-way-to-install-ati-catalyst-video-drivers-fglrx/286775#28677508:11
GoldenVirginiadr_willis_: thanks I will  when doing a sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 , it said , could not stat /dev/sdb1 - no such file or directory , the device apparently doesnt exist :(08:12
rachoJeffATL, ok but that is installing the ati fglrx? you say you have a problem while running a live session right?08:12
JeffATLracho: installing fglrx and fglrx-legacy failed...08:13
rachoJeffATL, ubuntu version?08:13
rachoJeffATL, also you try to install them while running a live cd?08:13
JeffATLlog file cited by the error message says "kernel includes at /lib/modules/3.8.0-29-generic/build/include not found or incomplete"08:13
JeffATLracho: ^08:13
MooreJohn90Hi, Can I possible to make a phone call via EVDO USB modem?08:13
=== james_ is now known as Guest17790
rachoso while running a live cd?08:14
dr_willis_GoldenVirginia:  if you formated sdb  you need to delete and repartion it08:14
dr_willis_GoldenVirginia:  you may want to use gparted08:14
GoldenVirginiagparted on a server ?08:15
JeffATLracho: 12.04 is installed;08:16
JeffATLi'm having trouble getting a grub screen when i boot the CD - am i doing something wrong?08:17
cfhowlettJeffATL: check the ISO with md5sum.  check the CD with "check disk integrity"08:18
cfhowlettJeffATL: wait, scratch that.08:18
JeffATLcfhowlett: no, no - it'll boot; i just need to tell it nomodeset08:19
cfhowlettJeffATL: booting the cd bypasses grub so ... no grub!08:19
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:19
JeffATLoh, ok08:19
dr_willis_the live cds have a way to do nomodeset.08:22
JeffATLdr_willis_: above link had it described - it's trying to boot now08:23
dr_willis_i used to need nomodeset. but not any more since 11.± release08:24
seperoJeffATL: Hey, help vote this up http://meta.unix.stackexchange.com/a/1378/2337308:25
JeffATLsepero: wtf?08:26
rachogod i hate apt...08:26
wilee-nileeJeffATL, please don't use that acronym here08:27
JeffATLwilee-nilee: my bad; sorry08:27
rachoJeffATL, so did it boot with nomodeset?08:29
JeffATLracho: yes, but with bad resolution08:29
rachothat's not the live cd right?08:29
rachoyou're booting your installation08:29
JeffATLracho: right now with the 13.04 livecd; 12.04 is on the disk and i've got nomodeset persistently there08:30
barihois there a photo viewer available in the repositories, that is able to do a full screen slide show of a folder of photos in a random order?08:31
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
JeffATLracho - per http://askubuntu.com/questions/124292/what-is-the-correct-way-to-install-ati-catalyst-video-drivers-fglrx/286775#286775 , this is one of the cards that can no longer use the AMD catalyst drivers and has to use open source drivers08:33
JeffATLbut really, i need to give up and go to bed; this has become a nightmare08:34
rachoJeffATL, 13.04 does not support the default fglrx that come from the repos. there is the xorg-edgers ppa for this thing but i really advise not to go down this road08:34
=== acidflash_ is now known as acidflash
JeffATLracho: ok08:34
rachothe best course is to the use the open source one08:34
JeffATLracho: but that sends me into either scrambled-screen land or, with nomodeset 1024x768 only08:35
rachoperformance is a little lower than catalyst (and power management is terrible at least in 3.8) but it will work and be stable08:35
rachoJeffATL, you're trying to upgrade to 13.04 or just checking out?08:36
JeffATLracho: i'm jsut trying to get this laptop functional enough to do a libreoffice impress presentation08:36
rachoJeffATL, well if you have 12.04 installed do the presentation in a 13.04 live cd session?08:37
MordFustangcan someone tell me how to run python script forever?08:37
JeffATLracho: i need two screens working, in correct resolutions08:37
ikoniaMordFustang: what do you mean "forever"08:38
rachoJeffATL, alright but still why boot the 13.04 live cd when you have 12.04? at least in 12.04 the catalyst from the official repos work08:38
JeffATLracho: no, it didn't work08:39
MordFustangikonia if I run python script by hand python script.py it runs forever, but if I create bash script, it ends in 1 min i guess08:39
kalle_I have a problem with the package "ftp-proxy". I have set up a reverse proxy for my FTP on a firewall/NAT machine, but I get random "Connection reset by peer" when doing file listings in empty directories...08:39
ikoniaMordFustang: that makes just no sense, they are two different things doing two different tasks, they will end when the task completes08:39
ikoniaMordFustang: could you provide some context incase I am missing something08:40
rachoJeffATL, then boot the 12.04..go to another console (Ctral+Alt+F1-7) and remove the fgrlx packages08:40
rachoJeffATL, reboot.. make sure you get your native resolution08:40
MordFustangikonia i'm using dropbox downloader in python08:40
ikoniaMordFustang: go on.....08:41
JeffATLracho: neither fgrlx or fglrx-legacy would install - error about includes08:41
MordFustangikonia there is a script watching.py which is scanning all the time so it never ends08:41
ikoniaMordFustang: ok,08:42
ikoniaMordFustang: keep going.....08:42
rachoJeffATL, do you have linux-headers installed?08:42
JeffATLracho: at the moment, i don't know08:43
MordFustangikonia now I create bash script to run this in crontab but its not running all the time08:43
JeffATLracho: ok, fglrx removed08:44
=== cantoma is now known as Guest24591
=== jduro_ is now known as cantoma
JeffATLracho: linux-headers for this version is alrady installed08:46
ikoniaMordFustang: it doesn't quite work like that, crontab has no shell enviornment by default, you have to set one up in the script08:46
ikoniaMordFustang: I suspect it's execting because it's running - failing, exiting,08:46
rachoJeffATL, i can even suggest apt-get purge fglrx. reboot and let us see if you get your default screen res08:46
ikoniaMordFustang: so it appears to run for a minute then end08:46
JeffATLracho: did that purche; rebooting08:47
holden87Hi guys, i have one question. I've been checking out the Moka icons that were published on omgubuntu, and i switched to them in myunity. Now i have a question, how can i switch back to default. Could anyone of you please check in myunity which is your default icon set, just so i don't mistake it. Thanks08:48
rachoholden87, i think ubuntu-mono-dark08:49
JeffATLracho: rebooted to 1024x768 and that's the only one i can select08:49
MordFustangikonia: any alternative to run this script on boot without crontab?08:50
rachoJeffATL, lspci | grep VGA08:50
Mondaywhat do i type to try out the xfce desktop thanks08:50
ikoniaMordFustang: the obvious options would be 1.) script it properly so it can be executed from cron 2.) run it as a daemon in a startup script08:50
JeffATLracho: up-arrowing08:51
holden87racho, thank you!08:51
JeffATLlspci says amd/ati RS690M [radeon Xpress 1200/1250/1270]08:51
subuI am trying to install ubuntu from usb . I am getting stuck at Net:Registered protocol family 108:51
JeffATLracho: ^08:51
rachoJeffATL, oh god. X1200...08:52
JeffATLracho: exxactly.08:52
subucan anyone help me08:52
Mondaysubu if you are having problems with the ubuntu installer, you can probably try Linux Mint08:53
ikoniaMonday: why ???08:53
JeffATLracho: it seems like a problem that may be common to any distro, evne gentoo08:53
ikoniaMonday: why would an install problem dictate "try mint"08:53
MordFustangikonia; https://wiki.umms.med.umich.edu/display/ET/9.+providing+RPi+sync+with+Dropbox+Server can you check crontab part08:53
ikoniathe plan is to understand the problem and help the user, not point them at a random distribution08:54
JeffATLikonia: <raises hand>08:54
subuWill linux mint load ubuntu?08:54
ikoniasubu: no, it's a totally different linux distribution08:54
backwardshah that confused me08:54
ikoniasubu: hence why Monday's advice makes no sense08:54
sububut i want ubuntu08:54
backwardsok then install ubuntu08:54
ikoniasubu: great, so state the problem, and work with people in the channel to see if they can help resolve your issues08:54
Mondaysubu, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu with a Windows-like desktop08:54
ikoniaMonday: no it's nothing like windows08:55
subuI am trying to install ubuntu from usb . I am getting stuck at Net:Registered protocol family 108:55
ikoniaMonday: and it's moving away from ubuntu - the desktop is a totally different experience08:55
JeffATLok, gotta sleep08:55
ikoniaMonday: if you a.) don't really know what you are suggesting b.) can't help fix the problem the user has, please don't offer random stuff08:55
backwardsactually i too had trouble installing mint on one of my PC's using a cd08:55
backwardsnever got it to work08:55
subuI tried with 12.04 and then with 1308:55
rachoJeffATL, problem is X1200 is bascially dead...08:55
ikoniasubu: just state the problem, and people will try to help if they can08:55
rachofglrx does not support it08:55
subuI am trying to install ubuntu from usb . I am getting stuck at Net:Registered protocol family 1 - this is the problem08:56
rachoopen radeon does but not fully i guess saying you can get only 1024x76808:56
ikoniaMordFustang: what am I looking at here ?08:56
Mondayikonia, no one was helping on here for over 10 minutes of asking so i'm trying to help him because i know that the Linux Mint installer worked fine08:56
JeffATLracho: it's like it's either windows or nothing for this thing08:56
subumonday: sorry i can't use mint08:57
MordFustangikonia: crontab part, you can see how script is made08:57
ikoniaMonday: it installs mint though, and you don't know the linux minst installer works for him08:57
subu<ikonia> : any suggestion?08:57
ikoniaMordFustang: that guide is for raspbian ?08:57
ikoniasubu: I've not been following your problem, sorry08:57
MordFustangikonia: yes08:57
subuI am trying to install ubuntu from usb . I am getting stuck at Net:Registered protocol family 108:57
ikoniaMordFustang: are you using raspbien ?08:57
MordFustangikonia: yes08:57
subu<ikonia> : I am trying to install ubuntu from usb . I am getting stuck at Net:Registered protocol family 108:58
ikoniaMordFustang: then why are you asking in #ubuntu08:58
MordFustangikonia: this should also work in ubuntu :D08:58
ikoniaMordFustang: no it shouldn't as it uses a different cron setup08:58
subuCan anyone help please08:59
ikoniaMordFustang: this channel is for ubuntu support only, you've not even asked in #raspberrypi - so I suggest taking it to the correct channel please, and please don't use this channel for raspberry suppport08:59
ikoniasubu: one moment08:59
MordFustangikonia: ok08:59
ikoniaMordFustang: thanks08:59
ikoniasubu: is this a standard home PC ?09:00
Mondayaren't there any Ubuntu support ops on here?09:00
ksinkarBen66: I used xev, and it seems that Alt_L and Alt_R are being recognized correctly09:00
ikoniasubu: are you using a usb hub, or a usb device (such as a keyboard) with a usb hub in ?09:00
ikoniaMonday: yes, they are in #ubuntu-ops09:00
subui am using my usb pen drive09:01
histoMonday: why?09:01
ksinkarBen66: but the problem is that I cannot use Alt R as Alt Gr as described on the internet. I am not able to do AltGr + 5 and get a Euro sign on my editor09:01
ikoniaMonday: if you need someone you can join that channel and ask for some help09:01
ikoniasubu: apart from the pen drive,09:01
Mondayhisto, if there are so many ops why isn't anyone else people09:01
ikoniaMonday: there are 1600 people in this channel09:01
ikoniaMonday: very few are ops09:01
ikoniaMonday: if you need help from the operators join #ubuntu-ops and ask09:01
Mondaybut only a couple of people are asking for help and no one is helping09:02
subuApart from then pen drive i have a PATA hard disk , normal keyboard and USB mouse09:02
ikoniaMonday: ops are not "super helpers"09:02
ikoniaMonday: the channel relies on anyone helping09:02
histo!volunteers | Monday09:02
ubottuMonday: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:02
netai have a problem with installing ubuntu- i have windows 7 and i'm trying to unstall ubuntu 12.04 in dual boot. i made a dok (don't have a cd rom). when i restart the computer i can enter the setup of the bios. when i enable UEFI Boot Support and then restart the computer see the usb and give me the screen where i can choose to install ubuntu (or run it without installing). so far so good- then when i choose to install i get a black screen, and09:02
ikoniasubu: so you have no usb hubs on your machine09:02
Mondayisn't there a schedule for ops to ensure that at least 3 ops are supporting the channel at any given time09:02
ikoniasubu: do you have a DVD drive ?09:02
subuI have 4 USB ports on my machine09:03
ikoniaMonday: ops are not support experts,09:03
histo!nomodeset | neta09:03
ubottuneta: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:03
ikoniaMonday: ops are there to help the channel run smoothly09:03
ikoniasubu: that is frustrating as it looks like the common cause of your problem is down to the usb device09:03
ikoniasubu: I'm just doing a little more research09:03
Mondaywell only ubuntu support experts should be ops09:03
ikoniaMonday: that's not how it works,09:03
ikoniaMonday: you're welcome to join #ubuntu-ops and this can be explained to you09:04
histoMonday: or you're welcome to hang out and help others.09:04
subuikonia: Will booting from DVD solve the issue?09:04
ikoniasubu: I was interested if it did as a test, due to the common issue on your problem being a usb device09:04
subuThen I have to hijack a dvd drive from my office today09:05
ikoniasubu: so what is plugged into your usb ports ?09:05
histosubu: what make and model machine are you trying to install on?09:05
netaubottu, histo: tnx! i'll try this :)09:05
ubottuneta: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:05
subuMy pen drive and my mose is plugged in USB port09:05
ikoniasubu: just for interest, unplug the mouse, see what it does09:06
ikoniasubu: is your keyboard PS2 ?09:06
subuI had unplugged and tried, same issue09:06
subumy keyboard is ps209:07
ikoniathat was a bit of a long shot to be honest09:07
ikoniaif possible unplug all USB devices, and try to boot from DVD, I know it's a bit of effort though09:07
subuthen hijacking a USB drive is the only option left09:08
rachosubu, reboot into BIOS and check disable "Legacy USB Support" if you have it there09:08
zangaroodoes canonical have an irc server ?09:08
subuOk racho09:08
subuI will try this and come back now09:09
suburacho: the same problem remains09:12
subuikonia: is there any more suggestion from your side09:13
subuI am trying to install ubuntu from usb . I am getting stuck at Net:Registered protocol family 1 - help required09:16
ikoniasubu: there is a suggestion that on some older PC's (Asus mostly) that apci is the issue, however I don't think this will be your issue09:17
rachosubu, what version of ubuntu are you installing?09:17
subuyea ikonia , my is an old pc09:17
subuhow to go past the acpi problem?09:17
VyrlokarHello everybody. I'm trying to setup a Vostro 3750 laptop that runs an Intel/nVidia Optimus setup under Xubuntu. If I add nomodeset to the kernel boot parameters, the system boots, but I'm restricted to 1024x768 resolution (actual screen resolution is 1600x900) and external monitors are disabled. If I remove it, I get initial output on both the build in and the external monitor, but it freezes during boot. I've tried using drm_kms_09:18
VyrlokarBy the way, if booting into nomodeset, I can optirun glxspheres and get 5x the FPS compared to normal glxspheres, and the nVidia driver (-304) loads correctly (I do lsmod on a second terminal console to check it)09:18
rachosubu, one shot is to try and update your BIOS firmware if your BIOS manufacturer even has some updates...09:18
subuikonia: How to get past the APCI problem?09:18
ikoniasubu: I don't think it is an apci problem for you09:18
VyrlokarAny hints on how to get this to work? I've been hammering at it for 2 days, and I'm at my wit's end09:18
suburacho , this PC is a old desktop -  Celeron 2.4 GHZ with DDR1 RAM09:19
rachosubu, is the mainboard Intel DG45ID09:20
subuno the main board is ASROCK 4i45GV09:21
suburacho : I am trying to use this old M/B + Processor + Arduino to do a robot09:22
rachosubu, can't you install from cd09:23
suburacho , thai is the last option , and then I have to hijack the CD driver from my office09:24
rachoi mean the hardware does not follow the usb standard specs so there is nothing the software(kernel) can do about this09:24
subuthanks racho09:24
rachosubu, also usually old hardware was not very linux friendly09:24
subuthanks ikonia09:24
kilo_bytehello.. I have got multiple Desktop ernvironments in my pc.. and its pretty much pulling down my performance..09:25
rachoin the old days you would tinker with your systems for days to make it work as intended09:25
kilo_bytehow can I uninstall the others i dont want09:25
suburacho : i will have to steal a CD crive today09:25
subu+ burn a dvd09:25
rachosubu, i think that would be the best option09:26
anoneehello ubuntuers! I got a process with an unknown pid it says "?" running under root, program name is unknown, and it got a TCP port open, how on earth can I fix that?09:28
ikoniaanonee: which tcp port does it have open, what program is it?09:28
rachoVyrlokar, wasn't there a bumblebee ppa for this kind of stuff? (i'm sorry ati user here)09:28
Gracenhello ya not anglish, ya russian09:29
ezra-sanonee, what's the name of the process?09:29
Gracenпросто посижу тут у вас за компанию))09:30
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:31
anoneeikonia, ezra-s: nethogs says: program: unknown, user: root, pid:? !! is there a way to know anything? like the port number or anything?09:31
ikoniaanonee: kill it09:31
ezra-sanonee, paste it all in a pastebin09:31
Vyrlokarracho: I'm using Bumblebee (that's where I get Optirun). However, it doesn't help here.09:31
ezra-sps auxwww outout and top output if you can09:32
anoneeikonia what am I gonna kill that's the problem :(09:32
anoneeezra-s what am I gonna post? I already said all the info I have...09:33
ezra-sanonee, you got the info from somewhere, paste it so we can see it with our own eyes to judge09:34
ezra-sanonee, ps auxwwww  and top out please09:34
ezra-sI am not going to tell you what you may do if I can't see precisely what is hapenning to you09:35
ezra-sit may be a kernel process or similar09:35
rachoVyrlokar, can you disable your integrated vga from your BIOS09:35
VyrlokarAnyway, I believe that the issue is related to the intel card, because I'm not loading the nVidia card09:35
Vyrlokaror should not be loading it anyway09:35
rachoVyrlokar, exactly. some BIOSes support disabling one of the cards and forcing only one of them to be used09:37
netaproblem with installing ubuntu with windows 7- sorry, i don't understand how to make this NOMODESET work. when i restart with dok i don't have this purple screen where i can change the code.. i just have a black screen with text that askes if i what to install ubuntu or try witput installing, and no matter what i choose i get a black screen...09:37
histoneta: press the shift key just after you bios posts to get to the grub screen09:37
histoneta: what version of ubuntu are you trying to install btw?09:38
netahisto: 12.0409:38
histokilo_byte: multiple DEs will nto hamper performance09:38
histoneta: 64bit?09:38
backwardswhy is this record so hard to get. damnit09:39
netahisto: 64, yes09:39
kilo_bytehisto, but my os has gone pretty slow these days09:39
Vyrlokarracho: unfortunately, I can't do that09:39
histoneta: odd, anyhoot repeatedly pressing the shift key will get you to the grub menu. Then you can follow the directions09:39
dr_willisneta:  the cd boot stuff has an option menu befor you get to the  try/install screen09:39
histokilo_byte: well take a look at your processes and see what is hogging.09:40
rachoVyrlokar, what version of ubuntu are you running?09:40
Priceykilo_byte: Global warming has increased as the number of pirates has decreased.09:40
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:40
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
kilo_bytehisto, how to?09:40
histoneta: are you not even seeing the first screen that says "try ubuntu" "install" etc...?09:40
Priceyoh, increased09:40
histokilo_byte: top in a terminal or bring up the system monitor in the GUI09:41
netadr_willis, histo: i don't have options before i get the screen that askes me if i want to install or try without. but i can press F2 foor boot options09:42
histoneta: then you can set nomodeset there09:43
dr_willistheres a man=keybord  icon you see real fast. you hit space when you see that.09:43
histoneta: did you not look at the link?09:43
dr_willisthen you use f5 or f609:43
dr_willisi recall the url has screenshots09:43
histoneta: I believe F6 on the try ubuntu screen is for boot options09:44
histodr_willis: it does09:44
dr_willisin the past ive edited the boot file menus on the live usb to make nomodeset the default.09:46
netahisto, dr_willis: i read the link but didn't understand much... i'll try to restart my computer now and get to boot options from the ubuntu install screen.. so far i tried only from the bios before09:46
histoneta: look at the pictures on the link09:46
netahisto: i didn't get those screens when i tried, but i'l try pressing all the F's and shift :)09:48
Web-aptosid415apt-get install gdebi09:49
histoneta: That screen is the "Try Ubuntu" screen you mentioned earlier no?09:49
netahisto: yes09:49
histoneta: Then what do you mean you don't get those screens?09:49
Web-aptosid415apt-get install synaptic09:50
histoneta: on the "Try Ubuntu" screen look at the bottom there are F keys listed for additional options09:50
histoWeb-aptosid415: you can't install software in an irc channel09:50
havireshi im having an issue installing 12.10 with the efi fix on my hp pav g709:50
histohavires: efi fix?09:50
netahisto: my screen is black and not purple, and it didn't mantioned those other options09:51
barthodaHi all, where can I get help making a package for a shared library?09:51
histoneta: is this the installation dvd you are booting?09:51
haviresit goes the to the ubuntu loading screen and freezes09:51
histohavires: What efi fix are you speaking of?09:52
netahisto: dok, not cd (my laptop is too small for a cd rom)09:52
histoneta: what is dok?09:52
netahisto: disk on key09:52
haviresthe one included with the iso, im on my phone atm so its kind of hard to type  histo09:53
haviresim trying to do a dual boot09:53
histoneta: how did you create it?09:53
histohavires: There is no efi fix included with the iso so I have no idea what the hell youa re talking about. If you are trying to install on a UEFI system you need to be using 64bit09:54
netahisto: i downloaded the iso and then used universal-usb-installer09:54
histoneta: check the md5sum of your iso09:55
histo!md5sum | neta09:55
ubottuneta: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:55
=== Snake2k_ is now known as Snake2k
alexaI'm having trouble with sound volume. It used to work while ago. Then I switched to HDMI - it worked too. Now I'm back on VGA (for visual) and to "normal" sound output (not over HDMI anymore). The problem is, my sound is too low. I checked settings, it's not mutted. When I put headphones on, I hear very low music. Tried with different headphones too.  What shall I do?09:57
netahisto: can you write it again, i accidently refreshed the tab :P09:57
histoalexa: check which device is set for output in sound preferences09:57
histo!md5sum > neta09:57
ubottuneta, please see my private message09:57
burghello. i am trying to do sudo setfacl -R -m u:ultra:rwx /projects , but i get: setfacl: /projects/clients/client0/web1: Operation not permitted09:58
alexahisto, I switched to Built-in audio (it used to be HDMI before).09:58
jribburg: what's the output of « mount ?09:59
dr_willisburg what filesystem is the drive using?10:00
histoalexa: loose speaker connection?10:00
Vyrlokarracho: I'm using Xubuntu 13.04 (tried at default, with x-edgers and with x-updates). Still, progress! I get everything working until I get to the login screen for XCFE. On login, it seems that the xserver crashes/can't set graphic mode because I get corrupted graphics and then back to the login screen10:00
seperoalexa: I've had low volume before from changing Built-In Audio Profile from analog to digital10:00
histoVyrlokar: what video chipset?10:00
alexasepero, histo , how do I reset audio configuration, as it used to be once I installed OS?10:02
dr_willishmm. the  graphical login screen is using x also. so it could be a weird xfce byg10:02
histoalexa: have you checked alsamixer?10:02
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.10:02
alexahisto, I did, all seems to be normal10:03
histoalexa: I would check the troubleshooting guide there10:04
alexaI will10:04
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wolffelo guyes... I have setup postfix as a smart host relay to send mail using gmail. It worked fine , then  reconfigured postfix in order to send mail from another address of mine, it just wont work ????10:07
ezra-swolff, #postfix10:07
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
wolffthanks ezra-s10:08
histowolff: also you may want to tell #postfix what "reconfigured" means to you.10:08
ezra-sand good luck, if someone named lunaphyte answers you just ignore him10:08
netahisto: i used md5sum and compared and it was the same10:08
histoneta: are you selecting to boot to the usb device in your boot menu?10:09
histoneta: try booting and just after the bios posts or you select boot to USB mash the escape key repeatidly10:11
netahisto: with a long esc i enter the options menu10:12
histoneta: Which options menu?10:12
netahisto: i pictured the menu i you want.. in the menu i change to enable uefi so i can boot from usb10:13
histoneta: that's not the menu I want. ughh.. Did you download a 64bit iso?10:13
netahisto: yes, 64 bit10:14
histoneta: disable secure boot?10:14
netahisto: i don't have this option in that menu10:14
histoneta: I have no idea what menu you are looking at. But in your BIOS/EFI you need to disable secure boot.10:15
histo!uefi | neta10:16
ubottuneta: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI10:16
GracenHi again to you. Guys can any of you help to build a kernel for android OS? probyval collect yourself when you compile an error.10:17
=== danielb is now known as Guest19237
netahisto: in the link u gave me, you see the pic under "Identifying if the computer boots the Ubuntu DVD in EFI mode", the black screen above the purple one- that is what i have when i try to install fron usb10:18
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arunI installed ubuntu 13.04 server on my laptop. Now what package should I install to get my thinkpad keys and suspend to work ?10:19
MonkeyDustGracen  better ask in #android or ##android10:19
netahisto: but this lead me to a black screen. if i want to enter the bios menu i need to do that before10:20
histoneta: at the bottom of that screen does what does it say?10:20
eur33rHow do I DDoS from a VPS?10:20
Gracen<MonkeyDust> thank you10:21
histoeur33r: not here10:21
MonkeyDusteur33r  wrong channel10:21
eur33rhisto: where?10:21
histoneta: I believe you press 'e' to edit the currently selected line then you can append nomodeset to the end10:21
histo!topic > eur33r10:21
ubottueur33r, please see my private message10:21
netahisto: i'll try this now10:22
histoneta: if it's not 'e' it says right at the bottom I believe10:22
netahisto: i'll restart the computer. tnx a lot for the patiance with me!!10:22
histoneta: np10:23
histoneta: I have to get some sleep, but basically on that black screen you can edit the currently selected line and append nomodeset10:24
histoneta: others should be able to help. Just make sure you explain it's a UEFI based install and the black screen vs. the purple one.10:24
eur33rHow do I DDoS from a VPS?10:25
jribeur33r: that's not on-topic here10:25
histo!topic | eur33r10:25
ubottueur33r: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:25
burgdr_willis, sorry for my delay. i am using ext410:25
eur33r Official Ubuntu Support Channel10:25
eur33rit is on topic10:26
eur33rit is relatedt o ubuntu10:26
burgjrib, http://codepad.org/Tnocm50e - this is the output of mount10:26
jribeur33r: questionably legal activities are not on-topic.  Move on.10:26
histoeur33r: How is ddos'ng a VPS related to ubuntu support channel?10:26
arunI installed ubuntu 13.04 server on my laptop. Now what package(s) should I install to get my thinkpad keys and suspend to work ?10:26
histoeur33r: and what'd the VPS ever do to you.10:26
MonkeyDusteur33r  please don't spam the channel with nonsense10:26
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eur33rhisto: DDoSing from a Ubuntu server10:26
histoOh man I was gong to http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+ddos10:27
eur33rI have10:27
eur33rbut Google doesn't display anythign10:27
jribeur33r: there's no discussion here.  DDoSing is not on-topic.  I'll have to ban you if you don't stop10:27
eur33rjrib: WELL that IS very WEIRD10:27
* histo knows where this is heading10:27
eur33rgood bye10:28
jribburg: what kind of file is /projects/clients/client0/web1 ?10:29
burgjrib, is a directory actually10:29
nathanbzhow do i make a folder in /var/run that doesn't get deleted on restart ?10:30
jribburg: ls -ld /projects /projects/clients /projects/clients/client0 /projects/clients/client0/web110:30
burgjrib, http://codepad.org/7zNe5BFr10:31
histonathanbz: why?10:31
burgjrib, and ls -la /projects/clients/client0/web1 is http://codepad.org/em5LgBeg10:32
nathanbzi'm trying to put a pid file in there10:33
nathanbzed2013-08-30 10:32:42 ERROR: pid 2738: could not open pid file as /var/run/pgpool.pid. reason: Permission denied10:33
nathanbzand that doesn't work10:33
histonathanbz: why are you trying to put a pid file there?10:34
jribburg: so does the ACL get set correctly on children of that directory?  How about parents?10:34
nathanbzwhere else do you put them ?10:35
burgjrib, i only get that error message. that is the location of a web server's projects managed by ispconfig, actually what i am trying to do is give full access to one user i will be using with samba10:36
ItsMeLennywhat are other usb commands that can be run in terminal to get information on the device?10:36
jribburg: if you drop the recursive flag and pass a child of that directory, does it work ok?  What about a parent?10:36
burgjrib, sudo setfacl -m u:ultra:rwx /projects works10:37
burgjrib, sudo setfacl -m u:ultra:rwx /projects/clients/client0/web1/web also works10:38
burgso the problems seems to be at /projects/clients/client0/web110:38
jribburg: are there siblings of web1?10:39
nathanbzit looks like i need a startup script to mkdir in /var/run10:40
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
njuergensburg, have you tried to check for the 'immutable' attribute via lsattr?10:40
njuergensispconfig uses the flag in its default config10:40
burgjrib, only a symlink to web110:40
burgnjuergens, i haven't. how do i check it?10:41
jribburg: lsattr /path/to/file10:41
Yu-YuHi, folks.10:42
burgnjuergens, jrib, http://codepad.org/gPEjqXXW - doesn't seem to be immutable. but not sure10:44
histoburg: not it's not10:44
jribburg: run it one directory up10:44
jribburg: (or use -d)10:44
burgjrib, one up has i flag10:45
jribburg: then that's the reason.  Good catch, njuergens.  Now you must figure out /why/10:45
Yu-Yusepero: Hi again.10:46
burgjrib, i suppose i can remove the immutable flag, but the new projects will also have it, right?10:46
njuergensburg, that is something you can control via ispconfig settings10:46
burgnjuergens, i am trying to find that setting, but with no success10:47
njuergensok let me look, one sec :-)10:47
mikubuntudon't know what to do with this laptop -- it won't boot -- only goes to this screen msg, can anybody make any sense of it? sorry the image is not very clear :: http://imagebin.org/26919610:47
seperoYu-Yu: hi10:47
sepero :)10:47
Yu-Yusepero: They changed the behaviour one switches layouts. And they didn't ask or take care. Could not catch that until booted GNOME shell.10:48
No-onemikubuntu: strange. Did it work before?10:48
njuergensburg, what language is your ispconfig admin menu?10:49
burgnjuergens, english10:49
mikubuntuNo-one: it worked until it didn't ... lol. i don't know, it belongs to my friends son. it supposedly had ubuntu on it and just stopped working (of course i don't know what he might have messed with). but now i can't get it to boot at all.10:50
njuergensburg, system->server config-><your server>->web->permissions10:51
njuergensthere you find 'Make web folders immutable (extended attributes)'10:51
burgnjuergens, thanks. let me check with a new website. until then, chattr -i /path/to/folder to remove the i flag?10:52
burgseems to be working. njuergens and jrib , thank you10:55
Dr_Willismikubuntu:   the filesystem, or disk has gotten currupted.. given the # of times you have posted the questiin. You could have just typed the errors into a pastebin. :) and more people may have looked at it. ;P10:55
Dr_Willis / is not getting mounted. so the other stuff /dev/ /sys/ and /proc/ also fail to mount10:55
Dr_Willisid start with a live cd, and fsck the drives/filesystems. then try boot-repair to see if grub can get fixed.10:56
Dr_Willisits possible the UUID has just changed.10:56
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
mikubuntuDr_Willis: but i can't use the livecd because i can't get it to boot -- is there some other way via term?11:00
mikubuntugotta run the dog out ... arrrrrgh11:03
aneesh_Hi , I am getting some error when i tried to install eclipse. Just now I have installed tomcat 6 on my machine after that eclipse got closed and not opening11:15
mikubuntuDr_Willis: do you think it might take a boot and nuke, and then maybe accept booting from livecd? just occured to me?11:17
ubotturfete: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:17
Dr_Willismikubuntu:  if the thing is not booting from cd. then i have to wonder if your cd/usb is correct. or the bios is booting the wrong device11:18
aneesh_Hi , I am getting some error when i tried to install eclipse. Just now I have installed tomcat 6 on my machine after that eclipse got closed and not opening http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043717/11:18
mikubuntuDr_Willis: i definitely set the boot order to cd. that particular bios doesn't offer a way to completely disable the hdd, only move it down the list.11:19
ikoniamikubuntu: got a PPA enabled by anychance.....11:19
ikoniamikubuntu: looks like a package version conflict11:19
Dr_Willismikubuntu:  if you definatly have the cd first.. then that would suggest that the cd was burnt badly and being ignored.11:20
ikoniamikubuntu: sorry, that was meant for aneesh_11:20
ikonianot you11:20
Dr_Willisikonia:  ;) i was wondering if i was confused ;P11:20
ikoniaaneesh_: do you have any PPA's on your system, it certainly looks like something has created a conflict11:20
ikoniaDr_Willis: no, I was just wrong, read the wrong line for the wrong nick11:21
Dr_Willisheh - i got weechat where it colorized the name/nicks and their text the same  now. :)11:21
ikoniaaneesh_: ok, so that's a very very likely reason for the cause11:21
mikubuntuDr_Willis: hmmmm ... so cfhowlett told me to do an md5sum the other day and it checked out -- but you're suggesting the actual burn might be bad?11:21
Dr_Willismikubuntu:  its very possible the actual BURN to the CD is bad. yes.11:21
ikoniaDr_Willis: sadly I'm on a green console like the matrix due to lack of terminal emmulation on the machine I'm using ssh on11:21
Mondaywhat do i type to install xfce so that i can test it out, then what do i type to remove it after without removing the xfce stuff for lubuntu11:22
Dr_WillisI tend to boot from USB mikubuntu  much easer11:22
mikubuntuDr_Willis: i tried usb also, wouldn't boot from that either11:22
Dr_Willisikonia:  :) I finally got rid of my old Serial-terminals ;)   Oh the good old days11:22
aneesh_but before installing apache tomcat6 my eclipse installtion is working  fine ikonia11:22
Dr_Willismikubuntu:  try a simple distro like tiny-core linux make a bootable usb of that. see if it boots on other machines then test on yours.. Its likely your machine is being a pain and not wnating to boot from anything else.11:23
Yu-Yusepero: Hi again.11:23
mikubuntuDr_Willis: ok, thx11:23
Dr_Willismikubuntu:  if you want to go hard core on it. :) remove the HD. plug it in a USB enclosuer and  try to fix it from a differnt pc. or boot that pc with a cd/usb and plug the enclosure in11:23
seperoYu-Yu: hey  :)11:24
Dr_Willis$20 for a Universial HD -> usb adaptor - is Money that was well spent by me in the last year.11:24
aneesh_ikonia this is the list of ppa which i have in my machine http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043738/ please tell which one i have to remove11:24
mikubuntuDr_Willis: ok, will try something :P11:24
nathanbzanyone know how to change permissions in an upstart script ?11:24
Yu-Yusepero: They broke my awesome xsession that it didn't work until I found what's the problem. Also, they surprisingly changed layout switching to Super+Space. Why, ever?…11:24
ikoniaaneesh_: I'd suggest using none unless you have confidence that the person who maintains it has a clue about what he's doing11:25
Yu-Yusepero: And until I got in a full GNOME Shell, I couldn't ever get they did the change.11:25
nathanbz exec /bin/chown pgpool:root /var/run/pgpool <- doesn't seem to work :(11:26
Yu-Yusepero: Of course, you can say I still can use Windows 8 or Mac, yah.11:26
seperoYu-Yu: Do you want to change the layout switching hotkey?11:26
BluesKaj'Morning all11:26
aneesh_ok ikonia thanks for your suggestion . I will check it out.11:26
Yu-Yusepero: I did want. And I told you.11:27
seperoYu-Yu: Well, I think you did a good job then11:27
Yu-Yusepero: I don't think someone should do this work after another update.11:29
seperoYu-Yu: Me either. It's just not right11:29
Yu-Yusepero: It's just why I prefer to test things before they get to regular users. And that's why I'm on 13.10. Now you see?11:31
seperoYu-Yu: I see, but I say you will still like 12.04 better. In the end, you will want a system that just works easy11:32
Mondaywhat do i type to install xfce so that i can test it out, then what do i type to remove it after without removing the xfce stuff for lubuntu11:33
jrib!xubuntu | Monday11:33
ubottuMonday: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels11:33
seperoYu-Yu: That's why you will make the right choice and go with 12.0411:33
seperoYu-Yu: You will be happy11:34
Mondayjrib, how would i remove it11:34
seperoMonday: the package to install is xubuntu-desktop11:35
Dr_Willisits harder to remove then install. ;)11:35
Yu-Yusepero: Why not everyone use 12.04 so, tell me?11:35
Dr_Willisthats the curse of 'meta-packages'11:35
jribMonday: apt-get remove the package11:36
seperoYu-Yu: Because they are confused  ;)11:36
Dr_Willisremoveing xubuntu-desktop wont automatically remove all teh stuff the meta package installed.. unless theres been some changes ive missed.11:36
jribMonday: you can use autoremove afterwards to remove any packages you don't need11:36
Dr_WillisMonday:  cleanest way to 'test' would be just to try xubuntu  live cd in virtualbox.11:37
Mondaysudo  apt-get autoremove xubuntu-desktop ?11:37
Yu-Yusepero: Are you using 12.04?11:37
seperoYu-Yu: yes, I am11:37
jribMonday: no.  apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop && apt-get autoremove11:37
jribMonday: maybe apt-get remove --auto-remove xubuntu-desktop, but I've never used this form11:38
Dr_Williserr.. I just did a 'apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop' then 'apt-get autoremove' and it dident remove anything with autoremove11:39
jribDr_Willis: depends on how kubuntu-desktop was installed11:39
Dr_Williswith apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   as far as i rember. ;)11:39
sepero$ cat /etc/lsb-release11:40
Dr_Williswonder if the fact ive upgraded  this box a few rel4eases has got it confused.11:40
FloodBot1sepero: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:40
seperoYu-Yu: ^^11:40
Yu-Yusepero: Just to keep warm and dry?11:41
Dr_Willisnight all..11:42
Yu-YuMew, Dr_Willis.11:42
seperoYu-Yu: Yeah  :(11:42
seperoDr_Willis: night you11:43
Yu-Yusepero: So be it.11:43
seperojrib: you can see what packages you installed when in the dpkg log11:43
Mondayjrib, how do i install the desktop without the suggested packages11:43
eur33rMonday: simple11:44
seperojrib: /var/log/dpkg.log11:44
eur33rKiSM: hi11:44
eur33rmarcellux: hi11:44
arunwhat the equivalent of alsamixer for pulseaudio ?11:44
eur33rarvindeep: hi11:45
eur33rlemao: hi11:45
eur33rFunnyLookinHat: hi11:45
bazhangeur33r, stop that11:45
eur33rbazhang: hi11:45
newhoaI'm using an AMD FX-6100 and don't think Turbo Core/Boost/Whatever is working. I tried to check cpufreq-aperf but it all comes back "offline". Turns out checking /var/log/boot.log shows "Loading cpufreq kernel modules... [fail]". I can't find any info on how to get them to load.11:45
eur33rronbeing: mornin'11:46
eur33rbazhang: I was only saying hi11:46
bazhangeur33r, stop greeting people here11:46
bazhangeur33r, well stop it11:46
FloodBot1eur33r: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:46
bazhangeur33r, its a support channel thats why.11:46
eur33rbazhang: nobody is talking11:46
MonkeyDusteur33r  please drop the random comments and keep the channel clear for support11:47
bazhang!ot | eur33r11:47
ubottueur33r: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:47
eur33r!fi | bazhang11:47
ubottubazhang: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)11:47
marcelluxhi. I've got a problem. when I connect my laptop to my tv via HDMI nothing happens. any ideas?11:50
marianneWhat sound cards does everyone use. I bought a Frailty Sound Blaster and I can't get it to play. I want 5.1 sound and I ended up using the on board sound. Any suggestions for thouse of you that have upgraded sound cards. I'm on 12.0411:54
seperomarianne: I wish I could help. I'm on a Asus laptop11:57
Yu-Yumarianne: Does it get detected correctly, ever?11:58
cablophello, people11:58
BluesKajmarianne, your SB card has a history of problems , unfortunately the maker hasn't provided a decent driver for it .11:59
marianneYu-Yu: yes, you can choose it in Alsamixer11:59
cablopmmm, my question is, what are the recommended permissions for a directory to be served with apache, i need to have access to the files i'm serving and at the same time i need for apache to access the files, but i need to restrict the files to other users11:59
ikoniacablop: no such thing as recommended, you need to lock it down as tight as possible without causing a problem for the application you are running12:00
marianneBluesKaj: Yeah, I spent all day looking for solutions and was just happy to get the onboard working. I think I'm just going to return it, but if I can exchange it... better solution12:00
cablopis ikonia a bot?12:00
ikoniacablop: no,12:01
cablopoh, sorry12:01
ikoniano problem12:01
marianneBluesKaj: I just want to know what others are using... was told in #hardware-ops that they were all PnP12:01
Yu-Yumarianne: And what happens when you try to play a thing to that card?12:02
cablophow to setr permissions properly to serve some files with apache, i need rw access, apache nees r and maybe w access, and other users no access to those files12:02
marianneYu-Yu: nothing happens... no sound, even tried speakers from another system12:03
Yu-Yu$ lspci | grep -i audio12:03
Yu-Yu00:01.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Trinity HDMI Audio Controller12:03
Yu-Yu00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] FCH Azalia Controller (rev 01)12:03
FloodBot1Yu-Yu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:03
Yu-YuOh, yup…12:04
marianneYu-Yu:  00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] FCH Azalia Controller (rev 01)12:05
marianne01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation Device 0e0f (rev a1)12:05
marianne03:00.0 Audio device: Creative Labs Device 0012 (rev 01)12:05
Silver_Arrowqjoypad did this, and now I can't get it to restart12:06
Silver_ArrowSegmentation fault (core dumped)12:06
BluesKajmarianne, that particular was an off chance that it wouldn't work , most PCI cards will work12:07
marianneYu-Yu: Right now I have it set to analog output in settings, but I can see the card in there but it wants Digital output...lost on this12:07
planetehi everyone12:07
marianneBluesKaj: yeah, I know... FML that i get the one that doesn't12:08
planeteCan somebody help me ? Im looking for accelerate my ubuntu 13.0412:08
bazhangplanete, accelerate what12:09
BluesKajmarianne, FWIW I bought an m-audio card and it took 10 days to track down a driver for it.12:09
cablopis it required for directories to have read and execute permissions for others?12:09
planetei want accelerate my laptop at start and mozilla firefox if it's possible12:10
BluesKajmarianne, what's the chip number again , it'll be in the upper left in alsamixer12:10
bazhangplanete, how much ram do you have12:10
planete2min for start my laptop and 3 for mozilla12:11
cablopis ubuntu able to access files with 770 permissions?12:11
marianneBluesKaj: Creative CA013212:11
planeteand RAM12:11
bazhangplanete, how much ram12:11
planetei don't know12:11
planetewait, i'll see it12:12
BluesKajok marianne '12:12
MonkeyDustplanete  here are some tips I picked up in this channel https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4653463/ubuntu_speed.txt12:12
Yu-Yucablop: Is what able to access files with 770 permissions??12:12
SwedeMikecablop: man chmod12:12
davis776how to update to 12.04.3 from 04.2?12:12
marianneBluesKaj: Ok noob question.... do digital outputs need special speakers or cables?12:13
bazhangdavis776, thats a downgrade12:13
gordonjcpdavis776: that happens when you just do normal updates12:13
Yu-Yumarianne: Probably, digital ones?12:13
bazhangwhoops misread12:13
SwedeMikedavis776: just do apt-get dist-upgrade12:13
gordonjcpmarianne: it depends what you're trying to connect to what12:13
jhutchinscablop: A good rule regarding permissions:  If you don't know what they should be, accept the defaults.  If you think you should change permissions on system files you probably shouldn't.12:13
marianneYu-Yu: figures, but it might be an option12:14
mariannegordonjcp: I just want 5.1 speakers12:14
Yu-Yumarianne: Honestly, there can be HDMI, SPDIF, opt or any other digital output, dear.12:15
gordonjcpmarianne: so what you'd have then is an amp with a 5.1 digital input, and a corresponding cable to your sound card's digital output12:15
davis776gordonjcp, I do but right now there is nothing to update and it still says im on 04.212:15
jhutchinsmarianne: digital output can't go directly to a speaker or headphone, it needs to go to a digital decoder.  Some speaker systems use this, most don't.12:15
cablopjhutchins: the problem is the permissions are not the default... i rescued some files form an old disk, so all of they ended being 775 with my users and group there... i am setting up a file server, so i need to chage tose permissions12:15
Yu-Yumarianne: Probably, also, it won't work until you connect the whole pack of jacks to your card's output.12:15
jhutchinscablop: 1) Understand what the numbers mean, 2) Set permissions as appropriate for your tasks.12:16
cablopjhutchins: i know what tose numbers means... but i wonder one thing 770 will block "system" to access those files (something i saw happening in other os) and does root still have access to those files?12:17
classicchinsany macbook users here ?12:17
gordonjcpcablop: root has always got read and write access to everything12:17
classicchinsi need some help12:17
ActionParsnipclassicchins: probably a few12:17
gordonjcp!help | classicchins12:17
ubottuclassicchins: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:17
BluesKajmarianne, if the digital output is coaxial then you use regular rca analog type connection , if it's optical then you need a afibre optic cable connecter12:17
cablopgordonjcp, thanks... and about "system"?12:18
marianneSo, when it comes down to it, my best bet might be to look for speakers that support digital if I want to use the card, but just regular speakers for the on board?12:18
gordonjcpcablop: what do you mean "system"?12:18
marianneBluesKaj: it''s optical12:18
cablopthe operative system itself, in windows is there such concept, and you can even restrict access to a file to the system, i wonder what permissions the system in ubuntu uses12:19
BluesKajmarianne, is there an analog output (probly says "speakers" ) ?12:19
cablopgordonjcp:  the operative system itself, in windows is there such concept, and you can even restrict access to a file to the system, i wonder what permissions the system in ubuntu uses12:20
zoombinido all linux os's use the same kernel12:20
Yu-Yuzoombini: I guess Google helps better with that.12:20
gordonjcpcablop: I don't know anything about Windows, never used it12:20
marianneBluesKaj: yes, enough for a 5.1 set up on the on board and the card12:20
gordonjcpzoombini: no12:20
classicchinsmac users, please ping me12:20
foo2who should own the files inside the .gnupg folder?12:20
BluesKajzoombini, no they don't12:20
jhutchinscablop: In that sense, "system" is the same as "root".12:20
cablopzoombini: with a few different flags|options|modules enabled... yes12:20
MonkeyDustYu-Yu  read the !google factoid, please12:20
zoombiniso mint and ubuntu dont12:20
jhutchinscablop: Certain servers like apache run as apache, and therefore need user permissions to access a file.12:21
zoombinijust kernel.com only has like 4 kernels but not the one for mint12:21
cablopjhutchins: yep, here is www-data12:21
jhutchinsclassicchins: No one can help you unless you state the problem clearly.12:21
BluesKajmarianne, did you have the onboard sound working previous to buying the pci card ?12:21
Silver_Arrowthe kernels tend to be similar, and run the same programs if complied for that system12:22
marianneBluesKaj: entirely new build12:22
cablopjhutchins, gordonjcp, good to know that... that makes things easier... now i just need to design a file acces policy here12:22
gordonjcpcablop: you probably don't12:23
gordonjcpcablop: what exactly are you trying to do?12:23
marianneBluesKaj: kind of makes me frustrated as this is the only thing I don't have working likeI want it to... even managed to get Blu-rays up and running in VLC12:23
BluesKajmarianne, so you haven't tried the onboard sound then ?12:23
jhutchins!tell cablop about sag12:23
marianneBluesKaj: the onboard is working, but would like to get the card working instead12:24
=== GingerGeek is now known as GingerGeek[Away]
BluesKajmarianne, ok12:24
ActionParsnipclassicchins: what is the issue12:24
foo2can someone using gpg check the owner of the .gnupg directory for me?12:24
jhutchinscablop: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/sag/12:24
cablopgordonjcp: i am configuring a linux box as my home linux server, it is going to be a svn server (via apache), and files server... i rescued a lot of files from previos places and i want to place them in just one folder and define who and how can access them12:25
jhutchinsclassicchins: What does the system boot to by default?  Do you have a grub menu? What's on it?12:25
cablopjhutchins: thanks for that link12:26
gordonjcpcablop: how do you plan serving up the files?12:26
Silver_Arrowdefault is grub with 2 choices, the default boot, then one is a menu that lets you pick recoery modes and old kernels12:26
jhutchinsclassicchins: It's better to keep the discussions in-channel so other people can either contribute or benefit.12:26
Silver_Arrowif I remeber right, that is12:26
cablopgordonjcp: via samba12:26
classicchinsjhutchins: i need help with dual boot .. i have installed Kubuntu on mac , but once installation is finished, and i reboot the machine, i am not able to chose between OSX and Installed Kubuntu12:26
ActionParsnipclassicchins: which OS does it boot12:27
gordonjcpcablop: ah okay, I believe samba supports user access control lists12:30
ActionParsnipit does, use smbpasswd to add users12:31
ZumbaHackerسمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ12:31
Yu-YuMew. ZumbaHacker, ugly one.12:32
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BluesKajmarianne, assume you have 64 bit ubuntu installed ?12:33
cablopwhat's a good alternative to ACL?12:33
marianneBluesKaj: yes 64 bit 12.04.312:34
ksh0606hi i am having an issue with emacs snapshot in ubuntu12:34
=== Dave is now known as Guest91259
ksh0606I started using Linux and Emacs recently. Everything was going fine till I had this dependency issue with emacs-snapshot. Now I am not able to install or remove *any* apps without getting same error regarding emacs-snapshot dependency.12:35
=== asus is now known as Guest58165
ksh0606i tried many commands suggested in various ubuntu forums online...but haven't been able to fix it so far...12:37
ksh0606when i issue sudo apt-get -f install  I get the following error12:37
berryciderspiderWhere do I put zookeeper in hbase?12:39
caneHi guys, I have a problem with my Ubuntu 13.04 distribution, I cannot install ANY type of software/package anymore, I uninstalled apache2 & xplico a few days ago, now when I try to install any package, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043991/12:39
ksh0606eading package lists... Done12:39
ksh0606Building dependency tree12:39
ksh0606Reading state information... Done12:39
ksh0606Correcting dependencies... Done12:39
ksh0606The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:12:39
FloodBot1ksh0606: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:39
ksh0606  python-pymtp python-mutagen python-gpod12:39
caneHi guys, I have a problem with my Ubuntu 13.04 distribution, I cannot install ANY type of software/package anymore, I uninstalled apache2 & xplico a few days ago, now when I try to install any package, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043991/12:39
MonkeyDustcane  what's the output of     cat /etc/issue ?12:40
caneUbuntu 13.04 \n \l12:40
BluesKajmarianne, alt+F2 , gksudo gedit /etc/rc.local . Add the following before exit0: rmmod snd_hda_intel , then underneath, modprobe snd_hda_intel position_fix=112:40
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caneMonkeyDust: please help, i want to install steam.12:41
caneMonkeyDust: i can't install any package after I uninstalled apache2 & xplico.12:41
BluesKajmarianne, save and reboot12:41
Guest85723hey, I installed ubuntu on my brand spankin new system and it fails at grub mentioning something about i386 but I used the amd64 ISO.12:41
caneMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043991/12:41
=== Guest85723 is now known as osolus
Yu-Yucane: OMG. Probably, you can work it around either doing «sudo apt-get purge apache2 xplico» or «sudo touch /etc/apache2/ports.conf»?12:41
Yu-YuAnd then uninstalling it again?12:42
canelet me try, Yu-Yu.12:42
Yu-Yucane: Or you better do sudo apt-get install -f12:42
MonkeyDustcane  what is xplico? it's not in the repos12:42
caneI am still getting that error, Yu-Yu.12:42
caneMonkeyDust: I installed it manually.12:43
steve45011has anyone ever used one of these with Ubuntu Server? I cant find anything via google. http://www.microcenter.com/product/408769/3_Port_Ethernet_USB_20_Hub12:43
MonkeyDustcane  do you still get the error, after you removed it?12:43
caneYu-Yu: your solutions didn't work.12:43
caneMonkeyDust: I am still getting the error even after I removed it.12:43
Yu-Yucane: It was my try. Come closer.12:43
caf4926Installed Ub 12.04 on efi machine in legacy mode. Because I wiped the the HD, so to have only Ub, but at reboot I just have a blinking cursor12:44
MonkeyDustcane  try sudo apt-get autoremove, then update again12:44
caneI did apt-get install -f, and it said Errors were encountered while processing: xplico E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)12:44
erkuleshi I would like to use ubuntu with preseeding. I as it looks quite complex. I wonder if there is a preseeding file stored in the filesystem after a 'manual' install I could just use.12:44
caneErrors were encountered while processing:12:44
cane xplico12:44
caneE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)12:44
Penydoes anyone know what I'm looking for? my server doesn't use enough of it's cpu capability (only 10% or so) even though the website on it has a lot of work to do. What am I looking for, or where ? is it mysql, php, apache, or all of them ? what's the gas-pedal called ?12:44
MonkeyDustcane  get rid of xplico12:44
caneMonkeyDust: how?12:45
ksh0606I have emacs-snapshot dependency issue on ubuntu 12.04 on a 32 bit laptop12:45
marianneBluesKaj: rebooting... back in a few12:45
jhutchinscane: Try aptitude -f install12:45
caneMonkeyDust: I did remove xplico, but it isn't going away.12:45
MonkeyDustcane  purge it, then autoremove12:45
ksh0606I have pasted the error log at http://paste.ubuntu.com/6044007/12:45
ksh0606could somebody help me with the issue?12:45
caneMonkeyDust: purge & autoremove is not solving it.12:45
MonkeyDustcane  use synaptic to remove it12:45
canelet me try removing it via synaptic.12:46
caneremoving it from synaptic does not work either, E: xplico: subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 212:47
MonkeyDustcane  boot a live cd or usb and remove it from there, find it in /usr/bin/ on the HDD12:48
fgrandelanyone can help me getting uefi + secureboot to run on a toshiba satellite pro c870?12:48
xtrizwhen i am installing gala i am getting following error, how can i correct it ?   gala : Depends: libgranite1 (>= 0.2.2+r602-0+pkg53~raring1) but 0.2.2~r622-0+pkg53~ubuntu13.04.1 is to be installed12:48
xtrizE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.12:48
caneMonkeyDust: it isn't going away with synaptic either, I can't install any packages due to this.12:48
DJonesDon't spam offtopic links12:48
MonkeyDustcane  keep it in the channel, please12:49
caneErrors were encountered while processing:12:49
cane xplico12:49
caneE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)12:49
wilee-nilee!uefi | fgrandel12:49
ubottufgrandel: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:49
caneMonkeyDust: look at the output I sent you, do I have to remove all those?12:49
MonkeyDust!pm | cane12:49
ubottucane: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:49
canelocate xplico12:49
FloodBot1cane: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:49
fgrandel@ubottu: I read that. Can't get it to work with SecureBoot anyway.12:49
caf4926Installed Ub 12.04 on efi machine in legacy mode. Because I wiped the the HD, so to have only Ub, but at reboot I just have a blinking cursor12:49
fgrandelI don't get the UEFI menu although I set timeout to 10 sec via efibootmgr12:50
caf4926any efi gurus12:50
wilee-nileefgrandel, more info, good luck.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729512:50
NagWzaIMUGOHKBFaplease wait for a staffer to assist you12:50
oQDetsUsCPrDsqrQplease wait for a staffer to assist you12:50
oQDetsUsCPrDsqrQGRFs can take a while to process - be patient12:51
MonkeyDustcane  boot a live cd or usb and remove it from there, find it in /usr/bin/ on the HDD12:52
caneMonkeyDust: there is no xplico in /usr/bin.12:52
MonkeyDustcane  it shows in your sources list, remove it from there12:52
xtre_E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.12:52
xtre_when i am installing gala i am getting following error, how can i correct it ?   gala : Depends: libgranite1 (>= 0.2.2+r602-0+pkg53~raring1) but 0.2.2~r622-0+pkg53~ubuntu13.04.1 is to be installed12:52
xtre_can anyone help  ?12:53
xtre_i googled but couldn't find any solution.12:53
BluesKaj xtre_ try sudo apt-get -f install12:53
=== onca_ is now known as osolus
xtre_BluesKaj, it told the following packages are automatic installed and are no longer required.12:55
xtre_should i remove them ?12:55
BluesKajxtre_, not yet12:56
xtre_BluesKaj, so what should i do now ?12:56
BluesKajxtre_, did you see any errors ?12:57
xtre_BluesKaj, no i didn't see any errors.12:57
BluesKajis it asking for a Y or N12:58
anoneeis there a straight forward way to remove the blueman applet indicator that I've got after installing xubuntu-desktop?12:58
=== curtrain is now known as curtain
marianneBluesKaj: rebooted ... didn't disable onboard in the bios... or select it in alsamixer... settings still only shows digital option12:59
caneErrors were encountered while processing:12:59
cane xplico12:59
caneE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)12:59
caneIs there any way to fix this?12:59
caneI can't install any package.12:59
FloodBot1cane: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:59
caneMonkeyDust: what can I do?12:59
xtre_BluesKaj, it's not asking for y or n12:59
MonkeyDustcane  xplico shows in your sources list, remove it13:00
caneMonkeyDust: how.13:00
BluesKajmarianne, in alsamixer , F6 , are both soundcards available ?13:00
caneMonkeyDust: I don't know this sources list.13:01
BluesKajxtre_, hit enter13:01
marianneBluesKaj: yes they were both always visible13:01
=== NK` is now known as NK
MonkeyDustcane  how and why did you ever install xplico? what is it?13:02
BluesKajmarianne, okj , choose the CA0132 , now you should have some options available in alsamixer13:02
marianneBluesKaj: ok... I'm there, what do I need to do?13:03
marianneBluesKaj: all options are active13:04
xtre_BluesKaj, i don't have to hit enter it automatically gives me the promt13:04
BluesKajmarianne, can you paste a screenshot of alsamixer in imagebin.org13:04
anoneeezra-s, ikonia are you still there?13:05
will_hey guys. i'm on 13.04 and trying to install the nvidia-319 package... but it's not in my repositories and it doesn't appear under the additional software tab. where should i be looking/what should i be doing to install this?13:06
mariannebluesKaj: what's the complete URL... usually this just opens, I'm at a screen in it that wants me to sign up and stuff  :-(13:06
BluesKajmarianne, just scroll to the bottom there's a box where you can navigate to your image without signing in13:07
ActionParsnipwill_: just install nvidia-current13:07
anoneecan anyone tell me what the heck is going on here? http://imageshack.com/a/img836/923/b3pe.png13:07
ezra-sanonee, I am13:08
will_ActionParsnip: really? that has nvidia-319? great, thanks :)13:08
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-current13:08
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.88-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)13:08
BluesKajwill_, maybe the 319 driver isn't right for your gpu13:08
ActionParsnipanonee: chrome and telepathy are using the connection13:09
will_i have a geforce 65013:09
will_nvidia-current doesn't seem to have the latest drivers13:09
ActionParsnipwill_: the xorg updates ppa (less fresh more stable) may have it13:09
anoneeezra-s I just posted a link, as you can see there's no more extra info regarding my issue... however, I'm also interested in knowing why do these funny symbols are in the plugin name...13:09
ActionParsnipwill_: what's different between 304 and 319?13:09
anoneeActionParsnip the ? one in the end of the list stays all the time, even when I close everything...13:09
caneActionParsnip: I have a problem with my Ubuntu 13.04 distribution, I cannot install ANY type of software/package anymore, I uninstalled apache2 & xplico a few days ago, now when I try to install any package, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043991/13:09
marianneBluesKaj: won't work13:09
will_ActionParsnip: more features, i think. better performance. i've been getting freezes with 313.30 (which is what i'm running now) so i'm hoping to try 31913:10
xtre_ 0.2.2~r622-0+pkg53~ubuntu13.04.113:10
will_ActionParsnip: i'll try the xorg updates ppa, thanks :)13:10
xtre_^ whiat is this ?13:10
ezra-sanonee, you left earlier without saying anything, I now am not interested in helping you, unless you learn some etiquette that is13:10
canelooks like MonkeyDust ran away.13:11
will_looks like xorg-edgers has 325 too! didn't realise that was a released version. i'll give it a go13:11
marianneBLuesKaj: I have options along the bottom for - Headphones - Speaker- PCM-S/PDIF - S/PDIF Default13:11
=== _gcx is now known as gcx
MonkeyDustcane  type    which xplico;wheris xplico and manually remove it from there13:13
BluesKajmarianne, then make sure non of the ctrls have MM in box at the bottom , to unmute to 00 use the M key , and use the arrow keys to navigate and the updown arrow keys to increase/decrease the volume.13:14
canewhereis xplico13:14
caneand whichis showed nothing either :(13:14
caneI am confuzzled.13:14
BluesKajmarianne, the Speaker ctrl is most important here13:14
MonkeyDustcane  'which', not 'whichis'13:15
teeeeeeesthello , Can I ask my xubuntu questions on here ?13:16
caneMonkeyDust: that shows nothing either.13:16
cablopit depends teeeeeeest, just ask13:16
BluesKajmarianne, next , do you have pavucontrol installed ? It solidifies your audio output settings.13:17
marianneBluesKaj: the speaker is set to 00 and I can't change the value13:17
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=== teeeeeeest is now known as wanttoloveddjang
marianneBluesKaj: yes, installed that yesterday13:17
will_thanks for your help guys! i'm going to see if this'll work now! bye13:18
MonkeyDustcane  try rebooting, if that does not help, contact the maintainer on the xplico website, as it is not in the repos13:18
BluesKajthe up arrow key won't increase the volume , marianne ?13:18
karab44Ubuntu is wonderful system13:18
marianneBluesKaj:nope... give me a sec... work is getting in the way13:19
=== wanttoloveddjang is now known as wanttolovedjango
karab44and I like it so much and more powerful than any windows13:19
caneMonkeyDust: I did contact one of the xplico's developer, they told me to reinstall Ubuntu.13:19
karab44but I can not understand one simple thing13:19
caneand I don't wanna do that.13:19
anoneeezra-s well, may the etiquette forgive me but I had to leave... however, I mentioned earlier -before leaving- that there's no more info regarding the issue, and that I've already written all what's on the screen, but you -again- asked for pastebin, and there was no time to explain this.13:19
karab44How the heck set mouse sensitivity?13:19
cablophmmm, karab44 it has its downs too, but yes, Ubuntu is a good linux distro13:19
MonkeyDustcane  good luck then, no further advice13:19
karab44cablop: One thing I am concerning13:20
karab44how to set properly mouse sensitivity13:20
karab44because when I give more it is less...13:20
caneMonkeyDust: oh alright, shorty.13:20
karab44and together with acceleration it creates reverse feedback.13:21
flipper88_flDon't even get me going on the linux vs winds, osx compaisant rant13:21
marianneBluesKaj:ok, nothing13:22
karab44I mean problem is that maximum sensitivity gives less sensitivity than minimum sensitivity.13:22
=== flipper88_fl is now known as optical_nerve
karab44and setting the sensitivity is possible only by using acceleration slider13:23
karab44anybody have same issue?13:23
karab44I am on 12.04 desktop13:23
karab44using logitech G513:24
ezra-sanonee, so to check a process you are using a network too, what I wanted to see is the ps auxwww and/or top outputs, because chances are you are looking at that specific process with the wrong tool, seeing that it only tells me it is not filtering correctly13:24
BluesKajok , marianne , we need to undo the so called fix in /etc/rc.local , remove the lines that were added there , and save the file , otherwise your onboard audio won13:24
BluesKajmarianne, otherwise your onboard audio won't work either13:24
marianneBluesKaj: thanks you for helping me...13:25
cablopkarab44: hmmm, i don't know about it... i just use the dafult and it is ok for me13:25
BluesKajmarianne, sorry i'm out of ideas and can't seem to find anything on the 'net that can help13:25
karab44Yes, mouse is moving but I want more precission13:25
BluesKajmarianne, perhaps an excjhange at your retailer is in order13:26
ezra-sanonee, I would bet the root process you are seeing is the same process that is running the tool itself13:26
karab44Currently I am testing second mouse and it seems to be the same issue13:26
marianneBluesKaj: that's what I'm thinking....13:26
karab44So sensitivity does not work at all13:27
Akishonahi! is someone here that worked or is working with shorewall+fail2ban?13:27
BluesKajMrAlexandro, there are other SB cards that work , I'm sure this is just an anomaly13:27
BluesKajoops marianne ^13:27
karab44only thing allows to control somehow is a combination between mouse sensitivity and acceleration.13:27
karab44can this be registered as a minor bug? I don't know was it fixed in later editions but on 12.04 Desktop it seems it is a minor bug.13:28
karab44Or I am a pro gamer or doing graphics so it could be crucial13:29
karab44I tested it on Logitech G5 and HP wireless G3T13:30
ezra-sanonee, I have ran the same tool for the heck of it and I am seeing the same process13:30
ezra-sthat tool is not too well developed13:30
ezra-sor maybe you haven't read it's documentation accordingly13:30
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cablopis richacls implemented on ubuntu?13:33
MonkeyDust!find richacl13:33
ubottuPackage/file richacl does not exist in raring13:34
cablop!find richacls13:34
ubottuPackage/file richacls does not exist in raring13:34
ice9Running 13.04, Desktop icons disappeared and the boot screen is showing, but the launcher is working fine, how can I reset that?13:34
OerHekscablop, richacl ( an attempt to add NT-like ACL support to ext4) no, it hasn't been accepted into the Linux kernel yet.13:36
yanghaipengi am new13:39
fixxxermetDoes anyone know of a way to detect when a monitor is plugged in / unplugged?  I'd like to run xrandr commands on such events13:44
netai have a problem with installing ubuntu 12.04 allongside windows 7. i put the ubuntu on a bootable disk on key (don't have a cd rom). in the bios options menu i enable the uefi (so i can boot from the usb stick), and i get a black screen witn 3 options (try without installing, install, and chck for defacts).if i choose one of the options i get a black screen and nothing else. i can press 'e' to edit the options. i tried to add nomodeset but it13:45
anoneeezra-s I'm terribly sorry, this DSL disconnects me each time someone calls, although I got the filter in place :( I was saying i don't think so because if you check the tool page they have some screenshots, they don't have such a funny thing, also, how can i use nmap or any other tool if I don't know what I'm looking for? can you suggest something?13:45
caf492612.04 and I installed the AMD FGLRX (post-release updates) driver, is this correct, the other listed is (**experimental**beta)13:46
holsteinanonee: i suggest maybe a hardware channel or tech support for your ISP13:46
=== mbottoms is now known as Grovin
anoneeholstein that was an apology for ezra-s, the main question is about an unknown process that has no pid running and using a tcp connection, I wanna find out what's thats it13:49
karab44could you recommend a good VNC server? Does ubuntu have any default VNC server?13:50
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX13:51
MrBushidois unity's task-switcher (alt+tab) configurable?13:51
karab44hello holstein, Thanks!13:52
holsteinkarab44: i use remmina as a veiwer.. i have used teamviewer in places where i dont want to set up firewall rules..13:52
holstein!info vino13:52
ubottuvino (source: vino): VNC server for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.2-0ubuntu4 (raring), package size 132 kB, installed size 548 kB13:52
karab44holstein: I am about server, not viewer13:53
gig961ciao a tutti13:53
holsteinkarab44: vino and teamviewer are server options, friend13:53
ubottugig961: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:53
karab44is it possible to somehow make a daemon for that? holstein what about this vnc4server?13:54
newbie834hi 2 all13:54
holsteinkarab44: that?13:54
newbie834i would like to ask your help in the following issue: in ubuntu desktop the sleep mode hotkey on the keyboard works, in xubuntu it doesn't. where to find the problem?13:55
holsteinkarab44: anything is possible.. the issue is "good" is a matter of opinion and use case. you'll need to state *exactly* what your needs are, and a volunteer can help you better with a suggestion13:55
karab44holstein: yes, I know that I have to be more precisely but with my current state of knowledge about ubuntu is not always possible13:56
nhubbardok guys, I have a mdadm raid1 that hs lvm running on it. One of the drives has been removed and the system no longer boots. It loads grub, but never makes it past that. I've booted into rescue mode from the cd, but the raid array in inactive, and I'm not finding a way to get it back online in a degraded mode13:56
holsteinnewbie834: there is no "problem".. have you tried enabling that feature in the GUI? if there is an option "power button sleeps"?13:56
JamoBoxHey guys, wondering ig anyone could help me with an issue I'm having. After a force-shutdown the actual desktop doesn't seem to be running. All I have is a black screen (no ubuntu desktop in top left) and Unity panels on the side and top of screen.13:57
karab44I mean in windows family there is RPD builtin solution, that's why I am asking about some standard in ubuntu13:57
JamoBoxI have restarted a few times to see if it would help resolve it, but no luck13:57
holsteinkarab44: its all open, and literally anything is possible, in theory.. what do i suggest? teamviewer if you need remote through a firewall simply.. or, just try the defaults locally... vino vinagre..13:57
holsteinkarab44: you may use RDP in ubuntu13:57
JamoBoxIt's like whatever process is used to run the ubuntu desktop is not running13:58
holsteinkarab44: VNC *is* a standard.. assuming you want to do VNC13:58
karab44So isn't VNC and RDP acronyms?13:58
newbie834holstein: no, i tried to find such an option in system preferences or power mgmt, but was not able to find it13:58
holsteinkarab44: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Network_Computing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_Desktop_Protocol13:59
compdocvnc4server is great, but Ive been switching to x11rpd, which is better. unfortunately, isnt x11 going away in the future?14:00
holsteinnewbie834: one thing you might want to consider is, if you prefer the main ubuntu, you might want to use it.. if you are just coming to xubuntu, maybe just give your self some time with the specific tools.. what you are trying to do is possible, if the hardware supports it14:00
karab44so basicly I see that vino is installed in ubuntu by default, I don't really want to rubbish my system with many different tools that does same thing14:00
karab44If vino isn't enough Ill try this vnc4server and x11rdp14:01
newbie834holstein: it was working before the version upgrade, since it's 13.04 (?) it does not work anymore...14:01
karab44anyway compdoc holstein thank you very much.14:02
holsteinnewbie834: if ubuntu 12.04 and xubuntu 12.04 worked, and xubuntu 13.04 s not working, it could be hardware support related then..14:02
ezra-sanonee, forget network tools to verify processes, I ran the same tool and I do see that ? process too14:02
ezra-sit's like using nmap to diagnose a c++ issue14:02
JamoBoxany ideas on my desktop issue? what is the program that runs the ubuntu desktop called?14:02
holsteinnewbie834: dont assume that you can implement this feature (easily, at least) in 13.04.. consider using 12.04, or, keep looking around for someone with your specific hardware.. i like to try the terminal command and see if there is any helpful output there.. to make sure the option is possible14:03
holsteinJamoBox: you say "everything was fine til i forced power off" correct?14:03
JamoBoxYes, I should mention that the force power-off was due to the reason that it was stuck on a purple screen for around 20mins on startup14:04
JamoBoxafter that it booted up fine, but with this issue14:04
padhuUbuntians, any one using qgis? please gudie me to purchase good GPS marking device which should working with QGIS.14:04
holsteinJamoBox: that is *not* fine.. but, you must entertain what can happen with a force poweroff, and not assume this is a desktop issue14:05
MonkeyDustpadhu  how is that ubuntu related?14:05
newbie834holstein: yep, the problem rises here, that i'm a newbie user, as shows my nickname, so i guess the terminal command version will not work since unfortunately i don't know what to type in... :(14:05
holsteinJamoBox: if it were me, i would test the hardware a bit.. address why the machine 'froze".. i would look at testing the filesystem, ect14:05
padhuMonkeyDust: I am using in Ubuntu 12.04, that's why asking...;-)14:05
karab44okay I see that ubuntu has builtin vnc server, a bit hidden :). Why ubuntu is so shy? :)14:06
JamoBoxholstein: What you you mean by testing?14:06
holsteinnewbie834: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1792/how-can-i-suspend-hibernate-from-command-line are some options14:06
karab44what port should I open? Is it standard port for VNC?14:06
newbie834holstein: thanks, i shall start at the forum14:06
holsteinJamoBox: i mean, forcing power down, as i said, can damage the hard drive, or the filesystem.. so you test for that, since the desktop was (i am reading) fine before the force shutdown14:06
padhuMonkeyDust: I know that ubuntu-offtapic may be the right place, even though most ubuntu users are here :-)14:07
JamoBoxholstein: thanks, but how do I go about 'testing' it?14:07
JamoBoxnautilus seems to be working fine if that's what you mean14:07
holsteinJamoBox: then, i am misunderstanding you.. the way i read it, you cant get to a desktop.. are you are saying14:08
anoneeezra-s ummm if you say so... dunno I hope you're right, however, as I told you, ppl have screenshots and this process is not showing in their screenshots :( but I'll convince myself there's no problem...14:08
foo2anyone here uses seahorse?14:08
holsteinnautilus seems fine.. what *exactly* is the issue JamoBox ?14:08
JamoBoxalthough when launching from terminal, I get a "cannot open usershare directory" error14:09
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot14:09
karab44what about this X11 ssh forwarding? Does it have anything common with VNC?14:10
JamoBoxholstein: Allow me to describe in greater detail. The nunity bar and the top panel are present, xorg is fine and I'm not at a black terminal. The issue is, where the wallpapaer would normally be is black, there are no desktop icons, I cannot see any graphical drag selection when left MB dragging on desktop, and there is no right click dropdown on desktop14:10
holsteinkarab44: its not vnc.. that is what it says.. forwarding an application via ssh14:10
JamoBoxwhich is what led me to believe it's something to do with the desktop service14:10
=== caf4926 is now known as _caf4926
karab44Now I am confused14:12
holsteinJamoBox: sure.. but, you say this is due to a force shutdown.. so at some point, you should consider what that can do to your hardware.. what would i do? test as a new user or as the guest user.. if all is "fine" then the issue is likely in the user /home config..14:12
newbie834holstein: thanks, i could assign to the sleep key the "pmi action suspend" command, it works (Y)14:12
JamoBoxholstein: Thanks, I'll try that out.14:12
holsteinkarab44: if you want to forward an application, forwarding an applictaion over ssh will do that.. if you want to forward a desktop over vnc, vnc does that14:12
karab44So ubuntu offers me RDP, 143 VNC servers and X11 ssh forwarding. Which one is the best?14:12
holsteinnewbie834: then, the hardware is capable of sleep. you can do *many* things from this point, including just putting that command in a terminal14:13
JamoBoxholstein: I tested as a guest user and everything is fine there. No issues at all. What should I look for in my home folder to address this issue then?14:13
karab44give me a second... I have to get my thoughts together14:13
OerHekskarab44, choose a service that does not send your password in plain text ;-)14:13
holsteinkarab44: "best" is a matter of opinion and use case, friend.. which one suits your needs? all are free to try, including the commercial option i mentioned, teamviewer.. and also freenx14:14
newbie834holstein: i knew that my pc was able to sleep. :) my problem was only that this hotkey assignment has been lost. now it works :)14:14
holsteinJamoBox: you can try http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-reset-compiz-and-unity-in-ubuntu.html .. if you have no idea what to change, you can literally move *eveything* out of the user home.. and test.. i am talking about the hidden folders with .config in from of them14:15
=== amal is now known as CatMan
holsteinJamoBox: the idea is, something is looking in your ~/.config/whatever file and getting a "bad" config.. you remove this, and a default "good" one is made, and you login and everything is default14:16
CatManHey, anybody face the issue where Google Chrome causes Ubuntu to freeze?14:16
JamoBoxholstein: thank you, I will attempt this now14:16
Yu-YuCatMan: How does it cause it to freeze?14:17
holsteinCatMan: no.. but, i would report it to the maintainer of google chrome14:17
CatManThe mouse and keyboard becomes inactive14:17
=== companion is now known as Companion
holsteinCatMan: i think you should have realistic expectations for you hardware.. if it is an older machine.. test with another browser.. try and remove things like flash from the equation14:18
CatManITs brand new and pretty high config14:18
CatMan4GB DDR314:18
CatManand core i514:19
CatManOkay, it's not brand new, but only a couple of months old14:19
holsteinCatMan: then, you can ignore this volunteers suggestion about low spec hardware, and go right to the other suggestions. try another browser.. try without flash.. report to maintainers if the issue is isolated to google-chrome14:19
newbie834thanks for the support, have a nice day! bye14:20
CatMansure, i will try that, thanks holstein14:20
Bob__some secure websites the spinning wheel page doesn't load properly????????14:20
=== BotaniCar|2 is now known as BotaWork
ikoniaspinning wheel page ?14:21
CatManI believe it is some memory leak in the Chrome browser code14:21
rammy22Hello all, Windows 8 keeps on crashing on my system Aspire V3 771G with i5 -3230M and 16 GB RAM14:21
holsteinBob__: let the sites know you are having issue accessing them.. try other browsers.. try from "private" browsing pages to remove cached cookies from the equation14:21
CatManUsually happens when I open a tab14:21
ikoniarammy22: try the ##windows channel, this one is for ubuntu14:21
holsteinrammy22: i would try a windows channel14:21
rammy22I want to dual boot to Ubuntu, I used to run Slackware all the way back in 199614:21
holsteinCatMan: be sure you are runing the stable version, confirm the issue and report it to the devs14:21
holstein!dualboot | rammy2214:22
ubotturammy22: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:22
CatManYeah, I guess I will do that. Its the stable, latest version from Chrome14:22
CatManfrom Google*14:22
rammy22Just wondering about printer, I have a multipurpose Brotheer MFC-7720N, I saw brother has drivers for Debian/Ubuntu14:22
holsteinrammy22: try the live CD. and test the hardware14:22
anoneeYour_Dog there's a CatMan!14:23
ikoniarammy22: brother printers are hit/miss, they can work easy, or not work at all14:23
rammy22thanks holstein and ikonia14:23
OerHeksrammy22, check the openprinting database14:23
Bob__I have checked with website,changed os,browers setting,java still doesn't load correctly14:23
rammy22openprinting datata ase thanks OerHeks14:23
BaribalHi. How can I find out what the *newest* file on a drive is?14:24
holsteinBob__: then, let them know you are having issues with their site14:25
=== asus is now known as Guest96980
rammy22thanks for your help Oerleks found what I was looking now to go to Ubuntu14:25
sinhayashFill this form to help me in my research work14:26
sinhayash<http://tinyurl.com/qz8ldsm> (at docs.google.com)14:26
sinhayashI shall be grateful to you..14:26
sinhayashDo share with your colleagues and friends. :)14:26
FloodBot1sinhayash: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:26
DJonessinhayash: Please don't spam14:26
holsteinsinhayash: please use #ubuntu-offtopic14:26
sinhayashOk thanks14:26
Bob__one more question which windows run best in dual boot set up???????14:26
rammy22I really hate Windoze14:26
sinhayashOh sorry!14:26
ikoniaBob__: doesn't matter14:26
holsteinBob__: ask in a windows channel14:26
ikoniarammy22: it's called windows,14:26
holstein!ot | rammy2214:27
ubotturammy22: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:27
Yu-YuHey. How do I pass some info to a user who's not online now?14:27
davidalsسمووحخ ̷̴̐ خ ̷̴̐ خ ̷̴̐ خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐ خ"14:27
ezra-sthe world is filled with ungrateful14:27
OerHeksYu-Yu, try waiting.14:27
holsteinYu-Yu: i think you can do a memo.. http://freenode.net/faq.shtml not on topic here14:28
xtingrayI really appreciate if some of you can help me to spread the word of my kickstarter campaign -> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/175927790/tupi-2d-animation-software-for-everyone , it is about free software and 2D animation... thanks!14:28
Yu-YuOerHeks, holstein: I can recall now memoserv on IRC.14:28
h00kxtingray: do not spam in here14:29
=== _caf4926 is now known as caf4926
xtingrayh00k, ok... sorry14:29
karab44who told me about x11vnc?14:33
karab44holstein: can I login autonomously to remote desktop using vino as my server?14:35
karab44I want to access my computer remotely14:35
Yu-Yukarab44: Autonomously?14:35
karab44As far I know using vino a user that is actually using ubuntu must accept remote connection14:36
karab44so I can not accept my own connection when I am far away.14:36
karab44Let me test that14:36
karab44I want to remotely turn the power on and log into screen14:36
Yu-Yukarab44: You have to send a magic packet from within your PC LAN.14:37
MonkeyDustkarab44  sounds like wake on lan (WOL)14:37
karab44yes, yes this part works fine :)14:37
Yu-YuThink at least of this, karab44.14:37
holsteinkarab44: if you want to set something up like that, you can..14:38
karab44Few days ago I was using windows 7 RDP and could launch PC and login into desktop without existing session14:38
MonkeyDustkarab44  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WakeOnLan14:38
holsteini used to WOL.. but the hardware needs to support it14:39
karab44MonkeyDust: yes, I did it, it works fine.14:39
karab44Guys, my sceen is flickering... I got white big horizontal stripes14:39
netai have a problem with installing ubuntu 12.04 allongside windows 7. i put the ubuntu on a bootable disk on key (don't have a cd rom). in the bios options menu i enable the UEFI (so i can boot from the usb stick), and i get a black screen witn 3 options (try without installing, install ubuntu, and chck for defacts). if i choose one of the options i get a black screen and nothing else. i can press 'e' to edit the options. i tried to add nomodese14:39
karab44from time to time14:39
holsteinkarab44: also, consider how long (how many years) you used windows before forwarding desktops or remote connections. be sure you give yourself a little time to just get used to linux/ubuntu14:40
karab44holstein: I am in a hurry14:41
karab44rush hour14:41
Yu-Yuneta: Without EFI you can't boot from USB?14:41
karab44Ain't nobody got time for dat14:41
holsteinkarab44: then, you will likely be, just as you would have been in windows, rushed, and unhappy14:42
ceqhi, i'm having trouble with a freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 on a notebook14:42
ceqwhere do I turn to for some help?14:42
netayu-yu: nop, that's why i enabled it14:42
ikoniaceq: just ask the channel14:42
holsteinceq: if its freshly installed, i would open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and reboot and test. and come here and share details about the issue14:43
ceqi'll try that14:43
Yu-Yuneta: most help you can get reading from ubuntu.com: http://goo.gl/cpgzS214:43
Yu-Yuneta: Ah, and your machine architecture?14:44
ceqwriting on /var/cache/apt is not possible14:45
ceqthe pakets could not be read14:45
ceq@ holstein14:45
eSoulHey guys, I am running an Ubuntu 13.04 server box and I have a 2nd network card for my VirtualBox VMs.  Right now, I have to issue a "sudo ifconfig eth1 up" on boot to start the interface but I was wondering if there something something in /etc/network/interfaces I could put in to bring the interface up at boot.   It have no network configuration on it at all, just looking to "turn-on" the14:45
netayu-yu: i tried to google it, didn't find a solution.. my laptop is less then 2 years old, samsung with intel core i-5 4G-RAM with windows 714:46
MonkeyDusteSoul  tip: there's also #ubuntu-server14:46
eSoulneta -- did you check your md5sum on your iso?14:46
eSoulMonkeyDust: thanks14:46
netaeSoul: yes, it was correct14:47
valeriy_hi, I have a next problem. Using Nemo File manager, I'm able to open a samba folder, but how can I choose files to open directly from application. Like in audacious, open files that are on samba folder?14:47
ceqI had to install it on "nomodeset" because there was an issue with the graphic card as far as I understood - but after that the install went fine, it just doesn't boot into ubuntu - only in the recovery mood (GNU GRUB)14:47
ceq"sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" says: writing to /var/cache/apt/ isn't possible14:48
eSoulneta -- your usb key isnt in a blue USB3 port is it?14:48
netaeSoul: what blue port??14:49
karab44i am using my vnc connection right now14:49
Yu-Yuneta: As before, USB 3.0 port.14:49
eSoulIf your compuer had USB3 ports, they would be blue.  I have had issues with booting computers with usb drives in blue usb3 ports14:49
karab44on vino server14:50
Yu-Yukarab44: gz on that.14:50
netaeSoul- i don't think i have USB3... nothing blue anyway14:50
karab44ill try whole process from booting to shutting down14:50
karab44thank you for help14:51
karab44once again people here saves my day14:51
Yu-YuI'm here for my first day, and no-one helped me yet. ;D14:52
ceqsame, patience is key i think ;)14:52
Yu-Yuceq, did you solve your question?14:53
Yu-Yuceq, while I did.14:53
ceqgood for you ;)14:53
Aaruniok guys, this is kind of urgent. I have a macintosh and an ubuntu on a local network. I need to use one of the apps on macintosh. is it possible that I can use that application graphically via ubuntu? ssh, or something ? googling around didn't help.14:53
ikoniaAaruni: you can try X11 forwarding, but to be honest, you'll probably hit a wall depending on the app14:54
Yu-YuAaruni: ssh can passthru X connection.14:54
eSouloh I X11 forward all the time, makes things so much nicer14:54
thinknowwhy does the system say i have 3 active users when i only have me? " $ uptime14:55
thinknow 16:52:11 up 12 days, 22:35,  3 users,  load average: 1.58, 1.37, 1.09"14:55
Aaruniikonia, Yu-Yu : already tried ssh -x . gives me errors. I need to work on a presentation using keynote from iWork package, and I read something about using -x switch, but it says something like x forwarding failed14:55
eSoulAaruni -- Thanks because its -X14:55
ceqWhen I try to boot from a USB-Stick as a test it gets stuck at: "[ 4.846928] [drm] driver supports precise vblank timestamp query."14:56
ikoniaAmpelbein: -X14:56
ikoniaAmpelbein: -x disables it14:56
eSoulor -Y sometimes if you dont care about the encryption14:56
Yu-Yuikonia: Aaruni, not Ampelbein.14:56
AarunieSoul, Yu-Yu, ikonia : http://txt.krow.me/1276/14:57
BooshTukkaCan anyone help me applying a unified patch?14:57
eSoulAaruni -- are you trying to ssh into your Mac and run a Mac app on your ubuntu machine?14:58
Yu-YuAaruni: Show us OpenSSH config on the server?14:58
Chat7845 How r u14:58
eSoulAaruni:  You may need to turn on X11 forwarding on OS X's xserver, but honestly I dont know if it supports?14:59
ikoniaYu-Yu: pardon ?14:59
AarunieSoul: I want to use the mac app, but via my ubuntu machine. I know I can launch apps, but I don't know how to get a graphical display back on the ubuntu machine. Yu-Yu, I would love to share it, but I don't know where to look.14:59
AarunieSoul: you know how to ?14:59
Yu-Yuikonia: What pardons? You told it to Ampelbein, while meaning Aaruni.15:00
Yu-YuAaruni: Your ssh server config is…?15:01
AaruniYu-Yu: default, probably...15:01
jhutchinsAaruni: Is this a native osx app you're trying to forward?15:02
Aarunijhutchins: yes15:02
netaYu-Yu, eSoul -- btw, i don't find how to disable secureboot15:02
ikoniaYu-Yu: I see, thank you15:02
jhutchinsAaruni: I'm pretty sure you can't do that.15:02
ceqwow now the laptop doesnt even turn on anymore. nice.15:02
Yu-YuAaruni: I guess if you ssh to your Mac, then you run a server there. Not checking its config why ever you ask other people first?15:02
jhutchinsAaruni: Native apps expect a different display server instead of xorg.15:02
jhutchinsceq: Possibly your problems were actually hardware.15:03
Aarunijhutchins: but I can't even ssh -X into the macintosh15:03
Yu-Yuneta: Either you can disable, or you can boot securely via some signed media. There on ubuntu.com by UEFI some info I never tried.15:03
ceqwell windows worked fine.15:03
eSoulAaruni:  http://bit.ly/yqb9Kl might help you, enabling OS X X server forwarding15:03
Yu-Yuneta: I prefer avoiding UEFI ever.15:03
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
AaruniYu-Yu: there is a very nice graphical interface, and I need to only check the box, and it automatically configures the ssh server15:03
Yu-YuAaruni: This is not an argument at all.15:04
AaruniYu-Yu: we were having an argument ? I didn't realize..15:04
jhutchinsAaruni: Some versions of OSX default to a different ssh protocol.  use ssh -v to see what's happening.15:05
=== blzz is now known as blz
jhutchinsAaruni: If it's protocol mismatch it's easy to fix.15:06
A1ReconI have a dual boot system Ubuntu 13.04/Win 7. I have a flashdrive which was last used on a friend's Win7 PC and I think the flashdrive has viruses. If I plug the Flashdrive into my PC (running Ubuntu 13.04 now) will there be any problem??15:06
A1ReconCan I scan the drive for Win viruses??15:06
anoneeis there an easy way to increase the speed of an acer Aspire 3680 fan?15:07
eSoulAaruni -- I would check your OS X's sshd config file and enable X forwarding.  http://bit.ly/yqb9Kl can walk you through it15:07
Aarunijhutchins: I can't make head or tail out of this : http://txt.krow.me/1277/15:07
OerHeksA1Recon, ubuntu does not support win viruses, so no, you are fine unless it is a multi-os virus, very unlikely15:07
ceqturns out i had to remove the battery for a second. boots again now - but still not to ubuntu, only GNU GRUB15:07
jhutchinsAaruni: eSoul's page seems to imply that it can be done.15:07
* Yu-Yu in lmao falls out from here. Bb all!15:08
kubanchellow. where can i see my pusleaudio log files?15:08
AarunieSoul: checking15:08
nisheet_lallanyone having trouble with brightness controls in ubuntu 13.1015:09
eSoulAaruni:  And make sure you are doing this on your OS X machine15:09
AarunieSoul: I can ssh into OSX and then do it, right ?15:09
jhutchinsAaruni: Interesting.15:09
* flystom .ddd15:09
jhutchinsDid you enable forwarding on your osx system?15:10
AaruniI think I did. verifying it now, jhutchins15:10
=== eddie is now known as eddieq
A1ReconOerHeks: TY15:10
jhutchinsceq: Tell us EXACTLY what it IS doing.  WHat does it display?15:10
ceqI can select between Ubunut (generic), the recovery mode, memtest and memtest with serial console15:11
kubancwhere can I look for my pulseaudio log files?15:11
jhutchinsceq: It does not automatically select ubuntu?15:11
jhutchinsceq: What happens if you select it manually?15:11
=== jack is now known as Guest80736
ceqblinking cursor15:12
ceqnothing happens15:12
ceqno input possible15:12
karab44unfortunately using a vino I can not login before session starts.15:12
jhutchinsceq: Ok, grub is looking in the wrong place for the boot files then.15:12
jhutchinsceq: Do you have a live image you can boot from?15:12
ceq(keep in mind i installed with "nomodeset" activated)15:13
ceqyes i can15:13
ceqi have a usb stick and cd15:13
jhutchinsOk.  Actually, you could probably use interactive grub to find the boot partition.15:13
ceqhow do i do that?15:13
* jhutchins wishes he had a shortcut to how to do that...15:13
Aarunijhutchins, eSoul : here is the config pastebin : http://txt.krow.me/1278/15:14
eSoulAaruni:  Looks good15:14
AarunieSoul: so, next step?15:14
eSoulif you did the 3 things on the website, edit the file, saved it, restarted sshd, you are done15:14
jhutchinsceq: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting15:15
ceqill work through it and report back, thanks bunches!15:15
karab44but... I found solution for that15:15
AarunieSoul: I didn't edit it. it was already like that15:15
jhutchinseSoul: He appears to be getting an xauth failure.15:15
eSouljhutchins:  Indeed15:15
MacroManAny idea how I can pass command line arguments over putty?15:15
eSoulAaruni: try -Y instead of -X15:16
JoBArTe_Skuldhi to all15:16
AarunieSoul: still doesn't work15:16
eSoulAaruni:  one second15:16
jhutchinsAaruni: Did you kill/restart sshd?15:16
JoBArTe_Skuldis possible to measure a bandwidth by domain on a eth?15:16
nisheet_lallHi all15:16
MacroManFor example, if I use 'rm -R temp' it tries to remove the directory 'R' which doesn't even exists and fails on the directory removal15:16
Aarunihere is pastebin for -Y, eSoul, jhutchins : http://txt.krow.me/1279/15:17
Aarunijhutchins: I didn't edit the file. it was already like that15:17
flystomI am a novice。15:17
eSoulAaruni:  can you install xauth on your OS X system?15:17
eSoulit could be that easy15:17
AaruniMacroMan: 'rm -r temp'15:18
AarunieSoul: all right, checking that15:18
MacroManAaruni, Same thing15:18
AaruniMacroMan: not really. -R and -r are different15:18
Aarunior, rmdir temp15:18
ceqjhutchins: where in the troubleshooting can I find the point to look for the boot section?15:19
MacroManAh, cool. Didn't know about rmdir15:19
MacroManStill have this argument problem, but I'll come back to it if it's still a problem later.15:19
AarunieSoul, jhutchins : should I try this : http://dvisagie.blogspot.in/2012/08/fix-ssh-y-with-other-macs-osx-108.html15:20
MacroManAaruni, I didn't mean -r and -R are the same thing, I meant it still doesn't pass the argument on as it should.15:20
AaruniMacroMan: oh sorry, didn't realise that15:21
MacroManSee: http://pastie.org/828370515:21
eSoulAaruni:  That is making sure your xauth is installed and in the right places15:21
Aarunialso, MacroMan, it seems -R and -r are the same thing. although chmod doesn't respond to -r...15:21
AarunieSoul: so, should I try it ?15:21
MacroManAaruni, I always use -R for rm as that's what the man page states.15:22
eSoulAaruni: You gotta make sure xauth is installed first15:22
ceq"sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update" gives me an error: "couldnt resolve host: launchpad.net"15:22
AarunieSoul: ok, checking how to install xauth on OSX15:22
A1ReconHow do i increase the height of a particular cell while keeping the height of other cells in the row constant.... (LibreOffice Calc) ?15:23
ceqA1Recon: Not possible afaik... but you can merge the cell with one above15:23
jmavI removed executable on /lib, cant login to console any more15:23
A1Reconceq: I have an MS excel document which has the 4K cell extended to the 19th cell15:24
zykotick9jmav: try booting to recovery, and change it back (if possible)15:25
karab44holstein: I need you bro15:25
AarunieSoul: will try that, have to go for food now.15:27
genialGood day! I've just installed Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 on my HP-machine and I'm having trouble with the network connection being extremely unstable. It will work for a minute, then stop working, then start working again. The NIC is a Intel 82566DM-2. Is that NIC known to be unstable, and is there something I can do to fix it?15:27
cequbuntu is really getting frustrating15:30
karab44ceq: why?15:30
ceqcant get it to work on this laptop15:31
ceqit doesnt boot15:31
ceqonly into grub15:31
MonkeyDustceq  learning something can be frustrating, more so if you're used to something else you have to un-learn15:31
MonkeyDustsomething new*15:31
ceqwell, it not booting as it should doesnt have to do with adaption in my eyes15:32
baphomet111agree MonkeyDust15:32
karab44ceq: is it after installation or you never made it?15:32
ceqafter installation15:32
ceqwith "nomodeon"15:32
ceqi think its a graphic issue15:32
eSoulceq -- dumb question but have you tried readding the "nomodeset" to your boot string in grub much like you did when you booted with the cd/usb-key15:33
ceqwhen i try to boot it from GRUB, I only get a blinking cursor15:33
ceqThats what I'm trying to figure out15:33
ceqhow do I add boot parameters?15:33
karab44ceq: even in recovery mode? Does liveCD boot?15:33
eSoulI thnk you tap the E key on your keyboard over the menu option you want.  its been a while since Ive had to15:34
ceqi can get into recovery mode15:34
ceqlive CD would work, if i knew how to add "nomodeset" to the boot parameters15:34
A1Reconceq: Screenshot ..... http://imgur.com/syonlmU15:35
eSoulceq -- tap e on the keyboard over the Ubuntu option when you boot15:35
ceqwill try15:35
A1ReconOfficial IRC for Libre Office chat?15:35
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
=== linuxlite1969 is now known as convoi
ceqi just type "nomodeset" to set the parameter?15:37
eSouldown after the linux /boot/blahblahblah15:37
eSoulpreferably after splash15:37
ceqjust "nomodeset" or "-nomodeset"15:38
eSoulCtrl-x to boot15:38
ceqso between "splash" an "$vt_handoff"15:38
eSoulsure that works15:38
eSoulanywhere really on the linux line, but not in between equals other other paramaters15:39
eSoul*and other15:39
ceqok done. "system is running in low graphics mode" *fingers crossed*15:39
ceqso what do i select there "run in low graph this session", "reconfigure graphics", "troubleshoot the error" or "exit to console login" ?15:40
eSoulrun in low graphics this session15:40
eSoulyou wont be able to recongiure your graphics unless you figure out how to for your hardwre15:40
jmavzykotick9: thx15:41
ceq"stand by one minute while the display restarts..."15:41
ceqnow i get a login request15:41
ceqthe sign-in password?15:41
eSoulwell yeah, you are good to go now, you are up and running instead of at a blinking crsur15:42
baphomet111does anyone in here use Amahi?15:42
Pici!anyone | baphomet11115:45
ubottubaphomet111: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:45
MekaariI actually thought the first questions asked were like15:46
Mekaari"can somebody help me???"15:46
Mekaari"is anyone here??"15:46
baphomet111ubottu, that is my question.15:46
baphomet111ubottu, was just wondering15:47
ubottubaphomet111: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:47
MekaariBots are people too.15:47
drcooperdo not be bottists15:47
BluesKajMekaari, ok now , do you have a question15:47
kubanchellow! how can i prevent HDMI output to go to sleep state?15:48
cpinedgood morning....hoping to get some help with a wireless issue on my old sony vaio laptop15:48
cpinedI have Lubuntu 12.04 installed on it...the last time I used the laptop was about a year15:48
cpinednow I tried using it again..but the wireless is no longer working.15:49
cpinedit just says that it is requesting a network address15:49
cpinedit says "Requesting a wireless network address for ..."15:49
cpinedit is able to detect my wifi network, but it does not connect.15:51
baphomet111cpined, has your router changed? does your wifi nic support the channel it is on?15:53
baphomet111is there much interference in the area?15:53
cpinedit is a new router15:54
cpinedall of my other still work15:54
cpinedhow do I know if my wifi nic supports the channel?15:54
baphomet111cpined, just because your other devices still work doens't mean your at least 1 year old device works.15:54
baphomet111first of all, are we talking 2.4 or 5ghz?15:55
cpinedI did change the channel per the tech support because of issues with my blu-ray player15:55
cpinedis there a standard channel?15:55
baphomet111are we talking 2.4ghz or 5ghz?15:55
baphomet111answer that first15:55
baphomet111because that matters.15:56
=== robert_ is now known as Guest49773
baphomet111cpined, ?15:56
baphomet111yes what?15:57
cpinedI think you might be correct15:57
baphomet111are you using 2.4 or 5ghz?15:57
cpinedI don't know15:57
cpinedthe router is from ATT Uverse15:58
sharpshooterhi friends what is the best snippet collector for ubuntu/linux ?15:58
baphomet111cpined, that doesn't help much.15:58
cpinedMost likely it is 2.515:58
cpinedsorry, 2.415:58
dimas# joint chanell jakarta15:58
baphomet111if it is 5ghz I have seen problems. if it is 2.4, then your card most likely supports the channel it's on unless it's using channel 14.15:59
cpinedI'll check15:59
cpinedthe router is on channel 1116:00
tgunrI thought I read a while ago somewhere that you could share a terminal session between users using byobu or tmux or something, now I can't see how to do that. I have another user who wants me to watch his screen as he enter commands so I can see the results. Is this possible?16:00
baphomet111cpined, try channel 616:01
baphomet111see what happens16:01
karab44Funny thing happenes16:02
karab44I can no login. Screen gets black and go back to login screen16:02
karab44Guest login works fine16:03
cpinedon the laptop it still hangs with "Requesting a wireless network address for "16:03
baphomet111and it never connects?16:04
baphomet111does it prompt you for a password?16:04
cpinedIt just comes back and says "Wireless disconnected"16:04
cpinedIt does sometimes...I did put one in though.16:05
cpinedShould I try a new channel?16:05
baphomet111I would clear out the entry from network manager and try again16:05
baphomet111channel 6 and 11 should be fine16:05
cpinedok...thanks for your help!16:07
baphomet111let me know how it goes16:07
baphomet111this can really only a couple things16:07
cpinedSame results..after rebooting laptop16:08
baphomet111did you clear the entries like I asked?16:09
baphomet111or did you just reboot16:09
cpinedjust reboot16:10
cpinedhow do I clear the entries?16:10
baphomet111ok, well that is not what I asked16:10
baphomet111in the upper right16:10
baphomet111click on the place where the wifi logo stuff is16:10
burghello. how can i remove effective acl mask recursively (and also for newly created files/directories) ?16:10
baphomet111click edit connections16:10
baphomet111remove any wireless connections you see16:10
baphomet111then try again16:10
cpinedI cleared it out...same problem.16:12
BluesKajcpined, what does iwconfig output ? pastebin it please16:12
cpinedI'm sorry, what does pastebin mean?16:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:13
baphomet111BluesKaj, it sounds like it's not authenticating to his network16:14
baphomet111could be a DHCP issue.  could be MAC filtering set up on the router16:14
baphomet111I had him switch to channel 616:14
BluesKajlet's see if there's a route to it16:14
cpinedwell....I'm talking with you on my desktop....while trying out the stuff on my laptop.16:14
BluesKajcpined, right ..kinda figured that16:15
baphomet111cpined, you can still pastebin it16:15
Basil1xHow do I chown an external hdd?16:15
baphomet111copy and paste the output to a file and drop the file to your desktop16:15
baphomet111Basil1x, like a boss.16:15
zykotick9Basil1x: what format is it?  fat/ntfs or an EXT*?16:16
cpinedok....sorry guys...I need to leave but will be back in an hour...thanks so much.16:16
Desert_eaglehow could I build ubuntu hvm ami for amazon16:16
lmatI have some large xml documents that I would like to query using xquery. Is there an obvious forerunner in xquery implementations these days ? (command line, please)16:16
Basil1xCalled 'Bob'16:17
lmatDesert_eagle: hi2u16:17
zykotick9Basil1x: then mount it, and change the mount point permission after it's mounted.16:17
lmatDesert_eagle: What do you mean by "for amazon"? Like, you're going to Brazil with this system?16:17
lmatDesert_eagle: Or you're trying to use it as a trojan horse offering to Amazon incorporated?16:17
Basil1xIt says I'm not the owner, so can't change the permissions16:17
Desert_eagleamazon ec216:17
zykotick9Basil1x: are you using sudo?16:18
Basil1xWait... think I just managed it.16:18
Basil1xThanks.  Got it.16:19
Basil1xIt was having a panic, so I was.16:19
baphomet111sudo !!16:19
lmatbaphomet111: :)16:20
lmatI guess I'll go with saxonb-xquery...16:21
tgunrtrying to use screen in multiuser mode with little success, loggind in as thatuser I execute screen and I have multiuser on, acladd thisuser, from thisuser i try `screen -r thatuser' and get "There is no screen to be resumed matching thatuser" according to http://aperiodic.net/screen/multiuser this work no?16:24
a7i3nIn case anyone is interested I've been running i3 on Ubuntu and have found it works really well as a unity replacement for my laptop.16:27
baphomet111a7i3n, cool.  ubuntu is good stuff.16:27
baphomet111welcome to the world of linux16:27
a7i3nubuntu is good16:28
ActionParsnipa7i3n: what is i3?16:28
LaCroix-I have not utilized Ubuntu yet, right now researching it, thinking of taking my lap top and cell to ubuntu16:28
Aaruniat first I read "running ubuntu on [intel core] i3", and I'm wondering to myself, how is a processor replacement for unity.. :|16:28
a7i3nI actually have it set up with the keymappings for my laptops "special buttons"16:29
holstein!info i316:29
ubottui3 (source: i3-wm): metapackage (i3 window manager, screen locker, menu, statusbar). In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2-2 (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 38 kB16:29
ActionParsnipa7i3n: unity isnt a wm, its a plugin for the compiz wm16:29
a7i3ni3 is a tiling window manager16:29
lmatnm, I went with xqilla16:30
baphomet111hahaha Aaruni me too16:30
a7i3nYou can find a version in the repositories but it's better to go to their webpage and get the newer version.16:30
Aarunibaphomet111: :)16:30
baphomet111I am trying to find a NUC or NUC type system with a quad core CPU.  seems impossible :(16:31
baphomet111at least right now it does16:31
a7i3nIs VERY fast compared to unity but the underlying setup for unity makes it pretty...16:31
clue_hpurely anecdotal but i've always found xfce4 to work well in ubuntu16:31
njuergenstgunr, try 'screen -x' instead of '-r' because -r is for already _detached_ screens16:31
tgunrhmm, ok16:32
baphomet111a7i3n, screenshots?16:32
holsteinyou really cant and dont need to compare them, since they are not meant to emuate nor replace each other.. if unity meets your needs, use it.. if not, i3 might work great for you16:32
a7i3nI've used xfce4 as well, also have e and awesome installed for fun16:32
tgunrsame thing 'screen -x davec16:32
tgunrThere is no screen to be attached matching davec.'16:32
holsteintgunr: list the screens.. screen -list16:33
=== Valentin is now known as Guest97029
a7i3nNo comparison really I simply like them all...16:33
Guest97029I have strange problem16:33
Guest97029How to solve it??16:33
clue_hwhats the problem16:33
holstein!details | Guest9702916:33
ubottuGuest97029: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:33
a7i3n< Changes windowmanagers like some people change socks...16:33
Guest97029I have license and W-soft16:34
eSoula7i3n -- once a month? :-p16:34
holsteinGuest97029: use a windows support channtl16:34
Guest97029But when I virtualise it - I do not see root folder16:34
tgunrshows only one screen although i have another screen running in another terminal window as davec16:34
a7i3nat least esoul... at least... Change OS almost as often... sigh...16:34
clue_hGuest97029, if you're worried about reinstalling just use ubuntu on a virtual machine ontop of windows, no licence issues or having to reinstall things16:34
njuergenstgunr, try 'screen -x davec/'16:35
Guest97029how to turn net on v-box??16:35
tgunrnow getting somewhere "Must run suid root for multiuser support."16:35
plokami666I would like to make a directory accessible by a few different users through ftp on ubuntu server 12.04. The owner of the directory has a valid shell through witch I'm running a couple different programs in screen so giving others access to that user is out of the question. Is it possible to make it so other users can upload to that directory and the main user can read/write from/to the files?16:35
Guest97029I cannt go out from Ubuntu))16:36
plokami666I don't have an ftp server installed yet btw.16:36
gordonjcpplokami666: don't install one16:36
gordonjcpftp is fundamentally stupid and broken16:36
Guest97029ls /pidor/here16:36
zykotick9plokami666: ftp is terrible... consider a secure alternative.16:37
a7i3nssh is good16:37
newhiteIn Ubuntu 12.04, How do you investigate the devices  connected to the computer ?16:37
plokami666Well, I can use sftp then. But the question stands. How would I go about doing the above?16:37
clue_hnewhite, hardinfo is a good program for that16:38
karab44isn't NX actually the best technology for remote desktops?16:38
newhitestevanr thanks16:38
holsteinkarab44: "best" is a matter of opinion, and use case.. its best if you want that technology16:38
clue_hnewhite, but also you can inspect from the terminal with dmidecode16:38
jcgsnewhite: lspci in terminal as well16:38
holsteinkarab44: its not a remote desktop.. it forwards a destkop session, which might be preferred.. or not16:39
karab44holstein: vino is very slow and I can not login without existing session so in my opinion it is very best.16:39
karab44*not very best16:39
holsteinkarab44: its not the same technology.. so its not fair to compare16:39
newhitejcgs, thanks I just entered that and receive the list I am looking for.16:39
njuergenstgunr, you could try 'sudo chmod u+s /usr/bin/screen' however generally suid-root is considered to be a security risk16:40
jcgsnewhite: no worries :)16:40
tgunryeah, but ok as these are behind dmz16:40
tgunr tried that and get '/var/run/screen must be 755' but it is already 75516:41
jcgsHas anyone here had any luck running xen? I've installed it, but when I choose the hypervised kernel it gets most of the way through the boot process and then hangs before the login screen comes up. It won't even respond to crtl-alt-del at that stage, and I have to pull the plug :(16:41
karab44holstein: okay, never mind. Don't compare technologies. I have requirements, yes? I need to startup and login remotely my PC. It's good when screen is quite smooth but most important are like I mentioned.16:41
karab44so vino does not fulfill my requirements16:42
fabian68bonjour, j'ai un petit problème avec wine 1.4 je voudrais faire une mise à jour avec 1.6 mais je n'y arrive pas, quelque'un peut il maider ?16:42
karab44I can not login16:42
DJones!fr | fabian6816:42
ubottufabian68: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:42
clue_hit's not compatible16:42
karab44I found somewhere tutorial how to make it works but it is for older ubuntu versions.16:42
jcgskarab44: was that for me?16:43
karab44jcgs: probably not, but how may I help you?16:43
njuergenstgunr, did you forget the '/' maybe? screen -x davec/16:44
karab44holstein: look what I found NX allows users to create new X11 sessions and forwards all X communication to the remote client.16:45
karab44 16:45
karab44VNC simply forwards what a logged in user sees on the desktop similar to how video would be transmitted.16:45
jcgskarab44: i missed the first part of your conversation i think, so i can;t quite understand what you're talking about. my question is above, i posted it at 17:4116:45
tgunrnope, but got it, i was trying screen -x davec/ from within a screen session, logged out and back in and on first try osf screen -x davec/ it connected16:45
=== benmoose is now known as SonikkuAmerica
plokami666As a possible reply to my question, could I chown the directory under a group and attach both users to that group? Wouldn't they both get read/write access to the dir then?16:45
tgunrguess you can't connect from within16:45
karab44jcgs I am duscussing with holstein "best" method to use remote desktop.16:45
tgunrbut thanks njuergens that was a big help, now can show some examples to my two users16:46
=== gavin__ is now known as gavinguo
jcgsplokami: does a sticky directory do the job?16:46
plokami666I'm sorry but I've no idea what a sticky directory is.16:46
limakyhi everyone!16:46
jcgsplokami666: do a google search, but it changes how file permissions are applied to files in the directory. Wikipedia explains it better than i could.16:47
plokami666On it16:48
Silver_Arrowqjoypad crashed with this line in the terminal last night, and I can't get it to relaunch16:48
Silver_ArrowSegmentation fault (core dumped)16:48
Dark_lightHow can I manage lenses, enable/disable them, without having to remove/reinstall them everytime ?16:49
newhitehow does one trouble shoot when UBuntu doesn't boot propertly ?16:49
ozzloyi'm trying to bring my bluetooth back up without rebooting.  i just woke from suspend and now bt is not coming up.  i've tried rfkill unblock and service bluetooth restart to no avail.  what do?  what log can i check for clues?16:49
ozzloyubuntu 12.0416:49
MonkeyDustDark_light  system settings > privacy16:50
ikonianewhite: depends where/how it's failing16:50
plokami666I'm seeing that with a sticky directory anyone would have access to it but only file owners would be able to delete stuff. I'm not too sure that's a good idea.16:50
Dark_lightMonkeyDust: but that's a global switch I want to have the possibility to enable/disable single lenses/scopes16:50
plokami666jcgs: ^16:50
darkangel_Hey just woudering if u get a Pipe Error from a Wine program is it importand enough to Send it as a Bug report at Wine HQ?16:50
jcgsplokami666: I think it won't do the job, but it is available. I think you just need to mess around with the right group setup.16:50
ikoniadarkangel_: any bug is important if you want people to maintain it16:51
jcgsplokami666: you can make sticky not world-writable if you want16:51
MonkeyDustDark_light  launch dconf-editor, maybe you find something there16:51
darkangel_ok =) thx16:51
plokami666I'm on a production server so I can't really mess around too much. Which is why I'm asking here ^^16:52
plokami666If I was to chown the dir under a group and give the proper perms to the group, wouldn't the users under it all have access to the files?16:52
newhiteikonia, it gets past the bios, harddrive detection.  When it attempts to load ubuntu.  i receive a black screen with the mouse cursor16:52
plokami666Or well, can I even chown under a group? Never had to do that before16:52
ikoniaplokami666: if you're on a production server and don't know this stuff, I strongly suggest talking to someone else who runs the server and who does know this16:52
=== Maple__ is now known as [ih8dbl_bans]
ikoniaplokami666: file system permissions like this can be a big risk both functionality and security, so really, don't touch if you don't know on a production server16:53
Dark_lightMonkeyDust: I had hoped for something more straightforward, I have found this http://www.webupd8.org/2012/06/lens-toggle-quickly-enable-disable.html but it's for 12.04 only16:53
Silver_Arrowfound the problem, it was running, but panel is refusing to show it's widget making interactio with it impossible16:53
sudormrfHey. I want a detachable touchscreen ultrabook that will run ubuntu without a lot of install effort... any suggestions?16:53
ikonianewhite: I'd remove the splash screen for starters,16:53
=== [ih8dbl_bans] is now known as Maple__
newhiteikonia,  Does this website do it?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/33416/how-do-i-disable-the-boot-splash-screen16:55
MonkeyDustDark_light  find 13.04 on this page http://www.adminreseau.fr/lens-toggle-quickly-enable-disable-unity-lenses-without-removing-them/16:56
ikonianewhite: looks good16:56
newhiteikonia,  sweet, I'll do that and see if there is a difference16:56
newhiteikonia,  sweet, thanks16:56
ikonianewhite: note down any errors, or warnings16:56
ikonianewhite: may well be clean, but worth checking16:56
Dark_lightMonkeyDust: thanks!16:57
newhiteOn boot up, what does Empty Security Header mean?\17:01
kelonyehi what could be the cause of this difference https://cloudup.com/iayyxmuCD1x (fedora-gnome) , https://cloudup.com/iu2DnD8w070 (ubuntu)17:06
newhitewhat does the error empty security header mean?17:07
Eighteensi'm using a older version of ubuntu, and was wondering how i can make it see all 10gb of ram? --it's 10.04 32 bit, can i edit the boot command line and add the memory there17:07
MonkeyDustEighteens  10.04 desktop or server? desktop is no longer supported17:08
jcgsEighteens: 32-bit kernels can't normally see more than 4GB of ram. you need a kernel with PAE17:08
njuergensEighteens, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE17:09
Eighteenscan i copy a kernel from another machine that has the PAE, to the other machine17:09
jcgsEighteens: One should be available in the repositories (if they still exist)17:09
Eighteensok, thanks MonkeyDust, jcgs, njuergens... much appreciated.17:10
gattuso5065can use john the ripper with ubuntu17:10
BluesKajEighteens, this is just the begining of many more problems to come if you don't upgrade to at least 12.04 soon17:10
Aaruniok, jhutchins, ssh -Y worked17:11
Aaruninow, I need to launch an application, so that it will show up in my ubuntu box.17:11
Aarunisimply launch, or some other command ?17:11
EighteensBluesKaj: I tried 11, 12, and 13.04, but went back to 10.04 because i hated the fact of the missing application bar at op17:11
MonkeyDustEighteens  xubuntu has that bar on top17:12
BluesKajreally ? ...wow , well if you can't live with something a bit different , then good luck !17:12
MonkeyDustEighteens  "Fallback" has it too, looks very much like gnome217:13
loulanI have a libtool issue.17:13
loulanit's telling me that there is an undefined reference to a symbol, but when I nm the library that I use, it contains that symbol...17:14
cpinedok...back...I did the pastebin17:15
EighteensMonkeyDust: so i can use 13.04 with a top panel bar?17:15
BluesKajpost the url , cpined17:15
MonkeyDustEighteens  yes17:16
EighteensMonkeyDust: sweet, thank you...17:16
MonkeyDustEighteens  look for Fallback in the repos http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fpdM3UOam3Y/TzW6lrA9yNI/AAAAAAAAHuQ/5Wf9Xum-oxQ/s1600/ubuntu12.04-classic-session.png17:17
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
EighteensMonkeyDust: I have to use noapic on the command line in one of the machines we use, will this be a issue under 13.04? any ideas?17:19
BluesKajcpined, in the terminal ,  sudo ifconfig wlan0 up , then , sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i essid , your network manager should be asking for a password and encryption , either wep or wpa-pssk , preferably the latter17:20
cpinedlet me try17:20
=== andre is now known as Guest27100
Joe____Can anyone help me out, im new to ubuntu. On my task bar under sound, rythmbox has a weird white square around the play button. how do i get rid of it?17:21
EighteensMonkeyDust: i have another issue, one of the windows 7 machines was seriously infected with viruses, so i formatted the drive and put ubuntu on it, now it works great but doesn't print to one of the wireless printers it use to before, and I can't get support from Kodak on this issue, how can i go about using a ndiswrapper?17:21
cpinedI got some output, I see my router but it did not ask me for the password.17:22
anoneecan i use the terminal as su when I'm logged in from a standard user GUI? excuse me for the dumb question but I really don't know?17:24
MonkeyDustEighteens  better ask someone else, i'm no help for that17:24
marco__hi all17:27
BluesKajcpined, open the network manager and enter the password and encyption type (wpa-psk) in the fields provided there17:27
gattuso5065marco hi17:28
marco__hi gattuso506517:29
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=== useiton is now known as SonikkuAmerica
cpinedonly wpa option I see is: WPA & WPA2 Personal and WPA & WPA2 Enterprise17:29
gattuso5065marco you know how we install john the ripper17:30
BluesKajWPA2 Personal17:30
agresterHow can I obtain an older *.deb package from the Ubuntu repositories that's no longer published?17:30
agresterI'm trying to get this nvidia-319-319.17-0ubuntu1+xedgers~raring117:31
cpinedok..looks like it just hangs on 'Requesting a wireless network address for '''17:31
atira_hi, would anyone tell me what terminal app is this for keeping differenets terminal in the same screen? : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-KoYvxo-RoNg/UiB_wpLingI/AAAAAAAABCQ/BM_VQfb7_Ro/s1600/tmux-terminal-multiplexer.png17:32
atira_thank you17:32
BluesKajagrester, that's ppa , go to xedgers and follow the instructions to install it in your sources17:32
trismatira_: tmux (guessing from the name of the image)17:32
atira_trism: thank you so much :)17:33
agrester+BluesKaj, I'm just trying to get this file, is there a way I can download it from launchpad?17:33
daftykinsatira_: try terminator also17:34
atira_daftykins: ok thank you17:34
BluesKajagrester, you can search for it on launchpad yes17:35
Aarunijhutchins, ikonia: finally using VNC. ssh -Y connects and launches applications, but fails to display them on the ubuntu box17:37
kelvinellahi, I am frustrated.  My computer runs really slow sometimes and I am suspicious about the flash is using 100% CPU but I dont know how to solve it?17:40
=== SonikkuAmerica36 is now known as SonikkuAmerica
Craig910update your flashplayer maybe?17:41
kelvinellaIt doesnt happen until recently17:41
kelvinellaI updated it i think17:41
Craig910is it always 100% even without playing?17:42
OerHekskelvinella, flash is a hog, restart the page/browser is your solution17:42
kelvinellaaround 90% without anything running17:42
kelvinellai even close all browsers and it is still slow17:43
kelvinellai either reboot or wait for like 15 min until the system runs smooth again17:43
Craig910if you think flash slows your computer down, why dont you uninstall it to see if it fix the problem?17:44
BluesKajkelvinella, use , ctrl+escape , or htop to find out what's using up you resources17:45
Hanumaanhow to move windows which are in second montior along with first monitor ?17:46
kelvinellalast time i checked, its the apt-get, apt-check, using up 90% dont know why17:46
BluesKajkelvinella, do you have auto updates/upgrades set in software sources17:47
bewestis unity-2d-panel gone altogether in raring?17:47
kelvinelladont know17:48
bewestif I was using the 2d vesion (to co-operate with xmonad) am I better off choosing another docker altogether?17:48
kelvinellai didnt change anything17:48
kelvinellafor like 9 months nothing wrong until recently it is slow17:48
kelvinellaupdate-apt-xapi ??17:48
kelvinellawhats that?17:48
holsteinbewest: AfAIK, unity2d is not going to be around..17:49
trismkelvinella: it's used by software-center to index packages17:50
=== aduarte is now known as cadaver
BluesKajkelvinella, you can turn the file indexer/nepomuk off if you wish17:55
martinramehi, does anyone know why an Ubuntu Server 12.04, after booting, instead of showing the console mode login is in a black screen?. I can login using ssh, but not from the computer itself.17:56
=== wanttolovedjango is now known as tttttttttttttttt
daftykinsmartinrame: nvidia graphics?17:58
daftykinsoh CLI install huh17:58
=== tttttttttttttttt is now known as WhiteTiger
martinramedaftykins: yes is CLI install.17:58
daftykinswhat kind of system is it?17:59
=== WhiteTiger is now known as IronMan
minimalisthi folks17:59
=== IronMan is now known as SilverMan
minimalisti'm having trouble with the broadcom bcm4314 wireless drivers17:59
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:59
urban120hello can sameone help me i am stuck with grub rescue18:00
minimalistwhich is better wl or brcsmac18:00
minimalisturban120, whats the issue?18:00
XLVmartinrame, what kind of gpu chip?18:00
daftykinsminimalist: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=199788018:00
high_fivermartinrame, monitor switched on?18:00
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=== ^-^ is now known as tttttttttttest
minimalistdayangkun, i'm using the open source brcmsmac driver but the signals weak for some reason18:01
urban120i instaled eOS on a spare partition on my hard drive and tried it after that i went to ubuntu and deleted eOS partition18:01
urban120and now i have grub rescue18:01
high_fivermartinrame, did you install a DWM?18:02
martinramehigh_fiver: no18:02
XLVurban120, boot from some ubuntu live cd, mount /root to /mnt/<some dir>, then chroot <some dir>, then grub-install /dev/<your boot device>18:03
high_fivermartinrame, you got it now18:03
=== tttttttttttest is now known as InterNet
urban120ok ty18:03
martinramehigh_fiver: of course the monitor is on.18:03
=== InterNet is now known as InterNet123
high_fivermartinrame, :P18:03
martinramewhere's the /etc/inittab file?18:04
JuJuBeeMy proxy/firewall is redirecting all traffic generated by itself to localhost for some reason all of a sudden.  Any suggestions?18:04
ikoniaJuJuBee: fix your firewall rules18:05
=== InterNet123 is now known as InterWeb
JuJuBeeikonia: I have not made any changes since last May when it was operating just fine.18:05
JuJuBeeI lefft school for the summer...18:05
ikoniathen your rules have always been broken and you've just noticed, or someone else has made a chance18:05
minimalistmartinrame,  thez no inittab file18:06
JuJuBeeHmmm, my internet provider changed my modem a few weeks ago...  maybe that is it?18:06
ikoniaJuJuBee: is your firewall on your modem or ubuntu18:06
ikoniaJuJuBee: has your ip changed18:06
JuJuBeeIt did initially as they did not se the modem to bridge18:07
JuJuBeeIt has built in router18:07
ikoniahas it changed yes/no18:07
JuJuBeeit is back to what it should be again18:07
mitch-_is there a way to have gns3 set the xterm window size??18:07
BluesKajusually a new modem/router changes the local network IPs18:08
JuJuBeeikonia: pc on my lan can get out fine only traffic from firewall to internet is redirected.18:08
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: it did initially but I called them and they set it to bridge instead...18:09
bewestJuJuBee: you should list the current rules to confirm they are what you expect18:09
urban120XLV do mount my system root i have /boot on sda3 and /root on sda518:10
BluesKajJuJuBee, you could have done ifconfig to find the new gateway IP ,and the device IP18:11
XLVurban120, idk your system's config.. you got two different linux installs in there?18:11
urban120yes thats why its broken18:12
ikoniaJuJuBee: that doesn't sound like your firewall18:12
ikoniaJuJuBee: that just sounds like your router is not port forwarding correctly18:12
JuJuBeeI reset the firewall (iptables) to allow ALL traffic.  Same problem.18:13
ikoniaJuJuBee: yes, it's not your firewall as I just said18:13
JuJuBeeI cannot get to http://www.google.com (redirects to localhost) but I can get to https://www.google.com18:13
ikoniaJuJuBee: its your router / forwarding18:13
JuJuBeeikonia: only thing between my server/firewall is the ISP modem18:14
ikoniaJuJuBee: the server and firewall are not on the same machine ?18:14
JuJuBeebetween server and ISP18:14
ikonianslookup www.google.com18:14
JuJuBeeMy mistake... between server/firewall and isp is the modem18:14
ikonianannes: does it return valid IP addresses ?18:15
eyfour /query Floodbot118:15
ikoniaJuJuBee: does it return valid IP addresses18:15
JuJuBeeikonia: yes18:15
ikoniaJuJuBee: traceroute www.google.com18:15
JuJuBeetracing fine...18:16
ikoniaJuJuBee: define fine18:16
JuJuBeegot to hop 7 before no reply18:16
ikoniaJuJuBee: does it reach the correct source18:16
mitch-_does anyone know how to help set the size of xterm for default??18:17
ikoniaJuJuBee: you should not be getting "no replay"18:17
ikoniaJuJuBee: the google machines do not block ICMP18:17
JuJuBeeikonia: hop 6...   6:  voip-phone.tvc-ip.com (                  23.950ms18:17
JuJuBeei can ping fine18:17
minimalistmitch-_, window size?18:17
ikoniaJuJuBee: looks like your ISP is stopping that then18:17
ikoniaJuJuBee: ok so you can resolve and get out right18:17
ikoniaJuJuBee: so either a.) you have a proxy setup for your browser18:18
ikoniaJuJuBee: b.) your modem/ISP is redirecting port 8018:18
JuJuBeeBut not all port 80, I just was able to http://www.ubuntu.com18:18
JuJuBeeI am very confused...18:18
ikoniaJuJuBee: still going to come down to a.) proxy b.) ISP - you've flushed your iptables rules, so you know it's not them18:19
XLVurban120, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158109918:21
XLVurban120, its quite easy.. read the guide18:21
urban120ok ty18:21
JuJuBeeikonia: to confuse things more... chromium and firefox redirect most traffic to localhost, links2 and konqueror do not... I checked and proxy is off on all browsers.18:22
ikoniaJuJuBee: sounds like system proxy is set18:22
ikoniaif only some browsers are picking it up18:22
daftykinsor a DNS fail18:22
ikonianah, because then all browsers and traceroute / nslookup would fail18:22
JuJuBeeikonia:  if system, then why can konqueror get out fine.18:22
JuJuBeeI will go check...18:22
ikoniaJuJuBee:......why not ?18:22
dazzastyle1888hey im on an ubuntu live cd trying to wipe a macbook hard drive but in gparted the hard drive doesnt show is there something i need to do first18:23
bewestmitch-_: yes18:23
minimalistdazzastyle1888, use dban18:23
Jordan_Udazzastyle1888: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" and of "dmesg".18:23
dazzastyle1888minimalist: whats dban18:24
dazzastyle1888Jordan_U: ok18:24
bewestmitch-_: for xterm, you need to modify Xresources, specifically for default fontsize: https://github.com/bewest/homeware/blob/master/dotfiles/dot.Xresources#L9-L2018:24
minimalistits a bootable image that will safely wipe disks ..18:24
minimalistdazzastyle1888,  its a bootable image that will safely wipe disks ..18:25
dazzastyle1888ok this is sudo parted -l18:25
dazzastyle1888Jordan_U: ^18:26
dazzastyle1888Jordan_U: and dmesg http://pastebin.com/zjy2YXzX18:27
JuJuBeeikonia: under system settings, proxy set to connect to internet directly, same as all browsers.18:28
dazzastyle1888Jordan_U: any ideas ?18:29
dazzastyle1888minimalist: did you see the pastebin ? any ideas18:29
elijahHey guys, just installed latest updates for today, not sure what they were though and my sound stopped working, even the system test sound in sound settings. How do I troubleshoot?18:29
ikoniaJuJuBee: enable headers in firefox, see where it's going and why18:30
Jesse-can anyone direct me to a guide on how to get league of legends runing on ubuntu 13.04?18:30
elijahrebooted a few times but still no sound18:30
lagbug #119831918:30
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1198319 could not be found18:30
BluesKajJuJuBee, is there a "no proxy" setting , if so try that18:30
maphey y'all18:32
dazzastyle1888anyone ?18:34
OrpheonHello, I'm on a 12.04 ubuntu, and the unity dash button/trash/show desktop color chosen because of my background isn't very good. Any way to manually set it?18:34
mapanyone what dazzastyle188818:34
dazzastyle1888Jordan_U: ???18:34
mapaha ok18:34
mapjust reading up18:35
p0wn3dI'm having a problem where my right click on menu items just flashs by and does not give me an option to select anything18:35
bewestso in raring, it seems any usb device goes through xhci_hcd modue18:35
XLVdazzastyle1888, get ultimate boot cd, and use some hdd shredder/cleaner it has in there18:36
bewestbut when I plug in my older usb device, I used to be able to issue modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1111 product=0x2222 and get a ttyUSBx18:36
bewestnow udev doesn't even trigger anything when I plug in this device18:36
XLVdazzastyle1888, http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html18:36
bewestinstead dmesg has some entries saying xhci_hcd cannot enumerate port and gives up18:36
dazzastyle1888XLV: cheers ill check that out18:37
XLVdazzastyle1888, http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/index.html you want to look into the /HDD/Disk Wiping section18:37
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mapcouldnt he erase partition with fdisk18:37
dazzastyle1888XLV: just reading i might need hfsutils installed in ubuntu18:37
XLVdazzastyle1888, not for a hdd shredder, it does it in sectors level18:37
XLVdazzastyle1888, so access to the actual filesystem isnt really needed18:38
dazzastyle1888XLV: no no i just mean to read the drive in ubuntu18:38
XLVdazzastyle1888, you want to read the drive or erase it?18:38
dazzastyle1888XLV: erase it then put it back in the macbook and reinstall OSX18:38
XLVok.. then use one of the tools in the ubcd18:38
dazzastyle1888XLV: ok thanks18:39
XLVdazzastyle1888, also, that doesnt even need a shredder18:39
XLVdazzastyle1888, cfdisk18:39
XLVor fdisk18:39
dazzastyle1888XLV: whats that18:39
dazzastyle1888how do i do it18:39
XLVin linux cli18:39
dazzastyle1888in terminal18:39
XLVfind the partition osx is, and delete it18:39
XLVubcd can do it too18:39
dazzastyle1888XLV: thats the thing though i cant see the disk in ubuntu live cd18:40
dazzastyle1888XLV: it doesnt show in my bios either18:40
XLVdazzastyle1888, the hdd doesnt show in bios?18:40
dazzastyle1888XLV: no18:40
XLVdazzastyle1888, was it a hdd with onboard encryption?18:40
XLVthose need a special util from the hdd manuf to erase them18:40
dazzastyle1888XLV: i think so yes18:41
JuJuBeeThere is no "no proxy" only connect directly to internet18:41
XLVwell, go to hdd manuf's site and download the util to erase it18:41
dazzastyle1888XLV: toshiba i think it is18:41
dazzastyle1888XLV: like these ? http://storage.toshiba.com/storage-services-support/warranty-support/software-utilities18:42
usr13XLV: I think he is saying that the *partition* is not listed in the bios, (which would be true, only hdd's are listed in bios, not partitions).18:42
BluesKajJuJuBee, are you using network manager?18:42
dazzastyle1888usr13: even the drive is not listed in bios18:42
dazzastyle1888user82: nor in windows disk manager nor in gparted on ubvuntu 12.04 live cd18:42
latakuofftopic, anyone know how to set screen to utf8 in solaris?18:43
latakuscreen -U not working :(18:43
XLVdazzastyle1888, well, if its not the encryption, then the hdd has problem18:43
XLVit should show in bios18:43
dazzastyle1888XLV: the hard drive was working in the macbook i think it might be the encryption18:43
dazzastyle1888XLV: so the toshiba utility should solve that ?18:43
mitch-_bewest, so i found the best way is to add -geometry 90x45 right after "xterm" in the gns3 terminal settings window18:44
XLVdazzastyle1888, cant find anything related to toshiba's site18:44
dazzastyle1888thats what ive found18:44
XLVdazzastyle1888, yeah, there.. has nothing related18:44
dazzastyle1888XLV: DOS Diagnostic Tool Ver. 7.0 (For IDE/ATA/SATA Hard Drives)18:44
Questhow to know the size of each dir. is there a way for me to find out whcih dirs are taking more space. some sort of bar or stats?18:44
XLVdazzastyle1888, thats diagnostic, not erase18:44
usr13dazzastyle1888: Ok, I stand corrected.18:44
XLVdazzastyle1888, that would tell you if the hdd is healthy or not18:44
dazzastyle1888XLV: but wouldnt it be able to erase18:44
dazzastyle1888XLV: right got ya18:45
InterWebHow do I can install java 7 on ubuntu ?18:45
dazzastyle1888XLV: so will ultimate live cd erase it18:45
dazzastyle1888ultimate boot cd18:45
XLVdazzastyle1888, well problem is it doesnt even appear in bios18:45
XLVdazzastyle1888, if ubcd can see it it will erase it18:45
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dazzastyle1888XLV: maybe i havent connected it properly ?18:45
XLVdazzastyle1888, could be , but how many ways are there to connect a sata hdd18:46
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: no, /etc/network/interfaces18:46
XLVunless some sata data or power cable is problematic18:46
dazzastyle1888XLV: true does it need power going into it though18:46
dazzastyle1888as the power adapters dont seem to fit anywhere18:46
XLVdazzastyle1888, try other data and power cable  and different sata port18:46
dazzastyle1888XLV: all thats connected is sata cable18:46
dazzastyle1888XLV: the power plug doesnt fit on it its 2.5inch hdd18:46
JuJuBeeI loaded live headers and when I enter a url like http://www.google.com the live headers window only shows the request for https://www.q3ait.org which is the domain pointing to this box18:46
XLVdazzastyle1888, then its not powered.. it uses mini sata18:47
XLVthats why its not shown in bios18:47
XLVits not on18:47
iggy19I am looking to set up a machine which has two classes of user accounts, one which is sftp only and one which is ssh and sftp.  The sftp users I want to be able to log in via password auth or public key auth, but the ssh users I want to only be able to log in via public key auth.  Is there a way to achieve this?18:47
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InterWebCan anyone help ?18:47
dazzastyle1888XLV: so what do i do18:48
dazzastyle1888XLV: its in sata port 4 if that makes a difference18:48
XLVdazzastyle1888, http://www.satacables.com/micro_sata_cables.html18:48
ikoniaJuJuBee why would it go to that URL18:48
XLVdazzastyle1888, you need the adapter cable from normal sata data and power to mini sata18:49
JuJuBeeikonia: don't know.  This server hosts that url18:49
dazzastyle1888XLV: yeah that looks right18:49
dazzastyle1888XLV: cheers18:49
XLVdazzastyle1888, http://www.amazon.com/Connectland-CL-CAB40022-SATA-Mini-Cable/dp/B003NE5IUC18:49
ikoniaJuJuBee: that's doing a http to httpd redirect though18:49
ikoniahttps sorry18:49
XLVdazzastyle1888, http://www.amazon.com/Syba-Cable-Molex-Adapter-CL-CAB40042/dp/B005BCNAWM18:49
JuJuBeebut not for all requests... that is what really confuses me18:50
XLVthe previous one was unavailable18:50
ikoniaJuJuBee: is it locked per site, or random requests, eg: some sites always fail, or some sites work, then fail, then work18:50
JuJuBeeseems to be locked18:50
ikoniaJuJuBee: so it's locked to certain sites working/failing18:50
BluesKajJuJuBee, have you set your nameserver , default gateway, domain gateway etc in ,  /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base ? because it writes the /etc/resolv.conf file . which you need to connect18:51
ikoniaJuJuBee: that's to be either a proxy or a device further down the network redirecting you, as there is a re-write rule happening there, not just a wrong ip18:51
ikoniaJuJuBee: it's doing http->https - that's something doing a redirect18:52
usr13!java | InterWeb18:52
ubottuInterWeb: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.18:52
ikonia(or rewrite)18:52
dv__any cool application for new user ?18:52
usr13dv__: lots18:53
dv__what am i looking for ?18:53
JuJuBeeikonia: /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d doesn't exist18:54
minimalistUbuntivity, hi18:54
usr13dv__: We don't know, what *are* you looking for?18:54
UbuntivityIs it possible to use a system-wide proxy to my internet connection?18:55
dv__online poker !!18:55
usr13dv__: "Cool" is a pretty subjective term, you would need to qualify.18:55
JuJuBeeikonia: /etc/resolv.conf does exist and gets populated on startup18:55
JuJuBeenameservers are set to my ISP currently18:55
usr13dv__: Like:  http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/  ?18:55
* Ubuntivity wonders if some people are talking about "poker" here?!!18:56
minimalistJuJuBee,  use opendns servers ..18:56
minimalistJuJuBee, iso dns servers usually suck18:56
dazzastyle1888XLV: u about18:56
minimalistJuJuBee, *isp18:57
dazzastyle1888XLV: turns out im a tad bit of a noob18:57
dazzastyle1888XLV: scrap that im a HUGE FUCKING N0000000000000000b18:57
IdleOne!language | dazzastyle188818:57
ubottudazzastyle1888: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:57
dazzastyle1888ubottu: ull understand when you hear what i done18:58
ubottudazzastyle1888: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:58
JuJuBeeminimalist: I am aware of that, thanks anyway18:58
dazzastyle1888so so that macbook hard drive yeah18:58
BluesKajJuJuBee, what ubuntu version are you ri=unning ?18:58
minimalistubottu, it seems there are quite some F wors in kernel comments too :P18:58
ubottuminimalist: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:58
dazzastyle1888turns out it wasnt powered cause i thought none of the power connectors on my PC fitted it18:58
dazzastyle1888when i was taking the disk out it just so happens i spotted my PSU has one of the cables for 2.5inch devices for power : (18:59
dazzastyle1888walla i can now see the drive lol18:59
ikoniaJuJuBee: I don't think it's a dns problem18:59
dazzastyle1888such a noob18:59
BluesKajJuJuBee, yeah your router/modem is probly set to auto dns on your ISP19:00
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: 10.04 LTS19:00
usr13!10.04 | JuJuBee19:01
ubottuJuJuBee: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.19:01
usr13JuJuBee: So your problem is internet connection?19:01
BluesKajno wonder  JuJuBee . ok then make sure your /etc/resolv.conf settings are correct19:01
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: right, my external interface has to be set to dhcp (according to my isp) in order to get the reservation properly.19:02
BluesKajyeah , that's set in your interfaces file, JuJuBee19:02
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: they seem to be, using the nameservers of my isp and domain and search are my isp19:02
JuJuBeeusr13: not sure, I can get to some sites, but not all...19:03
usr13JuJuBee:  ifconfig  |grep Bcast  #Do you see your gateway router's IP after "inet addr:"?19:03
usr13JuJuBee:  ifconfig  |grep Bcast  #Do you see your IP address within your gateway router's subnet after "inet addr:"?19:04
usr13... is what I meant to say the first time  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^19:04
JuJuBeeusr13 yes19:04
usr13JuJuBee: route -n   #Do you see your gateway router's IP there?  Or what do you see.19:05
JuJuBeeI can use links2 and get to google.com fine, but not firefox19:05
mapi installed ubuntu 13.04 and my rtlink2800 worked during setup boot into OS and now it doesn't work =[ dunno what to do19:05
JuJuBeeusr13: yes19:05
mapralink sorry19:05
usr13JuJuBee: grep nameserver /etc/resolv.conf   #What IP do you see there?  (Is it a valid nameserver.)19:06
green_geeky_dude<- reckons the ISP has balked on it's DNS - might want to try setting your router to use OpenDNS (just my 2 pennies)19:06
UbuntivityThey say I shouldn't repeat my question, but I just asked if it is possible to use a system-wide proxy on ubuntu?19:06
JuJuBeeusr13: I see the isp nameserver and they are valid19:06
clue_hUbuntivity, you can in settings,network19:07
JuJuBeeI may try to boot from a live CD / flash and test, and maybe try to upgrade again.  Last fall I tried to upgrade to 12.04 but had trouble seeing my NIC's19:07
UbuntivityThanks clue_h, I didn't have a clue :)19:07
usr13JuJuBee: One entry or two?19:07
JuJuBeeusr13: two19:07
usr13JuJuBee: What is the first one?19:08
clue_hUbuntivity, its just chilling there out of sight in the settings section lol then its network proxy19:08
Ubuntivityclue_h: Will that proxy apply to all the programs used? Such as the commandline weechat?19:08
usr13JuJuBee: So what sites can you not get to?  (Give us an example.)19:08
JuJuBeebut I can get to https://www.google.com19:09
clue_hUbuntivity, it should do yes19:09
usr13JuJuBee: host google.com  #What does that tell you?19:09
BluesKajJuJuBee, most can , which url doesn't load ?19:09
UbuntivityThanks clue_h :)  Does anybody know good proxies for hiding one's trails? being totally anonymous?19:10
usr13JuJuBee: host google.com  |pastebinit   #Show us the resulting URL.19:10
JuJuBeeproblem is I can use links2 and get to www.google.com19:11
thurstylarkI'm having trouble establishing a pptp tunnel. I'm new to vpn, so any help would be awesome.19:11
holstein!vpn | thurstylark this is where i started19:11
ubottuthurstylark this is where i started: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN19:11
oncaanyone familiar with boxes and virtualmachine, which is better ?19:12
thurstylarkholstein: Thanks!19:12
usr13JuJuBee: Could it be your problem is with firefox?19:12
JuJuBeetired several browsers19:12
holsteinJuJuBee: and dns servers?19:13
JuJuBeeI have to get going.  Thanks to all for support.  I will be back to this on Tuesday...19:13
usr13JuJuBee: "I can use links2 and get to www.google.com"  Can you elaborate on that just a bit?19:13
usr13JuJuBee: Ok19:13
JuJuBeelinks2 is a command line text browser....19:13
holsteinyeah.. i would load up a live CD, and when it works fine, JuJuBee , you'll know its something to do with your install19:13
JuJuBeeI do not discount that it is a configuration issue....19:14
thurstylarkholstein: is there a server specific version of this kind of page? I think I mainly need to troubleshoot my server...19:14
JuJuBeeThanks for the help to all....19:14
JuJuBeeGotta run19:14
usr13JuJuBee: That is what I thought.  I'm not sure why one browser will go to sites that another will not. (Ive yet to encounter such a problem unless you have one set to use a proxy or some other limitation particular to the browser itself).19:15
Captain_Protonanyone know the channel name for ubuntu touch19:15
holsteinthurstylark: i troubleshooted locally.. then through the firewall with my phone19:15
holstein!touch | Captain_Proton19:15
ubottuCaptain_Proton: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:15
BluesKajstill think it's his ISPdns that's mucked up19:15
holsteinBluesKaj: could be..19:16
green_geeky_dudeIt's his ISP causing the problem since I did a scan he us running an ftp, web site and a mysql database all open to the net19:16
usr13holstein: BluesKaj: Why would he be able to go to a site with one browser and not another, if it is the ISP?19:16
holsteinmaybe in the config, links is looking elsewhere for dns by default..19:17
BluesKajthe ISP may have filters or it's a vpn type setup ,not sure19:17
usr13green_geeky_dude: You did a port scan on his IP address?19:17
usr13green_geeky_dude: Those services may belong to his ISP and not him.19:18
green_geeky_dudesomehow after seeing what I saw (now closed) I doubt it19:18
Captain_ProtonAnyone in here play left 4 dead on linux? If so did they fix the mic problem in the game yet?19:20
BluesKajgreen_geeky_dude, did you do a traceroute then scan the last IP ?19:20
usr13green_geeky_dude: Ok, you're probably right.  (And that may be why he left, because he saw that someone was doing port scans against his IP.)  ;)19:20
holsteinCaptain_Proton: i would ask the game dev's for support.. is it a steam game?19:20
holstein!steam | Captain_Proton if so19:20
ubottuCaptain_Proton if so: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.19:20
green_geeky_dudeBlues - full sweep19:20
Captain_Protonk thanks19:21
green_geeky_dudeusr13 could well be - but I feel his ISP is causing him problems due to what he is doing together with a few faults on his own settings - I hope he sorts it out though19:21
thurstylarkcan anyone explain to me the difference between localip and remoteip options as listed in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer/ ?19:21
j__hi... my data manger always opens in the top left... where can I change that into mid?19:22
usr13green_geeky_dude: I guess it's possible but do not see why he can use one browser and get to a site and not another. (Although the one he said he could get to the site with was a text only browser, right?)19:22
holsteinthurstylark: whats the question?19:22
holsteinusr13: the one that could access was links19:23
holstein!info links219:23
ubottulinks2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 1909 kB, installed size 2934 kB19:23
green_geeky_dudeusr13 - without knowing his full setup it would be hard for any of us to answer that - but I would love to try and figure out the puzzle19:23
OerHeksthurstylark, remote ip would be your (outside)IP from your ISP, lokal IP is your IP in your network 192.168.x.x19:24
OerHeksor 10.x.x.x19:24
thurstylarkholstein: I'm not quite understanding what each option asigns ips to what. I'm also confused as to what is local and what is remote.19:24
thurstylarkOerHeks: so, I would have to know my public IP?19:25
usr13green_geeky_dude: Me too.  BTW, I've use links, but not links2.  Is links2 also text only?19:25
holsteinthurstylark: you can google "whats my ip"19:25
holsteinthurstylark: you would need to know that, to connect back in.. and forward ports.. or, as i had setup, something like dyndns to forward a name to the ip19:25
Dr_Willislinks2 - Web browser running in both graphics and text mode19:25
green_geeky_dudeI haven't used links2 - but from what I just read YES it's the same just a few more bells and whistles19:25
OerHeksthurstylark, yes, as lokal ip is only available from within your network, but you can make it reachable by port forwarding.19:26
sanavhello friends ! I'm final year student in B.tech .I want to do certification in pen-testing but i'm confused which to choose .Some says to choose (ISC)2 and some says choose GPEN .(ISC)2 is very costly for me .Please guide me19:26
usr13green_geeky_dude: Just looked at Wikipedia and see, "Links is an open source text and graphic web browser"  (I'm guessing links2 does graphics.)19:26
holsteini made my vpn give out addresses outside the DHCP range of the router.. i put the vpn in the DMZ of the router19:26
holsteinyou dont have to put it in the DMZ..19:27
green_geeky_dudeusr13 - yup that's what have read19:27
usr13green_geeky_dude: Ok.  Well, I never used links much, only lynx19:28
green_geeky_dudegood choice19:28
usr13green_geeky_dude: Oh yea, I use it almost every day.19:28
green_geeky_dudehaven't used it in a while19:29
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sanavMy Question off-topic but i really need some guideline !.I want to do certification in pen-testing but i'm confused which to choose .Some says to choose (ISC)2 and some says choose GPEN .(ISC)2 is very costly for me .Please guide me or suggest me some good alternative19:34
Dr_Willissanav:  if its OT - then its OT. theres the OT channel.19:34
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bazhang!ot | sanav19:34
ubottusanav: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:34
Dr_Willissanav:  and perhaps in #linux if its linux related19:34
DJonessanav: Maybe ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux This channel only deals with Ubuntu support issues19:34
ejvwhat is this: http://dpaste.com/1361125/ and how do I fix it? running 12.0.4 lts19:35
Dr_Willisejv:  you could have pasted one of the error lines. :) and save us time19:36
Dr_WillisYour HD is reporting some bad info it seems.19:36
Dr_WillisI wouldent be trusting that hard drive.19:36
ejvwell i know that part, but mdadm hasn't kicked the disk from the array19:36
ejvso is it an indicator of a bad port, flaky cable, bad connection19:36
Dr_Willisalso seen bad controller chips on the hd..19:37
holsteinejv: i would plan for the worst19:37
Dr_Willisits amazeing HD's work as well as they do19:37
ejvwell i don't need to really plan, if mdadm think it's bad it'll get kicked, then i'll replace it, but since it hasn't im wondering if the disk is actually in fact healthy19:37
thurstylarkOerHeks, holstein: The problem with that is that I have a dynamic ip from my isp. that is assigned directly to my router, and everything (including my server) is on it's local network. Say my router gives x.x.x.2-99 with dhcp, and any address I use will be in the 150-200 range. is localip the address of my server'19:39
thurstylarks nic?19:39
ejvif I translate ATA ID to device, it indicates it's /dev/sde, if I pull /dev/sde up in smart, i don't see any reallocated sectors or indicators of failure19:40
holsteinthurstylark: i use dyndns to forward a name to my changable, dynamic IP.. i have an updater that goes and updates that IP automatically19:40
mapcan someone offer me some helps - i am on lubuntu 13.04 and using an ralink rt2800 - it doesn't work once OS is installed and in the OS but it works on live session..using driver rt2800pci? but that isnt in the OS once installed? please help!19:40
Dr_Willis!find rt2800pci19:41
ubottuFile rt2800pci found in linux-headers-3.8.0-19-generic, linux-headers-3.8.0-19-lowlatency, linux-headers-3.8.0-21-generic, linux-headers-3.8.0-22-generic, linux-headers-3.8.0-22-lowlatency, linux-headers-3.8.0-23-generic, linux-headers-3.8.0-25-generic, linux-headers-3.8.0-25-lowlatency, linux-headers-3.8.0-26-generic, linux-headers-3.8.0-26-lowlatency (and 18 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=rt2800pci&mode=&suite=rarin19:41
holsteinthurstylark: i put the server out in the DMZ.. but you can forward a port..19:41
thurstylarkholstein: what do you use to do that?19:41
holsteinthurstylark: as i said, it forwards a name.. a dyndns hostname to my servers ip address19:41
mapoh thanks Dr_Willis i did google search but couldn't find so much19:41
holsteinthurstylark: the public IP, that is dynamic and changable19:42
mapso if i download that package to USB then install manually and modprobe rt2800ci it should work?19:42
map*rt2800pci even19:42
anoneeok, please help with this: i have pc1 connected to pc2 with an eth cable, I just wanna setup a simple connection between the two computers for faster file transfer, no need for internet connection sharing or anything, I'm trying, and gateway but one of the computers won't save the connection like this... (the one with IP Address
Dr_Willismap:  its in the kernel drivers from what i just seen on this box. so should be part of the kernel19:42
Dr_Willisim on 13.10 but the location should be the same (well close) --> /lib/modules/3.11.0-3-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt2800pci.ko19:43
Guest60928hey room. i just installed ubuntu 13.04 and i'19:43
Dr_Willis --> /lib/modules/YOURKERNELVERSION/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt2800pci.ko19:43
maphmm i'm a bit confused then sorry to be a pain - as i say it worked on live session saying it uses rt2800pci when i ran lspci -nnk - but live session nothing - if its included in the ernel does that mean I just need to do sudo modprobe rt2800pci ?19:43
anoneeboth computers are using ubuntu 12.0419:43
Dr_Willis!locate rt2800pci.ko19:43
Dr_Willis!find rt2800pci.ko19:44
ubottuFile rt2800pci.ko found in linux-image-3.8.0-19-lowlatency, linux-image-3.8.0-22-lowlatency, linux-image-3.8.0-25-lowlatency, linux-image-3.8.0-26-lowlatency, linux-image-3.8.0-27-lowlatency, linux-image-3.8.0-29-lowlatency, linux-image-extra-3.8.0-19-generic, linux-image-extra-3.8.0-21-generic, linux-image-extra-3.8.0-22-generic, linux-image-extra-3.8.0-23-generic (and 4 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=rt2800pci.ko&mo19:44
Dr_Williswhat kernel are you using exactly?19:44
Dr_Willisit should auto load. or try sudo modprobe rt2800pci19:44
=== unrar is now known as Catbuntu
mapthanks for your help mate19:45
mapusing uname-a says19:45
mapso i need to upgrade19:45
Guest60928hey room. i just installed ubuntu 13.04 and im trying to use netflix-desktop but when i click on the desktop icon it said that ms true type font are not intalled correctly can ANYONE help me???19:45
Dr_Willislinux-image-extra-3.8.0-19-generic   should include it from what the bot just said.19:45
mapahh yea sorry didn't see it19:46
Dr_Willisand your kernelis a bit outdated. theres newer ones released.    but check if that file is on the system via the locate command.19:46
Dr_Willislocate rt2800pci.ko19:46
holstein!netflix | Guest6092819:47
ubottuGuest60928: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop19:47
MonkeyDustGuest60928  install ttf ms core fonts19:47
Dr_Willis!info mstcorefonts19:47
ubottuPackage mstcorefonts does not exist in raring19:47
Guest60928MonkeyDust, how do i do that?\19:47
=== DaphneGreengrass is now known as sandyd
holsteinthose come with the meta-package restricted-extras19:47
=== sandyd is now known as DaphneGreengrass
holstein!info ubuntu-restricted-extras19:48
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB19:48
MonkeyDustGuest60928  install ttf-mscorefonts-installer19:48
Dr_Willis!info ttf-mscorefonts-installer19:48
ubottuttf-mscorefonts-installer (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.4+nmu1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 27 kB, installed size 131 kB19:48
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:49
Guest60928MonkeyDust, when i apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer it the terminal says i already have the newest version???19:51
rkasta_where are you from19:51
Ali_can you think how to solve my problem??19:52
wilee-nileeAli_, Should we guess, or will you tell us?19:53
Ali_I need in neuroprogrammer on my ubuntu19:53
MonkeyDust!netflix | Guest60928 did you read this19:53
ubottuGuest60928 did you read this: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop19:53
BluesKajAli_, we need to know your problem first19:53
Guest60928MonkeyDust, when i apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer it the terminal says i already have the newest version???19:53
Ali_when I use virtual windows on my system I have no sound and net19:54
holsteinGuest60928: the error states, "not installed correctly".. you could try reading the requirements at the link, browsing for a bug there at where the link refrences bug support, or reinstalling the fonts package19:54
MonkeyDustGuest60928  a solution has been offered twice19:55
holsteinAli_: virtual windows?19:55
wilee-nileeAli_, Appears to run in wine.19:55
holsteinAli_: you mean, when using windows inside some virtualization platform?19:55
AdvoWorki dont suppose anyone could offer some advice regarding libreoffice and calc, and images moving when looking at them on screen vs when printing(not staying in their cells)..19:55
Guest60928holstein, how do i reinstal it do i have to remove it first?19:55
Ali_ok i will try19:55
Ali_to wilee-nelee19:55
holsteinGuest60928: thats one way.. i would just use the package manager you are comfortable using19:56
Ali_holstein - yep, when I use windows 7 on virtual machine19:56
holsteinAli_: i would look in the host settings and see that you are using virtual hardware windows supports.. i would look into installing the guest additions like tool (assuming you are using virtualbox, or there is such a tool for what virtualization you are using)19:57
Ali_how to show you it??19:58
Ali_give me your email19:58
holsteinAli_: elaborate as to what "it" is.. no volunteer is going to share their email with you here19:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:59
Ali_I will send to you screen photo19:59
holsteinAli_: you can share it, as stated above, in imagebin19:59
holsteinAli_: or, just state "im using virtualbox".. or "im using vmware"19:59
Ali_good time!! thanks for conversation!!20:00
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neta501i have a problem with installing ubuntu 12.04 allongside windows 7. i put the ubuntu on a bootable disk on key (don't have a cd rom). in the bios options menu i enable the UEFI (so i can boot from the usb stick), and i get a black screen witn 3 options (try without installing, install ubuntu, and chck for defacts). if i choose one of the options i get a black screen and nothing else. i can press 'e' to edit the options. i tried to add nomod20:03
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot20:03
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=== picca_ is now known as picca
Extreminadorguys does any one know how can i forçe a dll in wine ?20:11
MonkeyDustExtreminador  better ask in #winehq20:12
Extreminadori did try to enter in wine but i was kicked automaticaly20:13
brennan_It appears that you still have not installed the MS true type fonts. You need to accept the license agreement and install these fonts for Netflix Desktop to work properly.20:18
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest79358
Dr_Willisso.. accept it and install them?20:19
AdvoWorki dont suppose anyone could offer some advice regarding libreoffice and calc, and images moving when looking at them on screen vs when printing(not staying in their cells)..20:19
Dr_Willistab key, and enter to accept the eula i recall20:19
Dr_WillisExtreminador:  check out the winetricks tool and the wine forums perhaps.20:20
Dr_WillisExtreminador:  and the channel is #wine-hq20:20
esingHow do I install my usb microphone in ubuntu? I thought usb microphones should be detected automatically with the usb mic drivers being in the linux kernel, yet I can't see my usb mic in  alsamixer. There's just the  playback scale for the usb mic20:21
=== Guest30457 is now known as Metionina
Sabzykooi need someone experienced20:21
Sabzykooim new to this20:21
Dr_WillisSabzykoo:  we need details of the problem.20:21
Sabzykoothats simple20:21
Sabzykoohm, i dont know nothing lol20:21
Dr_Willisand theres no need to hit enter every 3 words..  ..20:22
Dr_Willis!manual | Sabzykoo20:22
ubottuSabzykoo: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:22
Dr_Willisyou need some one 'experienced' because you 'know nothing' ....20:22
Dr_Willisstart with the ubuntu manual, and then ask some actual support questions if stuff is unclear.20:22
Sabzykoowell, i learned some commands and stuff, but i really need a good tutorial, i saw the 'man' command but it doesnt help really20:23
Sabzykooits my first day with ubuntu20:23
brennan_It appears that you still have not installed the MS true type fonts. You need to accept the license agreement and install these fonts for Netflix Desktop to work properly.????20:23
Sabzykooand i find it difficult to download and install some certain programs20:24
Dr_WillisSabzykoo:  theres 10000's of guides out there on all the diffent specific parts of linux.20:24
Dr_WillisSabzykoo:  what exactly are you trying to install.20:24
BluesKajCan anyone recall the name of the tool to create a custom live cd from your installed packages ?20:24
osolus  /j #linpeople20:24
brennan_can someone help me out20:24
bazhangBluesKaj, remastersys20:25
Dr_Willisbrennan_:  you installed the   ttf-mscorefonts-installer   package yet?20:25
bazhangbrennan_, tab to the ok and hit enter20:25
BluesKajbazhang, thanks20:25
Dr_Willissudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer20:25
Sabzykoohelp brennan, ill come when i find somethin concrete20:25
Dr_Willisand then like we said earlier...  'tab and enter key' to move around to the ok button.20:25
bazhanghttp://ubuntu-manual.org/   <------- Sabzykoo here first20:26
=== andrew is now known as Lequtix
Lequtixhi everyone!20:26
brennan_yes i have installed ttf-mscorefonts-installer20:27
Dr_Willisand it ran and installed stuff after you selected 'ok' ?20:28
brennan_Dr_Willis, ^^20:28
Dr_Willisshould of taken some time.20:28
brennan_Dr_Willis, i did it previously20:28
Lequtixwhats the problem dr_willis20:29
Lequtixwhy not just install ubuntu-restricted-extras package.. that contains the fonts as well20:31
Lequtixsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras20:31
=== mh0` is now known as mh0
Dr_Willisthat pulls in the same installer tool that does the same task.20:31
Lequtixi didn't hear what the problem was.. sorry i'm interfereing20:32
esingHow do I configure my usb microphone in ubuntu?20:32
Lequtixwhen u plug in the microphone, do a dmesg to see if the system recognizes it20:33
FellowsI also need a bit of help20:33
esing(I set the usb mic to default in kmix, and pulled the audio control bar to maximum, but still audacity or arecord isn't able to record anything from it)20:34
Lequtixi'm more of a server guy..  mostly headless server installs20:34
Lequtixbut ask the question.. i'll help if i can20:34
FellowsI've installed unity and barley changed anything... Now I can't type in terminal20:34
Lequtixisn't unity installed by default in ubuntu?20:35
Lequtixi think it takes effort to remove it20:35
Fellowsno i had to install it20:35
Fellowsbut when I type in terminal nothing happens20:35
Lequtixyou aren't using ubuntu?20:35
Fellowsnot at the moment20:35
Lequtixoh ok20:36
FellowsI can't type in terminal therefore i can't use weechat20:36
Fellowsis there a way to reset everything20:36
Lequtixwhen you say you can't type in terminal, are you saying that the terminal opens but the cursor doesn't move?  or does it mean you can't actually launch a terminal20:36
Lequtixtry gnome-terminal20:37
Fellowsi am able to launch it20:37
Fellows,but can't get words20:37
Lequtixis the font color the same as the background color?20:38
Lequtixin preferences?20:38
Fellowseverything got messed up when installing unity20:38
Fellowswhich wasn't on there before20:38
Lequtixwhy not backup your shit and install 13.04 lol..20:38
BluesKajLequtix, do you see a prompt20:38
Lequtixcomes with unity and everything works20:38
Lequtixits Fellows with the issue BluesKaj20:39
BluesKajoops sorry , it's been a long day Lequtix20:39
LequtixI don't know anyone who wants unity without ubuntu20:39
BluesKajguess it's time to take a break from this anyway20:39
Lequtixyou either like ubuntu for unity or you hate unity and use fedora 1920:39
Fellowsi hate it because i can't even type in terminal20:40
Fellowsand everything looks ugly now20:40
Lequtixlol..  i've never had the issue you are describing.. because if i want unity i install ubuntu20:40
Lequtixso does everytthing work other than the terminal windows?20:41
moshThe only problem I've ever had with Unity is it doing random crap because of my gfx20:42
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
Lequtixhe has it installed on a distro other than ubuntu20:42
Fellowsno it's ubunut20:42
Lequtixwhich version?20:42
moshWhat graphics card are you using?20:43
Lequtixwell... if i had your issue..  i would backup my .gconf .gconfd .gnome .gnome2  folders into a bak folder.. then delete them.. reboot20:43
Lequtixlet ubuntu recreate them20:43
Lequtixif that fixes it great.. if not you can go back to your old ones20:43
Lequtixfirst place i'd start20:44
Fellowsthings were going smoothly until I installed unity20:45
Fellowswhich made things ugly20:45
Lequtixbackup your config files for gnome and compiz20:45
Lequtixthen delete them20:45
Lequtixlog out and back in20:45
Lequtixsee if that fixes anything20:45
MonkeyDustFellows  install something else, logout, switch, login20:45
Lequtix.gconf .gconfd .gnome .gnome220:46
Lequtixthose are the ones u wanna kill20:46
Lequtixit could also have something to do with compiz20:46
DammitJimis there a way to setup an smtp server to only send emails for a specific domain?20:46
Lequtixyes dammitjim20:47
DammitJimlike only emails that are @mycompany.com20:47
DammitJimis that a configuration on exim Lequtix ?20:47
MonkeyDustDammitJim  ubuntu server? if yes, better ask in #ubuntu-server20:47
Lequtixif you install exim4 then use dpkg-reconfigure exim420:47
Lequtixit walks you through it20:47
DammitJimyeah, I remember seeing something for source addresses, but wasn't sure about destinations20:47
Lequtixyea it's all in there20:47
DammitJimlet me test it. And you are right, MonkeyDust ... I need to go to ubuntu-server20:47
Lequtixif you turn off relaying it will only accept for it's domain20:48
Lequtixjust configure it to relay for NO address ranges20:48
=== Companion is now known as companion
jerome_I have a nvidia graphics card and the proprietary driver, two VGA outputs. I want to configure my PC to only one machine, I can have two uses. On the first screen: PC on a second screen Mediacenter.20:50
usr13jerome_: You should have a GUI configuration menu for it.20:51
marcoohi, i'm having weird crashes with chromium20:51
Lequtixtry disabling compiz marcoo20:52
usr13marcoo: Use firefox20:52
jerome_I want to configure a xorg.conf file for the first screen keyboard + mouse. And on the second screen: Remote20:52
marcooim using firefox now, but i miss chrome, usr1320:52
[[thufir]]to generate a thread dump I ran kill -QUIT on the java process.  what's a better or easier way to get the thread dump?  ctrl-C or something20:52
marcoowhat is compiz, Lequitix?20:52
Lequtixhahaha i thought you were talking about the game chromium-bsu20:52
usr13marcoo: I just don't see the attraction.20:52
Lequtixcompiz is what gives you all the cool graphics effects20:53
=== speed is now known as Guest16980
Lequtixit also causes alot of problems with games20:53
=== wilee-nilee is now known as sporkeee
jerome_But when I modify xorg.conf, the changes are not effective20:53
usr13jerome_: Why don't you just use the GUI?20:53
marcoowhen i open gmail and facebok at the same time, chromium crashes. any ideas why?20:53
loulanbecause you touch yourself at night20:54
moshmarcoo; are you using chrome-browser, or chromium? Also, are you just having page crashes or the entire browser crash?20:54
usr13jerome_: ... even after restarting the X-server?20:54
marcoothe entire os hangs, the mouse wouldnt even move20:54
Lequtixthat seems like an X thing20:55
marcooi cant even access terminals by crtl alt f220:55
Lequtixi'm betting the OS doesn't hang.. just X20:55
LequtixOH NVM then20:55
usr13marcoo: Could be problem with RAM20:55
Lequtixsounds like a hardware problem20:55
usr13marcoo: The whole system locks up?20:55
Lequtixonly thing that causes the kernel to lock up is a hardware issue20:56
geniimarcoo: Do all 3 keyboard lights blink on and off together?20:56
marcoonah, how would two pages use the whole 2 gb of ram! in the other hand, chrome works perfectly on windows in this machine20:56
Dr_Willissee if you can ssh in when it hangs.20:56
Lequtixtypically you can' always get the terminals ALT-F2 etc20:56
marcooi dont have keyboard lights, this is a laptop20:56
loulanmarcoo: he means that your ram is dead20:56
geniieg: all 3 lights blinking = kernel panic20:56
Lequtixwhat page are you going to..  i'll try it on mine20:57
loulannot that you don't have enough20:57
jerome_usr13: After rebooting, it's as if I had not written xorg.conf.20:57
jerome_But often instead of restarting, I run the command: startx -: 120:57
usr13marcoo: Who is it that has the notion that you are running out of RAM?20:57
Lequtixwhen you install the proprietary drivers jerome_ doesn't it come with a utility to configure it from ?20:58
usr13marcoo: What I was suggesting is that you should test your RAM.20:58
alexaHow big difference is there between intel i3 and i5?20:59
usr13Lequtix: I've asked jerome_ that question 3 times now.20:59
bazhangalexa, ask in ##hardware , not here20:59
marcooi'm back21:02
menoxzCould anyone please direct me to a fix with audio conflict with skype, when I'm using skype, no other sound is working, only skype, and if I play music, skype sounds wont work21:03
jerome_usr13:The configuration utility works with xrandr. But xrandr can not set two separate screens. I want two screens, with each screen, a keyboard and a different mouse.21:04
Dr_Willisjerome_:  so you are following some of the MultiSeatX guides like   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX  ?21:05
Lequtixjerome_ wants to make a mainframe21:06
Lequtixthe best way to do that is just to use xwindows through an ssh connection21:06
Lequtixon another pc21:06
Lequtixlike a unix terminal server21:06
Dr_WillisHes using 1 pc with 2 monitors, 2 keyboards and 2 mice. It should be doable. but may take some work.  I recall some other disrtos having better support for multiseatX.    Aparently LightDM has support for the feature in ubuntu.21:08
jerome_Dr_Willis:How did you do?21:09
Dr_Willisjerome_:  i havent. I just recall reading up on it. I also recall there being some usb-adaptors out that  let you have 4+ multi seat setups on the same pc via usb ports.21:09
Dr_Willisi recall that fedora had verygood spport for multi seat.21:10
joepfarleyI'm having a problem with all of my browsers on Ubuntu, firefox and midori segmentation faults and chromium goes "Aw, Snap". Firefox and Chromium both do this so frequently that it's unusable. For firefox I've tried a new profile but it behaves the same. It works under safe mode so I disabled every single plugin and extension, but it crashes still without any extensions. I ran a memtest and it came out without errors. I assumed that it was21:10
joepfarley a false positive so I tried both of my ram sticks indivicually but the problem contiued. I've done fresh installs of Ubuntu 12.04 and it happens then. I experience the problem under Unity, Gnome, and XFCE. I tried the recently released Elementary OS with their desktop environment and the problem continues. I even swapped out the hard drive and did a fresh install on that but I keep having the problem. I'm at a complete loss as to where to21:10
joepfarley go next. It's driving me bonkers.21:10
FloodBot1joepfarley: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:10
osolusI wonder how I might enable virtualization in my system's kernel?21:11
joepfarleyI'm sorry. that was a single instance of me typing. I didn't realize it would show up so long. I just wanted a suggestion as to where to go.21:11
Dr_Willisjerome_:  some neat info  (not ubuntu specific) -> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg_multiseat21:11
Dr_WillisHow long did you run the memtest for jerome_ ?21:11
atrusjoepfarley: there's not much that would affect all of those the same way. maybe a plugin that they're all getting access to? flash maybe?21:12
mojtabaHi, I am new to linux. Could you please briefly let me know what are mir, wayland and x server?21:13
mojtabaWhat are these for?21:13
Dr_Willismojtaba:  they are the 'foundation' of the GUI.21:13
Dr_Willisall the apps draw stuff on top of the X foundation.21:13
Dr_Williswikipedia may give some good background info21:13
menoxzWhere should I ask for help?21:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:14
menoxzWell my question is the same as I said before21:15
Dr_Willisthres always the forums and askubuntu.com if no one in here knows.21:15
jerome_Ok, thank you for the answers, I'll watch it. You should know that I am French and I translated everything from google translation. it takes me more time ... Thanks21:16
mojtabaDr_Willis: Thanks, but do you know somewhere else which explains better and simpler?21:16
Dr_Willismojtaba:  which part?21:16
Dr_Willismir and wayland are replacements for the X server.21:16
Dr_Willisthats the core of it all.21:17
mojtabafor the mir and wayland.21:17
menoxzI'm trying to use Skype simultaneous with KSP, however I can only hear sound from one of them. If I answer on skype and then start KSP, only sound from skype. And vice versa21:17
Dr_Willismir is a Ubuntu/Canoical creation, because they diddnet like wayland.21:17
menoxzAlso I don't have the "Pulse audio server" on skype21:17
vtuxnice memory leak - empathy 4,3 GB :D21:21
jerome_See you later and thanks again. Merci beaucoup !21:29
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GH0Is there any way to fix this error to recover files that are on the drive? http://pastebin.com/ZehseZi5 I cloned the drive and then fsck'ed it with fsck -yft ext4 /path, however the original drive is completely browseable, after fsck'ing this cloned drive is completely unable to mount. Is there a good way to go about fixing the error in the pastebin?21:31
Dr_Williswhat command did you use to clone the drive?21:32
GH0Dr_Willis, I used "dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdf bs=4096 conv=notrunc,sync21:33
Dr_Willisif the original drive had read errors  - you might have wanted to use ddrescue21:34
Dr_Willisi tend to clone each partion into a file on a bigger hd. then try to recover from that file.21:34
GH0I had someone recommend me to use ddrescue, but, I am not very familiar with that command. Even the command he gave me had errors that wouldn't allow it to run properly.21:35
GH0Let me see if I still have it installed21:35
Dr_Willisone of ddrescues main features it it can (and you should use) a log file. so you can run it several times, and potentially recover bad  data from earlier attempts.21:36
SubCoolCan somone help me with my dmesg, my Fingerprint scanner is going nuts21:36
SubCoolview the last 100 entries21:36
mandrake-Is it possible to get a icon for Wicd attached to the gnome top bar? extension of some sort?21:37
Dr_Willismandrake-:  theres a list of indicator-applets on askubuntu.com that might include some that work with wicd21:37
sethjhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available to be exact21:38
GH0Dr_Willis, is there a front end for ddrescue by any chance? Or only command line based?21:38
Dr_WillisGH0:  cant say ive ever noticed.. or needed a front end.21:38
Dr_Willisits fairly straightfoward in its basic ussage21:39
Dr_Willisddrescue /dev/sda1 /media/rescuedrive/sda1.image /media/rescuedrive/sda1.logfile21:40
hotmedal_how to I restart gnome when it gets stuck. No processes are using CPU, but it's completely unresponsive. All I have are the terminals.21:40
Dr_Willishotmedal_:  one way 'sudo service lightdm restart' to totally restart x.21:40
Dr_Willisbut that may be overkill21:40
hotmedal_Dr_Willis: can I do that from a different terminal than the one that is stuck. (I mean from ctrl+alt+F2)21:42
MonkeyDusthotmedal_  or try ctr-alt-t21:43
MonkeyDusthotmedal_  or try ctr-shift-t (correction)21:43
mandrake-hmmm pretty big list, will check it out21:43
SubCoolis it really that simple of an issue that no one will respond?21:44
daftykinsi'm more just shocked that anyone wants to try and make use of a fingerprint reader21:45
hotmedal_MonkeyDust: it does nothing21:45
MonkeyDustSubCool  or maybe no one knows the answer21:45
SubCoolnah.. someone always knows the answer21:46
hotmedal_MonkeyDust: Dr_Willis how do I nuke x so that I get the terminal from a non-responsive gnome321:47
daftykinsare you unable to reach any of your TTYs?21:48
hotmedal_oh wait lightdm restart restarts x everywhere21:48
hotmedal_thanks everyone21:48
SubCoolHow do i deteremine why this command: dpkg --set-selections > installed-software21:48
SubCool --- results in crashing my package lock file and.. does not complete?21:48
SubCooli know im not being comprehensable with that statement -= but its confusing. it was working until i updated my system.21:49
Dr_Willishotmedal_:  nukeing X would close out all the X session/apps and most lilkely go back to the login screen21:50
hotmedal_Dr_Willis: it's a little better than a reboot21:52
Dr_WillisIf X is truely locked up. it may be the only way21:53
r4d1xhey, I've been having a problem with seahorse-tool, after a reboot, I can encrypt a few files, then I get a warning from glib and nothing happens.21:56
SubCoolHey Dr_Willis Any ides? your the resident genius21:57
OinsI i use "halt" or "shutdown -h" my PC does not switch off after shutdown, but if i use "shutdown -P" it works. Anyone a clue?21:59
=== DJ_Beardsquirt is now known as Bean
SubCoolDr_Willis, If anything could you help me figure out how to phrase the google i would need for it?- repeated dmesg entry? installation? -22:01
lorundrik@ Oins, you tried "shutdown -h now"? not sure if the "now" natters22:02
daftykinsor -h 022:02
Dr_WillisSubCool:  you got some hardware error message or somthing flooding dmesg?22:03
Dr_WillisOins:  theres the 'poweroff' command also22:03
Oinsyes, "shutdown -h now" makes the shutdown and HDD and Fan is switching off, but the pc is running at the end (power led is on). with "shutdown -P now" the power led is off (and the pc).22:03
SubCoolyeah, the hardware device STMelectronics has installed like 200 times22:03
SubCooland now when i plug my iphone into my computer for power, it wont stop flashing the notifications section. it just keeps popping up and down.22:04
Oinssame with the "halt" command. only shutdown -P and poweroff works22:04
Oinsbtw. 12.04 LTS server Version22:04
lorundrikYe, hmm.22:05
LittleTHi !22:06
Oinsi mean, what's the different between halt and poweroff? I thought both are shutting down (completely) the system22:06
lorundrikyou could use this, "shutdown -h -P now"22:07
lorundrikthen it will halt and power off22:07
daftykinsor you could just choose the correct command first22:09
lorundrikor that :)22:09
Dr_WillisSubCool:  if you want to  hide hardware error mesages theres /etc/sysctl.conf that has some settings near the top.22:09
Dr_Willismy phones suck so much power. the usb port will barely keep them charged. ;)22:10
daftykinsyeah most use 1.2A+ chargers really22:10
SubCoolDr_Willis, well, i want to use the fingerprinter scanner, but it appears to be going nuts. Its STILL installing instances of it..22:10
Oinslorundrik: yes, but the problem is, that the most automatic scripts (like checkshutdown.sh, acpi/powerbtn.sh aso.) use the "shutdown -h ..." command. So I have to change all this scripts. And I fear, that after an update, I have to chance it again...22:11
Dr_Willishad a webcam on a laptop that was bad once. keept filling up dmesg logs with  finding/adding/so forth..22:11
daftykinsSubCool: i could probably bypass that thing with a piece of sellotape and the last drink glass you held22:11
Dr_Willisi couldent even use the console for the clutter22:11
SubCoolI think something is up with Kubuntu 13.0422:12
OinsAnd with my 9.xx Server version, it worked with the "shutdown -h" command :) I seems to be broken on 12.0422:12
wilee-nileeDr_willis you can turn a lot of the android off, or at least the autostart22:12
SubCooli havent seen this many issues on kubuntu since 10.22:12
SachIn libreoffice calc, how do I find which numbers in a list add up to a specified total?22:12
wilee-nileeSach, your not using the excel part?22:15
Sachwilee-nilee: yes, calc.22:16
holsteinSubCool: did your fingerprint reader manufacturer promise you ubuntu/linux support?22:16
holsteinSubCool: you might just want to try disabling problematic hardware in the bios if possible..22:17
SubCoolholstein, hyaha- no i want to USE it.22:18
LittleTfrench ?22:18
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:19
holsteinSubCool: i would be sure you let the hardware manufacturer know you are having issues in linux with it22:20
wilee-nileeSach, try #libreofice22:21
super8Hi there.22:22
super8When i check my computer details, the graphic card says unknown22:22
super8how can i fix it?22:22
wilee-nileeDr_willis Do you know a android irc that has a tab complete, or keyboard?22:23
Dr_Williswilee-nilee:  most of them ive tried do. andchat does - its what i use all the time.22:24
super8please help me22:24
Dr_Williswilee-nilee:  theres also a android-weechat thing that connects to an  existing weechat instance that i was testing last week.22:24
Dr_Willissuper8:  what does lspci say your video card is?22:24
TLoFP1How can I expand root partion without anyother boot media?22:24
super8Dr_Willis, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)22:25
Dr_WillisTLoFP1:  you could always move some of the directoys on / to be on other partions and free up space on / that way. (thats not epanding / however)22:25
wilee-nileeCool im on yaaic right now, using the hackers keyboard, just not smart enough to find the tab22:25
TLoFP1Dr_Willis: I have no other partitions, whose filesystem Linux plays well with22:26
Dr_Williswilee-nilee:  i recall that keyboard having tab. or the phones 'search' button can work for tab/nick completion22:26
TLoFP1by well, I mean nativley22:26
Dr_WillisTLoFP1:  you are sort of stuck then. best way would be to backup your data. and try resizeing with gparted from a live cd/usb22:26
TLoFP1is there no way to schedule a resize for the next boot?22:26
super8Dr_Willis, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) this22:26
Dr_WillisTLoFP1:  not that ive ever seen.22:26
Dr_Willissuper8:  so you got a fairly generic intel video chipset it seems22:27
killagatorhi- how do i change admin in ubuntu 12.04lts?22:27
Dr_Williskillagator:  change it to what?22:27
super8Dr_Willis,  i checked on ubuntu forum, i did sudo apt-get install mesa-utils and then glxinfo | grep direct22:27
super8and i think it works.22:27
Dr_Willissuper8:  in my experience . with intel hardware. you dont really need to mess with any drivers - they are all included by default22:28
killagatorno, i have a user and i want to give him total admin rights22:28
killagatorhow to that please?22:28
super8but i still doubt that my graphic card is working well. while scrolling in a browser, its lagging.22:28
super8other than that, everything is working just fine.22:28
Dr_WillisUnless its a really new intel video card. Intel does have some  sort of driver-installer tool at some site.22:28
SubCoolOk- so - http://fcns.eu/2012/04/29/fingerprint-reader/ has helped me attempt usage. But- its own issues are preventing it from actual usage. WHY would this device continually re-(whatever) on dmesg.22:28
Dr_Williskillagator:  add them to the sudo group i belive.22:28
Dr_Williskillagator:  i bet askubuntu.com has details on how to do it for the differnt releases22:29
killagatoryes - how do i do that? i have been using ubuntu all but 2 days22:29
Dr_Willisthe users setting tool has a check box i belive is the easiest way22:29
=== POo_mec87 is now known as Guest81238
SubCooli have to reboot to rid myself of this flashing notificaitons..22:29
SubCoolbut seriously if anyone would kinda mind helping me google this- ill do the work, i just dont know what the heck to do...22:29
SubCoolit seems rare tobegin with22:29
daftykinsSubCool: damage, bad connection, etc22:29
Dr_Willisuser acoubnts -> change the account type to be admin22:30
super8no its not new Dr_Willis22:30
wilee-nileeKillagator, when you make a user with user you can make them a admin, otherwise ad them to sudo with visudo22:30
super8but why its lagging while srolling in the browser22:30
killagatorand what code do i use exactly22:30
Dr_Willissuper8:  could be its a rather low end card.  or theres flash playing in the browser sucking down stuff22:30
wilee-nileeOr change as i see  now22:30
killagatori am currently in the admin acct but would like to add a user i set up yesterday as an admin22:30
Dr_Williskillagator: System Settings -> user acounts -> change the account type to be admin22:30
super8okay thanks.22:31
killagatori don't see that option22:31
killagatoronly unlock22:31
Dr_Willisso unlock the tool.22:31
killagatori did22:31
killagatorand now?22:31
Dr_Willisclick on the user, to change. then then clck on their account type...22:32
killagatoronly options are  automatic login22:32
Dr_Willisaccount type:  has a pull down menu for me.22:32
killagatornot in 12.04lts22:32
killagatorit seems22:32
Dr_WillisNo idea. I dont use LTS.22:33
Dr_Willisthats why i suggested looking at askubuntu.com  they proberly have guides for each release as to how to do it.22:33
killagatorok i'll try that -thx22:33
SubCoolk- im back.. - I think its just because im using Kubuntu 13. i may have to downgrade to 12.0422:35
SubCooli like a bunch of the plasma upgrades on 13, but- i havent seen this many issues on my hardware since 10 or 822:35
wilee-nileeKillagator look up visudo and adding a sudo user22:35
duoijust purchased a copy of ubuntu for $150 (25% off!), can't wait to install!22:36
SubCoolDr_Willis, you think maybe its a driver or kernel issue? - I was relaly hoping to be able to use it. It appears to work for other people22:37
wilee-nileeduoi, youknow its free22:37
Dr_WillisSubCool:  no idea. I havent bought a new laptop in 2+ years. and i dont even use my old ones any more22:37
SubCoolyeah, ive been putting my old ones to use..22:38
Dr_Willisi alwys considered fingerprint readsers to be.. well..  a sad gimmic ;)22:38
SubCoolbut- i agree with, forgot who, who said it could be faulty hardware...22:38
SubCoolyeah.. but they are cool22:38
SubCoolits nice to just swipe a finger and login22:38
SubCooland - according to the software ive been reading.. you can use it to prompt for sudo and such22:38
SubCoolso it would be quite convientent22:38
Dr_Willistheres a 'webcam/face' featre to do it  login by giving the pc a dirty look.22:39
Dr_Willisand both are about as insecure as they come. ;)22:39
duoiwilee-nilee: but it was 25% off. i couldnt pass up on it.22:39
daftykinsa saucy look for saucy salamander22:39
Dr_Willisduck sauce.22:40
wilee-nileeduoi, that makes no sense but is your money ;)22:40
SubCoolyeah, i was never a fan of the Webcam thing..22:45
romistrubhow do I configure dhcpd to listen on wlan0 interface22:45
daftykinsromistrub: reconfigure it22:46
romistrubdaftykins: thanks, how?22:47
daftykinsromistrub: it'll be your first google result22:48
romistrubdaftykins: haha I wish... apparently I can't Google22:48
guest901632does anyone here know if (and how) it would be possible to use proprietary GPU drivers in a live session?22:48
daftykinsromistrub: i just got it :(22:49
romistrubso did I22:49
romistrubtried several solutions22:49
romistrubnone worked22:49
romistrubI figured I had the variable name wrong...22:49
FloodBot1romistrub: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:49
daftykinsromistrub: /etc/dhcpd.conf - DHCPDARGS=interface22:49
daftykins; after too22:49
romistrubdaftykins: yup, that's what I'm reading now... I'll try it... tried a couple of other variable/directive names... so far nothing22:49
duoiquestion! how can i prevent firefox from going out of full screen when running flash on an external monitor?22:50
DonkeyHoteiwhy does precise have newer nvidia drivers than raring?22:51
romistrubhow do I restart dhcpd?22:51
daftykinsromistrub: shouldn't be hard to confirm22:51
daftykinsservice dhcpd restart22:51
daftykinsor /etc/init.d/dhcpd restart22:52
romistrubunrecognized service22:52
daftykinsromistrub: it's quite obvious you haven't read a single thing before trying to set that up :)22:52
romistrubdaftykins: I have terrible... er... "luck"... with searching one thing and getting results that were relevant 3 years ago, but location names and directives have changed22:52
romistrubstill getting unrecognized service22:54
daftykinstry dhcp322:56
tex_here is the best ever ...22:56
romistrubdaftykins: nope...22:56
=== aduarte is now known as cadaver
daftykinsand my second suggestion?22:57
romistrubdhp3 just tried it, nope22:57
daftykinsromistrub: above. you're really not helping youself right now22:57
wilee-nileetex_, That is off topic and no religious posts as well.22:58
romistrubI tried dhcp3, sorry, mistype22:58
daftykinsABOVE. THAT.22:59
tex_why not wilee-nilee?22:59
wilee-nileetex_, read the coc of the channels you post on.22:59
tex_chill out pal22:59
wilee-nileetex_, this channel has rules just like your spiritual system. ;)22:59
romistrubam I missing one? I tried all three...23:00
tex_but meanwhile take a taste of gods glory and feel the iternal life23:00
daftykinsromistrub: is it dhcp3-server you installed?23:00
daftykinswhat OS is this? version?23:00
romistrubdaftykins: ubunto 12.0423:01
romistrubhaha... ubuntu... wow23:01
daftykinsah we only support ubuntu in here :P23:01
arandurWhat is it that determines that my Ubuntu machineboots into tty7 automatically?23:01
romistrubI must be missing something...23:01
arandurRather, how does my machine know to boot into tty7 as opposed to tty1?23:02
daftykinsromistrub: "cd /etc/init.d" then hit d followed by tab, to see what's called dhcp in there23:02
green_geeky_dudeThe smurfs did it23:02
arandurAnd how do I change whatever setting that is?23:02
daftykinsromistrub: or "ls /etc/init.d/dhcp*"23:02
wilee-nileearandur, Why does it matter?23:02
arandurI would like to boot into tty1 automatically, without having to manually start my GUI on tty7.23:03
wilee-nileearandur, What is the end goal here, you would manually from tty1 as well23:03
romistrubdaftykins: no such file or directory23:03
arandurTo put it another way, I would like my GUI to start up automatically in teh background, on tty7, while I am deposited on tty1.23:03
romistrubI have a dhcpd.conf file open right now for editing... its location is /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf23:03
daftykinsromistrub: from which?23:04
arandurSo far, all my searching has shown me how to boot into tty1, but sacrificing the automatic GUI start.23:04
arandurI would not like to make that sacrifice.23:04
wilee-nileearandur, Never seen that option myself, probably possible, not sure why you would want that, and be sure to use nicks here.23:04
daftykinsarandur: why is pressing one keyboard combo such a hardship at boot?23:04
romistrubdaftykins: don't understand your question23:04
SubCoolok.. so- how do i disable the hardware device, there is no option for it in the bios23:05
arandurwille-nilee: Thanks; I forgot my irc manners.23:05
daftykinsromistrub: well i gave two things and you gave me an error message, i don't know which23:05
arandurdaftykins: It's not a hardship, but I was under the impression that Linux was build on the virtue of configurability.23:05
wilee-nileelol no biggie, tab complete does it best.23:05
arandurdaftykins: What are we, if we cannot optimize away keystrokes?23:05
romistrubsorry... for the ls/etc/init.d/dhcp*"23:05
arandurwilee-nilee: So it does! Again, thank you.23:05
wilee-nileeno prob arandur23:06
daftykinsi never have sympathy for laziness23:06
romistrubarandur: speaking of which, how do I switch to chrome by pressing "0" on my numberpad from any client?23:06
romistrubdaftykins: it's automation... it's what computers are built on...23:06
daftykinsi disagree23:07
arandurdaftykins: Shall I also compute logarithms by consulting the tables?23:07
romistrubdaftykins: have you heard the term "don't repeat yourself"?23:07
daftykinsthat's apples to oranges23:07
Flannelarandur: I don't have the new grub, so I'm not entirely sure how it works now, but you should be able to configure which tty is the default (it used to be in grub configs, I imagine it's similar now)23:07
arandurdaftykins: I don't mean to be rude, but I honestly don't understand the philosophy you're espousing. It is alien to my experience.23:07
romistrubit's not about being lazy, it's about automating repetitive tasks23:07
daftykinsofftopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic thanks23:08
daftykinsarandur: perhaps you should move on23:08
arandurFlannel: It wasn't in /etc/default/grub; are there other grub configs?23:08
romistrubanyways... back to business23:08
romistrubstill no luck with my dhcpd... doesn't want to listen on the right interface23:09
wilee-nileearandur, gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub  is where you modify grub, and run a grub-update then.23:09
daftykinsromistrub: is it dhcp3-server you installed? (for the second time)23:10
arandurwilee-nilee: Thanks, but there wasn't an option there to do what I'm looking for -- at least, not that I saw. I was able to boot to console, but I had to sacrifice the automatic GUI start.23:10
wilee-nileearandur, this line is your mod place GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="ipv6.disable=1 quiet splash"23:10
romistrubtried ls /etc/init.d/dhcp*23:10
wilee-nileethere is a text addition not sure the exact words arandur23:10
arandurwilee-nilee: The 'ipv6.disable=1' bit is new to me. I'll try that.23:10
romistrubdaftykins: isc-dhcp-server23:11
arandurwilee-nilee: Thank you for your help.23:11
wilee-nileearandur, Yeah I have no ipv6 so I stop at the door23:11
romistrubdaftykins: but the instructions listend dhcpd.conf as its config file, so I'm assuming it's intimately related to dhcpd23:11
daftykinsromistrub: run "dhcpd -t"23:12
daftykinsany output?23:12
daftykinsservice isc-dhcp-server restart23:12
romistrub[..] 4.1-ESV-R4 [..]23:13
romistrubdaftykins: see above23:13
FunkyELFdoes Ubuntu allow you to access your files from Android over the internet?23:13
daftykinsif ubuntu one has an android client, maybe23:13
daftykinsromistrub: amazing output!23:13
wilee-nileeFunkyELF, airdroid does with wireless23:14
romistrubdaftykins: ?23:14
daftykinsromistrub: anyway did the restart work?23:14
wilee-nileeFunkyELF, Using a brwoser23:14
daftykinswhat did it do...23:15
FunkyELFwilee-nilee: I'm not talking about Airdroid over the local network... I'm saying over the internet23:15
wilee-nileeFunkyELF, you can communicate with any computer over the internet.23:15
wilee-nileeif you know how23:16
romistrubdaftykins: absolutely nothing...23:16
daftykinsromistrub: pastebin23:16
romistrubdaftykins: which command? the -t?23:16
daftykinsboth that and the restart maybe23:17
FunkyELFwilee-nilee: I'm asking what Ubuntu offers out of the box23:17
wilee-nileeyou have to set it up23:18
wilee-nileeFunkyELF, at the least type some commands, no click and run.23:19
=== eaWPq4nU is now known as Guest80357
tar__I dunno why I get connection to my router wifi but I don't get IP. When I run dhclient wlan0 It waits and does not get IP. I'm correctly associated with the AP. Any ideaS ?23:19
=== ecube_ is now known as ecube
daftykinstar__: does a static IP work? sounds like a driver issue23:20
tar__daftykins: no no dhcp is enabled in the router23:20
tar__with iwconfig wlan0 I see that I'm associated23:20
tar__but dhclient does not give me an IP23:20
daftykinstar__: no a static IP on the wireless interface of your computer ¬_¬23:21
tar__ah yes I tried too but nothing23:23
pelopopelopohello everybody! does anybody knows some program like S_CREEN for linux?23:23
daftykinstar__: so it couldn't ping your router after setting a static IP? sounds like a driver problem for sure23:23
wilee-nileepelopopelopo, we have to assume what that word means. https://www.gnu.org/software/screen/23:24
wilee-nileemillions of apps, be specific23:24
wilee-nileepelopopelopo, here is a ubuntu link, is this what you want. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen23:26
pelopopeloposorry, yes, som eprograms like this https://www.gnu.org/software/screen/23:27
pelopopelopoi will be carefully next time23:27
wilee-nileecool, it appears from the ubuntu link a name change since jaunty is all23:27
lukasstrhay there, i've some question on booting stuff (think grub 2.x in efi). when i start my pc i get some selection where i can select what os i want to boot - i want to disable this dialog, cause i've just ubuntu installed and dont want to select anything. how to do this?23:28
delinquentmeUbuntu util for running visual diffs on .sql files?23:28
wilee-nileelukasstr, If you got that far with uefi I would consider yourself lucky. ;)23:29
lukasstrwilee-nilee: i've uefi-only in my bios, so it seems to work23:30
wilee-nileelukasstr, Might be some tweaks, but not many are up on it at all here, the ubuntu forums has a mod who answers any uefi thread that is pretty knowledgeable.23:30
wilee-nileemight be easier with just a uefi installation rather tah a uefi computer.23:32
daftykinslukasstr: what's prompting? GRUB?23:32
lukasstrdaftykins: ubuntu 13.4 and recovery23:33
daftykinsbut is it GRUB that's prompting for the OS choice?23:33
lukasstrthink so - in header there is Grub-2.......23:33
daftykinsmaybe you've just got a timeout value and no default set?23:34
lukasstrdont know what you mean by this23:34
lukasstrwant me to say* (sry for my english ;) )23:35
daftykinsyou might need to set a default OS and change the boot timeout to 0 to stop it asking you23:35
DonkeyHoteiwhy does precise have newer nvidia drivers than raring?23:36
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, What is the proof of that?23:36
DonkeyHoteii apt-cache search and get 313 on raring23:37
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, Is there a PPA involved here?23:37
DonkeyHoteii'm running 319 on precise, no ppa23:37
lukasstrdaftykins: yeah but the problem ist there is no /etc/default/grub ... and it seems to be a workaround. isn't it? can't i just disable grub and start the system without it?23:37
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, 319 is in a ppa23:38
DonkeyHotei *** 319.32-0ubuntu0.0.1 023:39
DonkeyHotei        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/restricted amd64 Packages23:39
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, run this in precise and pastebin the generated text grep -vr "^#" /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/}23:39
DonkeyHoteino ppa23:39
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, Or show the sources.list and sources.list.d links23:40
SubCoolok.. here is one guys.. i am trying to use dpkg --set-selections > - but it appears to fail.. idky23:40
DonkeyHoteiwhy can't you trust "apt-cache policy" ?23:40
kostkonwilee-nilee, http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise-updates/nvidia-319 no ppas23:40
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, Your not giving enough basic info.23:41
DonkeyHoteiyes i am23:41
DonkeyHoteithe output of apt-cache policy proves the download source23:41
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, okay if you think so not fir me to help ands trust what you say, best of luck. ;)23:41
DonkeyHoteiwilee-nilee: clearly you know nothing of debian/ubuntu packaging, so i can't be losing anything23:42
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, with a little research it appears to be in 12.04 and 13.10, nor sure why, and what you have to understand is that most people that will help have inaccurate info, and we have to research from the bottom up most of the time to get to an answer.23:46
wilee-nileewe help*23:47
SubCoolthere is no verbose option... for dpkg -- soo? anyone23:47
DonkeyHoteiwilee-nilee: the bottom up is "apt-cache policy"23:47
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, In one OS you are refrencing Two, and did not show the sources.list which many mess with.23:48
DonkeyHoteiwilee-nilee: irrelevant. try it yourself: apt-cache policy nvidia-319-updates23:49
wilee-nileeits not rocket science, but you have to knock pout varibles23:49
DonkeyHoteiyou knock out variables with apt-cache policy23:49
wilee-nileeDonkeyHotei, Heh, you just want to argue good luck with that and getting help here.23:49
SubCoolOk- let me correct myself.. - ANYTHING with dpkg --set-selections freezes...23:49
SubCoolim going to downgrade to 12.04- > im going to get that going now- but i need to backup my packsges.. so .. anyone please23:50
DonkeyHoteiall i wanted to know was whether 13.04 would be getting 319 as well or will stay at 31323:50
* wilee-nilee remembers isn't donkey the name for an ass.23:51
DonkeyHoteiif you choose not to learn something, no one else chooses it for you23:52
bl4ckdu5tI can't hibernate on my Ubuntu, how do I fix this?23:53
DonkeyHoteibl4ckdu5t: it's disabled by default in recent versions, with howtos all over the web23:53
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bl4ckdu5tDonkeyHotei: Thanks!23:57
wilee-nileebl4ckdu5t, what release, and do you have at the least an ram=to memory?23:57

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