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smartboyhwzequence, hello:)13:27
zequencesmartboyhw: hi13:28
zequenceOvenWerk1: I'd rather work on replacing qjackctl with a new tool13:30
zequencei.e. -controls13:30
OvenWerk1zequence: what would you use to make jack conections?13:30
smartboyhwzequence, OK, I'm starting to feel dizzy as to what we are planning for 14.04 LTS now-.-13:31
OvenWerk1smartboyhw: new artwork.13:31
zequenceOvenWerk1: patchage, or a modded version of it, as falktx uses13:32
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, well, that's not just it, right?!13:32
zequencesmartboyhw: no13:32
OvenWerk1I have had patchage crash on me too many times.13:32
OvenWerk1smartboyhw: sorry, I was joking, art is the one thing we have talked about..13:33
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, lol. I do think we need to start planning for 14.04 now (don't know if you guys like it), but we seem to have quite a lot of things planned and I can't remember all of them-.-13:34
OvenWerk1ardour3. Sync the CAPs plugins would be nice.13:34
zequenceWe do planning when this cycle is done13:34
zequencethough, 14.04 has already been mapped out quite well in planning already13:35
zequenceone just needs to read through it13:35
OvenWerk1FF is past, we could look more at 14.04. Only artwork left for this cycle.13:36
smartboyhwYeah, and it's madeinkobaia's job:P13:36
zequencein time13:37
* OvenWerk1 has done the stuff he wanted for this cycle13:37
zequenceyes, and that was very good of you13:37
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, congratulations13:37
* smartboyhw didn't do anything this cycle basically;P13:37
smartboyhwFortunately, I got goals for 14.0413:37
smartboyhwIf not I will be a noob here;P13:38
zequenceWe need to have a meeting at some point13:38
zequenceat least one meeting before we start working on the next cycle13:38
* smartboyhw agrees13:38
OvenWerk1It looks like some of the broken things for xfce will get fixed.13:38
OvenWerk1arandr can go, I think.13:39
zequenceIf someone wants, they could put some time on thinking about how we do beta testing13:40
zequencewe should make sure no application is suffering from bad packaging, etc13:41
* smartboyhw should (by his role)13:41
zequenceand just generally try to catch bugs13:41
OvenWerk1kdenlive seems to work.13:41
OvenWerk1jack works, ardour does.13:41
zequenceDid you check full functionality, or just make sure the applications start?13:42
OvenWerk1the audio applet doesn't13:42
zequencewell, there's one problem then - but I suppose Xubuntu is on it?13:42
zequenceas it's shared by both..13:42
OvenWerk1kdenlive I made/edited a video.13:42
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, we have quality control in KDE here;P13:42
zequenceI don't think it's helpful citing which apps works on this channel13:42
OvenWerk1xubuntu has a fix... if they can get it out13:42
zequencethere's bugs for testing applications. and we need to write test cases 13:42
zequenceok, so then it's not a problem 13:43
OvenWerk1I don't know where to go with blender though. How to test functionality.13:45
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, well, it's just a matter of how a normal user uses it13:45
smartboyhwAs long as we know how they use it, we test it by doing the exact same13:45
* OvenWerk1 is trying to say there are a number of apps thet require some knowlage of the craft.13:45
zequenceThe one who writes the test case needs to know the application13:46
zequenceand the idea is we involve our users in this13:46
smartboyhwzequence, yes we are supposed to13:46
OvenWerk1The one thing I did notice with kdenlive is the docs don't work.13:47
OvenWerk1It seems the required kde infrastructure is not installed/running13:48
OvenWerk1Also, there are now 4 BG processes running for KDE that are no longer in use.13:49
zequencesounds like a packaging problem13:49
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, huh?13:49
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, how?13:49
OvenWerk1kdeinit4 klauncher kded4 /usr/bin/knotify4 were started by kdenlive, but of course kdenlive expects them to remain running so it doesn't kill them.13:51
OvenWerk1This is part of the problem with any kde app.13:52
* OvenWerk1 kills these things and starts krita13:55
OvenWerk1krita starts more kde BG stuff... and it is not the same ones, so after running both krita and kdenlive we would have 6 spare things running around. However the doc book in krita is a web page.14:09
smartboyhwWhat did I miss?!14:11
OvenWerk106:50 < OvenWerk1> kdeinit4 klauncher kded4 /usr/bin/knotify4 were started by  kdenlive, but of course kdenlive expects them to remain  running so it doesn't kill them.14:12
OvenWerk106:50 < OvenWerk1> This is part of the problem with any kde app.14:12
OvenWerk106:54  * OvenWerk1 kills these things and starts krita14:12
OvenWerk1krita starts more kde BG stuff... and it is not the same  ones, so after running both krita and kdenlive we would have  6 spare things running around. However the doc book in krita  is a web page.14:12
* smartboyhw recommends OvenWerk1 to use the IRC logs syntax selection of paste.ubuntu.com next time:)14:13
OvenWerk1They don't seem to be actively using cpu, but they are using 115M of RAM14:15
OvenWerk1khelpcenter is quite small, we could include it.... but then I got a not found page...14:25
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, :O14:26
OvenWerk1There is not a kdenlive doc package, but there are online docs.14:31
OvenWerk1The kdenlive-data package (which we ship) does seem to have the offline docs there. The help center just doesn't seem to know about it.14:36
OvenWerk1Hmm, the extra installer for each workflow should include the ubuntustudio meta for that workflow.15:17
OvenWerk1That would be less confusing for someone who added the menu to another DE15:18
OvenWerk1GA! found the problem with the kdenlive docbook... which doesn't work in a kubuntu session either.15:31

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