cjwatsonFrostyX: You should ask whoever produced that package; Launchpad is a hosting facility, and we can't support all the packages that are hosted on it here01:21
FrostyXcjwatson: okey, I have already asked on #gentoo01:23
zedtuxHi everyone. I'm trying to publish a kernel module package in one of my PPAs. To build/install/package it I'm using dkms (with mkdsc), but when I use dput to upload the changes file, I have no errors but I don't get any email and nothing happen.08:13
zedtuxI'm signing the package (debsign) with my email address.08:14
wgrantzedtux: Your OpenPGP key isn't linked to your Launchpad account.08:14
smartboyhwzedtux, have you uploaded your ssh key and your gpg key to Launchpad?08:14
zedtux... damned. :)08:14
zedtuxLet me check this.08:14
wgrant2013-09-01 08:07:13 INFO    Failed to parse changes file '/srv/launchpad.net/ppa-queue/incoming/upload-ftp-20130901-080653-000373/~zedtux/sandbox/ubuntu/douane-dkms_0.7.0_source.changes': GPG verification of /srv/launchpad.net/ppa-queue/incoming/upload-ftp-20130901-080653-000373/~zedtux/sandbox/ubuntu/douane-dkms_0.7.0_source.changes failed: Verification failed 3 times: ["(7, 9, u'No public key')", "(7, 9, u'No public key')", "(7, 9, u'No ...08:15
wgrant... public key')"]08:15
zedtuxYou're right!08:15
zedtuxThank you for your help!08:15
zedtuxBut it is not possible to see this error in the builds page ?08:16
wgrantNo. We can't tell who uploaded it, so we can't authorise any changes to the PPA.08:17
zedtuxAnyway thank you for the help. :)08:17
zedtuxHave a nice day all08:17
zedtuxHello again. I have one last question: I am publishing on my PPA a DKMS package with the source of the kernel module, so it will be compilable on kernel update. So the package isn't Ubuntu serie dedicated.09:11
zedtuxI mean it will work for any series of Ubuntu. What should I put as distribution in my debian/changelog file ?09:11
zedtux(My package is rejected with "stable" as distribution)09:11
smartboyhwzedtux, you will have to upload to each distribution of Ubuntu manually09:13
smartboyhwFor example, after uploading to saucy, you will have the changelog and upload to raring, so forth09:13
zedtuxHa... too bad.09:14
zedtuxI really understand when you have dependencies to libraries version, but in the case the code is compiled on the user machine it make no sense to me.09:14
zedtuxWell thanks anyway :)09:14
zedtuxHum.. so if I don't upload a package with in the debian/changelog the distribution "saucy", then it will not be available for this serie?09:16
smartboyhwzedtux, yes09:16
smartboyhwIt won't be available09:17
zedtuxHa ok.09:17
zedtuxOk thank you smartboyhw09:17
zedtuxSee u :)09:17
wgrantsmartboyhw: You can copy the source+binaries between series if you know that the package will work without a rebuild.09:49
wgrantLike what we do when we create a new Ubuntu series.09:49
smartboyhwwgrant, OK09:49
ricotzStevenK, hello :), ppa builder "mekbuda" seems to be broken14:36
wgrantricotz: I've switched it to manual, so it will stop picking up builds.14:37
wgrantWill investigate further on Monday.14:37
wgrantThanks for letting us know.14:37
ricotzwgrant, thanks!14:37
pwallerHi all. I'm having trouble using anything launchpad related from the commandline from ubuntu precise, including "go get" and "apt-add-repository". It's a CA problem. Is this a known issue? http://hastebin.com/xafaxamaki.vhdl17:35
maxbpwaller: I can't see anything particularly odd with the cert chain that launchpad.net serves up to me - I wonder if it's something oddly customized on your system17:58
maxbThough, actually I was checking in a browser17:59
maxbwget fails for me too on raring17:59
pwallermaxb: something is messed up then18:04
pwallermaxb: it was working for me an hour or two ago.18:04
pwallerseems like a pretty important function.18:04
pwallerSince it breaks apt-add-repository and go get. I depend on these for lots of things!18:04
maxbIt's rather odd, it works for me if I use wget --ca-certificate=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt18:05
maxbWhich I *though* ought to be default-ish18:05
pwalleris apt-add-repository working for you?18:06
pwallerwget with --ca-certificate isn't working for me18:06
maxbLooking on my system, I think the Ubuntu One packages have messed up a relevant certificate18:07
pwallermaxb: can you give detail? Is there a quick edit to fix it?18:07
maxbStill analyzing.... but could you run 'find /etc/ssl/certs -xtype l -ls' and pastebin, to check if you have the same broken symlinks I'm seeing?18:09
pwallermaxb: certainly: http://hastebin.com/haviqocule.txt18:11
maxbHmm, I'd say you have a different (though slightly related) problem to me18:12
pwallerI'm too tired to parse the manpage for -xtype18:13
pwallerwhat does -xtype l do?18:13
maxbNothing Ubuntu One related showing up for you, though the missing ValiCert file is definitely what's causing your launchpad.net problems18:13
maxbIt's basically 'broken symlinks'18:13
pwallercool. Useful to know.18:13
pwallerany idea how it could become missing? You're missing the ValiCert too?18:13
maxbThe oddness pattern on my system appears to be totally different to yours18:14
pwallerI somewhat expected that after I deleted httpcache-tmp-mitm.pem from my /usr/local/share/ca-certificates for update-ca-certificates to have removed it..18:15
maxbSo, if we do a couple of bits of unrelated cleanup first -18:15
maxbI would suggest removing the three symlinks left in /etc/ssl/certs/ that relate to httpcache-tmp-mitm.pem18:16
maxbI don't know what's up with the two symlinks that are 8 hex digits and point to ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem - they look like someone failed to understand the correct format for a hash symlink in /etc/ssl/certs/ - so I'd remove those too18:17
pwallerokay, I'm left with snakeoil, whatever that is18:17
pwallerokay, removed those, just left with Valicert18:17
maxbThe snakeoil name is familiar - it's a testing cert generated by the 'ssl-cert' package - but the format of the symlinks is wrong18:17
maxbNext I'd install the debsums package if you don't already have it and use it to check the integrity of the installed ca-certificates files - 'debsums -s ca-certificates'18:19
maxbIt looks like at least one file that's supposed to be provided by it has gone missing18:19
pwallerdebsums: missing file /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/ValiCert_Class_2_VA.crt (from ca-certificates package)18:20
maxbHm, right - so just the one, but it happens to be the one relevant for launchpad.net18:21
maxbI have no idea how it went missing, but I guess you want 'apt-get --reinstall install ca-certificates'18:21
pwallermaxb: how odd. So you were having a similar problem?18:25
maxbOnly slightly18:25
pwallerso.. that seems like a pretty crazy coincidence.18:26
maxbMy problem appeared to be because the ubuntu-one packages do something a bit dodgy to force inclusion of the ValiCert certificate among others, and they failed to clean up after themselves when I removed ubuntu-one18:26
pwallerI wonder what happened to my certificate..18:26
pwallermaxb: everything's working now. Thanks very much for your time :D18:27
maxbNo problem - and I got to fix something that I didn't know was broken on my own system too :-)18:27
pwallerand you taught me of debsums and -xtype l18:28
pwallermuch appreciated!18:28
pwalleris it possible there was a common cause between our two problems?18:29
maxbI don't think so. Mine can be pinned firmly on the Ubuntu One packages, yours did not seem related18:30
maxbOh, and you probably want to run update-ca-certificates now18:30
pwallerI did already18:30
maxbThat will rebuild the single-file bundle ca-certificates.crt to include the restored certificate18:31
pwallerIt so happens I'm working on a MITM https caching server in go at the moment, so I'm aquainted with the file ;-)18:31

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