mhall119nik90: nice!00:06
mhall119nik90: did jdstrand say anything about whether we would allow apps to access that API by default?00:07
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ahayzenmhall119, ping01:09
mhall119ahayzen: pong02:22
ahayzenmhall119, sorry, we have fixed the issue now :)02:22
ahayzenmhall119, do u know if there is gonna be another build?02:22
mhall11997 is cooking as far as I know02:22
ahayzenis tht the last? or will there be another?02:23
mhall119there will always be more :)02:24
mhall119last before 13.10, I don't know02:24
ahayzenmhall119, we have one merge just landing which fixes a really nasty bug where the user could become stuck02:25
mhall119ahayzen: as far as I know, all the core apps will be converted to click packages, which will allow us to deliver updates to them any time via the click app store02:26
ahayzenmhall119, ok02:26
mhall119so they will be independent of the platform's release cycle02:26
ahayzenmhall119, just would be nice for them to be in the initial image02:26
ahayzen<-- perfectionist02:27
mhall119ahayzen: the apps will be, but we can deliver updates later02:27
mhall119but yeah, we want a nice stable version in the base release02:27
dholbachgood morning07:00
nik90mhall119: oh I forgot about the app armor policy group. If you add the usermetrics policy group then your app should be able to access it.08:20
nik90mhall119: I have updated my post to reflect it.08:20
nik90dpm: can we get some people to review https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-match-all/+merge/19108010:01
nik90dpm, popey: more alarm fixed for EDS10:02
nik90fginther: are the clock app autopilot tests passing now?10:03
dpmoSoMoN, I'd normally ask bfiller, but his day hasn't started yet. Do you think you or someone from your team could help us review https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-match-all/+merge/191080 ? We need it to be able to save alarms in the clock app10:04
oSoMoNdpm: looking10:05
dpmawesome, thanks10:06
nik90thnx dpm, oSoMoN10:06
dpmnik90, does this indeed fix the issue for clock? I.e. have you had the chance to test if with this change alarms do get saved?10:06
nik90dpm: no I haven't, but renato told me on irc that that should be it10:07
nik90dpm: do you know how to download a package from the MP so that I can push it to the phone and test?10:08
dpmI'd be more comfortable if we'd have some more confirmations. Are you able to test from the upstream code, or would you need a new qtorganizer-eds package to test?10:08
dpmok, that answers my question :)10:08
dpmlet me see if it would be easy to create a package to the core apps PPA10:09
dpmnik90, are you running 13.04 or 13.10?10:09
nik90dpm: although I need an arm package since EDS saving alarms already works on the desktop...just not on the phone10:10
dpmyeah, the PPA would take care of an ARM build too10:10
dpmnik90, ok, requested builds, starting in about 20 minutes, although it might take a couple of hours for the armhf builds to be ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+recipe/qtorganizer5-eds-daily10:13
nik90dpm: okay10:13
nik90dpm: so i just adb push this to phone and install it?10:13
dpmnik90, you can track the status here: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily/+builds?build_state=building10:14
nik90dpm: since it is in ppa, I will just add the ppa to the phone and perform an update10:15
dpmnik90, yeah, once the armhf package has been built, you can push it and install it, or even easier just add the PPA. I've never done this after we switched to RO images, though, so you might need to switch to RW before installing it. popey, do you know more about installing packages via apt in a RO image? Can we just switch to RW, install and then back to RO?10:16
nik90dpm: I know how to convert to RW..i can then reflash to get back to RO10:17
dpmnik90, awesome. Good news: it seems the builds already started, so if all goes well, we should have the packages very soon: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily/+builds?build_text=&build_state=building10:19
oSoMoNdpm: I have approved the MR, but I can’t top-approve it10:23
nik90oSoMoN: I can confirm if that MP fixes that bug in about 10 mins. Then renato can merge it once his day starts10:25
oSoMoNsounds good10:26
dpmthanks a lot oSoMoN10:26
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dpmpopey, do you have your magic script to run the latest trunk of a given core app on a device? I'm trying to run music-app trunk to get some screenshots for a MP, but with Qt Creator the music app will deploy and start but not find any music.10:31
nik90dpm: the build failed on armf and i386 -> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily?field.series_filter=saucy10:33
dpmargh! :/10:33
nik90dpm: looking at the build logs, it seems some package was not found, -> https://launchpadlibrarian.net/153817284/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-armhf.qtorganizer5-eds_0.1.1%2B13.10.20131011-0~16~ubuntu13.04.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:34
nik90dpm: never mind..https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily/+packages10:35
nik90dpm: it failed on raring armf10:35
nik90but passed on saucy armf10:36
* nik90 is testing now10:36
dpmnik90, ah, yeah, that's cool. I noticed that mid-build, and I cancelled the 13.04 builds: they need a version of libecal that's only on saucy10:36
dpmnik90, awesome10:36
nik90dpm: doesnt work...There was an app armor issue before which didnt allow the clock app to save alarms. But that was also fixed in the apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu package by jdstrand and is already in the phone..10:47
nik90dpm: will talk to renato and zsombi regarding this10:47
dpmnik90, argh, bummer :/10:47
dpmnik90, thanks for testing in any case10:48
popeydpm: i do sometimes, yes.10:49
nik90dpm: np10:52
JamesTaitGood day all; happy Ada Lovelace Day! :-D11:13
dakerpopey: i have published a new HTML5 app if you want to test it "BytesJack"11:38
popeydaker: i dont see it, maybe someone else already published11:39
dakerpopey: ya it has been published11:39
popeydaker: i dont see it11:41
dakerpopey: i think because of archi "all" bug11:42
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dakerbug 123966211:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1239662 in Click Package Index "Apps with Architecture All are not visible on devices" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123966211:43
* popey tickles JamesTait with that11:46
* JamesTait swats at it with a Solr bat.11:46
JamesTaitI expect to have a fix today, which will probably roll out tomorrow.  Don't hold me to that, though, there's a lot going on this week (for some unknown reason?) that could step in the way.11:51
mihirdpm: hi12:00
mihirdpm: i have re-merged branch :- https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni-123/ubuntu-calendar-app/NewEventdetails/+merge/18748912:01
dpmmihir, awesome!12:04
mihirdpm: I am working on edit event mode , because of Edit i need to change a code12:04
mihirdpm:  are you having latest image  on your device now ?12:04
mihirdpm: are you able to create new event ?? because i am getting some error while creating new event :| if you could test that would be great12:05
dpmmihir, let me try12:15
mihirdpm: what PPA should be installed to install QtOrganizer ??12:15
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mihirdpm: i am getting an error End time can't be before start time , even though the end time is grater than that12:16
dpmmihir, I seem to be able to create an event with the calendar on the latest image, but I've heard someone else mentioning the error you're having12:17
dpmmihir, you can install the latest qtorganizer5-eds package from the core apps ppa, but you'll have to be on saucy12:17
mihirdpm: shit i need to upgrade to final beta version first?12:18
dpmsorry, the eds backend depends on a package that's only on saucy :/12:19
mihirOhh it will take hours to upgrade net speed sux here :( and i am left with edit event12:19
mihirdid you look at merge I have proposed ?12:20
fginthernik90, yes, the clock app tests are passing12:49
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mihirrenato: ping !!13:10
dpmmihir, taking a look at the mp now...14:25
dpmfginther, could we get Jenkins to run for https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni-123/ubuntu-calendar-app/NewEventdetails/+merge/187489 ?14:26
fgintherdpm, yes14:26
dpmthanks :)14:27
mihirit again says conflicts14:30
mihirbut i don't see any changes in those files any idea ?14:31
dpmfginther, any ideas why in https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni-123/ubuntu-calendar-app/NewEventdetails/+merge/187489 Jenkins is finding conflicts when doing the merge? I've checked out trunk locally and merged that branch, and I can confirm what mihir says: it merges cleanly14:37
fgintherdpm, ugh14:37
fgintherdpm, my mistake14:37
fgintherdpm, mihir, I ran the wrong job14:39
fginthernext one should be better14:39
dpmok, thanks!14:40
dpmfginther, balloons, also if you've got a minute, I could need some help interpreting some test failures: https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/add-ap-test-shuffle-and-mp3/+merge/191111 and https://code.launchpad.net/~qqworini/ubuntu-rssreader-app/content-link-clickable/+merge/19116714:44
dpmCould anyone with a device try this branch lp:~dpm/music-app/toolbar-visuals-followup-1239699 and take a screenshot of the player controls in the toolbar? I'm having trouble running the app on the phone: it starts, but it doesn't find any media14:45
dpmand with no media, no player controls :/14:46
mihirfginther: thank you :)15:04
mihirdpm: i am upgrading my machine15:04
mihiri will look into edit code afterwards15:04
nik90dpm: ping15:15
dpmhi nik9015:19
nik90dpm: I tried your branch..the toolbar looks awesome15:20
dpmhi danielholm, danielholm_, are you around?15:20
nik90dpm: but the qtcreator screenshot does not work15:20
nik90dpm: anyother way to take screenshots?15:20
nik90danielholm: music app looks awesome...nice work15:21
dpmnik90, I had the same problem, perhaps this helps? -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+bug/123883915:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 1238839 in Phablet Tools "Add phablet-screenshot script" [Undecided,New]15:21
nik90dpm: that worked15:23
dpmnik90, which steps did you follow to run the app on the device? Did you use Qt Creator?15:23
dpmoh, great!15:24
nik90dpm: yes15:24
dpmweird, for me it just launches the app but it finds no media :/15:24
nik90dpm: http://imgur.com/HSpXJe015:24
nik90dpm: my sample music album did not have album art15:24
dpmnik90, that's perfect, thanks. Would you mind doing a bit of development by proxy and changing some control sizes to see what they look like on the device?15:26
nik90dpm: sure, if you can tell me how to do it15:27
dpmnik90, great, just a sec15:27
davmor2nik90: sure Linux unplugged would be pointless ;)15:28
nik90davmor2: hehe15:29
ahayzendpm, i'm around if tht helps?15:30
nik90ahayzen: btw, the music app is rocking atm..I love the new visuals...been a while since I used the music app15:31
nik90ahayzen: nice work15:31
ahayzennik90, thanks :) we've been quite busy over the past week or so :)15:32
dpmnik90, ahayzen, essentially, I was trying to tweak the sizes of the play toolbar controls to look like https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/presentation/d/1nc7RTAD5ViEAdc3VsZyN-lkmG-AnO664uV-5wXZoZZg/edit#slide=id.g11c43ec0b_221 - these are the changes I'd like to test -> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dpm/music-app/player-control-sizes/revision/20915:35
dpmI don't seem to be able to run the app and detect the media on a device, so any help in getting the right sizes would be awesome :)15:35
ahayzendpm, i think only the image sizes of shuffle,repeat,next,previous were incorrect IIRC?15:36
dpmahayzen, yeah, they looked a bit small15:36
ahayzendpm, we were using 4GU...think Victor dropped it to 2.5GU last night after discussions with him but design states 2GU which looks tiny!15:37
dpmahayzen, indeed, there seems to be a bit of mismatch on gu expectations on the visual spec and what it actually looks like on e.g. a Nexus 415:37
ahayzendpm, yep15:38
nik90ahayzen, dpm: Since I am looking at the code for the first time, for an Image {} shouldnt you also define fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit so that it does not skew due to bad aspect ratio?15:39
ahayzendpm, ok i'm free now, was proposing another branch :) , wht do u want testing?15:39
ahayzennik90, where have u seen tht?15:40
dpmahayzen, simply if you could  run that branch (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dpm/music-app/player-control-sizes/revision/209) on the device and either take a screenshot or tweak the sizes yourself, that'd be really useful15:40
nik90ahayzen: I haven't it skew in the music app, but sometimes in the SDK toolkit, I notice they use this definition.15:40
ahayzendpm, how do u take a screenshot?15:41
ahayzennik90, no i mean where in our code did u spot tht?15:41
dpmahayzen, generally with Qt Creator, although after the Mir migration that no longer works and you'll have to use this script: https://bugs.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+bug/123883915:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1238839 in Phablet Tools "Add phablet-screenshot script" [Undecided,New]15:41
nik90ahayzen: in musicToolbar.qml, the repeatIcon Image{} does not have that declaration15:42
nik90ahayzen: I see many more Image{} declaration musicToolbar.qml which doesnt have it15:42
nik90ahayzen: download the script frmo the bug report, make it executable and then ./runscript.sh filename.png should do it15:43
ahayzennik90, we have been doing height: units.gu(3); width: height; so it is sortof ensured it is square15:43
ahayzennik90, but i guess if there is a better way we should make use of it :)15:43
ahayzennik90, dpm thanks15:43
nik90ahayzen: :)15:44
ahayzendpm, if all has gone well this is wht ur branch looks like on device http://ubuntuone.com/05zl9QgkHAU9lcuC7jAen715:47
nik90ahayzen: why does only Albums tab have a grid view while songs, artists etc have a list view?15:51
dpmahayzen, thanks, looking now...15:51
ahayzennik90, albums will eventually be like the gallery app15:52
nik90ahayzen: ah nice15:52
ahayzennik90, but we ran out of time to do tht for v1.015:52
ahayzendpm, and tht is wht trunk looks like http://ubuntuone.com/7BKJBSUn7RHRPwfOtmWSvY15:54
ahayzendpm, strange the icon sizes don't look much different was/is there a border on the actual images?15:56
bubbly193What is the irc chanel for the http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/platform/api/ website dev team15:58
ahayzendpm, and this is wht lp:~dpm/music-app/toolbar-visuals-followup-1239699 looks like http://ubuntuone.com/1N3VLEPrEiyOcghymbIJLG16:01
dpmthanks a lot ahayzen, I've now updated the branch with 3gu controls and added a comment. Would you mind reviewing the branch?16:07
ahayzendpm, cool16:07
dpmhere's a screenshot from what you and nik90 have been helping me with: http://ubuntuone.com/6jPMQD5P2Yjhh3603kKXkh16:08
dpmthe top one has 3 gu controls, the bottom one 2.5 gu16:08
dpmthe other are those from design16:08
dpmlisettte, mehow_, could you add a comment here? https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/music-app/toolbar-visuals-followup-1239699/+merge/191120 - we'd just need confirmation that the visuals look ok. We won't be able to make them 100% matching the design, as the gu on the spec don't seem to match the size on the device exactly16:10
bubbly193I am looking for the irc channel for the Ubuntu API Website Developement Team.  I was suposed to help with the html backend but some events came up, and wan't to explain why i was a no-show16:10
dpmbubbly193, you should talk to mhall11916:11
dpmlisettte, mehow_, there is a link to a screenshot that shows what it looks like16:11
dpmand with this, I'll need to run. See you all!16:11
lisetttedpm: is this the screenshot http://ubuntuone.com/13xzojktOLqm3el4VmzdPR ?16:13
mhall119hi bubbly19316:13
bubbly193Ellomhall119, sorry I was of no help, but lost all my PC's in a move. I'm olny on irc at the library through Freenode Web IRC16:14
ahayzenlisettte, no i think he was talking about...16:15
mhall119bubbly193: that's okay, if/when you get your stuff back again and you still want to contribute, there will still be stuff to do :)16:15
ahayzenlisettte, http://ubuntuone.com/6jPMQD5P2Yjhh3603kKXkh16:15
mhall119bubbly193: if you're curious how the work is going, you can try the staging site here:
ahayzenlisettte, 'Here's what it looks like [3] on the phone. Notice the mismatch between spec and actual device sizes. The top toolbar on the screenshot has 3 gu controls (and 6gu play/pause), the next one below has 2.5gu controls (and still 6gu play/pause). The top toolbar is what looks most like the visual spec.'16:16
lisettteahayzen: can we do a quick hangout?16:17
ahayzenlisettte, yh16:17
bubbly193Mhall199: It should be soon (as in the 21st soon), I will, if time allows (you know, moving drama), check back then16:18
ahayzenlisettte, are u starting or shall i?16:19
bubbly193Also, as a Kindle fire 1st gen user i'm interested in the developement of Ubuntu Touch on Otter (codename for KF 1st gen), what would be my best way (notably irc channel) to checkup on that16:21
t1mpbubbly193: #ubuntu-touch16:23
mhall119popey: ping16:25
mhall119popey: hey, tvoss pinged early today about music-app AP tests, what's going on with them?16:26
popeyplars was looking at them earlier, i wanted to ping balloons also, but not seen him about16:26
balloonsHeh, things keep changing, I was going to try it on my device again to see what's new16:27
mhall119popey: ok16:29
mhall119popey: there's a lot of MPs for calendar waiting for review, do you know what's holding them up?16:32
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popeyhmm, fginther i see Kunal pinged you earlier, are the calendar merges unstuck now?16:38
fgintherpopey, no, we're just taking selective merges that are needed for release and believed to have little impact to testing16:40
lisettteahayzen: comment added and spec updated; let us know if anything is not clear16:42
om26erboiko, hey!16:45
boikohi om26er16:45
om26erboiko, text does not seem to wrap nicely in the messaging app16:45
boikoom26er: that's fixed already, just not released yet16:45
om26erboiko, cool. i was just going to try to fix it. ;)16:46
boikoom26er: :)16:47
om26erboiko, if there are simple bugs do assign me and I'll try to fix them, probably a little pointer there for what needs to be done is a +116:47
boikoom26er: sure, that's really nice of you :)16:47
boikoom26er: right now we are only fixing the last remaining issues listed to be fixed for 13.10 (just a couple errors), so other fixes will have to wait to get merged, but still we can have them ready for merging16:48
popeycharles: https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calendar-app/1231136/+merge/188002 is a review pending on you...16:49
om26erboiko, yeah no problem its just 2 days and after that I guess fixes will start going in16:49
om26erboiko, btw messaging-app on desktop looks like this: http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=27373716:49
popeymhall119: why does calendar need networking?16:50
boikoom26er: you are missing the history qtdeclarative plugin16:50
popeymhall119: i mean, I can read the description.. but that seems odd16:50
mhall119popey: not sure, but something in the event view screen is trying to16:50
boikoom26er: try installing the package, it will install all the missing dependencies16:50
popeymhall119: map view?16:50
mhall119that's what I'm thinking, yeah16:51
mhall119but I haven't dug into the code16:51
popeyi thought that was being removed16:51
om26erboiko, it seems its not installing anything else.16:51
popeyI'd rather we remove the map view than add an apparmour requirement for something we don't need16:51
boikoom26er: really? let me check the packaging16:51
om26er apt-get install messaging-app updated the messaging-app but did not install and deps16:51
popeyWebbyIT: what's blocking removing the web view?16:51
om26erwell qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-history-plugin is already installed16:52
mhall119popey: isn't the map part of the design?16:52
boikoom26er: hmm, why is it not finding it? :/16:52
om26erboiko, it works for you ?16:52
om26erif it does then I guess some problem with my install16:52
boikoom26er: yes, we actually develop on desktop (and running on desktop too)16:53
om26erboiko, are you going to create a separate series for the 13.10 release of messaging-app ?16:54
om26erI mean a separate branch which will only have bug fixes?16:54
boikoom26er: not sure how  that will work16:55
boikobfiller: ^16:55
bfillerom26er: yes I think we'll do that after the release16:56
bfillerom26er: or after t-series opens, so then trunk will be t-series16:56
om26erbfiller, so the 13.10 series will only have bug fixes ?16:56
bfillerom26er: not sure really, that's a rickspencer question on policy16:57
om26erbfiller, ok, thanks16:58
danielholmdpm, I'm here16:58
danielholmnik90: thanks a lot. But it's also the work of ahayzen and vthompson :)16:59
ahayzenlisettte, thanks17:08
ahayzendanielholm, o/17:08
danielholmahayzen: hey :)17:09
ahayzendanielholm, hows things?17:09
danielholmahayzen: how are you?17:09
danielholmahayzen: good, thanks. :)17:09
ahayzendanielholm, good thanks :)17:09
ahayzenanother load of emails this morning aha17:10
ahayzenits starting to look awesome now though :)17:10
danielholmit is incredible17:10
danielholmjust updating my branch17:10
danielholmjust a sec17:11
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om26errenato, can you remind me of what needs to be done to write autopilot tests for the contacts app ?17:30
danielholmahayzen: or a few min :P17:35
ahayzendanielholm, hehe17:35
danielholmahayzen: had to make come coffee17:35
danielholmwhich burned my foot :P17:35
danielholmahayzen: what are you up to, mate?17:35
ahayzendanielholm, coding :P17:36
ahayzendanielholm, could u look at this https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/single-expand/+merge/19122717:36
danielholmahayzen: certainly; on it!17:37
ahayzendanielholm, should basically only allow u to expand one thing and the others get collapsed17:37
danielholmsweet that the expand "arrows" are fixed17:37
ahayzendanielholm, yep :)17:37
ahayzendanielholm, also fixed an issue where in the playlists the arrow isn't actually visible in trunk17:38
danielholmahayzen: works like a charm! approving17:40
ahayzendanielholm, woo :)17:40
danielholmreally nice17:40
ahayzendanielholm, i'm gonna see wht i can do with bug 1240068 now17:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1240068 in Ubuntu Music App "[Music app] background colour expanded item" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124006817:41
danielholmahayzen: nice17:45
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dmj_novawhat is the process of featuring an app in the software center banner?18:40
dmj_novazoopster: Perhaps you could point me in the right direction?18:48
zoopsterdmj_nova: you can send me an email with the request - can't guarantee it - john.pugh at canonical18:54
dmj_novazoopster: thanks, will do!18:56
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nik90popey, mhall119: can you ensure that https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-match-all/+merge/191080 makes it into tomorrow's phone image?19:43
nik90I have tested it and it fixed the saving alarms issue19:43
nik90or atleast before image 10019:43
popeywill ask nik90, thanks19:46
mhall119nik90: thanks!19:56

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