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davecheneyclong: we don't recommend that00:48
davecheney--to takes off all the safety guards00:48
davecheneyand allows you to deploy two units onto the same machine when they might conflict for resources00:48
davecheneythat is a situation that charm authors do not cater for00:49
davecheneyhence we don't recommend that00:49
davecheneyhaving said that, the juju-gui charm can be deployed --to 0 as we have verified it does not conflict00:49
clonghaha.. thanks dave.01:00
clongI'll restrict it to just juju-gui on the bootstrap machine then. That makes more efficent use of me hardware resources.01:01
marcoceppiclong: I've used the bootstrap node for postgresql and mysql without much issue mongodb is not bootstrap safe though01:03
clongAhh ok. Good to know. Well it all seems like it's going well now I've fixed up the dns issues.  I created subdomain cloud.cuttingedge.com.au and it's doing what it should now01:04
clongmarcoceppi: Now I have juju-gui installed and I'm on the browser,  long does it take a charm to deploy and what feedback will juju-gui give me?01:07
marcoceppiclong, you'll see the bat at the bottom of the charm. yellow is pending, red is error, green is good to go01:25
marcoceppiyou can also run juju status to watch from the command line01:25
clongOk this is cool. juju-gui is rolling stuff out for me. I have a couple of experiments going. Building a mysql server and mediawiki and have added a relationship between them. Once I'm successful with those I'm going to move onto getting the openstack implemented. I think that's going to be tricky, trying to manage openstack vm's alongside the baremetal.01:26
clong<marcoceppi> I'm liking the "watch juju -v status" in cli01:27
clongIt's a beautiful thing. You guy's have done an awesome job01:28
marcoceppiclong: you can drop the -v at this point. you can also get the status of just a service. so like juju status juju-gui will only show the GUI details01:29
clongI'm looking forward to putting it to good use on my 4096 real cores x 16 virtual cores once it's openstacked :)01:30
marcoceppiclong: rockin'!!01:30
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clongHi Guy's. I'm now able to roll out charms using juju-gui yay. However, I have just tried to setup mysql, memcache and mediawiki with a relationship from mediawiki -> memcache and mediawiki -> mysql:db. mysql and memcache show up as good and started however mediawiki has errored. Here's the juju status for mediawiki: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6050089/  . The error is:  error: hook failed: "config-changed" . The machine is up, webserver is up but there are 2 symb04:35
clongolic links pointing to non existent files. These are /etc/mediawiki/AdminSettings.php and /etc/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php Any ideas??04:35
clongHere is the log of where I think the hook error has occurred on the deployed mediawiki machine: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6050119/04:44
marcoceppiclong: weird, it deployed OKay for me a week ago.04:59
marcoceppiclong: you can run `juju resolved --retry mediawiki/0` to see if it was a temporary thing. That will mark the unit as resolved and attempt to retry the hook05:00
clongmarcoceppi: yep i'll try that05:52
clongHmm... When I go back to the juju-gui I've lost all of the icons on the canvas except the cache connector line .06:06
clongHmm I think I'll kill the env and try something different06:12
clongWhy because I can and it's juju :)06:12
clongSo when you destroy services in juju-gui, is that meant to also destroy the machine or do you have to do that in the CLI?06:23
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clongHi All. I've just installed open stack following matthew scott's you tube vid and I'm now wondering where i can get the default logins for the dashboard etc from?09:47
clongThe onlything that failed to install btw out of the stack was Cinder. I'll look into that later.09:47
melmothclong, the keystone charm create a admin user. The password is defined in the config file you used to deploy keystone09:56
clongI didn't know I had to define a config file for the keystone charm in juju-gui so I didn't. I'll check the details in the juju-gui for keystone settings.10:14
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hazmatmarcoceppi, ping23:02
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