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brobostigongood morning everyone.09:43
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:42
brobostigonafternoonings bigcalm11:03
bigcalmWhat's happening, brobostigon?11:05
brobostigonnot alot, might have bacon sandwiches for lunch, and might have a sunday pub visit. and you bigcalm ?11:06
dutchieyay new keyboard has shipped11:06
dutchieafter old one had a minor beer accident :(11:06
brobostigonoh dear.11:06
MartijnVdSdutchie: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/washable-keyboard-k31011:07
bigcalmHi dutchie. Where have you been hiding?11:08
bigcalmbrobostigon: ordered and received a decent USB->PS/2 converter so that I can use _all_ of the keys on my Unicomp keyboard once more. Very cheap converters from China are to be avoided from now on :)11:10
bigcalmI missed my \| key11:10
brobostigonbigcalm: i see, didnt know that, wow.11:10
dutchiebigcalm: needed to not fail my finals11:10
MartijnVdSbigcalm: the one between enter and backspace, or the one between shift and z?11:10
dutchieand then been on holiday11:10
* popey considers lunch11:11
bigcalmMartijnVdS: UK layout, the one between left shift and z11:11
* brobostigon tries to remeber popey's bacon cooking method, to cause less washing up.11:12
bigcalmMartijnVdS: there is no key between enter and backspace :)11:12
MartijnVdSbigcalm: you're WRONG :P11:12
dutchiebrobostigon: grill it?11:12
bigcalmdutchie: well done on such self control :)11:12
bigcalmdutchie: microwave it11:12
dutchiethat works too11:12
dutchiealthough you can't get it crispy in a microwave11:12
bigcalmI've been having/doing microwaved bacon sandwiches for as long as I can remember. So it's a treat to have fried or grilled11:13
brobostigoncrispy bacon i do dislike. it has to be done, but definatly not hard crisp.11:13
popeyplate, kitchen roll, bacon slices, kitchen roll, pop in microwave for 2 mins. done. 2.5-3 mins for crispy11:15
brobostigonthank you popey11:15
popeyFound some fun multiplayer games on Ouya this morning11:15
popeyshot the crap out of some aliens with the kids11:16
dutchiemaybe i have never managed to get it crispy because i only had a 600W microwave11:17
popeyours is 90011:18
bigcalmdutchie: just do it for longer11:20
bigcalmOur butcher cut our bacon a little thick for my liking yesterday, so cooking it this morning took longer than expected11:20
dutchienow i have forgotten how to turn oven on in new house11:23
bigcalmdutchie: have you moved back to Worcester?11:24
dutchiebigcalm: no, new house in oxford11:25
dutchiewas in worcester for a week or two11:25
penguin42ovens generally aren't *that* complex....11:25
MartijnVdSCool: http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/buildings11:25
szymon_gwhat is the suggested way of installing closed-source nvidia drivers on optimus laptop? won't the default installer screw the xorg.conf? do i still need to have bumblebee installed?11:25
MartijnVdSThe age of *every* building in the Netherlands11:25
dutchiethe isolation switch was off and cunningly hidden behind the kettle11:26
penguin42MartijnVdS: Oh that's impressive11:36
mungbean_hmm whycan't i make myself trust the bacon in microwave method?11:44
* mungbean_ chomps on his fried bacon sandwich11:44
brobostigonbrown sauce on bacon sandwiches rocks.11:47
bigcalmI used HP's Honey BBQ sauce this morning11:48
bigcalmMostly to use it up though11:48
brobostigoni like the guinness one.11:49
bigcalmI have a bottle of that, though I'm not sure if I've used it yet. The taste is quite a strong one11:49
* popey constructs cottage pie11:49
mungbean_we got served supermalt at church this morning. my son tried some, made a funny face, then guzzled the rest11:50
mungbean_certainly an acquired taste11:50
mungbean_BT have turned off dialup internet :-|11:52
bigcalmmungbean_: were you using it?11:53
mungbeanfirefox seems to be going the gnome route..12:28
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mungbeancannot right click? waaaat?12:31
MartijnVdSyay chrome12:39
SuperEngineerInstalling Xubuntu on old netbook last night I broke a toe!!  No health warning anywhere on live CD... disgusted12:41
penguin42were you using a supported toe?12:44
SuperEngineerapparently not ;)12:44
penguin42SuperEngineer: Ok, so hth did you manage to break a toe - was this trying to do a fn-alt-ctrl-shift-f3 ?12:46
SuperEngineernah!  nipped to loo & suddenly remembered I hadn't plugged in the power pack - rushed to netbook & smashed toe into side of door - dumb!12:48
SuperEngineer...followed by such words as "oh dear", "oh drat", "oh damn"... sub your your own real real life words in that - this is a family channel ;)12:50
SuperEngineer[clue - 3 words - all beginning with "f"]12:51
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: "fun", "fancy that", "fiddlesticks"?12:51
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: that is exactly right.... ish12:52
SuperEngineerneighbours must have thought there were three ducks flying overhead & I was counting them ;)12:56
joshmyer_hey guys, had an ultrbook with 12.10 insalled with full luks disk encryption. I want to format this disk and reinstall 12.04...When using booting off 12.04 usb I get the grub menu to install, but when I select to install from grub menu, I get just a blank screen...13:10
joshmyer_same for any distro, ubuntu/gparted etc..13:11
joshmyer_any ideas?13:11
penguin42joshmyer_: You previously had 12.04 on it?13:13
penguin42ok, which 12.04 media are you using? There are 12.04, 12.04.1, 12.04.2 and 12.04.3 now the newer ones have much newer X and kernel stacks13:15
joshmyer_but also gparted same thing happens...I get to the gparted grub menu, when choose an option, blank screen...13:16
joshmyer_gparted it _old_13:17
penguin42ok, so it sounds like 12.10 fixed something for your hardware that hasn't made it back into 12.0413:17
penguin42does reinstalling 12.10 work?13:17
joshmyer_I dont think it's to do with the OS at all13:18
joshmyer_I get the same problem when trying to boot usb bootable gparted13:18
joshmyer_something to do with luks encryption?13:19
penguin42hmm ok that's odd13:19
penguin42normally luks is just something on one partition - doesn't normally get in the way13:19
penguin42the 12.04 installations you are doing - are you doing luks on those or trying a simple reinstallation?13:20
joshmyer_maybe not luks, but also don't think is OS specific...13:20
penguin42joshmyer_: on the grub menu there's normally a recover/fallback/safe mode entry - does that do any more?13:22
joshmyer_correct but no safe mode still the same13:22
joshmyer_safe mode doesnt load any gfx drivers etc13:23
joshmyer_so I dont think its a gfx driver / X issue..13:23
penguin42what ultrabook is this?13:23
joshmyer_been running fine for 6 months13:25
penguin42ok, so not one of the common ones - hmm13:28
penguin42joshmyer_: Have you tried plugging in an external monitor?13:29
joshmyer_same problem13:29
penguin42ok, and I just want to check, this is that even getting to the installer is failing?13:30
joshmyer_I get to the gparted grub menu for example13:31
joshmyer_can see the grub background etc13:31
joshmyer_but when I select any options, even failsafe13:31
joshmyer_I get nada...13:31
penguin42what other USB devices have you got plugged in?13:32
penguin42joshmyer_: Also, how are you writing the USB installation image - I'm thinking that might be the common factor here?13:35
joshmyer_also tried yumi, from pendrivelinux13:35
penguin42and you've tried different USB sticks in different slots on the ultrabook?13:36
joshmyer_it's like it just stops reading the usb after selecting the grub menu13:39
joshmyer_going to try using unetbootin with the ubuntu.12-04.dvd now13:41
penguin42joshmyer_: You should be able to avoid unetbooting etc alltogether with the current ubuntu images; they should boot striaght off the usb if you dd it on13:42
penguin42what are you writing the images on?13:42
penguin42yes I guessed that, but I meant what machine/os?13:42
joshmyer_ah sorry13:43
joshmyer_could dd the images over13:43
joshmyer_can't see it changing anything though13:43
penguin42only thing I can think is that the unetbootin etc is writing bad images - do the thumb drives you write boot on anything else other than the ultrabook?13:44
joshmyer_yes they boot ok on other machines13:47
penguin42joshmyer_: Well, if I was writing it on a Linux machine I'd write it using   dd if=theubuntu.iso of=/dev/sd??? bs=1024k   where the /dev/sd??? is the raw device of the USB disk, now I can't remember where that is on a mac, and you have to be very careful to get the write device13:53
penguin42hmmmmm - I wonder......13:54
penguin42joshmyer_: this ultrabook is booting efi mode?  Can it be switched to oldstyle bios mode?13:54
joshmyer_it is old style bios mode13:54
joshmyer_never had anything like this before..13:55
penguin42hmm odd13:59
penguin42joshmyer_: So you can boot grub but then can't boot any kernel?14:00
joshmyer_as soon as I select anything from the grub menu, I get a blank screen14:02
penguin42joshmyer_: and you're sure it's in old bios mode?14:02
joshmyer_same usb boots fine on other machines14:02
joshmyer_one thing I do notice though, on my other machine, the grub menu that boots up looks different, with like unetbootin title etc14:03
joshmyer_on my linux machine, I load it up and it's loading from the usb....but it looks like normally bog standard grub..14:04
penguin42are you sure it's booting off the USB stick and not just trying to boot the broken thing off the disk?14:04
joshmyer_if i take the usb stick out, I get nada.14:04
penguin42if you boot into the grub do you see the right boot entries on the menu?14:05
joshmyer_yes looks like it14:06
penguin42ok, so which ones do you see with the ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 image?14:06
joshmyer_just 'Ubuntu'14:08
penguin42that doesn't seem right, you should see in the menu advanced options and things as well and a memory test14:09
joshmyer_I can get to advanced options when the usb is not in, so advanced of the insatalled OS14:12
penguin42hmm, no I'm not sure what's going on here, it still sounds to me like the USB image you've got on the thumb drive isn't happy14:13
penguin42joshmyer_: is the installed OS still happy?14:14
joshmyer_ah ffs14:14
joshmyer_I think it's using UEFI bios...14:14
joshmyer_grubs saying invalid EFI file path..14:14
penguin42(15:02:34) penguin42: joshmyer_: and you're sure it's in old bios mode?  :-)14:15
joshmyer_lol well it looks like normal BIOS/grub...14:15
joshmyer_still doesnt get me much closer to figuring it out though14:16
penguin42can you flip it into normal BIOS mode?14:16
joshmyer_how would I do that?14:16
penguin42some option in the bios somewhere?14:16
joshmyer_cant see anything in there14:19
penguin42joshmyer_: OK, so if it's EFI I'd give a different diagnosis14:20
penguin42joshmyer_: Can you try a 13.04 or 13.10 daily to see if it gets further?14:21
penguin42joshmyer_: There is a load of weird stuff with buggy EFI bioses, and they keep adding more and more workarounds/fixes for them14:21
penguin42joshmyer_: You could try editing in the option    noefi   on the kernel boot line14:22
penguin42not sure if it would help14:22
diddledanone such buggy bios/efi implementation is the gigabyte "hybrid efi" which I have on one of my pcs which cannot boot non-windows in efi mode14:24
diddledanI've mentioned it before in here, and we concluded that gigabyte just screwed up royally14:25
penguin42diddledan: Well there are whole rafts of different EFI screwups people have been sorting out; the gigabyte one doesn't sound as bad as the Samsung bricker14:26
joshmyer_but have had linux on here for months! :P14:26
penguin42joshmyer_: Right but the interactions with EFI are 'weird' - one of the things is it has some storage space in itfor arbitrary variables that the OS can store, now it can get full, and this especially happens during installs, and different implementations have very different ways of dealing with it14:27
penguin42joshmyer_: I could also suggest updating the BIOS, but of course that can be danegrous, and you're going to need to figure out what machine you've actually really got - that one looks like one where a local retailer has stuck their own label on14:29
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shaunois there an actual name for the connector used by 'normal' TV antenna?15:21
penguin42Belling Lee15:23
popeyhmm. i have a process (predict) which works on my laptop but not on my server.. it gets wedged and I can't see why15:23
popeyI ended up having to CTRL+C it15:23
penguin42popey: Try attaching to it with gdb and getting a bt?15:23
penguin42popey: gdb --pid15:27
popeywill have a play15:27
penguin42hell ues, 3.9MB/sec downloads17:35
MartijnVdSpenguin42: slooow :)17:40
penguin42MartijnVdS: Actually the thing I'm a bit annoyed by is the upload speed; it's 2Mbps, I thought I might get 3Mbps but the ISPs description is very unclear17:40
* penguin42 could pay for 120Mbps down, but that costs a lot more17:40
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ali1234can i highlight myself? ali123423:33
ali1234no, apparently not23:33
Daraelali1234: Depends on the client, as I recall.23:33
DaraelTh'art using Pidgin, looks like.  I think there's a setting that changes it?  I could be wrong.23:33
ali1234Darael: do that again please :)23:34
Daraelali1234: Certainly.23:34
ali1234hmm, message indicator isn't working23:34
DaraelNo worries.23:35
ali1234i don't think pidgin has a setting for this. i'll get another client up and test with that23:35
DaraelWell, TBQH I've done my IRC exclusively with irssi for quite some time, and my other group-chat is done in Psi+, so I could well be misremembering.23:37
ali1234i'm trying to get indicators working in xfce23:37
ali1234i think i'm going to need to do a baseline install with 13.10 unity just to see if they work there or not23:38
ali1234because all the others work fine23:38
DaraelI assume that's installing Pidgin in a liveCD environment?  Because it'd be rather more effort than necessary to do a full install just for that :-รพ23:39
ali1234it will either be a VM or a spare machine23:39
* Darael curses at Banshee. And Rhythmbox. But not the Bean Sidhe.23:41

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