loolI haven't yet00:00
loolwainting on livecd-rootfs00:00
rsalvetibbl, dinner00:00
looland potentially mediaplayer-app00:00
rsalvetiit's building now00:00
loolrsalveti: what's missing?00:00
rsalvetilool: just gst-plugins-bad1.000:00
rsalvetithat I just pushed00:00
loollibhybris is in?00:00
loolyeah it is00:01
sergiusenslool, rsalveti with mir it seems I won't be able to run a large suite on maguro terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> >'00:10
sergiusens  what():  buffer allocation failed00:10
loolsergiusens: ouch00:10
loolsergiusens: is that mm stack?00:10
sergiusensplars, doanac hey, next filemanager is going to be click00:10
sergiusenslool, that's unity800:11
loolbut that's using all memory?00:11
sergiusenslool, I'm just running the filemanager tests again to see if the input stuff is fixed00:11
loolthat would be cool00:11
sergiusenslool, it's seems it is btw00:12
sergiusenslool, can you ping me when the build starts?00:23
sergiusensI'm off for a bit00:23
loolwill ping here00:23
loolas usual00:23
lool== Build #97 ==01:03
doanacsergiusens: just seeing the message. i'll update file-manager now02:27
sergiusensdoanac, great02:27
* sergiusens goes to bed02:29
robert_ancellfginther, thomi - can anyone work out what is going wrong with the autolanding for https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/lightdm/lp-1231841/+merge/191078? Looking at it just seems to be running the same job every 15 minutes04:24
robert_ancell#169 is another autolanding, but I suspect the queued 170 will be that merge again04:25
thomirobert_ancell: this gives me a hint:
thomiWaiting for the completion of generic-land generic-land #18476 completed. Result was FAILURE04:30
thomiwhich failed because: bzrlib.errors.LockContention: Could not acquire lock "(remote lock)": bzr+ssh://ps-jenkins@bazaar.launchpad.net/~lightdm-team/lightdm/trunk/04:30
thomirobert_ancell: perhaps you can make sure that the launchpad repository is sane? and if not, ask in #launchpad-ops?04:30
robert_ancellthomi, aha04:30
robert_ancellthomi, yeah, I'll check if there's a lock on it04:31
thomibut, I'm just guessing here - I don't really know anything about this system04:31
thomibut I guess the CI team are all asleep04:31
robert_ancellI can't see anything holding the lock04:32
robert_ancelloh well, I guess I'll just be wasting resources overnight until someone notices04:32
didrockshey Mirv, how are you? last day before holidays? :)04:42
Mirvyes, but where did didrocks drop :)04:51
Mirvdidrocks: so, yes :)05:10
MirvI guess all hands testing mir is welcome?05:11
didrocksMirv: exactly!05:13
didrockslet me fw you an email05:13
didrocksMirv: so, most of the time, I had to merge manually the other branches (the deps)05:14
didrocksMirv: and kick a build (maybe Mir already built with the latest branch merged, to check)05:14
didrocksMirv: do you think you can handle that or are you busy with something else?05:14
Mirvdidrocks: if I'm reading correctly, mir + platform have already been rebuilt, probably by lool. unity8 is failing to build because of a dependency mismatch, and I'm not sure how to resolve that.05:16
didrocksMirv: want me to have a look?05:17
didrocksMirv: I guess the rebuild was automatgic for mir + platform05:17
didrocksbut at least, they were merged05:18
didrocksok, I think unity8 FTBS because of unity-mir05:18
didrocksthis one doesn't use the ppa05:18
Mirvdidrocks: yes, I was just guessing the same, and that is not merged05:18
didrockslet me push it manually05:18
Mirvthere was a mention in the landing plan of retrying needed for the mir build, otherwise probably automatic05:19
didrocksoh right05:20
didrocksso, lp:unity-mir merged05:20
didrockscan you rekick a build in cu2d?05:20
didrocksseems all the rest built, indeed05:21
didrocksplatform-api has one or two more commits, anyway, I think we'll retest all AP tests with it05:23
rsalvetilool: seems latest image is still missing the gst-plugins-bad1.0 upload I did05:36
didrocksrsalveti: when did you upload it?05:37
* didrocks looks05:37
rsalvetididrocks: quite a few hours ago, before lool triggered the latest build05:38
didrocksrsalveti: yeah, probably it wasn't fully published yet05:38
rsalvetiI asked him to wait for it to be published, but maybe it took more time than expected05:38
didrocksrsalveti: we'll rekick an image probably in 4h05:38
didrocksso you will have it then05:38
didrocksthanks for the head's up :)05:38
didrocksMirv: so, unity-mir is published05:43
didrocksMirv: mind on latest image flashing using mir + unity-mir + platform-api ?05:43
didrocksI'll do the same here05:43
didrocksand dogfooding05:44
didrocks(then, we'll run the AP tests on it)05:44
MirvI'm still rebuilding the unity8 against it now05:44
didrocksMirv: you don't need unity8 I guess TBH05:59
Mirvdidrocks: ok, it just annoyed that it didn't build05:59
Mirvso upgrading without06:00
didrocksyeah, it should build06:00
Mirvnow it does, it just needed the unity-mir to be also published06:00
Mirvdefinite performance improvement. scrolling not smooth still, but eg. indicators are back to surfaceflinger smoothness.06:04
didrocksyeah, it seems way better06:05
didrocksMirv: going to give some AP trials?06:05
Mirvdidrocks: yes, starting with uitoolkit to see if it still explodes06:05
Mirvstill gets Killed, trying individual tests now06:12
jibelev, could you have a look at bug 123981106:28
ubot5bug 1239811 in whoopsie-preferences (Ubuntu Saucy) "whoopsie-preferences crashed with SIGSEGV in _IO_new_fclose()" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123981106:28
MirvE: Method bzip2 has died unexpectedly!06:41
MirvI wish someone would be able to debug what happens when running uitoolkit tests...06:41
Mirvhow does one install autopilot tests for the packages that have been converted to click?06:51
didrockspsivaa: I tried to relaunch the tests on our infra for unity8, but it didn't work07:23
psivaadidrocks: let me take a look07:24
didrockspsivaa: look at unity8 (I'm relaunching ubuntu-ui-toolkit now)07:24
didrockspsivaa: it failed first, and I relaunched it and failed as well07:24
psivaadidrocks: it timed out suggesting a hang somewhere, when such a hang happened with notes test on maguro i saw http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6219418/ in the kernel logs07:27
psivaadidrocks: let's see if similar issue occurs with this mako07:27
didrockspsivaa: oh, but we had an apparmor change for notes-app07:27
psivaadidrocks: looks like the the notes test on 97 still had this issue. i'm re-running it. let's see if we see the same log07:30
popeydidrocks: in todays image the sudoku app was dropped/added with the wrong name, do you know what caused that?07:31
didrockspsivaa: I don't see that in dmesg07:31
didrockspopey: it's a click package, not really sure about those, sergiusens or ogra_ should know07:32
didrockspopey: you will tell that during the meeting?07:32
popeydidrocks: heh, sergiusens asked me ☻07:32
didrocksahah ;)07:32
didrocksok ogra_ then!07:32
didrockspsivaa: do you see anything in this run: ?07:33
psivaadidrocks: no, but i did not see the PVR alloc errors in dmesg earlier as well. for some reason only saw that in kern.log ( i could have missed anything)07:35
didrockspsivaa: where do you see kern.log, I don't see it collected in for instance07:35
psivaadidrocks: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6239493/ is happening with maguro right now.. so the test has just hung07:36
psivaadidrocks: i logged into the device07:36
psivaadidrocks: log in to phoenix and then connect to the device07:36
didrocksah, ok, we need to get something better than logging I guess :)07:36
psivaadidrocks: agree07:36
didrockspsivaa: is there a wiki page? I don't know about that one07:36
* didrocks rebooting07:45
didrocksthostr_: hey, in landing ask, request 201 and 203 are the same, right?07:58
thostr_didrocks: yes...07:59
didrocksthostr_: ok, killing one07:59
didrocksev: do you know if "powerd-cli display on" is executed before starting the suite in utah?08:08
=== alan_g|EOD is now known as alan_g
loolrsalveti: Ok; I thought I had waited until it was in release pocket08:20
loolrsalveti: indeed08:21
loolrsalveti: my bad08:21
loolMirv: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing#Running_Click_tests08:22
loolMirv, didrocks: So I had trouble getting the mir stack in PPA; eventually I got all but unity-mir in PPA manually08:23
Mirvoh, that way08:23
looldidrocks: cu2d kind of "lost" qtpowerd somewhere08:23
Mirvlool: unity-mir is now there as well08:23
didrockslool: we handle the end of mir08:24
jibelregression on #97, sudoku and dropping letters to not start08:24
looldidrocks: it generate a rsync file, but that never resulted in an upload in unapproved08:24
Mirvso apt-get install libunity-mir1 libplatform-api1-hybris libubuntu-application-api-mirclient1 libubuntu-application-api-mirserver1 libubuntu-application-api1 libubuntu-platform-hardware-api1 libmirclient3 libmirplatform libmirprotobuf0 libmirserver708:24
Mirvgets you updated mir08:24
Mirvoptionally one may also update the unity808:24
didrockslool: I see it, did you refresh the whitelist?08:24
loolI dont know how to do that08:24
looldidrocks: it's .3 that got lost08:24
didrockslool: checked the FAQ?08:24
didrockslool: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/FAQ#Adding.2BAC8-removing_components_to_a_stack08:24
didrocksThe archive admin needs to, after checking that lp:cupstream2distro only adds component for filtering we want:08:24
ogra_popey, for the manifest creation i only run "click list" on the finished image ... to install click packages we read a file that sergiusens creates to get the list08:25
looldidrocks: but I'm not ~ubuntu-archive08:25
looldidrocks: I pinged cjwatson about it, and infinity tried to pull it I think08:25
popeyogra_: yeah, found the commit thanks to dpm, have mailed upstream08:25
didrockslool: I saw it pulled this morning, but I guess that was after you published it?08:25
didrocksin that case, the sync was rejected08:25
loolhow do you see that?08:26
popeyhmm, my nexus 7 has been running nearly 3 days and has init using 75% RAM08:26
popey  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S  %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND08:26
popey 1366 phablet   20   0 1039m 730m  488 S   0.0 75.0  12:37.24 init08:26
loolpopey: sounds like the same bug as we have on mako and maguro08:26
popeyimage 94, so needs an update08:27
didrockslool: I changed the email to me to MAILTO=ubuntu-unity@lists.launchpad.net08:27
loolpopey: we only applied a workaround on maguro to limit the number of events in udev and on all devices to limit unity8 traffic08:27
loolpopey: but the leak remains08:27
didrockslool: however, I don't see any mail (where we should receive), maybe launchpad not permitting that?08:27
looldidrocks: So I also think the changelog is screwed up, but not sure why08:28
didrocksThere are no mailing list messages requiring your review.08:28
didrockslool: well, first one wasn't cu2d issue, just not following the FAQ08:28
didrockslet's look at the changelog08:28
looldidrocks: .2 got committed to bzr, then despite .3 not making it to archive, there was a .3 changelog commit!08:28
didrockslool: right08:28
loolactually that might be the issue08:28
didrockslool: because the filtering is in the archive copy08:28
loolthe revisions are wrong08:28
looldidrocks: I did not follow the faq but I asked an archive admin to pull the config amounting to the same08:29
didrockslool: maybe the FAQ should mentionned to do that before publishing08:29
loolpublishing also failed due to the branch being stacked for some reason08:30
loolColin provided me with a rune to fix it up in bzr08:30
sil2100didrocks, lool: I'll join the call in a moment08:30
didrockssil2100: can you try to be on time in the near future for our calls please? ;)08:31
sil2100didrocks: ok! ;)08:35
ogra_lool, where was the PPA removed ? i still see it in meta09:09
ogra_ah, only from the build scripts yet ... that needs cleanup09:10
Mirvogra_: well I flashed #97 and at least it's true that it's not enabled09:10
ogra_Mirv, right, but germinate still uses it when processing the seed09:11
* ogra_ will clean that up after the meeting09:11
didrocksogra_: please flushes :)09:12
sil2100Upgrading the device, start running unity8 tests as soon as it finishes09:13
ogra_landing 23509:13
psivaaMirv: sorry i missed it, did you want one of us to run uuitoolkit on 97?09:17
psivaaMirv: i just got http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6239756/ on maguro09:17
lool(so we found the reason for dropping-letters to be broken, and it was at the time of the removal of share-app)09:21
loolneeds a seed update to pull in the hud qml bindings now09:21
Mirvpsivaa: anyone who could understand what's going on in there, but maybe on mako since it seems you're not hitting the problem on maguro09:22
Mirvpsivaa: on mako I constantly get "Killed" eventually when running phablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit (the whole suite at once), kernel log shows processes getting killed (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6239756/) and eventually the device reboots itself09:22
Mirvpsivaa: I believe it's the same as this general slowdown with Mir, but can be gotten with the uitoolkit test suite easily09:23
asacMirv: what cras files do you get?09:23
sil2100Ok, that was unexpected09:23
sil2100What I wanted to say...: I noticed yesterday that the clock app looks strange, and you cannot set an alarm because the layout is out of place09:24
Mirvasac: nothing (at the time when that problem occurs, unity8 etc otherwise)09:24
jibelsil2100, it is fixed on 9709:27
psivaaMirv: ok, it doesn't look like we are seeing that issue in the smoke runs.09:29
Mirvpsivaa: I know. interestingly I get it also if I try to execute single tests but during the same boot.09:31
Mirvpsivaa: the smoke runs of course use utah etc so it's different09:31
psivaaMirv: ack, that could be the difference09:35
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
asacanyone knows what is usually happenining if we see something failing like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1239646/comments/4 ?09:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1239646 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "CI fails most tests on UITK trunk" [Critical,Confirmed]09:51
asaci had those as well (e.g. process not starting or crashing right away)09:51
ogra_in get_autopilot_proxy_object_for_process09:54
ogra_    dbus_bus=dbus_bus09:54
ogra_dbus gone or blocked ?09:54
looldidrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~lool/mediaplayer-app/qtpowerd-keep-screen-on/+merge/19106109:54
looldidrocks: do you know when ogra is back?10:18
t1mpogra_: that happens on CI. I don't know where it is executed. Do you know if that environment is different from the CI environment for other projects?10:19
looldidrocks: I just wanted to tell him that I took over the -meta update to drop the PPA since I was uploading it10:19
didrockslool: now? ;)10:19
loologra_: uh10:19
didrockshey ogra_!10:19
loologra_: my completion didn't work for some reason10:19
didrocksogra_: lool has a message for you :p10:19
ogra_lool, i have seed changes pending too10:19
* didrocks runs ;)10:19
ogra_didrocks, tell him i have seed changes to merge as well10:19
loologra_: Ok; I've uploaded -meta without -ppa and fixing the accidental hud drop from share-app and fixing some poppler seed error10:19
ogra_just wanted to do a quick call tests on maguro before i fiddle with that10:20
didrockslool: high time for you to take some rest!10:20
loologra_: want me to do another upload?10:20
ogra_lool, accidential hud drop from share-app ?10:20
ogra_share-app should not be on the image10:20
ogra_(we removed it twice now)10:20
ogra_lool, for the seed change we have to wait for the new location service package10:21
loologra_: ok, will let you handle it then10:21
loologra_: yes, we unseeded share-app and that dropped the hud bindings10:22
loolwhich were used by some clicks10:22
ogra_which hud bindings ?10:22
loolbecause it's our platform10:22
t1mpogra_: we (SDK team) don't have control over the environment where we run the UITK autopilot tests for CI. So what can we do if dbus is gone or blocked?10:22
loologra_: qtdeclarative5-hud1.010:22
ogra_1.0 is supposed to be completely gone by now10:22
t1mpogra_: or first, how do we find out whether that is the case?10:22
ogra_lool, right, thats not wanted in the image10:22
ogra_lool, apps need to port to 2.010:22
loologra_: where is 2.0?10:23
ogra_lool, talk to ted before pulling anything in again10:23
ogra_should be shipped by default10:23
ogra_lool, libhud210:23
ogra_and libhud-client210:23
loologra_: sorry, this is what dropping-letters was using10:24
loologra_: I dont see the new hud bindings though10:24
loologra_: so you're saying libhud-qt should be removed from archive?10:25
ogra_lool, no idea, but i know that libhud2 replaces the old 1.0 stuff10:25
loologra_: libhud2 is depended upon by libhud-qt110:26
ogra_lool, well talk to ted ... it took some effort to get that right, i dont want to mess it up10:26
loologra_: do you have a reference I could check?10:27
ogra_qtdeclarative5-hud1.0 is definitely dead and supposed to not be on the image10:27
loologra_: ted is only coming up in some hours10:27
ogra_IRC logs but i'm not sure in which channel10:27
ogra_might have been #phablet10:27
loolthat's what unity8 uses10:28
ogra_lool, all i know is that there was quite some fuss to get it gone10:29
loologra_: what I know is that dropping-letters depends on it  :-)10:29
ogra_lool, well, then fix dropping letters10:29
loologra_: it's not mine10:29
ogra_hud1.0 is deprecated10:29
ogra_so leave it to upstream then :)10:29
ogra_lets just wait for ted to clearify10:30
looltalking to upstream is exactly why I want the details; I dont know what we're moving to10:31
loolI guess this might be via unity or something10:31
looland it also looks like we should drop a source10:31
loolI wrote to ted10:33
ogra_97 is good on maguro btw10:34
* ogra_ doesnt like the new ringtone 10:35
didrocksogra_: if you need help, I think sil2100 can help you to test the unity8, unity-notifications and ubuntu-touch-session10:35
* sil2100 runs unity8 tests on 97 mako + new unity810:35
didrockssil2100: can you ensure already that everything we wanted has landed? ^ (check with Saviq) and that it's built in the ppa?10:35
didrockssil2100: ah, so the binaries are ok?10:35
didrockssil2100: I think you need ubuntu-touch-session from ogra_10:35
ogra_sil2100, if you use the latest unity8 you also want the ubuntu-touch-session change10:36
sil2100ogra_: ok, where can I get that from?10:36
ogra_let me roll you a package, one moment10:36
evdidrocks, others: the release team just applied a britney block to all source and we'll need to use that branch cjwatson created to provide overrides for individual uploads10:36
* didrocks needs to recheck syntax10:37
=== ev changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard: - Type: "@ci" for help | Britney is set to block all uploads, use lp:~ubuntu-touch-release/britney/hints-ubuntu-touch to override | Known issues: -
ogra_sil2100, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-touch-session_0.83_all.deb10:39
* ogra_ is afk for a moment+10:39
sil2100ogra_: thanks!10:39
* asac reminds folks how risky ubuntu-touch-session uploads were in the past :)10:39
Mirvsil2100: please don't start unity8 stack now10:40
didrocksogra_: want me to push location-service?10:41
didrocksogra_: oh, there is the seed change, right10:41
didrocksI'll let you do that :)10:41
didrocksthink about the hint then ;)10:41
sil2100Mirv: ok ;)10:42
sil2100Mirv: tell me once we can do that, as there was a commit landed a few minutes ago that would be nice to have as well10:43
Mirvsil2100: I'll ping you then10:44
sil2100Mirv: ok, anyway all is landed already so just this one commit I guess we'll fetch10:47
asac12:46 < tvoss> asac,10:48
asachttp://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/touch_mir/mako/97:20131015:20131015/4730/notes-app-autopilot/ reports  4 crashes in the overview, although nothing crashed10:48
asac12:46 < tvoss> asac, seems like crash "detection" is a wildcard *crash*10:48
asacev: plars: doanac: ^^ :()10:48
asaclets fix that10:48
evlooking into it10:50
evasac: tvoss is correct. I'll arrange a fix.10:51
ev(correct as far as the code is concerned)10:51
Mirvpublished mir, unity-system-compositor, platform-api, unity-mir10:57
didrockssil2100: I think you can rebuild unity8 now ^11:01
sil2100Mirv: ^ ? Can I?11:03
Mirvsil2100: yes you can11:04
Mirvsil2100: "ping" :)11:04
sergiusenslool, ogra_ https://bugs.launchpad.net/dropping-letters/+bug/122134411:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1221344 in Dropping Letters "remove usage of qtdeclarative5-hud1.0 " [Undecided,New]11:08
ogra_sergiusens, thx !11:14
ogra_lool, in that light ^^^ can we please remove it again before rolling an image11:17
sergiusensogra_, also, I have a 99% assurance that this is why most tests fail on maguro ;-) terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> >'11:18
sergiusens  what():  buffer allocation failed11:18
ogra_boost ?11:18
sergiusensogra_, buffer allocation failed11:18
sergiusensogra_, that's unity8; after that it restarts11:18
ogra_sergiusens, did you point Saviq to it yet ?11:20
sergiusensogra_, no, saw that late last night; just recapping today11:20
sergiusenstelling Saviq, is easy ^11:20
* sergiusens goes to #ubuntu-unity11:21
loologra_: can we get the dropping letters fix quickly?11:25
ogra_lool, no idea, but that lib cleanup was done a while ago, i dont want to regress11:25
ogra_(i didnt notice you had already uploaded)11:26
ogra_apps are not bound to release, the image is ... they can hapily fix it asyncronous11:27
didrockshum, sil2100, when upgrading from the ppa, you didn't get any issue with unity8,11:27
sil2100didrocks: what issues?11:29
sil2100I had no issues, I'm running unity8 from daily-build - not the latest, since that one is still building11:30
didrockssil2100: like package file override11:30
sil2100hm, no11:30
didrockssil2100: do you have http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/revision/461 ?11:30
sil2100didrocks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240141/11:31
sil2100didrocks: this was my log from installing11:31
didrockssil2100: with that commit included?11:32
didrocksoh Replacing files in old package ubuntu-touch-session ...11:32
sil2100Yes, with this commit, as this unity8 was built 8 hours ago I guess11:33
ogra_didrocks, sil2100, hmm, looking at the MP i think there ios something missing in the unity8 merge11:34
ogra_unity8 was supposed to call SIGSTOP once it is done setting up sockets ... to make upstart pick that event up there should be an "expect stop" in the upstart job11:34
ogra_i dont see it in the MP11:34
ogra_i pinged Saviq in -touch already about it11:35
didrocksogra_: ok, keep us posted :)11:35
didrocksI think that doesn't stop sil2100 from testing :)11:35
ogra_well he wont test the whole fix11:35
ogra_keep an eye open for maliit crashes when restarting the shell11:35
didrocksogra_: right, but at least, we'll just have one more commit to test :p11:36
* ogra_ needs to reboot 11:36
jibelI filed bug 1239815 yesterday, probably the font should be seeded for the release or the language removed from the list11:37
ubot5bug 1239815 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Text not displayed properly in Chinese" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123981511:37
sergiusenslool, ogra_ https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/dropping-letters/nohud/+merge/19116411:40
didrocksogra_: hum, not sure about chinese, do you know what we need to seed?11:41
popeysergiusens: approved11:44
ogra_didrocks, i thought we have everything11:48
* ogra_ expected the langpack-base package to depend on the right fonts11:49
didrocksdpm: do you know this? ^11:50
ogra_we have language-pack-zh-hans and language-pack-zh-hans-base as well as the gnome equivalents for both11:51
dpmhi didrocks, I haven't been involved in langpacks this cycle, perhaps pitti or seb128 might know. For Chinese on the phone I thought we need fonts-droid and that it was already seeded?11:51
didrocksogra_: weird…11:52
didrocksseb is travelling11:52
dpmdidrocks, or happyaron would definitely know11:52
didrocksok, thanks dpm11:52
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# dpkg -l |grep fonts-droid11:52
ogra_ii  fonts-droid                                           1:4.2.r1-2                                    all          handheld device font with extensive style and language support11:52
ogra_it is definitely there11:52
Mirvogra_: language-selector uses /usr/share/language-selector/data/pkg_depends at least on desktop to determine various fonts to install11:53
ogra_well, looking at that file on my precise desktop there are no droid fonts listed11:54
ogra_thats what i see11:54
ogra_can someone check on a saucy desktop ?11:55
ogra_i only have raring and precise around11:55
Mirvogra_: I'm on saucy, same here, those fonts ^ and no droid in the file11:55
ogra_right, so i suspect we want to seed these11:56
didrockspossibly yeah11:56
ogra_oot@ubuntu-phablet:/# apt-cache show fonts-arphic-ukai|grep ^Size11:57
ogra_Size: 1027408811:57
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# apt-cache show fonts-arphic-uming|grep ^Size11:57
ogra_Size: 793065211:57
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# apt-cache show ttf-wqy-zenhei|grep ^Size11:57
ogra_Size: 918458811:57
ogra_not actually small11:58
didrocksogra_: well, maybe worth it for the demos11:59
ogra_i'd like to be sure that we need them12:00
* didrocks tries what pitti is suggesting12:00
didrockswhen the oom killer will be kind to not kill my apt-get12:00
didrocksgrrr, let's reboot12:00
didrocksok, not that one, next now :)12:02
didrocksnot ttf-wqy-zenhei12:04
didrocksfonts-arphic-ukai is the right one12:04
ogra_great, lets seed it12:05
ogra_is CI for the location service change done already ?12:05
* ogra_ curses pulseaudio ... 12:05
ogra_... another reboot12:05
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
loolsergiusens: Can you ping me when dropping-letters is updated so that I remove the seeding?12:07
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: 2 failed, 22 success on unity812:08
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: and from the looks of it, those are some flacky test I guess12:08
didrockssil2100: can you get Saviq's feedback on the 2 failing?12:08
sil2100didrocks: sure12:08
didrockssil2100: well, flacky teste need to be fixed ;)12:08
didrocksogra_: you are handling the location service, I think it's building right now though12:08
Mirvnew Mir components in release pocket now12:10
ogra_didrocks, great, thanks12:11
Mirv(checked with rmadison)12:11
didrocksMirv: I hinted them! excellent that they migrated, thanks!12:13
didrocksogra_: location-service is built in the ppa, you can test it12:14
cjwatsonDo you guys want this new system-image?  Looks like its autopkgtests have never passed12:15
* ogra_ isnt really sure what to test or how ... since nothing uses the location service ... i guess as long as the indicator still shows up it is fine 12:15
=== gatox is now known as gatox_bbl
cjwatsonWhich actually looks like it might just be a missing test dependency on python3-psutil ...12:16
didrockscjwatson: it's hinted (blocked) by lool12:19
didrockscjwatson: we want barry to test it with the ui first12:19
didrocksogra_: yeah, that was my (very limited) test  before12:20
didrocksogra_: and looking at /var/crash :p12:20
ogra_indeed :)12:20
didrocksogra_: tell me if/when I can publish it12:20
loolcjwatson: so we should reupload with a dep on this in the autopkgtests I guess12:23
loolcjwatson: we're pushing testing of system-image towards EOD due to other big things landing today (unity8 and mir main)12:23
cjwatsonlool: Yeah, I was going to run the tests locally first12:23
cjwatsonWe can force it past the tests, but I'd rather fix them12:23
loolcjwatson: +112:23
loolcjwatson: also, barry ran them often in trunk and I think they are run as part of packge build, but would want to keep autopkgtests working on this critical package12:24
cjwatsonYeah, I expect they work fine as unit tests12:25
Saviqsil2100, which one? I don't think we have flaky tests, we might have crashes on startup, though12:26
Saviqsil2100, which tests and what output please?12:26
* didrocks out for a run, back in an hour12:31
sil2100Saviq: I pasted the tests on ubuntu-touch, I'll paste the output in a moment12:54
cjwatsonI've uploaded system-image with the autopkgtest fix12:55
loolcjwatson: thanks12:56
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
sil2100Saviq: I fetched it from the yaml file, but should be readable: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240421/12:59
Saviqsil2100, yeah, crashes on startup13:01
Saviqsil2100, I couldn't track those down :/13:01
Saviqsil2100, backtrace is just ?? ?? ??13:01
sil2100Bleh, well, those don't seem to be related to the particular testcases, as I had different failures before (also 2)13:02
ogra_sil2100, Saviq, so any outcome ? should i upload the ubuntu-touch-session change ?13:12
Saviqogra_, yes13:12
sil2100ogra_: here it looks ok13:12
* ogra_ does so13:12
Saviqogra_, anything we need next will be unity8-only13:12
sil2100The tests are generally good, dogfooding still but don't see any issue13:12
ogra_Saviq, yeah13:12
sil2100Saviq, didrocks: you guys fine if I publish unity8 as well?13:12
ogra_is there some special trick to re-trigger a CI build for somethig that was already built ?13:13
ogra_https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/189878 would neeed a new build13:13
sergiusenslool, latest dletters is in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/click_packages/click_list13:13
sergiusenslool, test it if you want before removing the seed entry13:14
Saviqsil2100, +1000000013:14
loolsergiusens: could you test it?13:14
loolI'm busy with the setcap stuff13:14
* lool was trying to take this day easy13:14
loolseems release decided otherwise  :-)13:14
sergiusenslool, I was looking for a 3rd person.... let me ask popey!13:14
lool3rd guy's a charm13:15
plarsasac: lool: anyone looked at the bump in failures after music-app went to a click package?13:15
Saviqogra_, why do you need it to rebuild? and anyway it's building right now, and will be built once more during -autolanding13:15
plarsand good morning :)13:15
asacplars: go for sergiusens13:15
loolplars: not that I know of; sergiusens tested it before the switch though13:15
Saviqogra_, new commits in an MP == new build13:15
ogra_Saviq, because it was approved, then issues were found and fixed ...13:15
ogra_ah, cool13:15
plarslool, asac: maybe just a missing dependency or something13:15
asacplars: he knows the click transition details and would be nice to have a good story on these (if not already)13:15
loolplars: morning; also filemanager switched to click13:15
ogra_i didnt know thats automatic13:15
sergiusensplars, I'm looking at that actually13:15
Saviqogra_, just top-approve again13:15
ogra_i did13:16
popeysergiusens: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/click_packages/com.ubuntu.dropping-letters_0.  that one?13:16
sergiusensplars, the error on jenkins is really strange13:16
ogra_so just waiting then13:16
sergiusenspopey, yes13:16
Saviqogra_, yup13:16
* ogra_ gets coffee13:16
popeysergiusens: ok13:16
loolfile:///build/buildd/unity8-7.82+13.10.20131011.2/Shell.qml: File not found ^M13:16
Saviqlool, that's a mock-only issue13:17
plarssergiusens: "IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/phablet/music_app/content/1.ogg'" ?13:17
Saviqlool, nothing new, and minor13:17
sergiusensplars, yeah, and look at the log line above :-/13:17
loolSaviq: it's not coming up for some reason13:17
sergiusensplars, it's missing the 'autopilot' thing in there13:17
loolSaviq: I see /run/unity8-setcap/unity8 in process list13:17
loolSaviq: trying without setcap13:18
Saviqlool, me tries13:18
sil2100didrocks, Saviq: I will publish in a few moments13:19
Saviqlool, right, it seems to hang after creating the surface...13:20
loolSaviq: even without setcap13:20
loolSaviq: I guess it's looking for some resources or something13:20
* Saviq straces13:20
Saviqlool, fook13:21
loolis that polish?13:21
Saviqlool, yeah, we're expecting /usr13:21
loolI think I can read a bit of polish now13:21
Saviqlool, otherwise we're looking for stuff in $BUILDDIR13:21
plarssergiusens: possibly music_app/tests/__init__.py:_create_music_library() is looking in the wrong spot?13:22
loolI guess I could fool argv013:22
Saviq    static bool installed = (QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() ==13:22
Saviq                             QDir(("@CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX@/@CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR@")).canonicalPath());13:22
sergiusensplars, well give me  a second, I'll run locally13:22
Saviqlool, you'd need to fool that13:22
Saviqlool, we're basically comparing that we're run from where we were installed to13:23
Saviqogra_, ETA 13 mins on location service13:24
Saviqjeez all that setcap stuff is such a hack...13:24
loolSaviq: how about mount --bind /run/unity8-setcap/unity8  /usr/bin/unity8?13:24
ogra_well, then seed change and meta uplaod13:24
loolthis thing is getting uglier minute by minute13:25
ogra_heh, yeah13:25
Saviqlool, should work I think13:25
Saviqlool, indeed13:25
loolI wonder if it works ro13:25
ogra_mounting it ro after copying ?13:26
loolbind mounting over a file on a ro mount13:26
sergiusensplars, works fine for me http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240529/13:26
popeysergiusens: http://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-10-15-142644.png looks good13:26
sergiusenspopey, only 15 points?13:27
sergiusenspopey, you need practice :-)13:27
Saviqlool, that seems to be working, yeah13:27
sergiusenslool, dropping letters is good13:27
Saviqlool, getcap shows the cap on /usr/bin/unity813:27
loolsergiusens: Cool13:27
looldoing meta dance13:27
ogra_yay for evil hacks13:27
loologra_: you're done with meta for location?13:27
ogra_lool, location had issues, rebuilds atm13:28
loologra_: actually would you unseed the hud stuff again and upload meta?13:28
ogra_just go ahead13:28
ogra_i'll go afterwards13:28
ogra_or leave it to me as you like13:28
ogra_(but i'll wait for location sertvice to be ready)13:28
loolSaviq: just testing on r/o now13:29
jdstrandsergiusens: hey, I noticed that the terminal app has a number of apparmor denials because it is now a click package13:29
loolisn't it meant to be unconfined?13:30
sergiusensjdstrand, yes, not just the terminal, all unconfined apps seem to want to access the system_properties13:30
sergiusensjdstrand, and it's blocked13:30
jdstrandI need to adjust the unconfined template13:30
sergiusensjdstrand, I'm guessing it just need supressing?13:30
loolah so unconfined is not really unconfined13:30
sergiusenslool, never!13:30
loolmaybe we need a really-unconfined--hehe-no-just-kidding profile13:31
jdstrandlool: it is meant to be unconfined-- but unconfined click apps still get a profile-- it is just a wide open one based on the unconfiend template13:31
loolSaviq: /dev/loop0 on / type ext2 (ro,relatime,errors=continue)13:31
sergiusensfrom an app perspective it is unconfined13:31
jdstrandlool: that is what the unconfined template is meant to do. it just needs a coupel of tweaks13:31
lool/usr/bin/unity8 = cap_sys_resource+ep13:31
loolSaviq: so worked13:31
infinitydidrocks: Feel like yelling at unity people today?13:32
infinitydidrocks: elmo's in the process of filing a bug that multimonitor regressed today.13:32
sergiusensplars, any comment?13:33
sergiusensplars, where's the code for that on utah again?13:33
jdstrandlool: to be clear-- every non-kernel process on the system is mediated by apparmor13:33
plarssergiusens: sorry, give me a min.. I'm flipping back and forth between this, and iso install testing, and working with someone on a bug I'm seeing with that13:33
jdstrandlool: and 'unconfined' to apparmor is actually a profile13:34
looljdstrand: so that profiles doesn't block anything, but logs things it would have denied?13:34
jdstrandlool: we aren't using the 'unconfined' profile for these things-- we implemented an 'unconfined' template13:34
jdstrandlool: no, that is different. if a process is running with the unconfined apparmor label-- there are no restrictions or logging13:35
loolI'm so confused now13:35
loolI actually preferred 5 minutes ago13:35
loolwhen I thought I understood what this meant13:35
jdstrandlool: the click unconfined template is supposed to do the same thing. but there is a bug that I need to fix so that click apps that use the unconfined template have no restrictions and logging13:36
plarssergiusens: probably doanac or me will need to set it up locally and try, I'm also installing my phone now13:36
jdstrandlool: perhaps this will shed some light on it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240571/13:37
jdstrandit was an active decission to not include '*mount' in the unconfined template, because we didn't think it was needed. of course, in the case of the terminal app, if you want to remount,rw it is13:39
jdstrandthe attach_disconnected is needed because of the recent AF_UNIX change. at the time of that change, nothing on the image was using the unconfined template (at least, that I was aware of)13:39
infinitydidrocks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/124007413:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1240074 in unity (Ubuntu) "multi-monitor regression" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:40
jdstrandso that didn't come up until things like the file manager and terminal app were shipped as click on the image13:40
jdstrandlool: anyhoo-- I've got it under control. is this something I can upload after I finish testing?13:40
looljdstrand: is this an apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu upload?13:41
jdstrandlool: yes13:41
loolinfinity: ^ this is in supported seed, do you care?13:42
jdstrandI can answer that13:42
jdstrandit is in the supported seed, but it was whitelisted in some manner13:42
looljdstrand: all uploads are scrutinized when they aren't either unseeded or only in touch seed; all uploads now blocked in proposed too13:42
infinitysupported, but not on an image, so I can let it through.13:43
loolit might be whitelisted13:43
jdstrandstgraber whitelisted it last week along with click, etc due to a conversation with slangasek13:43
cjwatsonmulti-monitor> erk.  /me puts unity on hold13:44
sil2100Packaging ACK needed!13:45
loolsil2100: url?13:45
sil2100https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/cu2d/view/Saucy/view/Unity8/job/cu2d-unity8-saucy-3.0publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_unity8_7.83+13.10.20131015.4-0ubuntu1.diff <- lool13:45
infinitycjwatson: And by "on hold", you mean upgrading to see if you can confirm and provide more info? :P13:46
loolsil2100: yes, this change is ok, but needs to go at the same time as ubuntu-touch-session upload13:46
sil2100ogra_: did you do the ubuntu-touch-session upload already?13:47
ogra_sil2100, yes13:47
jdstrandsergiusens: I've tested the filemanager and the terminal app. what else is unconfined?13:48
sergiusensjdstrand, music13:48
loologra_: didn't add a breaks though13:48
ogra_it had one before13:48
loologra_: actually I dont see the upload in bzr?13:49
didrocksinfinity: ok, I got one issue and a reboot worked, let me get people on it13:49
ogra_lool, ?13:49
sil2100ogra_, lool: then I press publish!13:49
loologra_: ubuntu-touch-session13:49
didrocksinfinity: I have 2 monitors here and they work now13:49
sil2100...or should I wait?13:49
ogra_lool, oh, didnt puch sorry13:49
didrocksbregma: around?13:49
loologra_: I dont see lp:~phablet-team/session-manager-touch/trunk in bzr13:49
loolsil2100: hold on just a sec13:50
infinitydidrocks: Broke on several setups for IS here in Bluefin, so it's not just one person being goofy.13:50
infinitydidrocks: elmo and Spads can be more helpful, I imagine.13:50
didrocksinfinity: yeah, I can believe you…13:50
ogra_lool, done13:50
ogra_sil2100, go13:50
loolsil2100: you're pushing 7.83?13:50
loolsil2100: shoot13:50
ogra_was all tested already13:50
ogra_no worries13:50
jdstrandsergiusens: on what image is music-app a click? on 96 it is still a deb that doesn't ship a profile13:51
looldouble-checking actual versions13:51
loolcause sometimes we rebump them13:51
looljdstrand: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20131015.changes13:51
didrocksinfinity: following up with trevhino on #ubuntu-unity13:51
looljdstrand: that would be latest image13:51
didrockssil2100: unity8/notifications/sessoin?13:53
kgunndidrocks: so...i hear the image cut today will be it ?...so mir/unity8/unity-mir will all need to branch like we discussed last week?13:53
infinitydidrocks: Can you make sure they take this "fix/revert today, if possible" levels of seriously>13:53
didrockskgunn: it has everything in yeah13:53
kgunndidrocks: just looking to keep people working and not stalling out as they move to t-focused work13:53
didrocksinfinity: they are already aware, etrying to get elmo or spads in the channel13:54
jdstrandlool: so, will I need an ask or after I test these three apps on the latest release may I upload?13:54
kgunndidrocks: so when we branch....do we just tell you ?13:54
kgunnor whom do we need to inform ?13:54
jdstrandlool: note-- only the unconfined template is being updated, so only unconfined click apps are affected by the change13:54
didrockskgunn: please not now, we have critical issues for release13:54
sil2100didrocks: unity8 and unity-notifications13:56
sil2100didrocks: ogra_ did session13:56
cjwatsoninfinity: if I get a chance - couple of other things I want to do before I tear down my session13:56
infinitycjwatson: Yeah.  I reboot so rarely these days that I don't see bugs like this for weeks/months after they're introduced. :/13:57
infinitySuspend working on Linux completely ruined my ability to be useful QA.13:58
looljdstrand: I've added a slot already14:02
looljdstrand: I think you can go with apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu14:02
didrocksinfinity: FYI, elmo can't reproduce it anymore (even upgrading unity)14:05
didrocksso same case than I14:05
didrocksthere is clearly something14:05
didrocksbut the commits don't seem to be related…14:05
infinityThat's not actually comforting.14:05
jdstrandsergiusens: are you aware of: ERROR: Could not parse click manifest. Skipping 'com.ubuntu.developer.dinko-metalac.sudoku-app_sudoku-app_1.0.133.json'14:05
didrocksI don't see any other upload14:06
didrocksinfinity: I just find weird that the screen is off, unity doesn't manipulate Xorg14:06
didrocksit's just rendering on a root window (but at least, you would have a cursor)14:07
sergiusensjdstrand, I asked popey  and mhal about that. To be honest I just want to unseed it now14:07
didrockswhich was not the case for the 3 of us14:07
infinitydidrocks: Does multimonitor start 2 X servers, or 1 server with two heads?14:07
didrocksinfinity: 1 server14:08
jdstrandsergiusens: the problem is /var/lib/apparmor/clicks/com.ubuntu.developer.dinko-metalac.sudoku-app_sudoku-app_1.0.133.json is a symlink to /usr/share/click/preinstalled/com.ubuntu.developer.dinko-metalac.sudoku-app/1.0.133/sudoku-app.json, but that doesn't exist14:08
infinitydidrocks: Hrm, then there goes my theory that it could break without a reboot if you had two copies of X running at different versions.14:08
didrocksyeah, sorry ;)14:08
cjwatsonjdstrand: I thought we fixed all that sort of thing ages ago14:09
jdstrandsergiusens: looks like it should point to /usr/share/click/preinstalled/com.ubuntu.developer.dinko-metalac.sudoku-app/1.0.133/apparmor/sudoku-app.json14:09
jdstrandcjwatson: I think it is just the hook manifest entry is wrong.14:09
cjwatsonoh right14:09
didrocksinfinity: rereading the code from last upload, there is clearly no (obvious) link14:09
cjwatsonyeah, that would be easy to fix in the app14:09
didrocksone is in the launcher code14:09
didrocksthe other, only activated when you spread the windows14:09
sergiusensjdstrand, cjwatson the app developer messed up the manifest I uploaded for him14:10
jdstrandit must be sudoku-app.json now, but it should be "apparmor/sudoku-app.json" based on the layout of the unpacked package14:10
infinitydidrocks: Yeah, I couldn't see anything obviously related either.14:10
* jdstrand nods14:10
jdstrandsergiusens: certainly an easy fix :)14:10
didrocksinfinity: trevhino is still looking at it, I ask spads to keep his broken setup in case this can help14:10
jdstrandthough I', surprised the review scripts didn't catch it14:10
sergiusensjdstrand, yes, but I need the reasoning for such a change from the dev14:10
infinitydidrocks: I hate heisenbugs. :/14:10
loolinfinity: maybe there's still time to switch to xmir?14:11
sergiusensjdstrand, I'm going to back out to the latest workng sudoku14:11
jdstrandsergiusens: well, right now the app is busted. I would think that would be motivating14:11
didrocksinfinity: so do I :/ as I just suspended/resumed for days, I thought my situation was screwed this morning (it's rare I plug my laptop on the external monitor after while I suspend)14:11
didrocksbut now that we are 3, I'm scared14:12
* didrocks tries to unplug/plug again14:12
jdstrandsergiusens: anyhoo-- whatever you think is best. I jsut noticed the issue and am passing it along14:12
sergiusensjdstrand, thanks :-)14:12
didrocks5 times… nothing14:12
didrocksI played with xrandr to start the second screen this morning… nothing14:12
didrocksI was really thinking my Xorg was screwed…14:13
sergiusensjdstrand, I was sort of mad when I saw this last night :-)14:13
cjwatsonlool: with its well-known excellent multi-monitor support14:13
didrockscjwatson: at least "unknown bug fixed" that way ;)14:13
loolcjwatson: exactly  :-)14:13
didrocksor hidden rather :p14:13
infinitydidrocks: Did it just take a reboot to fix you?14:14
didrocksbut I upgraded without rebooting first14:15
didrocksand compiz is known to not like changing .so files under its feet (it can segfault)14:15
doanacplars: looks like I need to update utah to launch the music app properly?14:15
plarsdoanac: oh? I didn't see that... what changed in utah?14:16
jdstrandsergiusens: yeah, I bet :\14:16
plarsdoanac: I'm not showing that there were any changes since september14:17
doanacplars: actually - it shouldn't be utah.14:17
doanacplars: keep in mind the app is now a click-app, so its launched differently.14:17
plarsdoanac: yeah, saw that... I'm seeing some inconsistency with it when running locally though that isn't obvious why at the moment14:17
plarswell, this time was a device not found issue14:18
plarsadb choked I guess14:18
doanacplars: i see the issue sergiusens hit.14:18
plarsdoanac: sergiusens was able to make it pass: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240529/14:19
doanacphablet-tools is doing a "cd /home/phablet/autopilot" and running the test. we are just setting PYTHONPATH=/home/phablet/autopilot14:19
didrocksinfinity: at least, with Spads's xrandr output, we confirm that the screen is off from a Xorg perspective14:19
doanacplars: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-test-case-dev/ubuntu-test-cases/touch/view/head:/utils/host/autopilot-run14:20
doanacthat's what needs to change14:20
infinitydidrocks: Yeah, but what turned it off?  Weird.14:21
didrocksyeah, if g-s-d or an upgrade Xorg was in the mix, that would make sense…14:22
didrockslet me look at last upgrade…14:22
infinityxorg got upgraded for a security fix, but it was a tiny patch.14:22
didrocksyeah, doesn't seem related…14:22
infinitydidrocks: Laney's upower upload, maybe?14:23
didrocksinfinity: hum, not impossible14:23
didrocks+If the device state is unknown, don't guess based on the laptop's14:24
infinityNah, doesn't look related.14:24
didrocksI have an unknown screen14:24
didrocks(the internal one)14:24
didrocksbut fishy :p14:24
infinityThat's just battery state.14:24
didrocksoh right14:24
didrocksand client->priv->lid_is_closed = prop_val;14:24
infinityIf your monitor has a battery...14:24
didrocksmaybe it thinks the lid is closed?14:25
infinityActually, THAT fix could be it.14:25
infinityAnd it might be that it was broken before and fixed now, but the transition from A to B breaks without a reboot.14:25
didrocksif only we had a reliable way to reproduce14:25
didrockspossibly, yeah14:25
sergiusensplars, doanac ok, so we can probably fix that on the test side too14:25
infinitydidrocks: Seems like a tough thing to prove reliably.14:26
doanacsergiusens: yeah - i'd say both sides are wrong. the test shouldn't care, but CI shouldn't be causing this14:26
infinitydidrocks: But I could see screen's powering on/off according to dock states being (in)correctly assumed.14:26
infinityInternet is ruining me.14:26
LaneyWell, those properties were only broken for a few days14:26
didrocksinfinity: it seems to me way more likely than Unity TBH14:27
sergiusensdoanac, what is confusing is that the log message points to the right location but the copy doesn't :-/ I'll take a look at that14:27
infinitydidrocks: Yeah, but blaming unity is more fu.14:27
LaneyBut stuff could have gotten in a confused state due to it14:27
looldidrocks: there's a keyboard fix in asks14:27
didrocksinfinity: you are more (rightly) used to it ;)14:27
infinityLaney: It seems like a plausible explanation.  And nothing we can do anything about, really.14:27
looldidrocks: are we building an image with latest mir?14:27
didrockslool: we will once ogra_  get location-service in (soon)14:28
didrockslool: is it ready?14:28
infinitydidrocks: I guess the only useful debugging info here would be to see if affected people are all fixed after a reboot.14:28
ogra_just rebooting with the new location packages14:28
sil2100didrocks: do I need to ping on -release to get unity8 and unity-notifications out of proposed? As I see "Not touching package due to block request by freeze (contact #ubuntu-release if update is needed) "14:28
infinitydidrocks: And if we really want to be sure, downgrade upower, reboot, upgrade just upower, see if shit breaks, reboot, see if it fixes?14:28
didrocksLaney: infinity: I just want to retry once scenario: starting without the external monitor plugged in, starting the session and plugging it in14:28
didrockssil2100: I'm doing it14:29
sil2100ACK, thanks!14:29
LaneyI have no idea how we would fix it if it is that14:29
didrocksLaney: maybe what infinity told worth a try?14:29
LaneyWhich is?14:30
didrocks"downgrade upower, reboot, upgrade just upower, see if shit breaks14:30
LaneyThat's not a fix14:30
didrocksreboot, see if it fixes?"14:30
LaneyJust a way to see if it is that14:30
infinityLaney: If the above steps prove the issue, I'm not sure trying to fix it is worth it.  As you say, the broken/confused state only existed for a short while, so it wouldn't affect precise/raring->saucy upgrades.14:30
didrocksLaney: well, that's at least a way to confirm that's the issue14:30
LaneyThen maybe put a little release note in14:30
looldidrocks: the phone stack stuff also looks interesting (dialer-app / telepathy-ofono) in terms of polish for the phone part of the product14:30
plarssergiusens, doanac: it's a simple change for us to make to that script,  but I don't think asac will like it. We should still probably do it for the short run and also make sure the test is neutral as well14:30
ogra_hmm, so for the location seed change ..14:31
didrockslool: let's keep on the safe side right now14:31
infinityLaney: Release notes for bugs during a devel cycle aren't appropriate.  If it's what we suspect, it doesn't affect upgrades from previous releases, nor new installs.14:31
ogra_we dont seed libubuntu-location-service-dev (it was a dependency before)14:31
ogra_does anyone have an indea where it should go ?14:31
ogra_sdk-libs-dev ?14:31
didrocksSpads reboot fixed it, he's doing one more test14:31
looldidrocks: we'll see tonight; if they aren't going in, we should reject them14:31
didrockslool: yep14:31
infinitydidrocks: Anyhow, if you can verify that it is what we think, then I'm happy to close the bug and ignore it.14:32
Laneyinfinity: Fine, if that's all that you care about for those14:32
infinityLaney: A message to ubuntu-devel about "you might lose your monitor before a reboot, lolz" might be appropriate, if we prove this.14:32
didrocksinfinity: can't right now (as you can see, a lots going on), I'll try that later, or if Laney can beat me to it…14:32
ogra_lool, didrocks ^^^ any opinion ?14:32
didrocksogra_: sdk-libs-dev makes sense to me14:33
didrockssil2100: ogra_: unity8 & co unblocked14:34
loolcjwatson: do we need to retrigger the autopkgtests for system-image manually?  seem they didn't run against ubuntu214:34
loologra_: not sure, ask tvoss whether it should be part of sdk-libs-dev14:34
loologra_: but we might not need to14:34
loologra_: in any case it can wait14:34
cjwatsonlool: they're running at the moment, it seems14:35
jibellool, they are running14:35
loolcjwatson: ah right, public jenkins == not seeing in progress runs14:35
loolcjwatson: sorry14:35
ogra_lool, you mean i should just leave it unseeded for now ?14:35
cjwatsonjibel: but apparently breaking for some odd reason, dbus falling over?14:35
ogra_lool, we cant change the sdk easily after release ... i'd like to have all dev bits in that are needed14:35
loologra_: I dont think it's important either way; we dont have location plugins14:35
loologra_: using location service from apps is via platform api14:36
cjwatsonah, more sensible messages from i386, but still a failure14:36
ogra_lool, ah k14:36
cjwatsonok, barry will need to look at these14:36
ogra_lool, right, then i'll leave it out14:36
* ogra_ updates the seedand re-rolls meta14:36
jibelcjwatson, it fails on a timeout on self.downloader.get_files(downloads, pausable=True), does the test tries to download files from outside of the lab?14:37
jibellool, ^14:37
cjwatsonI've asked barry to look14:37
sil2100didrocks: excellent, thanks14:37
loolcjwatson, jibel: Have poked barry on #ubntu-touch14:37
cjwatsonI already poked him on #ubuntu-devel14:38
ogra_poor barry14:38
ogra_full og holes14:38
looljibel: it should not try to download outside the lab; barry knows it should not be done, it's rather a download-manager timeout handling problem14:38
=== psivaa is now known as psivaa-afk
loolbut I pinged him _first_ so we get to use #ubuntu-touch14:38
ogra_didrocks, did we have any final word on the chinese font front ?14:40
ogra_before i'm done with meta :)14:40
didrocksogra_: yeah, just install the last package I listed14:40
didrocksogra_: there are some bugs in the settings14:40
didrocksbut it's not related14:40
ogra_didrocks, well sounds like a seed change nontheless14:41
didrockswant me to change it?14:41
ogra_if so, what package ... and should i add it now14:41
ogra_or yeah. feel free to change the seeds and my meta update will pick it up14:41
didrocksogra_: committed14:43
ogra_meta update running14:43
asachow is our "MIR on steroids landing" going14:43
ogra_asac, landed already14:44
asacogra_: which image?14:44
ogra_no image14:45
didrocksasac: we didn't start building the image yet14:45
ogra_in archive14:45
asacwhats ETA for image spin for me to try?14:45
didrocksogra_: btw, your location service is ready :)14:45
didrocksasac: ask lool, he wants to sneak another change14:46
asacsneaky creepy changes14:46
looldid I?14:46
didrocksI think we should cut the image as soon as location service is ready14:46
didrocksas planned14:46
ogra_didrocks, already tested, please publish14:46
asacwell, he surely earned a bunch of CI coins :)14:46
asacso you set the price :)14:46
ogra_didrocks, i need it in the archive for this meta rebuild14:46
didrocks16:27:31       lool | didrocks: there's a keyboard fix in asks14:46
didrockslool: you didn't want those? ^14:46
looldidrocks: I just wanted to ping you about important things in asks  :-)14:46
didrocksoh ok, I got that you wanted to land that now14:46
didrocksogra_: ok, publishing14:46
ogra_asac, the next meta needs to go in (which waits for location service)14:47
looldidrocks: I thought it was worth assessing quickly; perhaps for just before or just after this image14:47
didrocksok, so it's the last one14:47
ogra_asac, after that we''re ready for a build14:47
didrockslool: yeah, as you saw, high pinging time, I didn't look at the sheet yet14:47
ogra_xnox, any news about udevd ?14:48
xnoxogra_: working on it.14:48
xnoxogra_: finish writting it.14:48
xnoxogra_: but found a bug. will be testing it in vm.14:48
ogra_yeah, i dont mean to be pushy, just asking14:48
xnoxogra_: if it doesn't crash horibly i'll ask you to test on a device =)14:48
loolwe need to discuss the final release logistics too, such as parties14:49
ogra_with beer ?14:49
loolI'm afraid most people around where I live dont have the faintest clue of what it is I'm doing for work14:49
xnoxogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240849/14:49
loolmakes it hard to celebrate with them14:49
ogra_same here14:49
didrocksogra_: while I'm changing the hint, do you have the version of meta that you are going to upload?14:49
xnoxogra_: NB! work in progress, don't try at home =)14:50
lool"Yeah so it's a phone?  like Android?  Ok."14:50
ogra_didrocks, that will be 1.09414:50
ogra_didrocks, but needs the location packages publiushed in the archive first, else germinate cant pick them up14:50
didrocksogra_: it's copying right now!14:50
didrocksogra_: I'm just updating the hint14:50
ogra_right, still a publisher run is needed14:51
ogra_(into archive, not proposed)14:51
didrockshum, it's in UNAPPROVED14:51
didrocksnot sure why location-service is seeded14:52
didrockscjwatson: infinity: ^14:52
cjwatson*shrug* check germinate output14:52
didrockscjwatson: I'm not asking why (I'm looking at it), just if you can review it14:52
cjwatsondidrocks: this is bad, missing Replaces14:54
didrockswasn't what ogra_ added?14:54
* didrocks rechecks the commits14:54
cjwatsonoh wait yes14:54
* cjwatson looks harder14:54
cjwatsondidrocks: however, what actually *is* bad is the incorrect claim that this is Multi-Arch: same14:55
ogra_didrocks, it was renamed, not added ...14:55
cjwatsonforeign, maybe ...14:55
didrocksyeah, for a -bin, arch: same is not really plausible14:56
cjwatsonrejected, sorry, try again14:56
didrocksogra_: want me to fix it or will you?14:57
didrockscjwatson: why being so rude and agressive? even when I'm asking just for reviewing. You say I'm taking bad critism on cu2d directly, but you are taking any request from me at least badly…14:57
ogra_didrocks, oh, if you want14:57
didrocksanyway, let's fix it and move on14:58
ogra_didrocks, i was just starting to hunt tvoss down14:58
didrocksogra_: let's not wait on that14:58
* ogra_ has a meeting in 2, else i would have done it 14:58
didrocksogra_: I'll ping you for a review, I'm checking the .debs first14:58
ogra_didrocks, ok14:58
cjwatsondidrocks: mm?  I think you misunderstood me, I certainly didn't intend to be rude or aggressive15:02
cjwatsonread "try again" with a smile on my face15:02
cjwatsonsorry if it came across that way15:03
cjwatsonI was just in a rush to go and get belated lunch15:03
ogra_didnt come across that way to me15:03
didrocksok, no worry, sorry for having misunderstood :) (or maybe frenchie-contextual ;))15:03
cjwatsonbut now I have turkey soup and all is well15:03
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sergiusensplars, doanac can you think of a better way of doing this? https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/music-app/test_asset_location/+merge/19122815:41
sergiusensdoanac, plars if it works for you please approve15:41
sergiusensstoring the assets in te python package is the wrong way to do it imo though15:42
doanacsergiusens: i'm +1, i use that same trick all the time15:51
sergiusensdoanac, I feel dirty though :-)15:52
sergiusensdoanac, can you +1 in the MR so I can forward to devs? or balloons -> https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/music-app/test_asset_location/+merge/19122815:52
doanacsergiusens: did you feel dirty before, or just once you heard that your approach was something *I* like to do? :)15:53
plarssergiusens, doanac: could we just use some of the ogg files from ubuntu-sounds?15:53
sergiusensdoanac, LOL.... before, don't worry15:53
doanacsergiusens: its +1'd15:53
balloonssergiusens, ohh, nicey15:53
sergiusensplars, I'm not the test author or plan to maintain these in the long run, that's more a question for balloons or the music-app-devs15:53
doanacis ubunut-sounds a package or website?15:54
sergiusensballoons, that's somthing we would want to propagate over to other apps as well15:54
plarsdoanac: package15:54
balloonsogg files from sounds? I actually migrated to no using a package15:54
balloonssergiusens, yea all the harcode paths in __init__ need cleaned up15:54
plarsballoons: ogg files from a package that is already installed and puts them on the system15:54
balloonsheck all of __init__ does.. it's been a process15:54
sergiusensballoons, yup :-)15:55
balloonsplars, they used example-content and I switched it to using sounds we ship.15:55
balloonsI much prefer it that way15:55
doanacit keeps the app safer from breakage if something changes in ubuntu-sounds15:56
balloonsyes, we need control over things, and in this case we needed ogg files specifically.. pulling dependencies is silly as I can craft my examples15:57
didrocksogra_: coming?16:01
didrocksrobru: ?16:01
robrudidrocks, yep16:01
ogra_oops, yeah16:02
doanacsergiusens: i'm seeing something odd trying to run music_app at home. I *think* its because python can't import "mock"16:02
doanacdoes that make sense, or do i have something off?16:02
doanacsergiusens: I think I've confirmed this is a real issue now. music_app uses python-mock, but click-setup doesn't grab it.16:06
doanacand its not in the base image16:07
kalikianacan somebody checking what's wrong here? some "ssh: connect to host bazaar.launchpad.net port 22: Connection refused" and other errors https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-builder-saucy-armhf/2947/console16:14
didrockscyphermox: https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/ubuntu-system-settings/lp123440716:16
t1mpkalikiana: someone needs to put that cable back where it belongs!16:16
kalikianayeah that's what is looks like. the cleaning lady/ dude stepped on it16:17
kalikianaI'm still waiting for the day where that is treated as a clearly internal error instead of a failure16:17
t1mpI'm still waiting for the day where we can merge anything new into UITK trunk16:18
vilakalikiana: I check cyclops-node09 after seeing that failure but couldn't reproduce :-/ Probably a lp transient failure but too long for the retries that are already in place16:19
cjwatsondoanac: it isn't python3?16:19
kalikianavila: so should I wait for now if it posts new results?16:20
doanaccjwatson: i'm guessing no. I did an "apt-get install python-mock" and things work now16:21
vilakalikiana: I just fired  a rebuild16:22
kalikianaokay, thanks a bunch16:22
sergiusensdoanac, I have an MR that no one dares to approve :-?16:26
doanacsergiusens: which one?16:26
sergiusensdoanac, https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/click_testing_python_modules/+merge/18974416:27
sergiusensdoanac, I've been using it all along16:27
sergiusenscjwatson, autopilot 1.3 isn't python316:28
cjwatsonsucks to be you :-)16:28
sergiusenscjwatson, autopilot 1.4 I think is, but that's T; and would also mean all the tests would need to be ported16:28
sergiusenscjwatson, actually, it sucks to be balloons :-)16:28
cjwatsonwow I didn't want to look at that change16:29
doanacsergiusens: that is quite the hack.16:29
plarsogra_: didrocks: maybe I missed it, but is there an ETA on when 98 will be kicked off?16:29
sergiusensdoanac, yeah16:29
loolplars: when location-service is in with meta update16:29
sergiusensdoanac, it says so on the MR16:29
plarslool: ack16:29
ogra_plars, waiting for location-service to make it to the archive ... then i can rebuild -meta, upload, have that go in and then i'll build16:30
ogra_plars, 1-2h i'd say16:30
plarsogra_: cool... sounds like we're getting a respin in a bit on the isos, so I may have some time to shift focus. Still trying to fill some gaps on the iso testing though16:30
doanacsergiusens: any suggestions on how CI should manage this for now?16:30
doanacshould we just install python-mock manually after we provision?16:31
sergiusensdoanac, well plars was preinstalling them16:31
ogra_plars, ah, k, i'll make sure you dont run out of work then :)16:31
plarsdoanac: I thought sergiusens already took care of the python-mock dep in phablet-click-test-setup16:31
sergiusensplars, well no one approves the MR ;-)16:32
doanacplars, sergiusens: looks like a mis-communication16:32
doanacplars: i think we should just manually install it for now16:32
sergiusensplars, a gave it to you for review too :-)16:32
plarsdoanac, sergiusens: but yes, if there are other deps we need, we can just add them in the prepare-autopilot-test step16:32
sergiusensplars, and you said but doanac said just now16:32
plarssergiusens: sorry, let me take a look16:32
sergiusensplars, doanac the only bad thing about that route is that you don't get read only mode16:32
=== gatox_bbl is now known as gatox
loolOk; going afk, hopefully for the evening, but I might pop back to check if anything urgent is needed16:33
sergiusensdoanac, tbh, as click, music app does not need python mock16:33
sergiusensdoanac, we could conditionally import16:33
doanacsergiusens: should we try and patch music_app then?16:33
loologra_: you're kicking the image I guess?16:33
ogra_lool, yep, enjoy the evening16:34
sergiusensdoanac, one sec for that16:34
plarssergiusens: are you talking about https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/click_testing_python_modules/+merge/18974416:34
sergiusensplars, yes16:34
plarssergiusens: I don't seem to be on the list16:34
sergiusensplars, oh, I asked you on irc16:34
plarssergiusens: I guess I didn't see it, let me take a look now16:35
* sergiusens needs to afk for a bit16:35
plarssergiusens, doanac: I don't see how that hack helps keep from being in rw mode... it's still going to need to be writable for extracting all that to the appropriate python paths, so is there really a big difference between that, and just installing the packages?16:39
thostr_didrocks: can we try getting HUD into one of next landings?16:39
doanacplars: i think that hack puts the python code under /home/phablet/autopilot16:39
doanacplars: maybe we should save this and discuss at the end of our next meeting?16:40
doanacsort of a related topic16:40
plarsdoanac: ah, I think I missed where it moves it to target_dir16:42
rsalvetijdstrand: hm, got the following when updating:16:50
rsalvetiERROR: Could not parse click manifest. Skipping 'com.ubuntu.developer.dinko-metalac.sudoku-app_sudoku-app_1.0.133.json'16:50
rsalvetiafter updating apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu16:50
rsalvetiknown issue?16:50
ogra_rsalveti, iirc the app naming is broken16:51
jdstrandrsalveti: it is. sergiusens is working on it. basically the dev changed something in the click manifest that broke it16:52
rsalvetiright, cool16:53
didrocksthostr_: the hud seems like a minimal fix right? Can't we want post V1?16:54
didrockslike Friday16:54
Laneycan you guys unblock stuff?16:55
Laneyif so: ubuntu-touch-sounds would be nice16:59
Laneyit just adds a new sound16:59
plarsev, doanac: are we having this call? or postponing until after the release?17:02
evjumping on now17:02
doanacplars: sorry, got distracted reading the meeting notes :)17:02
rsalvetilool: do we have a doc already for the -touch release notes?17:08
rsalvetiit might be good to start putting the known issues in there17:08
didrocksLaney: done17:08
didrocksLaney: cyphermox and robru are around if you need a new system-settings kick17:09
Laneywould be nice17:09
ogra_=== meta 1.094 uploaded ===17:10
robruLaney, ok, building now17:11
* ogra_ is sad that we dont have a single acrually alarming ringtone ... none of the once we ship qualify as tones i would use (i want to be able to hear my phone in the next room if it rings, not spheric cuddle music)17:12
Laneyoff for the evening now17:12
Laneysee you17:12
Laneyspheric cuddle music hahahaha17:13
ogra_i mean, the sounds are nice and all ... but not as ringtones17:13
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sergiusensplars, try my branch in read only mode17:21
sergiusensjdstrand, I reverted17:21
sergiusensjdstrand, next build will have the fix17:21
sergiusensplars, it does solve the problem of not going to rw17:21
* jdstrand nods17:22
plarssergiusens: we are still rw for now, even if we don't really change much or anything - I'm not sure we want to risk changing that at the last minute17:22
plarssergiusens: doanac and I were just taking about it, and it seems the least invasive change for now would be to just require python-mock (on our side) before running those tests that need it. This is already done for some earlier click packages that needed other dependencies iirc17:25
plarssergiusens: we should definitely still revisit going fully ro once everything goes to click, and we don't risk screwing up the results17:26
sergiusensplars, well unity8 will never go to click, so we need to revise on that too17:29
sergiusensplars, I think that branch I have does allow for testing unity8 in ro though17:29
doanacplars: FYI - the branch  was merged: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/click_testing_python_modules/+merge/18974417:42
sergiusensdoanac, so let's get that in a landing asks17:44
robrufginther, what is the status of upstream merger? is it enabled at least for lp:cordova-ubuntu-tests?17:49
fgintherrobru, yes, it should be17:49
robrufginther, ok, thanks17:49
ogra_== image 98 building ==17:56
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
ralsinalool: added a landing ask, row 214, it's in jfunk's bad bugs list for today18:10
robruhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/153817043/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-i386.qtorganizer5-eds_0.1.1%2B13.10.20131011-0~16~ubuntu13.04.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz this build failure is caused by the build environment being *raring* and not having new enough packages to satisfy dependencies. what would cause this? this package has built successfully before, implying that it was previously built on saucy18:22
robruanybody have any ideas? ^^ fginther ogra_ lool18:22
ogra_did someone do s/saucy/raring/ in debian/changelog ??18:23
fgintherrobru, what PPA did the build?18:24
robrufginther, ubuntu-unity/daily-build18:24
robrufginther, this was from a daily_release jenkins job i kicked off earlier today18:25
fgintherrobru, I don't get it, was raring somehow introduced into the daily_release job?18:30
robrufginther, i have no idea.18:30
ogra_== image 98 done  ==18:33
doanacev, plars, sergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/phablet-tools/unlock_screen/+merge/19126818:37
doanacthat should serve as a starting point we can discuss.18:37
* doanac heads to lunch18:37
loolrsalveti: dont think so18:41
loolrobru: where is this failure *from*?18:43
loolrobru: I dont see any raring build records in ubuntu-unity/daily-build PPA18:43
robrulool, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily/+build/510511818:44
loolrsalveti: feel free to dump some notes in a google doc and send it to didrocks + asac + me?18:44
sergiusensdoanac, added comments18:45
loolI'm going afk again, but the qtorganizer robru pointed at doesn't seem to be from cu2d:18:47
loolRecipe qtorganizer5-eds-daily for Ubuntu Core Apps Drivers18:47
looldon't think we use recipes18:47
loologra_: cool, /me upgrades18:47
loologra_: ah but not imported yet18:48
loolwill try it in a few then18:48
robrulool, oh, weird. i got that failure in an email shortly after kicking off a build in jenkins, got confused i guess18:48
loolrobru: shows it prepared and built fine, and is ready to publish18:49
* lool &18:50
robrulool, ok, still testing it before publishing. thx18:50
loolnew mir is really good!19:00
loolgot some keyboard issues at first with new image, now seems ok19:00
popeylool: 97 or 98?19:01
loolpopey: 98 or whatever is latest19:02
loolpopey: just came up minutes ago19:02
* popey checks for updates19:02
loolyeah 9819:02
* popey installs19:02
popeyblimey, thats way faster19:04
popeylool: try installing something big like Sleepy Time... Power saving kicks in, then if you go back to install it again, it takes ages to restart..19:08
vilapopey: eeeerk, insanely faster19:08
popeyvila: lool seeing bug 1239708 at all?19:17
ubot5bug 1239708 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Welcome screen clock missing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123970819:17
vilapopey: comment added, seen on 9719:21
popeylool: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-match-all/+merge/191080  can that be added to landing asks please?19:46
t1mpfginther: I see you aborted the last CI run here https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/ci-test/+merge/19090619:49
t1mpfginther: do you have any idea why the other runs (not aborted) fail? We cannot find the problem.19:49
fginthert1mp, I don't know the full story about why things are failing so often. (and sorry, I meant to restart that after image 98 was flashed)...19:51
fginthert1mp, there appears to have been two problems...19:51
fginthert1mp, turning on the screen has been unreliable for me. I think this is timing related. If the screen does not come on before the tests start, they all fail19:52
fginthert1mp, the other problem I was seeing is that unity8 was crashing or restarting during the tests, this was also causing failures.19:53
fginthert1mp, I have been working on changes to the test runner to work around the timing issues, but I've had bad luck. Testing with image 98 has been better, if I continue to see good results, I'll update the default testing19:55
t1mpfginther: did something of that get fixed in image 98?19:55
t1mpfginther: we cannot have any changes in ui-toolkit for some time now because the tests always fail. see this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/123964619:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1239646 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "CI fails most tests on UITK trunk" [Critical,In progress]19:56
popeyrsalveti: as lool isn't around, could you please add https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-match-all/+merge/191080 to asks?19:56
fginthert1mp, unity8 has been running better the last few images, so I don't think that's a big issue anymore19:57
popeyi just asked ☻19:57
fginthert1mp, have you had good test results when running the uitk tests by hand?19:57
mhall119channel 10619:58
popeywill follow up with didrocks in the morning19:58
mhall119thanks popey19:58
t1mpfginther: I think they were working fine, but let me run it on a device myself now. I just installed the latest image and ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot19:59
t1mpfginther: what was the command to run the autopilot tests that are executed by CI?19:59
fginthert1mp, "autopilot run -v -o /tmp/${autopilot_results} -f xml $suite 2>&1 | tee /tmp/autopilot.log"20:00
t1mpfginther: as user phablet?20:00
fginthert1mp, suite would be ubuntuuitoolkit20:00
fginthert1mp, yes20:00
fginthert1mp, and make sure the display is on first20:00
t1mpfginther: how is that ensured on jenkins?20:00
fginthert1mp, heh, it's a best effort: "powerd-cli active &" and then "powerd-cli display on bright &" as root20:01
t1mpfginther: running. so far it seems good.20:03
t1mpfginther: the screen switches off during the tests. is that bad?20:05
fginthert1mp, yes20:05
fginthert1mp, I think the tests will all fail after that20:05
fginthert1mp, I'll be interested in the results. My last test run with uitk and the runner modifications are here:
fginthert1mp, looks like two tests failed (ubuntuuitoolkit.tests.gallery.test_gallery.GenericTests.test_textfield_password and ubuntuuitoolkit.tests.test_emulators.TabsTestCase.test_switch_to_next_tab_from_last)20:08
fginthert1mp, but then the device got hung up during package revert and I had to kill it20:09
robruwhat the hell happened to calendar-app-autopilot? it's not in the PPA, not in distro, either. but Touch/Testing page references it and I have memories of running it last week.20:09
fginthert1mp, gotta go out for about 2 hours, I'll give an update later as I keep working on this.20:10
t1mpfginther: ok also fails. see my last comment at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/ci-test/+merge/19090620:10
t1mpI didn't analyze what goes wrong yet20:10
vilat1mp: 'ProcessSearchError: Process exited with exit code: -11' IIUC, *something* is SIGSEVing, the log gives no clue...  (http://pad.lv/1239427 is about giving a bit more context) but if you can reproduce running a single test, you may be able to write a simpler test to reproduce ?20:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1239427 in Autopilot "ProcessSearchError gives poor error message" [High,Triaged]20:33
vilat1mp: this sounds like an integration test you can add to your own suite to better detect regressions in the future too20:34
t1mpvila: actually the errors occur in setup, before the actual tests are run, so even an empty test would fail20:35
vilat1mp: whatever code is in setUp can be put in a different test that is not using that setUp20:40
vilaand would get closer to the actual failure20:41
thomivila: I'm actually fixing that right now20:42
vilathomi: \o/20:42
thomivila: the application under test is segfaulting20:42
thomithat's the *something*20:42
vilathomi: in 1.3 right ?20:42
thomiveebers: yeah, but it'll likely need an SRU20:42
veebersthomi: ?20:42
thomiveebers: ?20:43
thomiveebers: sorry20:43
thomivila: ^^20:43
vilaveebers: he meant vila I think ;)20:43
veebersthomi: no worries ^_^20:43
thomiI can communicate with, at most 26 people... one for each letter of the alphabet20:43
vilaan SRU so we can make tests pass, said tests needed to pass to land.. err wait20:43
thomiyou two are just 'v<TAB>' to me20:43
t1mpthomi:  you and I can communicate, but other people cannot communicate with both of us at the same time, right? ;)20:44
vilathomi: some irc clients handle that based on the latest speaker ;)20:44
thomivila: well, it won't make any more tests pass, it'll just make the exception more informative20:44
t1mpthomi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1239646/comments/820:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1239646 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "CI fails most tests on UITK trunk" [Critical,In progress]20:44
vilathomi: right but t1mp could then dig faster in the right direction, either the app is his or one it depends on or ... something ;)20:45
t1mpthomi: I don't know if that helps. doesn't say much to me20:45
thomivila: t1mp: qmlscene is segfaulting20:45
thomi*that's* the problem20:45
thomimaybe run it under gdb or something and see what the problem is?20:45
t1mpvila: it is not an app, but ubuntu-ui-toolkit. since I came back from my holidays all jenkins tests fail so we cannot merge anything20:45
vilat1mp: your tests used to pass using/providing some resources either your code or your tests needs to be updated to take changes in one of these resources into account20:46
t1mpvila: we're trying to figure out what changed20:47
vilat1mp: switch to mir ?20:47
t1mpvila: yeah that's a big change :) to be more specific, we are trying to figure out how that change affects our tests20:47
vilat1mp: they crash :)20:48
t1mpvila: good. you know as much as we do now :)20:48
vilat1mp: joke aside, the simplest test that leads to the scratch will help everybody, since yours are crashing in the setUp, you're already close20:49
vilawhere the hell is that freudian slip coming from ?20:49
t1mpwow. some times I unlock the phone, I see a big white square on the welcome screen and after that the device works really slow20:50
t1mpvila: perhaps you are itchy ;)20:50
vilat1mp: I'm EOD, passing around and don't have a reproducing setup :-/20:51
t1mpvila: I'm way past EOD ;)20:52
t1mphmm.. $ qmlscene ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery.qml segfaults on my device20:53
t1mphow come the apps that use the UITK work :s20:53
vilat1mp: here we go ! That should allow you to re-assign bug #1239646 no ?20:53
ubot5bug 1239646 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "CI fails most tests on UITK trunk" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123964620:53
t1mpvila: re-assign? to who?20:54
vilat1mp: well, re-assign or at least discuss with whoever is responsible of qmlscene and can help diagnose the crash ?20:54
rsalvetilool: we got a big regression with 98, phone is not up after boot20:55
rsalvetilool: we're fixing that and would need to trigger a new build after that20:55
rsalvetiso we can have more people testing the faster mir image20:55
t1mpvila: but yeah it brings us closer at least :)20:55
t1mpvila: I have no idea who is responsible for qmlscene that I could assign the bug to20:56
vilat1mp: yeah, that's the idea, reduce the scope, it may be that your tests triggers a side-effect in qmlscene that is not encountered elsewhere20:57
vilat1mp: dunno who is responsible for qmlscene either20:57
t1mpvila: yes some apps are running on the device apparently. so qmlscene does not *always* crash20:57
vilafginther, lool, ogra_ ^20:58
vilafginther, lool, ogra_ : who is responsible for diagnosing a crash in qmlscene ? t1mp can crash it with $ qmlscene ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery.qml20:59
t1mpwow, qmlscene without parameters also segfaults for me20:59
* vila really off20:59
t1mpvila: have a nice evenign20:59
t1mpI can help a bit if I can do it very soon. 11pm here, getting sleepy21:00
vilat1mp: thanks, happy hunting !21:00
t1mpvila: thank you :)21:00
josephtnik90: how can we help?21:06
plarsasac, lool: I'm rerunning unity8 on mako now, it only had 1 failure this run bug maguro (!) had no failures except systemsettle, which isn't too surprising on this build21:08
plarsso... hopefully21:08
plarsseen a few other cases of new things going to 0 failures21:08
plarsmediaplayer seems to have gained a fail, on both maguro and mako21:09
rsalvetiplars: hm, let me check that21:09
rsalvetiplars: phone is broken with 9821:09
plarsrsalveti: :(21:09
plarsrsalveti: what broke it? I haven't installed locally yet21:09
rsalvetiplars: ubuntu-touch-session changes21:10
rsalvetiwe're testing that now21:10
plarsdoanac: I think we need to just add the dep for python-mock on music-app for now, at least until the phablet-tools changes propagate. You ok with that?21:10
nik90josepht: sry, I thought @ci would list the commands or something..21:10
doanacplars: yeah. makes sense21:11
josephtnik90: no worries21:11
ogra_plars, we'll do an emergency respin after that landed so people have working phones over night21:13
plarsogra_: ack21:15
plarsdoanac: https://code.launchpad.net/~pwlars/ubuntu-test-cases/add-python-mock/+merge/19129621:15
doanacplars: +1'd21:16
plarsdoanac: ok, I'm going to try giving back music-app then21:16
plarson mako at least... see how it goes21:17
ogra_maliit crashes everywhere ...21:21
cyphermoxogra_: ?21:25
ogra_cyphermox, yes ?21:25
cyphermoxmaliit> ubuntu-keyboard (0.99.trunk.phablet2+13.10.20131015.2-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low ?21:25
ogra_cyphermox, its an upstart issue ... see landing 24221:27
ogra_maliit currently starts to early21:27
cyphermoxwell I'm having enough problems with ubuntu-keyboard that I'm not confident with releasing it21:28
cyphermoxfor instance, when you swipe it away a few times (or perhaps just one) it doesn't want to come back again21:28
ogra_oh, fun21:29
cyphermoxtrading 4 quarters for a dollar :)21:29
rsalvetitriggering new build, with the phone fix23:04

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