pleia2scott_ev: pong04:00
pleia2looks like holstein got you sorted though :)04:01
pleia2scott_ev: my only major note is that you can't include links in the text of the summary (it doesn't port well over all the formats we publish in)04:24
pleia2scott_ev: also, you'll want to add your name to the credits section so we're sure to include you in the credits :)04:25
pleia2scott_ev: oh, also people like to see their names in UWN :) so we always try to include the author name - ie "Jon Brodkin of  Ars Technica writes..."04:42
scott_evpleia2: OK, I'll try to make corrections05:57
scott_evpleia2: I got more done and should get active as soon as I can get around tomorrow.08:51
scott_evthough if I have a hard tim sleeping tonight I'll get more done09:12
pleia2scott_ev: thanks! (but hope you managed to get some sleep :))17:20
PaulW2Upleia2: summaries finished for another week :)20:43
scott_evI just fixed my mistaked21:22
pleia2thanks scott_ev21:24
scott_evpleia2: I just wish I had done more.  I left the less important section and went to bed21:26
scott_evthen I woke up during the night and worked on the more important section and didn't finish it21:26
PaulW2Uscott_ev: thanks for what you did. I had a lot less to do than last week :)21:27
scott_evunderstood.  I'm just a bit of an overachiever.  I'll help again next week21:28
scott_evand I learned a few things to not do21:28
PaulW2UGreat! I can have a week off.....21:28
scott_evtrue, but where will you go?21:29
scott_evout of the office and into the living room?? huge vacation!!21:29
PaulW2Uthe sun is shining here in the UK for a change, so I'll go out :)21:29
scott_evif you time it right you can go to the Notting Hill Carnival21:30
PaulW2Ubut seriously, I've spent too much time in front of this PC of late. :(21:30
scott_eveveryone likes raggae, right21:30
PaulW2Uum no. more 70s rock type of person21:31
scott_evunderstood, me too for the most part21:32
scott_evpleia2: is there anything else I can do today?21:38
pleia2scott_ev: I snuck in one more Ubuntu Planet post if you have a few minutes for one more summary :)21:54
pleia2otherwise we're pretty good to go21:54
pleia2I just need to do some last minute review and copy things over to the wiki for other editors21:54
scott_evOK, I'll get on it.  This is a little relevant - Pennsylvania hospital to open country's first inpatient treatment program for Internet addiction21:56
scott_evbut not a good idea - that's like marlboro opening a smoking addiction clinic21:57
scott_evOK, pleia2, check my summary - I hope it's up to expectations22:07
scott_evdo you live in the Bay Area or was that pic taken on vacatikon?22:08
scott_evnm, I read the subtitle of your blog22:09
pleia2scott_ev: I live right downtown in San Francisco :)22:09
pleia2scott_ev: great summary, thanks!22:10
scott_evpleia2: nice.  I haven't been there since I was a kid.  I walked accross the bridge and went down to the Height in the late 60's22:10
pleia2hehe, it's changed a bit22:10
scott_evI'm really starting to question your sanity - you work on the UWN, Ubuntu Docs, Community Council - do you not sleep?22:11
scott_evuuuhhh  yeah, I'm quite certain22:11
pleia28 hours per night!22:12
pleia2I don't have many friends and my husband works a lot22:12
scott_evI'm quite certain I'd like living there.  Maybe as much as I enjoyed Austin22:12
pleia2the only downside is the cost of living here, otherwise it's paradise22:13
scott_evpleia2: understood - that defines most of us22:13
pleia2some people complain about the fog, but it's not always foggy and I like fog22:13
pleia2today it's stunning out, 70s, sunny :)22:13
pleia2but I was outside yesterday and have a sunburn to show for it22:13
scott_evwe had dense dense fog where I lived in central cali and I loved it22:13
* pleia2 nods22:14
scott_evnot too bad of a burn I hope22:14
pleia2nah, just a little scorched on my arms22:14
scott_evI lived in the Long Beach area, then 30 miles s of Fresno in Hanford for years22:14
scott_evthen, in 72, moved to Subic Bay, Phillippines till 77 - showing my age here22:15
scott_evcan you imagine this?  My dad took me, on vacation, to Saigon 6 months before it fell - I could hear the war! I was 1222:16
pleia2oh wow22:16
scott_evayup, I have a unique story there, huh?22:17
pleia2sure do22:17
scott_evdad wanted to expost me to everything he could.  He was great about that22:17
pleia2I have never even been to asia, but I am going to hong kong for work in a couple months22:20
scott_evwoohoo - Hong Kong is one of my favorite places anywhere22:20
pleia2was 27 before I had left the country at all22:20
scott_evwow.  I've been to HK 3 x22:21
scott_evI was raised in the Navy so travel was normal22:21
* pleia2 nods22:21
scott_ev'I was flying cross-country and changing planes on my own when I was 622:21
scott_evwith no help from anyone22:22
scott_evI sure hope the revolving restaurant is till up on Vircoria peak22:22
pleia2I'm coming in a couple days early to adjust to the time zone and tourist a bit, not sure what I'll do yet22:23
scott_evwe used to get into a cab and tell the cabbie to take us to his favorite restaurant.  we alays ended up where no one spoke english but the food was amazing22:23
pleia2part of me is waiting on what others will do, apparently we're having a women's outing on Monday, should be fun22:23
pleia2good to know :)22:23
pleia2I don't eat pork, which may be difficult in HK (and honestly I may need to just suspend that while I'm there if it's too much of a problem)22:24
scott_evdefinitely ride the ferry to Kowloon and ride with the general public in the cheap seats22:24
scott_evheck, suspend that for a few days unless it;s a relious tenent22:25
pleia2my husband is jewish and I try to be sympathetic to his dietary restrictions by doing the same22:25
pleia2but he's not coming :)22:25
scott_evdson't eat on the floating restaurants22:25
scott_evthat answers the pork thing22:26
scott_evI understand eating in accordance to your husband's religion, but you'll be in HK w/o him and you may never go again22:27
pleia2yeah, it's true22:27
scott_evthat's my unsoliocited advice for today22:27
scott_evoh, I think it's called the Ocean Terminal but there's a great mall near the Ferry.  I can't imagine it not still being there.  There were shops full of the most amazing ivory - like lace balls inside lace balls, and on and on22:31
scott_evI sure wish I could go back there as an adult22:32
scott_evwhat do you do that has you going there for business?22:44
scott_evif I may ask22:44
pleia2http://www.openstack.org/summit/openstack-summit-hong-kong-2013/ :)22:44
pleia2very similar to the old ubuntu developer summits, but on openstack22:44
scott_evvery nice.  There has been a lot of chatter about openstack in #ubuntu-us-az lately22:46
scott_evpleia2: are you good at formatting personal wiki?  I've messed up a portion of my tables and can't figger it out22:55
pleia2scott_ev: yeah, I can take a look22:59
scott_evone section needs 2 more columns and I have it messed up23:07
* pleia2 has a look23:08
pleia2scott_ev: the AZ meeting table?23:08
pleia2hmm, this is a tricky one, I suspect it's some whitespace issue, I'll fiddle with it23:14
pleia2scott_ev: I think I got you sorted23:18
scott_evyou did and that was fast - I can't thank you enough23:19
scott_evyes, it's always whitespace23:20
pleia2you're welcome :)23:20
scott_evya know, I got re-motivated because we have Az LoCo'ers looking to apply for ubuntu membership23:21
scott_evso I thought I needed to step up again and be an example23:21
pleia2good idea23:21
scott_evpart of that is having a proper wiki23:21
pleia2I'm not great at updating mine23:22
Unit193Wait, you update it?23:24
scott_evwell, you saw how extensive mine is and I'm not nearly as active as you are23:24
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue33223:25
pleia2and sent off to editors23:25
pleia2thanks :)23:26
scott_evpleia2: dang, I have to go back and studdy wiki again.  I can't even include this issue w/o messin stuff up...I'm such a loser23:32
pleia2scott_ev: not a loser at all, a lot of people have trouble with the wiki, I happen to be a master wiki editor23:33
pleia2we used this wiki at my old job too, so I've been using moinmoin for years on Ubuntu and at work :)23:33
pleia2Debian too, and I have a personal wiki23:33
scott_evah, then I feel better23:51
scott_evI didn't know you were the Obi-Lhama of moinmoin23:51
scott_evpleia2: can you explain what I just did wrong?  I tried to add this weeks UWN and got it more messed up than normal23:59

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