zmoylan-lentis a quiet one20:12
airurandohas been for a while zmoylan-len20:14
airurandohow are you keeping?20:14
zmoylan-lenwell folks are coming back from holiday and have more time as those covering them are less busy20:14
zmoylan-lenaugust is always a quiet time.  even the news is usually quiet20:15
airurandocan't catch tdr112 at all20:16
zmoylan-lenczajkowski is supposedly over in sept20:16
airurandoheard that. hope to meet up>20:17
airurandozmoylan-len: are you about on 14 Sep 13?  UGJ in TOG I think.20:19
zmoylan-lensuspect not.  travel is still... variable.  am trying increasinly to extend range but i overshot last meetup and failed :-(20:21
zmoylan-lenwill see closer to the day20:22
zmoylan-lenah, saturday. suspect i'll be at rpg game that day.  travel is easier as i get lift. it's 50-5020:24
czajkowskiI am20:26
czajkowskiI am over from 23-26th20:26
czajkowskiI'm free on the 23rd20:26
czajkowskigonna send a mail out20:26
zmoylan-lenwhat is needed hardware wise and software wise for ugj?  if i can prepare it might make me try harder to get there if i've already got bits sorted out20:30
czajkowskizmoylan-len: laptop or something to testing on20:31
czajkowskiand the latest iso of what you want to test20:31
zmoylan-lenand will the ugj in tog be targetting a specific piece of software?20:32
zmoylan-lenjust wondering20:32
zmoylan-lensorry if questions sound dumb20:32
czajkowskizmoylan-len: no not specific20:49
czajkowskiso you can test your drivers on the release20:49
zmoylan-lenokie dokie.20:49
czajkowskiyour machine working20:49
zmoylan-lenif i make it there, want to be useful20:51

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