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jackweirdyHey all - having a strange problem where my cluster & region controller shuts down mid way through running maas-import-pxe-files - anyone know how I can diagnose this?13:09
clongjackweirdy: what do your logs say?13:48
clongwhat versions of ubuntu, maas do you have installed?13:49
jackweirdyWhich logs? There's nothing in syslog or dmesg - it looks like an unclean shutdown as my bash history isn't persisted13:49
jackweirdyubuntu 12.04.313:49
jackweirdydownloaded the iso this morning, sha is correct13:49
jackweirdydon't know what version of maas - whichever is installed from the iso13:50
clongI'm running 13.04 with better results than I was getting with 12.04.3. I'm then deploying 12.04.3 nodes13:51
clongmaas --version13:51
clongI'm running maas version 1.4.513:52
jackweirdyI'll try moving up to 13.04 then.13:52
clongIt's worth it I think. I've just gone through all of the pain over the last 2 weeks and I now have a setup running juju properly and juju-gui all well13:54
clongonce you've installed 13.04 I can help you out more if needed13:55
jackweirdyI've just installed 13.04, when installing the images I get a 404 on vmlinuz for armhf14:31
jackweirdyany chance I have to update something? Perhaps the list of images?14:31
jackweirdy(I 404 on http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/raring/main/installer-armhf/current/images/highbank/netboot/vmlinuz)14:32
clonghave you done a apt-get update?15:02
clongI don't think you have to worry about the armhf. I'm sure you're rolling out to either intel or amd15:04
jackweirdyYup; apt-get update didn't help15:06
jackweirdyI think I've fixed it by changing the releases listed in /etc/maas/import_pxe_files15:07
clongyou mean you're not trying to download that particular package now?15:08
clongSo have you : maas-import-ephemerals15:10
jackweirdypretty much; my import_pxe_files now has RELEASES="precise" ARCHES="i386/generic"15:11
jackweirdyand I just ran maas-import-pxe-files and it seems to be working15:12
clongyou'll need ephemerals too15:12
clongthe pxe files are just for initial boot up not the installer packages i believe15:13
jackweirdyah I see, I'll do that next15:14
jackweirdyDo I have to configure DHCP manually?15:22
jackweirdyI've installed maas-dhcp, and tried dpkg-reconfigure on it, but I don't get a UI that I've seen documented15:22
clonghold on I'll get an example for you15:23
jackweirdyOh wait, found it :)15:23
jackweirdy* http://askubuntu.com/questions/286175/how-do-you-actually-configure-dhcp-in-maas-in-raring15:23
jackweirdyThanks for the help btw :)15:24
clongHey thats how us newbies cement our learning]15:24
clongDo you have your maas web gui up yet?15:25
jackweirdyYup; just configured DHCP through it and network booted a new vm :)15:25
clongcos you can set all of the DHCP there.. I'm too slow15:25
clong13.04 went a little smoother than the 12.04.3 setup then?15:26
jackweirdyYeah :) Well I actually got it working which is nice :D15:27
clonghow many machines have you got there to maas with?15:27
clonggood stuff15:27
jackweirdyI'm running a couple of machines and I'm running them inside VMs15:27
jackweirdyThat is, 2 physical machines, testing MAAS inside vms15:28
clongahhh ok.. I had to stuff around for 2 weeks or so while I was learning how to configure a 32 node HP blade. WOL wasn't working cos of the freeipmi config15:29
jackweirdyAh nice; never used blades before. Did you get it working in the end?15:29
clongso I now have 38 phys machines'15:29
clongyep. It's all go. I'm now setting up open stack using juju and juju-gui15:30
jackweirdyAh brill! I'm doing some maas stuff as a base for a couple of charms I'm building for the juju charm championship15:30
clongI can build machines from baremetal in under 40 mins..15:30
clongI'm going to start to charm once I've got the cloud up and running.15:31
clongthen I can start migrating the rest of our physical machines over to maas15:32
clongall up I will end up with approx 400 physical boxes on maas when I'm done15:33
jackweirdyHmm; when I network boot a new vm, it seems to install fine then restart, but gets stuck on Trying to load: pxelinux.cfg/<MAC address>17:09
jackweirdyand in the dashboard I see ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached.master17:09
jackweirdyoh no, it's come up now. weird17:10
clong<jackweirdy> You have to set up your DNS correctly21:43
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