Kilosmorning all05:35
Kiloshi psychicist 06:28
kbmonkeypeach and pear peanut butter protein breakfast smoothie mmmm07:41
Kiloshi DeonP 09:24
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za09:24
DeonPty 09:24
DeonPi need some help and I hope someone can :)09:25
Kilosaks and lets see09:25
Kilosmost guys not here yet09:25
Kilosand im not a pro but can help with basics09:26
DeonPaxxess has started offering static IP's to customers but to get it you have to use a L2TP connection to their server09:26
DeonPi'm looking for someone that has experience with xl2tpd09:26
Kilosyou might need to hang till this evening when the pros get on09:27
Kiloswhat does google say09:27
DeonPnot much help on ubutu, tried various set ups as most pretty similar on red hat / centos but not winning09:28
DeonPok i will come back later then.09:29
Kiloswhat os are you using ?09:29
Kilossundays are very quiet till evening09:29
Kilosim the greeter bot here09:29
DeonPoccording to to pages they show how to start the connection and in the syslog should show xl2tpd running and then pppd making ppp connection09:29
DeonPbut in my case pppd never starts up, not sure why09:30
DeonPoh lol ok, will come back this evening and ask again09:30
Kilosyou welcome to stay here or even hang here daily09:31
Kilosthe big guns pop in and out all week09:31
DeonPwill do, i've been using ubuntu since 8.04 but this is the first time trying l2tp conection09:31
Kilosoh and also you can join the linux studies group thats starting to do LPI soon09:31
DeonPmost the tutorials deal with ipsec/xl2tpd but i only ned l2tp09:32
Kiloswow so long and you are even part of this channel yet09:32
DeonPi sued to live in uk, been back 18 months now getting back into ubuntu. my laptop here runs 13.04 :)09:32
Kiloswe got guys here from all over the world09:33
Kilosall with za ties09:33
Kilosand ubuntu dev guys as well09:34
DeonPi best register then :) i have registered at launchpad when i was in uk09:34
Kilosjoin our mailing list as well09:34
DeonPubuntu does have a huge sa tie :)09:34
DeonPwill do09:35
Kiloshttp://bit.ly/MCOujZ 09:35
Kiloswe have our own group from here that are starting the linux studies on our own study channel09:36
Kiloswe are quite a close knit friendly community09:37
Kilosone of our dev guys is in the uk with canonical09:39
DeonPtahst cool, ive done mailing list09:39
Kiloswhere are you09:39
DeonPi remember ordering the free cd's from uk and they were shipped from cape town :)09:41
Kilosah there are guys in jozi and pta but i think most are in ct 09:41
DeonPit seemed ct was where it all happened09:43
Kilosyeah most of our events are down there but the gauteng guys have release parties and stuff09:43
DeonPi must keep my eyes open then09:44
Kilosalways news here and in the list09:44
Kiloswe have community meetings here once a month09:45
Kilosnext one 23rd sept09:45
DeonPwhere will that be?09:46
Kiloson this channel09:46
DeonPah ok09:46
Kilosat 20.3009:46
Kiloseverything happens or starts here09:46
DeonPi'll put it in my calendar09:47
Kiloseasier to be here full time otherwise you miss too much09:48
Kilosyou dont use an irc client?09:48
Kilosxchat rocks09:48
DeonPyeah i got it lol09:48
DeonPwas googling and bumped into here, i will use xchat next time09:49
Kilosonly unity 13.04 hid all the workspaces09:49
DeonPi screwed up my laptop upgrading from 12.04 to 13.04 lol, upgrade wiped my /var folder and lots of my web work09:51
Kilosno backup?09:51
Kilosim still on 12.0409:52
Kilos13.04 too fancy and hides what i need to use09:52
Kilos12.02 unity and kde09:53
DeonPi only lost 10 days so not too much of a biggy09:53
Kilosonly ten days09:53
DeonPi managed to catch up in about 3 days, lost of the stuff still in may head09:53
Kilospoor head09:54
Kiloshas 13.04 still got deja-dup in09:54
Kilosmakes serious backups09:54
DeonPi usually just copy work onto an sd card, was stupid not to do it before upgrade lool09:56
Kilostry deja-dup it works well09:57
DeonPwill do09:57
DeonPi'm running have to light fire in webber :)10:01
Kilosyou know where we are now10:02
DeonPi'l be  back10:03
DeonPjust going on xchat to make sure i got right chan set up10:04
Kilosput us in your favourites10:04
Kilostoo slow10:05
Kiloswb DeonP 10:06
DeonPjust swithced to xchat, to see i got right chan. all good now10:06
DeonPi'll use this later, ttyl10:07
Kiloshi Vince-0 10:21
Vince-0hi Kilos10:23
charlgood afternoon11:48
charlMaaz: coffee on11:48
* Maaz puts the kettle on11:48
charltheblazehen: thanks for that link yesterday, watching the video now, absolutely brilliant11:48
charlthe talk by rms11:49
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!11:52
charlMaaz: thanks11:52
Maazcharl: Okay :-)11:52
magespawnafternoon all12:26
magespawnhowdy Kilos12:26
charlhi magespawn 12:26
Kiloshi magespawn 12:27
magespawnhi charl12:27
Kiloshi charl 12:28
charlhi Kilos 12:28
theblazehennp cahrl, hi guys14:17
Kiloshi theblazehen 14:17
charli listen to it in sections, it's 14:30
charlit's quite heavy material but extremely interesting14:30
charli love the way this guy thinks14:30
charli am really looking forward to hearing the south african recording too14:30
charlhi Cantide 14:44
Kiloshi Cantide 14:44
charlrms is a guy i can respect14:45
charlno facebook, no mobile phone, no dvds14:46
Cantidehey charl, Kilos :)14:46
charlat least i'm not the only "weird" one out there14:46
charli also refuse to have in my posession a mobile phone or carry one around with me14:46
charli feel better now14:47
charli read that not having a facebook account and not carrying a mobile phone is grounds for being suspected of terrorism14:47
charlin other words, either live in the matrix, or be a terrorist14:47
Cantidethat's crazy :)14:48
Cantidein a few weeks i will be without a phone14:48
Cantidebut i will get a new one when i can >.<14:48
charlapparently in korea they only use cdma14:49
charlno gsm14:49
charlin africa and europa it's the opposite14:50
charlin america they use both14:50
Cantidei'll have to get a phone there14:50
Kiloswb DeonP 14:50
Kilosask your question now some of the guys woke up14:50
charlhi DeonP 14:50
DeonPwill in a min just logged in, getting food of webber, eat then chat :)14:51
DeonPhi charl14:51
Cantidei'm due for a new phone anyway14:51
Cantidethis one is useless :)14:51
Cantidehi DeonP14:51
DeonPwill chat in a bit but will need some help on xl2tpd setup without ipsec14:52
DeonPhi Cantide14:52
Kiloshes been on buntu since 8.04  and only just found us14:52
charlthat's a very specific question14:52
charlyou might need to hit #ubuntu if you don't get the answer here14:53
Kilosits the clever guys that are like that, they dont need help from scratch14:53
DeonPwill do, been bashing my head gainst a wall past week14:53
Cantideyeah, that question is way higher than my level :D14:53
Cantidei'm still n00b btw :)14:53
charli don't have any experience with ipsec14:53
Cantideeven though i've been using it since 9.0414:53
charland x12tpd doesn't ring a bell14:54
charlbeen using ubuntu since warty14:54
Kilos<DeonP> axxess has started offering static IP's to customers but to get it you have to use a L2TP connection to their server14:54
DeonPlol,  not using ipsec thats the prob, all guides show ipsec, i only use l2tp with isp to get fixed ip14:54
Kilos<DeonP> i'm looking for someone that has experience with xl2tpd14:54
Kilosthink so long charl14:54
Kilosthat was a long scroll back14:54
DeonPthats who i'm dealing with but they have no clue on setting up server, can help with modem only14:55
DeonPty Kilos, going to have dinner nou, back in a bit14:55
charlwow i have absolutely zero experience with layer 2 tunneling14:56
charlno i would say hit #ubuntu14:56
charli don't even use dsl i use cable14:56
Kilosno man no one can get help there its a madhouse14:56
Kilosone of our ballies will know14:56
charlor hit http://askubuntu.com/14:57
charlor http://serverfault.com/14:57
magespawni would suggest inetpro15:06
Kilosyip he will have commands that sort it15:06
DeonPi'm back15:18
DeonPcharl u in uk?15:19
Kiloshi adeebnqo 15:22
KilosDeonP, he is in the netherlands somewhere15:22
adeebnqohello: Kilos15:22
KilosDeonP, what is axxess15:23
DeonPah ok, i had cable in UK, sooo nice ran my own webserver from home on 30Mb connection15:23
DeonPthey an ISP15:23
DeonPtied with mtn15:23
Kilosnot many mtn users here, they suck rather15:24
Kiloslatest bestest is 8ta15:24
Kilostelkom mobile15:25
Kilosmost stable15:25
DeonPlol yeah, they been losing subscribers but they big in fibre interconnect in SA15:25
DeonPmtn business that is15:25
Kilosrural areas have no joy from them. lucky if you get edge speed15:26
DeonPcell-c used to be bad but their coverage has grown exponentially15:26
Kilosye4ah but them too, they share 3g towers with voda and when voda is stretched you get cut to slow speed or disconnected15:27
DeonPthat was last year, voda would shut cell c out if their network was busy, they got their own towers now, much better15:28
Kilosdo they have a coverage map15:32
Kilosbut 8ta rocks out here on the plot15:32
Kilosand 2+1 for R149 is good15:32
DeonPpretty good15:33
Kilosand when the tower gives probs they send a techie out to you premises to check everything after repairing the tower15:34
DeonPgoing to pop over to main ubuntu chat to see if any xl2tpd experts are on15:34
Kilostakes a few days though15:34
DeonPtahst good, better than telkom adsl :)15:34
Kilosjust join them from here15:35
Kilos   /j #ubuntu15:35
DeonPi did15:35
Kilosi cant keep up with them15:35
Kilosmadhouse that15:35
DeonPi see, hard to follow the convo lol15:36
DeonP1643 online15:36
=== psychici1t is now known as psychicist
magespawnlater all15:51
charlhi back16:25
charlDeonP: no16:25
charlDeonP: visited london once but only spent about 10 days there, i attended the mozilla festival back in 201116:27
kbmonkeywhats up?16:28
charlDeonP: on #ubuntu just ask a question, they have a meta channel which records unanswered questions16:28
charlhi kbmonkey 16:28
kbmonkeyhi charl 16:29
charlhow's it going16:29
kbmonkeyI am having a hard time trying to come up with a puzzle game for PyWeek16:30
charldon't ask me i'm terrible at that kind of stuff16:30
kbmonkeybeen at it for 6+ hours now, nothing solid yet16:30
charli guess you have to be a gamer yourself in order to think things like that up16:30
charli have never been much of a gamer myself16:30
kbmonkeyironically I am not :P16:30
kbmonkeyI am not a gamer, I just like puzzle games XD16:31
kbmonkeyam using these game compos as a means to learn python16:32
kbmonkeythe pressure is good16:32
charljust made some pesto tagliatelle, delicious16:32
kbmonkeywow! amazing.16:32
kbmonkeyI made stir fry16:32
charli didn't make it myself though, but i did buy it fresh16:32
kbmonkeywith oyster mushrooms.16:32
charli mean, i boiled the pasta myself, but i didn't roll the pasta :P16:33
kbmonkeythat meta bot looks interesting16:35
charlkbmonkey: yeah it was a good idea...16:37
charlthis is an interesting remark by stallman...16:39
charlwhat the bluray companies are doing is encouraging piracy16:39
charlmirated mkvs don't have encryption and can be freely played on all devices16:40
kbmonkeythe Humble Bundle released stats that prove that selling stuff without DRM does not reduce profit. In fact people still payed for it.16:42
kbmonkeyAnd more in fact, Linux users payed more than the average!16:44
CantideHumble Bundle <316:44
kbmonkeythe guys at work know of it, all the windows users. they love it because it is cheap. we love it because it gives us new games. lol16:45
Cantideyeah hahaha16:47
Cantidei've only bought one bundle there so far16:47
kbmonkeyThey have the comedy bundle on at the moment.16:47
Cantidebut i will buy another if it has nice games16:48
Cantideyeah, i just checked16:48
charlstallman is going rather controversial here towards the end with his ideas regarding artist compensation16:49
charlup until now i've been with him 100%16:49
charlbut now i don't know anymore16:49
charli agree with him regarding intellectual property rights hoarding though16:50
charlbut i think it should be left to individuals to compensate the authors and how16:50
kbmonkeythe problem is that video and audio channels of distribution take so much from the artists :(16:51
charlhow so?16:51
kbmonkeyis that what RMS means?16:51
charlnot following you16:51
charlrms is richard stallman16:51
kbmonkeyfor example, the music industry is known for screwing over artists. 16:52
charlyes exactly16:52
charlonline distribution benefits artists, but not the music industry16:52
charlthat's why they're against it, not because it destroys artists16:52
kbmonkeywhich is why Trent Reznor initiated hiw Ghosts project a few years ago, to prove you do not need a recording label16:53
charlyes very good of him that16:53
charlactual artists understand because they are the ones being screwed just as much as consumers16:53
kbmonkeyfrom all the bands of friends I've known, getting an album produced is stupidly expensive and the rewards are meek 16:54
charlyes the record companies are raking in the billions while artists get a fraction of a fraction of the profits16:55
charland end up having to do concerts to actually make some money16:55
charlwhy not just distribute your content online16:55
kbmonkeyjamendo.com :D16:55
charland then have concerts in any case16:55
charljomendo - very nice16:56
kbmonkeyit is a platform for artists to give their works away DRM free. donation driven16:58
kbmonkeyI like supporting those artists, good idea16:59
charlthat's what we need16:59
charlwe need to support those artists and encourage other artists to join them16:59
charland the money goes to the artists, not the copyright hoarders and trolls16:59
charlwhow this is scary - network implanted medical devices17:06
charli didn't realise those exist but i guess it was just a matter of time17:06
kbmonkeyI like these 8-bit game remixes - http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/773636/battle-city17:09
kbmonkeyno I should not be distracted at this time, I need a puzzle idea!17:10
charlwhow done with the video - was awesome17:16
Kiloshi magespawn 18:53
charlhi magespawn 18:53
theblazehenhi magespawn 19:09
DeonPl8r folks, looks like i'm on my own with xl2tpd :)19:10
Kilosok DeonP we here everyday19:10
Kiloswhen the pro gets here he might have an idea19:11
Kiloseven the fly19:11
DeonPok, will pop in tomorrow morning from work19:12
Kilosyeah if they not too busy at work good otherwise in the evening again19:12
DeonPits a wierd problem, ive seen syslogs on some pages and they show xl2tpd starting then pppd seting up pppoe con then xl2tp starting tunnel, on my side i see no pppd activity19:14
Kilosno joy from #ubuntu19:15
Kilosdid anyone even answer you19:15
Kilosmaybe you got something missing with pppd19:16
DeonPnope nothing19:16
DeonPi can start a normal dsl link with bridged router but not via xl2tpd19:17
DeonPi'm going to bed, have to be up early night all and thanks for trying19:17
DeonPnotmal adsl link used pppoe so yeah maybe prob is with pppd19:18
Kilossleep tight hopefully someone reads logs and comes up with the cure'\19:19
DeonPholding thubs19:20
Kilosyeah it sucks when stuff dont work19:20
inetprogood mornng19:22
inetprooopss... evening already?19:23
Kilosmorning inetpro 19:23
Kilosyou leave the pure guy to sukkel19:23
inetproKilos: what's that about that I should know/19:23
Kilosread what deons prob is19:23
inetproyou talk too much man19:23
Kilosnetworking kinda stuff methinks19:23
Kiloshe at least understands what syslogs and stuff is19:24
inetproKilos: btw, I think wolfeyes might be blocked through his IP address rather than his nick19:24
inetprobut as usual I might be wrong as well19:25
Kilosill get him to change that too then ty19:25
Kilosyou normally right man'19:25
Kilosor close anyway19:25
inetproKilos: but if you/he sent the email it should be sorted already19:26
inetprothose guys never sleep19:26
Kilosya he said he sent it same night19:26
inetproit's not a serious blacklisting, don't make too much of it19:27
inetprojust blacklisted for freenode19:27
inetproand I'd say it is a good thing they do that19:28
inetpromake you aware of your mess ups19:28
inetproto err is human19:29
Kilosi do it all the time19:30
inetproyou are forgiven19:31
Kilosyeah because im old19:31
Kilosand cute19:31
charlnn all19:37
inetproKilos: you waiting for 23:00 again?19:48
* inetpro calling it a night19:49
Kilosok ballie19:49
Kilossleep tight19:49
inetpronow time for the night shifters to come and steer the ship19:51
WOLFEYESthank you everyone who helped19:57
WOLFEYESgood evening19:57
Kilosinetpro, ^^^19:57
Kilosbefore you go sleep19:57
magespawngood night all20:28
WOLFEYESnight all20:29

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