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dragun0vgeneral question: IS the ssh -f switch (where ssh goes into background before cmd exe)... is that similar in concept to running processes in background using ctrl+z and bg or using screen?02:35
LeinardoSmithanyone still on here?03:14
LeinardoSmithI need help with cupsaddsmb03:14
eagles0513875_good morning everyone where does ubuntu install squirrelmail by default on one's06:59
eagles0513875_reason im asking is im wanting to install a plugin but cant seem to find where its installed on my system06:59
Antarguys anyway to display php errors on Lamp server09:28
Antarplease ......09:29
bekksEnable php error logging.09:31
Antarwhere and how09:36
bekksWhich ubuntu do you use?09:36
Antarsorry 12.04.0309:37
bekksLook at the php.ini used by your apache webserver, look for display_errors and error_log.09:38
Antarthe php ini fie have been changed09:38
ice9Is it safe to use the auto generated SSL certifications during the installation of packages like Dovecot or Postfix?09:38
andolice9: Save, from what?09:39
bekksAntar: Then look at the changes.09:39
ice9andol, I mean are those certs get generated during the installation or they are already created and put inside the installer and then they are copied and used?09:40
Antarbekks what should i change ?09:42
Antarwhich param ?09:42
bekksAntar: I just told you.09:42
Antardisplay_errors to ..09:43
bekksAntar: Please read the documentation of that paramater :)09:43
Antar; display_errors ;   Default Value: On ;   Development Value: On ;   Production Value: Off09:43
andolice9: A quick look suggests that the dovecot ones are generated during install, while the postfix (snakeoil) ones are copied09:44
bekksAntar: So you know the possible values now.09:44
ice9andol, where did you find this please?09:44
Antarwhat should i do09:45
bekksAntar: You have to tell us the current value...09:46
andolice9: The keyword being a quick look, still not entirely sure on the postfix ones. Checked it by downloading the source packages and looking inside (apt-get source dovecot, apt-get source postfix)09:46
Antarcurrent value is off09:46
bekksAntar: Then read the meaning of the possible values again.09:47
Antarbekks cant understand09:49
bekksAntar: http://php.net/manual/en/errorfunc.configuration.php09:50
Antarso instead of on ... 109:51
bekksAntar: No,09:51
Antarcan you give me a preconfigured php.ini file =09:52
bekksAntar: Boolean values are On/Off, true/false, 0/1 -- if the current value is Off and you want to _display_ the values... how about chaning it to "on"?09:52
Antarbekks Yeah exactly what i did09:53
bekksAntar: Then check the location of the error log now and configure it to your needs.09:53
eagles0513875_Antar: you probably want to restart the web server for your changes to take effect09:53
eagles0513875_bekks: Antar probably isnt restarting their webserver09:54
bekkseagles0513875_: I know - he isnt yet done with the config.09:54
eagles0513875_oh ok09:54
eagles0513875_my bad :(09:54
bekksBut he knows everything he needs now :)09:54
Antareagles0512875 doyou mean service apache2 restart ?09:54
eagles0513875_i do have an interesting question if one has web sites or web apps what is the advantage of using /usr/share instead of /var/www09:55
bekksAntar: First, check the location of the error log.09:55
eagles0513875_Antar: yes sudo service apache2 restart unless you are ina  root prompt09:55
ikoniaeagles0513875_: there is no advantage - it's a file system, nothing more09:55
eagles0513875_ikonia: ok as i find it a bit strange that ubuntu when installing from the package it puts squirrelmail in /usr/share instead of /var/www09:56
Antarit is steal off09:56
ikoniaeagles0513875_: why is that strange ?09:56
eagles0513875_seeing as squirrelmail is web based you would think it woudl be put by default in /var/www09:56
eagles0513875_Antar: did you save any changes you made09:56
eagles0513875_and what editor are you using09:56
AntarYeah of cours09:57
ikoniaeagles0513875_: bravo on once again reading nothing on the package before installing and asking question09:57
ikoniaeagles0513875_: let bekks finish helping09:57
Antaror gedit09:57
bekksAntar: So which php.ini file did you edit?09:57
ikoniaeagles0513875_: there reason it puts things in /usr/share is so that other sites (as ubuntu uses virtual namebased hosts by default) can use it09:57
Antaror gedit09:57
Antarit is /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini09:58
eagles0513875_ikonia: ok are you referring to vhost's like apache uses?09:58
eagles0513875_or am i misunderstanding the concept here09:58
ikoniaeagles0513875_: if you look at the package it actually creates a redirect to use /usr/share/squirrelmail to reference those files09:58
eagles0513875_ahh ok :) got it now09:58
ikoniaeagles0513875_: like apache uses ??? it IS apache.....do you not know what webserver you are using ?09:58
bekksAntar: And thats the php.ini file your apache is using?09:58
eagles0513875_i do you meantioned virtual name based hosts i wasnt sure if that was something internal to ubuntu or to the web server09:58
Antari dont know but a lot said that09:59
Antaris there another09:59
* eagles0513875_ goes into silent mode09:59
ikoniavirtual name based hosts, is an apache parameter09:59
bekksAntar: Of course. Thats why I said: look at the php.ini file your apache webserver is using.09:59
eagles0513875_ok thanks for clearing that up for me ikonia  ill be honest i havent gone into great detail in terms of the inner workings of apache hence why i wasnt sure what you meant09:59
bekksAntar: Create an php file with phpinfo() in it to see where the configuration used by apache is located.10:00
eagles0513875_bekks: seems like he quit or closed out of the web chat10:01
baswazz_hdparm (spindown) does not work anymore. I installed ubuntu 12.04.3 lts edited the /etc/hdparm/conf removed the # from the line that say spindown_time = 120 (10 min) reboot and it did work fine. After installing some packages (tvheadend, oscam-svn, zfsonlinux, sabnzbdplus) i rebooted again. Only the drives do NOT spindown anymore. If i do 'sudo hdparm -y /dev/sdb for example the drive spins down.10:59
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baswazz_anyone who could help me out with hdparm12:21
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ice9How to determine the number of threads of a running process?13:07
patdk-lapI normally just guess13:12
patdk-lapyou want to try 'man ps'13:14
patdk-laplikely the T and m options13:14
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KaeltenAnyone know if Apache 2.4 got removed from the 12.04 repo?  IT looks like it has20:07
RoyKdidn't know it was there in the first place20:08
Kaeltenit was, had to adapt a bunch of scripts to it as a result20:08
Kaeltenand now it's not there which means it's poof20:08
qman___it most definitely was not, it is in the upcoming 13.10 though20:21
qman___if you had it you got it from a third party source20:21
g0tchahey guys, im having some issues with a new install of an ubuntu server, i can ping an ipv4 internet address without any issues but i cannot resolve hostnames20:33
g0tchai have static ip setup and i tried with both my isp and google's dns servers and its still the same.. anyone can help me out with this maybe?20:33
g0tchaserver 12.0420:33
RoyKg0tcha: possibly wrong dns resolver config?20:36
g0tchaif i try 'dig @ google.com'  it resolves fine20:36
RoyKpastebin /etc/resolv.conf20:36
RoyKand /etc/network/interfaces20:36
g0tchai thought in ubuntu server 12.04, i dont need to edit /etc/resolv.conf anymore?20:37
RoyKg0tcha: no, it's generated by dhcpcd or /etc/network/interfaces contents20:37
g0tchathis is my /etc/network/interfaces http://paste.ubuntu.com/6052744/20:37
RoyKyou probably won't reach that ipv6 dns server without an ipv6 address ;)20:38
Kaeltenqman__: hrm, it's possible we're using several, none tarted at apache2 but you know how that goes20:38
g0tchaRoyK, i have ipv6 from my isp thats active, so i added google's ipv4 and ipv6 nameservers, is that wrong?20:39
RoyKtry to remove the ipv6 dns server and try with ipv4 only20:39
RoyKthen - if that works - you know where the error is20:40
g0tchaRoyK, just tried, still does not resolve20:40
RoyKwhat's in resolv.conf?20:40
qman__cat /etc/resolv.conf, does it contain what you expect?20:40
g0tchano, its empty20:41
g0tchait says there in caps not to edit that file manualy20:41
RoyKthen your system can't resolve anything20:41
qman__sounds like resolvconf hasn't updated it20:41
qman__not sure how to kick it manually, but a service networking restart will probably do it20:41
g0tchaqman__, i restart the service each time i do a change to the network interface with no change20:42
g0tchai added it manually and it works fine now20:43
g0tchaim gonna try to reboot and see if the changes stick20:44
g0tchanope.. cant resolve a hostname after a reboot :/20:45
qman__oh, I just caught it20:47
qman__you typoed nameservers in your interfaces20:47
qman__missing the e20:47
qman__g0tcha, dns-namservers -> dns-nameservers20:49
g0tchadamn.. good eye dude20:49
g0tchathat did it20:49
mojtabaHi, Is there anyway to encrypt all the emails in the inbox? I know how can I send encrypted emails using public key with enigmail and Thunderbird. I am using IMAP and I would like to have all of my emails encrypted on the server.22:49
Patrickdk_is there a point? the email just passed through the open internet, without encryption, everyone on the earth could have read it22:50
mojtabaPatrickdk_: I did not use encryption before and now I just want to encrypt all of my emails in the server. (I think there could be a way to encrypt them locally and then synchronize it on the server.)22:53
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