Makyogary_poster, bcsaller I proposed but never merged.  Want to just include my change, bcsaller ?00:36
MakyoFell asleep :(00:36
MakyoI'll keep QAing tonight, though00:37
bcsallerMakyo: I haven't seen it yet, but am happy to look. I've been working through test failures here00:37
Makyobcsaller, Okay,  https://codereview.appspot.com/14430061/ lp:~makyo/juju-gui/coords - gary_poster QA'00:38
Makyoqa'd for initial rendering of services with annotations00:38
Makyo(though if your branch gets that incidentally, nvm)00:38
bcsallerthat was a good find, I have tried to remove the whole hasBeenPositioned case and leave the annotations in place to know that (but haven't been able to convince the tests of this yet)00:39
rick_h_huwshimi: ping02:15
huwshimirick_h_: Hey02:16
rick_h_huwshimi: hey, can you dump out what services is in your code sample?02:16
huwshimirick_h_: Sure, one sec.02:16
rick_h_huwshimi: the token doesn't take a model, it has to be model.getAttrs()02:16
rick_h_huwshimi: but not sure that a bundle.get('services') will be real charm models either. Looking at that now02:17
huwshimirick_h_: services is Object {haproxy: Object, mediawiki: Object, memcached: Object, mysql: Object}02:18
rick_h_huwshimi: right, so services isn't really good info. 02:18
rick_h_huwshimi: check out that bundle and note that the services block is kind of wishy-washy. It might be a branch, it might be a charm store url, it might be a charm name/series02:18
rick_h_huwshimi: so when you request a bundle from charmworld, it'll provide the charm model details in the charm_metadata key02:19
rick_h_huwshimi: you have to look in there. It doesn't appear it's in the bundle model atm, but it's used in the view and such it looks like02:20
rick_h_huwshimi: bzr grep "charm_metadata"02:20
huwshimirick_h_: OK thanks, I'll take a look02:22
rick_h_huwshimi: ok, put notes into the email reply. Let me know if you need more help. 02:24
huwshimirick_h_: Thanks rick, much appreciated.02:25
* gary_poster starts review & qa of Ben's branch. Departure in T-26 minutes12:09
bacrick_h_: i'm about half-way done with your review.  must relocate right now but will get right on it.12:11
rick_h_bac: rgr, thanks!12:13
gary_posterquick hack idea: http://jujugui.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/if-you-want-to-run-a-custom-gui/12:26
antdillonHey guys, does anyone have some spare time to review my onboarding branch and help land it under a flag?13:37
rick_h_antdillon: sure thing, paste the merge proposal in here. Can you submit with lbox?13:42
bacrick_h_: review done.13:49
rick_h_bac: ty much sir13:49
rick_h_antdillon: make sure to run 'make lint' in your branch 13:57
rick_h_antdillon: checking out the test run now to make sure I can lbox it up for you13:58
bacrick_h_: now that we have 'bzr rvsubmit' we may want to start requiring the use of lbox for charmworld.  if we do, we can add a .lbox that does 'make lint'.  that'll prevent late stage, landing failures due to lint.14:00
rick_h_bac: true, there's a .lbox now just don't think it runs lint14:00
baci'm +2 on it.  (me and presuming benji's +1 given previous conversations)14:00
rick_h_bac: at least I hope that's why it took forevery for my lbox to submit14:00
bacoh, whee, it has been there all along14:01
rick_h_antdillon: we're going to have to talk about lint :P 14:01
antdillonrick_h_, Sure14:02
bacrick_h_: .lbox.check could probably be simplified to 'make check'14:02
rick_h_bac: ah, good call14:03
baci*hate* that we do 'apt-get update' twice!14:03
rick_h_bac: did we find out if there's any reason?14:03
rick_h_something for the charm or something?14:03
rick_h_running through the lint fixes since they're pretty easy, just a bunch of them. Things like proper spacing, lines too long, etc. 14:05
rick_h_antdillon: ^14:05
rick_h_antdillon: will push up to lbox in a sec14:05
bacrick_h_: i think they just want to be up-to-date before installing the python-software-properties and then it is required to update again after adding the PPAs.14:06
antdillonrick_h_, Cool thanks14:06
bacprobably the right thing to do for a clean install but annoying waste of time for devs14:06
rick_h_antdillon: do you need the JujuBaseView (horrible name of something to get model binding?14:09
antdillonrick_h_, I dont believe I do, I inherited it from the login view14:10
* bac off to get flu shot. bbiab with sore arm14:10
rick_h_antdillon: coolio14:10
rick_h_bac: ouch, yea mine was sore for 2 days :/14:10
rick_h_man, lbox hates me today. Timed out 3 times now14:29
gary_posterhey antdillon.  did you get the info you wanted about flags?  Sorry, was out for a while on a tour of a school for my older son14:32
antdillongary_poster, Yeah rick_h_ is on it. Thanks14:33
rick_h_antdillon: https://codereview.appspot.com/14700043 is your review url14:33
rick_h_antdillon: will review and add notes. We'll need to rope a second person in on it and go through qa and such. 14:34
antdillonrick_h_, Great thanks14:37
antdillonrick_h_, I'll wait for a second reviewer and your notes14:37
rick_h_antdillon: yep, and I'll add notes for the feature flag in my review notes. 14:38
rick_h_antdillon: the reason we're flagging it is that we expect more feedback/changes before we 'release' it to the wild?14:38
antdillonrick_h_, The main reason is because its not storing the dismiss value so its showing on each reload which would get annoying quickly14:39
rick_h_antdillon: oh, yea that's not good14:39
rick_h_antdillon: https://codereview.appspot.com/14700043/ is initial review feedback and one is as not on checking the feature flag. 14:56
rick_h_loading up to qa now14:56
rick_h_antdillon: and I thought you had a test file? I don't see any test code14:57
rick_h_antdillon: qa notes added as well15:00
antdillonrick_h_, No test file im afraid15:00
antdillonrick_h_, Thanks15:00
rick_h_antdillon: ok, we'll have to work on that. :) 15:01
antdillonrick_h_, Sure15:01
gary_posterjuju-gui, hadoop charm still broken (broken again!) in comingsoon.  release blocker.  will make critical card asap15:02
antdillonrick_h_, Should I work through your notes and let you know when my branch is updated?15:02
rick_h_antdillon: yes please. Let me know if you need to chat on any of them. 15:02
antdillonrick_h_, Will do thanks15:03
rick_h_antdillon: and once you've got an update I'll pull those down and update this merge proposal. Then we'll get a second review in on the updated branch. 15:03
gary_posterbcsaller, please ping when you are around15:04
bcsallergary_poster: I'm around15:04
gary_posterbcsaller, did a code review as well.  lots of small stuff.  If you would like me to prepare a branch with the trivials, to save you some time, I would be happy to.15:35
gary_poster(well, there was lots of small stuff, but a few less trivial issues as well)15:35
antdillonrick_h_, I didn't use CSS hover for the cross icon because its moving the sprite background so I need to change the class on it. Is there a way to use the sprite with :hover?15:39
rick_h_antdillon: hmm, I missed that. I thought it was just for the hand effect. I didn't notice a cross icon. /me qa's it up again15:41
antdillonrick_h_, Cool thanks, thought I was missing something :)15:41
gary_posterj u j u g u i call in 18 (me warms up)15:42
rick_h_antdillon: any reason we can't just show/hide the panels? and the cross not need to move?15:42
rick_h_antdillon: ignore me, I'm confused15:43
rick_h_antdillon: ok, so the sprite X icon. Ugh, ok. Let it be then. 15:44
antdillonrick_h_, Cool, might be nice in the future to have a hander class for sprite interactions15:44
gary_posterfwiw, the hadoop issue is with the charm, not the gui.  it is the same thing hatch fixed a week or two ago.15:48
rick_h_phew, not my fault then :) 15:48
rick_h_gary_poster: proof needs <3 then?15:48
rick_h_gary_poster: or charmworld ingest?15:49
gary_posterrick_h_, oh, good point.  yeah, proof I guess. the problem is that config option names must not have dots in them15:49
gary_posterit breaks CLI and GUI in different ways15:49
gary_posterjujugui call in 1015:49
rick_h_gary_poster: cool, maybe hit up marcoceppi witha bug while he's in the proof code right now15:49
Makyojujugui call in 1015:49
rick_h_gary_poster: goes 2 for 2!15:50
rick_h_while holding a side conversation, impressive15:50
gary_posterrick_h_, yeah, thanks will do15:50
MakyoI had it all typed out and everything :(15:50
gary_posterwell, you knowm, you have to keep focus on what's important :-P15:50
rick_h_lol, I see SFO time being spent on... "guitbot2000"15:50
marcoceppigary_poster: I think there's a fix for that already15:50
gary_postermarcoceppi, there's a fix for the charm that we offered but apparently t has not been merged15:51
gary_posterJeff gave it to Kapil--we did not propose15:51
gary_postermarcoceppi, I can try to get that out there15:51
gary_postermarcoceppi, but you are saying proof already has that rule?15:51
hazmati pushed it out to a charm branch15:52
marcoceppigary_poster: there are a bunch of fixes to proof from adeuring, let me check if that was one15:52
gary_posterthanks marcoceppi 15:52
gary_posterhazmat, yeah, cool.  Could you propose it for merging to official charm?  Or do you want me to?15:52
hazmatgary_poster, if you could that would be great15:53
gary_posterhazmat, cool will do.15:53
adeuringgary_poster, marcoceppi: the charmtools proofer will _not_ check if dots appear in config option names. But that would be easy to add, of course15:54
bacgary_poster: huw asked me on irc last night about priority for new blingy import/export icon work.  i wasn't at my computer so i didn't reply.  i'd guess it is low but don't know what he's working on.15:54
marcoceppiadeuring: cool, thanks for the confirmation. I'll just throw that in there15:54
marcoceppigary_poster: is that policy anywhere?15:54
marcoceppihazmat: ?15:55
gary_postermarcoceppi, no.15:55
hazmatmarcoceppi, juju docs are the only place they would, most of the rules are encoded as code the core charm implementation, the intent was that proof would remain an independent validation of that implicit spec.15:56
adeuringseems that we need a way to synchronize the charm docs and the proofer somehow...15:56
hazmati dunno that i find that intent very compelling..  its more bugs than reality.. the alternative is to just go ahead and have proof run a simple go program against the charm15:57
hazmatso that proof is a final word on validity that matches against juju and the store15:57
gary_posterjujugui clal in 215:58
gary_posteror 115:59
rick_h_bac oops he ran away16:24
rick_h_antdillon: very cool, one more comment on your build/browse. Did you verify the QA issue where the mask was acting funny the first two steps?16:27
antdillonrick_h_, Oh no, must have missed that one16:33
antdillonrick_h_, Let me take a look16:33
antdillonrick_h_, Resolved your comment. It's EOD here soon, is there anything you need from me before I head off?16:48
rick_h_antdillon: looking16:48
rick_h_antdillon: did you see the one "QA Notes:" ?16:49
rick_h_antdillon: if you're EOD I'll hit you up in the morning and we can go from there and get this landed tomorrow16:49
rick_h_antdillon: thanks for the work on it today. 16:49
rick_h_bac: welcome back! fyi updated with comments and code https://codereview.appspot.com/14441069/16:50
antdillonrick_h_, Got the QA Notes one and replied. Np, thanks for your review today. See ya tomorrow.16:51
gary_posterfrankban, LGTM with a few trivials17:02
gary_posterhave a nice evening17:02
frankbangary_poster: thanks!17:02
frankbangary_poster: re "juju switch". I decided to use that because 1) "juju switch myenv" does not change the environment.yaml[default] and 2) ~/.juju/current-environment seemed to me an implementation detail for the thing exposed by "juju switch" (with no args). I agree it feels fragile, I'd like something like "juju switch --format json"... 17:08
gary_posterfrankban, sounds good.  file juju core bug tomorrow?17:10
frankbangary_poster: ok :-)17:10
bacre-reviewed rick_h_.  looks great.17:35
rick_h_bac: thanks!17:35
jcastrogary_poster, I am filing your BPs etc for the sprint, so if you get a ton of spam, I apologize now! 17:55
gary_poster:-) ack jcastro thx17:56
bacmy favorite recent discover is 'pp' in pdb.  for the longest time i would import pprint when i needed it.  silly me.19:06
gary_posterjujugui, super-duper important sprint activity: update our wordpress blog's background to have new service blocks!  Let's do it!19:25
bacgary_poster: +119:26
Makyogary_poster, haha, yeah!  Someone make a pretty openstack deployment!19:26
gary_posterOK, a prize for the person who guesses this without looking at blog stats: what country has the most page views of the gui blog in the past 30 days?  If you win, you have to tell me how the heck you guessed this country.19:30
bacuruguay because that's where all the cool people are migrating19:34
gary_posterheh.  nope.19:34
bacis the prize your voice on my answering machine?19:36
gary_posterlol, I was thinking more like buying a drink19:36
* bac relocates to a place with more jojo19:36
gary_posterhey Makyo, I am trying to do review/qa of bcsaller's branch now.  could you be the other reviewer pls? https://codereview.appspot.com/14695043/21:54
bcsalleroh, thanks22:02
gary_posterhey huwshimi 22:03
huwshimigary_poster: So I think the bundle charm details is a much larger piece of work than I'm going to be able to do...22:07
gary_posterhuwshimi, oh, really?  ok.  what's the story?22:08
huwshimigary_poster: Well, it looks like we need to modify API calls and do a bunch of other things to actually get the charm details22:09
huwshimigary_poster: Stuff that I'm not qualified to do :)22:10
gary_posterhuwshimi, how so?  we already have charm_metadata on the bundle22:10
Makyogary_poster, yeah22:10
gary_posterthat's everything you need, isn't it?22:10
gary_posterthanks Makyo 22:10
* Makyo also, returns from dogwalk. Freezing :|22:10
huwshimigary_poster: I'm not sure, I'm going off what Rick said yesterday22:11
huwshimigary_poster: And he seemed to think we didn't have the pieces in place yet...22:11
MakyoNext winter comes slowly pale meager and old, first trembling with age and then quiv'ring with cold. (Why I still have all my Freshman jury music memorized is beyond me...)22:11
gary_posterI think we may be reading different things huwshimi.  I'm trying to rush but I can probably do a hangout in 522:12
huwshimigary_poster: We can if you like, but this stuff is WAY over my head :(22:13
* gary_poster had to look up to see Makyo's quote was Purcell22:13
gary_posterhuwshimi, ok.  let's talk22:13
gary_posterready soon22:13
huwshimigary_poster: OK, let me know :)22:13
MakyoThough Sting did a cover recently, gary_poster :)22:13
gary_posterMakyo, heh22:14
gary_posterMakyo, I think I heard that album.  pseudo early music?  my vague memory is "enh"22:14
Makyogary_poster, yeah.  It wasn22:14
MakyoIt wasn't awful, but gosh, Sting's mouth is big.22:14
MakyoDitto Bowie.  Words just come tumbling out, tripping over everything in the way.22:15
gary_posterheh, yeah I think I know what you mean.  I can remember delivering a song in that manner and being less than pleased when I heard the recording22:15
MakyoAnd no matter how much Christmas music he sings, he'll always be Feyd Rautha in David Lynch's Dune wailing "Rooooxaaanne!", to me.  22:16
MakyoHis past is colorful, I guess.22:16
gary_posterlol yeah22:17
gary_posterbcsaller, "Awesome!  LGTM and qa good, with trivial.  Thank you!"22:17
bcsallerahh great22:17
gary_posteroh wait I forgot to try live instance, 1 sec22:17
MakyoUh, sorry, reviews.  Will get on that.22:17
gary_posterbcsaller only one qa problem, and I'm ok with pushing this to another branch (& person) if you wish.  it is kind of important, though.  In a real environment, I did the following: (1) open GUI.  I see GUI service in center.  fine.  (2) drag GUI.  GUI moves around fine. (3) Make mediawiki ghost via drag.  Fine.  (4) drag ghost. Fine. (5) Deploy ghost.  fine.  (6) reload GUI.  Uh-oh: charms are to bottom right, and en22:21
gary_postervironment is not panned to center.22:21
gary_posterbcsaller, ok with landing without fix, though fix will be necessary from team before release.  Thanks!22:22
gary_posterhuwshimi, I need to go to dinner.  will ping you later.22:22
huwshimigary_poster: Sure22:22
bcsallergary_poster: yeah, I might have to pass that off, doesn't seem too big though, might have to put the centroid recording back in, I didn't see that case in my qa22:23
rick_h_gary_poster: huwshimi all good?22:33
rick_h_gary_poster: huwshimi the api thing was just adding an ATTR to the bundle model if I follow where you're chatting22:34
huwshimirick_h_: We were going to try and have a call to figure things out...22:35
rick_h_huwshimi: k, let me know if there's anything I can do to help. You and I can chat if you want real quick if it unblocks you?22:35
rick_h_huwshimi: the card isn't very descriptive so not 100% sure what you're heading on. Is there a wireframe you're working from?22:36
huwshimirick_h_: Nope, making things up as I go :)22:37
rick_h_huwshimi: awesome! :)22:37
rick_h_huwshimi: invite on the way22:37
huwshimirick_h_: Essentially we need to display a list of charms and have some what to show their config details as well22:37
huwshimi*some way22:37
rick_h_all the charms config details?22:37
rick_h_huwshimi: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/lite/2bdee1ff16f92239f6723ec2db0efd4af3bbde88?hl=en22:37
huwshimirick_h_: "You're not allowed to join this video call."22:39
gary_posterrick_h_, huwshimi may I come by?22:40
rick_h_huwshimi: try https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/10fe9c48d75b9ebbe273219cb03f4e53869ce4f7?authuser=122:40
gary_posterbut take off "authuser"22:41
rick_h_gary_poster: coolio we're in22:41
Makyogary_poster, bcsaller will work on centering.22:58
gary_posterAwesome thank you Makyo.  Making card for you now22:58
bcsallerMakyo: I suspect my change about not recording centroid will go back and it can solve that case, I didn't think of it at the time22:58
huwshimirick_h_: Hmmm... still getting "Failed to load charm details. Charm API server did not respond". It appears to be looping through the charms ok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6242914/23:01
Makyogary_poster, bcsaller cool, thanks.  Will get on that.  LGTM otherwise; I say land.23:02
Makyo(If you haven't already)23:02
gary_poster+1 bcsaller23:02
bcsallerI think that was a pretty good "on to the next thing" branch23:02
gary_posterdefinitely!  thanks bcsaller :-)23:03
gary_posterwe'll miss you, but you will do awesome things in the new place23:03
bcsallerthanks :)23:03
bcsallerI'll miss this team 23:04
rick_h_huwshimi: what call is it making?23:13
rick_h_huwshimi: in the network tab, what api call is going out that's failing?23:14
rick_h_huwshimi: this is called from the _renderBundleView I assume?23:14
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah, called in the _renderBundleView23:16
huwshimirick_h_: How would I tell which call it is?23:18
rick_h_huwshimi: it should be a 404 or something?23:18
rick_h_a failed request23:18
huwshimirick_h_: Nothing is 404ing. I only get the error in the gui itself23:18
huwshimi(a growl-style notification)23:18
rick_h_huwshimi: right, but that error is that the Gui made an API call (which should show in the network tab as the page loads) and failed to get a successsfull response from manage.jujucharms.com23:19
rick_h_huwshimi: so some api call m.j.c/api/3/xxxxxxx should show as a failed 404 or something strange in the network tab23:19
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah, I dunno why I'm not getting one...23:20
rick_h_huwshimi: hangout again ands screenshare? maybe I can spot what is odd going on there?23:20
huwshimirick_h_:  Sure :)23:20

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