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c2tarunHi friends, I just created a swap partition so that I can hibernate my laptop. Do I have to enable this swap partition somehow or linux will automatically detect it? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-friday30august2013-072757ist.php01:59
Unit193c2tarun: I have something in my fstab for it.02:03
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:03
Silver_Arrowthere's a window that's way too tall to see the bottom, is there a way to zoom out on the window, or let me drag it up past the upper panel?02:03
Unit193Silver_Arrow: Alt+drag02:04
Silver_Arrowerm, I have all my alt based shortcuts disable because of program conflicts02:04
Silver_Arrowaha, found it in the settings manager, bound super key to it02:07
Silver_Arrowthe <Lower Window> option removes mouse focus, right?02:15
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jonzenxubuntu 13.04  having res prob with laptop and 1080p tv as 2nd monitor  tv fine but when i connect it the laptop screen seems to change res  set on 1366x768 in display settings  tv set to 1080  laptop screen gets karger and half of it disappears from screen02:35
jonzenlaptop vid is nvidia 610m02:35
jonzencan ne1 give me suggestion to fix02:36
nerdtronjonzen try install arandr to manage secondary display...02:36
jonzenk  ty  will give it a try02:36
jonzennope  lappy screen still incorrect  res set correctly but wierding out02:40
jonzenany way to turn off mirroring02:41
nerdtronxubuntu 13.04? and did you install nvidia drivers?02:44
jonzenyes  bumblebee02:45
jonzen610m is a morph  hald intel half nvidia   kind of a pain  shoulda just bought the cheaper laptop  hehe02:46
jonzenill just disable laptop screen while i watch tv  no biggie  thx for help nerdtron02:48
nerdtronjonzen sorry..for couldn't help more..i'm not familiar with nvidia drivers as i don't use them...gudluck anyway02:49
Silver_Arrowis there a way to make the kernel/joystick drive ignore axis 23, 24, and 25?03:00
Silver_ArrowI can't seem to do anything from jstest-gtk to make a game ignore them or not sense anything on them03:01
Silver_Arrow(those are the 3 accelerometer axes of a ps3 sixaxis controller I finally got to work)03:01
xubuntu919I'm in a chatroom03:27
nerdtronxubuntu919 chatroom support for xubuntu, not just random chat :)03:28
xubuntu919Dual-booting Xubuntu along side Windows 7, hope it is better than Ubuntu (used with GNOME Shell)03:28
xubuntu919Oh okay, didn't know it was support only.03:28
nerdtronxfce is quite good03:28
nerdtronoh yeah.. #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chat03:29
mapi like xfce03:29
mapalthough im struggling with everything atm ;/ fresh 13.04 install03:29
xubuntu919Thanks, I just never used IRC during an installation. Very interesting.03:29
nerdtronmap you'll get the hang of it.. if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask03:30
mapits this pesky broadcom mate03:30
mapi remember it being a pain when i used Ubuntu previously..and at first I had no wired connection nor wireless03:31
nerdtronxubuntu919 a lot og people are here, especially in the ubuntu channel where people ask for help in installation03:31
mapnow ive got a wired connection..but cant get wlan0 to work AT all03:31
mapi installed linux-firmware-nonfree modprobe b43 ..then did upgrade and after apt-get upgrade the wireless worked...rebooted and wireless woint work03:31
mapbut its listed in iconfig/iconfig lspci -nnK | grep -iA2 net shos its use b43-pci-bridge driver03:32
xubuntu919Since it's support, I do have a real question. When I used Ubuntu, headphones worked great, but speakers didn't (popping sound). I tried commands I found google like remove & purge then install, update atlas+pulseaudio. What site would have a guide as to what to install to get my realtek alc888 drivers installed properly?03:32
nerdtronhow do you say it doesn't work? it doesn't show in the network manager?03:32
mapah sorry - network manager when i clic it on the top of my screen well ya it knos theres a wireless card03:33
mapbut no wireless networks shown03:33
mapi made a post about it - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2171279&p=12773653#post1277365303:33
nerdtronxubuntu919 modprobe snd_hda_codec_realtek03:34
nerdtronif you are using 13.04, it should be detected and used by default03:35
mapme? bcm4311 isnt..broadcom are always a pain;/03:35
Unit193Saw the wikipage for it?  I don't find them that much of a pain, though.03:36
maphmm but ive tried everything i can think of and the cards listed under iwconfig and ifconfig03:37
mapbut not showing any networks--i dont know what to do03:37
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:42
mapive read that:(03:45
xubuntu627olá a todxs! sou Eds e estou instalando o XBUNTU....04:23
xubuntu627ISSO AÍ! MAP  O/04:26
mapenglish is all i speak04:27
xubuntu627hmn, entendo.04:28
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Monkeytoeis there a way I can have apt-get return my computer to how it was just after I installed it?05:51
Monkeytoebasically want it to return everything back to the vanilla xubuntu 13.04 install I did05:51
nikolamMonkeytoe, Using BTRFS as file system for the installation? Ubuntu makes snapshots during update, so you can back to previous state of the system. (ZFS also has that, but is off-kernel and tools don't do that automatically).05:57
Monkeytoeah I did encrypted lvm :(06:00
nikolamlvm can make snapshots? also, I dont'know if BTRFS can do encryption. Possibly if made on top of LVM.06:01
nikolamMaybe you can add another GRUB item, then copy fresh install from elsewhere and then boot it.06:02
machinaHi! How do I boot xubuntu on console-only mode? I'm about to make a "home server" from my old machine without a display, so I don't need X at all06:04
mapdamn still not got my stupid wifi wrking06:05
machinaxubuntu 12.10, that is06:05
nikolammachina, hm. like with disabling lightdm?06:06
machinanikolam: yes, and all things relating06:07
nikolamthere were 'alternate' install of xubuntu before, not anymore, that provided text-only install. I think it is up to the latest LTS, after that it is not released anymore. but one can upgrade from it...06:07
machinayes, the problem is that I have everything confed with my current installation and I'd rather not replace it with anything else to save the bother :)06:08
nikolamI used that alternate-update method to install xubuntu on my eeepc/512MB RAM06:08
nikolammachina, maybe just remove packages of desktop environment, you don't need. Or better, just disable starting GUI on boot.06:09
machinanikolam: that's my question, actually: How do I disable starting GUI on boot?06:10
machinaah, found it with almighty google (duh)06:11
nikolammachina, what, /etc/init/lightdm.conf ?06:13
nikolamand, like, rcconf edits it06:14
nikolamor sudo update-rc.d -f lightdm remove (untested)06:14
nikolamI use almighty ixquick or duckduckgo , encrypted, private.. they say ;p06:15
machinanikolam: Internet suggested simply putting "text" on grub commandline, if that works I'll start removing packages :)06:15
nikolammachina, or let them be there (packages) for you to be able to do ssh -X to a machine and run GUI app if needed. It is not using RAM if not running.06:16
nikolammachina, it is GRUB2, btw...06:17
machinanice, haven't actually thought about that06:17
machinaI have very little experience with this whole 'remote desktop' thing06:18
nikolamand who knows, when you will need to run startc for local session ;p06:18
nikolamssh -X just redirect ports, and application on remote computer is using local X server for displaying and interaction. That os what X is all about. :)06:19
machinaintresting, I got to check that out06:19
nikolamit is by design, from ages06:20
nikolamit is also saying, there is /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM06:22
myersghey, how do I change the default fonts in Xubuntu 13.04?06:40
myersgfor the system, and applications?06:40
elfymyersg: settings manager > appearance and window manager06:45
myersgthanks elfy!06:46
vice_Hi! Where can I find autorun in xubuntu, like system->autorun in ubuntu?08:00
nerdtronvice_, setting manager> session and startup08:01
vice_thx, nerdtron, u are so kind :)08:02
vice_why saving arandr resolution file  not working?:(08:04
vice_oh, it must be not at system.08:06
Pkunkis there any builtin or 3rd party iptables module to block ssl connections by the CN / hostname /alt fields ?10:05
Monkeytoehello... i have a windows file server on my network and just installed xubuntu 13.04 on this pc... I am trying to browse the windows network it just says failed to open windows network12:11
Monkeytoeim not trying to become a member of the domain, I just want to simply browse the files on the file server by putting in an authorized domain account12:11
SysiMonkeytoe: check that you have gvfs-backends installed12:33
MonkeytoeI do12:36
xubuntu262Hello ?13:15
bgardnerxubuntu262: Hello13:16
GridCube!hi | xubuntu26213:17
ubottuxubuntu262: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!13:17
xubuntu262Hello, i'm having troubble with a samsung chomebook ,After installing xubuntu on it, i am unable to make the speakers work. Tried to remose pulse audio, tried many things : no mp3 to be played !!13:18
xubuntu262Would you have an idea ?13:18
GridCubehave you installed the restricted extras?13:19
GridCubeif not then you dont have codecs for mp313:19
xubuntu262I'm afraid not : installing ubuntu has been made with a global script. May I use a apt-get install extras maybe ?13:20
GridCubesudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras13:21
xubuntu262many thanks, try right now.13:22
xubuntu262Done. I am a real newbie : sould i reboot after each apt-get ?13:26
GridCubenot really unless it asks you too13:26
xubuntu262Thank you. So, no reboot asked, speakers level are high, alsamixer is at high levet too. When I launch audacious (or any mp3 player) still no sound at all. Speakers are ok with chrome Os....really coming fool !!13:28
xubuntu262BTW, headphones no longer work too....Anyone may have andea ? i13:32
xubuntu262Sorry : anyone may have an idea ?13:32
GridCubexubuntu262, check in pavucontrol that the proper output is being used for audio13:37
GridCubesee in the last tab that you are using a correct configuration as well.13:37
GridCubecheck that no output is being muted, check that too against alsamixer13:37
xubuntu262Ok these has been done. Output is set to "speakers" and configuration is "Analog stereo output". None seems mute. I return to alsamixer, thank you for helping.13:40
holsteinxubuntu262: try toggling mutes.. the function key ones.. the ones in the control.. several different ways13:40
newbie834hi to all13:43
xubuntu262Hello. Alsamixer still at the highest level, and no mute  controls.....is it possible to try to play an mp3 directly from terminal, just to be sure ?13:44
newbie834i would like to ask your help in the following issue: in ubuntu desktop the sleep mode hotkey on the keyboard works, in xubuntu it doesn't. where to find the problem?13:44
holsteinxubuntu262: did you toggle *all* mutes?13:44
xubuntu262I think so, some of them seemes unreachable. "headphone" " speaker" "line in" "lineout " ADCL" ...but I need to go to the eye's doctor : didn't saw others controls on the right !! Sorry, i try now to put them at high level, or to make them work.13:48
holsteinxubuntu262: dont think.. confirm. test *every* mute possiblity and toggle it13:49
xubuntu262Ok let's go.13:49
holsteinxubuntu262: i have had that *same* issue.. and when i toggled the function key, it muted, and i had to go to the software mise to unmute.. even though it showed it should be playing13:49
holsteinxubuntu262: you cannot trust the labels in alsamixer.. your card vendor likely didnt supply that information to the alsa team13:50
xubuntu262Thanks all. So : i confirm that  every "toggleable" cursor is at the highiest level . MP3 player shows that the song plays.  It seems that my installation is probably wrong...13:55
xubuntu262Apologize for ma poor english : i'm french, I have an excuse !13:56
holsteinxubuntu262: i never said highest level14:04
holsteinxubuntu262: i said toggle *all* mutes.. on and off..14:04
xubuntu262Well I probably not doing correctly what you say : i see for exemple "headphones". Using "enter" allows to move the cursor up and down, from z ero to max. In fact, there is no "mute" position except move the cursor to zerov  : tht's what i call "no mute". Something else to do ?14:13
xubuntu262to zero : that's what I call "no mute".14:13
xubuntu262BTW card is DAISY-I2S14:14
holsteinxubuntu262: correct.. i am talking literally about mute14:16
holsteinxubuntu262: the function key mute .. the mute i alsamixer.. the must in pavucontrol14:16
holstein*not* other controls.. just mute.. since it *is* a known bug.. and an issue i have seen before14:17
xubuntu262Yes, I saw it cos the speaker icon on the desktop looses its blue "sounds" in front of it, when i turn "mute " on in the pavucontrol. Think i will try to find a "patch" or correcting package....14:23
holsteinxubuntu262: try the live CD.. then, you'l be able to determine if its software or just your config14:24
holsteinif you have the same alsa and kernel versions as the live CD, and the live CD works, and your install doesnt.. you dont need a patch. you have something misconfigured14:24
holsteinxubuntu262: be sure you try as another user14:24
xubuntu262Ok. Anayway, i don't have a liveCD, I used a script to load xubuntu directely from goo.gl/r9synd . So, i will open another session, and try to compare....Anyway, thank you for the help, i'm sure now to have a "misconfigured" somewhere. May  come tomorrow on the site to say i found....Thanks a lot, and have a good"end-of-day" !14:31
holsteinxubuntu262: you used a script to do what?14:32
holsteinxubuntu262: could be, you are not using xubuntu at all.. if you didnt get xubuntu14:32
xubuntu262I used a script, like "crouton" but much better, to directly install xubuntu from the Net.14:34
xubuntu262Here is it : curl -L -O http://goo.gl/s9ryd; sudo bash s9ryd14:37
holsteinxubuntu262: that link is not hot anymore.. i cannot confirm you installed xubuntu at all14:37
xubuntu262This installs ubuntu to chromebooks....14:37
xubuntu262huh : used it tree days ago...and yesterday...14:38
xubuntu262See it ?14:39
xubuntu262Here's the url ;http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.fr/2013/05/chrubuntu-one-script-to-rule-them-all_31.html14:39
valeriy__hi, I have a next problem. Using Nemo File manager, I'm able to open a samba folder, but how can I choose files to open directly from application. Like in audacious, open files that are on samba folder?14:55
DistrotHi. Can't seem to mount my ntfs drives in 13.04. Installed Xubuntu after reformatting a Windows Server 2012 partition and it won't seem to mount. I'm not sure why the drives are in "an unsafe state" but I just want to override the inaccessibility. Basically, I just need help structuring the command to remove_hiberfile. Thanks.15:08
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knomeanybody knows where *all* the systems paper sizes are defined? i'd like to cut them down...18:47
Unit193knome: /home/unit193/.gtk-custom-papers is the file for custom ones, but searching for locate gtk | grep pap  found nothing other than that.  It seems like it may be in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libcups.so.2 ?19:26
knomeactually, the paper sizes are defined in the .ppd file per printer (or at least that's how i was able to modify the list)19:30
knomebut turns out i don't need that, i can just use a command to print what/how i want and not need to poke the long GUI list19:30
Unit193Aha, alrighty.19:33
hotmedalI'm somehow banned from #ubuntu. I haven't been there in a month20:54
Unit193hotmedal: Should ask in #ubuntu-ops20:55
AzelphurAnyone know of a WM I can use that gives me separate workspaces per physical monitor?20:59
w30Azelphur, Wouldn't that need an awfully big monitor?21:11
Unit193w30: Think he means workspace 1 is on monitor 1, workspace 2 on monitor 2.21:11
w30Azelphur, or good eyesight and a high resolution21:11
w30Unit193, hmmm...21:13
AzelphurUnit193: yea, that's exactly what I mean21:29
Azelphuron a quad monitor setup, changing workspace on all 4 monitors is less than practical21:29
w30Azelphur, you would need a sports or Broadway Play  program to keep track of having a bunch of workspaces on each monitor. Maybe a spreadsheet?21:33
Azelphurw30: or a panel on each monitor, indicating which workspace you are on, just like normal.21:33
Azelphurthere seems to be everything else, per-monitor window lists, per-monitor panels, why not per-monitor workspaces? :P21:37
w30Azelphur, probably not many developers/programmers have 4 monitors. Some well heeled person needs to donate some monitors and video cards.21:38
Azelphurw30: wat, pretty much all the developers I know have piles of monitors21:39
* w30 is less than flush with cash.21:40
w30Azelphur, they need to get busy; I see a need and so do you. *smile*21:42
w30people working with a lot of text and text files, or graphics modifying would benefit greatly.21:45
w30Azelphur, I wonder if those graphic designers in  SGI or Disney companies using those 3 thousand dollar Mac Pro's can do that?21:49
Azelphurw30: dunno21:50
AzelphurI'm sure I remember hearing about a WM that could do it21:50
AzelphurI found some stuff saying gnome 3s default behaviour is to only workspace on the primary monitor, lol21:50
r4d1xhey, I've been getting an error with seahorse-tool, it seems I can encrypt a file once, but after that I get a GLib warning, and nothing happens.  Any ideas?21:51
knome!offtopic | w30, Azelphur21:51
ubottuw30, Azelphur: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:51
Azelphurknome: how on earth is that off topic?21:51
w30CRS kicks in?   :=)21:51
knomeAzelphur, SGI, Disney or GNOME 3 are not related to xubuntu support21:52
w30knome, sorry. w30 shuts up21:52
Azelphurknome: it's related to the question I asked about Xubuntu, try reading at least some of the conversation :)21:52
knomeAzelphur, i did. you can move to -offtopic if you want to continue the social discussion.21:52
* Azelphur sighs, goes to find support elsewhere21:53
knomei suppose your question was answered: there is no such feature21:53
knomere: other WM's, i'd ask a generic linux channel, many people here use xfce pretty much exclusively and thus have little experience of other WM's21:54
knomeAzelphur, ^21:54
Unit193Could try awesome, but don't think it does either...21:55
Azelphurknome: maybe so, I think we were getting somewhere, as I say, there are definitely wm's that can do it, it's all about finding which one it is, and whether it likes XFCE or not :P21:55
knomeAzelphur, i understand, but this isn't the channel to find out (because that's not really a xubuntu support question any more, and because people here are unlikely to know the answer)21:56
Azelphurfair enough21:56
knomeAzelphur, you are free to ask in -offtopic (where many of the active supporters and otherwise generally more broadly interested people hang out in)21:57
AzelphurIt's cool, I'll ask in ubuntu-uk, they generally aren't so aggressive against slightly-offtopic :P21:57
knome...they also have a much broader topic.21:57
htmlgiftedhay all htmlgifted 12.04 xubuntu user... Nice to met u.. I hope i can find and provide help to any one and every i can... Happy labor day to u all... tty all l8ter.22:34
knomehtmlgifted, you'll want to join #xubuntu-devel where most of the development talk in IRC for xubuntu happens22:35
htmlgiftedoh ok... i'll do that one two then thanks.....22:35
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yeyemanwhat does an * after a file mean in ls?23:27
David-Ayeyeman: you mean like "ls Madonna*"? also try "ls *.mp3".  * is a wildcard. it may be part of a filename pattern or a filename pattern by its own.23:40
David-Ayeyeman: it is not "ls" that expands * and ? in filename patterns. it is the shell that expands them, and then pass all matching filenames to ls.23:41
yeyemanDavid-A: no I mean like script.py*23:47
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David-Aif you meet yeyeman, tell them that with the -F flag, ls -F append * to files with executable permission (the probably have ls aliased to ls -F if just ls do that)23:55

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