Chat5165Kik me Infintyandbeyhond only if your sweet though00:10
Unit193yano: Alive?18:28
yanoUnit193: howdy18:35
Unit193Juuuust checking!  (And found Pricey.)18:37
Unit193Aka, sorry for double poke. :P18:38
yanono worries :-)18:41
Unit193I don't like contacting staff. :/18:43
yanowhy not?18:45
Unit193Because scary!18:45
yanoerry is the fluffiest of them all18:45
Unit193And most spammed. :/18:45
yanoyea :-(18:45
Unit193Besides, I "know" you better than her, and I've seen Pricey in another channel and he seemed friendly enough. :P18:49
yanoerry is definitely the most friendliest18:49
yanorww and Fuchs are no longer staff and they are the second most fluffiest19:04
yanoi'd say i'm the fourth fluffiest19:04
Unit193Yeah, see Fuchs in #ubuntu-irc, so very nice. :D19:04
yano#ubuntu-irc? :o19:04
yanooh management19:05
yanoi'm in -ops19:05
Unit193Yep, I see that. :D19:05
Unit193You're also in that other channel.19:05
yanoi think that's enough for me, since i'm not a named op19:05
yanothe social one?19:06
Unit193For bots, yeah.  mist is in that other OP channel that nobody knows about. ;)19:06
yanothough i must say, i think for as large of a following of ubuntu has, their IRC channels are some of the best run channels I have seen19:06
yanooh the bots channel, lol19:06
yano/whois Unit19319:06
Unit193Yep. :D19:06
yanowe only share 5 channels?19:06
yanowe need to fix that19:07
Unit193Aha, forgot about one of 'em, and didn't really register opennic.19:07
yanoi share 79 with one person19:07
Unit193Hah, wow.19:07
Unit193My main client isn't even in that many, but pretty sure my secondary is.19:08
yanoi'm in way too many channels19:09
Unit193I pretty much limit my main to 55 windows, as that's as many keybinds as I've setup. :D19:10
yanoi keep adding more key bindings19:11
yanoi'm now limiting myself to 50019:11
yanoscroll down to meta-;5419:12
yanothose are all my keybindings19:12
Unit193Hah, I see what'd take a few windows. :P19:15
andygraybealyou guys mind looking over this page: http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http://www.greenedgegardens.com/&hl=en19:17
jenni[ Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for greenedgegardens.com ] - https://j.mp/1abZmr619:17
andygraybeali work at that farm ... and i wonder if it says that the farm page has been hacked.. and the source is that the host has been hacked.19:17
andygraybealerr.. not host, i mean hosting company19:17
andygraybealbut yes, host is too but.. yea. anyway.. what do you think?19:18
yanoi don't fully trust those pages by Google19:19
jrgiffordskellat: I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 desktop in a VM right now.19:19
yanothey say my personal site "has not been visited in the past 90 days"19:20
yanotheir bot scans my site daily19:20
andygraybeali read this about 1and1.com also ... http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/blackhat-lounge/328372-warning-1and1-customers.html19:20
yanoi have the logs to prove it19:20
jenni[ Warning for 1and1 customers ] - https://j.mp/1abZK9519:20
jrgiffordNo physical hardware because work has a job that requires visual studio.19:20
andygraybealthank you yano19:20
andygraybeali don't know if i should be alarmed or what19:20
yanopersonally, i'd sign up for Google Webmaster Tools19:21
yanothat will give you even more of a insight19:21
yanoand you can it review the page19:21
jrgiffordI second yano19:21
Unit193yano: My alt uses http://niklas.laxstrom.name/page/eng/irssi19:22
jenni[ Nike - No whine! ] - https://j.mp/1abZSW919:22
yanodat background19:22
yanoi won't be sleeping tonight19:22
andygraybealyano thank you19:22
yanoandygraybeal: you're welcome :-)19:23
Unit193http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/greenedgegardens.com/ - http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/website-safety-reports/domain/greenedgegardens.com/19:23
yanoandygraybeal: also you have dropped out of the other ohio channels19:23
yanoUnit193: you too19:23
jenni[ Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Malware Scanner ] - https://j.mp/15jpFny19:23
jenni[ Is greenedgegardens.com safe? - AVG Threat Labs ] - https://j.mp/1abZZB219:23
Unit193yano: Oh, thanks?19:23
yano/msg alis list * -topic *ohio*19:23
andygraybealyano, i'm in reddit-columbus and #colug19:23
yanothe two with 4 or more people19:23
andygraybealwhich ones which ones?19:24
andygraybealah okay cool i can search!19:24
yanoand the other one, which is the largest channel with 'ohio' in the /topic19:24
yanoi'd rather not mention it on a publicly logged channel :-p19:24
yanoat least as my name19:25
yanothat's a sha512sum of the channel name :-p19:26
andygraybealah you think i did something bad also?19:26
andygraybealah well whats done is done19:26
yanoah, i don't mind it being mentioned in here19:27
yanoi just don't want to mentioned it as me19:27
Unit193Guess I just don't know enough about it to dislike it. :D19:28
andygraybealUnit193, thank you for those links19:57

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