micahgOvenWerk1: for some reason, I never subscribed to the saucy seed00:59
len-1310It looks like all of my changes are in the ISO today.01:42
len-1310looks like everything works as expected.01:42
len-131064bit is faster than 32 on the same machine :)01:43
micahgseeds make ISO, meta makes -desktop01:44
len-1310Menu is right. When xfce fixes their stock menu file we will be able to just merge into that.01:45
* len-1310 is happy with what he sees... so far.01:45
len-1310micahg, the display settings looks good. Thank you for the upload.01:46
len-1310zequence, it looks like we should be able to remove ARandR as the xfce display dialog seems to deal with dual monitors just fine.01:47
len-1310the volume control applet doesn't work (same as xubuntu I guess)01:48
len-1310smartboyhw, have we told -release we want beta 1?01:49
smartboyhwHello len-1310 01:49
smartboyhwOh no:(01:49
smartboyhwlen-1310, we did yesterday 01:49
smartboyhw(Actually, two days ago)01:49
len-1310good, just checking.01:50
len-1310both 32 and 64 bit live sessions are fine.01:54
len-131032 installs fine (still in the 64bit live)01:54
len-1310Grub mods work well.01:55
smartboyhwlen-1310, good01:55
smartboyhwThat means we are not expecting that number of bugs:P01:55
smartboyhwI do wonder what happened to volume control applet though01:56
len-1310Basically I am happy with things.01:56
len-1310gtk2/3 issue I think.xubuntu is working on it.01:56
smartboyhwlen-1310, :)01:56
micahgindicator stuff?01:57
micahgit'll probably go in -backports or a PPA01:57
micahgtoo risky this late in the cycle01:57
smartboyhwSo, it shouldn't be breaking, right? ;p01:58
len-1310jack starts realtime.01:59
len-13104ms is the best I can get with this hda audio card :P02:00
* len-1310 can get .6ms with a "real" audio card ;)02:00
smartboyhwlen-1310, heh02:00
len-1310Solid though, no xruns.02:01
len-1310plays well with pulse.02:02
len-1310Ok, install time...02:03
smartboyhwlen-1310, huh, zequence-work is still at work?:O02:04
len-1310prolly not.02:04
len-1310prolly not awake either02:05
smartboyhwlen-1310, that's what I call "faking"02:06
len-1310why does ubiquity always think I am resizing?02:08
smartboyhwlen-1310, what?02:08
len-1310I always use the something else page. Select a partition and then ext4 and set it to /. never change the size, but it always seems to think I am anyway. I think it is because the display is in Meg and the original number is rounded and then accepted as the new size. ubiquity should notice if it has not been changed from what it gave.02:13
len-1310The slide show seems to be smoother on this machine.02:14
smartboyhwlen-1310, it should02:24
len-1310This video card drives things nuts. It shows three active ports (and some dead ones).02:24
smartboyhwlen-1310, lol02:24
len-1310the active ports are all used to determine different things.02:24
len-1310One was used to pick the initial size, one really does change the size and the third determines the size of screen one... which means my panel is based on the biggest one :P02:26
len-1310*screen zero02:27
len-1310I am using the DVI port, but it shows an lvds as being connected as well.02:30
len-1310driver problem... or maybe BIOS02:30
len-1310ubiquity kills my partition label too :P02:33
smartboyhwlen-1310, LOL02:33
len-1310There is already a bug for that.02:34
len-1310Lets see if there is a partition resize bug02:35
len-1310It did resize too, I lost 8M from that partition.02:38
len-1310Bug #1218702 02:47
ubottubug 1218702 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity resizes partition even when not asked to." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121870202:47
OvenWerk1micahg: just reading your comment now. Good to know. I am not sure what changes have been made to the seeds besides the last two. I don't know how much we need the desktop meta.04:09
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zequenceOvenWerk1: You may remove ARandr if you like. I think you're the one who has been using that the most. I don't use dual myself06:06
smartboyhwzequence, welcome:)06:07
zequencesmartboyhw: Thanks06:07
smartboyhwzequence, BTW why is your work account still there?:P06:07
zequenceYeah, I left my netbook at work. 06:07
zequenceGoing there soon. Raining heavily here :/06:08
smartboyhwzequence, here too06:08
smartboyhwWe got two rainstorm warnings today06:08
zequenceYour raining is propably worse then ours. We don't really have rainstorms here :P06:09
smartboyhwzequence, yeah06:12
smartboyhwzequence, zequence-work : I am thinking to get my T-shirt through http://community.ubuntu.com/help-information/funding/07:21
smartboyhwHMM, bigger problem: I can't ship it here07:27
smartboyhwThe countries list does not include mine07:27
smartboyhwzequence, zequence-work ^ HELP~!07:27
smartboyhwttoine, um, I can't seem to buy a T-shirt from Hong Kong07:38
smartboyhwIt's only available for most European Countries, Japan or US07:39
knomehong kong, the place with shirtless men07:39
smartboyhwknome, not just that07:39
smartboyhwIt seems like most Asian Countries07:39
smartboyhwand South American07:39
smartboyhwand African countries can't buy it07:39
smartboyhwUnforunately, I'm currently the only team member from Asia:(07:40
CubOvenWerk1, i use arandr a lot. So the new -settings from xfce 4.11 is working well I gather?09:07
ttoinesmartboyhw, really ? i will contact spreadshirt09:10
smartboyhwttoine, yep09:11
ttoinedone. now I am waiting for the answer09:13
Noskcajsmartboyhw, in response to your T-shirt thing, i'm in australia, which is halfway to asia, and probably doesn't get the shirt09:29
smartboyhwNoskcaj, yeah09:29
smartboyhwLet's see what reply ttoine gets from SpreadShirt09:29
NoskcajCan someone run the builder for python-flash? It seems to have froxen on i38609:55
smartboyhwNoskcaj, heh?09:56
smartboyhwNoskcaj, WRONG CHANNEL09:57
smartboyhw(Except for micahg, you can't ask anybody here to rebuild)09:57
Noskcaji wanted to check here, since it's a studio package09:57
Noskcaj-motu is the place to ask i assume09:57
smartboyhwNoskcaj, well, we can't do the rebuild (except micahg)09:57
smartboyhwzequence-work: In the Flavours QA session yesterday, the Xubuntu team said that as long as we have a clear organization of writing tests and willing to get a bit less testing during a timeframe when most of the testers are actually writing the tests. 11:08
smartboyhwSo, what should we do?11:08
zequence-worksmartboyhw: I'm not following now11:09
smartboyhwzequence-work: Uh hum, the current issue is that we have a HUGE number of bugs about Ubuntu Studio's testcases in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bugs?field.tag=ubuntu-studio11:10
smartboyhw(That's for application testing)11:11
smartboyhwSo, now you should get what I mean11:11
zequence-worksmartboyhw: So, how was the related to the Xubuntu team?11:12
smartboyhwzequence-work: They said that since they can do it, we can easily do it too11:12
smartboyhwI mean, asking for people to write testcases11:12
zequence-worksmartboyhw: Yes, that would be good to do. And you are free to suggest anything on that.11:18
zequence-workFor 14.04 we need to do everything right11:18
zequence-workso, even if we don't implement a system for that now, we need to for 14.0411:18
smartboyhwzequence-work: ok11:26
smartboyhwzequence-work, OK11:30
ttoinesmartboyhw, http://www.spreadshirt.fr/aide-C1328/categoryId/277/articleId/54211:39
smartboyhwttoine, how do you suppose I can read French?11:53
zequence-worksmartboyhw: There's a button at the top left for language selection11:55
zequence-workNot sure they deliver outside America or Europe11:55
zequence-workso it may be someone needs to buy something for smartboyhw and then send it by standard mail11:55
ttoinesmartboyhw, sorry. this the list of countries, and in Asia, only Japan at the moment. I aksed them if the schedule to open more deliveries12:05
smartboyhwttoine, zequence-work uh hum12:06
ttoinesmartboyhw, :(12:06
smartboyhwzequence-work: Maybe do it like this: You apply for funds from Ubuntu using https://forms.canonical.com/cda/ and receive the fund yourself. Then use the fund to buy a T-shirt and ship it to me.12:07
smartboyhwThe fund needs to be buying T-shirt + delivery cost from Spreadshirt to you + delivery cost from you to me.12:07
zequence-worksmartboyhw: Nah. That's not how I would use those funds anyway. I'll gladly get you a t-shirt and send it to you in a couple of weeks12:11
smartboyhwzequence-work, OK, thank you:)12:12
smartboyhwWhen it arrives at your address, tell me and I'll give you mine12:12
OvenWerk1:) interesting... if the menu is in english I pay in pounds.12:59
ttoinesmartboyhw, they will add new countries in time, but no list and no garanties13:02
smartboyhwttoine, ouch13:02
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