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gimmenickhi, i got a shady msg from one person in #ubuntu - should i paste the message here?01:31
Flannelgimmenick: Go ahead and tell me in a query01:34
Flannelgimmenick: If that's it, feel free to part this channel. No need for you to stick around while we investigate. Thanks.01:40
gimmenickFlannel: oh, sorry, i simply forgot :) - it's late01:45
Flannelgimmenick: No worries, just a reminder.01:45
hanasakispammer report refur1975: **** your self rude pig02:14
ubottuwilee-nilee called the ops in #ubuntu (merdam)03:09
bazhanginstall.sh for a chat program?08:15
bazhangsounds like a rootkit waiting to happen08:15
bazhang* [republican_devil] (~g@pool-108-47-76-56.lsanca.fios.verizon.net): purple08:30
bazhangfive lines of commentary per zero lines of actual help08:31
bazhang@mark #ubuntu republican_devil republican_devil> ya garboon republican_devil> are u retarded? <republican_devil> I am making myself overlord <republican_devil> and worlds guna not be run by dumb anymore <republican_devil> mr adnerson08:36
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:36
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ubottukostkon called the ops in #ubuntu (darksouls)21:19
ikoniasorry Myrtti didn't see you active21:21
barbiewhere is the fun?22:11
barbieno fun22:11
ikoniasorry, what's up ?22:12
Jordan_Ubarbie: Do you understand that #ubuntu is only for Ubuntu support discussion?22:12
barbieyes, sorry but it pissed m out22:12
Jordan_Ubarbie: I don't understand what your last comment means.22:13
barbiewhen i try to get some help from the brave community it shouts me out22:13
barbiejordan, sorry for that22:14
barbiei have an issue22:14
barbiei want to get at least some you know advices22:15
barbieand averyone is out22:15
Jordan_Ubarbie: OK. If the issue is an Ubuntu support question, then feel free to ask about it in #ubuntu. Otherwise please find a different channel/venue for discussion. #ubuntu-offtopic might be a good fit.22:16
barbiedid it22:16
barbiefor months22:16
barbiei was a student in sweden with an old hp laptop22:16
barbiewaiting and waiting22:17
barbieupdatees and updates22:17
barbieand nothing happened22:17
barbieso i decided to try the irc22:17
barbiebut i suppose i was too harsh22:18
barbiewas i?22:18
Jordan_Ubarbie: I don't really understand what any of what you said has to do with the discussion at hand. If you understand now that #ubuntu is only for Ubuntu support, and agree to not make offtopic comments in #ubuntu, then I'm happy and we're done here. Do you understand and agree?22:20
barbiesorry for that22:21
barbiejust forget ir22:21
barbiei will not do any trouble around but question is not answered22:22

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