darkxstphillw, they still havent switched off the cron jobs yet anyway00:24
phillwdarkxst: they have; just that there are re-spins; this was pre adverised00:48
darkxstphillw, they have fired at exactly the same time, the last 3 night00:49
phillwdarkxst: I'm persona non gratis on #uubntu-release; but one of your release-managers would have been asked. As it is; final release is not driven by cron jobs afaik. Feel free to ask (just do not say I sent you!)00:51
phillwall systems are frozen, you release manager should be on that channel to find out what planned respins that they have :)00:52
phillwI'm not even sure if they still have the ether pad up; I think they decided it was 'too much trouble' to keep updated :/00:53
trebor_dki does anyone know how to hide the magic-cookie (X11, gdm3) effectively? xauth nextract <hidefile> :0; xauth remove :0    does not do the job.11:14
antoon_could anyone help me?14:21
antoon_Is there a way to revert my Ubuntu installation to Ubuntu GNOME, without having to reinstall from scratch?14:22
antoon_I'd preferably make this transistion when updating to 13.10.14:22
bjsniderricotz, so i've been doing a bit of work on empathy 3.1014:50
bjsnideri saw your build as well14:50
bjsnideri talked to a couple of devs in their channel about it14:50
bjsniderthey created this "telepathy-account-widgets" project and integrated it and that's where all the build failures happen, including yours14:51
bjsniderthe makefiles are not specific enough and the linker fails to find the appropriate symbols14:51
bjsnideri think i can work with them to fix this and then get the changes integrated into a 3.10.2 release14:52
ricotzbjsnider, i know there are several under-linking issues14:53
bjsnidermy latest set of failures are here: http://paste.debian.net/57658/14:54
bjsniderall under that directory14:54
bjsniderthey do really want to integrate this upstream though14:54
bjsniderand that's the best way to do it since otherwise a gigantic patch that includes all the makefiles would be necessary14:55
ricotzthat would be nice14:55
bjsniderthe patch i'm using right now is 3 mb14:55
ricotzit wouldn't be a gigantic patch14:55
bjsniderwell, here's what happened14:56
ricotzjust patch the Makefile.am!14:56
ricotzdh_autoreconf will do the rest14:56
bjsniderno, that doesn't work14:56
bjsniderit triggers an error about a version mismatch14:56
bjsniderautoconf i think it is14:57
ricotzi see, shouldn't be hard to make it work though14:57
bjsnider all the other makefiles were built with a slightly newer autoconf, and when ours is run it fails and demands that the whole thing be done again14:58
ricotzi see, currently i don't have time14:59
bjsnideryeah, i figured. i wil work on it even though i don't have time either14:59
bjsnider3.8 is totally useless with gnome 3.1014:59
bjsniderit will not let you sign in to google14:59
Dudytzhi all! in ubuntu saucy + gnome 3.10 the changes in the Gnome Tweak (activation of plugins) not persists after a reboot, can anyone tell me if is a know bug?18:04
DavidBrookeI'm having a video tearing problem. I'm using ubuntu-gnome 13.10 and intel 2405s with hd graphics 3000. Any ideas to remedy this issue?18:46
Syme_Hey all - I've got a problem installing Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire One laptop that seems to be somewhat common - I disabled the Windows function that prevents third-party OSes from being installed(that thing everyone hates), but now it's just showing me the SYSLINUX/Peter Anvin copyright page and won't go past that. The solutions I see online are telling me to change some things in the installation files, but what to change and how 22:04
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