samurai2hi there,03:14
samurai2Is there a command in ubuntu so that I can add a line to a .conf file if it's not existed yet?03:14
samurai2echo "hello" >> my_file.conf03:15
samurai2but it will keep adding hello to the new line03:15
samurai2thanks :)03:15
stgraber[ ! -e "$my_file.conf" ] && echo "hello" > my_file.conf03:16
samurai2stgraber : thanks for the answer, but it's replacing the whole file not adding a new line.03:30
stgraberjust >> then03:41
stgraberwell, I guess you actually want:03:42
stgrabergrep "^hello$" my_file.conf -q && echo "hello" >> my_file.conf03:42
stgraberhmm, that's wrong, I meant: grep "^hello$" my_file.conf -q || echo "hello" >> my_file.conf03:42
stgraberwhich will only append hello to the file if it's not already in there03:42
samurai2stgraber : thanks, it's worked now. :D04:07
samurai2Hi how to find a line with a word such as #*.*   localhost06:58
samurai2where we don't care about how many space between #*.*   localhost06:58
stgraberhighvoltage: new Edubuntu image available for testing15:37
stgraberhighvoltage: FWIW I tested 14.1 yesterday and it looked reasonably good15:37
stgraberhighvoltage: we still have the weird issue where Unity starts when using flashback with compiz but I doubt we'll get that resolved by release15:38
undead_ratI'm trying to install edubuntu with wubi, but it kept failing out at distro checks; first it was unable to locate the vmlinuz (because it had a .efi extention, rebuilt the iso to fix that) and now it's failing because 12.04.03 != 12.04.02; where should I change the 03 to 02 at?17:38

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