NoskcajWhat should i do to the new symbols that are suggested on the build status page?00:34
yofelNoskcaj: which ones?00:35
yofelif it's kde-workspace, that's missing a symbol and shadeslayer was investigating that00:36
Noskcajyofel, i was looking at liblangtag, but really i'm asking about all of them00:49
Noskcaji just need something to do00:50
smartboyhwNoskcaj, what do you want to do?00:51
smartboyhw(And BTW, we are now in Feature Freeze)00:51
yofelaah, that build status page00:51
smartboyhwNoskcaj, you can update those which are "bugfix" releases I think00:52
yofelhe was asking about symbols00:52
yofelNoskcaj: I would personally leave it, as the package is synced from debian00:52
smartboyhwyofel, ah, symbols:)00:52
smartboyhwHeh heh00:52
yofelI don't think symbols really justify an ubuntu diff just for them00:53
* Noskcaj resume playing borderlans00:53
smartboyhwThe WHAT?00:53
manchickenHey all, anybody know a thing or two about the bcm nonsense with Saucy?00:54
manchickenThat gigantic old HP I had back at UDS-Sevilla, I'm trying to image it using Saucy, but every time I try to install the restricted drivers I get a panic.00:55
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manchickenI have a non-ideal dev setup going, a clean build on this old HP box. I'm not sure how fantastic it'll be long-term, but for now it should help me finish this piece I was doing.02:24
manchickenI'm currently configuring the build environment and all that fun stuff.02:26
manchickenThis old HP doesn't really work well with Saucy.02:29
manchickenScottK: You still doing arm builds?02:30
manchickenI'm just going through the build outcome reports trying to see if there's anything I could find useful.02:31
ScottKmanchicken: I can test build something for you if you have a fix you'd like checked.02:36
manchickenI'm just kinda looking at stuff.02:37
manchickenThat's one I just saw.02:37
manchickenI'm prepping a build environment on an 8-year-old machine, so it's taking a while :)02:37
manchickenI'm still installing prereqs.02:40
manchickenOkay, for this one the answer is pretty simple...02:48
manchickenYou have two conflicting definitions for GLintptr. One eventually resolves to `int` while the other resolves to `signed long int`02:49
manchickenThere's gotta be some macro that is making it pick on over the other on Intel, because on my x86-64 box: sizeof(int)==4 and sizeof(signed long int)==802:52
ScottKOn arm, GL is actually GLES.  Is it defined differently?02:53
NoskcajDoes anyone mind if i work on qt4-x11? make it lintian clean(er), add symbols, patch a few things02:54
manchickenThe GLES2 is actually the one defining the type to be larger.02:54
ScottKNoskcaj: Changes like that should ideally be done in Debian for qt4-x11.02:55
ScottKIt's probably not your best choice of things to work on.02:56
NoskcajScottK, ok02:56
NoskcajScottK, even though it's an ubuntu only version?02:56
manchickenI will need help with the wifi drivers on this HP machine eventually.02:56
Noskcajand seems to have been always02:57
ScottKWe try to minimize the diff.02:57
manchickenSaucy's broadcom package panics the kernel on install.02:57
ScottKBTW, the mail you sent about Qt on pppc is only Qt5.  Kubuntu is currently using Qt4 only, so it doesn't affect us.02:57
ScottKThe Qt5 V8 powerpc port issues should be decided upstream.02:58
tsimpsonI thought they (Qt) had a "V4" engine for where V8 doesn't work03:04
NoskcajScottK, ok, although it does make a stack of your packages FTBFS03:09
ScottKYes, but it needs solving upstream, not here.03:09
manchickenI think I need to submit a bug for the 3rd party driver installer.03:12
manchickenIt silently exits if there's no network, it seems.03:13
tsimpsonapparently V8 is gone in 5.203:21
manchickenScottK: I think libqapt is using qt5...03:29
manchickenThe latest version...03:29
manchickenI'm fact-checking myself.03:30
manchickenI'm wrong, ignore me.03:32
manchickenYay... the latest apt-pkg has deprecated a method used by qapt.03:42
manchickenwtf... why does a `sudo make install` result in erros from GNUmakefile?03:48
manchickenmanchicken@chickenChicken:~/chickenSandwich/Documents/Devel/kubuntu/libqapt$ sudo make install03:53
manchickenmake: stat: GNUmakefile: Permission denied03:53
manchickenmake: stat: makefile: Permission denied03:53
manchickenmake: stat: Makefile: Permission denied03:53
manchickenmake: stat: install: Permission denied03:53
manchickenmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.03:53
manchickenOkay, it's an sshfs permissions problem. Great...04:07
manchickenOkay, I'm going to head to bed. I have an 8AM 10mi run, so I'll jump online once I've finished with that.04:07
smartboyhwNoskcaj, ping06:26
Noskcajsmartboyhw, i'm here06:36
smartboyhwNoskcaj, private message?06:37
smartboyhwyofel, we still need to fix kde-workspace also08:13
smartboyhwCan't access the buildlog, so can't do anything08:14
yofelare you using chromium?08:14
smartboyhwyofel, yes08:14
yofelshadeslayer: ping, found something out wrt. kde-workspace?08:14
smartboyhwHuh, Chromium doesn't work with that!?08:14
yofelsmartboyhw: use something else ;)08:14
* smartboyhw thinks EVERY browser has a flaw08:15
smartboyhwFor Firefox, everything crashes easily08:15
yofelLaunchpad is really only validated against firefox08:15
smartboyhwFor Rekonq/Konqueror, can't access pad08:15
smartboyhwFor Chromium, can't access LP buildlogs08:15
smartboyhwyofel, I think they ARE switching from Firefox to Chromium in 14.04 or so, right?08:15
yofelfirst time I hear about that08:15
smartboyhwyofel, they originally wanted to do the switch in 13.1008:16
smartboyhwBut obviously, they can't make it08:16
smartboyhw(And BTW, it's facing strong opposition)08:16
smartboyhwFor me, it's strong "yes"08:16
yofeldepends. For me firefox works better in general. rekonq is too slow and chromium uses too much memory08:17
smartboyhwyofel, in reverse, Firefox always crashes for me08:17
yofelthough i have both firefox and chromium running right now08:17
smartboyhwAnd rekonq isn't good at anything08:17
smartboyhwCan't read KDE pads:(08:17
yofelrekonq is good at desktop integration. And that's it08:17
smartboyhwyofel, looks like kde-workspace got some symbols again08:20
yofelit's missing one, shadeslayer was looking at it08:20
smartboyhwyofel, yeah08:20
smartboyhwI think we will want 4.11.1 out a.s.a.p for KDE SC 4.11.1:P08:20
smartboyhwOops, 13.10 Beta 1;P08:20
Peace-mm sudo service networking restart => kde nework manager crash11:58
smartboyhwIn debian/rules, you define DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH variable but don't use12:22
smartboyhwit. You also override dh_auto_configure to reinvoke it as is.12:22
smartboyhwHow to reinvoke?12:22
BluesKaj"Morning folks12:26
smartboyhw^ Ignore me, solved that out12:40
shadeslayeryofel: smartboyhw Eike isn't online13:23
smartboyhwshadeslayer, who isn't online?13:26
shadeslayerthe guy we need to consult regarding the new symbols13:27
shadeslayerthough I think we should just go ahead and patch it13:27
smartboyhwshadeslayer, eh13:27
* smartboyhw volunteers shadeslayer to patch since he has to finish his summer homework for school tmr13:27
* shadeslayer potentially has Conjunctivitis13:28
shadeslayercan't look at the screen for too long13:28
* smartboyhw does not know biology too well for this13:28
shadeslayerConjunctivitis, yes, inflamation/swelling around the eye , it's not too much at the moment, just broke out last night, but I need to consult a doctor tomorrow13:28
shadeslayerkubotu: wikipedia Conjunctivitis13:29
smartboyhwshadeslayer, oh:(13:29
shadeslayerhmmm ... I suppose that's broken then13:29
lordievaderGood afternoon.13:36
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1197317] After KDE update in Saucy, PowerDevil does not suspend the system @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1197317 (by Wladimir Mutel)15:34
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manchickenOkay, I need someone to help me help you.19:08
manchickenFindKDE4Internal.cmake <-- cmake is complaining that this isn't found.19:08
yofelThat file is part of kdelibs5-dev if it's not installed, otherwise please pastebin the output of whatever you're trying to do. 19:11
manchickenArgh... I think that it's a cache file...19:12
manchickenI wish there was a good way to say `cmake clean up everything you generated`19:13
yofelrm -rf ? ^^19:13
manchickenWith cmake, it seems like at least half of all of my trouble is due to cache files.19:13
manchickenYEah, but where do I delete stuff? :)19:13
yofelhm, with cmake, the usual way to build something is to make a 'build' folder and run cmake in there, then you can simply delete everything later19:14
yofelif you ran cmake in the source it's harder19:14
yofelif it's a git clone you can run 'git clean -dfx' to remove any files that aren't tracked by git19:15
yofelin any other case I would probably just unpack/fetch the source again19:16
manchickenNo, this time I was actually missing the kdelibs5-dev19:18
manchickenSWEET! I have a build environment.19:24
manchickenI might actually be able to do something useful today.19:25
manchickenI'm going to have to deal with a little bit of trouble using sshfs with the build process, but it seems like if I throw it the reconnect option then it works just fine.19:26
manchickenTonio: You there?19:55
manchickenI love how sometimes a build issue with Polkit or Debconf results in weird errors which have apparently nothing to do with the actual problem.20:09
manchickenJontheEchidna: Hey man, you there?21:07
JontheEchidnamanchicken: yup21:07
manchickenSo, I'm having polkit trouble.21:07
manchickenI suspect that it's due to how I'm running this thing.21:08
manchickenYeah, I'm running it on an old laptop I'm forwarding X on.21:08
JontheEchidnaHmm, yeah, that sounds like it could be the problem if you're having problems. Unfortunately I don't really have any experience using forwarded-X21:09
manchickenThat's what I'm seeing.21:09
manchickenSo, as a different approach, I'm trying to set up VNC on the laptop and just VNC in.21:10
JontheEchidnabug 61429121:11
ubottubug 614291 in policykit (Ubuntu) "PolicyKit authentication does not work over X forwarding" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61429121:11
manchickenBut I'm having a hard time finding a VNC server that'll play nice with headless machines21:11
manchickenJontheEchidna: I suppose that's a problem then :)21:12
manchickenI can't get Saucy to play nice with wifi drivers, so I just set it up in my closet on a wire and I'm trying to work with it using my ASUS.21:13
manchickenThis is frustrating...21:33
manchickenI can't get any of the VNC packages on saucy to play nice.21:33
manchickenI am having no end to trouble with this thing.22:03
manchickenJontheEchidna: So... yeah... trying to remove sources results in ALL sources being removed...22:18
manchickenapachelogger: Is it okay for me just to go out to the filessytem and delete the file?22:24
manchickenI'm thinking of cheating, writing the sources to an exceedingly-obtusely named file if we're worried someone might actually have a file written that.22:28
manchickenAnybody ever install krazy2 before?22:36
manchickenI'm trying to run this util on the code before I send it to Harald again and make a fool of myself :)22:36

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