rick_hparty hatch 13:48
hatchrick_h: hey u in the hotel?13:51
rick_hhatch: yep, just back from the grocery store13:53
rick_hneeded some viddles, this whole 'travel through the night' thing confuses the schedule13:53
hatchcool, I gotta find me a SIM , everyone I found didn't have one for my phone :/13:54
rick_hhatch: :( I got lucky and got one at the airport terminal. <313:54
hatchhaha I've been awake for 27 hours so far13:54
rick_hhatch: hit up the guys down stairs. They make a big deal of the 'ask me anything' guys at the hotel13:54
rick_hhatch: let me know if you need company and maps. I've got the mifi loaded up for the week13:54
hatchcool will do, I dug the 'check yourself in' thing 13:55
rick_hyea, cool13:55
hatchyeah we should meet up for supper13:55
rick_hhatch: definitely13:55

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