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josehey guys, anyone around?13:47
josempt: ping13:58
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mptTime to tweak another paragraph14:44
mpt'You can add words to this custom spelling list by choosing “Add” or undoing their auto-correction.'14:45
mpt'You can add words to this list by  undoing their auto-correction, or choosing “Add” when spell checking.'14:46
mpt'You can add words to this list by choosing “Add” when spell checking, or undoing their auto-correction.'14:47
snwhmpt "available words"? :P14:47
mptsnwh, available for what?14:47
snwhi was referencing the available connections of last time14:47
mptAvailable words and previous words14:48
snwhand unavailable words14:48
mpt...'Words are added to this list when you choose “Add” when spell checking, or undo their auto correction.'14:48
mpt...'Words appear in this list when you choose “Add” when spell checking, or undo their auto correction.'14:48
josehey guys, now that you're around, I wanted to confirm if you are still holding your meetings on Wed at 17 UTC14:49
snwhjose, that message is from 201114:49
mptjose, oh, that topic is a couple of years out of date :-/14:49
joseand, are you still willing to hold those?14:49
joseotherwise, I'd need to update the fridge calendar :)14:49
mptI can't change the topic because I'm not an op14:50
mptwendar, hi, are you still an op?14:51
mptjose, are you a Fridge admin? If so and those meetings are mentioned in a calendar, please remove them14:51
josempt: will do right now, thanks14:51
mptta muchly14:52
snwhit's not like anyone was showing up to them anyway :P14:52
mptsnwh, haha, the DesignTeam wiki page links to <http://fourdigits.sourceforge.net/>. Observe the toolbar.14:52
snwhoh my.14:53
snwhmpt, I think of it as "overriding" the autocorrect?14:54
mptsnwh, yeah, that's more accurate since it's not necessarily a single item in the undo/redo stack14:55
mptbut also more geeky14:55
mpt* [wendar] idle 165:13:4814:59
mptHow do you find out who is op of a channel?15:00
snwhso far it's only chanserv15:02
snwhi can tell cause it's a different colour15:02
mptsnwh, yeah, I meant ops who aren't here15:37
mptthe people who ChanServ would auto-op15:37
mptThe channel founder is away "on holiday"15:39
wendarmpt: ChanServ is op15:46
mptwendar: ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ :-)15:47
wendarmpt: I'm not sure if we ever config'd ops for the channel, but we can arrange to grant it to you if needed15:48
mptI wouldn't meet most of the <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements> :-)15:48
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wendarfair enough, we can also identify someone else15:49
wendarthe channel topic certainly needs to be updated15:49
wendaranything else need changing?15:49
mptI think that's all15:51
wendarmpt: honestly, we should probably delete https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesignTeam entirely15:51
wendarmpt: though, not sure what to replace it with15:51
wendara link to...?15:52
mpt<https://launchpad.net/~unity-design> -- that's only a subset of Ubuntu, but there's no team looking at the whole at the moment15:53
=== wendar changed the topic of #ubuntu-design to: Ubuntu Design - https://launchpad.net/~unity-design
mpt\o/ Thanks wendar15:55
wendarglad to help :)15:55
snwhmpt, that's a long holiday16:08
snwhyay no more 3 year old channel topic!16:10
wendarmpt: trimmed the page down so it makes more sense https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesignTeam18:17
xnoxmpt: from: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/142490601/Screenshot%20from%202013-06-15%2013%3A54%3A55.png22:37
xnoxmpt: to: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/153861270/new-dividors.png22:37
xnoxwith theming! see e.g.: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/153861844/lubuntu-new-dividors.png22:39

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