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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:22
studio-user928Non riesco ad installare plug-in per vedere video su youtube11:23
studio-user928I can not install the plug-in to watch videos on youtube! please help me11:27
studio-user329I can not install the plug-in to watch videos on youtube! please help me11:30
zequencestudio-user329: Hi13:20
zequencesudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras13:20
zequencewill get you flash among other things13:20
zequenceor, rather, do this:13:21
zequencesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras13:21
zequenceyou can also head over to http://youtube.com/html513:21
zequencesome videos work on html5. Not all13:22
rolandy_hi, i'm trying to compile alsa. make fails with "make: *** korg1212: No such file or directory.  Stop.". what can do?13:48
rolandy_using source package  alsa-driver-1.0.25+dfsg13:49
zequencerolandy_: did you do: sudo apt-get build-dep <package>?13:49
rolandy_zequence: hi, no13:50
zequencewill get you the build dependencies for it13:50
rolandy_zequence: so that is sudo apt-get build-dep alsa-lib ??13:50
smartboyhwrolandy_, yes13:50
rolandy_perfect, thanks13:50
* smartboyhw rarely thinks that build-dep problems come with a make error though13:51
* rolandy_ wonders why configure did not complain13:52
rolandy_unfortunately installing the build-dep did not change things .. it also says "leaving an unknown directory"13:54
studio-user329ha! funziona con l'ultima versione di ubuntustudio ?14:22
smartboyhwstudio-user329, welcome, but I don't think most of us here understand Italian:)14:23
studio-user329works with the latest version of ubuntostudio14:26
smartboyhwstudio-user329, what is the thing you're asking that works with the latest version of UbuntuStudio?14:27
studio-user329plug-in for youtube's video14:28
smartboyhwstudio-user329, plug-in for youtube's video?14:29
smartboyhwWhat plug-in?14:29
smartboyhwBut as long as it works in Linux14:29
smartboyhwit works in Ubuntu Studio14:29
rolandy_i found something, "debian/patches/debian_dfsg_configure.patch:Prevent to not configure cs46xx, korg1212, maestro3, ymfpci."14:30
studio-user329ok let's start from the beginning!14:30
studio-user329I can not see videos on youtube as I do?14:30
smartboyhwrolandy_, heh14:33
smartboyhwstudio-user329, of course you can watch videos on YouTube14:34
studio-user329when I try to watch a video telling me missing plug-in14:35
smartboyhwstudio-user329, is it um, Flash?14:36
OvenWerk1studio-user329: It seems you are running the live session from a DVD or usb stick.14:38
OvenWerk1The plugins would not be installed because they are restricted... ie. non-free14:38
studio-user329aah !14:38
OvenWerk1When the system is installed to disk those get installed at that time14:39
studio-user329What can I do?14:39
OvenWerk1sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install  ubuntu-restricted-extras14:40
OvenWerk1is supposed to work.14:40
OvenWerk1But it would depend on if your ram has enough memory.14:41
studio-user329in the command line?14:41
OvenWerk1so long as you are running a live session, any new software would be installed to ram.14:41
studio-user329my ram 4 gb14:41
OvenWerk1yes command line.14:41
OvenWerk1Also, you would have to install it every time you boot, though with the persistant option things may work different.14:42
studio-user329I get it.14:43
studio-user329advise me to remove live version ?14:44
studio-user329advise me of remove live version14:44
OvenWerk1No, advice to install to disk for more than one or two uses. and boot from there. If you have installed already you need to take the install media out before booting to get the disk boot.14:50
OvenWerk1but that is just advice :) you can run a live session as long as you want to.14:54
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xlabzanyon3 here?17:17

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