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arthurfiggisnow to get at qt creator again and see if i can't start making some qt/kde software myself :) though without using something like qt quick 2 that seems like a pipe dream...once i try to understand features like templates in c++ my eyes kind of glaze over00:12
AddleTemplates aren't so bad. It's the error messages you get from them that suck. lol00:14
arthurfiggisAddle: To be fair I think the subset of C++ you need to know to actually write a QT application is much smaller...I'm wondering if I shouldn't just dive into the Qt tutorials rather than try to battle through a c++ book first :) i might learn enough c++ on the way going through the qt tutorials00:17
arthurfiggisi found java was poor for errors at certain points as well...once you were mixing a lot of different types of objects, or e.g. arrays of objects or references to functions, the more complicated it got the more invalid type errors would start popping up...eventually you'd just start casting it to whatever you wanted it to be and hoped for the best :P00:18
arthurfiggison the plus side, you could create a simple gui app in all of about 5 minutes with netbeans, and the .jar file (if it was pure swing) would run on just about anything :) but again, you actually have to get people to run java apps for java to be any good for development00:26
mylarHi, If I install 13.10 Beta 2, how hard would it be to upgrade to final?01:08
mylarWhen I apt-get upgrade, will it pull in +400MB of files on Friday?01:09
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cjwelbornmylar, I jumped on the beta, and have been updating a lot lately. Some of the updates were kind of big (200MB), but the other were really small. And as far as I know, I will be at Final as long as I keep doing this.02:06
cjwelbornmylar, so I don't know if I would call it 'hard'.02:07
mylarcjwelborn, ok as long as I don't have to fiddle with too many config files. I guess it will behave like Debian sid.02:16
fritimylar: If up update now, all that will happen on friday is you receiving a minor update to final. It will all be automatic, all you will have to do is install the updates when they are ready.02:27
fritiThe fiddling with config files will be done for you02:27
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kekun123Bon comment je fait pour me connecter sur undernet??05:49
kekun123Can somebody help me please? I'm trying to join Undernet server...05:51
AddleCa depend quel client IRC tu utilise.05:51
AddleYour client popped into freenode by default?05:51
kekun123I think so yes05:52
kekun123Im new to Linux so i'm not really sure how this works really05:52
AddleWhat client are you using? Hard question to answer.05:54
kekun123I guess what it is.05:55
AddleIn quassel, you can find that stuff in File > Networks > Configure Networks...  Not sure about Konversation.05:55
dolomiteisn't quassel installed by default?05:55
dolomiteuse that05:55
AddleYeah, I do like Quassel. Very nice.05:56
kekun123I will try this... thanks05:56
dolomitei use xchat now but quassel is very good too05:56
AddlePas de probleme, kekun12305:56
AddleBilingual support. :)05:57
AddleWith no accents, but still. lol05:58
dolomitedefinitely a good skill these days!05:58
AddleDoesn't hurt. :)06:00
AddleParticularly since I'm in Ottawa right next to Quebec.06:00
valoriein konvi it's file > Server List06:02
valorieand then you find or add, then configure it if necessary06:02
dolomitegood to know ;) haven't used konversation since 3.x days06:02
valorieI love it06:02
valoriebest thing since sliced bread06:02
AddleThanks, valorie. Though he logged already. Don't know why, freenet is where the cool kids hang out.06:03
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valoriecarsten, if you want to keep your nick, register with freenode06:04
Unit193(When it switches you like that, means the nick is owned and has protection set.)06:06
dolomitenice ipv606:14
valorieUnit193: hmmm, I thought all unregistered nicks were switched like that06:27
Unit193valorie: Nah, many of the people that come through here aren't.06:34
AddleDepends somewhat on the settings for the channel and if it allows unregistered nicks, as I recall. Don't remember what it does, though. I think it just kicks you, in that case.06:34
valorieI'm on three networks, and am not always clear on which policy refers to which network06:40
AddleTotally understandable.06:43
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AddleI should know those things as an operator on a few channels, but I haven't had to mess with the channel in a long time.06:43
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mike__I am new can some help me08:37
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:45
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kubuntu83Greetings, everyone... Anyone using Saucy figure out how to get the Window Menubar Plasma widget working for Gtk apps?10:50
six86Hello guys. I got a real problem since an restart after some updates on a workstation. I have huge fonts now. literally HUGE, the resolution is fine just the fonts are really huge, although they are set to 8 or 9 in the settings...11:11
six86Its unusable huge...11:11
kubuntu83six86: Did you check the DPI settings? Perhaps try setting "Force fonts DPI:" to "96", or whatever is appropriate for your monitor.11:15
six86kubuntu83: bingo. Just setting the force fonts and everything looks normal (tested with restarting dolphin). But why ist this? Everything was fine until the restart?!11:17
six86will setting this also fix the login screen?11:17
six86just rebooted... it didn't fix the login screen11:18
kubuntu83six86: Try making the same change as root - Alt+F2 -> kdesudo systemsettings11:19
six86ok done, restarting again to look if it helped11:20
six86hm, still huge fonts on the login screen11:21
kubuntu83six86: Could be caused by a number of things -- video driver issues would be my first guess...11:21
kubuntu83six86: One sec...11:22
six86Didn't restart the workstation for 55 days, now some updates were applied i suppose.11:22
kubuntu83six86: I would refer to Google to see about setting the DPI system-wide via xorg.conf. :)11:23
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six86kubuntu83: Option "DPI" "96 x 96"    -     did the job11:37
kubuntu83There ya go. It's been some years since I had to mess with xorg.conf, but I remembered that being an easy fix.11:38
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six86kubuntu83: thank you11:41
kubuntu83six86: No problem.11:42
kubuntu83six86: You might want to file a bug report against your video drivers for that issue, if someone hasn't already.11:42
six86Using the nvidia driver, where can i file a bug against it?11:45
kubuntu83I could be mistaken, but I *think* if you file it at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs and it turns out to be a bug in the actual driver (as opposed to just in the package), it will be forwarded upstream.11:47
kubuntu83Hey BluesKaj, you around?11:50
kubuntu83Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you saw the issue I brought up here (and in #kubuntu-devel) and if you have any ideas?11:51
BluesKajkubuntu83. I don't have any gtk apps in the kmenu, so no idea about it11:57
kubuntu83hmm... Well, thanks anyway.11:58
kubuntu83It would appear the Window Menubar plasmoid is now only useful for Qt purists. >_<12:00
BluesKajwell there some issues atm , the network manager shows the etherenet as disconnected if a vpn connection is enabled12:03
BluesKajerr ethernet12:03
kubuntu83Hmm... Is that an issue in plasma-nm or NetworkManager itself?12:04
BluesKajplasma-nm I think,  the network manager settings dialogs are working great12:08
gens_i think i broke something in my ubuntu 13.04 system, i'm getting these errors when trying to compile a simple hello world file: http://pastie.org/840362412:08
BluesKajkubuntu83. this is on 13.10 btw , should have mentioned that :)12:08
kubuntu83I figured as much. :)12:09
gens_how can i upgrade my system to kubuntu 13.10 beta?12:35
lordievadergens_: sudo do-upgrade -d12:36
lordievadergens_: Make sure your system is updated though.12:37
gens_lordievader: do-upgrade not found12:37
lordievadergens_: Err "sudo do-release-upgrade -d"12:37
gens_lordievader: will i have to do something similar when 13.10 (not beta) is realeased?12:39
BluesKajgens_. a couple of ways , from 13.10 you can run sudo do-release-upgrade -d in the terminal or go to the 13.10 daily release site http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/12:39
lordievadergens_: Simply update it with "sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"12:39
gens_ok thanks BluesKaj and lordievader12:40
gens_not working though :(12:40
gens_i'm getting: === Command detached from window (Tue Oct 15 14:40:02 2013) ====== Command terminated with exit status 1 (Tue Oct 15 14:40:02 2013) ===12:40
lordievadergens_: What are you running currently?12:41
BluesKajgens_. it's best to run a complete update and upgrade before doing the release-upgrade to 13.1012:42
lordievadergens_: Hmm that is odd, it should work. I've done it yesterday... What is the last output, the output before the screen detaches? Or can't you see that?12:42
gens_BluesKaj: i did12:42
BluesKajgens_. any exotic ppas in /etc/apt/sources.list.d ?12:43
gens_BluesKaj: yes lots12:43
gens_kubuntu backports and others12:43
gens_lordievader: http://pastie.org/840369112:44
BluesKajkubuntu backports isn't a ppa12:44
gens_kubuntu ppa backports? i have a file with a similar name in source.list.d12:44
lordievaderHehe "* Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu".12:44
BluesKajgens_. looks like you have release upgrades blocked in muon12:45
lordievadergens_: How old is the install? I get the feeling you've upgraded it quite a number of times.12:45
gens_lordievader: yes i upgrade every 6 months, maybe 3 times?12:46
gens_i checked the option on muon for prerelease, i'll try again12:46
lordievadergens_: But at what version did you start?12:46
gens_don't remember, maybe 12.0412:46
lordievaderThat explains the backports ppa.12:47
gens_right they weren't for raring12:47
gens_is "Full Upgrade" in muon what i need (after i checked the prerelease option)12:48
BluesKajgens_. then you must have added the backports as a ppa from somewhere like launchpad  for them to be located in the sources.list.d file12:50
gens_i often add with apt-add-repository12:51
lordievaderBluesKaj: For Precise the backports where still in a seperate ppa.12:51
gens_i'm upgrading because of this issue "hi, i'm getting a bunch of errors when trying to compile a simple file http://pastie.org/8403644 can anyone help please?" do you think this will help or break it even further? :)12:54
BluesKajlordievader.that was then, this is now :)12:56
lordievaderBluesKaj: That is why I asked where he came from (version wise), Precise. The ppa just lingered around ;)12:57
lordievaderBut anyways, gens_ I know next to nothing about c++ but I get the feeling your main function is very empty...12:58
gens_lordievader: yes, but it should still compile (and get me a program that does nothing)12:59
BluesKajlordievader. that shows that a clean install every year or so is more beneficial than a net upgrade unless one manually edits or removes ppas from the sources.list.d12:59
lordievadergens_: Maybe it is a good idea to wait a couple of days and install 13.10 fresh.13:00
lordievaderBluesKaj: Agreed.13:00
gens_i'm late for a work i need a c++ compiler today :(13:00
lordievadergens_: Like I said, I know next to nothing about C++, so I'm afraid I can't help you there.13:02
gens_np, thanks13:02
gens_i still cannot do-release upgrade -d, even though i checked the option in muon13:03
gens_should i delete everything in sources.list.d?13:04
BluesKajgens_. it's , do-release-upgrade -d13:05
PiciI very much doubt upgrading will fix your compiler problem.13:05
gens_BluesKaj: right, but i'm still getting the error pasted above (just a typo)13:05
gens_Pici: i don't know what else to try, nobody is able to help, on any chan13:05
BluesKajgens_. not sure removing all the ppas will help , since the release-upgrade should remove them automatically or disable them at least...doesn't always work  though13:07
kubuntu83Anyone else been getting flickering with the Fade animation since upgrading to KDE SC 4.11.2?13:13
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BluesKajkubuntu83. this pc is 5 yrs old so the video load sharing between the cpu and my graphics card is messy , hence I've dumbed down a lot of the desktop effects and 'fade' was one of those guilty of loading the processors without much benefit , from what I've read ...after editing desktop effects my flicker has disappeared13:18
BluesKajand yes I'm running  4.11.213:19
kubuntu83BluesKaj: Thanks. Looks like it's a known bug - https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=307112. What's weird is I never experienced it until 4.11.2, despite always having had Fade enabled.13:20
ubottuKDE bug 307112 in effects-various "Blur effect: doCachedBlur() is broken for non opaque windows (at least)" [Normal,Confirmed]13:20
BluesKajyeah , blur uses a lot of gpu and cpu13:22
kubuntu83Ahh, disabling "Safe intermediate rendering results" under Blur's settings seems to have fixed it. :D13:22
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BluesKajof my graphics card is a basic entry level nvidia 8400gs so i can't expect "gamer effects"13:23
kubuntu83Yeah, but I'm running a Q6600 @ 3.6GHz + GTX460 -- might as well put 'em to use. :-P13:23
* BluesKaj nods13:24
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palassokubuntu83: I just saw the messages in #kubuntu-devel What's that appmenu thing?13:44
kubuntu83palasso: appmenu-ng has not yet been ported to Plasma/Qt4, so as of Saucy, Gtk apps can no longer export their menus to KWin/Plasma/KRunner.13:49
palassokubuntu83: r u sure? I can see gtk apps using a global menu on a plasmoid inside a panel13:50
palassoon 13.04 that is13:50
palassoI don't remember if I tested that on 13.1013:50
kubuntu83palasso: Right. As of *Saucy*. ;-)13:51
palassoBut both 4.10 and 4.11 are Plasma/Qt413:51
palassoAnyways thnx for the info13:51
kubuntu83palasso: Right..?13:51
palassoSince it works in 4.10 how can it not work in 4.11?13:52
kubuntu83palasso: No no, the KDE version has nothing to do with it. Not sure where you got that.13:53
palassoI don't get it. Itappmenu-ng worked for 13.04. What happened in 13.10?13:54
kubuntu83palasso: You mean since 13.10 has 4.11 and 13.04 had 4.10?13:54
kubuntu83The Ubuntu developers broke-- err, sorry, "upgraded" the ABI for 13.10.13:55
kubuntu83Yeaaah. Hence my frustration. haha13:55
palassoNow it makes sense13:55
palassoI heard they're planning to "upgrade" the appindicators as well13:55
kubuntu83You mean the appmenu-gtk appindicators?13:56
palassoThey already started "upgrading" X.org13:56
palassokubuntu83: have you tried using the appmenu version from 13.04?13:56
palassoIt might work13:56
kubuntu83palasso: Yeah, they already did. The appmenu-gtk* packages no longer exist in Saucy - superseded by unity-gtk*-module. >_<13:58
kubuntu83palasso: Already tried, didn't work...13:58
palassoProblem with unmet dependencies or sth?13:58
palassoAt least KDE apps should work.... I'm sure abt it as I checked them. Didn't bother to test gtk apps13:59
kubuntu83palasso: Kinda -- they installed fine, but just didn't do anything... When I asked a dev which packages I would need to downgrade to get the old functionality back, he said it wouldn't be possible, since all the Gtk packages in Saucy are built/linked against the new ABI.13:59
palassoAhhhh, I see14:00
palassoIt would require a lot of recompiling.....14:00
kubuntu83palasso: Yeah, KDE apps work fine, but having the menus show up in two different places depending on the program I'm using kinda defeats the purpose.14:01
palassoI already had that issue but only with some Java apps14:01
kubuntu83palasso: Prepare to have it with everything that's not Qt if you upgrade to 13.10. :-\14:02
palassoYeah :(14:03
palassoAt least most of my everyday apps are qt-based :|14:03
kubuntu83Yeah, same here, but...14:03
kubuntu83The ones that I *need* that functionality in the most are Gtk. I got so used to using KRunner to access all of GIMP's deeply nested menu entries, it's gonna be a pain in the ass going back to the old way.14:04
kubuntu83Plus this - http://i.imgur.com/wx1vvp8.png - just isn't nearly as pretty as this - http://i.imgur.com/ey3S2me.png.14:06
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Guest36592Hey guys15:09
Guest36592I really need help, sorry if I disturb. I deleted a directory but it's not at the bin and one more thing! It didn't give me the free space!15:10
Guest36592It's like I didn't delete the directory15:11
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BluesKajGuest36592. which dir?15:18
contrastGuest36592: Have you tried restarting? I had a similar issue a couple times when deleting a *very* large (re: >20GB) file.15:18
contrastGuest36592: The free space revealed itself after a restart though.15:19
genii"sudo sync"15:20
contrastgenii: Today I learned. Thanks. :)15:21
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Guest36592BluesKaj: One with personal files15:26
Guest36592contrast: Yeah, I've restarted15:26
Guest36592genevieve: let me see, thanks15:26
Guest36592What is expected to happen?15:27
geniiGuest36592: You would expect now to see the new space from the directory that you deleted15:30
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Dieter124Hi there15:38
Guest36592genii: hm.. nope15:56
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veryhappyhi guys, i'd like to connect my notebook over sip with my router over that i want to call. it's a fritz box by avm (i think this is a company that is only located in Germany), but i'd really like to know which softphone might be the best for this purpose. it should support echo cancellation and have a clear sound. which ones could you suggest me for kubuntu 12.04 amd64?17:54
veryhappythank you17:54
zludeHello! i'm having a problem with cp files. I need to recovery some files from another disk and when i run cp it show me "cp: cannot create regular file '/media/PENDRIVE/C\363 de CADASTRO.xls': Invalid argument how can i solve it? when i do ls the file name is C[?]pia de CADASTRO.xls17:58
Addlezlude: Try putting quotes around the full file name.17:59
Addlezlude: It's the spaces that are likely messing it up. That or escape the spaces with a backslash, but quotes makes more sense, usually.17:59
marlexalgún español?18:00
genii!es | marlex18:01
ubottumarlex: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:01
Addlezlude: With odd characters, I often use tab completion to get a useable filename. Might be a more elegant way, but it can be useful.18:02
veryhappyanyone here with knowledge about sip telephony?18:03
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veryhappyuntil you've told me a solution that i could have tried i already found something that i want to try out, are you all sleeping in here? though you are volunteers i can't understand why nobody in here is at least responding.18:09
AddleHe doesn't seem very happy to me. lol18:10
geniiAddle: I suppose I could have said something to the effect: "If no one is responding to your questions, odds are there's just not someone here at the moment who knows about it...perhaps try again later!"18:11
TauNeutrinohey gays18:12
TauNeutrinomay I troll? :)18:12
geniiTauNeutrino: Of course not.18:13
Addlegenii: hehe Well, he only stayed on about 6 minutes, anyways.18:14
geniiAddle: Yes, true!18:15
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nick07hi, after kubuntu install it seems i get a black screen, no command line or gui.. any idea?18:57
nick07kubuntu 13.04, dell studio 15, live mode works perfect18:57
nick07after kubuntu install it seems i get a black screen, no command line or gui.. any idea?19:00
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genii!nomodeset | nick19:17
ubottunick: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:17
Addlegenii: I really hate it when people don't stick around for the answer longer than a few minutes. Pet peeve of mine. I'm probably not alone. :)19:28
geniiAddle: I put "nick" then tab-enter then realized they were gone when it didn't put the "07"19:29
Addlegenii: hehe Well, if they'd stuck around a bit longer, they'd have the answer. Their loss.19:30
bubbly193Addle, genii: i try not to do that but the i've been only able to get on IRC at the library recently and have a 1 hour at a time limit19:32
Addlebubbly193: An hour isn't so bad. A few minutes is just lack of patience. :)19:33
bubbly193Addle, yeah, but when you lose track of time you start to ask questions with only 2-3 minutes remaining19:34
Addlebubbly193: True enough. Of course, not everyone is just losing patience after a few minutes. I do appreciate trying not to do it, either way. :)19:35
Addlebubbly193: As long as they don't leave after 5 minutes with "Anybody home? Hello? This channel sucks.", I'll live. hehe19:36
bubbly193Addle, lol yeah. I've seen that before. They musn't not understand that many of us are monitoring several channels at once19:38
Addlebubbly193: Yep, plus are doing other things at the same time, like coding, answering stuff in forums, etc.19:39
Addlebubbly193: And reading slashdot, reddit, etc. It's a full life. ;)19:40
bubbly193Addle: or what seems to be my biggest past time, compiling kernels19:44
Addlebubbly193: haha I sort of miss the old days when I used to jump on the latest kernel and compile it about once a week.19:45
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bubbly193Addle, I've even put my kernel know-how to the test and got the Android kernel ported to Xubuntu.  It took two days (mainly for compile time, kernels take a while with only 256MB or fam and a pentium 4)19:51
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Addlebubbly193: Egads, lucky it compiles at all on that thing.19:52
WayneDI t5hink it happens becuase with 280+ people online... you would think ONE would be alive.19:52
bubbly193Addle: Never underestimate the power of an old Intel...19:53
AddleWayneD: I admit it seems quieter than I expected, given that number of people.19:53
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* genii makes fresh coffee19:57
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nick07kubuntu 13.04, dell studio 15,  my cpu fan doesnt work in kubuntu, any idea?20:03
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