darkxstjbicha, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu/revision/41300:52
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darkxstricotz, its been unusually quiet this week! where is all the breakage that usually lands after first beta?11:16
ricotzdarkxst, oh, no breakages?11:24
ricotzok, i cherry-picked two annoying things ;)11:24
ricotzdarkxst, what is up with the g-c-c network settings? ;)11:25
darkxstI havent seen anything yet, although I suppose there is still time for some11:25
darkxstwhat is wrong with network settings?11:25
ricotzdarkxst, try to launch a app-paintable gtk3 app11:25
ricotzdarkxst, it doesnt show up here ;)11:25
ricotz(networks settings)11:26
darkxstricotz, I fixed that ;( its gnome again ..11:26
ricotzthe gtk3 was bradly broken https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/commit/?id=de1f5b8bb3c07895b30f2f8539d76d33de77149211:27
ricotzalthough i am not sure if 3.9.12 is affected11:27
ricotzdarkxst, so don't worry there are breakages ;)11:27
ricotzdarkxst, and 3.9.14/90 will break abi of gtkheaderbar11:30
ricotzand of course mutter/gnome-shell will require the new cogl/clutter11:31
ricotzdarkxst, it doesnt seems to break things, but better to make sure that the next e.g. nautilus updates are built against the newer gtk11:32
ricotzdarkxst, g2g11:34
darkxstricotz, I don't see any changes on the network-manager deps, no idea why it broke again . ;(11:34
darkxstok cya11:34
ricotzdarkxst, will push a new g-c-c14:16
esse2khello, a question. I want to enable chinese input. but i have no idea how14:22
jbichaesse2k: which version of Ubuntu GNOME are you using?14:24
jbichado you have language-pack-gnome-zh-hans installed?14:25
esse2k13.04 i think14:25
esse2kwahh how to check it,,.. im a noob haha14:26
jbichais the UI in Chinese?14:27
esse2ki just wish to type in chinese sometimes14:27
jbichaok it will be a bit easier in 13.1014:28
jbichabut you'll need to use ibus to enter Chinese characters14:28
esse2kthats good14:28
esse2kok, its in the software center?14:29
jbichaibus is already installed14:29
jbichaif you run im-config I believe it will help you set it up14:29
esse2klooks like that, nice14:30
jbichayou'll also need to add the Chinese (Pinyin) input method in System Settings14:30
jbichasorry I don't have exact instructions for how to set it up14:30
esse2kafter the config right? i didnt see anything about input methods there before14:31
esse2kits no problem im grateful14:31
esse2kcant get it to work...14:57
jbichadarkxst: the Super+Space shortcut is working for me in Unity now15:23
jbichaI pushed an update to the gsd bzr branch (merging the latest saucy changes)15:24
PrimoveroHi people22:01
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