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oiaohmhttp://dvdhrm.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/splitting-drm-and-kms-device-nodes/  I really do wonder badly this is going to effect mir idea of server side control.22:59
RAOFoiaohm: Not at all.23:25
oiaohmRAOF using device nodes could nicely under mine buffer controls.  Client side allocation in GPU memory spaces.23:26
RAOFThey can't allocate the front or back buffers, which is all Mir controls anyway.23:27
RAOFWe weren't planning to, and don't, allocate *all* client buffers. That would entail much annoyance - we'd need to have server-side changes any time a GPU driver wanted a differently laid out buffer for internal purposes.23:29
RAOFClients allocate all their textures themselves.23:29
oiaohmRAOF: the back buffer one is something I do wonder about.  dma-buf  that is used to pass from device nodes back to servers can have a back buffer applied.23:32
oiaohmbasically the change might effect you a little.  RAOF23:32
RAOFYou're using "back buffer" in a way I don't recognise.23:33
RAOFdma-bufs are a buffer passing mechanism, yes.23:33
RAOFThere's no way for a client to *display* anything except through Mir; only what they render to the buffers sent out from the server (as dma-bufs) will ever make it to the screen.23:34
RAOF(Barring hilarious client bugs)23:34

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