ali1234this is nearly working...00:50
ali1234it's loading the indicators and starting the services, but then crashing00:51
ali1234haha, it's crashing because indicator-datetime is super wide00:53
ali1234it doesn't like indicator-session either, another wide one00:54
ali1234ok i removed all the indicator-ngs except sound menu, and it works00:56
Unit193ochosi: ^  Workin' but not for long ones.00:57
ali1234is that a known issue?00:59
ali1234everything in the sound menu seems to work (except the things that are currently known to be broken)01:01
ali1234hmm it looks like it's not the wide ones that make it crash01:08
ali1234maybe it's ones that don't want to show themselves01:08
ali1234i see the problem01:12
ali1234it crashes if it is small and it has no icon01:12
ali1234hmm ok, they all work except the keyboard one, which has neither an icon nor a label and therefore triggers a corner case null pointer dereference01:26
ali1234screenshot: https://plus.google.com/117474986382867317779/posts/R1coXZ1iX3N01:41
OvenWerk1looks wonderful (and unbroken ;)01:54
ali1234ah the broken thing in sound menu is that mouse wheel over the main icon doesn't work, but that's currently broken in unity too afaik01:56
Unit193Dang, that's the one I use a lot. :/01:57
ali1234yeah me too01:57
micahgNoskcaj: we can take it under the pkg-xubuntu team (once I get it created)02:38
micahgassuming no one in pkg-gnome wants it02:39
ochosiali1234: have you updated your indicator-plugin lately? there is an important icon-fix that landed two days ago or so02:43
ali1234yes i pulled before starting this02:43
ali1234i'm prepare a pull request now02:44
ali1234but i need to fix the coding style and also make it work with the white/blacklisting02:44
ochosiok, good to know02:44
ali1234nearly done tho02:44
Noskcajmicahg, gnome's reply was they have too many packages already and shotwell is more "gnome"02:45
NoskcajWhen do you expect to have the pkg-xubuntu team ready?02:45
ochosiali1234: sweet!02:45
ochosiali1234: and please do get in direct contact with andrzejr, justnso that the work isnt done twice02:47
ochosialso, as micahg said this might go into backports, so maybe it isnt alltoolate02:48
micahgNoskcaj: I have to find a DD to create it apparently, will try in the next week02:50
Noskcajmicahg, maybe on of the pkg-xfce guys might help us?02:51
micahgNoskcaj: I've got plenty of DDs to ask :), I just have to figure out who to victim^Wask for assistance02:52
Unit193Ahaha! :D02:52
micahgnot too late if it's stable and we can get enough testing for the rdepends02:55
micahgochosi: ali1234 ^^02:55
ochosii think the most active team this cycle were testers, so there's still hope then 02:56
Noskcajochosi, let me know if you want me to test anything02:57
ochosiali1234: i noticed the bug with the scrollwheel too, but it cant be too hard to fix02:57
Unit193Noskcaj: Did you want to test your OEM branch?02:57
ali1234ochosi: maybe we're simply not passing it through - but when the indicator itself is broken it's hard to tell02:58
NoskcajUnit193, I could, if no one  else is02:58
ochosiali1234: yeah, or maybe there are some gtk3 specific changes, havent looked at the code yet02:58
ochosiok, folks, my train is close to the border03:00
ochosinighht everyone03:00
ali1234ok, the code is here: https://github.com/ali1234/xfce4-indicator-applet/commits/indicator-ng03:51
ali1234i've sent it to andrzejr too03:51
ali1234anywhere else i should send it?03:51
ochosiali1234: no, andrzejr is taking care of it16:34
ochosiso it should be sufficient to send it to him16:34
ochosiali1234: oh, and just to be sure you could/should join #xfce-dev, because that's where he hangs out16:35
* Noskcaj just turned his computer on to 10 apport messages19:19
ochosiali1234: if possible, could you give micahg a quick review of the stability/status of the gtk3 indicators in 13.1019:31
ochosijust here19:32
ali1234ok. well, everything seems to work except for the keyboard indicator, which leaves a blank space if installed. i'm not quite sure why19:35
ali1234and the mousewheel maybe broken, but i can't tell19:35
ali1234and also all the "edit" items in the menus try to load the wrong configuration tools, often they don't work at all because they have OnlyShowIn=Unity in the .desktops (this affects gnome too though)19:36
ochosimicahg: ^19:37
ochosiany stability concerns? crashes?19:38
micahghrm, we can get those fixed too19:38
micahgcan we start a blueprint or pad with all the current bugs/things we need to fix to make this work19:38
ali1234i haven't seen it crash at all, it's only been a day though19:38
ali1234the network, sound, and messaging indicators work perfectly except maybe for mouse scrolling on the sound icon19:40
ali1234the changes for indicator-ng are actually even more simple than i first though - if there was no need to support the two different systems, the patch would literally be about three lines19:44
micahgknome: should I add gtk-theme-config to our -desktop?23:19

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