clifterAfter a reboot now missing shutdown/logoff button - Found out through internet search Cairo Dock could be a alternative. - Any idea's for a fix?00:19
clifterCurrently running Ubuntu 13.1000:20
sgehrmanJust installed 13.10.  Now my xmodmap file to swap the ctrl and alt keys doesn't work any longer.  What's the best way to swap these keys?00:45
sgehrmanIt kind of works, but gets reverted when I hybernate/wake, or restart and maybe other actions.00:46
sgehrmanJust installed 13.10.  Now my xmodmap file to swap the ctrl and alt keys doesn't work any longer.  What's the best way to swap these keys?00:55
sgehrmanIt kind of works, but gets reverted when I hybernate/wake, or restart and maybe other actions.00:55
snadgeinstallable live iso?01:28
snadgewhats the latest one to test with01:28
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snadgei just wanted to say, that i love you guys02:39
snadgei spent all morning trying to get fedora 19 to install alongside OS X on a Mac mini02:40
snadgeconsulting documentation.. reading errata.. following instructions contained within the errata.. failing repeatedly02:40
snadgei put saucy beta 2 on a usb stick.. boom.. installed.. done02:40
sweeeshhi there!03:33
Anonynimitygive me your data03:33
sweeeshI have been trying the new 13.10 for a couple days, and spoted a few issues so far03:33
Anonynimityno no no...03:33
AnonynimityI mean give me your data.03:33
sweeeshone is that VEVO is not working on youtube03:34
Anonynimityno no no no no, that's not what I mean....03:35
Anonynimitygive me ALL your data.03:35
sweeeshanother one is problem with the global menu03:35
wastrelwhat's vevo03:36
sweeeshwastrel: the youtube thing for big names?03:37
wastrelnever heard of it03:37
sweeeshwastrel: have you used GIMP with 13.10?03:48
wastrelnot yet03:48
wastrelgimp <303:49
sweeeshEven in single window mode it does not behave right with Unity03:49
wastrelunity :[03:49
sweeeshjust figured out now that VEVO was a non-issue, sorry for the noise. Must have been a particular video.03:49
sweeeshThat leaves GIMP03:50
Anonynimitygive me all your peanut butter...04:04
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snadgeguys .. i had to install mainline intel-drm-next to get my 2nd display to work :p04:47
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peepsalothello, is anyone else having issues with evince crashing when viewing pdf in suacy?07:20
peepsaloti'm trying to get a stacktrace, but having some difficulties07:20
peepsalotwell, i've got this much.  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6239458/07:21
peepsaloti don't know why it says no such file or directory. i installed libcairo2-dev and libcairo2-dbg07:22
peepsalothi texarcana07:22
exaltHello, is there already been released a release candidate ?10:30
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:45
exaltHello, is there already been released a release candidate ?13:27
BluesKajexalt. the RC is now called Beta2 , no more RCs afaik  , then there's also the daily build13:29
exaltBluesKaj: so beta2 is exactly whats going to be released ?13:30
BluesKajthe official release will on thursday, sometime or other13:31
BluesKajexqctly is always a mystery :)13:32
exaltUbuntu is a mystery :p13:41
wastrelshutdown/restart never power off14:23
wastrelsits forever14:23
geniiwastrel: Have you tried with acpi=force ?14:24
SonikkuAmericaMy 13.10 ubiquity seems to refuse to start in B216:02
SonikkuAmerica(Now RC freeze)16:02
wastrelwhat's ubiquity16:02
SonikkuAmericaThe installer...16:03
pip__mine was freezing at the second part of keyboard selection16:03
pip__extended keys & what not.  The whole machine just locked, hard power off16:04
elfySonikkuAmerica: try from here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/305/builds16:04
SonikkuAmericaI'll prob try it later (metered)16:05
pip__I've not tried any of the dailies since the B2 release so I suppose it could all be well16:05
pip__I may give it a go myself later - tisn't a production machine so I've nothing to lose16:06
elfySonikkuAmerica: use zsync - will just get what it needs :)16:06
pip__does zsync just add bits to the iso one already has?16:07
pip__actually, I'll look it up :)16:08
IdleOneit only downloads the missing bits yes16:08
elfypip__: checks waht you have and then grabs the differences16:08
pip__gee, that's neat...16:09
SonikkuAmericaelfy: all right, sounds good... I'm getting my machine back today to yeah, I'll zsync and re-dd16:09
pip__thanks for the help guys, catch y'all soon16:24
BluesKajquassel is crashing when choosing the networks dialog in settings17:15
BluesKajI'd like to give the client a chance to work for me , but so far it just hasn't17:16
SonikkuAmericaIt doesn't for me...17:16
BluesKajunity/gnome , SonikkuAmerica ?17:16
SonikkuAmericaBluesKaj: But you use Kubuntu right? Use Konversation!17:17
SonikkuAmericaBluesKaj: Me? Unity (for now), depends on what 14.04 will look and feel like17:17
BluesKajI'm on konversation , but I was experimenting with quassel since it's the default irc client17:18
BluesKajI'm not using the core server setup , just the regular user setup17:19
SonikkuAmericaQuassel is the best for Windows users who don't want to hop on the mIRC bandwagon IMHO17:19
BluesKajmirc is ok ...it works well on windows17:19
SonikkuAmericaFor me mIRC is blah17:23
BluesKajheh, to each his own , lots of ppl think xchat is great , i think it's clunky and disorganized17:24
BluesKajgonna try quassel one more time17:26
SonikkuAmericaXChat is good, but my Bible college prohibits libsex17:27
* genii sips and ponders sexy librarians17:29
SonikkuAmericagenii, you should probably jump the broom and get married... :-)17:30
thebishopcompiz is using 100% of cpu on 13.10.  is anyone else seeing this?18:59
xarsesthebishop, only unity-pannel-server is 100% for me19:01
wilee-nileemake another user and see if this persists thebishop xarses19:36
thebishopwilee-nilee, will do, thanks19:36
wilee-nileeI use the gnome shell, I like unity but its one dektop only.19:37
wilee-nileereally I just use a cairo dock and synapse to pull up apps in the shell, I rarely use it as designed19:39
challachbtw, cairo dock 3.3 has been released: http://glx-dock.org/index.php19:42
thebishopi still see high compiz utilization with a new user account19:47
captain_protonrun into a problem upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10. Iam using efi boot. not sure what happen but on reboot19:50
captain_protonit stated no boot device found. I use boot-rescue am I am able to get into recovery. What is the command to force grub to reinstall19:52
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dpb1Hi -- I upgrdaed raring to saucy, and I have some weird behavior, the theme of the panel is wrong, it looks like QT, the dash is missing all lenses (like application even).  What could be going wrong?20:45
dpb1I've tried to create a new user on the machine, same beahvior over there.20:45
Smedleshi all... running lates 13.10 code... for last few weeks have had an issue where the splashscreen fails to appear at startup, and occasionally display doesnt restore correctly after a suspend. Using latest nvidia proprietary drivers.... dmesg shows following at startup:21:00
Smedles[   32.199780] init: udev-fallback-graphics main process (1533) terminated with status 121:00
Smedles[   32.232315] init: plymouth-splash main process (1551) terminated with status 121:00
Smedlesany ideas?21:00
dpb1Figured mine out -- apt-get purge elementary*  Not sure how it got on there, or how it messed things up.21:04
Smedlesalso, i get a logon prompt at bootup, after 10-15 seconds then xserver starts21:06
BluesKajwell genii the compile went ok ,but quassel still won't connect ...odd because default version worked fine yesterday21:20

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