Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/uExwgidhc045zVPJ7fS6/ more or less.01:11
ochosibrainwash: could you re-pastebin your patch for the greeter's language menu? or submit it as a real patch, as you prefer07:29
ochosiit's lost in my backlog somewhere07:29
ochosibrainwash: could you re-pastebin your patch for the greeter's language menu? or submit it as a real patch, as you prefer09:47
brainwashochosi: http://lpaste.net/9328709:51
ochosithanks, that patch makes sense :)09:53
brainwashwell, no magical stuff involved :D09:54
ochosiyeah (which is good! :))09:54
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
brainwashthe xfce4-session package does not recommend "consolekit" anymore due to transition to systemd/logind, but it should recommend "systemd-shim" instead from now on (it does not yet). any thoughts?10:24
brainwashbug 122180910:24
ubottubug 1221809 in xfce4-session (Ubuntu) "systemd-shim removal causes restart to logout" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122180910:24
ochosifor everyone who's interested in the stupid abiword ruler issue we used to have, look here: http://bugzilla.abisource.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1330111:13
ubottubugzilla.abisource.com bug 13301 in Front End - GTK "AbiWord 2.9.2 Ruler widget looks bad in GTK3" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]11:13
ochosibtw, it only seems to affect greybird, bluebird and orion currently (albatross, numix, adwaita seem fine)11:22
knomeochosi, we should pick that up11:24
brainwashis the update notifier indicator not showing up at all?12:12
elfyI don't see it - update mangler has started showing up again recently though12:14
brainwashbesides, I installed htop using the software center, it actually did install htop.. and crashed in the end12:21
brainwashtypical USC story I guess :)12:21
jjfrv8only had time to do one testcase this morning. will do more tonight.13:03
knomejjfrv8, mhm, no problem :)13:04
elfythanks jjfrv8 13:07
knome(and yeah, thanks, you are already part of the minority ;))13:07
knomehey GridCube 13:09
knomeGridCube, you able to run some testing this cycle?13:09
GridCubehey mister knome 13:09
GridCubei might try13:09
knomebeta 2 testing is up until thursday13:09
knomethen we need even more testing for RC13:09
GridCubeok thats the same zsynck all the way right?13:10
knomethe images shouldn't need zsync before thurday, they are freezed13:11
knomebut yes, after that, zsyncing will eventually get you the RC images13:11
GridCubeok so ill fetch todays image and keep them updated13:12
knomeGridCube, thanks, every test is much appreciated13:12
GridCube:) will try to do them13:12
elfycool - I'd hate to have to set forestpiskie on you :)13:13
GridCubethere is only a xubuntu amd64 iso to download 13:14
GridCubeis that correct?13:14
elfyatm the 32bit is not there - there's a problem at ubuntu somewhere13:14
knomethe build machine has gone offline, so yes, you'll have to wait for the 32-bit images13:15
GridCubeok, im fetching this iso for now :) this machine supports making 64bits vms :D 13:16
GridCubethats what im running at the moment13:16
knomebluesabre, you gonna run tests? :)13:21
bluesabrewhen I get home tonight, sure!13:22
olbihello guys, I have been running dailys updates and there are errors with USC which is crashed sometimes after installing software13:23
knomeolbi, have you filed a bug?13:23
olbinot yet, I need to check this with todays Beta, maybe it was fixed :)13:24
knomeno idea about that, but sure13:24
knomeif you do a clean install, report the installation to the iso tracker, please13:24
knome(with appropriate bugs found)13:24
olbiyes, of course13:24
elfyI've not seen it today - but I only tried installing and removing one thing13:25
olbihow I can change avatar at logon screen?13:25
knomeolbi, cp yourimage.jpg ~/.face13:25
olbiok :)13:25
bluesabreyup, gotta get mugshot into 14.0413:26
knomeolbi, we'll have an application for that in T, if everything goes as expected13:26
knome^ that13:26
olbicool :D13:27
olbiare we planning to add Whisker Menu and Xfce Theme Manager as plugins in next release?13:28
brainwashtheme manager is already included13:29
brainwashisn't it?13:29
knomeyes, gtk-theme-config is in the seed13:29
GridCubeolbi, if you make a wikipage to promote them i might tag with you on the whisker menu :D13:29
elfy<knome> olbi, cp yourimage.jpg ~/.face - doesn't work here13:29
elfyis there some specific size of image needed?13:29
brainwashI think13:30
GridCubeor, get mugshot P:13:30
knomeelfy, that should though. ask for details from bluesabre (unless you don't have yourimage.jpg and are just trolling :P)13:31
elfyI'd not troll in here :)13:31
* elfy should check out mugshot really 13:32
knomeit allows you to control much more than just the profile image13:33
elfyI'll grab it when I see bluesabre next time 13:34
GridCubehe is like here right now P:13:34
elfythought he said he was off somewhere13:35
bluesabremugshot details and ppa info: http://www.smdavis.us/2013/07/27/mugshot-quick-and-easy-user-config/13:40
brainwashelfy: it did work for me, random 64x64 png file13:40
elfybluesabre: daily or stable? if you'd rather I installed the daily so I can test things if you want I'm happy to13:42
bluesabreelfy, your choice, not much dev happening on it at the moment, so they are probably the same right now13:43
elfyok - well I'll go for the daily one and if you want anything tested by 'just this guy' you can shout :)13:43
bluesabresure thing, thanks!13:44
elfybluesabre: no menu entry for it?13:46
bluesabreits in your settings manager13:46
bluesabre"About Me"13:46
elfywent there and looked for mugshot :)13:46
bluesabrea little misleading, but hey what can I do ;)13:47
knomebluesabre, change it? :P13:47
bluesabreno way!13:47
knomeyeah, i just pointed you "can" do that...13:48
elfyI assume you know that help fails13:48
bluesabrenews to me13:48
elfyok The URI ‘ghelp:mugshot’ does not point to a valid page.13:49
bluesabreI'll have a look at the package tonight13:49
elfysorry :(13:49
knomeelfy, thanks13:49
knomeelfy, better notice that now than when 14.04 is out...13:49
bluesabreyup, thanks elfy13:49
* elfy thanks the shaky hand that missed the enormous icon button ... 13:50
knomebluesabre, want to create a debdiff for micahg for the gmb stuff?13:52
bluesabreI thought he already mostly had one together?13:52
knomei didn't think anything :)13:53
bluesabregood idea13:53
bluesabreyeah, I'll see about throwing one together tonight13:53
elfyI'll join in on that plan13:53
elfythe not thinking one - just in case you get any ideas ... 13:54
knomewe'll probably land that after B2, there's already only so much time to run that testing13:54
bluesabreyeah, if today is b2 freeze there's no way you'll see it for b2 :D13:57
knomewell there is but...13:57
knomethere's always ways to get stuff in13:57
bluesabredidn't you say the isos get locked today?13:58
knomesure... but don't you think there is a way to un(b)lock? :)13:58
knomejust not worth it.13:59
bluesabreits easier to imagine that there is not :)13:59
knomebut it's always possible13:59
knomewell, a rebuild should be a press of a button for you too, since you are in xubuntu-release13:59
bluesabreoh yeah13:59
elfykeep up :)14:00
* bluesabre has super cow powers14:00
elfybluesabre: you want me to report that help thing as a bug so it doesn't get lost?14:00
bluesabreelfy, yeah if you don't mind14:01
bluesabremight also try logging out of your session and back in14:01
bluesabrenot sure if yelp/ghelp need to do some sort of updating14:01
elfyok - I'll do that first then14:01
elfybluesabre: I'll report it 14:06
bluesabrethanks elfy14:06
elfybluesabre: shall I subscribe us to it? 14:07
knomeplease do that14:07
bluesabreyes please14:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 1229205 in Mugshot "Help button results in Document not found" [Undecided,New]14:09
GridCubeit works on 13.0414:29
GridCubejust tested it :)14:29
knomeoff for now15:09
ali1234i've got a weird glitch... a small square in the top left of the screen that sits above all windows except the panel15:24
GridCubecan  you screenshot it?15:26
ali1234btw it is black on the left side because of the menu shadow15:30
GridCubemmm yes15:30
ali1234each time i open the menu it gets a little bit darker15:30
ali1234i notice the glitch itself has a shadow15:30
ali1234but it doesn't receive X input and especially xwininfo just passes through to the window behind15:30
GridCubeand xkill? 15:31
GridCubewont kill it?15:31
ali1234it will kill whatever window is behind it15:32
ali1234restarting the panel makes it go away15:32
GridCubedo you know how to try to repeat it?15:33
ali1234no, i never notice it appearing15:33
ali1234i just notice it's there15:33
ali1234it has happened several times though15:34
GridCubeali1234, :) try and see if you can figure a way to repeat it please 15:34
ali1234it is hard to tell when exactly it happens because when it's a region that isn't redrawing... so it has perfect camouflage15:34
GridCubei figure that much15:34
ali1234figuring out what owns it would help i think15:35
ali1234xfdesktop --reload doesn't make it go away15:35
ali1234ah i think i know exactly what it is15:38
ali1234it's the notification area (not indicators, the old gnome "tray" stuff)15:39
ali1234it's a 20x20 glitch because that is what size the notification icons are15:39
ali1234removing just the notification area from the panel made it go away15:40
ali1234and it appears when some java program makes a notification icon15:41
GridCubeali1234, please report a bug against it15:41
brainwashtry to disable the xfwm4's compositor15:41
brainwashisn't this a well known bug?15:42
ali1234is there some java program that makes a tray icon in the repos?15:42
GridCubeali1234, what xubuntu version are you using?15:45
GridCubemmm i understand that in saucy there is a new plugin indicator applet for gtk3 indicators15:47
ali1234yes there is15:47
GridCubeis the java application using this?15:47
GridCubei see15:48
ali1234well actually that code is not in saucy yet15:48
ali1234but anyway, this is only with the legacy notification system aka system tray15:48
GridCubeyes, thats what i was thinking15:48
ali1234the plugin is called "Notification Area" (but it has nothing to do with the pop up alert bubbles)15:49
ali1234it's almost certainly a java bug anyway15:49
ali1234like the one where accessing the clipboard from java leaks a copy of whatever is on the clipboard every single time15:50
* GridCube doesnt know15:50
ali1234java is complete rubbish :/15:50
brainwashso it's not related to xfwm4's compositor?15:50
ali1234well it might only happen when compositing is switched on15:50
ali1234but that's irrelevant - everything else that uses notification icons works fine15:51
ali1234hmm i have an idea what it might be actually15:54
GridCubeis it a feature now that the current desktop background turns into the lightdm background?17:56
GridCubei mean is that expected?17:57
elfyGridCube: you seen the 32bit are there now18:01
GridCubeim doing the amd64 one18:01
GridCubei am assuming the image is the same as earlier18:01
brainwashGridCube: accountsservice is responsible for this behavior18:01
GridCubeok :) is that i made an image with gimp, saved it as png and used it as background and then when i logged out it was there :P18:02
ali1234yeah that's been a feature for a couple of releases for unity users at least18:13
ali1234dunno if anything special was needed for xfce, probably not18:13
Unit193Works in Rarin'18:15
GridCubenever noticed in raring18:16
GridCubebut then again i never use the login manager18:16
GridCubehad to install synaptic 'cos USC would not allow me to set up my proxy18:17
GridCubeproxies are the worst in xubuntu18:17
GridCubebesides the abiword and the sound indicator everything seems fine18:23
ali1234i use ssh and socks for proxying18:25
elfythanks GridCube 18:25
ali1234no particular setup needed, you do need a ssh account somewhere of course18:26
Unit193ali1234: You use polipo or the like as well?18:26
GridCubeyou cant use USC out of the box in xubuntu if you have a proxy18:26
ali1234no, i just type in the proxy settings directly to firefox18:26
GridCubei find it rather bad that ubbiquity doesnt ask you for networking setting to set up things properly from there, i remember that using the alternate iso you could do so18:27
Unit193Heh, sadly not everything I use will take a socks proxy.18:27
ali1234i only use proxying to evade blocked services, such as my mobile provider blocking irc and various chat programs18:27
ali1234and also i use it as a poor man's cloak18:27
ali1234so in practice this means i only proxy pidgin, and sometimes firefox18:28
Unit193libxfce4ui got tagged.18:29
bluesabrelibxfce4ui got tagged?  what does that mean?18:40
elfysomeone ran up behind it and shouted "You're it"18:40
Unit193http://git.xfce.org/xfce/libxfce4ui/  means you don't have to roll from git head to get gtk3 indicators.18:43
knomeelfy, oi! in-flight collision :P18:43
knomeelfy, we both replied to that last post on the ML18:44
elfyI be you said - that's one test ... 18:44
knomenah, two tests it is18:44
knomeand two replies ;)18:44
elfyxpl and qa lead agreeing without knowing :p18:44
* elfy will have to work on that ... 18:45
Unit193Wow, better record it.18:45
knomerecord? we aren't corded...18:53
davmor2knome: if you're not corded does that mean you are cordless?19:00
knomedavmor2, yep.19:00
knomedavmor2, cordless, but aging analog device19:00
knomethere isn't even a vga port let alone hdmi outputs19:00
elfynot sure you should be talking about me like that ... 19:02
GridCubebut you do have organic photsensive receptors that took like years to develope19:03
knomethey're aging as well, not brand new anymore19:03
elfyall that time to develop and 50 years to ruin them ... 19:10
Unit193Bleh, was going to actually build xubuntu-core and see what it'd really pull in from a mini, but more effort than I'd want. :P19:17
elfyUnit193: I'll get the QA apprentice to do it ... 19:21
Unit193It's not hard, just :effort: :P19:23
elfyknome: just realised there's no upgrade tests there for b2 - shall I add them - can't remember if it's likely to end up losing the exisiting b2 tests19:25
elfynobody else has them enabled 19:26
knomeelfy, that won't affect current tests since it's a different product19:37
knomeelfy, we could just run those with the RC19:37
elfyok - I'll remember to set them 19:38
knomei'd imagine they're enabled for all flavors then, but it's always good to double-check19:39
knomei was about to say nice testing, but then i realized it's mostly you who did the tests19:39
elfyI'm not makring them ready - going to see how many pitch up :)19:40
brainwashis there a list of bugs which have to be fixed before final release?19:40
knomebrainwash, http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-s/group/topic-s-flavor-xubuntu.html19:41
brainwashknome: thanks19:41
knomewhat's lacking there is the abiword ruler theming fix, bug 103113719:42
ubottubug 1031137 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Abiword has strange black color" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103113719:42
elfyknome: and how do we get the fix in ? 19:44
* elfy hasn't ever really followed a bug that's got a bug fixed elsewhere19:44
elfythat sort of makes less sense than it did in my head ... 19:45
brainwashaccording to ochosi it might be fixable by adjusting the affected shimmer-themes19:46
brainwashnot an easy task I guess19:46
elfymissed that then - last I saw/read he was saying he'd been there before with it 19:47
brainwashthis one here on the other hand shouldn't be that hard to fix: bug 122763719:47
ubottubug 1227637 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "non existing key specified in override file" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122763719:47
elfybrainwash: it would be for me ;)19:49
brainwashcould it be added to the progress list?19:50
brainwashthe bug report I mean19:50
knomebrainwash, i talked with him earlier, but from the upstream bug i understood that the patch alone would fix most of the problems without touching themes19:57
knomethe latter isn't a very high-importance though? it doesn't really break anything, just throws a warning19:58
brainwashyes, an annoying warning :)19:59
knomesure, but still only a warning :)19:59
knomesetting as importance low19:59
knomei'm guessing the first thing to do would be checking what happens if that override is removed - does that change the behavior20:00
knomeif not, then just remove it; if it does, how to apply that without throwing a warning20:00
brainwashI removed it and the warning does not show up anymore, kinda expected, because the update-notifier dconf key does not exist anymore and therefore can't be altered20:01
knomebluesabre, ochosi: bug 122142620:02
ubottubug 1221426 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "incorrect mimetype in defaults.list" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122142620:02
Unit193brainwash: Which I hope means they changed the default rather than removed the config option.  Several other keys are removed as well.20:05
knomeochosi, bug 106981320:05
ubottubug 1069813 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "Applications like gufw and gtkorphan doesn't appear in Xubuntu's menu" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106981320:05
knomeochosi, fixed description, bug 106981320:06
brainwashah, the missing icon issue20:06
brainwashthere's also a duplicate somewhere20:07
brainwashbug 106351220:07
ubottubug 1063512 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Does not display icon if desktop file extension is in icon path " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106351220:07
Unit193I had booted the VM to compare the two com.ubuntu.update-notifier.gschema.xml files.20:07
knomebrainwash, marked as duplicate20:09
brainwashI did not expect that this missing icon problem still exists20:10
bluesabreyay, parole has a purpose!20:22
knomebluesabre, you too, maybe we should try to slip a bugfix in ;)20:22
bluesabreyup, will try to do that tonight20:23
brainwashknome: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-notifier/0.13820:23
knomebrainwash, oh right, that explains then. maybe add a comment and a link to that, and then we can mark the bug triaged20:26
brainwashknome: done20:28
bluesabreour team is doing awesome work this cycle :D20:29
knomebluesabre, bug 1227537 if you feel like it20:29
ubottubug 1227537 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "crashes with gsettings-desktop-schemas 3.10" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122753720:29
knomebluesabre, i can wholeheartedly agree20:29
bluesabreknome, is that the right bug?20:30
knomebug 122763720:31
ubottubug 1227637 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "non existing key specified in override file" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122763720:31
knomei would imagine it's just poking that one file and remove the key, then debdiff or whatever, and ramp it up the sponsor queue20:31
bluesabre yup20:32
knomeand if you have a patch in the bug, it's possible that dholbach picks it up20:32
bluesabreeasy fix20:32
knome...and you got yet another sponsored upload20:32
bluesabreyup, good times :D20:32
knomebetter times when you don't need them any more!20:33
knomeimagine; that bug could be fixed in the next 5 minutes if you had upload rights20:33
knome(less work too, no need for debdiffs, just go ahead and change the file contents and upload)20:33
bluesabrenice and painless20:34
bluesabreochosi: link me to the gmb bug?23:11
bluesabreUnit193, you around?23:53
Unit193bluesabre: No.23:53
bluesabreguess I'll try again later23:53
Unit193I'm a square.23:53
bluesabreno pi for you23:54
bluesabreI'm trying to update the debian folder in x-d-s, not quite sure how to fix this23:55
bluesabreW: xubuntu-default-settings source: syntax-error-in-dep5-copyright line 16: Continuation line outside a paragraph.23:55
bluesabrein relation to this changelog file: http://dpaste.com/1393470/23:56
Unit193Yep, you need a period at 15, 20, and 2423:57

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