short_samHey guys question... does anyone know how to parse databases (sqlite) on ubuntu touch? Help greatly appreciated!02:47
hakermaniaIs this a bug? QStandardPaths::displayName(QStandardPaths::DataLocation) returns "Application Data" under Ubuntu 13.04. Shouldn't it be .config ?08:56
hakermaniaWrong channel. Damn08:57
mrqtroshakermania, I think no09:12
hakermaniamrqtros, Maybe ~/.local/share/data, but "Application Data" is totally wrong under linux.09:12
mrqtroshakermania, look, you requested "displayName" - presentable name for apps09:14
mrqtroshakermania, try "standardLocations" or "writableLocation" or something like that09:14
mrqtrossry I am away from docs :)09:14
hakermaniamrqtros, sorry, you are wrong http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qstandardpaths.html#StandardLocation-enum09:15
hakermaniaAnyway, the documentation isn't 100% clear of what it means. I found a workaround using QSettings  to get that path09:18
mrqtroshakermania, :) Did you test it on other OS?09:19
hakermaniamrqtros, that workaround works "for sure", because it returns the location where QSettings intends to save the configuration, and that's what I really want.09:20
cleptotrying u1db now, someone here with time and knowledge to help?12:19
danielholmhey guys, how do you re-use a Page component in a PageStack?12:55
danielholmI have a Component that contains a page that I want to use as a regular page in a PageStack12:55
cleptodanielholm, try pagestack.push(page)13:00
danielholmhaha, I JUST found that :D13:00
danielholmclepto: thanks13:00
cwaynesorry for shouting, excited :D13:08
cwayneit's not even just getting an oauth token, it's signing every request with oauth headers13:32
cwaynedamn annoying :P13:32
PaoloRotoloHi everybody!15:10
PaoloRotoloHi nik90, nik90_ :)15:10
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PaoloRotolonik90, nik90_, ping15:40
rschrollA QML question: Is it possible to style the thumb of a Slider?  Specifically, I'd like to change its color when it's at one end of its range.15:45
jGleitzChris Triantafillis: ping16:36
cleptojGleitz, pong16:36
cleptojGleitz, thanks for coming!16:36
jGleitzclepto: No problem. I hope I can help16:36
cleptojGleitz, let me explain16:37
cleptothis is the doc i store the notes http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6051458/16:38
cleptowhen i used database i had every mapping to number as id16:38
cleptoand then i could use something like getTitle(id) etc16:39
cleptoi tried doing the same with the 1udb16:39
cleptonotesDatabase.putDoc({'1': {'id': "1", 'title': 's'}}, "notes")16:39
jGleitzOkay. And what doesn’t work now?16:39
cleptobut that doesn't work because i can't do notesDatabase.getDoc("notes").1.title16:39
cleptothe .1. doesn't work16:40
jGleitzYeah. But notesDatabase.getDoc("notes")[1] doesn’t work either?16:40
cleptoso i need to figure another way16:40
cleptojGleitz, give a sec to test16:41
cleptojGleitz, you are right16:41
cleptoi didn't get it when you said it on g+16:41
jGleitzNo prob.16:42
cleptojGleitz, how do I delete the db's contents?17:41
jGleitzclepto: putDoc("", docId)18:32
jGleitzI’m out now.18:33
AskUbuntuMoving from a Consumer to a Producer? | http://askubuntu.com/q/34015819:23
wellsbOptionSelectorDelegate is not an item on the device image.  Shouldn't it be?20:08

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