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sarnoldsmoser: lintian throws some warnings and errors on simplestreams, e.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6126373/01:29
smosersarnold, do do you have any idea what would do that ?01:31
smoseri udnestand the man pages.01:32
smoserbut dont understand how 'python3:any' got in there.01:32
sarnoldsmoser: not a clue on bad-provided-package-name python3:any -- is that ":any" supposed to be there?01:33
smoser$ grep any debian/control || echo no01:33
smoseri'm sure its something 'ive done stupid. but i dont have a clue.01:33
smoser(which is probably why i'm 'so sure it was something that i've done stupid)01:33
sarnoldman, I just hoped you'd know right off the top of your head a typo somewhere, but .. that's really confusing.01:35
jbichapython3:any is new but it's ok http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2013/09/msg00044.html01:50
jbichaI guess you need to report a lintian bug then01:50
xnoxdobey: rbasak if the python3 converted code leaked into the python2 package that indeed is bad (or vice versa)02:19
xnoxdobey: rbasak: i'll double check it. But if you say it broke u1, surely it should have been stuck in -proposed because of u1's auto-package-tests, right?!02:20
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NoskcajCan someone hit "rebuild" for language-pack-as and mesa? one failed in chroot the other failed to upload06:19
infinityNoskcaj: Done.06:24
dholbachgood morning06:56
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smartboyhwdholbach, many, many, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!08:22
rbasaknnnnnnnnnn/sb end08:33
Noskcajsmartboyhw, That was a bit over-the-top, can you explain08:33
smartboyhwNoskcaj, for sponsoring ubuntustudio-look :)08:34
smartboyhwNoskcaj, and I'm not saying it to you:P08:34
Noskcajsmartboyhw, I'm allow to be interested. It looks like studio will have a good release for 13.1008:34
NoskcajDoes anyone have a good pbuilderrc file for pbuilder-dist i can copy? it needs at least debian sid and ubuntu saucy support08:56
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cjwatsonGrr, I'd hoped I'd never have to use a hardy chroot again10:11
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bluesabredholbach: thanks for sponsoring several of xubuntu's pending packages12:14
bluesabrewould it be possible for you to take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shimmer-themes/+bug/1227402 as well?12:15
bluesabreit updates each of our themes to their latest version which fixes some minor buglets and addresses some transitionary items12:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 1227402 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "Please update shimmer-themes to 1.6.2" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:16
dholbachbluesabre, I had a very brief look at it but couldn't quite figure out what to do with the debdiff or the branch12:16
bluesabreochosi, our artwork lead, would have additional details to the changes involved12:16
dholbachin either case I couldn't produce a source package out of it12:16
bluesabreI see12:16
dholbachlet me add a comment to the bug so whoever takes care of it can leave some pointers for either myself or another sponsor12:17
bluesabrethanks a lot12:17
bluesabrenormally we'd have one of our devs with upload rights take care of it, but both are currently away and are likely to miss the UIF12:17
ochosidholbach: thanks for your uploads so far, it's really great for us because (what bluesabre just said)12:19
dholbachochosi, bluesabre: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shimmer-themes/+bug/122740212:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1227402 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "Please update shimmer-themes to 1.6.2" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:21
bluesabrethanks dholbach12:22
dholbachI know I could just sign the source package which is in the branch (why?), but I wanted to understand a bit better what I'm uploading there :-)12:22
bluesabrefair enough.  We have one developer who has been the sole maintainer of that package.  We basically drop the latest git-tags of each theme into there and run debuild -S to produce the latest12:24
dholbachah no, hang on12:24
bluesabreas to what he usually does then, its beyond me, but since he has direct upload, its probably known only to him12:24
dholbachbluesabre, ochosi: I still don't know how it's put together, but I could rebuild the source package and can upload it - I just took the liberty of adding (LP: #1227402) to the changelog entry so the bug gets closed automatically12:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1227402 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "Please update shimmer-themes to 1.6.2" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122740212:28
dholbachbluesabre, ochosi: maybe you can suggest adding a debian/README which describes how it's put together12:28
ochosidholbach: thanks a *lot* ! i can tell you this was a lot of work to put together (i mean the artwork stuff, but maybe also the complicated packaging, who knows ;)) and I'm happy to see it land before UIF12:29
bluesabredholbach: yes, we've already requested the usual developer to do so when he's around next12:29
dholbachbluesabre, ochosi: uploaded12:30
ochosi \o/12:31
dholbachrock on!12:31
bluesabredude, you rock!12:31
dholbachkeep up the good work!12:31
ochosidholbach: a big thank-you from the xubuntu dev-community!12:32
davmor2bluesabre: no dholbach doesn't rock, more trance/techno/dance/dubstep12:32
dholbachI think what's happening here is that davmor2 is trying to sneak his own music wishlist in :-P12:33
bluesabreprobably makes the loco meetings more fun12:33
dokoglatzor online?12:34
pittiGood morning12:35
davmor2dholbach: No, just going for accuracy, I've heard you DJ it definitely isn't rock, it does however fall nicely into the other categories :D12:35
dholbachI'm not quite sure about the categories, but yeah, Rock doesn't happen that often ;-)12:36
dokopitti, apport-noui wants to demote. expected?12:39
pittidoko: yes, we don't need that on the phone any more12:39
pittidoko: and server guys certainly want to continue with -cli12:39
pittiit was a bit of an evolutionary dead end; I should discuss with ev whether we'll still need it at all12:40
dokook, demoted12:40
dokojamespage, your libunwind merge ftbfs on every architecture12:48
jamespagedoko, yeah - I know12:49
dokogood =)12:49
jamespagedoko, something odd about linking for the mini-debug-info stuff12:49
dokoanything more specific?12:50
jamespagedoko, I need to refresh my memory12:50
jamespagethat happened > 2 weeks ago12:50
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jamespagedoko, the lzma linking was failing for one of the test binaries12:51
jamespageI think I see that someone fixed upstream - I'll take another look12:52
dokoxnox, can I assign this one to you? bug #122763913:07
ubottubug 1227639 in python-repoze.lru (Ubuntu Saucy) "[MIR] python-repoze.lru needed as a b-d for routes" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122763913:07
jamespagedoko, this is the build failure I see on i38613:14
jamespageamd64 works OK13:14
dokojamespage, looks like libunwind-coredump.so isn't linked with lzma13:14
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dokofails on the buildd on amd64 too13:18
jamespagedoko, oh - does it?13:19
dobeyxnox: paste doesn't work under python 3 either. the patches to make it "work" with 3 as well as 2 are broken. u1db dosen't have an autopkgtest yet, because i wasn't able to make it work right when i was trying to get it working, so i had to leave it out. i've recently discovered another way to do the tests for it though that might work, so i can try to get that in, but the package will of course be held in -proposed because pa13:19
jamespagedoko, ignore the failure for the one currently in proposed13:19
jamespagethe test failure is me not reading my own README.source13:19
dokoahh, good =)13:19
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speakmanHi folks. I'm trying to build a package using pbuilder-dist, but it insists on running tests and since it's an x11 program it won't pass. How can I disable testing during pbuilder-dist build?13:27
JackYudholbash, hi13:40
rbasakspeakman: I don't know about pbuilder specifically, but in general you need to set or get it to set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck when running debian/rules. With sbuild you can just set the environment variable and it passes through.13:42
rbasak(this assumes the packaging supports this standard)13:43
Laneyis there a trick to make debmirror download Contents?13:45
LaneyI got that13:46
cjwatsonNot sure then13:46
speakmanrsajdok: thanks, but I can't find a way to pass the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS envvar to the "pbuilder" environment. I'll just try to set it in the running environment and hope for it to come along.13:46
speakmanLooks like it worked! :)13:47
smoserhey. i was looknig at germinate output, basically auditing build process of cloud images.13:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 1224504 in Ubuntu "cloud image package list differs from germinate output" [Medium,Confirmed]13:54
smoserthe build process installs 'ubuntu-minimal' explicitly.13:54
pittijibel: do you know why the new python3.3 wasn't held back by the failing apport test?13:54
smoseris there any reason why we would do that? and if so, is there a reason I should'nt just add it to a seed ?  And if so, why would it not be part of all seeds ?13:55
pittijibel: someting changed in MIMEText which breaks the handling of encoding (I'm not yet sure whether apport did things wrong all the years or it's a bug in py3.3), but I thought such things were supposed to be kept in -proposed13:55
speakmanWhere do I fetch the final .deb when pbuilder is done? It looks disappeard currently.13:55
jamespagedoko, OK - fix uploaded for libunwind13:56
cjwatsonsmoser: Most of the packages you list there are installed conditionally and mustn't be seeded13:56
cjwatsonsmoser: and if you try to add ubuntu-minimal to any other seed you will blow things up13:57
cjwatsonsmoser: is any of this actually important? :-)13:57
cjwatsonsmoser: You absolutely must not seed grub-pc.13:57
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cjwatsonsmoser: (because that's hardware-dependent)13:58
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ograit might put some pressure up to get the armhf port ready :)13:58
cjwatsonogra: I mean even within a single architecture.13:59
smosercjwatson, i wont seed grub-pc. but couldn't i ?13:59
jibelcjwatson, has python3-defaults been forced to -release ? The test result is "apport 2.12.2-0ubuntu1 FAIL apport 2.12.2-0ubuntu1 python3-defaults 3.3.2-14ubuntu1" but it wasn't held back13:59
cjwatsonsmoser: efi, sure13:59
bjsniderdobey, i reported a bug to debian yesterday on that apt issue and they argued themselves out of it being apt-s fault and closed it13:59
cjwatsonsmoser: It's generally a fundamental mistake to assume that the BIOS variant is the only one13:59
smosernone of it is really important, no. but i was just trying to understand why we would install 'ubuntu-minimal' and 'ubuntu-cloudimg^'13:59
cjwatsonjibel: No, I sorted out some associated bugs but I didn't force it14:00
cjwatsonsmoser: It's usually a good idea to have the metapackages installed to aid upgrades14:00
cjwatsonsmoser: You've kind of misunderstood seed structure inheritance though14:00
cjwatsonsmoser: The cloud-image seed inherits from standard, yes, which means that germinate computes its expansion starting from the assumption that everything in standard and below is already installed14:01
pittijibel, cjwatson: oh, I guess it's because apport depends on python3, not on python3.3 directly14:01
cjwatsonsmoser: But that doesn't translate into package dependencies14:01
pittijibel, cjwatson: so it's again a transitive dependency, which we don't yet do unfortunately14:01
speakmanHow do I get the resulting .deb package after pbuilder is finished?14:01
speakmanI can't even find the resulting name anywhere on my disk.14:02
pitti(especially because changes in python-defaults are much less prone to break other python stuff than changes in the actual python interpreters)14:02
cjwatsonsmoser: We deliberately omit those dependencies because if we include them then somebody who wants to vary a single choice we've made in, say, ubuntu-minimal, then has to remove ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-desktop as well14:02
cjwatson(or whatever)14:02
cjwatsonsmoser: So you need to track the seed inheritance structure when installing the metapackages/tasks in images14:02
cjwatsonsmoser: IOW you can't assume that installing a task higher in the structure will automatically pull in ubuntu-minimal - it won't14:03
pittijibel: ok, nevermind then; I guess we just need to switch to transitive checks at some point14:03
cjwatsonsmoser: does that help?14:03
smosermaybe. but now i'm more confused.14:03
smoserso the change i made to structure14:03
speakmanping cjwatson and rbasak, any ideas how to reach the created .deb package from pbuilder?14:03
cjwatsonspeakman: I don't use pbuilder14:04
smoserthat does not indicate that cloud image is a strict superset of server ?14:04
speakmancjwatson: ok :/14:04
cjwatsonsmoser: Sure, but it doesn't translate into dependencies from any metapackage you generate from cloud-image14:05
cjwatsonsmoser: Nor does it mean that, e.g., the server task implicitly includes standard14:05
cjwatsonit doesn't14:05
cjwatsonsmoser: now, ubuntu-minimal is probably unnecessary for a different reason: it's included by debootstrap14:06
cjwatsonspeakman: IIRC it's in something like /var/cache/pbuilder/result/ though14:06
cjwatsonspeakman: sbuild is more helpful: puts results in the current directory14:06
smoseri dont understand. what you mean by "the server task implicitly includes standard".14:07
dokojibel, is there something wrong?14:07
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smosermy understanding was that it *explicitly* in STRUCTURE includes standard.14:07
JackYurobert_ancell, hi14:07
cjwatsonsmoser: That only affects how germinate expands the dependencies14:07
cjwatsonsmoser: It intentionally doesn't translate into the Task fields in the archive14:07
robert_ancellJackYu, hello14:08
cjwatsonsmoser: If nothing else, I have no interest in bloating the Packages file with a gazillion Task fields for everything in minimal ...14:08
JackYurobert_ancell, would you help to upload the fcitx-qimpanel at bug #1226492?14:09
ubottubug 1226492 in UbuntuKylin "[FFE]upload fcitx-qimpanel into archive" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122649214:09
smosercjwatson, so we *should* be explicitly installing server^ in the build process ?14:09
smoserif in fact we want to say "its server + stuff"14:09
cjwatsonsmoser: Yes14:09
robert_ancellJackYu, that has nothing to do with me14:09
cjwatsonsmoser: compare live-build/auto/config in livecd-rootfs14:10
JackYurobert_ancell, oh, sorry. I saw you are the Pilot today:)14:10
cjwatson        xubuntu)14:10
cjwatson                add_task install minimal standard xubuntu-desktop14:10
robert_ancellJackYu, sorry, not available at the moment14:11
smoserthat seems repetitive. but OK.14:11
cjwatsonsmoser: a bit, yes.  IIRC I tried the alternatives and they were worse.14:11
cjwatson(for other reasons)14:12
smoserok then. do you have feelings on if i should put STRUCTURE back ?14:12
cjwatsonsmoser: That depends on whether you want cloud-image to be dependency-expanded with respect to server14:13
cjwatsonI don't think my feelings come into it :)14:13
JackYurobert_ancell, That's all right. Would you introduce someone available?14:13
cjwatsonsmoser: That said, cloud-image looks substantively duplicated from server14:13
cjwatsonsmoser: So it does look as though that STRUCTURE change might be a mistake14:13
cjwatsonsmoser: Either that, or there's a load of stuff in cloud-image that should now be deleted because it's already in server14:13
cjwatsonsmoser: Either way, you should indeed make the image build process line up with the seed structure14:14
speakmancjwatson: sbuild..?14:14
cjwatsonsmoser: And consider the future question of whether you might ever want something in the default server install but *not* in cloud images14:14
cjwatsonspeakman: apt-cache show14:14
robert_ancellJackYu, according to the bug you need an archive administrator which is someone from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/+members#active14:14
smoseralright. i'm gong to revert that change for now.14:15
robert_ancellJackYu, like cjwatson :)14:15
cjwatsonspeakman: and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild14:15
cjwatsonrobert_ancell: he still needs a sponsor to upload it ...14:15
JackYurobert_ancell, thank:)14:15
cjwatsonnot like me14:15
cjwatsonI have a million things to do today14:16
speakmancjwatson: thanks14:16
JackYucjwatson, robert_ancell, yes, I'm looking for a sponsor...14:16
robert_ancellLaney, why does bug 1226492 need an archive admin?14:16
ubottubug 1226492 in UbuntuKylin "[FFE]upload fcitx-qimpanel into archive" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122649214:16
speakmancjwatson: A quick one; can I build i386 binaries on an x86_64 platform with sbuild? That's why I'm using pbuilder atm.14:17
JackYuI know cjwatson is very busy:)14:17
cjwatsonspeakman: Yes, I do it all the time, you just need an i386 chroot14:17
cjwatsonxnox: Would you have time to run an update of app-install-data-ubuntu in preparation for final beta?  I notice you did some in raring14:17
xnoxcjwatson: correct. Yeap, I can do that now.14:17
speakmancjwatson: thanks! :)14:18
pittidoko: seems last py3.3 is missing a Replaces: ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6128496/14:20
cjwatsonspeakman: (and rest per that wiki page)14:20
pittidoko: want a bug report for that?14:21
dokopitti, hmm, it should have one ...14:21
pittidoko: not for libpython3.3-stdlib, only for pyton3.3 and python3.3-minimal14:22
dokopitti, ok :-/ are the autopkg tests succeeding?14:23
pittidoko: for py3.3? yes, they got fixed; thanks!14:23
pittiwe don't test upgrades in britney, though, so above upgrade bug wasn't detected14:24
JackYupitti, hi, would please help to review the FFE  request at bug #1226492?14:27
ubottubug 1226492 in UbuntuKylin "[FFE]upload fcitx-qimpanel into archive" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122649214:27
pittiJackYu: I'm not in the release team14:27
JackYupitti: you  are an archive administrator?14:28
pittiJackYu: yes14:28
JackYupitti: Laney said this FFE needs an archive administrator agree:)14:29
pittifor NEW review, I guess; can do next week, I'm at a conference this week14:29
dokopitti, uploaded14:29
pittidoko: danke sehr14:30
JackYupitti, this package would be installed in UbuntuKylin. we need upload this package first before upgrade our default-settings package:).14:30
speakmansbuild doesn't like --jobs=13. At least it doesn't pass it to dpkg-buildpackage14:37
cjwatsonspeakman: Are you sure?  Remember that packages have to take explicit care to honour that.14:38
speakmancjwatson: I did work using pbuild and it's the same package.14:38
cjwatson                       "j|jobs=i" => sub {14:38
cjwatson                           push(@{$self->get_conf('DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_USER_OPTIONS')},14:38
cjwatson                                '-j'.$_[1])14:38
cjwatson                       },14:38
cjwatsonseems fairly straightforward, in sbuild14:38
cjwatsonspeakman: What pbuilder invocation were you using to do this?14:40
cjwatsonBecause AFAICS parallel-build support isn't built into pbuilder ...14:40
speakmancjwatson: --debbuildopts14:41
cjwatsonPerhaps use "ps aux" while sbuild is running to see what the dpkg-buildpackage command line actually is14:42
speakman/usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -mDaniel Nyström <daniel@nystrom.st> -b -rfakeroot -j1314:43
Riddellogra: do you know if the ubuntu desktop "Texas Instruments OMAP4 (Hard-Float) desktop image" images are working currently? I can't get today's daily to do anything14:44
ograRiddell, i have no clue14:44
* ogra hasnt touched a panda in ages14:45
speakmancjwatson: http://pastebin.com/Cxpm42Ea14:45
speakmancjwatson: that's my sbuildrc14:45
ograand i dont knw who is up to test them or something14:45
Riddellogra: do you know if anyone is looking out for it as part of beta 2?14:45
cjwatsonspeakman: sbuild is fine based on that command14:45
Riddellogra: what hardware are the cool kids running these days?14:45
ograRiddell, either desktop or QA i would imagine14:45
speakmancjwatson: I also have to make sure it doesn't run any tests (nocheck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS), how do I pass that to sbuild? Just setting the env var?14:45
cjwatsonsince it's manifestly passing it through14:45
cjwatsonspeakman: yep14:46
ograRiddell, ubuntu touch on nexus devices :)14:46
cjwatsonspeakman: sbuild sanitises the environment but DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is one of the ones it lets through14:47
speakmancjwatson: Great!14:47
=== Maple__ changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 1 released | Archive: Open, FF | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of lucid -> raring | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots:
Maple__you know14:53
Maple__this needs +t14:53
cjwatsonMaple__: it's deliberate since in practice it's not much of a problem14:55
Maple__...if you say so.14:56
cjwatsonMaple__: And you don't seem to have actually changed anything from my point of view, just set it to the previous value14:56
cjwatsonI do say so14:56
cjwatsonIf it becomes a practical problem we'll revisit14:56
cjwatson(If kicking offenders isn't sufficient)14:56
speakmancjwatson: and finally - after one day of trying to "cross" compile for i386 I did get one .i386.deb five minutes before "deadline". :D14:58
speakmancjwatson: thanks a lot for helping!14:58
cjwatsonyou're welcome14:59
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cjwatsonI still do almost all my Debian uploads as i386 despite my host system being amd64, so it's a familiar process14:59
* xnox started to do _multi and merge amd64&i386 uploads for some of my builds.15:07
pittixnox: is "_multi" something sbuild-ish, or just means "you build for multiple architectures and merge the .changes?15:24
cjwatsonpitti: Not sbuildish, just convention - dak doesn't actually care what the bit between _ and .changes is15:26
xnoxpitti: build for multiple architectures, then use mergechanges -f foo*.changes.15:26
cjwatsonpitti: mergechanges(1) produces _multi though15:27
pitticjwatson: oh, as in "part of the .changes filename", thanks15:27
xnoxpitti: mergechanges, defaults to _multi.changes suffix to not clobber up the rest (source, $arch) . changes.15:27
pittinice, I didn't know about mergechanges15:27
xnoxpitti: on #ubuntu-release  & in-person there were requests about langpacks refresh. Not sure if it's time to do them again yet, or not.15:28
pittixnox: we missed doing fresh -base ones for beta15:28
xnoxcause e.g. archive rebuild is in progress.15:28
xnoxpitti: =( ok.15:28
pittixnox: I guess the next sensible -bsae refresh one would be before final beta, and/or final15:29
pittixnox: but that's mostly about reducing image size15:29
pittixnox: updates from LP are auto-uploaded twice a week15:29
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dobeyxnox: still around?16:45
pittidoko: "Jenkins Fixed - saucy-adt-python2.7" \o/ thanks!16:47
dholbachdoko, barry: who could take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mitya57/ubuntu/saucy/python-defaults/2.7.5-5ubuntu1/+merge/185620?17:13
* dobey wonders what to do about paste17:14
xnoxdobey: yeah, here.17:15
xnoxdobey: i think i fixed lint.py in debian now, what packages / where was paste failing for you?17:15
xnoxdobey: so waiting on lp mirror to pick it up to merge it.17:15
dobeyxnox: fixed it how?17:15
xnoxit did unbreak convoy at least.17:15
dobeyxnox: did you fix the package to run the unit tests at build time as well?17:15
dholbachhappyaron, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libchewing/+bug/1220224 something we still want to get into saucy?17:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 1220224 in libchewing (Ubuntu) "Sync libchewing 0.3.5-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:16
xnoxdobey: which one? paste's? that's failing from before i started to touch it, so no, i didn't enable it.17:16
dobeyxnox: it breaks u1db17:16
dobeyxnox: yes paste. there seem to be a lot more issues than simply the StringType issue17:16
xnoxdobey: let me test it know, just debuild would do? or do I need to run it?17:17
happyarondholbach: I think it's nice to have.17:17
dobeyxnox: debuild should be enough, it runs the tests during the build17:17
dholbachhappyaron, ok, it's still sitting in the sponsoring queue17:17
xnoxdobey: doing test-build against the updated paste now.17:17
dobeyxnox: can you link to the fix you applied to paste?17:18
xnoxdobey: build succesful.17:18
xnoxdobey: well it's in the debian svn / upload. I can link to it once launchpad imports the debian upload.....17:18
dobeyxnox: ok, please ping me when it gets merged into saucy17:21
mterryzul, can you subscribe the server team to blinker bugs?  (it needs to be in main for flask)17:21
zulblinker bugs?17:21
zulmterry:  doh...done :)17:22
xnoxdobey: ack.17:23
mterryzul, thanks.  I already patched it to run tests.  Seems fine besides17:23
mterryzul, bug 1227623 if you're curious17:23
zulmterry:  coold thanks17:23
ubottubug 1227623 in blinker (Ubuntu Saucy) "[MIR] blinker required as b-d and as recommends for flask" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122762317:23
barrydholbach: i will look17:36
barry@pilot in18:00
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pittiso what magic needs to happen to make the PS auto-uploader actually upload ubuntu-themes in the next 2 hours or so to meet the UIF?18:25
xnoxev: fginther: ^18:28
fgintherpitti, are the necessary changes in trunk?18:31
xnoxfginther: yes.18:32
fgintherrobru, can help then ^^18:32
robrupitti, hi. i will kick off a release build of misc stack for you (this includes ubuntu-themes)18:33
fgintherrobru, thanks18:34
robrufginther, pitti: ok, it is done. you should see ubuntu-theme package upload soon.18:40
robrupitti, although, I disagree with your changes to the version number... like all daily_release packages, it's built in split mode, which means orig.tar.gz is created by deleting debian/ dir.18:42
robrupitti, so with daily_release'd stuff, you only have control over the part of the version number to the left of the '+' sign... the rest is automatically added by jenkins in order to identify when it was released.18:46
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pittirobru: oh, I see; well, I can back that out18:55
pittirobru: but I was worried as there is no obvious way to build an orig for myself, nor any real "upstream"18:56
pittirobru: but can we at least drop the 13.04+13.10 stuff?18:56
robrupitti, I already fixed the changelog in trunk.18:56
pittirobru: ok, thanks18:56
robrupitti, the 13.10 bit has to stay, but if you want to change the '13.04' part to something else, go right ahead.18:56
robrupitti, and if you 'bzr bd' in the branch, it will make orig.tar.gz for you18:57
pittirobru: yes, basically just drop the 13.04+; that seems useless?18:57
pittirobru: but oh well, it's already uploaded now according to the changelog, so nevermind18:57
robrupitti, I agree, but there needs to be something there for jenkins to build off of. we should discuss with didrocks what makes a good version number.18:57
pittirobru: thanks for getting it into the archive!18:57
pittirobru: actually, no -- https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-themes/13.04+13.10.20130919.2-0ubuntu1 doesn't seem to contain my changes?18:58
robrupitti, hmmm, let me check18:58
pittiah no, that can't be that upload18:58
pittirobru: that said the upload was from 4 hours ago18:58
pittiso we need another one with xnox's and my changes18:59
robrupitti, hmm, that's strange. it looks like it missed your commits. I'll try it again18:59
pittirobru: no, xnox' and my commits presumably haven't even been there 4 hours ago18:59
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robrupitti, i think that timestamp is wrong, because the version number matches what just got uploaded19:00
robrupitti, yeah, that's definitely the build I just kicked off, see here: most recent build in the system, and the version number matches. not sure why it says 4hrs ago, maybe one server has a bad clock somewhere/19:02
robrualso not sure why it didn't get your commit, but will try again19:02
pittirobru: ah, so it hasn't actually been uploaded to saucy yet?19:03
pittirobru: as https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-themes/13.04+13.10.20130919.2-0ubuntu1 definitively doesn't have the latest changes19:03
robrupitti, it made an upload but for some reason it didn't include your commit.19:03
pittirobru: or the tree from xnox19:03
robrupitti, this is an issue that has bit me a couple times recently, it's like the jenkins job is caching launchpad branches so it doesn't see new commits sometimes19:03
robrupitti, hmmm, jenkins claims to have released revision 315, which would include xnox's work. are you sure it's missing?19:05
pittirobru: the upload timestamp says "Thu, 19 Sep 2013 14:05:04 +0000" which roughly coincides with "4 hours ago", though19:05
pittirobru: perhaps that was an auotmatic one?19:05
robrupitti, no, automatic uploads are disabled, things are kind of a mess right now.19:06
pittirobru: ah yes, so 315 has xnox' merges, but mine was 31619:06
pittilatest one is 31819:06
robruyeah, ok I'll run it again and hope for the best19:06
pittirobru: thanks19:06
robrupitti, you're welcome19:08
robrupitti, hmmm, still doesn't seem to have found it. last time this happened to me it took ~12 hours before jenkins saw the latest commit19:10
robrupitti, you might want to file your UIFe now, if necessary.19:12
infinitysmoser: Weren't you going to seed ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring somewhere to keep it in main?19:14
infinitysmoser: (Or have something depend on it)19:14
smoserinfinity, maas will depende on it.19:16
smosercan i recommends it?19:16
infinitysmoser: Recommend would be fine.  Also, cloud-utils wants to move to universe too, is that meant to be?19:16
albertsHi! Can patch pilot look at this fix for raring - https://code.launchpad.net/~albertsmuktupavels/ubuntu-themes/restore-space-between-applications-and-places-in-gnome-panel-raring19:16
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smoserinfinity, cloud-utils is in cloud-image seed.19:17
infinitysmoser: Is not.19:17
infinitysmoser: cloud-init and cloud-guest-utils are, but not cloud-utils.19:17
smosercloud-guest-utils is binary from cloud-utils.19:18
smoseris that not enough?19:18
smosercloud-utils is now metapackage.19:18
infinitysmoser: Sure, it's a metapackage that depends on cloud-guest-utils and cloud-image-utils.  Is all of that supposed to be in main, or just cloud-guest-utils?19:18
infinitysmoser: If it should all be in main, you should seed the metapackage somewhere.19:19
infinitysmoser: Especially if this is required for smooth upgrades from precise.19:19
infinitysmoser: So, you seed cloud-guest-utils to cloud-image, I'd suggest that you might want cloud-utils in supported.19:20
smosercloud-guest-utils and cloud-image-utils should be in main.19:20
smoseryeah. i'll add it in supported.19:21
smoserand maas will have the dependency on cloudimage-keyring sometime soon19:22
smoserroaksoax, ^ can you add that ?19:23
smoserfor your next upload19:23
smoserDepends: ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring19:23
roaksoaxsmoser: for maas?19:32
roaksoaxsmoser: what is that for?19:33
roaksoaxsmoser: i mean, what tool?19:33
smoserwhatever downloads ephemeral images.19:36
albertsbarry: do you have time?19:56
barryalberts: hi, what's up?20:07
albertsbarry: hi! I see you are patch pilot. can you look at this - https://code.launchpad.net/~albertsmuktupavels/ubuntu-themes/restore-space-between-applications-and-places-in-gnome-panel-raring/+merge/17824220:08
albertsbarry: and at this - https://code.launchpad.net/~albertsmuktupavels/indicator-applet/fix-for-1215337/+merge/18562320:08
pittirobru: ouch; is it using the http:// addresses by any chance? they usually lag behind a few minutes20:11
barryalberts: i'll take a look20:14
pittirobru: I modified bug 1079639 for an UIFe20:15
ubottubug 1079639 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "UIFE: Icons for error alerts are hokey" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107963920:15
robrupitti, some empirical study has shown that the lag between when a commit lands in trunk, and when jenkins is able to push a release, is more than 4hrs, but less than 7hrs (assuming it's consistent; i haven't tested enough to be able to see if it's random or not)20:40
robrupitti, it looks like your commit is 2hrs old, so I expect I'll be able to get a release out within 5hrs20:41
infinitysmoser: Did you want me to just do that supported seed change for you?20:48
infinitysmoser: (I'm trying to get some noise out of component-mismatches while I clean it up)20:48
barryalberts: i must confess that i am not really qualified to review these branches :/20:48
smoseri did it.20:48
smoserdidn't i?20:49
smosernow i did it.20:50
albertsbarry: who can do it?20:50
barryalberts: someone from the desktop team would probably be better20:50
albertsbarry: ok. thanks!20:51
barryalberts: not sure who's still online though ;) mterry perhaps?20:51
mterrybarry, hi20:51
mterrybarry, I'm on unity8 team these days  :)20:51
mterryof course I can still help20:52
barrymterry: ah.  i just looked at ~ubuntu-desktop ;)20:52
mterrybarry, what am I helping with?20:52
barrymterry: alberts has some branches ^^ that need review.  i'll be happy to sponsor them if you can review and approve them20:52
barrymterry: https://code.launchpad.net/~albertsmuktupavels/ubuntu-themes/restore-space-between-applications-and-places-in-gnome-panel-raring/+merge/17824220:52
barrymterry: https://code.launchpad.net/~albertsmuktupavels/indicator-applet/fix-for-1215337/+merge/18562320:53
infinitysmoser: Thanks.20:56
mterrybarry, alberts: looking, commented on first one21:03
Noskcajhow do i run debuild through pbuilder-dist?21:30
udevbotError: "pilotout" is not a valid command.21:31
barry@pilot out21:31
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albertsmterry: replied on first one21:46
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albertsmterry: replied to second too22:06
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mterrybarry, first MR you linked to is approved22:07
mterrybarry, second just needs some testing, but code seems fine22:07
pittirobru: wow, that seems like a weird delay, given our 4 hour landing cycle :)22:11
pittirobru: thanks22:11
jtaylorcan one opt out of this phased updates thing? i.e. get everything immediately?22:15
robrupitti, yes, this delay only started in the last couple weeks. also, 4-hour landing cycle has been disabled for several weeks22:16
robrubecause everything is broken and horrible22:16
cjwatsonjtaylor: http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=12722:17
cjwatsonjtaylor: referenced from https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-August/037563.html22:17
jtaylordo you know since when support for it is in update-manager?22:18
cjwatsonI added it in January22:20
cjwatsonI think it got SRUed back, not sure22:20
cjwatsonof course you can use apt-get and that always ignores phasing22:20
jtaylorhm k, I'm asking because my update manager seems to behave differently since a few weeks22:20
jtayloron 13.04, it pops up multiple times each time giving me a small chunk of updates22:21
cjwatsonhopefully bdmurray can investigate, he's the king of phased updates :)22:21
jtaylorbut I'm not sure if I may be imaging it, as I usually update via apt-get, so I'll first check if opting out changes anything22:21
infinitytjaalton: You need an MIR for glamor-egl, it looks like.22:24
tjaaltoninfinity: yes22:25
infinitytjaalton: Please file one? :)22:26
tjaaltonon it :)22:26
infinitytjaalton: Is this all new code, or something split from mesa or some such?22:26
tjaaltoninfinity: it's a new library22:26
bdmurrayjtaylor: could you elaborate on pops up multiple times each time?22:27
jtaylorit pops up offers me a couple updates, I apply, close update manager22:27
jtaylorit pops up right again with more22:27
bdmurrayYour /var/log/apt/history.log file might be helpful.22:28
jtaylorbdmurray: I had this today: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6130220/22:31
jtaylorthough it seems to be one regular and one security updates22:31
jtayloris it intentional they are split in two?22:31
bdmurrayapt and curl are undergoing phasing at the moment22:32
bdmurrayso its possible the first time you weren't selected to install them and later you were22:33
jtaylorI had this two split several times in the last few weeks22:34
bdmurrayoh, and I guess that would make more sense if they were further apart22:34
jtaylorreally close to each other22:34
robrupitti, so a build from r318 has been dispatched, but it seems to be going very slowly. I see it in the PPA but it doesn't look like it's made it into distro yet.22:35
bdmurrayokay, I'll have a look thanks22:35
robrupitti, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+packages?field.name_filter=ubuntu-themes&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter= keep and eye on that i guess22:35
jtaylorthis time there were 10 minutes because it was waiting on an ack of listchanges22:35
jtayloryesterday I had itpop up ~ minute after it was done with the first set22:35
jtaylor(on a different machine)22:35
jtaylorI'll check the logs tomorrow, but I think it might have also been security and regular updates22:36
infinityrobru: "Very slowly?"  It took 13 minutes to build, so there's only another 11 minutes of delay there so far.22:36
pittirobru: très bien, merci22:37
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robruinfinity, well, usually the misc stack runs quite quickly i thought, just a few minutes? seems like it's been running for 30 minutes now, i'm not sure that that's normal22:37
pittirobru: I think it'll get held in -proposed due to the freeze that cjwatson announced, but I sent that UIFe about it22:37
infinityrobru: PPA publication times vary a bit.  But still, I wouldn't call this "very slow" was all I was driving at.  It was only uploaded 24m ago.22:38
robruinfinity, I was referring to this: which started 35 minutes ago, seems uncharacteristically slow to me22:38
tjaaltoninfinity: btw, if you still want to meet and talk about the backport stack implementation & future, me and mlankhorst are both at lpc22:44
infinityHrm.  Shame Andy isn't.22:44
infinityBut still might be nice to have a chat.22:45
infinityI'm pretty convinced that what we're doing isn't the best we can do, by a long stretch, but sorting out what would be better could take some beer and a large whiteboard.22:45
tjaaltonthe lobby bar has napkins ;)22:46
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robrupitti, ok. it looks like it is done and I'm just publishing it now.22:58
robrushould be in -proposed shortly (before it was just in that PPA)22:58
tjaaltoninfinity: mir filed as bug 122791922:59
ubottubug 1227919 in glamor-egl (Ubuntu) "[MIR] glamor-egl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122791922:59
infinitytjaalton: Thanks.23:00
infinitymterry: If you've got a tiny bit of time, could you have a look at the above?23:00
mterryinfinity, is it time sensitive?  I can do now, but would slightly prefer to do tomorrow23:01
infinitymterry: Seems to be a new rdep of xorg-ati, but I'm sure it can wait a day, just not a month. ;)23:01
mterryinfinity, done  :)23:01
infinitymterry: Might need a light security audit too.23:01
infinitymdeslaur: ^23:01
mterryinfinity, ick, yeah, will assign to security now then, that can take a bit sometimes23:02
mdeslaurinfinity: thanks23:02
mdeslaursarnold: ^ one more for your list23:02
* mterry hugs sarnold for his audits23:03
* sarnold <3 :D23:03
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infinitysarnold: Doesn't look like it'll be a long audit, but I figure a library that will be linked into an X driver and running ring 0 might need a look-see.23:28
sarnoldinfinity: oh, nice, drivers can go one of two directions.. :)23:28
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