snadgelatest saucy kernel wont do dual display on whatever ivy bridge intel chip is in this mac mini03:25
snadgelatest mainline drm-intel-next .. does work03:26
apwsnadge, what happens when you try to do that, and what is the bug #07:38
* apw yawns07:42
snadgeapw: i didn't look for a bug number07:52
snadgewhich means if i did look for one.. and there wasn't one, i'd feel obligated to report the issue / look into it further07:54
apwsnadge, with a bug of this nature (likely h/w related) it is best to file one yourself so we have that h/w info and let it be dupped to another bug if it is truly the same07:54
snadgeits an ivy bridge cpu, i5.. mac mini late 2012 model07:55
snadgeso its not anything special or unique.. hd4000 (i think).. im not at work to beable to confirm it07:55
snadgei went straight for an intel-drm-next nightly.. so I have no real information as to what actually fixes it, and what the actual problem is07:56
snadgeim more motivated to help fix this problem.. than I am to help figure out a known and reported issue in fedora, that remains unsolved07:58
snadgewhich prevented me from installing it alongside OS X07:58
apwsnadge, heh if it is a mac it is unique, likely different from even other macs of the same h/w revision; that is apple's way08:27
apwsnadge, so if you file a bug against linux (ubuntu-bug linux) and put in that the fact you have tried a speciifc kernel, i'll ask our defect analyst to look at it, he can help you bisect for the actual fix08:28
apw(a specific kernel where it is fixed)08:28
apwif you get me the bug# i'll get it to them08:28
snadgeapw: thanks .. that makes it really easy, i'll do that now09:20
snadgeactually, it will have to wait until im at work tomorrow morning, I forgot to enable remote access09:23
ppisatimay i have your opinion on this?10:33
ppisatithere two things that i don't understandL10:33
ppisati1) why a driver should add a device file (/bus/platform/devices/ahci) - that's the dtb work, the driver shall just find it and attach10:34
ppisati2) why the hell it's calling itself?? a recursive probe?10:34
apwthats not a dtb path that is a sysfs path10:34
apwi assume something else is using the directory ahci in there, probabally the module (buiultin?) called ahci10:35
apwwho would have the right after all10:35
apwi think i would expect a cirtain amount of self reference, as if it is a bus driver10:36
apwthen it would 'add itsself' as a new bus, which would cause the bus to be scanned, whcih if it is the host provider on the bus would cause it to be called to probe the bus members it just added10:37
apwas remmber a module probe is a 'late' thing10:37
apwso we have to ask everything which might be near it to try and be probed again10:37
apwto see if the new driver which just loaded would attach to them10:37
apwso its all very circular10:37
apwand it is possible it is self locking on the ahci directory if they haven't handled that right10:38
apwppisati, which tree is this10:39
ppisatiapw: saucy10:39
apwmaster-next ?10:39
ppisatiapw: yep10:39
apwis the machine usable when this happens at all10:40
ppisatiapw: yes10:40
apwie can you look at /sys to see if there is an ahci and who it belongs to10:40
apwls -l /sys/bus/platform/devices/ahci10:41
apwand see what it belongs to10:41
ppisatiapw: i think it belongs to the imx_ahci driver10:42
ppisatiin imx_ahci_probe()10:42
ppisatithere's this call10:42
ppisatiahci_pdev = platform_device_alloc("ahci", -1);10:42
ppisatiand that's the one that triggers the add of ahci etcetc10:42
ppisatiyou say that someone else already added thatd evice before, ok10:42
apwwell i suspect we'll find that it was imx_ahci, but do check10:43
apwif so then we know it is self adding and not telling itself it did10:43
ppisatiflag@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~$ ls -la /sys/bus/platform/devices/ahci/10:43
ppisatitotal 010:43
ppisatidrwxr-xr-x 3 root root    0 Jan  1  1970 .10:43
ppisatidrwxr-xr-x 4 root root    0 Jan  1  1970 ..10:43
ppisati-r--r--r-- 1 root root 4096 Oct 15 10:41 modalias10:43
ppisatidrwxr-xr-x 2 root root    0 Oct 15 10:41 power10:43
ppisatilrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    0 Jan  1  1970 subsystem -> ../../../../bus/platform10:43
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4096 Jan  1  1970 uevent10:43
apwcat that uevent10:43
ppisatiflag@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~$ cat /sys/bus/platform/devices/ahci/uevent 10:44
apwand is that the right driver, the one which barfed10:44
apwthen we can suppose that the driver can add it more than once... which its not meant to, and would be a bug10:45
ppisatiapw: let me test one thing10:45
ppisatitwo other kernels that i saw around, compile this as =y instead of =m as we do10:50
ppisatiand indeed, compiling this as =y, avoid the problem10:50
ppisatii'll send an email upstream bot it10:50
apwppisati, ack10:51
ppisatibut IMO it's a bug10:51
apwits definatly a bug10:51
ppisatiand another question at thsi point would be: why compiling it in doesn't make it happen?10:52
apwppisati, ordering is differnet10:52
apwand init is differnet, so we will init the modile much much earlier, so there are no devices to probe10:52
apwand do the probe 'later'10:52
* ppisati -> lunch11:46
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tjaaltonapw: bah.. looks like I need some fixing to do :/14:21
apwtjaalton, for ?14:23
tjaaltonapw: build error due to the recent quantal pull14:23
tjaaltonworked fine for raring, must have missed something (like, a build test..)14:24
apwtjaalton, *slap*14:27
apwthat doesn't exactly inspire confidence it has even been tested14:28
tjaaltonwell, HAS_DDI was added to, quantal's ubuntu/i915 hasn't been updated past 3.8.1314:29
tjaaltonshould I do that too?14:30
tjaaltoneh, 57 changes14:31
tjaaltonprobably not14:31
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apwheh ... i think ot14:39
apwtjaalton, so should i rip these off here again14:40
tjaaltonapw: maybe so14:43
* ppisati goes out for a bit14:44
tjaaltonor add 26c2b3a4e572263 from v3.8 stable14:44
apwtjaalton, sigh14:46
tjaaltonthough it's trivial to change the patch too14:46
* apw rips the second fix14:47
apwso you can get a pair to gether which have been tested14:47
tjaaltoni'll sort it out tomorrow14:47
tjaaltonbut, in theory, shouldn't it be ok to sync it with the stable tree?14:48
apwyeah if it is in there we will get it without help when stable do their next syn14:49
apwbut, i'll not step on their toes on that, so you can either wait on that or include it in your replacement14:50
apwits too near saucy release to keep too much state in my brain :)14:50
tjaaltonheh, ok14:50
tjaaltonnoones syncing the quantal ubuntu/i915 though14:50
apwno indeed, we assume people will be getting new shiney from later kernels14:52
rtgapw, so we can ignore the raring pull request for i915_hsw also ?14:52
apwor that you will be sending us shiney new updates14:52
apwtjaalton, has that raring one been tested ?14:52
tjaaltonrtg: that should work, though you can hold off on that too14:52
tjaaltonapw: yeah, raring got that extra commit via stable already14:52
tjaaltoni'll build test both tomorrow though to be sure..14:53
rtgtjaalton, ok, I'm happy to ignore you in the mean time :)14:54
* rtg goes back to firmware issues14:54
jsalisbury** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting14:59
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tjaaltonrtg: feel free :)15:24
jsalisbury## Kernel team meeting in 5 minutes16:55
=== jsalisbury changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tues October 15th, 2013 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
jsalisburyHome: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tues October 22nd, 2013 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!17:07
=== jsalisbury changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tues October 22nd, 2013 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
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rtgapw, have you tried todays ISO on an EFI system ? am having some trouble getting it to reboot. It worked fine last week.18:38
apwrtg .... hmm not the iso, i have the current kernel on, well this ctual machine18:41
rtgit booted well enough, but its not really a good experience18:45
rtghmm, must be lunch time18:45
bjfrtg, i'll try it on my macbook air18:50
rtgbjf, yeah, this is a gigabyte MB. it behaves odd sometimes.18:52
infinityWe had a lubuntu tester claim that amd64+mac wouldn't reboot post-install for him too.19:07
infinityCould be the same thing.19:07
infinityGiven that amd64+mac is EFI by definition.19:07
bjfinfinity, will know shortly. installing right now19:07
infinityIf it's kernel-related, we're pretty much too late to fix it anyway.19:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1238836 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "System does not reboot after installation" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:09
infinityOh, then someone else piggybacks with a similar bug with i386.19:09
infinityWhich wouldn't be EFI.19:09
infinitySo, that's unhelpful.19:09
rtgmine reboots normally thereafter19:10
bjfinfinity, mine install and boots just fine. couple minor issues: 1. indicator garbage during install (mouse over made it go away); 2. No "please remove your install media and hit return" message seen. (i just waited, hit return and it did the right thing); 3. Upon first bootup and log in i got a crash with indicator-datetime-service.19:13
infinitySo, your number 2 could be what others see as a failure to reboot.19:14
bjfinfinity, could be19:14
rtgI'm guessing thats right19:14
infinityIf it's not actually a reboot failure but rather just the usual recurring "reboot message doesn't show because $reasons" bug, we might be able to find a fix for that.19:23
infinityCould one or both of you follow up to that bug with your experience(s)?19:23
infinitybjf: The two indicator bugs are pretty unlikely to be addressed for release.  Hoping the crash gets SRUed, though.19:24
bjfinfinity, bug comment added19:30
infinitybjf: Danke.19:30
brendandcan anyone tell me why/when 'Extended CMOS Year' is printed?19:55
brendandis it on resume?19:57
apwbrendand, is that the exact string, and what series20:08
brendandExtended CMOS year: 200020:11
brendandand i'm using saucy20:11
apwinfinity, that not saying "please remove" thing, mostly in my experience is saying it on vt1 but not switching there20:11
apwbjf, when it happened did you still have graphics on the screen instead of VT120:11
bjfapw, no, i was on VT1 (i think) no graphics20:12
snadgeyesterday  I was asked to report a bug for the linux package.. im at work now on the affected machine23:47
snadgecan i report the bug whilst using the mainline kernel that doesn't have the bug? .. or should i reboot into the affected kernel23:47
snadgewhich means i lose my second display .. i guess temporarily23:47

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