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newLubuntujHello I'm new in Lubuntu. When I'm doing apt-get irssi for example It doesn't find the package. I guess I need to change my sources or something else ?08:56
Myrttisudo apt-get install irssi?08:57
Unit193It'd be  sudo apt-get install irssi   and if it doesn't find it, then most likely it's an  sudo apt-get update you need.08:57
newLubuntuin my question I said that I'm doing apt-get install :D08:57
newLubuntuI will try apt-get update thanks08:58
newLubuntuAh yes it's working ^^08:58
pAt_you didn't newLubuntu, read your question again ;)08:59
newLubuntuah yes I didn't write install ^^08:59
pjotrHello, I have a question about the merging of translations for Lubuntu Saucy.09:51
pjotrThe Dutch translations for the Ubiquity slideshow of Lubuntu Saucy, aren't complete yet in today's daily build. Although I completed them some weeks ago on Launchpad.09:51
pjotrWill they be merged before the final edition of Saucy?09:52
pjotrUnit193: maybe you can shed some light on this?09:56
Unit193pjotr: There was an upload just "yesterday", you informed knome and he found the right person.  This should have fixed it for both that and Lubuntu.10:01
Unit19310-12 doesn't have it10:01
Unit193Yeah, there are no builds for today, I'd check back soon when http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20131012/ fills up.10:02
pjotrUnit193: OK, thanks.... I downloaded the Lubuntu daily build an hour ago, and indeed it's the build of yesterday....10:05
pjotrI'll try today's builds of both Lubuntu and Xubuntu, as soon as they are available10:06
Unit193You'll be able to simply rsync or zsync them up, then.10:07
pjotrAnother thing: I can't find the place where I can translate lxsession-default-apps10:11
pjotrIt's not upstream at LXDE (where I am a translator as well), nor at Launchpad10:11
pjotrDo you know where I can translate it?10:12
Unit193Are you sure you can?10:14
pjotrUnit193: what do you mean?10:15
Unit193It's part of the lxsession source.10:16
pjotrWell, it's not translatable upstream. lxsession is fully translated into Dutch: http://pootle.lxde.org/nl/10:18
pjotrWeird that the strings for lxsession-default-apps don't show up there....10:19
* Unit193 doesn't know, only knows English so translations escape him.10:19
Unit193(Xubuntu daily is up, Lubuntu to follow.)10:20
pjotrI gave the link just to show the 100 % status.... :-)10:20
pjotrMaybe I should contact the LXDE devs about lxsession-default-apps?10:21
Unit193I have no idea.10:21
pjotrAbout the daily builds: thanks. I'll try them today and will report back both here and at xubuntu-dev10:23
melodiedoes someone have in mind how much space disk is required to install lubuntu saucy testing?14:09
melodiehere it says how much ram but not how much disk space: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/saucy/beta-1/14:15
holsteinmelodie: i would want 5gb's or so, to test what im interested in testing15:08
melodiehi holstein !15:09
holsteinmelodie: what are you dealing with? space-wise?15:09
melodiewould you also happen to know how long the lubuntu saucy version is meant to last?15:10
holsteinmelodie: AFAIK, they follow the normal support cycles.. 9 months support15:10
melodieI am partitioning to make space for lubuntu in a 37 GB hard drive where there is already a Debian, an Ubuntu Openbox Remix and all were on primary partitions (and the swap partition and one home partition... )15:11
melodie9 months is not much15:11
melodiewhen will there be a LTS for Lubuntu?15:11
holsteinmelodie: you are always welcome to, and encouraged to support it as long as you like15:11
holsteinmelodie: lubuntu *is* ubuntu, though, they have not had an official LTS for a while.. i read that 14.04 lubuntu is planned to be an LTS15:12
melodieit's not as simple, if we want new versions for pcmanfm, lxpanel, or else, we would need to rely on ppa if they exist15:12
holsteinmelodie: you can always build what you want15:12
melodieoh oh ! 14.04 \o/15:12
melodieholstein yes, but I'm not keen on packaging and there are other things I take care of :)15:13
holsteinmelodie: then, a non-rolling release distro like all the ubuntu's are may not fit your needs15:13
melodieit's not for my needs, I am an archlinux user, I contribute to Ubuntu because I prefer installing ubuntu to non tech user's machines15:14
melodiewell, I happen once a while to reboot to ubuntu for my needs, but seldom : only when archlinux has broken my printing abilities, and until it is fixed ;)15:15
holsteinmelodie: then, you know that it will meet the needs of those users.. you would install an LTS release for them15:15
holsteinxubuntu 12.04 is LTS.. ubuntu 12.04 is LTS, and you can add lxde and end up with bascially lubuntu.15:15
melodieyes, but I did a mistake for two or three of them, installed the lubuntu 12.04 thinking it was an LTS, and learned later it was not15:16
melodieyes you can, however the trick is in the version for the main programs : lxappearance, pcmanfm, and so on...15:16
melodieholstein are you a developer?15:17
holsteinmelodie: there is no trick.. the versions, like with all ubuntu's are "frozen".. if you need a newer version, you use a PPA as you mentioned, or add what you need manually15:17
melodieyes sure :)15:18
holsteinmelodie: the "feature" of non-rolling releases is that the versions dont change15:18
holsteinmelodie: if you prefer a differnt model, that is fine, but you cant have both15:18
melodiereplace "trick" by "the point is" and you get the idea I was willing to express15:18
holsteinmelodie: i am not a code contributor15:18
melodieearlier in the year it has been told about a rolling release ubuntu project on the dev mailing lists, I'm looking forward to see this come up15:19
melodieI have installed htop in the Live USB Lubuntu Saucy testing and when I launch it from the menus, it only starts the lxterminal console15:46
melodieI don't understand why, I checked the htop.desktop file and it is correct15:47
pjotrUnit193: the translation of the Ubiquity slideshow in both Lubuntu and Xubuntu has been fixed in today's daily builds. I just checked it. :-)19:24
plusEVHi guys, I am missing sound on Lubuntu 13.0420:05
plusEVCan anyone help with that?20:05
melodieplusEV what did you try so far?20:09
plusEVmelodie: not much. configured my system but not the sound. This is a new install.20:10
melodiethen what about starting to install what is missing?20:12
melodiealsa-oss if you want to use alsa, and some gstreamer codecs20:12
melodieand fluendo-mp3 ...20:12
phillwone of the easiest things to install is the lubuntu-restricted-extras package. That has a lot of the stuff we cannot ship on the default ISO20:13
plusEVI juste read on google I might be using sound through my hdmi20:13
plusEVI will try that fix first20:13
phillwI've had it reported that the 'easy' way is not working for some, so either use LSC of the command line at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats20:15
plusEVwill try a reboot20:21
melodiephillw hi!20:21
melodiewhile I'm here, how do people restart alsa when they don't use pa and need to restart the sound daemon or whatever replaces it?20:22
phillwhi melodie  I have been follwing the emails :)20:22
melodieoh great!20:23
melodieI have started uploading some screenshots20:23
melodiefor two dfi20:23
melodieno for three different installs yet20:23
melodiehi thehodapp what do you test?20:24
phillwmelodie, I have no problems with alsa, however If you'd like to have a read through, I found this ... http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/3800-solved-how-does-a-user-restart-alsa-without-rebooting/20:25
melodieok phillw thanks20:28
melodieit must be "sudo alsa force-reload"20:30
phillwmelodie, I only found a link with highly sort [SOLVED] tag, it is for you to read it :P20:36
melodieI have seen the one above command in your link and also in an "askquesionsubuntu" forum thread not so long ago in fact20:42
melodiephillw may I ask you a question?21:45
melodieI mean are you still around and a little available?21:46
phillwmelodie, I'm always lurking some where.. If you do get a reply, try out the contacts at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw :)21:47
phillw*do NOT get*21:48
melodiephillw you have pointed me to the blueprint place for the one lubuntu which is about to spread out21:48
phillwI gave you the one for zram21:49
melodiefor the concern I have with zram and sysctl.conf wouldn't it be more interesting to head up to the blueprint place for 14.04 ?21:49
phillwthat is why there is a blueprint :)21:49
melodieI'm not yet sure about how zram and the swappiness may interfere one with the other21:49
melodiewhat I know for sure is that in a quite strong machine p4 dual core 2.8 Ghz and 3 GB ram it was lagging, which should not, but it was not lagging anymore a lot after reconfiguring sysctl.conf and adding the swappiness values21:50
phillwmelodie, nor do I... I'm just a tester. I'd never looked at zram before the bug arose. I knew lubuntu had used a particular config file; but that was all.21:51
melodieI am not sure how I have to use this place: is that as21:51
melodiecan you help me to get started with this blueprint place ?21:51
melodiedo I need to use the email as in a mailing list?21:51
phillwmelodie, if you head over to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lubuntu-brainstorming/+spec/zram-config and sign on, you will see my comment and be able to update comments on the white board area.21:53
melodieI look immediatly21:53
melodieI see: "Whiteboard21:54
melodieHello Melodie"21:54
melodiedo I need to click to "Edit whiteboard" ?21:54
phillwyup ! So now add your findings using the edit :)21:55
melodieok thank you21:55
melodienow I'll install virtualbox in Lubuntu Saucy just installed and if I can get it, I'll install again, but with very little RAM available21:56
phillwI'm still a learner for that area. Our Head of Dev set it up so that people could make proposals for 14.04 and them not get lost in the fog of emails. One idea == one blueprint.21:56
melodieI can understand that21:56
melodieI am thinking how I can tweak the zram setup from within a live, it's quite easy21:57
melodieI can do my changes and then from there just restart the zram-config service21:57
melodiebut for the swappiness that would be another story, I have no idea if I can have it changed on the fly21:57
melodiehere are the screenshots I've taken so far: http://meets.free.fr/Downloads/LubuntuSaucyTesting22:00
phillwmelodie, the idea behind a whiteboard, is that things can be discussed; and wiped clean as the converstation goes. Only when completed can it become a blueprint :)22:00
phillwRather than delete things, they just need marking as "tried this and it didn't work" etc. This stops people running the same tests over again :)22:01
melodiephillw yes, I can understand22:03
melodienow I can test, I have all the tools I need to test separately each item22:04
melodiethe command line I was looking for is an echo 'value' to /proc/sys/vm/swappiness (as root)22:04
phillwmelodie, excellent, I look forward to the comments on there :)22:04
phillwmelodie, for that, you will have to ask the 'clever' people :)22:06
melodieI always ask the clever people when in need.22:07
phillwmelodie, for zram... I'm not one of them! Nor am i for many other areas!22:08
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phillwmelodie, you can always accept it :D22:13
melodiephillw it's quite late here and I also had to solve an issue for the linuxvillage website management22:16
melodienow I want to install lubuntu saucy to virtualbox into lubuntu saucy :D22:17
melodiefor zram, once I wondered why it was still in the staging directory22:17
phillwmelodie, I'm still on the hunt for a WP savvy person.22:17
melodieso I went to the compcache ml22:17
melodiephillw I'm your person22:17
melodiewhat do you need?22:17
melodiewell if I'm not saavy enough I will tell you22:17
melodiecome to #linuxvillage to talk about it?22:18
phillwmelodie, http://ubuntugnome.org/ needs the page updating, but from what I read, it is a static home page that cannot be easily updated. I'm hoping you know other wise.22:19
melodieit's not a static page22:21
melodieit's not even configured as a home page, the website is configured as a blog, not as a content management with a static home page22:21
melodieyou need to update the engine22:22
phillwwhich engine?22:23
melodiefor this you do a copy of the whole content by ftp or by a cpanel if any, then a full backup of the database in a compressed / archived shape (in phpmyadmin you need to select the advanced mode to get to it)22:23
melodiethe wordpress content management system22:23
melodiedo I continue explaining?22:23
phillwmelodie, would you /j #ubuntu-gnome it is that team who need the help.22:24
melodiethen you do a full backup from within the admin board to get a xml file22:24
melodiethe team is welcome at #linuxvillage22:24
melodieI'm not going to spread now22:24
melodieor you can point to hte codex and forums for them22:24
phillwokies, I'll just hope their admin for the WP gets well soon, I've done as much as I can and whilst being an admin I have no experience of WP :(22:25
melodiebelieve me: all it takes is backup everything, then there are mainly three files to keep : that's to say one directory and two files22:26
melodieyou keep the wp-content, the .htaccess and the wp-config.php22:27
melodieonce all is backed up you will remove all the rest in the remote website22:27
melodieand once done you upload the new content:22:27
melodiedon't mistake, be inside the wordpress directory before starting the upload22:27
melodiebecause you must replace the wp-admin and the wp-includes and re-upload the other files22:28
melodiebefore removing you can de activate all plugins22:28
melodieyou will re activate them once the job done22:28
phillwmelodie, I've contacted the TL for ubuntu-gnome. That is as much as I can do.22:29
melodiethere is one trick I use:22:29
melodiein the wordpress directory content which I will upload22:29
melodieI always remove the readme and in the wp-admin the install.php22:29
melodieTL ? who is TL ?22:30
melodieteam leader?22:30
phillwmelodie, I do not even know where the area is hosted. Remember one thing.... I'm a tester, not a dev :D darkxst  is the TL (Team Leader) and is currently AFK (Away From Keyboard)22:33
melodie$ ping ubuntugnome.org22:34
melodie64 bytes from citrusnobilis.canonical.com (
melodieyou have part of the answer22:35
melodienow a "whois" should tell you the rest22:35
phillwmelodie, if it is part of canonical.com then it is set up by the IS people, your suggestion would need a support ticket raising. So, I'll leave the answer to darkxst to follow up. All I agreed to do was to try and update http://ubuntugnome.org/ :D22:37
melodiedo you have the ftp access?22:38
melodieand the access to the admin board?22:38
melodieyou need both to do a good job22:39
phillwnot to canonical.com :)22:39
phillwmelodie, this is what I see in the AP http://imagebin.org/27353422:41
melodieok, first go to the menu "Tools" on the left22:44
melodieand do an export22:44
melodiefull export, authors pages posts..22:45
melodiekeep it aside in a special "BackupUbuntuGnome" directory22:45
phillwI selected Choose what to export22:45
phillw All content22:45
melodieafter that don't deactivate the plugins at once22:45
melodieyes, this is right22:45
melodieafter that don't deactivate the plugins at once22:45
melodiebut start the ftp client and login to the website by ftp22:46
phillwgive me 5 mins...22:46
melodieyou need to have the access to the files22:46
phillwi need a nicotine enhancement :)22:46
melodieberk, bad for your happiness!22:46
phillwmelodie, start what ftp client?22:50
melodiedo you have one installed? If not what about Filezilla?22:52
melodiedo you have the identifiers for the connexion?22:52
melodieyou need a login and a password to access with the ftp protocol22:53
melodieand the adress of the ftp of course22:53
phillwmelodie, funny you should say that, just installing it. Do remember that I'm running a clean install of 13.10 on my hardware and have not yet installed all the tools that I usually have :)22:53
phillwmelodie, so, login and password for the site, please?22:54
melodiehow would I know?22:55
melodiethis is a secret hold only by the administrator22:55
phillwmakes two of us... and I doubt canonical are going to give it me!22:56
melodieask the one who asked you to take care of the update22:57
melodieyou see, you have part of the backup only22:57
melodieif you happen to update the website from within the admin board and screws it, you will have no mean to restore it22:57
phillwSo, from what you say; it is not possible for any admin to update the page at http://ubuntugnome.org/ which is rather odd, as Ali managed to do it.22:58
melodiethis is not an update22:58
melodiethis is an edition22:58
melodieyes, you can edit22:58
melodiego to :22:58
melodieand look for the post you want to change22:58
melodietell the people administrating this website that it needs to be updated!22:59
melodiethe version is 3.5.2 and the latest available is 3.6.x22:59
phillwmelodie, and, you, are a star! http://ubuntugnome.org/ (please proof read it! )23:03
melodieso you have been able to edit the post?23:05
phillwhave a look :D23:07
melodieI have, but I had not read formerly, just looked vaguely at the page23:07
melodiewhat about a wordpress of your's to put the hand in it?23:08
melodiehttp://phillw.wordpress.com is waiting for you!23:08
phillwmelodie, I have http://phillw.net/ I do not blog, and still have my legacy forum area. I've enough to keep up with everyone else!23:10
melodieI have not added a new post since some time on my wordpress blog: http://meylodie.wordpress.com/23:17
melodietesting lubuntu saucy zsynced tonight in a vbox in lubuntu testing installed just before,23:58
melodieI could not even do a simple apt-get update with the vbox setup with 256 mb ram23:59
melodieit got stucked23:59
melodieI have rebooted with 386 Mb ram and now installed htop inside23:59

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