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cjwatsonNoskcaj: gradle isn't buildable even when its self-build-depends are supplied, and even after tweaking its build-conflicts on groovy to account for the anomalous version in saucy: it runs into http://issues.gradle.org/browse/GRADLE-285801:23
Noskcajcjwatson, I saw that, now i've got 500mb of java dependencies for no reason01:44
cjwatsonYou should have used a throwaway chroot01:45
cjwatsonschroot makes those really easy to use01:45
NoskcajI've got pbuilder, but it broke for gradle01:51
iulianNoskcaj: Looks like micahg got there first.08:15
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NoskcajCan we drop libunwind 1.1-2ubuntu1 from saucy-proposed? IT has three different FTBFSs in debian, so it's not worth having the package there21:50
micahgNoskcaj: how about fixing it?22:05
Noskcajmicahg, i don't posses the skills to do that22:05
micahgNoskcaj: ok, well, we're not at the point where removing is the right answer22:06
micahgthat merge shouldn't have been done in the first place without removing the dependency on dpkg-dev22:12
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