SomeoneWeirdhey guys, wondering if anyone can help, i've recently upgraded to saucy and my unity search has stopped working, i think it may be the cause of some of the plugins have been uninstalled/disabled but i'm not sure -> http://i.imgur.com/cWBRFpX.jpg03:49
wilee-nileeSomeoneWeird, Make a list of what you have removed, if you can.03:50
SomeoneWeirdbleh, don't think I can, it happened over a week ago i've just been lazy about trying to fix it03:51
wilee-nileeSomeoneWeird, You could make another account, just to compare.03:51
SomeoneWeirdhm? you don't mean what packages have I removed?03:52
wilee-nileeSomeoneWeird, there are unity resets for 13.04 you might try that.03:52
wilee-nileeNO to see if it happens there as well.03:52
SomeoneWeirdahh, right03:52
SomeoneWeirdsec, will do03:52
SomeoneWeirdlmao I think i've really screwed something up03:53
SomeoneWeirdtried to login to new user and it just crashes back to login screne03:53
wilee-nileeyes it seems so, o clones or images of the correct runnig setup?03:56
SomeoneWeirdunfortunately not03:56
SomeoneWeirdeverything is alright for this account (apart from search not working) at the moment so I might make a backup and just leave it03:57
SomeoneWeirdprobably not worth the trouble fixing03:57
SomeoneWeird(which is probably going to end up being a reinstall)03:57
wilee-nileeclone the install before you tweak it.03:57
SomeoneWeirdhrm, i just realized the upgrade i did (about 30 minutes ago) now makes my touchpad scroll not work too...03:58
wilee-nileeI never upgrade myself03:59
SomeoneWeirdstarting to see why people don't03:59
ali1234this command should reinstall all the stuff you removed: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^03:59
ali1234the ^ is important03:59
ali1234of course, this is +1 so it might just make everything worse04:00
wilee-nileeyou can make package install lists save the sources if any extra and their keys and do it much faster04:00
SomeoneWeirdthat is quite possible04:00
SomeoneWeirdit seems i'm missing a lot of unity-scope-* packages04:00
SomeoneWeirdwhat's the  ^ do?04:00
ali1234it means ubuntu-desktop is a package group, not a single package04:01
ali1234or something like that04:01
SomeoneWeirdah cool04:01
SomeoneWeirdok gunna reboot, if i'm not back in a couple minutes then something else has broken ಠ_ಠ04:01
wilee-nileeThat command will show a list of whats new to be installed, in other words the missing, good idea. ;)04:05
SomeoneWeirdok well running that command make things better at least04:06
SomeoneWeirdthe "social network" icon now comes up in the search04:06
SomeoneWeirdbut nothing else04:06
wilee-nilee!imagebin | SomeoneWeird that is unreadable04:09
ubottuSomeoneWeird that is unreadable: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.04:09
ali1234why is it unreadable?04:10
SomeoneWeirdE: Unable to locate package unity-place-applications04:10
SomeoneWeirdthat could be a problem04:10
wilee-nileethe image try a look here. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/08/reset-unity-and-compiz-in-ubuntu-13-10/04:10
wilee-nileesame as the 12.10 and 13.04 reset. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-reset-unity-compiz-in-ubuntu-12-10-and-13-0404:12
SomeoneWeird--reset-icons replaced the default icons, still nothing more in search though04:13
wilee-nileeSomeoneWeird, That reset needs a reboot or logout I think, at least the earlier ones did.04:17
SomeoneWeirdwilee-nilee, i did :)04:20
SomeoneWeirdI have a feeling maybe a lens package is corrupt04:20
SomeoneWeirdgunna purge + reinstall all of them04:20
SomeoneWeirdhm, nup04:30
SomeoneWeirdthink i've given up04:31
iceroot_is MIR now installed by default in 13.10? or is the current iso still only using X11? (on intel vga)10:35
bazhang!info libmirserver110:45
ubottulibmirserver1 (source: mir): Display server for Ubuntu - server library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.0.10+13.10.20130829.2-0ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 542 kB, installed size 1701 kB10:45
BluesKaj"Morning folks12:26
penguin42"afternoon BluesKaj12:41
BluesKajhi penguin4212:41
iceroot_bazhang: thank you, so as it seems MIR finally reached the repos13:15
iceroot_not bad one month before the release....13:15
Frank81Hello any one in here knows how to fix the problem that there is no usb keyboard regonized on entering luks password?14:39
Frank81coz since kernel 3.8 + till 3.11 i have no keyboard anymore to enter luks password with 3.8 all work well14:40
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Frank81can some one plz point me to infos about the bug reporting prozess?16:52
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:52
Frank81the kernel is a package too? shall i simply write the name of the kernel img?16:53
Frank81hmmm or hmm maybe some one is needed to define that better16:53
Frank81after upgrading the kernel not all moduls get loaded as needed befor luks gets loaded16:54
Frank81what package is that?16:54
penguin42to report a kernel bug it's     ubuntu-bug linux16:54
penguin42Frank81: Hmm so all the modules are there they just aren't being added to the initramfs?16:54
Frank81penguin42: i am right that it is a kernel bug when after upgrading kernel not all needed moduls get loaded anymore?16:54
penguin42Frank81: Hmm that probably depends why they don't get loaded16:55
Frank81penguin42: it looks like that yes16:55
Frank81i upgraded one machine with luks and lvm encrypted the usb keyboard don't gets regonized so i can't enter luks password16:55
penguin42Frank81: If the modules are broken and won't load then that's definitely a kernel bug, if there is a bug in the thing that makes the initramfs not knowing to load the modules then that might be in the initramfs packages16:56
Frank81when i boot old kernel 3.8 all works this applys to all kernels after 3.8 till 3.1116:56
penguin42Frank81: Do you know that's a problem with modules not getting loaded?16:56
Frank81i am not a mega linux geek only some advanced user and i can't simply expect any other fail16:57
penguin42Frank81: OK, file it against linux because it works with older kernels but not newer16:57
Frank81since it works with 3.8 and i googled this happend to many other distros befor and always it was that hid and usb don't got loaded16:57
penguin42Frank81: can you get it to work with a non-USB keyboard?  What hardware is this on?16:57
Frank81i have no ps/2 keyboard here and no adapter at present its a normal home pc with a asus mainboard and a AMD CPU i don't know exact chipset at present16:58
Frank81but normal pc system 8gb ram all standart16:58
penguin42ok, so you don't actually know it's to do with USB keyboards16:59
penguin42it might be broken on your machine with all keyboards16:59
Frank81thats right but i don't think so since it happend on other distros too i googled the whole day17:00
Frank81penguin42 how would you track or debug that? simply getting a other keyboard? or any other alternate?17:00
penguin42Frank81: Report the bug first17:00
penguin42Frank81: I'd try and narrow it down; eg if it's only USB keyboards then you can say it must be something wrong with USB stuff, but if it also fails with a PS/2 then it's probably something else17:01
Frank81i can't report the bug it complains about the old kernel17:01
penguin42 <back in 30min - need to make a crumble>17:01
penguin42Frank81: Sigh, that's dumb17:02
Frank81ok so i simply wait some month with the old kernel and maybe reinstall later ^^17:02
penguin42Frank81: You could try a dialy kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/   and see if that works17:02
penguin42anyway, crumble time17:02
Frank81ok i have a problem i found a real bug i have now verifyed that the usbhid driver gets loaded and status is ok but usb keyboard don't responds. problem applys to all kernels after 3.8 i can't report the problem with the pc coz i have no ps/2 keyboard and when i wanna do a bug report he tells me that my kernel package isn't a supported one for reporting bugs17:23
ikoniaFrank81: manually log the bug17:27
ikoniawho is "he"17:28
Frank81good question where to do so ?17:28
penguin42ikonia: ubuntu-bug I think17:28
ikoniaFrank81: launchpad.net17:29
ikoniaFrank81: it would be helpful to get someone else to verify this also and add to the bug report to add weight if it's generic and not specific to your hardware17:29
penguin42ikonia: Except we don't normally do that for Kernel bugs17:30
ikoniawhy not ?17:30
ikonia(I'm assuming this is an ubuntu kernel package)17:30
penguin42ikonia: For kernel bugs it's normally one bug per user17:30
ikoniapenguin42: that's why I'm saying if it's something that's generic/specific to his tin17:31
penguin42ikonia: the normal advice is for kernel bugs to report separate bugs anyway and then figure out if it's shared because common symptoms might reflect underlying cause17:31
ikoniathat seems crazy for something that can be confirmed as a mass paroblem as you'll end up with numerous bugs17:32
penguin42ikonia: I kind of agree, I've been around the loop a few times;17:32
ikoniaif someone has the same problem and can verify it, it seems crazy to log multiple bugs to verify it17:32
ikoniaif things are different, sure, but if the root cause or the actual bug can be confirmed as generic....it's crazy17:32
ikoniaFrank81: up to you how you do it, but personally I would try to confirm if it's generic or not and get an additional party to verify it17:33
penguin42ikonia: Right, but how is he going to confirm it's generic or not; he just has something where it isn't allowing him to enter his luks password17:33
ikoniapenguin42 get others to confirm the same situation,17:33
ikonianarrow it down from there17:33
Frank81hmm i can't even get it reported logged in browsed the bugs but there was none exact like me one was a bluethoots keyboard and one has problems with a other passpharse17:34
ikonialogging his own bug first then getting (if applicable) additional confirmation17:34
Frank81hmmm i probally can't verify the bug my self with a virtualbox or such?17:35
Frank81coz there it is other hardware the virtual one right?17:35
ikoniaFrank81: that will give you an idea of it's generic or not17:35
Frank81ok so i should simply run that on a virtualbox ok17:36
ikoniabe interesting to see if you hit the same problem17:36
Frank81we will soon know it ^17:36
Frank81we will not know it17:41
Frank81virtualbox is now broken too ^^ coz it has updated and whants the new kernel17:41
alfonsojonI'm on the GT218 chipset (Nvidia GeForce 210)21:07
alfonsojonI tried using Mir, and it failed. When Mir cannot be used, it'21:07
alfonsojonit's supposed to fall back to XMir, correct?21:07
Daekdroomalfonsojon, it falls back to X.org21:08
DaekdroomXMir is what runs X applications under Mir.21:08
alfonsojonWell, fallback failed21:08
alfonsojon-sort of21:09
alfonsojonI can have a working desktop, but it freezes after a second.21:09
alfonsojonIf I switch to a TTY session then come back, it unfreezes, but only for one second21:09
ali1234that chipset doesnt work well with nouveau anyway21:40
Daekdroomali1234, as far as I know nouveau is supposed to use Mir, unlike the proprietary drivers.21:43
yofelDaekdroom: nouveau does support Mir, but that's unrelated to the hardware support of nouveau21:44
Daekdroomyofel, yeah, but if fallback happened, then he's probably using the proprietary drivers.21:45
yofelbut hard to say unless really checking in Xorg.0.log what's really used21:46
ali1234yeah, what i mean is nouveau freezes and crashes with many NV50 series cards even when you use it with X, so using it with mir probably won't be much better21:46
ali1234also, isn't mir broken on nouveau at this exact point in time, or was that fixed?21:47

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