sethjHow far alone is the email app?01:32
sethjDoes it support MS exchange?01:34
AskUbuntuDoes Ubuntu Phone connect natively to Exchange? | http://askubuntu.com/q/33989601:41
sethjoh lol01:42
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AskUbuntuPhablet-tools install | http://askubuntu.com/q/33991504:05
RobbyFkind of a shot in the dark here but anyone awake?04:43
RobbyFthe gmail app is essentially a tabbed browser right? can some techy person make a google plus version of it :)04:44
OrokuSakihttps://github.com/jshafer817/UbuntuTouch for myself.. and others.. but more for me04:58
OrokuSakiHave to add notes04:58
OrokuSakiNotes added. https://github.com/jshafer817/UbuntuTouch05:54
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Guest74442for installing06:45
Guest74442ubuntu on tablet06:45
smartboyhwGuest74442, what happened?06:45
smartboyhwI mean, what's your problem on installing?06:45
Guest74442i wanna install ubuntu on my tablet06:45
smartboyhwGuest74442, yes06:46
Guest74442from starting..06:46
smartboyhwSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install06:46
Guest74442see i have my tab..06:46
Guest74442 7" ics06:46
Guest74442is it possible to mod it?06:46
Guest74442dual core..06:46
Guest744424gb internal06:47
Guest74442are u hre to help06:54
Guest74442then hepl me man06:55
Guest74442i cant install it on my desktop06:55
balachmarGuest74442: This channel is about Ubuntu Touch, to be installed on mobile devices, what do you want to install on your desktop?07:00
OrokuSakiHELP ME!!!!07:06
OrokuSakiI will pound sand if you don't!!!07:06
auronandacepoor sand07:07
OrokuSakihows it going balachmar07:07
OrokuSakidid you get the kernel config message?07:07
balachmarI always like to give them the friendly response :)07:07
OrokuSakiI hate that!07:08
OrokuSakiHappy Holidays.. says the walmart greeter with a smile.. and I yell.. Merry Fucking Christmas you wench!07:08
balachmarNo such experiences here in Europe I can guarantee you that :)07:09
balachmarWhen I was in the US, I thought it was weird that the waiter would introduce himself....07:09
OrokuSakiIt's really bad when they go on and on about the restaurant your at07:09
balachmarBut about UT, if I understood you correctly, I just changed a file, where I should have run some config thing on the kernel. But you lost me on how I could actually do it :)07:10
balachmarSo help me, or I will pound sand! :P07:10
OrokuSakiokay do this07:10
OrokuSakimkdir ~/kernel07:11
OrokuSakicopy your kernel source into that folder07:11
OrokuSakiwhat is the name of your defconfig file?07:11
OrokuSakimine is cyanogenmod_tenderloin_defconfig07:11
OrokuSakiso what I do is this07:11
OrokuSakicd ~/kernel07:12
OrokuSakicp arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_tenderloin_defconfig ~/kernel/.config07:12
balachmarI guess you want me to copy the entire source tree, including samsung etc, correct?07:12
OrokuSakior cp ~/kernel/arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_tenderloin_defconfig ~/kernel/.config07:12
OrokuSakithen since your in ~/kernel07:12
OrokuSakipico .config (make all your changes)07:13
OrokuSakimake oldconfig ARCH=arm07:13
balachmarShould I now revert my changes to that file?07:13
OrokuSakithis will ask yes or no questions.. answer them07:13
OrokuSakiyes you should07:13
OrokuSakiwell... yeah07:13
balachmarok :)07:13
OrokuSakiprobably not actually07:13
OrokuSakiyou don't have to07:13
balachmarok, because it will overwrite it... yes?07:14
balachmarI amtrying to understand the proces07:14
OrokuSakianways.. when you run make oldconfig ARCH=arm hang on well get back to that.. you then answer yes or no questions07:14
OrokuSakibecause you changed the .config file, this now creates new yes or no questions for the kernel that are not present in the .config file but need to be07:15
OrokuSakiso running make oldconfig ARCH=arm will answer the questions07:15
OrokuSakithen you do this07:15
OrokuSakicp .config arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_tenderloin_defconfig07:15
OrokuSakior just copy it back to the Ubuntu Touch directory07:15
OrokuSakithe kernel source MUST be clean so run make mrproper if all else fails07:16
OrokuSakiNow back to if you should use your current defconfig as your .config file07:16
OrokuSakiShouldn't hurt.. you made changes to the config file so.. even if you used a stock defconfig file... you will still have to recreate your changes07:16
OrokuSakiMake sense?07:17
OrokuSakiI cannot use make menuconfig on my kernel source.. so we make the changes manually in the .config file and then run make oldconfig07:18
OrokuSakiOr that is what I have been doing07:18
balachmarok, I need to type this in the terminal?: "make oldconfig ARCH=arm"07:18
OrokuSakismoke break.. I need to quit.. working on camera.. I think mine is being detected as front facing when I need bak07:19
balachmarBecause that doesn't work07:19
OrokuSakiwhat happens?07:19
balachmarmake: *** No rule to make target `oldconfig'.  Stop.07:19
OrokuSakithat means the .config file is not in the root of your kernel source07:19
OrokuSakiit is hidden when it's called .config07:19
OrokuSakiyou can see it with ls -a07:19
OrokuSakiyou may know that, you may not07:19
balachmarI know :)07:19
OrokuSakior try make ARCH=arm oldconfig07:20
balachmarI think I shouldn't have copied the tree, but just the contents of /kernel/samsung/aries to ~/kernel07:20
OrokuSakismoke break!07:20
balachmar(I did ask :P )07:20
balachmarok, now it is doing something07:21
balachmarand asking questions07:21
balachmarok, nut how do I know the answers to all of those questions?07:22
balachmarnut = but07:22
OrokuSakiYou don't hang on07:24
OrokuSakiI looked at a mako config file that was hard to find07:24
OrokuSakihttp://pastebin.com/PuyL1qBe Here it is07:26
OrokuSakisearch that paste for CONFIG_ whatever and see what the answer is07:26
balachmarok, thanks!07:26
OrokuSakithat was the filename07:27
OrokuSakiyou brunch mako and then look at the config file07:27
OrokuSakiOh yeah... you know the proc patch on the ubuntu porting guide?07:28
OrokuSakiyou don't need that anymore.. that was for quantal07:28
OrokuSakiSaucy uses LXC container and so this is not required.. I guess that is the reason07:28
balachmarthe procfs patch?07:29
OrokuSakiand your kernel cmdline needs to be console=tty107:29
OrokuSakiwill append that console=tty1 to the rest of the cmdline07:29
balachmarbecause I did perform that change...07:29
OrokuSakiYou will need to enable apparmor07:30
OrokuSakiundo it.. it is no longer required07:30
OrokuSakiI felt the same way.. the ubuntu porting guide is outdated07:30
OrokuSakivery outdated07:30
OrokuSakiI think its because saucy is not really.. finished.. as is changing.. and so why right a guide to something your changing?07:30
balachmarnot set is the same as answering no to a question?07:31
OrokuSakino this was editing a .c file in the kernel source07:31
balachmarthe last question was about the kernel config bit :)07:31
balachmardoing two things at the same time :)07:31
OrokuSakia/fs/proc/array.c that file07:31
OrokuSakidon't do that07:32
OrokuSakinot necessary07:32
OrokuSakiWhat kernel do you have? 2.x or 3.x?07:32
balachmarrunning 13.0407:32
OrokuSakiGood.. look at mako's security and apparmor settings..07:33
OrokuSakiif you want to know if your cmdline change took affect when the kernel boots07:33
OrokuSakicat /proc/cmdline07:33
OrokuSakiI had to tell my config to force the cmdline or something07:33
OrokuSakithere was a y n for that07:33
balachmarok, patch undone07:34
balachmarok, but when in the config of mako it says unset, is that answering no to the question?07:35
jjohansenOrokuSaki: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-saucy.git has the apparmor patches broken out for the different kernel versions. Which might help porting to a new kernel07:35
balachmarAnd sometimes there is a "" as a value in the config file, that is just pressing return on that question?07:35
OrokuSaki@jjohansen Oh yeah.. thanks!07:35
OrokuSakimy kernel is 2.6.35 so I don't have apparmor and had to do apparmor=0 for my cmdline07:36
OrokuSakiI remember enabling these... CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED=y CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED=y07:37
jjohansenOrokuSaki: Hrrmm, the apparmor3 patches have only been backported as far as 3.0 atm07:38
OrokuSakiYep... I will never get apparmor... =) Or fanotify07:38
jjohansenOrokuSaki: hrmm a 2.6.35 apparmor is possible and may happen, just not yet07:45
OrokuSakisweet.. my friend did it for 2.6.35 but he also backported KGSL.. and I cannot use both.. I tried his patches.. and they appled.. but.. wouldn't boot07:46
OrokuSakihis backporting kgsl from 3.0.8 from webos kernel... broke the anroid egl driver07:46
OrokuSakibut works great on freedreno07:46
OrokuSakiFreedreno is an open source gpu driver for qualcomm adreno gpu's07:47
OrokuSakiI use it on Ubuntu 13.0407:47
OrokuSakinon touch07:47
jjohansenah, right07:47
OrokuSakiThat is where I was going07:47
OrokuSakiIntereted to see Mir on Desktop with Nvidia07:48
OrokuSakiOr Mir on Desktop version of ubuntu but on msm8660 as the gpu =)07:48
OrokuSakiSo I can run mono apps07:48
OrokuSakiMy touchpad triple boots webos, Ubuntu 13.04, and Ubuntu Touch =)07:49
OrokuSakiI should not have brewed coffee07:50
jjohansenright, well the current apparmor3 backports have been done so that they don't change the kernel abi, everything is internal to the apparmor module, I think that can be done back to 2.6.35 but I don't have time to do it atm07:51
OrokuSakiOh wow.. you do that? Sweet! Well... uhh..  that would be neat07:51
OrokuSakiWhat about fanotify?07:52
OrokuSakiIs that really important?07:52
OrokuSakiif (read_mode_from_config("preview_mode") == 1) {         info->facing = CAMERA_FACING_BACK;     }07:55
OrokuSakiI notice when I run the camera app.. I believe it says preview mode is 2 or a mode is 207:55
OrokuSakiso maybe that is causing ubuntu to say this camera is not facing back07:56
OrokuSakiand then causing the image to mirror, and rotate 90 degrees07:56
OrokuSakidmesg says that mode 2 something 507:56
jjohansenfanotify is a lot harder and would require changing the abi to backport it07:57
OrokuSakiyeah.. I saw that07:57
jjohansenI don't see it happening07:57
OrokuSakiI tried it one time.. and I suck at backporting... I realized you were successful, then it changes the android code that goes along with it07:57
OrokuSakiWhich is why qualcomm updates the android code along with an updated kernel07:57
OrokuSakisomething to do with ashmem or memory changes07:57
OrokuSakiat this point your more or less upgrading the kernel to 3.0.x and you might as well.. just.. use that kernel07:58
jjohansenyeah ashmem, binder, wakelocks07:58
OrokuSakiI remember posting somewhere.. this should be easy... NOT07:58
OrokuSakigreped for 3 days straight or something07:59
AskUbuntuI need help with my Ubuntu touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/33999609:37
markusN00bHi, is there a way to access hardware with your app. (SDK)10:19
markusN00bLet's say I want to turn the light on/off10:20
WebbyITpopey, mhall119 , did you see that? http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge-reprise-developer-edition12:30
popeyyes, reported it to indiegogo12:31
OrokuSakiAnyone know if the camera app can take a 640x480 image and change the orientation, or does it not use overlay, etc?12:42
OrokuSakiI want to rotate 90 degrees12:42
OrokuSakiI have tried setting info->orientation = 90; info->orientation = 0; in my cameraHAL.cpp file12:43
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lauriHello, is Eoghan here? The dude who was planning to port Ubuntu Touch to Oppo Find 5?14:25
paco664good morning.. curious as to what version to install for a galaxy nexus "toro"14:26
OrokuSakiAnyone know how the camera-app gets the orientation?? grrr14:36
RobbyFGood Morning Ubuntu Touch friends15:32
rathamsthow much space does a default installation of ubuntu touch take on mako?15:55
AskUbuntuHow much space does a default installation of Ubuntu Touch take on mako? | http://askubuntu.com/q/34009716:15
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DrDangerousDaveNexus 10 keyboard closes when key pressed - known bug?17:23
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RobbyFthe gmail app is essentially a tabbed browser right? can some techy person make a google plus version of it? :)18:34
DrDangerousDaveIs there a terminal app I can install on Nexus 10 / manta ?18:40
qdhfgfgh3gg1Do skype,yahoo,other chat and social communication prog (facebook&twitter) spy 4 israel&usa???18:43
qdhfgfgh3gg1Do they record and analyse everything we type on the internet???18:43
qdhfgfgh3gg1هل تتجسس برامج الشات و التواصل الاجتماعى لاسرائيل و امريكا؟؟؟؟18:43
qdhfgfgh3gg1Do skype,yahoo,other chat and social communication prog(facebook&twitter) spy4israel&usa???18:43
qdhfgfgh3gg1Do they record and analyse everything we type on the internet???18:43
qdhfgfgh3gg1هل تتجسس برامج الشات و التواصل الاجتماعى لاسرائيل و امريكا؟؟؟؟18:43
ubot5Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - oubiwann, corp186, popey,  k1l,  Corey, wgrant, idleone, and ogra.18:43
CodesmithHi, I've flashed ubuntu-touch onto my nexus 4, and I'm wondering if it is recomended to create and use another user besides the default phablet user?18:44
deiuCodesmith, you should at least change the default password18:45
wellsbDang, still network issues on latest build, but this time wpa_supplicant isn't resolving them18:49
abhi_could someone please give me the link to the latest build for nexus 4 ?18:54
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pyrexhas anyone tried to install ubuntu on the nexus 7 201319:15
DrDangerousDaveAnybody out there using Touch on Nexus 10?19:19
discopignope, just nexus 419:26
DrDangerousDaveHow is it on Nexus 4? I get all kinds of app lockups and goofy screens on Nexus 1019:27
NitroZZeLLoHi Guys! Need info of whom is working on the HTC One S in order to offer myself to help in porting Ubuntu Touch to that phone19:46
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Guest78151someone who already installed the ubuntu touch20:17
DrDangerousDaveWas that a question?20:19
balachmarOrokuSaki: wow man, many questions for the kernel config. Takes a while if you check everything with another config file... (Haven't been on it continuously, but I have been on it for a bit :) )20:57
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OrokuSakiI have changed my cameraHAL.cpp to say both info->facing = CAMERA_FACING_FRONT;         info->orientation = 270; for all preview modes.. and no change if I change my camera to back or orientation, etc21:23
ulr1chet le hack tu t'en sors ?21:23
OrokuSakidid I hack the sensors?21:24
ulr1ch(sorry, wrong channel)21:28
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NYLshould i use flippedin instead of standard tutorial?23:49

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